Here is another testimony concerning the power of God working through the medium of the Anointing Sticker. There is nothing God cannot use to deliver His people!

“Emmanuel! On Saturday March 17 2012, I went for deliverance at one of our local churches. When I was going, I had the Anointing Sticker I received some time ago through a friend who came to The SCOAN. I kept the Anointing Sticker under my clothing. On the prayer line in that church, when it came for my time to be prayed for, the place where I kept the Anointing Sticker became extremely hot and began burning me. Suddenly, the evil spirit manifested! Eventually, it agreed to go out and never to come back. Before I knew it, I was on the floor and started thanking God for my deliverance!

“Under the influence of the Holy Spirit, a lot of things were revealed to me at that moment. I knew that it was the Anointing Sticker that made it possible for the Pastor to deliver me. The evil spirit which was in me was of a high authority in the evil kingdom – and it was the Anointing Sticker that made it possible for that deliverance to take place. Ever since that day, I have been sleeping well and all the pains I used to experience – both in my body and my heart – have completely gone!

“I know a lot of people have rejected Prophet T.B. Joshua but I personally acknowledge that he is a man of God and highly anointed. I am humbled at the wonderful deliverance I received. Thank You, Jesus!”

Perepelitza Mayenge


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  2. People of God beware of fraudsters in this page !!!

    Scoan never send out sticker,anointing water to people via DHL courier service ,ask someone who are going to scoan to collect it for you and it’s free,do not place any order through email,tel,Internet,beware of scams do not be the next victim.

  3. Fraudsters ,impostors with fake adverts,fake email address ,people of God scoan never send out the anointing water,sticker to people via DHL courier services also never requested questions.
    Ask someone who are going to scoan to collect for you,do not ordering via email,tel,Internet.
    Be vigilant ,do not be the next victim !!!!

  4. You have been conned,scoan never send out the anointing water,sticker to people via DHL courier services !! and scoan would never changes you such huge sums for that,it’s free,free.
    Any items from scoan is not for ordering via email,tel,Internet.
    Scoan email,address:
    Be vigilant next time,even those reading….

  5. My deliverance goes like this, im sneez a snuff so many years, oneday i stay at home to watch tv emmanuel, i hear man of GOD TB JOSHUA, i want to pray with some one addictet to some thing, toucth the screen i want to pray, from that day i never take asnuff anymore, thank GOD.

  6. Emmanuel. to God be the glory. I want to tell the world that the Lord Jesus Christ is still alive. He was sent into the world and the world knew him not. Come our generation, he once again SENT Prophet t.b. joshua into the world dose not believe him. But many us that dose not believe now has a lohg way to go. My dear brother AND sisters all over the world god is as close as to you and i in the scoan. You like or not, God is here. I went to scoan on 9/9/12, i had never knew that God can lay his hands on m

  7. Who else can set the captive free besides the Son of the Most High GOD who reigns in the heavens above. To GOD be the glory and congratulations to our friend who was delivered through the medium of the Anointing Water. The Lord is with you indeed.

  8. We us a family sufèring for 19years no job,no food,my mother have cancel and i have 1 disorder brother.I am a contractor with valid paper suffer i need tenders from department of roads.Please pray for me and my poor family we believe in Jesus and your prayers service.We need Jesus in our life please.

  9. Hello Prophet T. B. Joshua,
    My name is Roszalia Smith, I live in the USA, a friend of mine who live in Africa, told me about you, and what God is doing in your life, to heal others. I have just been diagnose with malignment breast cancel, and the doctors here are talking about removing my left breast through surgery on May 28th, 2013. Man of God, I do not want this surgery, I believe in God, and the healing power he bestows upon us, but right now hearing this for the first time my faith got a little shaken, and I’m asking for your prayers and the prayer of healing so when I go for this surgery, God will remove this cancel, and my body will return to normal. I’m here in Texas at the MB Anderson treatment center. I pray that this message reach you in time.

