Saved From Crushed Car!!

Asuzu Romanus speaks of God’s awesome divine protection revealed through the Anointing Sticker.

“Just this morning, I went out for work with my Anointing Sticker in my pocket.I took a taxi and there was a lot of traffic. Then, one huge trailer fully loaded failed to brake and crushed almost six vehicles. The taxi I was inside was the first one to be crushed but behold, nothing happened to me. I came out of the taxi without a scratch and said thank you JESUS!”car testimony2









Monifah Foncham from United Kingdom shared a powerful testimony about how God miraculously rescued her from an impending operation after she ministered the Morning Water in the name of Jesus Christ!

“Emmanuel! Praise the Lord! God has been so good to me and my family. From the day I was born until today, His continual love upon my life is so wonderful! He has done millions of things in my life and He is still doing more without getting tired or complaining despite my not being honest to expectations.

“I don’t know where to start but will give the recent testimony concerning my pregnancy. On July 9th 2015, I went to the hospital at 2am because I was bleeding. I was pregnant for 39 weeks and 5 days at that point. I was checked, the baby was only 1cm and I was going through intense pain. Nothing changed and by 8pm on Friday, it was still 1cm.

“My water was broken and I had dilated but still the baby was nowhere in sight, so the medical team decided to booked me in for a caesarean section. They gave 30 minutes in preparation for the operating theater. In that period, I and my husband cried unto God, ministering the Morning Water in Jesus’ name. He placed an Anointing Sticker close to me and assured me that it would be well.

“When the doctor came, she had this consent form for me to sign. But God is always good; He did it for me! Before asking me to sign the form, she stopped and said she needed to check for the last time if the baby might have moved. Behold! What a miracle – it was 10cm! I sang praises with tears in my eyes and God gave me strength! 10 minutes later, I pushed the baby out without any operation!

“I want to give thanks to God Almighty for His constant love and for using His servant to bless, heal and save. Believe and trust in the Lord! He will do it for you as He has done it for me and my family. Praise the Lord! If God is with you, no one can be against you!”

If you are facing a similar challenge or troubling situation, we encourage you to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV, knowing that there is never a situation beyond His control:


Tumelo Lekalakala, a South African, was a well qualified electrician yet faced with daily disappointment in his quest to land a job. After three years of unemployment, God turned his test into a mighty testimony after he received an Anointing Sticker!

Tumelo Lekalakala“Good Morning! I was unemployed for over three years even as a qualified electrician. I tried business but nothing worked. Things were really tough. However, by God’s grace, I got the opportunity to get an Anointing Sticker from The SCOAN last year. I put it in my bag that I carried with me daily. Since then, I got a job and companies have been fighting for me, calling me and making many offers! In just 9 months, I changed jobs 3 times and yet there are still more companies who call me.

“The latest company who called said they were looking for a senior electrician. I said I was interested but busy, so they agreed to come and interview me at my own work place. They came and confessed that it was the first time they ever wanted someone so badly that they would even go to interview the person at his work place! I am now a senior electrician in their company! Glory be to God Almighty! The favour of God is too much!”


An incredible testimony from Joy Ohimai about how God miraculously restored her stolen items!

“Emmanuel! I am a Nigerian currently schooling in Ghana. I have been to The SCOAN four times and in 2013, I was privileged to meet with Prophet T.B. Joshua who gave me Anointing water. In December, I was travelling from Ghana to Nigeria for Christmas and in one of the borders, we were told to bring out our luggage for inspection.

“In my handbag were my phones and my bottle of Anointing Water. In the process of trying to bring out my luggage for inspection, someone opened my handbag and stole my Blackberry Q10 phone. By the time I noticed it had gone, the person had already run away. We searched everywhere but didn’t see the thief. Confused, I still embarked on my trip to Nigeria.

“Then I said to myself that my Anointing Water was by the phone in the bag and the person still took the phone, meaning that the phone would still come back to me. I had absolute faith!

“During the Christmas holidays, I used my other blackberry phone to add the pin of the stolen phone and to my greatest surprise the person with the phone accepted the request and I started chatting with him. I disguised as another person and said I wanted to befriend him. He accepted and I said I would invite him to Accra.

“After the holidays, I travelled back to Accra. I kept communicating with this stranger with my phone until he finally agreed to come visit me in Accra. I informed the police and was given two officers to help me capture the thief.

“Finally he entered Accra and came to the spot where we agreed to meet. The police were on standby and quickly apprehended him, to the glory of God! I retrieved my phone back!

