20 Years Of Smoking Ended Through Anointing Water!

Here is a wonderful testimony from someone who was privileged to come to The SCOAN and receive the Anointing Water, after which he was delivered from the spirit of smoking that had plagued his life for 20 long years. To God be the glory!

“Emmanuel. Let all the honour, glory, majesty, adoration, worship, praise, hallelujah, amen and thanksgiving be unto our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as all kneel continually and continuously bow down to Him, now and forever more!

“I want to testify to the world about the power of God in the Anointing Water. I was opportune to get the Anointing Water on Tuesday 30th October when I visited The SCOAN. After reading the booklet, I prayed and then ministered it in Jesus’ name. When I ministered it, I didn’t feel any specific sensation but believed that God had touched me.

“The following day I noticed that the urge to smoke cigarettes just disappeared from me. I have been a chain smoker for more than 20 years and couldn’t pass a day without smoking at least a packet of cigarettes. But the moment I ministered the Anointing Water up until now, I have not tasted or touched cigarettes. It is a miracle! To really confirm my deliverance, I still stay in the midst of people that smoke but I will just be looking at them – no urge, no pull, nothing. Emmanuel!”

Uzoo Udeagha – Nigeria

137 thoughts on “20 Years Of Smoking Ended Through Anointing Water!

  1. Emmanuel people of God. Indeed God is awesome. Sincerly I thank our Prophet TB JOSHUA and SCOAN team for continuously doing the work of God tirelessly. I am so blessed with the teachings of the man of God as well as wiseman. My life has changed tremoundesly to the extent that whenever I am for example I would watch Emmanuel tv even on my mobile phone whilst not at home. I keep believing that God will continue to bless me abundantly.
    Emmanuel team once again thank you so much for making me comfortable whilst at SCOAN, I loved it, I was so pleased to see you guys very bussy most of time, smilling oooh it was such a wonderful experiece.. God bless you big time.
    Another thing is, whilst at SCOAN our PROPHET promised us that He will send Anoiting Water and Faith Bracelete …..we are yet to receive them.I know for sure that you can not remind him but please pray for us for him to remember to send them to us. Thank you so much and stay blessed

    ninael naftal from Tanzania

  2. Dear Emmanuel Prayer warriors,   I am writing from Malawi, I watched how some peoples business have been transformed through the ministration of the annointed water. I have just started a poultry business, currently have a bout a thousand layers whci are yet to start laying late July – early August. The problem is that i started this business with no capital, i borrwed from the bank but was little and cant borrow again. I would like to be opputined with annointing water so that i can be an enployer of labour How can I get access to anointing water or prayer line with one of the wise men? I am on +265884110120 or +265992960506   Thanking you in advance.     MASTINGS KALUKUSHA


  3. Lord Jesus Christ you are bigger than the universe, you are bigger than what people say and think.. People of GOD never figure Lord Jesus Christ with your natural mind because he is living. He is a wonderful saviour. He loves you so much, he is mercifull, he died for your sins and he rose again and he is mediating for you

  4. Hallelujah!Im also confident that once I get the annointing water all our hardships and financial crises in my home shall come to pass in Jesus name.AMEN!

  5. Emmanuel !!!!! Nothing is Impossible with God. Man of God stretch you hand touch my son Christopher he is drunker


  7. you are truly a man of God Emmanuel.
    i have a problem but not of alcohol it`s concerning witchcraft every night we have sleepless night, plz man of God touch me your holly hand.distance is n`t a barrier

    I GOT from a sister an old anoiting water bottle. It was the one without THE face of THE PROPHET ON it. I bless it and put some water in it. Mij iron was not working and I spray it. THE next day my face was swollen. BUT thank you Jesus I spray it again and again and it is now over. Halleluja FOR Jesus

  9. Man of God I need deliverence I’m tired of taking HIV tablets man of God please in the Jesus’s name I want my health to be restored

  10. I greet u in the name of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST,iam not a smoker but i was moved on how that man was healed.I have been unemployed for the past 11yrs and i want u to send a bottle of that annoiting water to me because i believe it will help me get a job and also pray for me MAN OF GOD.Thanks

  11. hw r u man of God??..help mi to pray for ma husbands job z nt working nicely plz man of God iberg u in the name of God to help us iknw God z Good alwayz…n plz we nid annointing water man of God plz things r nt ok
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  12. Glory be to God Almighty for the wonderful testimony of stopping to smoke after 20years, thank you God. Please brothers and sisters pray for me. I inquired from SCOAN if they can send anointing water to me. l was prepared to pay for transportation. Someone who used the name of Prophet TB Joshua replied me on face book that l could have it after paying $250. l did not have such money so l decided to forget it.
    A certain brother l think a fraudster phoned me and l told him l did not have that money. l asked me how much l would afford and l said $15o, which l got after a hard struggle. l sent the money and that was that. l made a followup to SCOAN using face book. They asked for the details and they said they did not know the person.
    Please my brothers and sisters help me pray so that God can forgive him for that because he took my desperation to achieve his goals. l pray God Almighty will make him realize his sins one day.
    Emmanuel, God is with us.