    Roszalia Smith

    • All these advertisements for items are false, nothing is send via mails,please go to genuine facebook page and get correct info.ALL THESE PEOPLE ASKING FOR MONEY ARE FRAUDSTARS..PLEASE DON’T DEPOSIT YOUR MONEY IN ANY ACCOUNT FOR ANY OF SCOAN PRODUCTS…..WRONG PROCEDURE…!!!!!!!

  10. Psalm 56:10. In GOD whose word I praise in the Lord whose word I praise. (Praise the Almighty GOD for his Living Word he gave us so that we know more about him, so that we know what to do and know what to follow and what he requires from us. So that there will be no excuse that he did not inform you about him. Praise him and trust his Living Word and beilive it. In his word there is life.

    • Thanky for the testmony you shared with me. I always thank the Lord for the wonderful work he is doing in our time. May I let you know again that I am in need of the anointing water and the anointing sticker, but I don’t know how to get it.
      Dawit C. Ghichila

  11. Emmanuel!!
    First of all I thank God for the wonderful work he is doing through Prophet Tb Joshua and his colleagues. Let me also thank you Prophet Tb Joshua and all who joined him in his glorious ministry. Let me again ask you how I can get the anointing water and the anointing sticker. I believe that God can do any miracle without any media. And I equally believe that God can use any media to do miracles. So, please help me get them.
    Dawit C. Ghichila

    • Fraudsters,scoan never send out the anointing water,sticker to people via DHL courier service,all advertisement items are false.
      Ask someone who are going scoan to collect it for you,it’s free,free.
      Be vigilant,do not be the next victim

  12. i need a better job where i will be paid according to my qualification. i am the only person who is a breas winner and so i need this job to help in paying school fees for my other brothers. i also need a prayer for my brother as he is in jail for theft; may the Lord change his life to be a better person.

  13. Man of God me want to win competitions,finacial problems big house,better life,marriage relationship, want baby,wisdom,my sister financial & housing problems,my brother isolated from families,apply for tenders nothing happen,my daughter jobless.Pls. help me,MAN OF GOD.FROM A.M.G.

    • I am struggling to get through the phones to confirm the booking for a visit to SCOAN after filling in the form last week. Could there be a problem with the lines? This is my third attempt in the last 12 months to make an online booking but failing to be confirmed through the phone. Alternatively, can I get Holy water and sticker through your nearest offices down here in Southern Africa, if any? A visit by one of the Wiseman to any country in Southern Africa will be a great favour for us. By mere ‘touching his garment’ we will be healed! Amen!

      • Scoan never send out anointing water,sticker to people,and man of God orthe wise man never communicated with people via Internet,tel.
        Ask someone who are going scoan to collect it for you and it’s free.
        About visiting scoan,it say after filling a form you have to wait for the confirmation of your invitation through your email,not via tel !! and so many around the world have been waiting for months,years for the confirmation.


    • I concur with Joseph that there a many who cannot manage to visit SCOAN but they are yearning just to at least have the stickers so that by faith they can be healed. Allow those Friends of TB Joshua in various countries to supply those in dire need the stickers for deliverance

      • Scoan team never send out sticker to people via DHL courier,ask someone who are going to scoan to collect it for you.
        Note man of God or the wise man never communicated with people via face book,tel.

    • Fraudsters with fake advertisement ,fake email to con innoncent people people,scoan never send out sticker to people via DHL courier,you are a thief people of God be away from con man.

  15. I’m a 24years old lady living at south africa an also wanna get delivered through the powerful man of GOD mr TB JOSHUA may GOD have messy on my soul an my family’s especially my little brother an me we have problems an always become sick please man of GOD send us anything tat can help even if it can be a msg from you we know we can be healed AMEN GLORY 2 GOD

  16. Hossana in the Highest you said if anyone, including the honorable people in authority, acknowledges that Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of GOD. GOD lives in him and he in GOD. and so we know and rely on the love Almighty GOD has for us. GOD is love whoever lives in love lives in GOD and GOD in him.
    1 John 4:21 And he has given us this command whoever loves GOD must also love his brother.

