This blog is all about proclaiming a message that so desperately needs to be heard, telling a story that we will never tire in telling, building a bridge that we will never stop building, making a connection in all the broken places in broken lives and broken relationships. Believing in Christ Jesus – that is our connection and that is the answer to all human dilemma. The message of Emmanuel TV brings pardon where there is injury, faith where there is doubt and hope where there is despair. Get connected!



  1. God our Lord help the servant of God and the Wise men at SCOAN to live longer.I am so great full for the testimonies given by people everyday.Of which I see on Emmanuel TV every day . As it is my second time of my Prayer Request and my visit request which Iam looking forward a reply knowing one day it will be me giving my testimonies in Jesus’s name God has set my day of coming to SCOAN .At the same time requesting for an opportunity to have the following midiums The Anointing Water,Anointing Stickers4,SCOAN Wrist Bands6 for my six children,DVD of Prophet TB Joshua ,Mirror book from the SCOAN God I need these precious items so desparetly to rescue my family problems I need God’s tauch now

    • My apology I forgot to put my adress for Midiums I requested Sostine Mudavanhu 219Amity Street APTI ,Elizaberth,New Jersey,07202 USA phone number 0091084690520 And 009184251310

  2. Man of God I’m having problems with my finances,I’m a single mother,a breadwinner,I’m struggling to make ends meets for my family,I need your prayers and your anointing water,Man of God I really need a break through in my life.Regards:Simphiwe Dlamini(South Africa-Gauteng)

  3. M Sello Finger from South Africa.I need a prayer for my fiance Merriam Mokheseng to come back to me pls.Pastor.Amen.

  4. Man of God pls I need ur prayers. I really need the hand of God in my life nd dat of my family and friends. Hilady kamara 4rm Sierra Leone based in germany am having document issues here in germany pls help me.

  5. Pls l need healing for my son, he has sickle cell disease, i know through the man of God, he will be healed. Amen

  6. Man of God we need your prayers,i married my wife 3yr ago and we dont have any child becouse when ever my wife is pregnant it last for 3-4 month(miss carry)it has happen for 3 times and the last time happen on the 1st Janualy this yr.second i need freedom in my family becouse sometimes we start qualering from no where and even she refuse to pray when i told her to pray so please Man of God i need healing,breakthrough and deliverancy.im always washing Emmanuel tv seeing people being delivered and i believe the same God can deliver me and my wife.

  7. i m cathrine from south africa realy distance is not a barrier i was suffering from hypertension for the past fiveten years i was used to collect medicine once per month until last year when i was hear about annointing water and make means to have that annointing water when i have that annointing be hold my story change i anoit my self when my praying for healing then as i had to go to collect my medicine my doctor first check me and said your hp is normal let me give you ten days you must came back for other checkup and then i did as he said going for checkup so he was surprised when he find out that my hp was normal from that day i m permanet healed from hypertation im living a normal life praise the lord for his mercy and delivering me from that sickness may god bless tb joshua for what got uses him through the medium of annoiting water emmanuel

  8. The work The Good Lord is doing now thru Snr.Prophet(Prof)T.B.Joshua is in. keeping with His promise to shorten d time before His 2nd coming whereby d gospel is now reaching every nook & corner of d earth for a witness against unbelievers on judgment day.

  9. I am Tshephang Majahi in Botswana.pray for mother she is very sick,we are stil young we dnt want to lose her.our dad is no longer in life,since mi father passed away we are suffering.life is not easy pliz man of god help mi mother to raise up from her sick bed

  10. I am Tshephang Majahi in Botswana.Man of God please help me i have some pains in my womb and a lamp in my breast.Pray for me please so that i can be healed,i dont have money to go to nigeria.mi mother is sick too im afraid she can leave us soon

  11. I am Tshephang Majahi in Botswana.Man of God please help me i have some pains in my womb and a lamp in my breast.Pray for me please so that i can be healed

  12. I thank God for my life and d life of my family

  13. It is true that everything go well with faith.But i will be glad if prophet TB Joshua can visit my community name Owhelogbo in Delta state, Nigeria to make every one lively again.

  14. Man of the most high GOD, may almighty God bless. TB Joshua help , am a lady aged 22 years old, my problem is I dnt hear properly both sides of my ears! Am in zambia I realy want. The Annoiting water. Where get it here in zambia? Because I dnt access to come ( nigeria!

  15. I really thank God almighty for a true man of God like u ( SENIOR PROPHET T.B JOSHUA) u have really changed my life .

  16. We are blessed about you papa,we thank the Lord for you.

  17. Emmanuel! God with us and if God be with us, nobody, no power willever be against us. I want to thank God for what he is doing through the man of God prophet T.B Joshua, the wise men and Emmanuel tv. I also want to thank God for his mercy upon my life and family. May all glory be to God in Jesus name. Amen Please man of God i believe that distance is not a barrier, i want you to pray for me and my family members for deliverance, breakthrough, protection and God’s blessing. I uses to eat in dream, have sex in dream, find myself in a strange places like water or bush. Sometime see death people, when i woke up i see marks in my body. It give me worries, and my famly things is not moving well, my father have been sick for years now, wicked relatives are after us, they want to kill us to collect our home but am beliving Jesus Christ who have using you setting people free to interven and set me and my family free in Jesus name. Amen

  18. Merci seigneur pr tout ce qu’il fait pr cette nation et pour le monde entier

  19. I am a South African and I only heard of The man of God today fro m a friend, bt the excitement and joy within made me to visit the site. I feel shaky even now having read the testimonies especially the message and statement by the man of God that distance is not the barrier, i have come to a point of no return. My breakthrough is now. Amen

