Here is a wonderful testimony of a Cameroonian man whose son was supernaturally delivered from the scourge of bedwetting that had plagued his life since birth through praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV.

“Emmanuel! My son Achu O’Neil is 11 years old and a form three student in secondary school in Bamenda, Cameroon. The problem he faced since birth was that he was an acute bed-wetter. It was a very serious issue. We tried all we could to teach him to wake up before urinating without success. You could wake him up 20 times in the night to force him to go and urinate but in the next minute after returning, he would urinate on the bed. This was his experience, both in the night and the day. If he slept for just five minutes on the chair during the day, he would urinate on that chair. He is in a boarding school and faced humiliation everyday because of bedwetting. Because of this, he became very withdrawn and quiet.

“Then, on Monday 17th December, after a day of fasting, his mother was in the room with him when Emmanuel TV was playing in the background. Prophet T.B. Joshua began praying for the viewers, so she decided to pray with him. As the prophet started intensifying the prayer, he immediately started manifesting, refusing to touch the screen or even to pray! I arrived some five minutes later and immediately joined in the prayer. I got out my Anointing Water and began ministering it upon him as he continued to manifest. After close to twenty minutes of praying and spraying of Anointing Water, the demon departed, leaving a pool of urine on the floor! That was when the child came back to himself.

“My brothers and sisters in Christ, since that day, my son has stopped bedwetting and is sleeping soundly for the first time in his life! It is a wonderful testimony and we give all the glory to God! I am also very grateful to Prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV for bringing me and my family closer to God! Truly, Emmanuel TV is changing lives, nations and the world!”

Emmanuel Ngu Achu – Cameroon


  1. I am requesting all the people worldwide to pray for my daughter Stephanie for God to heal her from depression, hearing voices, delusions. she has suffered enough already. she is a wonderful girl, 23 years, high moral values. Please pray for her healing and salvation. God bless you (from California USA)

    • The only way is to be delivered and that starts by asking God to deliver you then confess openly to your church…or you can call Scoan prayer line the number is on their website Bless You and Because of Jesus you are delivered and will be set free In Jesus Name. Love u with the Love of Christ. Next I want to hear ur testimony

  2. May the name of the Lord be exhorted above all nations.Amen! Thank God for sending his servant TB Joshua to rescue his people.

  3. Our God is a living God.All we need to do is trust and believe in him and all your heart’s desire will come to pass.Keep watching Emmanuel TV and build your faith.We thank God for the Able Man of God Senior Prophet TB Joshua.The lives of people are not only changing but are being transformed.We thank God for all these miracles.And Lord keep fortifying our Man Of God Amen.

  4. I also have a 10yr old daughter who is still bedwetting and is frustrating her so much. I even took her to the psychologist but no solution. I’m a 43yr old single mother of 2 girls. I’ve been diagnosed with HIV since 2002. I accepted Jesus as my personal savior and I never had rest physically. I’ve been sick with different kinds of diseases. Now I’m gradually been paralysed though the doctors are not sure what wrong. The last one said my lower back bones are damaged. Ddnt finish my education, can’t go to work and can’t go to church. Please bishop deliver me and my family. I would like to visit but my finances are also very bad. Please man of God I believe everything is possible through Christ. I won’t lie Bishop I feel weak now, please help me

  5. Emmanuel! Indeed God is with us always ,

    That’s a wonderful testony about VB the boy that is being delivered from bedwetting,we thank u Lord, And Indeed Distance is not a Barrier. EMMANUEL!

  6. Awsome God i rejoice with you indeed what a wonderful testimony your son is blessed and has been removed from shame to fame praise God.Distance is not a barrier will keep watching emmanuel tv and praying along with prophet Tb Joshua my testimony is coming watch the space

  7. im reguestin children of GOD worldwide to help me and my family for prayers in search for a driving job and waitressing job for my well as financial breakthrough so that i can be able to support my family and my single mother.may good Lord bless you all.1timothy 5:8


  9. Pray 4 me and my familly 4 the spirit of debt spirit of acohol and breackthrough in our busness carrier and finances pray my children education and our health pray 4 us to recive uot delivererce

  10. Emmanuel !!! To God be thy glory and i also know that the God of daddy prophet TB. Joshua who delivered ur son from Bedweting, will also deliver my son Godstime from Bedweting too. I am so happy for you and ur family. Emmanuel

  11. I and my family are very greatful for the life of our able prophet T B JOSHUA. he is indeed God’s send in our generation. May God continua to keep you in jesus name. AMEN… Pls pray wit us dat God wil grant us our heart desires.

  12. I and my family are very greatful for the life of our able prophet T B JOSHUA. he is indeed God’s send in our generation. May God continua to keep you in jesus name. AMEN…

  13. i jst want to tank God for using d anoited man of God to put an end to d sorrow of my life tru d anoited water, my car dat i paid for for d past 9month had jst been brougth to me few days ago after praying wit d anoited water. I have notin to say dan to say tank u lord, nd i pray dat d God of TB joshua shall contn to be wit us all.

  14. Man of god….i belive distances is not a barrier,pls take 30minutes and pray for me and my entire extented family,lately i have been having strange dreams nd th nxt thng is i would see the thngs in my dreams come to pass….

  15. Praise God. Emmanuel, My seventeen years old son still bedwet till date. Dear God please deliver my son Leonard too from this wicked demon. Please dear God.

  16. Ezekiel 29:21 In that day will I cause the horn of the house of Israel to bud forth, and I will give thee the opening of the mouth in the midst of them; and they shall know that I [am] the LORD.NB: This is the time the Lord is talking about and your mouth is being used in our mist. God bless you!

  17. Tank God for his deliverence:::::: mine is also deliverance in d\f dimension:: that is i need financial breakthrough in d family

  18. Emmanuel!!!God wit us.Man of God i knw distance is not a barrier 4 the children of God,pls man of God i want God 2 gv m husband a gud perfection work and position ,and i awz wish him 2 get a job in Nnpc,chevron,breweries 2 mention buh a few.i also want God 2 bless my marriage friutful,also 2 mak us welthy 2 neva lack in our marriage,i know dat my God n d God of T.B Joshua il ans my praya n do it 4 me cox i v faith in him ,n der’s notin my God cnt accomplish in praya once u av faith n beleive.thank u 4 ur good work,cox God v been using u 2 heal,deliver xo many lives al ova d world.Kudos 2 scoan!!!

  19. am not too surprise because we are serving a God of total possibility. Emmanuel …..God with us.
    Jesus is Lord!

  20. the Lord is a great. this shows how great God is. i thank God for our daddy for making his life a blessing to every one. i am a member of christ embassy, but i love listening to his pragramme on tv. i am a regular viewer.

  21. Chimure d God of TB Joshua wil make a way 4 u in Jesus name just pray God of Tb Joshua come 2 my rescue and my family.