  17. Day name is Dakalo frm South Africa, i need anoniting oil, and may you pls pray with me, i am seriously need a child with all my heart , i consult to different doctors they said my problem is my hormone in imbalance, pray with me man of God,hope that God will provide what i want in the name of the almighty Jesus, Amen

  18. TB Joshua is a true man of God and I will always listen to what He says to the world because I love Him.. Please Prophet I will be glad if you pray for the Lord to deliver me because I need deliverance in my life. i love Jesus I love God

  19. I am James. My son Immanuel Naveen age 14 years is in bed. He can not sit stand walk nor speak. He gets jerks one kind of fits. Doctors say it is mentally retarded. At 6 month old he was normal and at 7 month due to wrong injection he get jerks and cataractg formed in both the eyes. I believe in our Lord Jesus Christ can cure and make him normal through Pastor T.B.Joshua. Hence I am sending this prayer request. Please do pray for my son master.Immanuel Naveen and make his a normal child. Thank you. Praise Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  20. Im ipressed the way the anointing stickers of Prophet T.B.Joshua are doing miracles of God and im having the faith on the,how can i get the anointing stickerBotswana.

  21. please help I feel so neglected when people are there presenting their testimonies.I really need all the stickers and the anointing water but were to find them is a problem. Andrew frm Zambia.

  22. emmanuel! ijust want to thank God for His unfailing love and His abundant grace for what He is able to do. With God nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. My husband was involved in a terrible accident which almost took his life.during the accident the car was rolling the moment he said Jesus save me! the car instantly stopped was extensively damaged but he came out of it without a scratchor even a drop of blood and that when we realised how the power of God can work and this has given us the more reason to worship Him. our prayer is that we worship Him in truth andin spirit and never to backslide because what He has done in our lives is beyond measure.I LOVE THE LORD VERY MUCH WITH ALL MY HEART,SOUL AND SPIRIT.Our prayer request is for break through in our careers,business and financial breakthroough

  23. Pple of god i need help my case is biggr than me,cn you plz kindly send me a sticker and anointng water for deliverance,my adres is 705 golden crest cnr lilly and abel joburg southafrica,you are my only hope,help me help me help me plz,even suportng me financialy so that i can come to the scoan for healing

  24. I would like you man of God to send me anointing car sticker, so that i can put on my vehicle. I really believe in the distance is not a barrier.

  25. I always carry the anointing water on me anywhere I go and I encounter vehicular accident twice of which I survived all without injuries. I pray to the Lord Jesus to deliver me from all Amen

  26. Hi my name is Ella from South Africa I need anointing stickers of Prophet TB Joshua I do’nt know how can I get it I believe in God’s miracle. Emmanuel!!!!!!!

  27. God is revealing himself again as said in the holy bible,leaving all stones turned upside down and the devil frustrated causing more confusion among all people.this is a sign that the days of lucifer has been number christians be aware that kingdom is near!emmanuel!!!!

  28. Thank you Jesus for deliverance . I pray to my almighty God please Jesus Christ deliver me. Nothing is impossible to your name. Amen.

  29. Sir,am samuel osho a student of university of maiduguri borno state north west of nigeria,sir what i need is financial help 4 my school program i study information technology as a diplomal curse am in my year two nw bt d finance is my problem nw and laptop also cause of my curse,we deals with programming sir…pls sir help me and God bless u sir.

  30. Sir,i need over every spirit of stagnation nd spirit of retrogression.nd over my visa God sud stand on his world raise finance 4 me.nd over my school i need a scholarship sir.i studies information technology as a diplomal curse in maiduguri university mean unimaid borno state north west of fees is a problem 4 me sir.and a laptop cause of my curse which i studies sir,i need ur help.

