Mrs Mbah Ifenyinwa Jennifer from Nigeria shares another powerful testimony of how she was miraculously delivered in a way she never expected! Once again, these testimonies are being shared to build your faith in God who can use any medium to express Himself to His people and bring them solution!

“Emmanuel! The God of T.B Joshua is too much!  On Sunday 18th April 2012, I was following the live service on Emmanuel TV. At the end of the service, the man of God said viewers should pray with him. He then prophesied that if you didn’t receive your healing and deliverance at that time, God would visit you and bring deliverance in your dreams. I said, ‘Amen!’

“That night, when I was sleeping, I saw myself and my mum in The SCOAN. It was as though we were in the midst of the service and the congregation was full. The man of God then came up to my mum and said, ‘This woman is suffering too much.’ I told him that she is my mother. He then turned to me and said that I needed deliverance because there was something in my womb. After the birth of my child in 2009, I have not been able to conceive – and I have been experiencing severe stomach pains since that time. The doctors had diagnosed an infection and prescribed some drugs.

“Prophet T.B. Joshua then prayed for me in the dream and I saw myself falling to the ground under the power of God, just as I see happening in the lives of others every day on Emmanuel TV! After the Divine deliverance, I woke up and the pains in my stomach were completely gone! The following day, I went to the hospital for a test on the infection – and the results just came out this week. Everything was negative! This is how God used the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, to heal me. Thank You, Jesus Christ!”

Mbah Ifenyinwa Jennifer, Nigeria


  1. I love every thing in scoan and I know God is faithful he is my Redeemer my deliverer and I know he will bless me the way he is blessing others I love TB Joshua he talks to me in a dream . distance isn’t a barrier God is wonderful am always at peace when I receive SCOAN blogs and other links wow its builds me gives courage and lift my faith

  2. Amen.Oe day after watching EMMANUEL TV,we sleep with my wife but then l dream of he prophet MR.T.B Joshua delivering my children and then he get in our sleeping room and me and my wife we were standing near the bed then we fall on the bed holding each other , so l told my wife and she said we are delivered.I know that is marriage deliverance and after some weeks she start to go to church and blessed for going to church after man of god prayed for us.Give me more blessings in my marriiage man of god.

    • Our god is a murvelous god. We thank. Him for our profet. T b Joshua
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  3. i dreamt that prophet tb joshua came to zambia and now before he was about to go back i decide to met him and when he saw me, he hold my hand and i fell down and let on i discovered that was free from the bad spirit in me.

      • Indeed God is wonderful we can not understand his ways unless he explain himself and this makes him the almighty. I WONDER why people don’t believe there is Jehova him all, everything exit . Those who dont believe him are loosing big time.

      • Indeed God is wonderful we can not understand his ways unless he explain himself and this makes him the almighty. I WONDER why people don’t believe there is Jehova him all, everything exit . Those who don”t believe him are loosing big time.

  4. Praise the lord,iam a zambian lady married bt had fertility health problems which medically was treated bt stil could not respond to treatment for 2 years,I even registered to visit the scoan for deliverance as I noticed it was beyond health but rather spiritual challenge,as I waited for my appointment to be approved I was blessed to hav the annoitin water which I n my husband used wit prayer of faith then had a dream of tb joshua handing over a baby to me two months leta I concieved am now blessed to b an expectant mom.GOD bless u man of God for obeying the voice of God we r blessed to hav u in our generation.

    • Glory to God for that powerful testimony. Thank you Jesus Christ!!
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  5. The most beautiful creatures on earth are those who love God and fear him…i am blessed in an encounter with him through deliverance in dreams by the prophet tb Josua… i have come to terms that I have no life if I do not settle with the lord…today I can proudly say I have found great love in his bosom. My biggest dreams are to see him return, have him open his arms for me and look at him call me his own… i am no longer chasing dreams,i am chasing J.E.S.U.S

  6. Emmanuel!The Grace of God is sufficient for us all, last night I had a vision man of GOD Prophet Tb Joshua prophesying and delivering me,i vomited a lot so that in the morning I just felt like thers something on my throat, i went to the bathroom and I vomited again, glory be to god. i am free in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

  7. Emmanuel! T b joshua also visited me in dream 26/2/2014. He told me to pray 4 my family and i started praying in the dream to an extent that i was speaking in tongues.then there was fire allover my body and something left my body and i felt as if something hit the right side of my head which made my spirit fade 4 sometime then returned. Then i woke up and the spirit of fear was not there and i had an extraordinary peace. I thank Jesus 4 the deliverance. The prophet is a true man of God. God bless him.

  8. Emmanuel, God with us sithembile is my name……
    I also received my deliverance through dream prophet t.b joshua was in my room laying his hand, praying for me very strongly
    wow halleluya . I thank you father . Thank you God I pray for prophet t.b joshua may God continue to use him ………prophet t.b joshua I love you for God has sent you for us

  9. Woww, Glory and Honor be to GOD. I have a testimony about “deliverence through dreams”… Last night, i dreamt prophete TB Joshua was teaching my familly as well as other people the Bible in my parents’ living room. After some time, the man of GOD gave us a break of 30mins. He went to his office which was at our dinning room. He was talking with 2 people. I went to see him at his office for my problem. In my Bible, i kept packets of medecines i dont know why. However, i was invited to seat and i started talking. Before i told him what exactly was my stress, he stood up and started praying on me with such power just like what we see on tv. I couldnt control myself. I tried not to fall but it was impossible. While he was praying for me, i could see him but couldnt hear him. i entered into a trance then i saw those he was shouting at. A mod of naked youths btw 20 and 30yrs bonded together. He singled them out and destroyed them all. I woke up on the floor. He said i should be given some water to drink. AMEN

    • Thank God for ur healing. These things happening(the style of healing) makes God God and almighty
      .We will never ever understand him till day he explain these things to us.

      • The power of God is awesome. What a mighty God we serve hallelujah!!
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    • To God be the Glory, yours is as if is directed to me. I thank God for your deliverance and may our God continue to use Prophet TB Joshua. Amen.

    • Remember, clear water to drink means you should feed yourself with THE WORD OF GOD to maintain that delivrance. Shalom.

  10. I need your prayers . I’m in need of a job ( me and my two sisters) . We have finished in the universities but now we need jobs and it is not nice not to have money or salaries .

    We also need God to give us husbands.

    I also pray that my babyfather must mantain his child and I want him to visit the child.