“One month later in February, I was sleeping in my room with my windows opened. On the window sill, I had the Anointing Sticker and my Anointing Water is always besides me on my bed.

“A thief put his hand through my window and picked up the SAME phone! By 2am, I woke up and couldn’t find my phone, so I rushed out to the balcony. To my shock, I met someone paralysed sitting by my window with my phone in his pocket! He couldn’t run away after stealing the phone! I retrieved my phone and handed him over to the police.

“Truly, God’s power works through the Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker! I wanted to sell the phone but I made a promise that until I come to The SCOAN and give my testimony, I will not sell or give it out to anyone. EMMANUEL!”


Mrs Patricia Mphaphuli shared this testimony of a Divine rescue from the hands of criminals after she received a ‘Good Morning’ Anointing Sticker while visiting one of the families of the martyrs of faith in South Africa.

“Good morning! I am one of those who joined the groups of people who are visiting the families of the martyrs of faith. By God’s grace, I received the new ‘Good Morning’ Anointing Sticker a few days ago when we were visiting one of the families. I immediately put it inside my Samsung tablet the whole night and then later, put it inside the envelope with the certificate of the NGO which I received on the same day I was given the Anointing Sticker.

“I usually sleep with my two daughters in the same room and I would put my phones next to my pillow. Today, at around 3am, something just woke me up from a deep sleep. I found the window open and I saw the hand of a thug who had broken the window and was trying to break our burglar proof protection. I screamed and he ran away! To my surprise, when I looked at my phones, all of them were on the floor where the thief could not access them. If they had been in the normal place I keep them, they would certainly have been stolen. By God’s grace, they were all safe and my hand bag with the Anointing Sticker was on the floor untouched. I immediately ran into the sitting room to check if anything else had been stolen and when I arrived, because Emmanuel TV is always on, I heard Prophet T.B. Joshua saying, “You don’t know the power you under!” Afterwards, the song, ‘You are the mighty God, the great I Am’ was sung by the Emmanuel singers. I felt so strong in my faith and happy! Good morning! I know the power I am under as an Emmanuel TV viewer!”

We encourage you to keep praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV:


IsaiahIsaiah Nyamukapa shared a faith-building testimony about how God protected him from a horrific car accident that ordinarily would have claimed his life or left him severely injured.

Emanuel! On 28th October 2014, I was involved in a horrible car accident. I was travelling to South Africa with a friend. We left Bulawayo in Zimbabwe at 8:30pm and when we had travelled around 112km from Bulawayo, we met a herd of cattle crossing the road. I applied the emergency brakes so as to avoid running them over but the car brakes locked and I couldn’t control it. The car veered wildly to the left of the road and overturned three times in succession.

For a moment, I felt my spirit leaving my body. Incredibly, the moment the car stopped rolling and landed on its wheels, I felt my spirit return to the body. The insurance company declared the car a right off but the two of us didn’t sustain a single injury. When we looked back at the scene of the incident, we saw that at one point when the car was overturning it fell on a large rock but amazing grace saved us! By God’s grace, I always travel with an Anointing Sticker with me; I keep it in my passport. God of T.B. Joshua saved me and I was given a second chance! Thank You, Jesus Christ! Emmanuel!

A million thanks are not enough for what Jesus Christ has done for our brother. We give all the glory to God!

MY SON CAME BACK TO LIFE: Anointing Water/ Emmanuel TV Testimony

Onyinyechukwu Joy Obodoefuna, a Nigerian living in Cape Town, South Africa, shared this powerful testimony concerning the Anointing Water and Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prayers on Emmanuel TV

“I am thanking Prophet TB Joshua for allowing GOD to use him to introduce the Anointing Water to the world. On 11th January 2015, my son just collapsed in the sitting room. It all happened so suddenly. His face became white and we couldn’t feel his pulse. My husband said I should rush to get the Anointing Water. My child was already dead, lying lifeless on the floor. I quickly ministered the Anointing Water upon him. At that very moment, Prophet T.B. Joshua was busy praying in the prayer line during the live Sunday service at The SCOAN. He said, ‘Viewers all over the world, any situation you are passing through now – you are delivered!’ As the man of God said that, I saw my son open his eyes. He said, ‘Mama, I am feeling cold!’ I shouted, ‘God of Prophet TB Joshua!’ ”

What is your own situation? Join Prophet T.B. Joshua in prayer and receive your own testimony, in Jesus’ name!