  31. In the past i do hold my penis to dicharge in the birthroom and on my bed when the evil spirit come upon me. Even without a woman be with me i dicharge always. I became tired i can not help my self. I text as a prayer request to SCOAN PRAYER WARRIORS to day Iam delivered and set free. God Bless SCOAN WORKERS, WISEMEN AND MY MENTOR PROPHET TB JOSHUA

  32. Greetingings in Christ Jesus,i need theannointing sticker from the Man of God prophety TBJoshua.Iam in Zambia i and my family desperately need deliverance.

  33. Emanuel..God with us.

    Thank you Jesus, Thank you Man of God Prophet TB JOSHUA. Emanuel Tv has been a gate way for me to meet the prophet and get the real message from God.

    Glory be to God.

  34. IT gives me a previlage to stumble on this website today, me and my wife have been crying under pains of abject poverty,dreaded diseases of hiv, huge indebtedness and dejections. while longing to have access to this greated man of God,Prohet TB JOSHUA. may God almighty in heaven keep bleesing you,preserve you and silence your distractors for ever in jesus name. we believe to recieve our diverse miracles from today as we get in contact with you. amen, Emmanuel.

  35. Praise the Lord Jesus. The Anointing Sticker has done it again. Our God will meet all our needs according to his glorious riches. Amen

  36. Praise his name, when the sticker was revealed that sunday, my college and i printed one from the internet, i place one infront of the main door at our house and one in my bedroom. it has work wonders since then, having a peaceful sleep and peace in our house, a few days ago i have recorded a prayer from on of the shows on my cellphone from the internet and from that day it has worked wonders, when a miracle happen i pray with him and to GOD. thanking for the blessing that im receiving

  37. Thanks be to God almighty.I want u to deliver me and my family from any evil spirit. Pls I want de anointing water n sticker.How can I get it am in Ghana.

  38. Am passing throu a difficult time, am worried and helpless. But as surely as the GOD of tb joshua who helped u lives, will solve the problem am facing in Jesus christ name Amen.

  39. To God be the glory. May God continue to bless snr.Prophet TB Joshua and his crew for the wonderful works the are doing. May we still receive our own healing and deliverance in Jesus name AMEN

  40. I’m a believer man of God pls pray for my family to bring united,barrierness,limitation in progress,and also still believing in the ancestors so need help pls my brothers in christ(kwekwe zimbabwe)

  41. I need to get anointing sticker for my eternal Deliverance. My family,my marital life,my Health,my Parents,my Brothers and Sisters be deliverance in Jesus name Amen

  42. Glory be to God. Please man of God send me the anointing sticker my name is otsileleng M Kadisanyane,Box 12, Maun, Botswana.Thank you God you are so wonderful.

  43. Personally, I believe that Prophet T B Joshua is a true man of God. Emmanuel!! I thank God for this special deliverance.

  44. God is indeed a wonder and miracle working God. All things are possible to them that believe. We thank God for the gift of Prophet TB Joshua.

  45. Emmanuel,man of god i need de anointed sticker nd anointed water,hw cn i get “em (botswana).people cn say a lot of thing abt u nd criticise u bt 2 me u r a true man of god,may god bless u more .amen

  46. Rev 11:17,18 We give thanks 2u, Lord God Almighty, who is nd who was,for you have taken your great power nd begun 2 reign, The nations raged, but your wrath came, nd the tym 4 the dead to be judged,and 4 rewarding your servants, the prophets nd saints, nd those who fear your name,both small nd great, nd 4 destroying the destroyers of earth.