  22. Glory be 2 God Almighty. I also thank man of God Prophet TB Joshua 2. allow God 2 use him as His instrument. In God’s hand 2 deliver His (God)’s people 4rom de hand of de evil 1,EMMANUEL!!!

  23. Nous remercions le Dieu tout puisant de ses oeuvres immenses dans nos vies. ce temoignage nous prouve une fois de plus que la distance n’est pas une barriere. tous croyons au Dieu de TB Josua afin d’etre sauvé. Que Dieu continu a benir le prophet TB Josua. A Dieu soit la gloire

  24. I also have the same problem with my 11 year old son, turning 12 in October. He bed wets and we also wake him up several times during the night but this is not helping. Soon he will be in boarding school and we are afraid this will affect his learning a lot. May you please help us with prayers for our son. Amen

  25. Tha same God that delivered that Cameroonian boy from bedwetting, will deliver my daughter from bedwetting. please my sisters and brothers in Christ help me in prayer for my daughter. Thanks.

  26. Hello servants of God. I’m just grateful to God our father for raising to Himself such a mighty man of valor like great reverent TB Joshua. He’s such a dynamic but humble man of God. Please pray for me man of God for I have serious domestic problem. I’m a preacher, but messed up along the way and impregnated a lady and right now am in dilemma on what to do. May god almighty Have mercy on me.

  27. Praise God. Very moving healing. I pray that my application to visit SCOAN will be received and a positive reply sent one day. I keep trying. God’s time is the best.

  28. am man aged 51 i work to get selfemployment when the business i dont get paid well my money get stolen or struggle to get it things are moving the way i plan please remove the demon of povertz

  29. I have been healed of a lump in my left breast while prophet T.B Joshua was praying for the viewers today. I thank God for healing me and thank God for the life of the prophet.

  30. Man of God please help me l am addicted to watch porn sites. This all started in 2009 when l was in form three and this up to now l feel have to watch or view a naked women on an image. l know and believe that as l confess now l am totally free in JESUS CHRIST I PRAY. AMEN

  31. Man of God i reacived Anoiting water from one of my brothers freind, i prayed with my family and ministerd it and into my cvs asking God to give me knew job,as the one i hd worck for 15 years bt no progress ,so after the day i used second day one of my dealer called me and ask me to send my cv to him i did and he comunicate with one company at kenya they where going to open new branch in my country Tanzania so they called me and intervewd me, and they ask me to join by this month of july 2013,know Man of God i hd become afraid again to join them i dont know what is happening with me please advice me and they hd offerd good salary more than where i am worcking,i also prayed to ask God to give me a car so i can attend prayers every sunday for sure after some weeks i got some cash from one of our customer it was mirscle, and i got a small corolla Toyota used one in cheap price glorry to God of Emanuel Tb Joshua, in Jesus Name

  32. Pray for idon’t have ajob,no money for bissness.even my life is in danger.Please man of God pray for me.

  33. May the almighty God continue to talk to prophet TB Joshua and the wise men for the sake of yearning souls like ours. Thank you emmanuel TV

  34. I need prayers how can i reach the man of God am from kenya my desire to the man of God to 4 me hav been married for 13yrs bt dont hav children pls man of God pray with me.

  35. Tb Joshua pls pray to me i am sooooooooooooooooooo tired of my maney disapointments of marreige pls deliver from this your God is able in JESUS NAMe heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp me.

  36. yesterday on june 27,2013 i reseived healing through television it was very hard sinus and headech but Jesus removed it Glory to God.Tb Joshua God bless you in Jesus name.Amen

  37. It is my desire and prayer that the same Lord who is doing wonders in many peoples lives should also do the same in my family as we are going through calamities. But I stand still that one day God will answer all problems I am passing through. This concerns all my family (Husband, wife, a son and two daughters.

  38. praise the lord, iam in Nairobi Kenya can somebody please tell me how i can access Emmanuel tv here in Kenya. God bless you all.

  39. The lord is good.i pray that my testimony wil be d next in jesus name. The God of TB JOSHUA make my be among those there wil been paying CONHESS in jesus name amen.i also pray for breakthrough in all areas of my life.

  40. through praying with the Man of God Prophet Y.B.Joshua, God opened the windows of heaven for me his doing wonders in my life i got a wonderful job the company provided accommodation and transport for me. on the other hand i am getting more customers to plait whilst i am off work over the weekend. what i can say for now is :there is a sign post on my forehead written “wait and see GOD IS AT WORK”.

  41. I thank God for the life and ministries of Prophet T.B. Joshua and that of Emmanuel TV Partners. As a Pastor, I’ve benefited tremendously from scoan. I am a living testimony to the power of God in this church. May God continue to bless Prophet T.B. Joshua. Happy Birthday to you Sir. Long life and prosperity!

  42. Our God is a miracle working God.As we keep watching Emmanuel TV, we are always blessed and sister Bose,we are anxiously waiting for your testimony as you promised.. God bless our miracle child Bose.
    Niba ignatius(Cameroon)

  43. Dear pastor man of God im from SA and my friend from etophian and we all know that they are in the land for bussnes we are together for one year, we love each each other and if its in the will of God i would love to be his wife oneday please i need U to pray for me, us and also his busness may bless for the good U done to people. I hope soos south afrika wil also see U we love U. GOD LOVE U

  44. i pray dat God keep prophet TB Joshua in all areas of life ..4 the good job He is dooing a standard of living HE is real a man of GOD .when he speak bondage broke ..i speak life upon him blessing

  45. indeed the God of prophet TB Joshua in a miracle working God. And i know my own miracle is on the way in JESUS name . Amen

  46. Please a miracle has just happend just now in my life! I was the person who just requested of financial breakthrough and Good wife to marry, as i was wacthing the pictures of the man of God, i came across his picture where where he streched his right hands towords the internet screen, and receiveived an instant Healing, i have been suffering from Acute waist pain for so long now,please help me to glorify God.(George)

    • I am delighted what our Lord and Savior did to your life. And I also thank him for his wonderful works and his resurrection power, which is setting people free. Lord Jesus Christ was healing people with various diseases, pains, demoniacs, epileptics and paralytics and he is still healing today using his Disciples. Today he is still healing aids, cancer and many other incurable sicknesses.

  47. God is so great im believing God for my own miracles cos distance is not a barrier. God bless prophet t b Joshua

  48. I pray to Almighty GOD that all the ministers of GOD and leaders all over the world to strengthening you with power through his Spirit in your inner being. I pray that he guides you and show you the way in every step you want to take. Our GOD is a good GOD he loves people to know more about him. You can approach GOD without fear through faith and you can approach him with confidence. Ephesians 3:12 In him and through faith in him we may approach GOD with freedom and confidence.