  20. I only heard of The man of God today fro m a friend, bt the excitement and joy within made me to visit the site. I feel shaky even now having read the testimonies especially the message and statement by the man of God that distance is not the barrier, i have come to a point of no return. My breakthrough is now. Amen

  21. prophet tb joshua is a humble and true man of God.i have seen wonders on emmanuel tv and i believe Go of tb joshua will one day will intervene in my life

  22. To me senior Prophet T.B.Joshua &His 5 wisemen and all what is happening there at SCOAN give me more questions un answered to understand the will of GOD upon my life.This is due to dreams I always have since the year 2007.My request therefore is to ask any wise man to call or send me his phone number or email add.This may not be the normal proceder,but please help me I don’t have a passpot& i am again failing to raise partinership amount I true beleive a berrire to my request.Iam from MALAWI

  23. Good day
    Please I still nead your prayers my life is fool of problems I cannot take it any more.Only God can made an difrent.Please pray for me.

  24. Sobongile from limpopo :Man of god .Prophet Tb Joshu please pray for me .I need a job . God protect u for us .

  25. My God have mercy on us

  26. my God deliver me and my family.I am doing my last grade at a secondary school in my country Zambia. Iam asking to man of God prophet TB Joshua and the wise to pray for me so that imay pass my examination.

  27. We thank God 4 T B Joshua and Tv Emmanuel,God bless you in Jesus Christ name

  28. Ephesians 6:16 At all times carry faith as a shield for with it you will be able to put out all the burning arrow short by the evil one.

    If you have faith and love Almighty GOD they will become a huge shield that defend you from being harmed spiritually and emotionally. Mantain faith and love all the time. Because faith owners Jesus Christ most. Jesus Christ owners faith most and GOD is love.

  29. we love yu man of god and yo team.thank you fo the deliverance yu dd to us.the anointing water thank yu lord

  30. D Lord has been usin d man of God prophet TB JOSHUA 2 perform miraclous things in lyf of so many people which i have watched on d sreen pls and pls i and my mum wil lik 2 be ur gust

  31. I Thanks God so much for Emmanuel TV and SCOAN, for changing my life. i was a bedwetter but throuhg the medium of the Anointing Water i was Deliver from bedwetting am now free THANKS YOU JESUS

  32. May god be with us all

  33. In jesus name prayer for me man of God I want to free. From all dimonic power from dimonic dreams and food in dreams. I want to give my life to jesus to User me to washop hem pls prayer me to be free from all the satenic power in thi world in jesus name

  34. Greetings am happy coz distance is not a barrier I receive my answer to my prayer from those who testify & I believe this is my year I shall testify thank you prophat tb joshua

  35. God is everything in my life im a believer pray for i need joy email me

  36. I was blessed wen l heard n saw dat distance is nt a barrier thank yu man of God n Emmanuel tv

  37. I am so blessed with emmanuel tv. i am asking the man of God to come to Tanzania we love you and we want to see you. God bless you

  38. What a powerful message by the prophet.we many profess faith but deny it in action.empty professions of faith will do us no good.

  39. Please am traped under lots of DEBTS amounting to P130 000+ hv no life to live,help me please man of God

  40. Pls i want God 2 help me 2 open a door in 2 my life. 2 do he is work

    • With God nothing i mean nothing is impossible shalom

      Liciusme———- Sent via Nokia Email

  41. Thank you God, am healed in 2moths ago the docter told me l had 2 fibroid that needs operation & l say no God will remove all that problem.I pray to God with Emmanuel tv & l beleave that God will heal me. Today l went to hospitay for scanning the docter say he dont se any problem. Praise the load am healed

  42. May God continue 2 bless nd use u in Jesus name. Sir pls hw can I get d anointing water?

  43. Since I started to watch Emmanuel tv things started to change in my life I love the channel it is a blessing to me

  44. i thank God for using emmanuel tv to change many peoples lives and i bealive distance is not abarrier for to be blessed!

  45. I love Emmanuel Tv so much,I can’t do without watching Emmauel Tv,God bless you Prophet TB for bringing the gospel of the lord in this way.thank you so much.

  46. I hve heard how the love and power of God is working to the maltitude arround the world through the man of God.You gve hpe to many.May you pray for me and my family,i am 41 but still not married,moving from one woman to another.Not finacial stable always lacking fanancies to live a decent life.I love my Lord Jesus,but my life is so empty.As i speak as of now the woman i am about to merry is hving miscarriages and we hve decided to juss prevent,hping that oneday God will touch us.I hve faith that were ever you are man of God,your prayers can change my life.

  47. Wow,,father Joshua.before getting to know about father Joshua,my life was a mess,attacks,spiritual husband attacking.But to my supprise now my life has changed fot the bettet to the best as he always says,”The best is yet to come”.whenever I have attacks in my sleep,he would appear in my dreams en deliver me through prayer.I’ve been praying for a husband,not long I’ve been approached.there are so many breakthroughs in my family.Everyone is glued to Emmanuel TV,its unbelievable.
    My life has changed in a good way,no more spiritual husband,though I’m still praying for grace to visit Scoan,I know the God of father Joshua will anable me me to step in Nigeria.Love u daddy Joshua.You are dearly loved in my neighbourhood.