  47. Man of God please I need a sticker but I am in Namibia and I dont know how to get it!
    pls I need it in Jesus name. stay blessed

  48. Glory be GOD, TB JOSHUA z a real man of GOD..Rightnow am watching e documentery of Abaji FCT Abuja i thnk u TB JOSHUA & EMMANUEL TV on behalf of e people of Abaji 4e Love u have shown them may e ALMIGHTY GOD BLESS YOU ALL…


  50. I am also humbly requesting anointing water or stiker through my e-mail which is I have been reading all the testimonies and I am thrilled, I was wondering when the Bishop is going to come to America, in Texas? How can we know the Bishop is coming? May we be contacted through media. We love you Bishop Emmanuel! May the lord continue to use you the son of God.

  51. GOD my God i comite my family and i into your hand,GOD i want you to use PRO TB JOSHUA to see us through this bondage we are facein now,my brother is now in the SCOAN in lagos now,pls GOD direct PRO TB JOSHUA to use my brother to set us free in JESUS Name AMEN.

  52. The annointing sticker from SCOAN is verly and trully a devine gift and medium of deliverance from God through which the war against the evil spirit and his deeds may be won in the world.

    Many congratulations and blessings to Man of God -Prophet T.B.Joshua for be chosen by God to be used as a chief commander in this devine crusade.

    NB.I humbly request Man of God to send me an annointing sticker through my email or Postal Box 858,Iringa -United Republic of Tanzania so that I may also partake in this mission.Emmanuel !God with us.

  53. Glory be to God .satan is a liar. i know that one day i will come out with a testimony too right there in SCOAN. EMMANUEL

  54. o God o God o God…heal my family financialy deliverance breakthrough in my career amen..thank u Jesus nd mke me whole again!

  55. Groly be to God !!! For his great works he is doing in people’s life. Man of God please how can I recieve anointing sticker or water in Zambia. I have sent prayer request before, my family and I need total delivence no peace marriage, peace can be just for short period of time, no job, spirit husband in me makes life unhappy and I also think my husband has spirit wife. Please man of God and wise men pray for us.

  56. Thank you Jesus for the Annointed Sticker. i really praise God for the Man of God TB Joshua. Please the Emmanuel team, how can I get The Annointed Sticker and the Annointed water am very desparate for these two. Please help.

  57. Emmanuel, God is with us. I want to sing a song: Oh that man should praise the Lord, for His mercies and for His wonderful works; to the children of men, for He has broken the gates of bronze and cut the bars of irons in two. Praise the Lord Hallellujah, Amen . Thank You Lord for not geting tier to let us see your powers. The best is yet to come, Amen.


  59. I truly believe that Prophet T.B. Joshua is a real man of God. A time will come for those who do not. May the lord give our Prophet more strength and more live and continue revealing more to the whole world. Glory be to God. By T.O. Keipeile

  60. Amen all things are possible for those who believe, with our carnal eyes we cant acknowledge the real man of GOD but with our spiritual eyes and spiritual understanding we are able to see who is a real man of GOD, sent by GOD ALMIGHTY.

    GOD has done a lot for me through the man of GOD prophet T.B Joshua….

  61. He says go into the heal all those that are sick and of demon possessed. That is exactly what is happening in the life of my father, prophet TB Joshua. And may the Lord who has been doing it for others through also do it for me.

  62. Amen to Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord. Our God is Awesome. Glory and honour be to God in Jesus Mighty Name. With God all things are possible. Also God’s time is the best time. Amen to Lord Jesus Christ. Awesome God.

  63. Praise the living God! I Thank God for his free and genuine deliverance through his servant senior prophet T.B. Joshua. May the Good Lord give him long life so that trillions of (us) people should be saved.

  64. Praise GOD, he who reject a man of God reject blessing from God.Thank God you believe in the man of God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Your connection and deliverance is in not just believing in the my of God but your faith.The man of God is just a tool our Lord Jesus is using to do His works.

  65. Prophet T.B Joshua is a true man of God, His Works and Glorification are of a humbled man living under the guidance of Jesus. Glory be to the almighty. Amen

  66. Praise be to God..thank God for that wonderful testimony God is working indeed through the man of God..please send me too that anoiting sticker or water please Man of God i wil really appriciate that and i believe it will work for all my problems thank prophet T.B JOSHUA I LOVE U

  67. Indeed Prophet T.B Joshua is the man God. God is always good. If u believe in God everything is possible. I love my JESUS..