    I also need my mom on her debtd to be paid-ups.

  11. i have also expirienced deliverance through my dreams by the Man Of God TB Joshua ,i thank God for his Grace and Love

  12. Praise the Lord Jehovah is great.This makes him the Alfa and omega. To us human beings.we can not understand his ways unless he gives us the understanding through the holy spirit.Praise him again i am waiting for a day like this.

  13. Thank you Jesus for the deliverance, I claim it in Jesus mighty name, Amen. i have experienced the deliverance in my dream where i have met Prophet T.B Joshua and Wiseman Harry. I claim my deliverance in the Jesus’ name amen

  14. I was i dream this morning and i saw man of God delivering me in the dream and i hope that the deliverance will be parmanet in my real life in Jesus name and i pray for Go to continue using Emmanuel TV to help more life

  15. Generally I was passive in those days about scoan.
    I now believe very much in whatever is happening there.Even the teachings which stressing on God’s direction in everything that Christians do which as a christian I have not got it well in my spiritual journey.I hope when I meet the prophet he will help me out through the power of the holy spirit.

  16. Thank you Jesus. Yesterday night, senior prophet TB Joshua prayed for me and set me free in my dream. To God be the glory. My case is settled in Jesus name. Amen.

    • Please go at hospital in Fransis town and look for my sister who is admited in INTENSIVE CARE namely MILDRET SAUNGWEME who was operated two times please go with holy water and pray for her,my wife is also there who is a Zimbabwean.

  17. Since from last 2 week the man of God sermon has been too powerful to me it came at the right time.He once said most of us christians do not do things in the will of God and this 2 weeks he has expand it even to the extend that even we have ask God what we have wear, when to eat. CHRIST said he does not do things that his father has not approved of.We thank God For The life of the Prophet.The Key hear is how do we also wait upon the Lord before we move.

  18. Lord may this grace also speak, deliver and restore me and my family to your original purpose in Jesus name. Amen. God bless Senior Prophet T.B.Joshua and the wise men in Jesus name.Amen

  19. Please pray for my deliverance in my dream…I need a prophecy man of god. I’m on the verge of loosing my job and my financial life is just too much that I cant bear it no more…

  20. man of God have mercy on me to God!!
    I dream alway about man of God and I mist my deliverance and breakthrough.if i am not running from from the deliverance a fat woman is with black dress block my way to be deliverance and breathrough.Man of God come back in my dreams with fire in Jesus nam.or invite my to go to scoan and visit the church only in the ground of church I will feel my deliverance in Jesus name.

  21. God is everywhere even as iam reading this am getting mine own delivrance in Jesus Name Amen. Lord I belive this is my set time my hour of deliverance healing breakthrough and all God blessing in home and family / God with Us

  22. in did jesus is a miracle work,people over the world just have the faith in the prophet T.B.JOSHUA AND THE WISEMEN ,because iam healed from the anionting, water.i had been living with HIV for over 8years.i praise god for what he has done to me.

  23. Thank you Lord for all the wonderful works you do through the hand of your servant senior prophet T.B.Joshua and the wisemen. oh Lord visit my case also in Jesus matchless name.

        The prophet TBJoshua has two hands.
        The left hand and the right hand.
        He uses both hands to help himself and others.
        But he has another Hand.

        That hand is awesome and terrible.
        He call it the “RIGHT HAND OF GOD”
        Why he do not say my Right Hand?
        Who own that Hand?

        That hand belong to Jesus-Christ.
        TBJoshua allways say: THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD IS POWER !
        I stretch my Hand to viewers all over the world.

        I aknowledge that the Right Hand of God is real and very real.
        My wife was touched by the Right Hand of God from EmmnauelTV.
        As there is no where we can go from his presence.
        Regards to you all in Christ-Jesus name.

  24. The only Living Savior Lord Jesus Christ cares and loves the orphans and protects widows. So let us remember them, by putting smiles in their faces. by giving them what you cherish most. It could be money, clothes etc. If you give whole heartedly and in love. Lord Jesus Christ will bless you with more than what you have given.
    Psalm 68:5
    GOD who lives in his sacred Temple cares for the orphans and protects wisdows.

    The only Living Savior Lord Jesus Christ hears the cry of the needy. His arms are always open for them and he is ready to help them.

    Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for loving us. I adore and worship you for the rest of my life.

  25. LORD Have mercy on me, as you are delivering others please Lord do not pass me by! Delivery me from my troubled finance, employment problem, Love life, IN JESUS NAME! May i receive favour every where I Go! In JESUS Name!

    • Lord Jesus thank you for you first love us even when we do not deserve it. Thank you for this testimonies and for that which You will do in our lives. Blessed be God forever.

      • Distance is not a barrier when you are connected and have faith. Thank you Jesus my CEO!
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        • As I was praying along with my dad TB Joshua icould see that iam adestined child of GOD distance is not abarrier don’t forget to carry yur flag
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          • Amen! God let your power move may we receive more deliverance in Jesus mighty name..
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          • Yes his grace is sufficient for us this is my year am growing and still growing from this level of grory to another my testimony is nest
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          • Man of god i just want to visit to your church but i cant afford to come there my wish is that i wonder if you can visit our country here in south africa

  26. I had the same dream of deliverance last night and I believe that I am delivered distance is not a barier receive your own where ever you are. To God be Glory

    • Glory to God! Really these testimonies are boosting our faith they are so powerful. From the time I started hearing this my life in christ Jesus is no longer the same. I believe so much and my faith is now strong in the lord and in his mighty power!
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    • Amen! Some times words fail to express how God works. Man of God u r a blessing to us. May we find favour n be delivered in Jesus name.
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  27. Amen!!!!I dream alot since last year and up to now,I feel peace in my life,helping neede where i can with the little what our Jesus give praise the Lord.

