Delivered From Addiction To Sniffing Aboniki Balm Through Emmanuel TV!!!

Margaret was preparing to go for work, as she usually did every morning. She grabbed the nearly empty bottle of Aboniki Balm she kept by her pillow and sniffed it, breathing in the strong aroma. This had been her daily ritual for the past four years.

Switching on the television, she tuned into Emmanuel TV and began to watch as someone began sharing their experience of an addiction to sniffing kerosene. By Divine arrangement, it was her day to be set free from the strange addiction that had plagued her life for so many years!

“Emmanuel! My name is Margaret Otobo and I want to testify to the goodness of God in my life through praying with Emmanuel TV. For the past four years, I have been addicted to sniffing Aboniki Balm.I literally had to carry it everywhere I go to. At work, I always kept a bottle in my office. The worst is that while I was sleeping at any time of the day, I would always keep a bottle by my pillow. Something would wake me up to sniff before I could sleep properly – or else I would become restless and couldn’t sleep. In my place of work, some of my colleagues call the Aboniki I sniff ‘my cocaine’ because if I don’t sniff it, everything around me would irritate me and I would get easily angry with the people close to me.

“I never understood that this problem was spiritual. It was only when I began to watch Emmanuel TV and saw other similar cases that my eyes began to open and I began to seek God’s help. So, on 3rd September 2012 in the morning, I was getting ready for work and listening to Emmanuel TV. I watched a lady who had been delivered from sniffing kerosene and drinking it. Prophet T.B Joshua asked if there was anybody with Anointing Water and a man came out.

“At that point, I said with faith, ‘I will receive my deliverance today!’ I placed my hand on the television screen because I knew distance is not a barrier and I prayed along as he sprayed the Anointing Water on the woman, saying, ‘Receive your healing and be delivered!’ I was charged and my hand left the screen; I could not control myself and I screamed the name, “Jesus!!!” I fell on my bed suddenly, no longer in control of my body. It was an amazing experience!

“Since that Divine encounter, that spirit that used to wake me up to sniff the balm completely stopped. I now sleep normally and have no urge or desire whatsoever for it. After the deliverance, I even tried to sniff it in my nostril and it was unbearable! It went into my stomach and I felt as if I had tasted poison. I thank God and I know He has healed me from all my infirmities and set me free from this addiction. Thank You, Jesus Christ!”

Margaret Otobo – Nigeria

99 thoughts on “Delivered From Addiction To Sniffing Aboniki Balm Through Emmanuel TV!!!

  1. I was healed of a terminal disease last year when I was almost at the point of dead. I rushed to the SCOAN and there I receive my healing. Iwas so excited and testify this to so many people who believed me. Some as a result have visited the SCOAN. However because I had limited time from the office I could not stay and be going for the counseling. Seven months later the sickness came back.please man of God help me showed me love and affection when iwas in the SCOAN. Prophet TB Joshua personally give me his portrait ,anointing water and CDs by himself. Now am 50years and I have no child because I cannot re marry again. My wife died as result of same sickness 6yrs ago. Not until am heal I cannot remarry. Pse sir help me to be heal permenantly.

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  3. I am adicted to porn and I know my lord and saviour will free me from that addiction thank you Jesus, amen.
    by tino dic. 22 -2012.

  4. am one of the victim of addiction,i believe in my heart that am free though i have said this before.but not am not using my own name but the name of JESUS..GLORY TO YOU MY LORD.

  5. I have a lot on my mind that I can’t even say it all, but I believe it nothing in the presence of the lord jesus christ. God the father point your healing hand at me and cure all my sickness today and set me free again in jesus name I pray amen. God bless emmanuel tv.

  6. Sweet Jesus sweet Jesus what a wonder you are, you are brighter than the morning star. Sweet Jesus thank you for loving us. You are good all the time all the time you are good, The Alpha and Omega You new us before we were in our mothers womb. You are calling your people to turn to you and be saved.
    Turn to me and be saved all your ends of the earth for I am GOD and there is no other..