  49. Its about 2days now a friend gave me holy water to give to my son who has been bedweting and since he has stoped. Praise be to God

  50. Chers freres en jesus christ,
    je m’appelle eric moundounga je suis gabonais j’ai 42ans d’age.
    j’ai accepté jesus christ depuis 1992, mais ma vie est toujours la même rien a changer dans ma vie.
    aidez moi dans la priere pour des sujets suivents:
    *prier pour ma santé
    *prier pour que Dieu me donne la force de me marier
    *prier et briser l’esprit de non accomplisement dans ma vie
    *prier pour que Dieu m’ouvre les portes du travail
    que Dieu fait de ma vie, une vie de temoignages.
    que Dieu vous gardes

  51. Thanks be to you our might Father, Lord of Jacob,Lord of Abraham,in deed you are the Great GOD.Your name needs to honored.You can Possiblies the impossibilities.


  53. Man of God please help me,set me free. Pray for my faith in God,I want to remain tight with Him. Pray for may Education-a break through to the highest level. Pray for my future marriage-destroying the spiritual wife in my life. Please Man of God help release me from the bondage.

  54. infact,the GOD is realy with us,we thank GOD for this great hoping that God will do same thing for me since am surfering from the same problem.

  55. infact,the GOD is realy with us,we thank GOD for this great hoping that God will do same thing for me since am surfering from the same problem and am a ghanaian.

  56. Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save nor His ear too dull to hear,glory be to God.What a wonderful Jesus Halleluah!

  57. Thanks to God Almighty through his son Jesus Christ for bringing to us salvation and being there for us..Thanks too to our daddy Prophet T.B. Joshua and the five wise men for their presence in our life…God is indeed using them to save his children and we are grateful for that..It is time to stop satan from stealing and killing in our life by faith in God and also by prayer with Prophet T.B Joshua…… My brethren and sisters, God is still saying something… I want the family of Emmanuel to know that better is not good enough, the best is yet to come…….God bless his children.AMEN.

  58. Hi! My name is Marcus. I need to know is SCOAN for only riches folks around the world? Because for them is not a problem to have an invitation from the Church?

  59. Emmanuel!Emmanuel! Man of God TB Joshua how can i get the Anointing water and the anointing sticker i saw the new stickers today

  60. My brothers and sister pls remenber me in ur prayer i MARRID since 2005 till now no child, now i have EMMANUELTV in my home waching evryday and i belief God will anwer me JESUS NAME Amen.

  61. I also like to visit The SCOAN.please pray for me to have a permanent job so that i can come and get my deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ

  62. Halelluya i thk Jesus christ 4 sendx 2us his son senior prophet Tb joshua 2 are rescue of all demonic father in the lord pls i wish to ask 4 ur assistance in prayer on family generational curses,untimely deaths,poverty & limitations in life.i ask all this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  63. Psalms 46:10 Be still and know that I am GOD. I will be exalted among the nations I will be exalted in the earth
    Our Lord Jesus Christ is a miracle worker many people are being healed, delivered , saved and blessed. Let people of GOD all over the world rejoice and exalt the name of Jesus Chist, because of his wonderful works he is doing in peoples lives.

  64. Prophet TB JOSHUA, you are invited to Colorado, one of the peaceful state in the United State of America, we the children all of the world in Colorado we are all waiting to receive you, please accept our invitation. CONTACT:
    AURORA, CO 80013
    Ph # 213-500215 cell, 303-369-7917 home

  65. Hey men @ women of God, I hv a brother who got involved in an accident and broke his left leg (thigh). So he got operated and they put a metal rod inside after a few weeks it broke. I personaly hv tried doctors but when its abt 2 get wel its gets worse again….I knw its the devil thats playing tricks. ….Im in Zimbabwe bt hw can I get Anointing water I knw he can get his healing though it. Without an operation. Its nw a year & half struggling with the leg. The broken metal rod is stil inside……

  66. this ministry ha brought a lot of hope to my life,i eventually turned against my evil ways and gave my life to Jesus and since then i have learned to trust the Lord and and put him first in my decisions and life generally

  67. The Synagogue Church of All Nations is saving mankind from the demonic attacks. My thanks goes to TB Joshua, the five wisemen, the Emmanuel singers, the Ushers and the Emmanuel TV partners for their untiring effort in ensuring more converts into the Kingdom of God.

  68. Distance is not a barrier i also get healed through watching emmanuel tv. God bls a man of God TB joshua

  69. I need your prayers , for my family . the demon of my sons not getting jobs , they are qualified , kindly pour the annointing water over us. We need Gods favour , blessing. I believe the distance is not a problem. I have seem miracles you have done.

    From Salman family

  70. Man of God pray for my friends wife who is having a problem of bedwetting just after getting married the problem started again. She had it before but it has returned.
    Jane from Zambia

  71. God is eternal and loves His creation so much, That is why He chose prophet T.B.Joshua to redeem the world through prophesies;miracles,healing, you name it. Distance is not a barrier. To God be all the glory. Amen.

  72. I dont have any comment i just want to pray with you and believe that jesus can heal and bless me and my family for ever in jesus name


  74. I request all our esteemed friends of SCOAN and believers worldwide to join me in praying for my mother who has been sick for a long time and is not able to walk. I have tried to send prayer requests but i now leaned that there is a fake T.B Joshua on face book who is not the T.B.Joshua of Emmanuel t.v that i know.He posted a site on face book to receive prayer requests but immediately you submit a prayer request the name changes to prophet E. Jordan. It has happened to me three times and i feel so frustrated.Whole praying for my mother on Emmanuel t.v, distance is not a barrier, my mother improved and started to walk again although she was still weak. after those three submission of prayer requests to T.B. Joshua ministries that went to a mysterious strange man my mothers health deteriorated again and now she cant walk and she has refused to take medicine and to eat. She only talks of joining her ancestors.When you try to find out who that person is through the email, the person is non existent.I know what God is doing through this ministry, the synagogue church of all nations, lam asking for Gods intervention in moms case.lam also asking for Gods financial blessings so that i too like millions in the whole world can visit the SCOAN.I too would like to experience the wonder working God of prophet T.B.Joshua.

  75. i am a 25 year old boy who is living with his 28 years old brother who is also unemployed. Both of our parents are late, i am a powerfull evangelist but i am stricken with the demon of fornication and adultery. I strongly fight with this spirit, out of my control it drives me into masterbation often times. I dont sleep with many girls but each time i will have a girlfriend i wish to mary, it drive me into sleeping with her, that we will be more like husband and wife. When it is out of me, i will be deeply griefing for the church i evangelise strongly believes in me. Often times i would renounce it to my pastors, all they do is to put me on discipline rather than to pray for me. I often have dreams of nude ladies coming to seduce me, today i even had a dream of a snake sleeping with a girl that i dont know, they were doing everything right in front of me exposing the girl’s genitalia. I am desperate, i pray fevently but i cnt get over it. My brother is even more serious, at his age he drinks beer that it enslaves him, he cant get employed, each time he tries a project, the money will disappear mysteriously. Sometimes when iam praying i even sense the gravity of the demonsupon both of us, but each time victory seems looming they will even multiply. We dont have anyone to look atexcept and i am wondering, is the man of God brother T.B Joshua even aware that there are people of God like us who are being tommented by demons. I even received a vision to start missionery work in somalia, rwanda and back in mycountry Zimbabwe, bt ofte times i ask myself if the vision of an organisation in which in my vission was called, the mercy international is even from God. My financial and spirritual life is hazy and skeptical

  76. Thank u our lovely father Prophet TB JOSHUA and Emmanuel TV team for forming A Powerful and strong ministry. Keep it up and live long. THANK U LORD.