    the dream what i was having on Monday night was about anointing water,I finish the original anoiting water what i send someone to buy for me and it finish everyone come and ask and use it and i use on my family and neighbour who was also operated use the anointing water and the sticker,guys JESUS IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see wonders that day,the sticker move from her hands and she hold it tired in her hands and she Ooo!where is the thing going and she hold on the sticker,many things happen that time, from the distance nothing is not possible,i wacth everyday Emmanuel tv and what happen physically here at comes from our believe in Jesus name.My anoiting water was finish i bought the mineral water stil and put it in the empty anoiting bottel and i wonder will it help I did pray on it and on monday night I was having a dream that Man of God TB.Joshua say spray the aniting water in you baby boy and on you to and wake up.EMMANUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HALLELUJA!!!!!!!!!!!PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am from Namibia,Jesus is Alive He never say goodbuye!!!!OOOoo!!!!!!!!!!!!I do not now what to say.AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Emmanuel! The lord is good, I was fasting for three days crying tothe lord for deliverance from spirits that are behind my failure to get married, setbacks and an unpleasant job. I am 34 and still unmarried, so last night I had a dream in which the man of God TB Joshua was praying for me, he laid his hand on my stomach and something that looked lyk a chicken black in colour came out thru my tummy on my left side. All this was in my dream and I believe I have been delivered!!! I was searching for answers and meaning of this dream and after reading these testimonies of people who are being healed in dreams I know I have been freed from some tormenting spirits and my breakthrough has come. Alleluyah!!! God bless this man and continue to use him to do your work and to bring the world to know you. I shall post again soon telling you all about the wonderful things that are going to take place in my life. Be blessed.

  29. God is indeed a great miracle worker!!! I know my day is also coming and soon I will be testifying to His great mercies and favors, in Jesus Mighty Name.

  30. its really true that can happen

    also happened to me, last yr July i got healed from asthma the same way; Our God is wonderful only believe

  31. Thank you lord by giving us a prophet who show the whole world direction to follow. Praise the lord

  32. What a GOD,what a prophet ,what a Power in the Name of JESUS. People of GOD, the best is yet to come,!

  33. O God as u hav healed ifeyinwa mbah in d dream so shall i see my own deliverance in jesus nam. O God tears ar goin down my eyes am confused o God pls bless me and deliver me in jesus nam. Amen

  34. Pliz Man Of God help my mother i’ve seen mamy testimonies of people being healed in their because distance is not a barrier.My mother is Ruth Chirinda a Zimbabwean she is suffering from cervical cancer pliz help her she is suffuring.I know by the power of God and faith she will be healed in the name of Jesus.THANK YOU


  36. Lord my mouth is open nomore words God you are somuch let it hapen tome dad tbjoshuA pray for am troubled inthe dreams

  37. Emmanuel! God is great.I also have chosen senior Prophet TB Joshua to be my Mentor and Father in christ and he also visits me in the dreams but I still pray to let him pronounce to me What my calling is from God because I wish to work for the SCOAN.

  38. man of god please pray for me so l can be healed. I believe God is able to heal me. Please also pray that l can get my 2year old son back. Please help me man of God! Thank you

  39. Emmanuel Emmanuel Emmanuel…… The God of Prophet T.B.Joshua is still a miracle working God. He is still in the business of settig the captives free.Thank you Jesus for using the Man of God to set this woman free. The best is yet to come.

  40. Jesus Christ never says Goodbye. Since I’ve been watching, I have peace in my mind. Prophet TB Joshua is a gift from God.
    Prophet, please can I ask a question? When will you come to Cameroon or send a wise man?

  41. i watch TV Emannual in my office, am not connected at home……..i beleive that everything is possible with God….

  42. For once any doubts in my life concerning faith in God is a thing of the past. In Kenya, Man of God we watch, pray,love and admire the works of Jesus thro’ u Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua. God indeed keeps you longest until all generations from now onwards may live to fear God. we love you.

  43. halelua!Amen real God is great today on the 14/05/2012 at around 21:30 i have seen a big miracle,God came into my life i was shocked and i didnt know what was happening i just saw myself hiting the whole body with claps,shaking hands,legs,head so fast.i say to everyone God is there and distance is not a barier indeed,i also thank the man of God T.B.Joshua and his ministries for delivering me today to God.May God give you more Amen.Miracles do happen believe it.Thank you lord for setting me free.

  44. Am inspired, God continue to bless Tb Joshua, and i can wait to have my miracle please, if he is delivering other then i believe he can deliver me too

  45. Your mighty name be praised and I pray that your mighty hand ttouch me heal me and deliver me also in the mighty name of Jesus!

  46. I would love to visit joshua but i dont have clear informetion to go true t b joshua so how can i came and visit t b joshua i just to know the details and the things i must do to came and visit t b joshua and please i need help im in pains a will be happy for you to consider my requst thank you

    • Hi,

      To visit Man of God, Prophet TB Joshua, go to the scoan website and click the icon ”visit us”, then follow the procedures.

  47. its so sad when people say bad things abt my TB JOSHUA,i believe he is a man of GOD and nothing else.i wish they can stop and pray for long life for u papa.

  48. This is how the God of Tb Joshua operates! May we worship God in truth n in spirit.. I get provkd in my spirit when I hear pipo saying bad things about the man of God becoz indeed they don’t know who Tb Joshua is. Long live papa!!!

  49. i believe in distance is not a barrier.yes is true,i prayed with Prophet TB Joshua on the first service from the beginning ,when he said,any bad habit satan has connected me to himself be disconnected.i prayed with him and ask God to disconnet was so surprisly i visited my mom, and all she ask is to go and greet a woman i fought with long time and we’re don’t talk.i remembered the prayer, i i know is GOD’s doing to make up with those i quarried with.the woman came to our store, immediately ,my mom told her”Ama came to look for u,she wanted to greet u”and that was my reconciliation with the woman. i came back to where i’m leaving and made peace with two women in my house now when we see each other we greet our seives.Emmanuel!I THANK GOD FOR THIS i’m a free person,i’m walking in the light of God.i ask Prophet TB Joshua to pray for me and deliver me totally ,Thank u JESUS.AMEN

  50. Am happy for this wonderful encounter and i believe that i wil also have my own encounter tonight in Jesus name AMEN

  51. Distance is not a barrier to god’s word, faith will always move mountains in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

  52. I believe that the Prophet T B Joshua yu have the power pliz help me , l’m Zimbabwean but l,m living in South Africa pliz help me Man of God

  53. Man of God is whom he is in physical and in dreams especially when he is a real man of God. I thank God for you Ify. May God remember me through prophet TB JOSHUA.

  54. i believe that u are going to deliver me from the spirit of the darkness of ladies i like woman too much .who ever i feel lik if i go propose love she just agree,i want this to go in the mighty name of jesus

  55. Thank God for what he did in life of Mrs. Mbah Jennifer. Emmanuel,I pray that the lord visit me in my dream and deliver me of my problem…..I know my life is a living testimony…..Hope to share my testimony with all God people….