  7. All things are possible with God for those of us who are far from SCOAN we need to have faith the same things can happen to us through Emmanuel TV

  8. One thing is for sure. The God of Prophet TB Joshua lives. Lets worship HIM FOR REAL. HE HEALS, RESTORES AND DELIVERS. THANK YOU JESUS. Thank you Prophet for allowing God Almighty To use you. We are more on your side than those who hate you. Thank you for availing yourself. We pray for your devine protection and that u run the race to the END. We love you man of God and we appreciate you. Glory be to God Almighty. THANK YOU JESUS FOR NOT SAYING GOODBYE.

  9. Our redeemer lives, and because he lives i can face tomorrow ………… and my fear is gone ….. and now i know ………… yes i know he holds my future Amen ………..thank you Jesus. for delivering my sweet sister.

  10. Praise Jesus Christ for the wonderful testimony. Thank you Jesus for blessing us with Emmanuel telecast. Lord help us to understand that in mercy you have called us and delivered us. Praise the living Jesus.

  11. Indeed God will never fails us, please pray for my husband he is sick with swollen feet ,and now he is complaining about numbness on his feet ,God is with us.

    ———- Sent from my Nokia phone

  12. Alleluyah,Glory be to the Almighty God through Jesus christ hiis son for using his servant TB Joshua to be setting his pipo free from satan bondage,my testimony will be next

  13. my faith z increased,i pray that people wil know who tb joshua z b4 its too 4them to realise because such a great prophet z not deserved in ths of world destruction &doubting,however z a great light dat shineth into darkness & darkness comprehendeth it not if you recieve him you recieve God.if you reject him you reject Jesus who gave him the holy spilit,that z from above.hence my God,the lord of Scoan is above whatever life brings,grace and peace to the sons & daughters jelusalem Amen

  14. Believing in God is the only solution to our problems.Thank you Jesus for using Man of God Prophet TB Joshua to touch our lifes.God,remember me too as you are healing,delivering others.There is none like you,i grolify your name.Man of God pray for me….i want to be the one to give my testimony too.

  15. Amen we thank God for His power the is non like Him!! I believe God He will also deliv er me from fear yesterday as I was sleeping my cell phone ringed it was my aunt calling me & felt my Heart beat it was a terrible experience man of God please pray for me to stop having fear & that I should have peace with my mother in law her name is Bertha Maria Matsietsa

  16. Emmanuel Emmanuel God you are Awesome,Great, So Good & you thorught are not ours Thank Jesus for Your Healing!! Pls as I am watching Emmanuel Tv Jesus visit me & Family in Jesus Name Amen

  17. Emmanuel Emmanuel God you are Awesome,Great, So Good & you thorught are not ours Thank Jesus for Your Healing!! Pls as I am watching Emmanuel Tv Jesus visit me & Family in Jesus Amen

  18. I thank God for my life and the life of my family, friends and love ones. It is good to watch the Emmanuel TV I in person have started receiving some deliverance from the programm as the Man of God preaches. I use to be temperament, very emotional and little things then I get angry which for a past years have taken away away everything but now I can see that I am in control of myself when I found myself such situation by the power of the Holy Spirit and I know and believe, this is just the beginning of greater things to comes into my life all that I have lost I know and believe God will reward all back to me in Jesus Name! And I will also come and tell my testimony.

  19. We realy serve a leaving God, Ur testimony encourages me and I know for sure that God will also toich my husband to receive his salvation and be delivered from alcoholism and idol worship

  20. my father in the lord prophet joshua,i greet problem is that in our family my sisters two of them for far have suffered from mental disorder, we have generation progress,my mum sick of heart attack,no business,as for me limitation and progress in school please pray and send anointing water for us man ofGOD am a school leaver waiting for my result.i want to pass my grade 12 please help!

  21. Emmanuel!! Indeed we serve a wonder-working God! Continue transforming lives according to grace bestowed upon you. God bless scoan

  22. Emmanuel Tv is my number one Tv station in this world. Indeed its all about changing Lives,changing Nations and changing the world. Distance is not a barrier and the best is yet to come.

  23. As the bible days, believe and see, your faith have made you believe that Distanceis not a Barrier, and you see your miracle, Glory be to the living God Amen!

  24. Amen, Halelluia. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. We rejoice with you the goodness of our good Lord in Jesus name. Amen!!

  25. Man ofGod please pray for me that i may be healed from this disease i got from sexual behaviours,want tm promise GOD i will never do it again in Jesus name i dont know what to do please! Emmanuel hear my cries and pray for me AMEN AND AMEN.

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