  48. Greeting
    M lynette Ndyumbu Cape Town South Africa I’ve been trying DSTV setting for myself and it’s not working it is really stressing me cause I would love to see Pastor TB joshua live please help!
    My Email is nzukien@webmail.co.za to help me with setting
    Thank you

  49. Emmanuel distance is not barrier I want thank prophet tb joshua his wise man and scoan god made great thing in my life I am a good friend of emmanuel tv I am nolonger having a friend I have a new friend who completely change my life from glory to glory emmanuel tv change my life to the point were even my self I dont understand my self because I am nolonger director of my life but jesus is the one I enjoy every second of my life even if there is challanges there is no stress because tb joshua told me that I live in the world but I dont belong to the world even every hardship that he came across when it comes to me I know that they came to keep me to a new level of life or to streaghten my desire for god thank you jesus by giving us an mentor he also deliver me in dream glory to the highest

  50. Is true that Distance is not barrier because if you watch emmanuel tv and do what ever man of god ask you to do, touch screen and pray along with him you will enjoy full of blessing in your life and breakthrough it all happen to my life and i enjoy watching and listening to the man of god 24/7 distance is not barrier it all need faith

  51. M in South Africa and I wl like to come to scoan one day,but I can afford.please man of God pray for me so that I get money to fly there and receive annoiting water

  52. I heard about TBJoshua by my sister I had no access to view on my TV but what my sister told me makes me to decide to write my request to the man of God to pray for me and my family firstly for financial breakthrough to all my family members also for my illness I have hypertension that is uncontrollable and also to be debt free . I am encouraged by distance is not a barrier in Jesus name . I am in South Africa

  53. Man of God you are a blessing to us may you live long life.God is realy using u to save lives, devil is in trouble!

  54. I promise to. Came to scoan in month of november i am having serious problem with my wife in the house that mick me not come as plan pray for me

  55. Man of god pray for me

  56. i belive that Jesus is alive the reason why i belive that Jesus is alive is that He has done great things for me.Praise God amen

  57. Jesus is great and He has done good things for me.Praise God Amen

  58. Am blessed truely

  59. My faith is stired up i know my mother will recover in hospital in Jesus name He is still the healer an deliver thank God i read the testimonis here truly what is impossible wth man is possible with God

  60. Through it all God is my pillar. I thank God for Prophet TB JOSHUA. God saved me from car accident, because i had an anoited sticker with me. I ve learn a lot in teaching, and preaching of the man of God. Thank u, for passing ur knowledge, and skills to the wisemen and to us who are watching emmanuel tv. May God bless u.

  61. i need prayers im tired of this suffering ,dissapointments in my life.and can u send me the sticker and annointing water.

  62. i need prayers im tired of this suffering ,dissapointments in my life.

  63. my name is charles omary from Tanzania am asking for anoiting water .how could i get it my sister is sick from goiter

  64. Please pray for me and my family for deliverance and break through.

  65. Man of god plis pray for me to recieve jesus in my lyf and b healed in the name o jesus

  66. Psalms 89:4 Blessed are those who dwell in your house they are ever praising you.
    Lord Jesus Christ what amazing grace you have for those who seek for you whole heartedly, who wants to do your will and obey your commands.

  67. please man of God pray 4 me,am havin difficulties when am studyin but wil be writing my exams soon,why should it always be failing.piease help me.

  68. I had like tthank God throughProphet TB Joshua for the deliverance .I. praise His Almighty foing. Let the Glory of God lead in the healing of the sick. Let the lord bless the Prophet.I received Christ through the internet and thence forth on phone in Malawi the Sunday 26thaugust,2012 at around 10am.Am a born again Christian. AAm God bless you Prophet. I will communicate more in the name of. the Lord.Amen.davie phiri, karonga Malawi. Distance isn’t a barrier indeed. Amen

    I would liketo thank the lord through Prophet TB Joshua for what happened to me on Sunday the 26thAugust,2012. at10am..I was desperate for forgiveness and mercy on my sins that had been so numerous infidel, unforgiving heart , depressive moods felt the presence of the. HOL that enli

    I would like to tha

  69. pls man of god im stil waiting anoiting water its three weeks now .thank you.

  70. Everytime when things get worse the mighty one is always there for me. Thank Lord for ur mercy!

  71. i believe in the power of jesus christ that is manifested at scoan thru the servant of God Prophet TB Joshua. I have many afflications and the devil is tormenting me i have the fol dieases hiv hepatitis and hypertension. i cant afford a trip to scoan but i know distance is not a barrier how can i get the anointing water and i would lyk to visit scoan one day am a soldier in zimbabwe pliz man of God help me my wife left me am stressed. my fon 00263777692852. sometyms the email wil be down.

  72. My helper

  73. Please pray for my employment

  74. pls man of God,iav done several abortions and i dnt wat 2 do it again,iam 29yrs old,waiting for d right man 2 come so dat we do our church wedding bt all 2 no avail an d now iam pregnant and man say i shd abort bt i dnt 2 do dat, pls help me so dat we wl do d wedding ds year.iam frm kano state.

  75. Hello Man of God I was introduced to Emmanuel Tv by a child hood friend of mine but choose to ignore it,but I decided to follow it now and truly you’re a Wonderful Man of God TB joshua,I would like you to pray for My fiance Paul Obakozuwa his finding it hard to get a Job anywere his in lagos Nigeria and I’m in Zambia and we are in so much debt Man of God please pray for us so that things may get better,My number is +260962179622 please Man of God stay blessed.

  76. thanks be to God 4 using the man of God prof T B Joshua 2 deliver his poeple through the power of the holy spirit, and 4 so many things that he has been diong 2 aload of poeple all over the worid may God bless him and continior 2 give him the power 2 help people all over the world. I also need your prayer cos i have been marred 4 2yrs now but we yet 2 have a chirld last year my wife was operated 4 a case of fhybrod althoug shis ok now. But we are still strusting 4 the blessing of the woom. Pls man of God we need your prayers 4 God 2 see us through God bless.