  56. In the name of jesus christ
    I am going to bed now and I believe that my deliverance is tonight.god bless you T B joshua and partners

  57. Pastor TB Joshua u are true man of God ,myself i have problem of ladies i like them too much i want this to be over in the mighty name of the jesus christ amen.

  58. I am leaving through hardships!I am in financial contrants,having a bad husband cheats,doesnot support me financial,does things alone without sharing or discussing with me.I have developed feelings of hatred nd jealous for him!I have tried several times to kill him.I need to b delivered!

  59. glory be to GOD becoz everything in heaven and earth comes frm you waitin waiting for my own healing

  60. Praise the Lord, emmanuel. May God of T.B JOSHUA set me free and my family from the works of satan in the same way or the other He did for you.

  61. Thank you Jesus for delivering,healind and saving us you are faithful God there is no oneelse like you my God holy holy holy thank you Jesus.

  62. Please man of god i need a deliverance through my dreams. Am suffering, i need to be successful everywhere i go. Thank you man of god

  63. Pastor pray for me l nd deliverance in my life nt getting married poverty no job l beg in the name of gd pliz help lm finished.

  64. I thank the God of T B Joshua for giveing us a true Prophet! Am always dreaming watching the service, I can’t wait to get my Invite. I love T B Joshua, the Wise men, Choir, Ushers and the whole church people of God. Bea

  65. All things are possible to those that believe. Healing and deliverance is our portion in jesus mighty name……..Amen

  66. thank you jesus for a deliverence on a dream im also having the same problem but i am now delivered after reading here

  67. what can i say about Jesus? i will say jesus never fails. He is the consuming fire. Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death i will fear no evil for he is with me. his mercies endureth forever. The name of Jesus keeps me pushing and pushing because nothing is impossible with him. God is with us. Amen

    • indeed you are powerful, man of god. be blessed in the name of jesus. pray for me please to be succesful in life.

  68. Praise be to God. I also had a dream where Man of God T.B Joshua laid hands on me and i started shaking uncontrollably and then he said “you are free”. I woke up and could still feel where he touched my head. My husband and I were facing financial difficulty but ever since the dream 2 weeks ago, things have gotten better. My husband has recieved a huge contract and I have been promised increased pay with 10 months back pay by my employer. Praise the Lord for T.B Joshua!!!


  70. Emmanuel! yes indeed God is wonderful, i hv had dreams about 3 occasions hv seen Prophet T.B Joshua in my dreams and the last dream i found myself and my mum outside Synagogue church and man of God was busy preachin in the church. as we stood outside man of God came outside and starting delivering pipo. i knelt down and immediately he touched my head i fell under the power of God and started shaking uncontrollable and breathing heavily after i calmed down he started asking me how i was feeling and i told him i felt something was coming out. then i woke up. i claim my deliverance in Jesus’ name amen. whatever that has been planted in my life that is not of God be consumed by fire of holy ghost. i believe my past is over. am no longer condemened, am justified, healed and blessed. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen

  71. Have dreamed about the man of God delivering me in my dreams 3 times,i even send an email to the scoan asking for enlightment on this issue.Thank you Jesus

  72. God is wonderful! all who hope in the Lord are never shamed and those who dwel in the Lord the Lord shall dwell in them and whatever thy ask thy will receive. thank you for the mighty deliverance.

  73. Oooh Lord, make a way for me too please! I believe in you. This hard time a passing through must come to an end now in Jesus name Amen!

  74. God of Tb Joshua iz doing wonders ,i know the Lord wil dilever my family thru Emmanuel tv thank u 4 the wondeful testimony.God iz good.

  75. Our God is so Mighty through his only Prophet of our time TB Joshua .Glory be to God in the Highest Amen…

  76. Emmanuel:God of TB Joshua is big.On the 6th May 2012 i saw TB Joshua in my dream.He was praying,healing for us and i was very happy to see him in Botswana.And he prophesied about my E Mail that i sent him on the facebook.GOD IS GREATER.AMEN.

  77. God can use anything like dreams, deadman’s bones, stones, water because to His power everything is possible. I thank Jesus Christ for healing you mother Mbah. Hallelujah. Emmanuel.

  78. Praise master Jesus, for his wonderful work upon man kind. I believe one day 2 receive my miracle too as i continue 2 watch Emmanuel tv. Prophet TB Joshua i wish u heaven @ last, by allowing God 2 use u 2 touch d life of many. Emmanuel!

  79. Who realy is Tb Joshwa?
    He is a man of God like others.
    But the difference is on the facts that:TBJoshwa has been sent by God-Jesus.
    When you are sent by God,you can not go on leave or retirement.
    Tb Joswha never say he is Jesus !
    But he says:without Jesus,I will fall.
    Is this heresy?
    No this is hollyness, humbleness and humility.
    TB Joshwa travel everyday around the world.
    I saw him deliverering poeple in Norway on the street,in my dream.
    I talked to Tb Joshwa in my dream,he gave me some advice.And everything was fine.and well with me.
    TBJoshwa belong to the people around the world.
    When he says: viewers ! viewers! around the world !
    That is the moment we have been all waiting for.
    That is a very critical moment of our existence as Christians!
    That is the moment when TBJoswa travel around the world.
    To establish Jesus dominion over many regions including scandinavia.
    To create free passage for millions of prayers to ascend to God.
    To establish breakthrough atmosphere and recalibrate spiritual climate.
    To establish supernatural environment for miracle to happen.
    As peoeple around the world get delivered,demons go to hell and hell is full of demons than ever before.
    You don`t need to go to Jerusalem,
    You don`t need to travel to SCOAN
    And you don`t need the invitation letter.
    Its expensive to travel to Scoan,if your contry is very far.
    You just need to touch the screen.
    The screen is not very far,it is in front of you,
    Amen in Jesus name -God of TB joshwa.

    • To God be the Glory.Having faith is a good thing.Faith can move mountains.I really liked your comment


  81. with GOD all things are possible to he who just praying that GOD sees me thru this journey of faith that l should not depart until l receive my own deliverance. AMEN

  82. with GOD all things are possible to he who just praying that GOD sees me thru this journey of faith that l should depart until l receive my own deliverance. AMEN

  83. waaah!! God, you are indeed consuming fire, there is no one like you, aaah!! I believe our time is near for our deliverance in Jesus name. Amen.

