Emmanuel! Here is another wonderful testimony concerning the power of God at work through the Anointing Water in the lives of God’s people worldwide!

“Praise the Lord! My name is Rehema Robert Mwakajila from Tanzania. On 16th July 2013, my sister’s son called Isack suddenly fainted in the house. He was gone for more than 6 hours. I was alone at home and so scared with his condition. I tried everything I could to resuscitate him but every attempt was unsuccessful. With hope slowly fading, I went into my room and spoke to God in a way I had never spoken to Him before.

I prayed, “God who has been healing others through this Anointing Water from the man of God, T.B. Joshua, please do the same to this boy!” I then brought out the Anointing Water and ministered it to Isack. People of God, behold – literally a second after I ministered the Anointing Water onto the boy he woke up and regained his consciousness! This was after six hours! I was so happy because this was my first time I had ever seen a miracle with my own two eyes. I am weak in faith, so that healing to me was a very big miracle and boost in my faith. Isack is now completely strong and healthy! Thank You, Jesus Christ!”

Rehema Robert Mwakajila, Tanzania


  1. The Anointing Water is powerful many lives are being transformed and changed through Ministering this medium. Glory to the greatest Jehova in the highest. You are worthy


    Emmanuel. The God of Prophet TB Joshua and SCOAN is a real God. I posted an appreciation message here how I received my Anointing Water here in Spain through the email and contacts Of SCOAN which is ( I got here through by another betheren. After receiving the Anointing Water and by faith I applied it after am diagnosed of HIV 1 and HIV 2 by the Doctor. I drink it in the Morning and Evening always and prophesy my Miracles, God so kind that on the 3rd November, I went for check up and the Doctor was asking me what prescription I took and how manage and I narrate everything to Him.
    People of God, God is so good and there is power in TB Joshua and the Anointing Water.
    Please know who to contacts to get you Anointing Water as I did and once again is and am free in Jesus name.
    God is still saying something and I believed that through them I will soon come to SCOAN, Lagos to share this Testimony as am already working on it.
    Praise the Lord.

    • This is to warm the public that this email address is not for Scoan as scoan does not use hotmail as their official email address.

      This is another scam email intended to defraud people again, be warned.

      Thank u

  3. Please send me anointing water, scoan wrist band, anointing stickers,scorn calender, scoan T shirt, DVD for Prophet TV Joshua and the mirror book

    • This is to inform you This is to inform you Reginald Monnane. And all the likes that scoan does not send out Spiritual materials like Anointing Water, Stickers etc via post.

      If anyone ask you to send money to get them, then you are dealing with fraudsters and you must not blame anyone but yourself as scoan is not aware of your dealing with these Church rats.

  4. Our Lord and Savior will never change. He is yesterday today and tomorrow. Almighty GOD is powerful he and he reigns. Everything with him is possible. The Anointing Water is powerful and good. The Most High GOD anointed it so that beings will be set free from all satanic attacks for the salvation of the soul.

    Keep watching so that your faith will grow and grow

  5. The miracle worker reigns for ever. He never said goodbye. He is yesterday today and tomorrow. The medium of the Anointing Water is doing wonderful work in the lives of people. Almighty GOD can use any medium to express himself. Thy good will be done, our Savior to your people whom you created like your image and your likeness. Emmanuel – GOD with us

  6. Emmanuel,Man of God,pls help me get hold of the Annointing Water,I’m a Zimbabwean living in South Africa,I really need it pls,a lot is not going right in my life.Pls help me.

  7. My Name is Sapana Lado Martin, from the Newest country in the world, and is a regular attendant of TB Joshua TV programme.
    May you pray for my health and the Family!
    Also how can I get An anointing water?
    can it be send by DHL?