  13. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, for wonderful testimony. With Faith i Believe that my healing and deliverance are coming. Before the end of this 2012, A last minute of miracle is possible in my life. In Jesus name Amen. Emmanuel.

  14. Emmanuel , Gloire, gloire  a notre Dieu , le Pere de tous qui croire a son Fils bien -aime ( JESUS-CHRIST ) . Nous vivons le temp de la parole puissant , que tous doit connaitre qui est leveritable Dieu . Pour moi , le Dieu de Man of God Prophet T.B Joshua ….!  il est un Dieu veritable . Que le Seigneur benisses tous , dans son amour !

     Emmanuel, Emmanuel , Emmanuel , !!!

  15. Hi, can you please email me a annointing Sticker, i would love to go visit The Scoan but i am unemployed and don’t have any money to go there. Please help me Prophet T.B Joshua

  16. Glory to God, man of God please pray for me, I’m a born again lady, my problem is that i drink even i don’t want, the painful part is that I’m always fighting with people and don’t know why. Please help me I don’t like this life. People run away from me and I have ruin my relationships with lot of men.

  17. Emmanuel! how I long to be touched by the lord through emmanuel tv, am still very hopeful & am looking 4ward to give a testimony, Amen.

  18. thank God for good things his is doing to the world.
    man of God think of we that have no mean to Emmanuel Tv, do something for me l am in Cameroon. thanks MAN OF GOD LOVE YOU .

  19. Our good Lord is soooooo good! Haleluia!! With God on our side, nothing! nothing! nothing is impossible! Emmanuel!!!!

  20. Emmanuel!Our God is good all the time,lets not give up ,it doesnt matter the situation we are in ,nothing is impossible with our MIGHTY GOD!MERRY XMAS to senior prophet T.B.JOSHUA,THE WISEMEN,EVANGELISTS and ALL AT THE SCOAN !

  21. Praise God. To you God be the glory and adoration. You are stronger than the strongest, richer than the richest and ancient of days. Amen continue to demonstrate your greatness.

  22. Is there anything too hard for him….? absolutely nothing is too hard for our God …………. He is indeed a wonderful God.

  23. Lord Jesus Christ is always praying for us and faithful to us. So let us also have a heart that believes GOD in what ever we want to do in faith. I thank Lord Jesus Christ for delivering our brother from this bondage of smoking through the medium of Anointing Water.

  24. The lord is good all the time . I thank the name of our lord Jesus for the live of the man of God . i wante to tell those you are not connected to the scoan to run fastly and receive their own miracle because the healing , delivrance salvation redemption braeakthrough are over flowing like a pool of Bethesda . Brothers and sisters i wonder that senior prophet TB Joshua is realy send by God .to the Nations. TB JOSHUA i appreciate you for your humility to surrender your self to who call you by His name and your love for the Nations. I bless you my dear Daddy in Jesus name

  25. Emmamiel. We are serving living God at SCOAN!.Our best is yet to come. Prophet T.B JOSHUA you are a man of GOD together with WISE MEN.

  26. I Thank you seriou prophet TB Joshua for keeping my family are life true anointing water, may almighty God continue to bless you daddy and ur family in Jesus name. We are going to come for our testimony, thank u Jesus.

  27. Emmanuel! I believe that God of Scoan is really doing wounders. My friend has bless me with annoiting water and my life has totaly changed! I have been applying for a better post without success but since I am using anoiting water I can c dat there is a light in a tunnel! I didn’t pass any interviw yet but I know dat God who can use any medium to express his power is a living. God.

  28. emmanuel.people f God help me pray fr my brother who finishes al his salary in alcohol.afta drinkin he insults people.we r afraid of him too!

  29. Without deliverance it will be very difficult for one to serve the Lord out of true freedom. You can be in the church and still be bound to fleshly habits. Just look at this testimony. Deliverance is therefore necessary for everyone even men of God. Lord I need deliverance myself.

  30. Emmanuel- God is with us! Indeed the anointing in the anointing water is so great. Jesus Christ is working through this medium so mightily. If the windows of the aeroplane could open I could have sprayed when I was travelling one day to anoint the atmosphere for the whole world!

  31. Lord jesus may u please help me to stop sniffing the menthol snuff. And lord I can not live without doing loan at the bank please help me to come out of this hell because when I earn momth end I left with money for trans port

  32. I wish the same could happen to me.hw could i also get annointing water and the stocker?what is the procedure and requirements to get the annointing water? 2 i want to thank the God of TB Joshua for saving me after a near head on that could have taken my life.the prayer i gave before going out given by prophet TB Joshua saved me.all of a sudden a truck appearead behind a dura walll corner and crossed in front of me .just 1,5m i managed to stop.thank you jesus,thank you Lord ,thank you Prophet TB Joshua for your prayers.To God be the Glory

  33. Emmanuel! I thank God for the chain-smoker deliverance! Jesus the same, today and for ever! What He has done to him He will do it to me one day also!