  84. God Almighty Works in mysterious ways. Praise the Lord!! I’m Ndala Abel from South Africa yesterday the 08 May 2012 I had a dream that the Men Of God Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared to me in my dream and handed me a black bag with my name ”Abel” and some other letters written on it in white, in the bag was files and documents. I don’t know where this was but I remember an arena and as we where walking with the Men Of God he just vanished before my eyes, thereafter I found myself at my work place where I saw people getting delivered and I was walking among them. I claim my deliverance in Jesus Mighty Name. Halleluia!! My Miracle is taking place right now. I just can’t believe we are talking about deliverance through a dream right now. May God Almighty Bless every Soul following HIS WORD… Amen

  85. I thank God for this wonderful testimony,how the woman was delievered through dream. I have the same dream after watching the last month monday service-30th of April.On 1st of may i dream where wise men christopher was during deliverance to me, then fall down. The moment i fall down i woke up & told me husband the dream i had. I have the believe that all my problem is over & this month is my month of fruitful bcos i am believeing God for fruit of the womb. I pray that very impossiblity in my life shall be possible.pls man of God pray for m

  86. Thank u Lord for this wonderful miracle. I thank God for EmmanuelTV ane the life of prophet TB Joshua it has brought hope to the world and a better understanding of the word of God and that Jesus lives he never said good bye.

  87. This is so touching. Yes Jesus Christ is not limited anyhow in working for us. Our faith drives Him to do the extraordinary things we can not even imagine. Lord Jeus Christ help my faith to grow each day so I can be able to content your greatness. May the spirit of God guide me so my faith can not be shakened. Thank you Lord for this opportunity of reading other pple’s testimony for it will make my faith raised up to another level. Thank you for giving us the Man of God T.B Joshua for through him we shall all be saved, delivered and we shall have life and its abandance.

  88. thank u jesus for giving as prophet tb joshua.from the time i stated watching and praying with tb joshua my life has the almight God bless prophet tb joshua,his family and the wise men with long Jesus name.

  89. With God all things are possible.I pray that God will use the medium of dreams for us viewers all over the world! If demons are able to attack us through dreams God must also wage war through dreams! My mobile phone was attacked by lighting twice and I replaced the screen twice because I was using it to send prayer requests to SCOAN.

  90. Alabado sea el Dios que utiliza al Profeta TB Joshua por la liberación y sanación del pueblo.Yo también espero que muy pronto toque a mi familia y nos Libere y que nos de una vida lleno de amor y bendiciones.Emmanuel!.

  91. With God all things are possible,I pray that God will use the medium of dreams for us veiwers all over the world. Emmanuel!

  92. Glory be to God Almighty for my sisters healing and deliverence our God is a miracle working God indeed, Africa will be saved through our one and only Prophet TB Joshua and his Ministry may the Ministry grow so as the world could be saved.

    Brethrens please pray for me so i can remember my dreams i alway dream a deliverency process but i never remember what exactly happened


  93. oh how wonderful is our God.I too have desired the same thing to happen to me.May it be so,AMEN.lOVE YOU TB JOSHUA AND SCOAN.

  94. ” For God may speak in one way, or in another, yet Man does not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of The night…..” Job 33: 14,15
    I thank God, how he gives you this wisdom & understanding through His Spirit!!!!
    Praise The Lord for The Man of God T.B. Joshua.

  95. God is with us indeed,an my faith is lifted up in a very strong way.god promise to see us through I believ soon is my turn for total delieverence cause everyone need a to be delievered befor we ejoy our blessing.thank god for her healing .Emmanue..

  96. Thank you Man of God Prophet T.B.Joshua together with the wiseman for the greats that you are doing.Please Man of God help in prayer I am in serious debts.I am heavly laden and I believe that with God it is possible.Amen

  97. Thank you Man of God Prophet T.B.Joshua for the great works that you are doing together with the Wisemen.Please Man of God help in prayer I have serious debts that worrying me day and night.I am heavly laden and I believe that with God it is possible.Amen.

  98. What a mighty God we serve. Since i have seen man of God senior prophet T.B Joshua and wise man Harry in my dream i will equally be delivered in my dream too in Jesus name Amen.

  99. **Singing: What can I say unto the Lord? All i want to say is THANK YOU LORD!!!** Emmanuel! Let’s trust in God friends. There is nothing that he cannot do (everything is possible to him). I have been worried about my future (and my exams) and have kept asking God for His will for me here on earth. And Glory be to God, i dreamt of Prophet T B Joshua telling me that i should not be worried about anything and that my life is in His hands. Through the dream I also got to know my final undergraduate grades (before I even started the exam) :D. Also that same day, a church member said he had a message for me: Proverbs 3:5-6 and Joshua 1:8-9. From that day, I know that God has a plan for me and I know He has a plan for you too (yes, you who is reading this). Plans to prosper. We just need to be patient and believe/trust him fully!! Thank you God!

  100. He is a living God and the man of God T B Joshua,yu are doing signs and wonders to the nation so i am waiting also for my testimony in jesus’ name

  101. I wish Prophet T.B Joshua could also visit my family in our dreames and deliver us from all demonic bondages and generational curses in Jesus Name.

  102. As am going 2sleep rght nw, GOD wll surely deliver me, HE wll bless me, HE’ll heal me nd HE’ll speak 2me in my dreams 2nght amen.

  103. Synagogue got a leaving God. Lord i wanna thank you for the life of T.B. Josua. Protect and annoint him more in Jesus name.

  104. Wal thats faith,Realy the man of God is true and I beleave Im also going to testify my own mirracle one day.But my real wish is to visit him in Nigeria.I know by faith my problems wil be over!so can I write my problem here so that you PRAY for me?

  105. This is a good post it has given me hope in whatever I am going through now. Glory be to God for given us (people) like emmanuel t.v team . You are really help people may God blessed you all . Amen

  106. Halelujah!!!glory be to God.I just pray that it happens to me as well.I believe it will because if it could happen to her,it would happen to me as well by the power of the holy ghost..