  77. Thank God for the ministry of Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua. May God continue to bless you, grant you more grace, anointing to help humanity. Amen!

  78. What a great deliverance. My faith is renewed by this testimony. Indeed there is no problem too big for our God! My son faces a similar challenge, he stains his underwear often. He is eight, and this has been persisting since he was four years. I was continue believing God for his deliverance. I watch Emmanuel TV too and praise God for the healing through the prophet and the wise men.

  79. Thank you senior prophet T.B Joshua, the other men of God and Emmanuel T. V. You have inspired me to return, very close to God. And i have seen God’s goodness since i key to Emmanuel T.V. Above all i glorify THE KING of kings, THE GIVER OF ALL GOOD AND PERFECT THINGS, MAY MY JESUS BE GLORIFIED ABOVE EVERYTHING AMEN. WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH TO EXPLAIN GOD GRACE, MERCY AND KINDNESS SINCE FEW MONTHS i JOINED EMMANUEL T.V. INFACT i grateful and would never denie JESUS CHRIST

  80. Infact Our God is the king of all kings and Lord of all lord. I thank Him for the son of the cameroonier. I also want to use this medium to express my profound, immesurable gratitude to God Almighty my Father, my testimony concerns my health and general well being. It has not been too long the sitelite my husband has in our house added Emmaneul T.V to their channels. Oh i need to give this testimony in the open congretion that people may know that God lives in Synagogue church of all nations and most importantly that He is using his man of God Prophet T.B Joshua. I discovered Emmanuel TV at exactly the time i needed sucor and divine relationship with God. Since last year i have been suffering from severe aches and pains on the sole of my feet. I refuse to go to the hospital because I was trusting my God for my healing and i refuse to tell anybody even up to my husband apart from my little kids who use to hit my sole for me to subside the pain. I refused to tell people because i didn’t want to entertain false sympathy, abuse or wrong advices. But sometime this year i started having pains on my chest severe one at that. I did know what to do, this time i was preparing to visit the hospital, while i was procastinating and contemplating God was also making plans for me. During prophet T. B Joshua’s prayer for viewer’s all over the world i recieved my healing. Halleluyah i am delighted to say thank you to the man of God Senior Prophet T.B Joshua and his team ,above them i am giving thanks to God Almighty for His divine healing and the grace He gave me through revelation and vision to fight against forces responsible for limitations in my progress. This forces according to the vision i saw was from the idol in my late father’s compound. In the vision a python from the spot where that shrine was, agressively came to attack me. It almost bite my face before a palm intervened which i believed was the palm of Jesus. All of a sudden i recieve power to pray and break, i prayed untill i saw the snakes running out of that shrine in chain, they cleve to a pavement in front of my late father’s elder brothers house who is also late. I prayed by fire untill all the snakes were completely destroyed. After the destruction of the demonic snakes, I also saw a fowl on top of the roof crooking kokorokoo. Then i believed it was a divine new dawn in my life, Total deliverance and restoration of my losses all those years. Ohooooooo Jesus Christ be highly glorifed above every other name. If i can be healed from semi heart attack induced by the devil, through the medium of television by the prophetic utterances of senior prophet T.B Joshua. I thank Lord God Almighty for His grace my prayer request is for God’s continuous Grace to abide in me and my family. May i and my family never turn away from Jesus Christ. Making Heaven is our ernest desire and i know that nothing shall seperate us from the love of Christ Jesus. Amen. Thank you Jesus liberating and delivering me and my family

  81. It is great and amazing what God is doing through the medium of Emanuel T.V When the servant of God prophet T.P Joshua says distance is not a barrier he means exactly that because a lot of miracles as a result of demonstration of Gods power are recorded worldwide.God of Heaven who performed many wonders in the book of acts is at it again this time through His humble servant the prophet.I pray that as Jesus impacted the disciples who shook the whole world,God will use senior prophet T.P Joshua to raise many Joshua’s to cover the whole face of the earth to touch the lives of the suffering humanity. Many people suffer and agonize on just how they can come to SCOAN but are limited so it becomes an anguish and desire that rarely get fulfilled. i just appeal to this wonderful ministry that God has given us during this generation to at least send a country representative in every Nation where people can receive stickers, anointed water and other wonderful resources to help those in crisis.i feel so sad seeing people dying under demonic attacks and we cant lay hold of this wonderful resources that are of help.May God touch you and use u to reach all the Nations in the diaspora in Jesus Name.

  82. Glory be to GOD indeed distance is not a barrier,please help pray for my family as there is a spell that was put on us by our own aunt.nothing and no one is succesful,we were told that as long as my father is still alive there is nothing that is going to work for us.please man of God pray for us.u are our only hope.

  83. am hopeing and desireing to recive my own also having asimilar problem.i grew up with it as a child till now am twenty eight years married with four kids. Ineed a touch from jesus.i need the faith to carry bless with d testimony ,i have hope and i belive in jesus and prophet t.b joshua.pray for me and my family. I want to be deliver.thank u jesus for healing her and deliver her ,now she is free.i belive my is sure in jesus name.god bless emmanuel tv.pls reply me

  84. What can i say. If God be for us who can be against us. He is the one who fights our battles and gives us victory. Only him is able to receive all the glory for the good work that he does in the lives of people. The good work he has started in my life and in the lives of other people he will accomplish it whether the enemy likes it or not. God will perfect that which concerns me and He will bless the wonderful ministry that He has used as a medium to bless His own. God bless you so much.

  85. Our generation shall keep praising and worshiping your name sweet Lord Jesus Chriist for loving us and for what you have done in peoples lives and what you are going to do for them until you come for the second time. Lord Jesus Christ you loved us to an extent that you died for us so that our sins will be forgiven and you interceed for us. You loved us by creating a relationship and afellowship between our Heavenly Father, Almighty GOD and us. And to be like him and follow his foot steps

    John 3:16 For GOD so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who so ever beilive in him will not perish but have an everlasting life

    Lord Jesus Christ your love for us and people in authority can not be changed and cannot be compared. Because you are always there for us and you said in your words every knee shall bow before me, because you are the Prince of Peace and you are a problem solver and you are a loving King. Lord Jesus Christ you are a shelter in time of storm. All the people who believe you and trusting you will always see your love manifesting in their lives through many ways. A fool says there is no GOD But a child of GOD knows that the creator of the universe is there. All the good things we have the wisdom, the knowledge, the healing just mention a few it is because of the love you have for us. So we must beilive in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ because that name has power to destroy all the satanic kingdoms, which are tormenting and destroying his people whom he loves so much, whom he died for.