  77. Friends in Christ Jesus l am desperately in need of your prayers.I am afraid to face life on my own,thus affecting my relationship with God,whenever l think about my situation it weighs me down.

  78. Hi
    Can you kindly send me the tv settings for Emmanuel Tv,if possible for other contries as well eg Mozambique,Swaziland,Zambia and Malawi.

    I would really appreciate it.
    Getting a sticker will be a Bonus.

  79. I’m waiting for deliverance I know God had plans. But now man of God satan is after my flesh kids wife and God is our shield the spirits of the dead is around us help man of God.

  80. May the fire of the holy ghost touch the lives of people all over the world:),may we abide to God lyk branches on a vine,no matter what situation God is power & wil strengthen us

  81. Glory be to god i need to get this sticker

  82. emmanuel

  83. I realy facing allegations of rape i didn’ do ths pliz help me.my lyf is abt to end.

  84. Plz I need help some thing use 2 say on ears rap ur child rap ur child!plz help!

  85. pray 4 me man of God pls

  86. Thank you Emmanuel TV for your continuous rebroadcast of prayer healing and deliverance. I was watching a rebroadcast of the testimony of Mrs Appolonia E who was healed from watching a girl in a car who was healed when Prophet TB Joshua prayed for her leg.This morning my right ankle muscle was suddenly painful and I was not walking well.While I was watching Emmanuel TV at 1.35am while watching Prophet TB Joshua praying for the girls to move I started to move my ankle left to right just like the girl’s leg then I stood up also moving my ankle, the pain has gone! Praise Jesus, distance is not a barrier.I’m believing fir more breakthroughs in my life and the life of my family.Please continue to rebroadcast fruit of the womb testimonies for our breakthrough, thank you, Shabbat Shalom!

  87. I need the god of prophet tb joshuo bless me becau for nine years now no child

  88. I have marital problems but my husband doesnt believe in God’s miracles how do I go about it.

  89. i thank GOD for this wonderful gift


  91. Man of God pray for my sickness diabetes metillius,may God deliver my famiy and assist me on the 28th for my case to the DDPR distance is not a barrier in J esus name

  92. Distance is not a barrier I am asking to the man of God and Wise man to pray for me and my family for our deliverance and then God help me during my case to be held on the 28th june to DDPR for my salary ,and then God keep my new job and heals me from my chronic deasese diabetes metillius in Jesus name

  93. Distance is not a barrier I strongly believe thai I got delivrance and my family in jesus name

  94. I luv u prophet TB Joshua and d wisemen may God protect u and more grace ahead,Happy Birthday God bless you and your family.Mr Bello solomon

  95. I prey god to bless me

  96. Man of God,God bless so much you have done alot to this nation not only the nation the world at large,may God bless you man of God.you have tranfrom so many life from this network.my father in the lord pls sir i need to deliver me from d spirit of masturbation,anytime i masturbate i ask God for forgives but i still do it again plsssss man of God deliver me.masturbation is what is drawing the youth backward

  97. I want prayer guildline to strengthen my faith in lord bcuz i know i am a sinner

  98. emmanuel tv is too much.u are too much tb joshua.ilove watching your liveprogramme.


  100. amen prophets iwix god can makes my dreams becomes true 2pass grade 11dis yr ,emmanuel tv changed my life .evin if things s gettin hard.ithank god 4 evrithin distance is not a barrier

  101. pls man God I want you to for me concerning bad dream in night and our state Adamawa and my exams I started emmanuel God is wit us

  102. I thank prophet t b joshua for what had be doing around d world by change life,thank u sir and increase grace do more!love u sir and I am blessed because u came

  103. Im touched by this testimony. Lord when u help others help me also.

  104. I would like to thank the man of god for changing my life spiritually.through his teachings bout prayer,deliverances,trials etc i have grown spiritually and have learnt to forgive,to be obedient,mercyful and above all worship god with faith..may god continue to bless you and your family

  105. Man of God please pray for me for breakthrough in my life.My life is stagnant

  106. emmanuel glory be to God prophet TB JOSHUA may pray 4 me thngs ar hard at times l fil tht l must die thng ar hard 4 me l graduated faild to get a job man of God assit w prayers

  107. I believe God will deliver also to my problem

  108. I believe God can deliver me where ever I am

  109. Papa tb joshua pls pray for my family to grow.


  111. I’m from South Africa & I’ve had alot about The Man of God & I was hoping if i join in,I am going to receive my healing, I am short eye sight and my short sightness is affecting my academicall success because I can not see clearly at the black board at school…

  112. TB Joshua your a realy man of god. Please if it is possible pray for me and my family. Thanks

  113. GoD has trully use prophet TB joshua to bless the life of so many people, may GoD continue to reward for your love over the nation!

  114. my faith has been lifted up since i gave my life to jesus two yrs ago. I beleive in d word of God & agree that jesus His son died for me. Man od God pls pray 4 me. Hav bn diabetic 4 12 yrs & hav visited scoan abt 4 times but am still waiting 4 God’s annoiting 4 permanent healing. I believe jesus took my desieas/sickness so, i cannot hav them. Pls join ur faith with mine 4 restoration, in the name of christ jessu. Amen.

    • Remember in your prayers always, daddy.

  115. Emmanuel,God with your.Have being having addmission problem from 2003 to date and till 2day,things still remind the same.my hope is in you lord.Remember me in prayer.