  107. Amen, God is great! Similar thing happened to me on Sunday 06 May 2012, as i was watching the first service lying on my couch, i dnt know what happened but felt asleep right there and in this dream i was at church, full of people, the Man of God approached me and prayed for me, while praying for me something came inside me, fell down and when i try to open my eyes, i could’nt see anything but only a red cloth, the Man of God prayed for me again but this time when i open my eyes everything was clear and delivered then i woke up. Thank you Jesus

  108. infact the GOD of PROPHET TB JOSHUA is really too much, what a miracle?MAY THE NAME OF THE LORD BE MAGNIFIED.I wish among all things that,the GOD OF TB JOSHUA WILL VISIT MY FAMILY THIS WEEK IN A MIRACLOUS MANNER,AMEN

  109. Man of God am down another doctor says am aregic another one says its asithma i hav all medicines about thise but nothing is changing but one thing i know God never fail and i know that he wil give me another job because after i wrote that am jobless it took only few days then i find it and i thank God for that but i was not comfortable with it so man of God please i need your prayer am safering with this desease

  110. Indeed, thats the Lord of mercy & 4giveness. Man of God, may u pray 4 those who r bzy catstigating ur teaching. God shud open their spiritual eyes & ears 2recogniz the truth of God. Many milaculously are happening n my life, I ask God 2 keep me strong with faith n Him. This is the time 2 walk with Him & praise Him always Amen.


    You can use any medium to manifest your love.

    My faith has been lifted up very very very high.


  112. Thank you Father. You are Big. There is nothing you cannot do. You are always there. You are not limited by space or distance. There is no barrier for my God. He is able to do anything anytime anywhere. He is God.

  113. Thanks b 2God. Samething happened 2 me in march. I recieved my healing and deliverarnce through dreams wen d man of God prayed for me Distance indeed is nt a barie Glory b 2 Jesus .

  114. God of TB Joshua is my God and I am also waiting for my deliverance and restoration in Jesus’name. Amen. Distance is not a barrier.

  115. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. I also dremt the man of God Prophet TB Joshua giving me annointing stickers on the 4th of May. And i was asking Holy Ghost books from him.

  116. What a marvelous miracle, indeed God can use any media to deliver us. The God of Prophet TB Joshua is Almighty. Dear God visit me in my dreams.

  117. Emmanuel.I am really uplifted by a rebroadcast of broken homes & reconciliation,where a sister who was acusing her mother of witchcraft suddenly saw thicksmoke and Jesus Christ gushing out blood from nailed hands and toes.Above there was a banner written “Ancient of days,It is finished” She saw it physically on the Alter in Synagogue.Jesus is alive!Am really touched and hope one day will be priviledged to be in Synagogue .

  118. Wow indeed distance is not a barrier,God can heal through the screen of television, I trust God & I know He will touch me too. Mrs Mbah keep praising God. Emmanuel.

  119. truly with GOD there is no barrier.for his presence in our lives breaks all barriers.,for HE says in his word out ur stomach shall flow rivers of living waters,for the experience you had is just a comfirmation of that prophecy.To GOD BE ALL THE GLORY.

  120. I thnk God 4 prophet TB Joshua coz on the 6May I missed the service with TB Joshua bt on the 7th early in the morning I dreamed abt the Man of God the dream was very long bt I remember whn he (prophet TB Joshua) called me between the multitude he asked if I were married I answered y sir he said all is wel although I dnt remember his asual words he spoke bt I knw tht this year is my year 2 Scoan nothing wil hinder me in Jesus Name I long 2 step my foot in the holy land (SCOAN)

  121. I had a dream few months ago,i was talking with man of God prophet TB Joshua about my problems and he smiled at me and walk away but im not giving up I believe one day i will talk to him in person.Emannuel.

    • Is it possible for me to talk to man God,Phrophet TB Joshua if so please provide with his number please!!!

  122. Amen to our God,I put faith unto you Lord,you deserve all the Glory pray that when we sleep pls God protect us with your blood!!

  123. I jus want 2 salute u man of God Prophet TB Joshua 4 accepting e grace of God,to make our souls Jesus Mighty Name! Amen

  124. Praise the living JESUS!man of God,plz pra for me ,i wud like to know Gods opinion about my marital life.i dont know the mind of my partner afraid.also every area of my life.Thank you’and may the Lord continue his work at the scoan.

  125. What a Mighty God! What a wonderful testimony. I will worsip You for ever O God. Take all the glory Lord Jesus Christ for Your wonderfull works. Thank you Phrophet TB Joshua for your answer to God´s calling. May God continue to use you in a wonderfull way even to Prophesy to us Viewers! Thanks to you Wise Men. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Amen!

  126. God of TB Joshua is my God . I claim the healing in jesus name. Thank you Jesus for healing her. O Lord Heal me too

  127. i thank God for the prophet.i am also believing him for miracles in my life.the testimonies are really lifting and inspiring christian life is growing on a daily basis because of God ‘s word through prophet T.B Joshua.May God continually blesses him.

  128. Amen, Lord, you so powerful, you are not limited in any way, please continue visiting your people through the most powerful man of God Prophet T.B, Joshua, may you increase his number of years so that he can deliver this world from the hands of satan, we have suffered to much. Lord, look upon me with mercy for I am suffering. Amen

    • Surely distance is not a barrier now.
      But distance was a barrier before.
      But about now !
      No need for visa.
      No need for airticket.
      No need to travel.
      Embassies will close.
      Nobody will apply for visa to travel.
      Distance was a barrier before.
      But now there is no more barrier and barriers.
      All barriers are broken and doors are open.
      My prison is open !
      What about yours?
      My destiny is released !
      What about yours ?
      The devil is frustrated and annoyed.
      Whatever chains satan used to connect viewers around the world to himself are broken !
      In the mighty name of Jesus-Christ God of TBJoshua !

      Distance is no longer a barrier !
      Distance was a barrier before but not now.
      TBjoshua,servant of the Ancient Of Days touched mys sister.
      Iam in Norway,My sister is in Canada and TBJoshua in Lagos.
      My sister in Canada just touched the screen.
      She was heat by fire and started vomiting just in front of her TV.
      She vomited all satanic substances in her system.
      Her blood pressure sickness is gone and she now free!
      Free from blood pressure.
      Free from fear to die.

      Many thanks to Jesus-Christ.
      Many thanks to TBJ,the servant of the Ancient of Days.

  129. All things are possible with God..Glory to His name.I always pray to have the opportunity to see the man of God live.

    • Shallooommm !
      Is there anyone who can tell us who is TBJoshua?
      Is there anyone who can define who is TJoshua ?
      Is there anyone who can explain who realy is TBJoshua?
      Is there anyone around the world who can describe who is this man in the Synagogue?
      Is there anyone who can reveal to the people around the world the true identity of TBJoshua?