  86. Haliluya, praise God. Pray my brother n sisters tyhat this same wonderful miracle touch my 6 yr old son to stop bedwetting in Jesus name. Amen.

  87. Haliluya, praise God. Pray my brother n sisters tyhat this same wonderful miracle touch my 6 yr old son to stop bedwitting in Jesus name. Amen.

  88. I really appreciate God for what he is doing in the life of his children through the man of God. My prayer is that as God have touched the life of so many people through his servant, may my own miracle come through.

  89. By jEsus every thing is poseble and i belive hthat one day i will visit scoan too. and by that nothing can stop me in jesus’s name amen

  90. We thank GOD for the wonderful testimony. We serve a mighty God. I also thank God for my breakthrough. I joined Prophet T B Joshua in one his prayers believing that distance in not barrier. After the prayer, the Prophet told us who were praying with him that we will complain no more because God has answered our prayers for breakthrough and deliverance. I believed and since then I have been seeing the hand of God in my life.

    The best is yet to come

    Thank you Jesus

    Thank you man of God. God bless you and your family abundantly.

  91. I thank the Lord for all this miracle using Man Of God TB Joshua
    Thank You God Thank You God Than You For ever

  92. I saw the man of God T B Joshua in a dream he prophecied to me and told me that the spirit of God want to use me for seven days . Can you please interpret this dream for me.

  93. Goodday prophet, pls i need ur prayers. My laptop that contains all my documents was stolen last two nights. Pls join me in prayers that the person that stole it wil hv no peace until he brings it back. Amen.

  94. lam so imp rest by the testimony of bed wetting. i was a victim of bed wetting for 39 years. i used to pray and fast and every time i intensified prayer bed wetting stopped but the moment i think it is over and stop praying it would all come back to me a fresh. Then i saw testimonies of people who had the same problem and God delivered them through the servant of God senior Prophet T.P. Joshua while others through the medium of anointing water. Now getting anointing water for me was not possible so i chose the medium of praying along with the prophet and the wise men on T.V. God did for me. Normally before bed wetting i used to dream of going to the toilet and then i would wake up wet. after prayer on T.V i dreamed of going to the toilet but each time i reached where the toilet is, the toilet vanished. Thats how i stopped bed wetting. It is now 3 months since i have been free. I give God all the glory

  95. My daughter is 15yrs and she I’d bedwetting,after reading your testimony I became shocked bcos to me was like bcos I too had the same problem until I turne 10yrs I thought she took it frm me.I m shocked and frm today I will claim my daughter’s life frm devil. Pls pray for my daughter .

  96. It is true emmanuel has changed peoples lives by praying with the man of God, it is by the grace of the Lord .We thank God for everything.

  97. Emmanuel! That is a wonderful testmony,please i want prophet T.B joshua and his wise men to me and all members of my family for setting us free from family curses,finacial breakthrough,healing,job opportunity,to see my flower,to ride into my destiny,i pray against every witches and wizard all those monitoring my movement and total freedom.Finally for wisdom,knowledege and understanding in jesus name i pray. AMEN!

  98. Pls man of God pray for me over three yrs i been eating and making love in my dreams, pls i know as soon as you read it am delivered

  99. Our Lord Jesus be glorified  i hear by to send my brother in law photo (MICHAEL JOHN TUGURU ) to justify his application sent to you earlier surely we need your help thank you for your consideration.


  100. i thank for HIs mercies upon that Cameronian man who GOD used to deliver that child and the prophet TB Joshua as an agent of recovery for God and his church. I pray that the HOLY will teach me wisdom in God’s word.


  102. man of God you are a God sent to mankind pls my family suffers from untimely dead pray for my family man of God to uplift this deathly curse in my family in the name of Jesus you did it for others i know you can do it for me

  103. This is a wonderful testimony, i was bedwettin, not until i was 15 yrs, imaging what life is in my bodingschool. Humiliation and limitation among my frds because of bedwettin b4 i could stopped itwas not good to write home about. So if i must say i give thank to God for my life and i pray non of my children will bedwet and for those who are doing dis my advise is for them to sick the face of God and nave giveup until ur prayer is answer in Jesus name Amen

  104. We really thank God for t b Joshua may God give him more years to deliver more souls,people of God join hands with me in prayer i nid breakthroughs in all angles of my life

  105. even if i walk through the valley of death,valley of darkness,valley of bareness,valley of spiritual husband,emptiness,hateness,generational cures,i praise him and he is lord of lord the same today,yesterday and for ever.emmanual,

  106. GOD is always faithful to his people. Expectations of GOD’s children are always sure and secure. Imagine Satan plans for such a young lad. To kill, to destroy and to steal the potentials and gifts GOD almighty has deposited into this young lad. Thank GOD for his mercies towards his children.

  107. I thank the Lord for the wonderful testimony I am giving. I was praying through Emmanuel TV for my car which was stolen that it could be recovered and it is really recovered. God has answered my prayers. The car was found in Blantyre, Malawi’s commercial city by my son, Timothy, who refused to come back until he found the car with another person who did not hire it from me. The man who pretended to hire it was arrested and charged with a criminal offence. Taking into account how many times Jesus Christ forgives us, I have changed the charge to be a civil cause cos with a criminal charge the man would be imprisoned for maximum of 14 years in our courts in Malawi. I once again thank Emmanuel TV partners for helping me pray for the recovery of my vehicle.

    Emmanuel! Emmanuel! God is really with us. May the Good Lord protect our Prophet Joshua! Amen!

  108. Please am staying outside the country can someone help me to send me anointing water if anyone can do it for me just reply me so we can have our contact

  109. Lord Jesus Christ your dominion is for ever more. You are righteous you commanded us to obey you and do good deeds so that we live in your presence. Lord Jesus Christ you are our strength, our rock our fortress and our deliverer in whom we take refuge. You are our refuge and our sheild and the owner of our salvation and you are our stronghold. If we are distressed you comfort us. If we are comforted it is for your comfort, which produces in you patient, endurance of the same suffering we suffer. Our hope for you is firm, because we know that you share in our sufferings, so also you share in our comfort.

  110. I belief, distance is not a barrier. The prophet prayed from lagos, nigeria and i was healed in uyo, nigeria hundreds of miles apart. God bless the prophet. The boy in cameroon is safe indeed

  111. Emmanuel!my name is sunday a michael Am 4rm beune state in ogbadibo l g e, am 22yrs old, am a diploma holder, life is not easy 4 me, am de 1st son of my family, i have been looking 4 jod, but to no avail, dip inside me i belive dat prayer 4rm de synague chruch can change my story shown me de road to my destiny.