  34. I watch Emmanuel TV daily and appreciate the work done by man of God. How can I get anointing water or deliverance, am from Zimbabwe. My name is Fisher Ngwerume. I want to start my business and buy properties and look after my mother and wife and family. Distance is not a barrier??????????????

  35. Emmanuel! I wish I can also be touched! For I know distance is no barrier! I just had smoke I could not sleep until I went back in to the house to buy smokes from my mom who knows me as a non smoker now since I sleep in outside rooms at my moms house where I came back a year ago from a marital home! Where my husband whom I am still not divorced with lives with another woman! I Pray that God can touch me! So I can stop completely! And also stop drinking! When I was born again in 2009 I stopped drinking and smoking for over 2 years but I unfortunately started again after discovering that my husband of 16 years was still cheating on me after I sacrificed for him to be at the SCOAN I took out a loan for him to go to Nigeria the right way by invitation, after I went with my then 1year old whom is now 4 after I had failed to get an invite to the SCOAN in Nigeria. My Husband was Healed from a Ten year pain he had in his feet and was prayed for by Wiseman Harry! He received a wrist band and also stopped smoking, When he was called to the prayer line he just ran away from the que because he knew at the time he had impregnated a 21 year old. Even the woman he lives with now is not the same woman! I tried being with other men but knowing this to be wrong as a Christian I stopped. Our Children are 4 and 16 and I also have a 21 year old whom He married me when he was only 2. We are no longer together and iam so confused and lost as to why! Because I was praying and no longer doing all that I did in the past! It hurts me so much because now I drink and smoke again! Man of God please help pray for me and my whole family to afford to come back for Deliverance?Please I beg you, Now my elder brother is in prison because its said that he molestered his own daughter, not one of the daughters of my parents is successful in marriage even my younger brother has lost his job! And has three kids! Mama used to be a sangoma (Witch Doctor) could our problems be caused by this? Please help us the Ratlhagane Family in South Africa in Jesus Powerful Name Amen.

    • My God is in control. Do not drink @ smoke because of problems. If you make a mistake as we all do, do not run from God run to God He will see you through all your challenges in Jesus name. Think about your children they need you most

      • Please keep on watching Emmanuel TV. Make the bible the standard for your life. Pray unceasingly. Satan is a liar and is behind our problems. Possess your possession in Jesus Christ’s name. Emmanuel!

    • I am so touched by your story my sister but i can assure if you believe and have faith God will see you through there is no situation or problem nor sickness that our Lord Jesus Christ can not heal or take control. May God see u through and answer your prayer in Jesus name indeed distance is not a barrier and everything that is impossible with man with him is possible. Keep watching Emmanuel Tv and God bless you

      • Man of God help me in my education I have been praying for a first class but the more I work hard the more my grade are going down. I am in my final year doing my Bachelor of Library and information Science @ Mzuzu university,getting is my ambition because my ambition is to become a lecturer @ the same institution. Please help me to achieve this dream. I have watched on emanual Tv how others have been happened with the power of the annointed water in their education. I still have faith that God can still do something for me on my education for he is a God of impossibilities.

    • My dear sister, look to God, he is the beginner and finisher. Iam a divorcee, my husband left me with 2 beautiful kids 8 years ago and there are now 16yrs old and 10 years old gal and boy. My God has seen me through and never did i go hungry with my kids. My God has provided for me and my kids. I have a good Job and still studying and i believe God will always see me through. cry to God for comfort for our living God will never disappoint you not a man who can disappoint you. Believe distance is not a barrier and pray along with our Prophet T.B Joshua. Devil is a liar and never give chance to the devil by doing devils works that is drinkn and smoking. you have the power to choose the right thing with God, all things are possible. I pray that God deliver your family in Jesus mighty name.Amen

  36. i jus found out that my fiance that i have been with for almost 5 years now, has just murdered someone he is about to go to prison, my fiancee is é really nice person, very kind en loves to help everr-yone, Please pray for him, coz it has been the last days; i lover very
    much. please pray for me or us,

  37. Our God is awsome,almighty God wil contu to strenght our Big Daddy from glory to glory u wil nt fail his blood wil overshade u Amen,i stays in port harcourt wit my family am heavy i need anointing water and stickers hw do i get it,i need to give my own testimony pls reply me thanks.

  38. I am grateful to God almighty for His awesome grace in the life of prophet T B Joshua. In His word, works I do, greater one you shall do. Amen. Thank you Jesus, for I am I witness of your power in the life of men.

  39. God is more than able, indeed distance is not a barrier. My life is changing 4rom glory to glory everyday becoz of Emmanuel tv. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua 4 the heavenly frequency, thank u Jesus!

    • God is great indeed, i also share the same happiness and gods glory with him. i have also been a smoker for about six years, through prayers, i stopped smoking since october and up til now, i have no urge to smoke again. Thanks to our lord jesus.

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