  8. Emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people of God help me.I need the new annointing water and stickers.I hear that they can be sent direct to me after makingcertain payments.Has anyone taken this channel and received the stickers and annoiting.Please assist by telling me whether this is happening or not.May God continue to bless prophet TB Joshua

  9. I am Joan Nichole from Spain. I want to thank Snr. Prophet TB Joshua and also SCOAN Nationwide through the email posted ( which I contacted after seeing the post of Anointing water and which I contacted or sending me my anointing water and sticker after contacting them and telling them of my urgent need for it, for I know as I applied the anointing water giving to me, am delivered and healed. First I thought it was a lie, but when I put faith, because of my urgent need for it, It got to me 2 days after I made the deposite.
    Distance is not a barrier, emmanuel!!!

  10. I thank Lord Jesus Christ for the life of our friend who was supernaturally revived through the medium of the Anointing Water. Lord Jesus Christ is worthy he loves his people without measure. He does not want to see them suffering. Emmanuel-GOD with us

  11. Praise God for the wonderful testimonies!These simply means our GOD is alive.A dead god can not perform such miracles.Keep on your faith brother/sisther,Jesus is realy the power of GOD and that is why He came into this world. .ISIAH 61:1-11.But as we can not see Jesus physicaly to dag,we see Him through He’is choosen one and that one is Prophet TB Joshua.(…)

  12. Praise the living God,he is great.I claim my miracle and deliverance too in Jesus name even though im passing through unthinkable hardship.Everyone out there put me in your prayers.


  14. Emmanuel, God with us. who can be against us,nothing not even death can be against us. thank God for the miracle through the anointing water. may the health of the boy continue improving in Jesus name Amen.
    i previously said i shall also testify to the glory of God. and now is the time ,Gods time is the best time. i was opportune to have anointing water through a sister who traveled to the scoan earlier this year. i prayed and ministered some on my mother in law who was on oxygen due to heart disease and the doctor had said there was nothing to be done but just wait. low and be hold , within a week she recovered and got discharged from hospital. praise the Lord. we continue to pray for God to complete what he has began amen.
    and after four years of stagnation in my career, with no permanent job only short term temporal work from time to time, i finally signed a three year contract just at the time when my five month contract was due to end. praise the Lord. the best is yet to come and it shall be permanent. when God say yes no one can say no.

    please man of God pray for my contract to be sealed with the blood of Jesus ,that it shall not be frustrated by evil forces who are on assignment to rob ,kill and destroy.
    thank you man of God prophet T.B.Joshua and the wise men for the bread of life and prayer .most of all thank you for the anointing water and the sticker, its simply magic ,it works and it works and it works ,i have no doubt at all that it is the Great I AM himself who is in that anointing water and sticker. it all started in a dream, one nite i dreamed the man of God Prophet T.B.Joshua prayed for me and gave me to read psalm 86. am over the moon with joy .and i will continue to worship my God all the days of my life. the best is yet to come. Halleluiah Amen.

  15. Emmanuel!!! the power of God is at work through his prophet, his is the healer, the provider, the deliverer and the creator, God is Good even when the going is hard.

  16. Thank God for the healing , lord pray for me , God shoul connect me with divine favior and breakthroug, i want to give testimony in these web site throug man of God

  17. how can i have access to anointing water here in my country zambia? since most of us we can make to come over due to finances. we request if you can be selling in embassy here in zambia.

  18. may the name of the lord be praise ,lord you are wonderful indeed, to does my brother who do not have faith ,please man is not perfect even myself but let us have faith and belief god is real,
    pls help me to have the anointed water, for i do have the faith that if i do administer it all my proble will be over and to my brother who is alcoholic whisky drinking we will be freein jesus name. please help in to have it in jesus name .thanks

  19. Iam in South Africa,with Emmanuel tv in my house i see the power of God,it is like i have been to synagogue,God’s time is the best.Distance is not a barrier is not just words they are real,let us learn to wait for God,iam waiting for a great testimony for my daughter who will be writing grade12,Emmanuel!