  116. Pray for me becos of exam n my school for me to successed my education. Danks

  117. I need prayer for my boyfriend he drinks alot,and he does not support the baby.

  118. Emanuel tv is a blessing to my life n my family,changes our life.we thank GOD with man of GOD the whole world we know GOD n understand the bible better cos of u and your diciple.let the mighty GOD give u more years to live.amen

  119. God is able to do all things, i return all thanks to him

  120. Man of God continue the work of God. Am very touched by the testimonies from different people. Praise the Lord.

  121. Eversince I sarted watching emman tv it has brought great confidence towards God and my faith groomed

  122. I enjoy d inspirational messages on d emmanuel tv. My tv screen remains my contact points. God continue 2 enrich d ministry cos is really changin our lives and d nations.

  123. When I here the word Distance is not a barrier my heart is filled with Joy from above Thank u Jesus.

  124. Praise GOD!! Looking forward for more of HIS POWER.

  125. may d good God help us 2 belive him,gives us testimonies of our mise rable lives. Tnk u Great God.

  126. I thank God for always reminding me that nothing is too hard for him. Im waiting for my Audi A3 now in Jesus Name and glory be to GOD.

  127. What is written is written, thank God 4 sending another Elijah in in our time.


  129. I thank god for healing the small boy by using the man of god to heal him my prayer is that god should use the man of god to stop my husband for drinking and to make his faith to be lifed hi

  130. Man of God i love the good works, miracle and the prophecies GOD is bringing to pass through you please keep it up GOD bless you.

  131. Praise God,even a little child got his healing,I am praying that God wii heal me from Myasthenia Gravis.

  132. We are having airtel and massa games this week and i need you man of God to pray for our school so that we should win this games,Man of God please pray for our team.I’m a gaolkeeper,pray for me also so that i should be selected and save my team well.I belive we will win this games.Thank you Man of God

  133. We are having airtel and massa games this week and i need you man of God to prey for our school so that we should win this games,Man of God please prey for our team.I’m a gaolkeeper,prey for me also so that i should be selected.I belive we will win this games.Thank you Man of God

  134. Please pray on my behalf man of god TB joshua

    Dear lord, I come before you in ur holy name. Lord I ask you to have mercy on me an my family and continue to seek favour through you eyes. Lord you have taken away the breadwinner of my home (my dad) and left us wit poverty, challenges and lonliness. As a family we weep everyday for you to come an manifest in our lifes and intervene in our home. God please don’t punish us any longer and realease our future, breakthrough, careers, devine protection and blessing. You are the only living god I’ll bow before and I’ll continue to strengthen my faith in you. So I beg u 2 unleash all chains that my enemies have tied against me and my family and stopped us from receiving our prosperity and deliver us from evil. Wipe our tears away and continue prophecy in our lifes through your creation the man of god TB joshau. I thank you for everything and declare my evalsting love for you, I know where there’s a will there is a way

    From the Karlito family (South Africa)

  135. I want to visit SCOAN please please please and help me pray for my family. HIV

  136. We bless God for emmanuel tv and for the life of prophet T .B Joshua, God is indeed with us and its evident !

  137. my mother has been encouraged that distance is not a barrier &she believes ,so neither do i.praise e lord.

  138. All glory be to God the most high.keep the ball rolling,your rewards await you!.

  139. May the man of God ,do the good work to a place of reward in Jesus name.


  141. Thank you Sir, for being a blessing to this generation, May God continue to increase you in Wisdom, Knowledge, Strenght, Spiritually, Financially and Physically. To God be all the Glory.

  142. I love pastor TB Joshua ministries and i have sent in my prayer requests cos i want to share my own testionies too.

  143. I love Jesus

  144. I wish i can fly to b in scoan just to worship God wth Prophet TB Josh

  145. Surely distance is not a barrier i just got healed by reading the testimonies of other people

  146. Praise be to God.indeed this channel has changed many lives,Nations,World and still changes because Jesus is the same yesterday,today and forever in Jesus’ name.Amen

  147. I like to ask prayers from you,my problem is I’m smoking snuff I have tried so many times to stop but is so difficult to do it so I’m asking for prayers from you.I’m a believer I’m praying everyday but nothing is happening sometimes I’m praying with a Pastor T.B.Joshua through T.V.I’m in S.A,please help me.Another thing is my oldest daughter has changed she is so stubborn & is for the first time she fails I’m worried we always pray but I suspect something is wrong with her,please help me Man of God

  148. Man of God help me am not on period for one year and some months and i can’t conceive ,am in marriage for 5 years without a child man of God help me i knw distance is not barrier.God bless you.

  149. Pls Man of God help me.I hv bn expriencing continuous 9tmare dat tour my joy away and it make me cry. I always dreamt were i gave birth and bought red meat in my dreams evry month and after dis dreams d next morning i wil hv a misscarriage.plz help me my prophet,i wnt 2 conceive a son and i dnt wnt 2 b operated again.i nid delivrance and breakthrough in my family.

  150. I love emmanuel so mush it help me pray all time

  151. I am a student,and i want you to pray for me cos i’m in a relationship my parents dont want and it hard for me to leave it and thing are not working out for me pls pray for me cos i no with it i will be saved.

  152. Greetings people of God, I know that distance is not a barrier, since am a regular viewer of Emmanuel tv, am only asking for anointing stickers, how can I recieve or where can get them. Am a Zambian

  153. Wen are u coming to Zambia as we can’t afford to come we need healing break through n deliverance or send us the anointin water

  154. I would like to be your Guest tomorrow 15th of April

  155. Kudos to the good works of faith in Christ Jesus

  156. I ve got sickness in my body i always feel dizzy always and i think i hve problem with my wife it seems as i ve got spritual wife so man pray for me and i need breakthrough i want to come it pains me when im Watching Emmanuel i alwayz ask myself how did i go to Lagos bcoz i dnt passport, money so pray for breakthru i want get money for passport and visa im barren also with wife i do belive That God is Masterhealer Amen.

