“I Was Healed In My Living Room” – Fibroids Dissolved

Here is another in our series of testimonies from Emmanuel TV viewers. Let your faith rise as you read.

“So how is the pregnancy?” An uncomfortable silence followed. Hazel mustered enough courage to explain her situation once again to yet another well-intentioned observer. She was not pregnant but afflicted with multiple fibroids so large that they caused her stomach to bulge out like that of a pregnant woman. Medically, an operation that would end in the removal of her womb was the only option. But in the midst of her pain and confusion, Hazel made a remarkable discovery. Emmanuel TV.

“It’s my greatest joy to share my testimony of being healed by the Almighty God through Emmanuel TV. When l was diagnosed with fibroids, l was given only one option – surgery, which would require the removal of my womb. It was a very painful and embarrassing situation. The fibroids caused my tummy to grow big and people used to think l was pregnant. People would ask how the baby was. In the midst of my confusion, l started watching Emmanuel TV.

“When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for those with fibroids and seeking the fruit of the womb, I joined in the prayer, although l was not seeking the fruit of the womb as l had three kids already. After several weeks of believing God and the prayer of the man of God on Emmanuel TV, I was healed in my living room. I knew within me the fibroids had dissolved.

“The surprise is that whilst believing God for my healing, l was not only healed but also became pregnant! I am now expecting a baby boy on the 9th September 2011. As I am writing this testimony, the baby is excited and kicking within me. I have three girls and now through Emmanuel TV l am awaiting the arrival of baby Nathaniel. To confirm the miracle, I went to the hospital and did a scan. The result was wonderful – no fibroids! Thank You, Jesus Christ!”

Hazel Chikukwa

We thank God for bring healing and breakthrough into Hazel’s life. Remember, whatever you receive from God is for the salvation of your soul. We encourage you to continue to stay close to Jesus Christ and trust in Him alone!

38 thoughts on ““I Was Healed In My Living Room” – Fibroids Dissolved

  1. Thank God for your sister healing. I also suffer from fibroids and I believe that your God is going to heal me because he has done greater things for me. I’m 38yrs and have a blessed son and I’m asking God to give me the second child. God is good all of the time.

  2. Lord I thank You too for healing Hazel. I believe You for my own healing too and for children of my own, fruits of my womb. Healing, you have freely given and children are gifts from you. Look on me with mercy Most Gracious One. In Jesus’ Name I ask.

  3. I’m believing the Lord for healing from fibroids too. I declare and decree by the greatest Name ever that I too will be healed and my womb will be well again and bring forth fruit as the Lord has ordained! The devil is a liar and I will not be ashamed for turning to the Lord. This healing will not happen because I deserve it (coz I do not) but by His grace and because He said so. I’m healed in Jesus’ Name…. I too will testify to His goodness…

  4. our God lives he never said goodbye,he never said there will be no healing,deliverance,salvation,blessing.i shall also testify to his healing in my life.am hapi for u.

  5. God is still the same yesterday today and forever,
    from the word of God. thank you Jesus for shedding your precious blood for us, your word says healing is the childrens bread. thank you Lord.

  6. I have a fibroids or myoma as they called. I am asking for a prayer to heal my disease without under going surgery. Please help me God

  7. Lord,l thank u for healing Hazel.l believe and l hv d faith tat u wil heal me also and make me 2 be pregnant 2 hv a child of my own.thank u Emmanuel.

  8. I am praying and believing God will heal me of multiple fibroids as well. So many showed up on the scan that the doctor stopped counting. I suffered a miscarriage over a year ago. My husband and I desire a third child and have been trying for over a year.

  9. Praise God, this is wonderful and if we believe in him everything is okey. Let us know him (God) and believe him. That baby would have been named Joshua or Emmanuel but still the name is okey.

    • Amen our God is a working God his works are Awesome I love this God and i need him most.He Is Our Saviour,Mighty God ,Prince Of Peace.He is the love of our life.

      Thank you Jesus

  10. my sister just believe you will be healed of the illness ,this God that we serve is awesome and he is a God of love

  11. I thank Emm.TV for the wonderful job it is doing in informing the world.I am receiving too many e.mails,Please reduce the number.Thank you.

  12. I thank God for he did not only heal the fibroid in the womb of the women, but he went ahead and make her become pregnant.I love the most high God for he does more than what we have asked,indeed there is none like him.I pray that he may increase my faith through is word,and he may give me a grace to read and understand his word in deep in JESUS name.Amen

  13. Thank you God of TBJ for changing people’s lives even when they are not in the SCOAN ,indeed distance is not a barier ,but believing is the only barier, may God continue to use you.Emmanuel.

  14. thank you for postin my comment i have waited for this for a long time and it just fell on my laps i know the lord is saying something,eversince i watched distance is not a barrier in 2010 i have known that my bondage has been broken for i saw the man of God in my dream and he told me that the man who was responsible for my failures in life was a thing of the past ,beleive you me i have experienced a lot of changes in my life ooh my God you are awesome

  15. Thank you God for this testmony , i believe that next time it will be me testfying to the goodness of the lord . May God bless u all.tfying to the goodness of the lord . May God bless u all.

  16. Emmanuel – God with us
    I Thank God Almighty for healing Hazel let the name of God Almighty be glorified, praised, worshiped and loved.

  17. The God of Prophet T.B. Joshua is very wonderfull. Distance is not a barrier when you have the chanel Emmanuel TV and faith. Amen

  18. Emmanuel ! Our God is able and he never fails and have never failed anybody. For sure those who trust and wait upon the lord are always filled with much joy. Hazel Iam happy for you and I pray God takes great care of you and the unborn baby boy.

    stay blessed.

    Lungowe Kamuwanga – Zambia

  19. Emmanuel, Emmanuel, thank you Lord for the wonderful works you are doing in your CHURCH ,SCOAN. KEEP on ANNIONTING your SERVANTS in the same CHRIST we pray AMEN

  20. I have been operated upon twice from slipped disc but I still feel some pain whenever I do hard physical work.I watch Emmanuel TV every day and I will continue to pray in the hope that one day my pain will disappear like the fibroides of Hazel.We thank GOD for her healing,proof that distance is no barrier.

    • My problem is fibroid which is paining me i have no job at the the same time broken marriage which i do nt understand please assist me in prayer .

  21. i praise our living GOD in JESUS NAME with u sister Hazel. i could like to encourage viewers all over the world to just believe and might god will do miracles to them.

    thank u JESUS

  22. glory be to God almighty,what a wonderful testimony,we save a living God and we thank him for his everlasting love and forgiveness of our sins,thank you father for our sister’s healing

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