  112. Man of God i need deliverance from my family curse.things are well with father is ever mum is a beisness woman but now things are not moving.she stragels to put food in on the table for the family becouse my dad is aways up and down of his sick is not easy for my of God pray for us in jesus name i wish to see as happy as a family again

  113. thank you man of God for your kindness toward the widow and widower. man God bless you. i thank you ones a again.
    micheal. o. g.

  114. Demon of bed wetting exposed
    My son Hector Anotidaishe Damba is 10 years old and is possessed by this demon and it has also led to condemned brain because he experiences failure in his school work, confusion and forgetfulness. Please deliver him man of God.

  115. I need your prayers pls, for open doors in my life and that of my family. My sister and Aunity can not give brith for the past 4 to 5 years of marriage now, i pray that the God of T.B. J. will open their door for them. (AMEN). Thaks

  116. Only the man of God Prohet T B Joshua who is the prophet of our generation,impowered by God Almighty to relieve us from such bondage.
    My God give him and the wise men long life.

  117. Praise the Lord! Brothers and Sisters in Jesus, please pray for me, in order to get money and travel to see Prophet TB Joshua prays in Lagos this year. Glory to God!

  118. Lord Jesus do not pass me by as i am experiencing trouble at work, money keeps missing at the work place and i know that my God you never disappoint me.let the one who is taking the money be exposed in JESUS NAME.The devil is a liar i cover myself with the blood of JESUS.

  119. For your mind and wish has being to bring people close to God, so i say unto you with my prayer that his power will never live you in Jesus Name, Amen


  121. i am greatful and indepted to the God of prophet T B Joshua for He has not forget me forever. i’ve been jobless for 7yrs after graduation but as i step my foot at scoan and given d anointing h2o and annoint my credentials calls 4 jobs started coming in as i am texting my appointment letter is in my hand also, are it been that i had money to forward my masters degree i will ve been a lecture in the university i was call n interview by 4 professor glory be to JESUS. and believed God 4 a life partnr

  122. Emanuel! God is really with us. I’ve just had an accident and I still don’t know how it happened, but to the glory of God I survived the accident and the car does not have a single scratch. I’m grateful for TB Joshua, wise men and Emanuel tv for teaching people to pray and covering everything with the blood of Jesus. May the good Lord be with you and bless you even more!

  123. may God bless yu in Jesus nam.e its my prayer also to get married may the good Lord bless me with a husband in Jesus name not just a simple man but a great man of God. Haleluya

  124. God is good all the time this is a wonderful testimony, people of God no words to all what i can say is lets keep on praying for each other with the help of Emanuel tv and please pray for also so that one day i should also visit the scoan. my request is that i don’t have means to visit in teams of money pray for me that one day i be telling my testimonies

  125. Please man of help me i have a problem of my back,whest,stomach and i want to apply for a training as a zambian police please man of God i want to start working this year. Am LEONARD ZIMBA FROM ZAMBIA

  126. Praise be to God! It’s not an easy thing to experience shame and humiliation at his age, but God surely knows our needs and He’s taken this burden off of your son. Like the first comment says, it’s time for your boy to be Happy!

  127. Our god does miracles l put my trust in you!my wife wil deliver a baby boy after 3 miscarriage.we believe in messiah d way he have delivered the bedwetting boy he wil sually deliver us!AMEN,AMEN,AMEN.

  128. Je remercie Dieu tout puissant le père de notre seigneur JESUS pour sa grace au milieu de nous en nous donnant une TV pareille

  129. Jesus I’ll never forget, what you’ve done for me
    Jesus I’ll never forget, how you set me free
    Jesus I’ll never forget, how you brought me out
    Jesus I’ll never forget, nooo nev-er

  130. Greeting in Jesus’ name. please pray with me i need deliverance for me and my wife so that we may have a God-glorifying marriage.

    Brother Peter.

  131. God is good all the time.He is merciful and caring even to us sinners. A’m planning to visit SCOM and please, pray for me also so that the grace of the Lord can help me fulfill my arrangements.

    • Emmanuel i also.have a baby girl bedweting 10 years.old to pray for her On Oct 2, 2013 9:48 PM, “Distance is not a barrier” wrote: > > watson mkandawire commented: “God is good all the time.He is merciful and caring even to us sinners. A’m planning to visit SCOM and please, pray for me also so that the grace of the Lord can help me fulfill my arrangements.” >

  132. That’s wonders and power of heavenly father.May this wonders also locate me and my family and others who need mercy and deliverance

  133. God ur great,indeed ur God almighty.Amen to those miracle dat God has been doing and Amen to those miracles about to come.i love u Jesus

  134. Glory be to jesus, if God can do it for uchu, then i am an ecceptional, i claim my own deliverance in the might name of jesus.

  135. Our God who passeth all understanding is ‘Jehovah over-do’ , the eternal king of glory, is able and capable and His deliverance is ever enduring. Praise be to His name for ever and ever in Jesus’ name. Amen!

  136. What a Mighty God we serve, May your Name be Praised by all nations Dear Lord, May your Hollyness and blessings flow always amoung your beloved people. What happened to our brother is just onother sign of reminding us that Senior Prophet T.B.Josua is a truly man of God!!!! Through Him the Power Of God is working. Amen

  137. Thank God for your life and i thank him for his mercies. God of prophet tb joshua that has started it will surely perfect it. You will be there with your family, my family and i will be there too. Thank you jesus for bring your son close to you.

  138. Am happy for what the lord is doing through the prophet T B Joshuah i want to mention to you that am healed from the deadly disease that was in 2007 up to now am just okey.I am here if i can be allowed to come and testify for the goodness of the lord in my life and am asking if i can be helped in prayers i would like to marry another wife. Thank you Regards Pastor James Zyambo.

  139. I’m a 49 year old born again son of God with the call of God upon my life to be off service in the Masters service as a fulltime evangelist. My proplem is that I’m going throught a second divorce in my life. I don’t know is it part off God’s preparation plan for my life or do I need deliverance. Mind you the ministy that God is calling me into is called ” THE DELIVERANCE MINISTRIES “. Please pray for me that I can exsperience His deliverance in my life so that I can take His Deliverance Power to the nations off the wold. A sister friend of mine gave at work sergest I should communicate with you That is my LIFE STORY in a nutshell.

  140. There is nothing beyond the power of our creator. It is sin that separates one from receiving miracles. However, our God is a merciful father. He provides solutions to all our afflictions in spite of our disobedience to His commandments. Receiving miracles is a function of faith. We must believe in His awesome power to heal all our ailments. Faith in the ‘Almighty Father’ is the vital tool to connect us to our source of solutions. Glory be to God for His mercies upon the family of Ngu Achu. As I read about the miracles in the family of the Achu, so also will the world read about me to the glory of God as I look and wait upon Him to bless my family with more fruit of the womb in Jesus’ name; Amen.