  157. Thanks be to the lord for the good job u are doing.I am asking if you can pray for me and my family so that good things may start happening and live a happy life,plz man of God pray for my womb so that i can hav kids, in Gods power i belive good thing will happen in my life

  158. i am very happy to hear about man of god, because last year i email my prayer request about the subject that give me problems i have passed . Now my daughter have problems she want the job since last month please pray for her. Her name is matau.i know god will give her a job in jesus name

  159. Man of God pls pray for my sis mrs Blessing for a child dis year 2012. Married 4 3years now. I believe distance is not a barrier.

  160. Our God is incomparable there is nor lik him.


  162. I ws encouraged when l sw and heard distance is nt a barrier.

  163. God is good

  164. We are serving a living God indeed!!

  165. I love TB Joshua because God uses him greatly. Now I am going through financial hardship. I need large amount of money to import equipment and grow bags from China to grow mushrooms as business. I NEED THE GREATMAN OF GOD TO ASSIST. May be to send me annointing water. I have no money to come to Nigeria. But anything that the great man of God says that I do I will obey.Assist please. Thanks in advance. Felix Kulapani- Malawi

  166. man of god i am so graced with everything you are ministering,its truely godly may the holly ghost continue giving you power so that millions will know god and will be saved.as for me i really need deliverance in every part of my life because everything is stagnant right now.glory be to the almighty amen.

  167. Please paster may u pls prey for me. Ihave been woking as anurse for 1o years and applyinng. For futher studies but always I got regred for reply. And now I have develop diabet which DR can not trays pls Prey for me paster. So that the spirit of dark ness may live me

  168. man of God as unemployed as i am with financial difficulties ….i have been praying for breakthrough in my life believing that it will be done in Jesus’s name.distance is not a barrier and now i want to go to scoan for the anointing water,sticker and the touch of the holy spirit

  169. Thank you Jesus For Your Love.

  170. I have been a regular viewer of Emmanuel tv for five years now and i have seen alot of things happen at S.C.O.A.N. Lives are transformed, hopes are restored, broken hearts are mended, the less privilege shown great magnitude of love. This is exactly what the scriptures teaches, You have also gone further to give aids to the muslim communities in Northern Nigeria, this has proven your love for humanity and how you want people to co-exist despite religion. May God continue to use you to restore peace and tranquillity in Nigeria and the World in General. Thank you S.C.O.A.N, WELLDONE!

  171. I realy see the power of god,how can i get the annoiting water or sticker am from SA

  172. can my personal details be removed for public viewing please ?

  173. I desparately need God in my family and may his will be done Amen

  174. Its my prayer tht the lord which do these miracles should one day tourch my life…..amen!

  175. Tb Joshua,Wise men and the Emanuel team thank u.l 4nd the prayer lines last month when l was baren 4 6yrs in my mariage and now lm a month pregnant l thank yo God.please my husband is a pastor and he is full of lust if he prays 4 a woman who has been left by her husband or who has a mariage problem he ends up having sexual relations with them please pray 4 me its one problem after another send me anointing water with anyone from South Africa here is my number 0027797855083 if l can just spray him even when he is sleeping or his food l know he will be delivered.please l beg you let the favour and mercy of Jesus speak 4 me!

  176. I want 2 b a frnd 4 a man of good.so dt lif will b change.

  177. I need to be delived from the the spirit of Tauiling, Disapoitiment , Illness, Failing in school Exams , plese man of God l need deliverance from porvet in Jesus name . I am from zimbabwe . Even my young brother he is sick for the past 14 years now is steel ill his name is Norest chimhoga plese we need deliverance in Jesus name.

  178. This kind of Anoiting in T.B. Joshua is never seen, is the highest consantration of God’s power. Like Elishah to Prophet Eliyah, give me double portion of your spirit i pray. This is the book of Joel 2:28 Acts 2:1- I love you. Truely GOD is with you. Emmanuel!!!




  182. Man of God,i need to visit the church tht has been my dream.plz make my dream come true.God bless

  183. pls dady i hv ben sayin d wonderful work dat God as ben useing u 2 do in life of peplo God wil always b wit u 4 ever.Daddy i hv ben working as contrator 4 d past 5yrs wit chevron escravos pls daddy i ned a pemanet job as one of dare staff, pls daddy ur prayer in my marrage an my lovely wife bisnes.God bles u daddy an ur ministry.

  184. god bless t.b joshua in jesus name.amen

  185. Yes indeed distance is no barrier. Watching emmanuel tv in my house and following the sunday service its like am inside the synagogue. We might have no resources 2 travel but by faith nothing is impossible with God. Only if i can recieve just 1 bottle not even two because i know the Power that is in the anointing water. God Bless Profet TB Joshua and all Emmanuel Team and Partners.

  186. SCOAN and Emmanuel TV have become the biggest wonder in the world. Nothing has ever been so popular. Really God is saying alot through Prophet T.B. Joshua. I believe the Synagogue will keep spreading its influence to mankind world over. Thank you Jesus.


  188. Pls man of God help me i hav pains al over my body

  189. Man of God pls help me i have pains allover my body

  190. Man of God…. I hav my total faith in my Jesus Christ… I want Him to be my everythng…. He knws my needs so pliz Man of God deriver me and help me to pray to the Lord Our God…

  191. Emmanuel t.v has realy change my life,my level of faith in God and everything.Thank you. I would like to ask,is no any video of the prayer with the Snr. Prophet T.B Joshua.? I would love to have or an mp3 that i can download.? I realy want it.God Bless You.Emmanuel.!