      But do not tell me that he is just a prophet !
      We all know about it.
      And all demons knows about it and they tremble.
      All powers in the six regions of underworld knows about it and trembles.
      All powers in the marine kingdoms knows about it and trembles.

      What we know is that he was send by God !
      TBJoshua is not just a prophet !
      He is more than that !
      He is more than just a prophet !
      But who is he realy?
      For how long is TBJoshua going to hang us in the air?
      Can he tell us who is he realy?
      He can not just say ” I am a prophet”
      But he is more than that !

      What can we say,
      When the blind sees,the cripled stand and walk.
      The sick recover health,the barren woman have babies.
      The jobbles find jobbs and promotion.
      The cursed poeple get delivered.
      Broken families are reconcilled,and poor are feed.
      Poor student get scholarship.
      But who is this man?
      What is the secret beyond his humbleness?.
      We all do not know everything about this man.
      But what we know is that: he is the Servant of the Ancient of Days.
      We are still waiting until himself reveal his divine nature.
      And regards in Christ-Jesus.

  130. Thank u jesus by the deliverance through the dream, man of god I thank the lord by giving us the humble father like u.I want to thank the wise men with the wonderful work they doing in the emmanuel church of all nation god bless them. I want to sing this song for u ( the is no one like u) this is the south african song man of god deliver my house hold in jesus name. Emmanuel!!!!!!!!! Jesus is alive through the man of god snr tb joshua amen!!!!!! And amen,

    • Let today 24 june 2012 be remembered.
      I leave in scandinavia,in the north pole of Norway.
      I was again delivered through dream by the man of God TBJoshua.
      But How?
      I the dream I saw myself in a congregation where TBJ was giving a word of exhortation about his own mother.
      I was seated and listening to him.
      He just came,he gave his hand and,greeted me.
      He asked to pray.
      I started praying and praying and praying.
      But he was listening to my prayer and started correcting my prayer.
      He corrected my prayer.
      He amplified it.
      He equalized it.
      He removed what was not good in my prayer.
      He told me to pray for my family and my education as well.
      As he was going to attend to other poeple i started manifesting in the dream.
      How and why?
      I was feeling like an amazing and awasome power pulled me from the chair and casted me down as I was manifesting.

      Let Today be remembered here in Scandinavia ! !
      Let Jesus-Christ continue to stand with the man of God TBJoshua.
      Shallooooom in Christ-the-King !!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Awesome. What a wonderful God we serve.God of TB Joshua we thank you for everything, because you are all we need. Nothing to cry about anymore. Our God is Love and He cares for us and is merciful. To God be the Glory Amen

  132. I put al my troubles and wories to u my Lord.u know how to sort everything.,and I believe dat yo timing is the best.

  133. The God of Prophet T.B Joshua is my God, I experince something that was great in my life using the antioning water dat my father brought from the synagouge church of all nation. When I was going to write my Jamb dis yr i took the antioning water along with me. When i got to the exams hall. I prayed with it. I say the God of Prophet T.B Joshua let me score above 230. When the result was out, to God be thy glory I score 240. I have neva score it 4 my life once. I want the man of God to pray for me seriously in my forth coming post jamb dat i should score above 50. My problem is dat when i read, i don’t understand what i read.

  134. Haleluiah! What a God we have to worship? What a future lays before us? The God of TB Joshua you are too much! We will overcome in Jesus name! and we will sleep like babies because He continuously watches over us and fight for us! AMEN!!

  135. if i cld hv a chance to come 2 scoan i would grabe it with two hands,me iv found it had to belive in pastors or profets but now i belive in 1,i thank God for that.please i neeb a favour from scoan,my mother just turned wild several years ago and its getting worse by each day,im only 23 and im now taking care of 5 kids my brothers a sisters,i have tried some places but no results.please help my mom,i olso need help but if u help my mom u wil not only change my life,DISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER A WITH GOD NOTHING IS IMPOSIBLE!plz plz plz

  136. God is there,as long as we believe,we have faith, all works out.I believe he’s going to use me,i have faith in that! Am a great creation!

  137. praise the lord,next time is my turn iam realy want man of God to deliver me and my family.father i thank you for miracle happen each and everyday in the whole world,connect with us and Man of God Prophetic T.B.Josua blessed him more and more in Jesus Christ name Amen.

  138. Same applied 2 me gt delvred thru a dream,God wl alwys b gr8.thnk u so much man of God 4 bein wt us in evry stp of de way

  139. ℓ̊ thank God Fø̲̣̣я̅ want He did in τ̣̣ђё life ☀̤̣̈̇f that sister. ℓ̊ pray that God will also bless M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ †̥ .

  140. Recently one of my facebook friend criticised Prophet TB Joshua, it got to me so much and he said that one had to qoute from scripture s in the bible to Justify that He really was a Man Of God.Honestly I was touched knowing that He is one of the greatest Prophets of our time.At that time I could not find a scripture that was convincing bt amazingly I encountered a great manifestation I close my eyes and saw a man who just said2 kings 8:10 n as I read. Elisha prophecied the death of Ben-Hadad king of Aram just like the Man of God did.I Then posted it on facebook that friend has nt as yet said anything bad about the Prophet..How I love the Man Of God…Emmanuel

    • Criticism build and destroy people reputaion.
      Reputation must be protected and guarded.
      It take time to build a strong reputation.
      When someones rfeputation is attacked,man must defend it.
      Because reputation give respect.
      People has the right to criticise the man of Jesus-TBJoshwa.
      From these critics we can read what is in they mind so that we can offer to help them.
      But if there is no critics at all,then its also dangerous.
      People has to throw stones to a tree that bear fruits.
      If TBJoshwa was not a man of God, no body could criticise him.
      We welcome the critics and we do not need to be offended by these critics.
      TBJoshwa has got strong antibodies agains critics,he is not reational to critics.
      But some poeple suffers and are very disturbed in their mind when they hear people criticising the prophet.
      We should avoid to be TBJoshwa lawyers.
      His lawyer is Jesus-Christ.
      But let us pray for one thing:May God continue to blind them so that we can get the Grace.
      When they will open the eyes it will be too late.
      Shalloooomm in Christ-the Savoir.

      • true to this,while critics are busy working to spoil what is of God,we will be a mile away full of the blessings of the Lord.May the work of prophet T.B Joshua and Emmanuel TV Leave more and reach the four corners of the entire world in spreading the true gospel and enlinghting the Christians the way of good living.Amen.