  68. prophet, u comnd demons nd dizeses.left 4 u is death mrk 5;n41-42 jn11;43-44 recve d grace nw so dat many more wl bel. prophet dese bible scriptures Act 16:18, 19:11-12, 20:35 fufil nd cnfirms ur ministry concept except Act 19;6 nd stil i contend 4 ur grace bcs of 1Cor 4:5 nd Rom 8:1 nd i desire ur gifts nd opt 2 be d list of ur wise men bcs of 1st Cor 14;1 evn if it warnts me 2 pay d price bcs i love impact makg nd influence 2 mk my life. frm pst joe

  69. I would like to commend the man of God TB Joshua and his wisemen to continue releasing people from various bondages and bringing them into Godz kingdom, the bible says every knee shall bow and every togue confess. God will continue safeguardin your lives, pray for me to breakthrough all the stubborn situations have been going through amen!

  70. Emmanuel t.v I can’t do without. Prophet T.B Joshua is my celebrity. May God continue to do mighty works thru His anointed servants

  71. God of Elijah your power is still the same! You show your presence nowadays through your servant T B Joshua n many others. We thank you Lord for such miracles.Pls pass me not oh gentle Saviour, as you deliver your blessings. I need your touch physically n spiritually. I want to glorify your name n testify about you power 1 day. Thank you for listening to my prayer, Amen.

  72. Glory be to God…Prophet please send me the sticker or the anointing water…I need it MOG! Lilly Badenhorst. 9 Sering street Colridge Vryburg North West South Africa…Thank you MOG!!

  73. The best is yet to come,let the people reject the corner stone, lord i believe help me overcome my unbelieve.

  74. God is indeed great and He wants us to know that he is the healer and He loves us. He has proven His love to us already by giving us His only son to die for us on the cross. Glory be to God and to T B Joshua: God bless you.

  75. I thank u for sharing a testimony.For lm also in the same situation & may the Lord deliver me also for there is pain in my body & trouble in my heart

  76. To God be the glory, I’m so happy for your deliverance. You are blessed. Prophet TB Joshua, may you live long and in good health. God bless you Man of God.

  77. Emmanuel! The annointing steaker is a marvel and it reveals the power of the living God that is present at the SCOAN. I was also opportuned to have a steaker during my last visit to the SCOAN, and on April 28th, I was miraculously saved from a terrible accident due to the presence of the steaker. That Saturday morning I left for my farm and curiously enough I was alone. My children did all but I refused going with anyone, claiming that I do not intend to be long at the farm. After working for about three hours, I decided to rush home since I had the intention of going for a meeting. After a while at a descent, I realized that the vehicle accelerated abnormally and was going down with an uncontrollable speed.I tried to reduce the speed by pressing hard on the breaks! Then did it fall on me that I had no breaks.They had failed!!! To my right was a shallow valley but children were playing there, and to my left was a steeper valley but better than the one right ahead of me.Since the road is untarred and there were vehicles ahead of me. The vehicle lost control and went tumbling into the valley to my left. Immidiately I discovered that the car was 0ver turning, I just screamed JESUS!!!! And truely he came and I felt a force tie me tight to my chair especially as I had no seat belt on.The vehicle tumbled down turning four time escaping the trees and finally stopped with its tyres looking upwards.Everything in the form of glass got shattered and the body work of the vehicle completely damaged.Then I felt the force leave me and I came out of the up side down vehicle un torched,no scratch,no fracture,no sprain,nothing nothing to the Glory of God. The steaker in the vehicle is the Holy Spirit which protected me in that accident. May God continue to use the SCOAN to save the world.