  192. T.B Joshua name makes good thing to happens. In 2009 De,.12 my younger brother got married, on 20th nemesis happend that ought to have languish us in the jail yard but God turned the mess to glory. On the Dec, 15th that same month goods were bought and send to the Orphanage Zoomer memorial home at Irrua, Edo State, with the help of a good sister in the States. On Dec., 20th my brother was barbbing a young boy in the proccess the boy slept off n never wake. The mother to d child is a withness to d calamity, with immediate effect we dashed into d woman’s car heading to Irrual specialist Hospital. On our way praying for God to intertervain in a moment my phone wrang to know it was Sister in d States, hearing noise b4 she ask a question I have said it said it all n Her mission was to informed me that She got d Orphans goods bought pictures I scanned to her n she quickly said God shall see us through call me latter. With this I remember what T.B Joshua said that d prayer of orphans is like fire. I quickly layed my hand on the boy chest and prophesy on that word of prophet, God of T.B J to restore the breath of the boy. Instant restoration happed, till we ge to d emergecy unit it seemed nothing happens and joy in our heart. A doctor cross examination was the boy is very healthy, they manage to make them stay for a night and there was never proble. The follow day d mother to d child called me to be asisting them in prayers, that God of Joshua she will serve 4ever and I minister annointed water onto hes for d savation of her soul. Emmanuel !!!

  193. I want 2 be great and useful 2 god man of god pray 4 me i like 2 be ur frnd

  194. Thank you man of God for what you are doing for the world please I need the Anointing water

  195. My name is ali mercy from ebonyi state.i always watch emmanuel tv and i like everything.i want u to direct me hw to come to scoan and i wil like to be your guest if i come bc i have never being in lagos befor.pls help me.

  196. Emmanuel! I thank u man of God and the scoan , 4 the gud work God is directing you to do. Now i understand God well , i c God in u. My family& me needs the annointing water 4 deliverance in all life’s problems.may God reveal himself more to u so as the pple’s problems might b solved in Jesus name.AMEN.

  197. I tank God for emmuel tv my faith is build more each time i wach.



  200. Thank u emmanuel tv 4 de wonderful job u r doing inline with prophet TB JOshua. I really love the way how u help the poor pple, needy, widow & widowers including the dwarfs. May God bless u.

  201. GOD BLESS U.

  202. I am really changed by emmanuel tv especially the live services its like l am addicted to emmanuel tv l cant watch any other channels,l wish to visit scoan.may god bless you more the more man of god & the wise man.

  203. Distance is not a barrier! Thank you man of God, as this has given me the vibe to go and give the little I have to the unpriviledged and needy. Please pray for me to have strength and faith in Jesus name.

  204. profite tb Joshua the power of God allwayes with you I Thank God about you in Jesus name .
    solomon from Ethiopia .

  205. I thank GOD about profite tb joshua God is grate iwont to pray to mi all my life and my qustions
    and iwent to annointig woter send mi by this posta code in jesus name
    -solomon hargewoyen
    -deberebrehatTTC COLLAGE
    -PO /BOX 20 OR 21
    Gode blesse you.

  206. This iz good keep it up u rely changed my lyf thank u so much god bless u

  207. I would like to be there,for my deliverance,my husband divorced me and i want my marriage back. I believe God will restore everything that belonged to me.

  208. I greet you in the name our Lord Jesus Christ. Wanted to find out if there is no live service today in emmanuel tv.

  209. I am blessed to watch Emmanuel TV. Its educating, inspiring, informative and my spiritual eyes are oppened at each viewing. My faith is growing just by watching and listening to the man of GOD prophet T.B. Joshua, the Wisemen, the Praise and Worship team and all the evangelists at work in our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

  210. T.b joshua carry waka.d lord is ur strenght.

  211. I wish all d SCOAN members long life. My problem dat is bringin tears into my heart evry day is about my WAEC result. Each time I write is either held or cancel. Last yr MAY/JUN is stil Held. Becaus of 1 paper deficiency, i lost my adms. Into d Univsty. Second; My Brother had a mental problem 4 d pst 25yrs. In d dream TB JOSUA delivr him n I wnt it 2 manifest physical. THIRD; Spirit of rejectn n bad luck. LAST. Spirit of lost. I don’t Love my Husband any more. I used 2 watch Emmanuel Tv. He decided 2 lock d channel so dat I won’t ve access 2 it, because I am always saying I saw d man of God in my dream. I need anonting water n there is no way I will come 2 Lagos.Pls Pray 4 me n I need ur advice. Tnx so much may d Lorld bless u.

  212. man of God snr Prophet T.B Joshua and the wiseman at the synagogue church of all nations,u r amazing gentlemen.may God’s grace continue to dwel in u so the the world at large,and Africa in particuler may be redeemed,i thnk u so very mch fo the wonderful job.u r doing the job of e million soldiers…please continue to pray fo the nations and the world at large.

  213. I will like to visit you on scoan im not working now but i believe that God will open make the way i sow miracle happing in that church is true God is making wonders i am in South Africa

  214. Man of God prophet T.B. Joshua ha s been a source of blessing to man kind. May his annointing continue to increase in unquantifiable fold by the grace of Almighty God.

  215. am in Tanzania and I would like to come to SCOAN but I can not afford to come plz help me in any way I need to be delivered thank you

  216. Praise the Lord most High! Powerful message- the word- the greatest weapon that conquers all giants!

  217. Hapi today you pl

  218. Distance is not a barrier..please i need wise men christopher to cal me on +260976381636..i need deliverance me and my family and i also need the wise men to prey 4me that i get my job back.where i first started please call me..from zambia

  219. Emmanuel God is with us…..Thank Almighty for using everyone in the SCOAN f and TB Joshua for revealing the reality of the Holy Bible that its not merely a big book with ancient wisdom but Power of the Holy Spirit saving His people.We will wait on You Lord ….for the I will step my feet on the Arina of liberty.