  141. Praise the Lord, I will be glad if I can also be delivered in my dream in Jesus name, Jenifer is so blessed in Jesus name.

  142. I thank the man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua. I want the man of God to pray 4 me, am writing post ume next month so dat i can pass very well. I also thank God for using Prophet T.B Joshua for reveling the problems of people. I enjoy it very well on sunday.

  143. Praise be to the Lord God Almighty, WOW Truly God can use any channel to heal and deliver people, al we have to do is believe and Trust him with our Lives!! We thank God for mrs Mbah

  144. Amen and Amen, thank you Lord. Thank you Lord for your man Servant. God of TB Joshua interseede for me at my place of work

  145. Wow!So amazing,lam speechless!Glory be to the God of Prophet TB Joshua,who knows no limits,indeed,distance is not a barrier!

  146. Oh my God! Thank you my Jesus. God of T.B Joshua will continue to be my God. I love u Jesus. May you be praised in my life forever.

  147. Hallelujah! Praise God! Distance is really not a barrier, all we need is the necessary faith. Glory be to the God of TB Joshua!

  148. To God Be The Glory…God is alive…Thank You God for all the miracles that we see happening thru the Man Of God TB Joshua..He Is Alive..Amen..

  149. Praise God, the God of TB JOSHUA is so real let’s praise the Lord for His healing power. Thank you Jesus thank u Lord

  150. Thank u my sister that u been delivered & u believed Distance is not barrier man of God i wish u long life to still deliver us i need deliverance am always following your prayers & also believe distance is not barrier thank you

  151. Thank you Jesus is wonderfu deliverance ,God remember me and remenber family your powerful hand touch us,distance is not a barrier ,thank u TB Joshua

  152. Man of God TB Joshua pray for my delieverence nd bless me wit a career job,Lord Jesus open my heart to ur faith,word guide me into da ryt path strengthen teachings of ur word,I put my family brng luv nd peace to us all nd use us as ur servants in our daily lifes in Jesus’s name I pray Amen

  153. Halelluja,praise the name of Jesus,He is the kings of kings,the Lords of Lords.He is so faithful everyday and everynight.Glory be to God.

  154. I’m the next, just waiting for my own deliverance. Thank you God, because you are the same yerstady, today and forever.

  155. Thank You Lord of T.B Joshua for serving her. I am also delivered in dreaming. I meet prophet T.B Joshua and in other incidences the Wiseman. The visit by these spiritual servants is a blessing. Thank You Jesus Christ of Nazareth. ‘MY MIRACLE IS ON THE WAY’. Emmanuel! Amen.

  156. Hallelujah, the power of God..! what a mighty God we serve..! I love you Jesus. wow…! wow…! wow…! Lord you are worthy to be praised.

  157. Bravo, to our Lord Jesus Christ the saviour of humanity. They say, Gods time is the best,that is it. Jesus visits and rescue His children in any form. Yours is through His anointed servant, Prophet TB Joshua. Good news indeed. I wish to be in your shoes, Praise the Lord; Hallellujah, Amen…Amen…Amen.

  158. Glory be to GOD,it’s the lord doing ,OH the miracle working GOD I call upon your holy name use any medium through your able servant prophet TB JOSHUA and set me free in JESUS holy name amen

  159. Thank God for that testimony, God is faithful and powerful ,he works in the way we can not understand.

  160. Amen,Amen without His precent were will we be.Jesus is alive distance is not a barrie.I watch also day and night and i see lots of wonder of Jesus Emmanuel Halleluja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. Thank you Jesus for the healing.God will indeed use any medium to heal His people.Thank you Father.You are so faithful.THANK YOU LORD

  162. We serve a faithful God, how I love my Jesus. His Grace is sufficient. We love you Lord and we bless your name

  163. I am a single mom and I’m also unmarried and I need yr prayers coz I want a job and I’ve been applying.

  164. i am a 2 3 years old lady from swaziland,last week tuesday i was also delivered through a dream by the man of God Pastor TB the dream there was a man who kept on following me everywhere i went so the pastor appeared to me and told me that man was a ghost following me to ruin any love relationship i get into…so the pastor prayed for me and emmediatly the man vanished…Glory be to God

  165. The God of Prophet TB Joshua is a living God. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and fore ever. I thank God for Emmanuel Tv and for Prophet TB Joshua and the Wisemen.

  166. I wish to happen to me i tried to find help to go there but nothing goes on my way i believe if i dream about that place i wil be healed imdiately

  167. man of God, I really want to come to ur church but am in Ghana and a student who dosent have money to make it.
    Pls when are you comin to Ghana ????????

  168. God is good all the times,those who don’t believe that he is alive they are wasting their times. Free deliverance,healing,brealthrough comes from the Lord not from doctors and inyangas. Mrs Mbah Jesus Christ heals and doctors only treat. Thank you father of prophet T. B Joshua for always being on our side. Emmanuel

  169. halleluya, praise the Lord…. This very morning, in my dream also, i saw myself and my wife in SCOAN and man of God praying for me…. It is few hours ago when i shared the dream to my wife…. I also fell down under the annointing……. I praise the Lord for what he has done in the life of Mrs. Mbah Jennifer. Emmanuel

    • Believe a lot has been changed in your life, your past is over. some of us that are lucky to have EmmanuelTV are really under the shadow of the almighty. Thank you JESUS.

      • Emmanuel! I also got my deliverance through dream. Prophet TB Joshua prayed for me in the dream. The very moment he placed his hand on my fore head, I felt numb the whole of my body. At the same time, there was thunder and lightening from the sky. And I fell down. From this day, spiritual husband is gone! Spirit of snakes gone!Night mares gone! Thank You Jesus!!! Thank you Emmanuel TV! Thank you Prophet TB Joshua

        • This God is awesome I have never seen! May I receive the same deliverance in Jesus’ mighty name.
          Sent from my Blackberry® SmartPhone on MTN Zambia

          • God is great manofGod thank you am especting my miracle amtired of sufering
            Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone powered by Airtel Malawi.

        • God of TB Joshua you are my baba ooo! You are a blessing to us.
          Sent from my Blackberry® SmartPhone on MTN Zambia

  170. Emmanuel ! Emmanuel ! Yes i believe God delivers through dreams, all he requires of us is faith ! Haleluia !

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