  78. Propht T.B Joshua is a true man of God send 4rm heaven 2 come & deliver God’s children 4rm wicked evil eyes , God will continue 2 bless him nd his five wise men in Jesus name(Amen) God dt has been doing it 4 other people dt same God will do my 4 me in Jesus name(Amen) i will kindly request 4 prayer 4 deliverance, financial breakthrough, friut of d womb nd blessings 4 my marriage.

  79. God have been doing it,HE has done it again 2 HIM alone be d glory,i am stil waiting 4 my turn 2 come.PLEASE GOD DO IT 4 ME.

  80. Emmanuel! If i may ask when the man of God first introduced the new anointing sticker, he said he’ll send 2 to each partner. How come i did not receive?. My faith is so lifed up after reading about the miracle the people of God received after they received the miracle sticker. Emmanuel

  81. I thank God for sending Prophet TB Joshua to save us,thank you man of God for changing lives,nations & the world,be blesd in Jesus name,Amen

  82. Glory be to God!! Nothing z impossible if you only believe. Thank you God for your servant prophet T.B. Joshua keep on using him in a mighty way,amen!

  83. I am not surprised hearing people critisizing prophet TB Joshua.EVen Christ Jesus himself was critisised.May God Amighty continue to use his annointed servant,prophet TB Joshua to liberate the needy.

    • If Jesus was critisised why TB Joshua, let’s take time to be serious in prayer for the man of God that God to continue to use him for those who believe what he is doing in Jesus Name!

  84. Im single mother with 2 kids and 1 grandson, and hiv positive. Ever since i starts watching Emmanuel Tv my life have change and my faith lifted up despite up and down hiccups experienced here and there. I learned to pray and advice others to follow the holy spirit and rely on God. My driving skills improved and my daughter got secured and decent job, Glory to God

  85. How can I get anointing sticker,since I am in Ghana.Irealy need one. If it can post ,this is my posting adress box 882 sekondi /Ghana. Thank you hoping to get one.

  86. I thank God for her delivery hoping I will receive my testimony in God’s time cause God’s time is the best time.

  87. May God of Tb Joshua heal and deliver all those who posted prayer request here, in Jesus name. May every prayer request posted here bring testimony in Jesus name.

  88. dis year is my ENVIABLE year and year of INCREASE, i just went d man of GOD 2 join me in preyer bcoz i went 2 join d ARMY man of GOD help me d form is on sell now, may GOD bless u as u do so AMEN

  89. Emmanuel! Last week my younger sister living with me was missing we look for her everywhere from 27th june to 1st of july,we saw her in a church very far from where we live.we took her house she was behaving strong.the is a girl in 200 level political science at Delta state university.we began to pray still a pastor told us to run a test on which we did and find out she was having malaria 2+ typhoid 2+ her BP was also high and low blood.thank you man of God,pls we need a perfect healing for her,her name faiththank’s. Peter chidi.

  90. Emmanuel my brothers and sisters. When i prayed in scoan lagos for my business name to be registered and have contract in my state Nddc.before I kwn it was a miracle my company name. KB Destination Global services Ltd is bless with contract and I have paid my tithe. Praise God emmanuel. TB joshua God na original God

  91. With him all things are. Christ was regected Who’s Prophet Emmanuel. The Lord is on the throne. If you know who you are serving you should not be afraid of defecting and name calling. Just wait for your own testimony as lam waiting for mine.Am happy for your deliverance so shall God will deliver all the believers in Jesus Name Amen

  92. This is quite owesome.I am trusting in the Lord that i will post my testimony sooner that Later.For those who dont believe in the God of TB JOSHUA they ought the be ashamed of them selves.
    Amen!God of Tb Joshua have mercy on my case.

  93. father deliverance our family ….papa heal my father fr stork pls it is one family the against us in village pls papa let family get better work and business ..amen

  94. For me ist now difficult to send someone for sticker and anointing water,one day Jesus will help my out throu someone here in Namibia,to bring my orders.
    Distance is not a barrier!!Jesus is alive!!!!!