  220. Thank you to emmanuel t.v ,its partners,Prophet T.B Joshua and the wiseman for all the wonderful work of God that they are doing. God bless you and keep going from strength to strength.

  221. Hello Prophet tb joshua &emmanuel tv team,im so blessed 2 b not js b a viewer bt 2 b part of u in my country zimbabwe mi relatvs& frnds knw im an immanueltv fanatic 4rm2008,u ‘r doing a great job pple of God,may God bless u,yr gospel is js so unique&so powerfl. am desperate 2 cme there 2 b taught in the way of the Lord &i knw by hs grace 1dæ i’ll testfy,i’ll b so grateful 2 b under th gracé &prophetic annointng,being under th mentorshp of the prophet as God directs thank u prophet 4 allowng God 2 use u evn 2 inspire us who ‘r young 2 serve hm in spirit &truth i min sincerity&in humility may God kip on increasng u,mi nmbr +263773494195 NICKY DANIEL FINNITY may hs grace b mo ubundant on u in js name Amen.

  222. I thank God 4 my life. The God dat do it pple like me will also do it for me in Jesus name amen.

  223. I want to book an appointment with the man of God.

  224. I have been blessed through this ministry I don’t think the way I use to think, I now forgive because I need to be forgiven. Why is it that Monday live service was not shown yesterday? May God continue to increase the annointing upon your lives in the name of Jesus amen.

  225. thank you emmanuel t.v and team,you have helped so much,thank and God be with you,in Jesus name

  226. glory be to god emmanuel tv is a transfoming change channel spritualy iam linked up with god may god keep on blessing this channel

  227. glory be to god through emmanuel tv and prayer line my father was a chain smoker for mor than 40years but after the prayer on line with the evangelist he was completly healed i myself recieved a baby boy after touching the screen thank you prophet

  228. I greet all the scoan people in the name of jesus. We want senior prophet TB Joshua to visit countries like he used to do because money is a problem there a situation that need man of god himself. Distance is not a barrier of course as it is workin wonders as it’v worked 4 me. We want more prayers from man of god as well as visitation as he is a good advicer to many nation

  229. Am blessed each and every day i watch emmanuel tv. Stay blessed

  230. I have realised that when your faith grows and u become more stronger in christ satan standz up nd get armed to fight with u.. And since i strated watching emannuel t.v and distance is not a barier my life jas changed and i have been encouraged repeadtly.

  231. am in harare zimbabwe and would like to come to the SCOAN but cannot afford to.please help me in any way. I need to be delivered. thank you.

  232. from1996 till now no peace in my life every things are not going .my mariage.my busness.my children .i live the problem to problem

  233. l hope l can conect to TB JOSHUA Plz man of can u send me and my famly same anointing water plz in jesus name plz wth any zimbabwe gv him or her my number 00263773544218 l dont know hw cn l get scoan drct

  234. Emmanuel tv has change my life

  235. Emmauel tv is changing people lives rapidly l pray that God we strengthen T.b Joshua(AMEN)

  236. Prophet T.b Joshua is a blessing to d 21century generations because of d wonderful things his doing in life of peoples. God we continue to strenghten him more in(AMEN).

  237. pray for me idream man of god at my rural area iam devoced 3wife not knowing he is maring two more wives help dedyhecolected every thiny iam staying in one room with3kid iam35yers in zimbabwe zvishavane town the lord is with yu thank yu for obeying the will of god tosave the whole world

  238. In God we trust.God has done it again when jesus was here he had dìsples now our genaration with prophet TB joshua we have wise men.children of God let us belive in da blood of jesus christ thre is power.

  239. I love your sermons so much because they make me understand the bible much better than before and I also use them in my sermons preparations. I wish you could make a blog where we can have an access to all your sermons including the wise men’s sermon. They work wonders in my life. God bless you Sir.

  240. I am glad about emanuel tv with its learnings I understand God better than before forward with TB Joshua and Emanuel tv forward God bless

  241. Since my cousin introduced me to emmanuel tv where ever i go where theres satelite i ask them to tune to emmanuel tv i love the channel prophet and wisemen pls bless u and your team we love u guys in southafrica oneday we will visit the church

  242. I ve been encouraged & lifted,truly distance is not a barrier.

  243. My spirit lifted when i had distance is a barier, i was encouraged. You are too much man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua,,may God give you more strenght and power, in Jesus name. Amen

  244. I will like to be ur guest in synag church of all nation,

    • Thanks be to the lord for the good job u are doing.I am asking if you can pray me and my family so that good things may start happening and live a happy life

    • I want thank de lord almighty 4protecting my family b4 2013 ,we hv been afflicted by de evil 1!we’ve been attacked !evn my son ws attacked by gangs bt I want 2thank de lord almighty 4hs protection!tumi ws saved cs god gv me de strenghth 2pray and cover dem with de blood of jesus christ!!I also hd bd dreams of dead people.I gv praise and honor 2de lord jesus christ 4hslove ,grace and mercy.I knw dt my past is over !no more eating,sleepng in de dreams and dreams abaut dead! De light of god is shinning in family and me!breakthrough in every areas of our life in de name of Jesus christ amen!


  246. Emmanuel TV has changed the way i view GOD and myself. Thank you. I pray that the spirit of the lord wil continue to dwell among us and strengthen us wn we become weak

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