  20. Amen I rejoice with my brother who was revived after he was ministered the medium of powerful Anointing Water. Lord Jesus Christ is able, because his power is great and his power cannot be compared. I thank Lord Jesus Christ for his mercy and favor. When Lord Jesus Christ heals you. He heals you effectually. Become an Emmanuel tv Partner and Keep watching

  21. Amen. God’s power are so real in Anointed Water. Glory be to God Almighty for giving us Man of God TB Joshua in our time.

    • God is the LIVE GIVER.
      The God of TB. Joshua, is the GOD OF MIRACLE.
      ALL GLORY BE TO HIM and Healing and Deliverance is with All who believe in HIM. PRAISE THE LORD

  22. Thank you Jesus!!! Allelujah! God is good! All the time, and all the time, God is good. What can we say, for nothing is impossible to him who believe. Praise the Lord!

  23. hallelujah emmanuel:people of God my name is mashika from south africa in mokopane,my problem is job,i have been looking for job from this year in april with no avail,my wish is to get job in anglo paltinum mine but there is no penetration so people of severeign Lord please help me coz i am in great pain of jobless.AMEN

    • I pray to our Lord to give you job my brother in the name of Jesus Christ. I believe you will get it very soon. God Bless you in Jesus Christ, name, Amen.

  24. Amen praise the Lord.People of God emmanuel.Help me pray for my brother Joseph Manetsa.He is asthmatic and is on and off work.This problem is affecting his health.I believe that through your prayers he will be healed.Amen

    • hie Tumaini
      i am also in dire need of annointing water and sticker please if you find out how best to get i also need it.
      Please people out there help in this regard

  25. Please I need the Anointing water and more prayers from man of GOD. I am in a serious distress, confuse, envy all over, No work, even accommodation.

    Please I need prayers from very one that GOD by his infinite mercies should visit me and change my condition.

    My name is Okon Sunday George


  26. Good afternoon, my name is Meneza Tsao-Eis from Walvis Bay Namibia. I wanted to ask a question, people mix the anointing water with tap water here in Namibia, will the anointing water work once it is mixed with tap water. I would like you to pray for the company that iam working for its Namibian Marine Phosphate (PTY) Ltd. It is a mining company , that wants to mine Phosphate, the government told us to do a monotorium of 18months at sea since we will be mining in the sea. Please pray so that the government can grant us the EIA – Environmental Impact Assessment. Thank you soo much.   Kind Regards   Meneza Tsao-Eis +264817192780



  27. thanks to GOD of abraham, jacob.isack, jeremiah, isaiah, job. messag, sadrag, abednego and tb joshua. may his name be lifted up higher for the miracles his is doing thru the medium of annoiting water. oh my and our God is really alive. may He blesses, delivers, heals, saves me and others thru the medium of annointing water. pepole of God lets have faith in God and wait upon His time cause i believe when God says yes no one can says no. amen.

  28. Haleluya!!!!!!what a wounderful God we serve!!!our Father never say gudbye,He promised that he will always be with us and He will never fail us…

  29. How can I receive Anointing Water and stickers from The God of T B Joshua? May I ask for these things that Lord Jesus has promised to let me receive if I ask!

  30. What a wonderful God we serve i never let Him go until He bless, heald , deliver, and save me because i touch the His gament day by day for my breakthrough in Jesus name. Thank you God of TB Joshua. Prophet of the whole world remain bless and bless with divine blessings in Jesus name

  31. god uses any medium to reach his people, there is power in this medias, I thank god for his servant prophet TB Joshua. indeed distance is not a barrier it takes ones heart to believe and receive. I have received in Jesus name, I declare financial breakthrough, marriage , a job and peace

    • Cecil you are very right.These are fraudsters out to make money out of people’s dire need for the annointing water.They charge $349.I made enquiries with SCOAN directly and they are not aware of this development.If people watch emmanuel tv,they always advise people to be wary of such fraudsters.You can contact them on numbers that come out on emmanuel tv or on their email.People of God please beware.
      Annointing water and other products are NOT send by courier.We should keep watching emmanuel tv and wait for God’s time.Its always the best.