  141. praise the lord people of God. all the glory be to God for all his goodness he deserve it. isaiah 32:17 and 27 nothing is difficult for him and mathew 1:18-24 the work of holy spirit did by the power of God. people of God lets faith and put all our trust and develop love for jesus christ for our freedom to be settled and salvation. amen

  142. This is great testimony, i hv a similar case, my son who is 13 yrs old is bedwetting, i have tried everything possible for him to stop but no avail, as i hv read this wonderful testimony, i know and believe that my son’s miracle is on the way.

  143. This is great, may all of us also having problems learn from this Testimony that distance is not a barrier, yes we can not all of us go to SCOAN, through Emmanuel TV with faith, God will heal us through prayer of His Man Servant Prophet T.B Joshua, and if we faithfully trust and believe. God you still working indeed through your Son Jesus Christ, our brother!!!

  144. Indeed T.B. Joshua you are a rely Man of God. I see in you that Jesus is operating in your life. Without SCOAN we did not recognised that there are evilsprit who manifestated themselves . Thank God for allow use you. As the Bible says those who believes who do morethan wahat Jesus did. Now i see a reason why people worship this God of Daniel , T.B. Joshua, Elija and many more

  145. God i tank u 4 wot u did to dis our brother,but my case is that am having problem wt spiritual wife and secondary i want to visit SCOAN but their is money to go,plz i need ur prayer ,tanks nd God bless u

  146. our God so good all time ,pray for my 8yr dauter she has the same problem urine on bad every day and she scarry all kind of animal i pray for her when she see all dog or cat she will brther and sister pray for my family.God bless emanuel tv

  147. I love all the good works Alpha and Omega is using you people there to do in the lifes of peoples all over the world. May God continue to invigorate your ministry tremedously and may more christocentric power be confered on you for more miraculous divine manifestation of Holy Spirit in its fulness in Jesus name. May Jn14:14; Col3:3,4; Ps91:3,7,11,15; Mark16:17,18; Lk1:37,79; Lk10:19; Jn15:19; Acts2:17-18 be ascribed to ur ministry and Rev3:8,Rev1:6,Rev7:9-12 be the portion of TB Joshua, Wise men and workers in Jesus Christ name…..AMEN!!!

  148. God is good and his mercies endureth forever, men of God please pray for my academics, i need academical breakthrough this new year.

  149. We have a son who is eight years old and bedwets. We believe God can heal of the problem as well. Please Man of God and everyone all over the world pray for our son so that he is healed as distance is not a barrier.

  150. God of prophet TB Joshua..dont let my situations escape your anointin….unemployment..lack of marriage..poverty….help me God!

  151. Pls man of God i need ur help in prayer. About my life dis year becuse i want to close to my God dis year.bec i have no one to help me expt father as died last year no 28 Nev.i don,t have wark since last year.

  152. Our GOD is the GOD of the impossible. I thank GOD for Emmanuel tv, changing lives everyday. Praise be the name of the LORD Jesus Christ.

  153. distance is not a barrier, wat matters is ur faith, onece u hv faith beliv God is able to see u through in every cirustance u ar facing,praise lord.

  154. Pray for me that God should bless me with a job in the oil or telecom sector with a good salary and job security, and also heal my mother of her illness.

  155. Plss man of God pray 4 me am facing series of disappointments in my relationship and am soooooo tired am about giving up on life plss man of God help me plss i believe n trust God 2 act in my situation.pls i need a reply 4 u man of God.

  156. Emmanuel, i and my family praise GOD for letting us widness the the year 2013 in health and peace. We beleive and hope that the new year will bring positive changes in our family like being able to feed through any job that the family head may gain after being hunting for the passed one year in a town like Yaounde where every thing is been bought right up to simple water,that may GOD open the way for my intire family to surender their lives in his hands,that may any weapon fashion against us be broken in JESUS mighty name.And finally we beg on the people of GOD to join us in prayers. AMEN

  157. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for healing our brother from bed wetting, King of Kings you are able to heal the sick, you are able to set the captive free, you make the lame to walk again, and cause the blind to see. Let your name be glorified forever. Emmanuel

  158. Dear all at Emmanuel TV and SCOAN,   would you please send me the new years prophesies,  I am writing from Malawi, my name is Mastings Kalukusha, I attended the candle light ceremony. Happy new Year all the Emmanuel TV crew, the Wisemen and Prophet TB Joshua. May God bless you all more and more, you have been a source of my blessing in 2012.   Regards   M Kalukusha

  159. Glory be to the Lord, he realy never fails….For me i believe this is my year of a healing miracle God has already started to show up and I know Hes not gonna stop here but continue showering me with his blessings, keep me in your prayers for a full recovery so i can walk again without a walker
    Thank you and God Bless

  160. Dats the doin of the lord. I olso ve a sista dat is bedwettin upto date n i pray dat the God dat did it 4 dis womans child, will do it 4 my sista in Jesus name amen!

  161. Indeed God uses the medium of anointed water and anointed sticker. After i visited SCOAN on May 2011 God visited me and my family in a very remarkable way, infact I receive answers to ALL my prayer request that year. I am believing God to fulfil His promises to me this January 2013 in Jesus name. Amen. Emmanuel

  162. I thank God for what He has done for you. May God also remember me and bless me in Jesus name. Amen. Emmanuel

  163. The power of the living God is sweeping throughout nations and exposing Satan to show the world who really has the power. It is God’s power that brings real en lasting change.

  164. Emmanuel!am happy for what God is using man of God senior prophet T.b Joshua and the wise men are doing in the world,am believing and trusting God that my case will be over as soon as i step my feet into the Arena of liberty this saturday .Michael Okafor .

  165. Surely TB Joshua is a man of God. Wish we could al b delivrd frm our ignorance nd sturbonnes. May 21yr old male cuzn also wets th bed. Nevr knw bed wetng was demon causd.

  166. I feel that I am possessed because I drink alcohol extremely, I sleep with a lot of prostitutes, Money does not stay on my hand for a minute, I am working but never be able to help my relatives, I do a lot of masturbation, I loose memory, I am always worried that I have AIDS, I have a lot sex dreams in the night, I dream of my dead brother many times that he is not dead or he is going to rise from dead..and many others..please help me people.

  167. Glory be to God Almighty!!!! We thank Jesus Christ for this terstimony! I am from South Africa, and I am always watching Emmanuel tv. Distance is not a berrier! I pray with Faith, Hope, Believe and most of them all LOVE. I am not working and I was always stressing about it, but now that I watch Prophet TB Joshua, I do not stress anymore! I now now that God is with me, and nothing is impossible with God.

    This is a new year for me! I have been dreaming for a long time! Dreaming myself in a place of houner! Now a new dream has come! Fullfilment!!!!!

    This is my YEAR!!!!

    Thank you,
    Rethabile Makhobeng.