    • Glory be to God! Doesn’t the Bible say that there will be people who will maintain a form of religion but deny its power?

  95. Only the word, faith and holy spirit are master of all manifestations. The faith you had through the sticker finally came to pass. Glory be to the man of God TB Joshua. Very soon am expecting mine. Gods time is the best.
    Ockens Chipeta

  96. Glory be to God Almighty for the life of Senior Prophet T.B Joshua.I no million of people are dieing today becos of unbelieve,until the eye of there faith will open they will remain like that!Tnx u Jesus!

  97. 1stly, Point of correction brother in christ, tb joshua is not rejected by many but only few in this wrld and only those who lack knowledge about him as sent servant of God. In a nut shell, i thank God and rejoice with you for your delivance and testmony brother. I hope you are over excited about this scarced opportunity of deliverance.

  98. Man of GOD thank u for allowing the ALMIGHTY to use u. I will continue to trust in your anointing. I am a student & i need some of the stickers. pls man of GOD. Praise the Lord.

  99. I thank GOD for your life, no im not celebrating you man of GOD or glorifying you but I HONOUR N SALUTE WHAT YOU ARE CARRYING( HEAVEN) . I GLORIFY GOD IN YOU.

  100. Man of God, i have not been see my menstration for years now, pls man of God help me. Thanks § God bless you Amen.

  101. Even Christ was accused of using evil spirit to cast out demons. My Prophet u are GOD sent to this generation may GOD’s anointing increase more and more in ur life and ministry in JESUS Christ name amen. Emmanuel!

  102. i am a born again Namibian, living in Tsumeb. in agreement with your teachings i wanna know your partners in Namibia or operating in SCOAN’s name with your approval or blessings, in order to fellowship with them because

  103. Man of God you are being used by God Almighty in the best way He knows how. Be blessed, i pray for longlife that u live to teach the word and to deliver our generation. Yes, Jesus was crucified, but without sin. You taught me to trust and to honour God even when every sense contradicts Him. Emmanuel!

  104. I knew already that God has personally brought prophet TB Joshua to deliver his people from the power of darkness to light that shineth continuesly. TB Joshua is like MOSES, ELIJAH AND JOSHUA that completed the Jorney of Israelite. We have started praying that God should keep increasing TB JOSHUA anointing day by day in Jesus name, Amen.

  105. emmanuel! we thnk God fr using you TB joshua to heal n deliever bt thy smthng a ask frm you,send all God’s tools in Botswana ó mayb open a small branch for those who cn vst u to also receive here in jesus name

  106. its beyond doubt that Prophet TB Joshua is a man of God, those who critisize him operate in the flesh and they ve no revelation at all.we thank Gd for such a wonderful gift like him.

  107. No matter what they say about the Man of God, Jesus love still prevails in him, he still loves them even when rejected. May the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with him and
    us all now and forever more. Amen

  108. Glory be to God for the wonderful work He has done to you. Never mind about people who have rejected Prophet TB Joshua, even apostles in the bible were persecuted. Thank you Jesus


      • God is good and all the time. With God nothing is impossible. We thank God of TB Joshua for deliverance. I also thank God of TB Joshua for giving my daughter scholarship to complete her Diploma in Broadcasting, Radio and Television. I kept on sending prayer request to Church of All Nations and by the Grace of God I managed to get the Annointing Water and Sticker from a friend. Before we send the application we prayed and use the annointing water. My daughter was sponsored by Government and was supposed to complete her study in 2010 unfortunately she did not perform well, and due to lack of funds she did not continue with the study. She applied for space at the University in May 2012 and she got an admission letter, she then went to student placement to apply for scholarship and was “Given Another Chance” the application was approved on the 11 July 2012 . She will be sponsored by Government and will start the lessons first week of August 2012. “Better is not good enough the best is yet to come” In Jesus Christ Name Amen.

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