  32. Thank you Jesus for daily strenghtening our faith via your servant prophet tb joshua. guard and guide him for us jealously, lord.

  33. We thank God for the life of isack and the family
    And we thank the life of our father T.B Joshua whom God is using mightly
    May the almighty God continue anointing him more and more in Jesus name.
    God can use anythng and anyone its up to us to believe and act faith then its all yos.

  34. We can only give thanks and praise to the Lord Almighty for the great works in our lives really and just continue praising him and staying away from sin.Thank you Jesus.

  35. Thank you Lord for healing the boy. I know that one day I will also be healed from my heart disease and other ailments through Emmanuel TV by touching the screen cos I cannot afford a return ticket to and from Nigeria.
    Thank you Lord for healing and delivering me.

    • Emmanuel,I Just want to say to you have faith,if u Believe in God also Believe you are going to Nigeria,its not the money that would take us to SCOAN but the grace of God,take me for an example there is no single cent on my bank account bt through God’S Grace I am going I even went as far as doing my passport,so step on Faith u would be supprised what the Lord would do for you,I pray your faith has been lifted up in Jesus name,stay Blessed.

      • Our father in the Lord TB Joshua says ” our faith gives us a strong desire for the things we are praying for” Keep believing my dear distance is not a barrier and Give God time and you will see the results working themselves out slowly but surely. If you want to go to Nigeria, by grace you will go. surely it is not about the money but by His Holy Spirit. I myself and my husband received the Grace of going there yet we had 00 in our bank account and praise be to God we are seeing the results working themselves out. Gods time is the best. You are blessed, you are rescued and you are healed in Jesus Christ Name Amen

  36. hie in need anointing water can u send it to me my postal address is PO BOX 2973 FRANCISTOWN BOTSWANA..MY NAME IS AMOGELANG PHETHU

  37. Emmanuel !! People of GOD I’m so touched by this ministry of Anointing water that GOD is using through it to touch many people’s lives.Brethren I’m in South Africa for now its hard for me to get a visa cause of lots of challenges I’m facing finacially due to no sauce of income for now , But I really wish to also have the anointing water may someone help me in oder for me to get the Anointing water what should I do please my mobile number is : +27 (0) 84 806 66 660 . Email: Please help me

    • Please my brother pray and wait for God’s time and do not display your number and emails like that you might fall prey to impostors that will communicate to you and pretend like they are from SCOAN, because of your desperation. Go to for any information you want. There is always warning on Emmanuel TV that SCOAN dont communicate through email, facebook etc and neither do they send annointing water to people. Christiaans becareful you might be deceived because of your desperation, So beware!

  38. People of God, we are living through the same experience the early Christians had with the Apostles of Jesus Christ. The word of God is made real.

  39. Howdy
    Lord is good all the time and surely if you involve him(Jesus) in any situation will be solved .if God says yes who can say no. God be with you ,Rehema Robert Mwakajila from Tanzania Lastly my advice is this to your sister `s son ,to Maintain his break through by seeking God advice always ,and don’t take it simple to have anointing water from Man Of God TB Joshua .Thank you Lord for answering him .
    Dickson K Banda.

    • hello, I am agree with you..God is good all the time..I am from Panama in America, I would like to know friends from Africa that know the miracles of the man of God..Maria.

  40. ‘Covenant keeping God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in the places where they have rejected me, cause them to call me back and fall over themselves to help me in Jesus’ name.’

  41. Alleluia,
    “May the darkness of sin and the night of unbelief vanish before the LIGHT OF THE WORD and the SPIRIT OF GRACE. May the HEART OF JESUS live in the hearts of all people”.

  42. Emanuel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The power of God is Working through the Annointing water,with the power of God all things are possible.l thank God of using Phophet TB Joshua for these wonderful miracles.Praise The Lord!!!!!!

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