  168. I want God 2 assist me 2 pay every debt i’m owing people dis year 2013. I want God 2 provide 4 me and my family. [Amen]

  169. My wife and myself are struggling to acquire some finances in order to reach the scoan for breakthrough.Pray four us.Ndikum Dennis and Ndikum Florence from Kumba Cameroon.

  170. My wife and myself are struggling to acquire some finances in order to reach the scoan for breakthrough.Pray four us.Ndikum Dennis and Ndikum Florence from Kumba Cameroon.

  171. Man of god I have a serious pain in my left back rib. Man of god the. Problem is trhe snuff. And beeing a slow lenner pls prey for me let thiis things turn into nothing And I have develop diabet. 0ne and half year I’m not on treat ment bcs I now thar this is the work of the devil and I now that. I’m heald in je sus. Name amenn

  172. INDEED,I’VE COME TO KNOW HOW JESUS IS WORKING IN OUR LIVE,THANK U SIR,FOR WHAT U HAVE TOUGHT US IS WHAT IS GIVING US THE HOPE IN WHATEVER THAT WE MAY COME THROUGH,”that hard time, and all kind of problems to us christians doesn’t mean to kill us,but to prepare us for an extra ordinary service”

  173. Thank you Man of God for doing miracles in people’s lifes .Man of God pray with me about my health i’ve got bad discharge coming out from me ,Help me Man of God its been three years now .Thank u God

  174. Give Glory to God because he is wonderful, Without God we are like useless papers flying next to the street without direction, Emmanuel!!!

  175. Emmanuel! Indeed God is with us. People of God is really working in our leaves. Let’s worship God with all the hearts,soul and mind. Prophet TB Joshua indeed you are really a man of God , my family loves you so much.

  176. I need deliverance from eatin in the dream..seein dead people..lonliness..unemployment..lack of marriage..limitation in the age of 40 years nothin to show..Man of God this issue of the coordinator who took our P30 000 JUNE 2011..please help us Man of God to get our money back…Botswana(cordinator ishmael n shirley)

  177. Emmanuel…We thank God for the miracles and mercies he has been showing us. I thank God also for the Emmaunel Tv, U ve been doing a great work! My name is Darling Abibo,i ve been watching the Channel and it has been impactful,indeed! But i need a Miracle this year 2013. I want to ve the best result when i graduate this year in the University of Calabar, Nigeria…i want to be married this year 2013,i need a life partner… And i want my friend,his name is Opuene to get a Job this year 2013. Thank you Jesus Christ,thank you the God of T. B. JOSHUA! Amen!

  178. T.B.Joshua,i’m so interested to go the church sang ague(Nigeria)to share the word of God being there.However there is no potential of money to do so.What ever it be God of Heaven able.Until that,i politely requiest you to pray for my nuclear and extended families to brake the yoke of any bondage of poverty and cursing that are descended from our descendants.Again pray for me for open doors .

  179. We thank God Almighty for the deliverance. Some things hapen and we are not even aware its demonic. Thank God for emmanuel tv because it teaches us to know much about afflictions so that we pray about them. Thank You Jesus. Emmanuel!!!!!

  180. God is great! Please I need a prayer. I want God to deliver me from growth on my neck also God should deliver my Children from bed wetting. Breakthrough financially, Spiritually, Ministerial, maritally. God should give my sisters husband, divine health for my mother and family too. Better Job for me and my husband. Divine protection for me and family and sibling

  181. To God be the glory, He surely is a God of signs and wonders. He works in ways we can not see and makes a way in the wilderness. Faith is the way to go!

  182. Man of God my problem is that every time I invest some money in a business every time I make losses until this time all my money is gone nd I ve a family to care for coz we don’t ve parents, nd at the same time no man has ever adored me to the point of marriage of which iam very good looking with a six year old daughter. Man of God I wud like to come to the SCOAN for prayers nd to receive the annointing water, plz advise me on the procedure so as to come over man of God I really need help. Iam 30years old nd I live in lusaka zambia.

  183. Amen!god is good all the tym!praise de lord!amen !lord Jesus don’t pass me by!here my prayers !if uve dn unto dm ull do unto me .no more nightmares in life !my children ,my husband .

  184. Happy new year my Father in the LORD, Prophet T.B. Joshua & Emmanuel TV Partners in JESUS name Amen. My name is Ifeanyi Nweke i’m 4rm Anambra State but i leave at Dassa Zoume in Benin Republic, i want to be una partner because i love Emmanuel TV so much & i never see Man of God like Prophet T. B. Joshua before.

  185. God of TB joshua u ar truely a GOD that answer prayer.distance is not a barrier d word of my prophet TB JOSHAU and i believe in his word,may continue 2 guide him and protect in JESUS name Amen.

  186. God is good all the time. We should truly believe in him cos he has solutions to our problems. No matter the time. He is what he says he is. He does not forget his people. I pray Lord that u help me to act on your word. My miracle is next. Amen

  187. Thank God for His Power through the Annointing Water. I beleive i have also been delivered from bedwetting, it disgusts me to wake up discovering my blankets wet @ 22 years like this. Whenever this happens i don’t feel like socialising with others including my wife. OH LORD HAVE MERCY ON ME ALSO!

  188. Thank God for His Power through the Annointing Water. I beleive i have also been delivered from baddwetting it disgusts me to wake up discovering my blankets wet @ 22 years like this. OH LORD HAVE MERCY

  189. Thank you man of GOD. For allowing your self to be use by GOD. Please man of God this is new year and i dont want to surfer the way it was last year.please i need a good and also get marry this year.

  190. I love TB Joshua and am mad about it and all i pray is that he should give me a double portion of Gods anointing in his life. God knew that the age we are needs men of valour like him and he appeared. I call it ”TIMELY ARRIVAL” MAY HIS LIFE BE PRESERVED FOREVER.

  191. Emmanuel indeed God is with us,we thank God almighty for the medium of emmanuel tv.praise the Lord also congratulating Ngu Achu.

  192. Glory be to god Amen ,men of god please help me get the anointing water and stickers plz help me lm staying in Zimbabwe were and hw cn l get those

  193. God is through great, I tank God for what is doing truly T.B Joshua is the term of joy to every body that is hearing this wordaful testmone.

  194. Man of God pls pray for me. I need god hand in everything I do. And to bless me a woman an God faering woman as a wife a woman that will love me for who I am


  196. One more time, distance is not a barrier”
    Put your faith in God, Love him more and more and he would do more for you In Jesus Name;

  197. Lets all nations,peoples worldwide thank God for making us to enter 2013 being alive it means he has plans to fulfil in all the spheres of our lives for his own glory and honour in Jesus name i pray Amen.

  198. I am requesting all the people worldwide who are going to read this message to pray for me and my family for God to provide us with the finances and all the logistics required for us to be able to travel to the SCOAN for deliverance,redemption,salvation,healing &prophetic ministries Amen.

  199. Emmanuel! Praise be to the almighty god for delivering the boy from bed wetting and now he can walk with his head high. Amen.