On Sunday 31 May, 2015, the church service at The SCOAN witnessed yet another spirit-filled ministration of the Word of God for the edification of His children upon whom He has continued to shower with love and joy unlimited. The congregants, with their hearts full of thanksgiving and praise, glorified the name of their King to the highest heavens. On the lips of the congregants, He has placed songs of testimony as he did to the biblical Israelites by rivers of Babylon. The choristers, motivated by the deep and incisive messages in their songs, left bold impressions of repentance and redemption in the minds of many. TESTIMONIES Miracles are proof that the scriptures were true; they still are. There was one proof then and there is one proof now – miracle in His name, Jesus Christ. Below are testimonies of the goodness of God in the life of the people and we know these testimonies will strengthen your faith. JOBLESSNESS/UNDEREMPLOYMENT BOW TO GOD’S POWER WORKING THROUGH THE MORNING WATER Frustrated by her joblessness which had been a thorn in her flesh since 2007 when she graduated from College of Education, Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria, Mrs. Egbaje Lynda Liberty concluded that meeting the man of God at The SCOAN to pray for her in Jesus’ name would be the only solution to her problem. In the company of her husband, she visited The SCOAN but was hugely disappointed when she could not meet the man of God due to the massive population of guests present.MR & MRS EGBAJE LYNDA LIBERTY Bent on encouraging his wife who had already started crying for not being able to meet the man of God, her husband, Mr. Liberty urged his wife to minister the Morning Water which he had got at The SCOAN that day. Shortly after ministering the Morning Water, her father who had also been making moves to get her a job informed her of a friend’s offer to assist her in a very good establishment. Again, her husband, on hearing about the job opportunity encouraged her to minister the Morning Water on the application letter she was going to submit for the job. Mrs. Liberty did as her husband had advised and the quick turn of events caught her fancy. As soon as she submitted the application, she was informed by her father that he had been called to come and pick her employment letter. At that moment, she knew that the power of God in the Morning Water was at work. She never even attended any interview for the job. Against all human expectations, she was employed by the Federal High Court of Nigeria as an Assistant Executive Officer with a very good pay which has greatly improved her standard of living. Almost simultaneously also came an admission offer for her to further her education at the university. And she was given the permission by her employers to combine her education with work. Thanking God for the seamless manifestation of his glory through the Morning Water medium, she urged people to have faith in God. DIABETIC LEG ULCER HEALED AT PRAYER LINE Mrs. Joseline Vordzogbe from Ghana was ravaged by leg ulcer due to diabetes and needed urgent help to alleviate the pains she was going through. MISS JOSELINE VORZOGBE (1)She had gone to several hospitals without finding solution. Hence, a visit to The SCOAN, the Arena of Liberty became the ultimate decision. She visited The SCOAN and was placed at the Prayer Line where the man of God prayed for her in Jesus’ name. MISS JOSELINE VORZOGBE (3) On getting back to Ghana, she noticed that the ulcerous wound started covering up and within a short period, it had completely dried up. Stamping her leg on the ground as a proof of her healing, she told the congregation that she could not do so when the ulcer was there. Mrs. Vordzogbe glorified the name of the Lord for freeing her from the pain and incapacitation the ulcer had brought to her life. LUMBAR SPONDYLOSIS HEALED AT PRAYER LINE Burkina Faso-based Chikezie Ozioma, a Nigerian national, came under the attack of a strange waist pain that made walking difficult for him. Coupled with this was the terrible nightmares he used to experience. He patronised many hospitals in Burkina Faso but could not get any relief. He decided to visit his fatherland, Nigeria. By this time, the pain had spread to his left leg and made movement very difficult and painful. ENG CHIKEZIE OZIOMA  (1)He managed to come down to Nigeria with his condition and visited a hospital where he was diagnosed with lumbar spondylosis. The doctors gave him some medicine to use but his condition remained the same; no improvement. Faced with the dire need to live his normal life again, he decided to come down to The SCOAN where he was arrayed at the Prayer Line. According to him, as the man of God approached him from a distance of about one meter, he felt something like a magnetic force which shook the affected parts of his body. ENG CHIKEZIE OZIOMA  (2)The man of God finally laid hands on him asking him to get up. Immediately, he was up on his feet, walking and running without any pain or difficulty. Proclaiming his healing in utter amazement and gratitude to God, Mr. Ozioma jumped unhindered before the congregation. He also narrated how Jesus Christ rescued him from demonic captivity through the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, in a dream after the prayer he received at The SCOAN. According to him, in that dream, he was being chased by a group of people. Then, Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared and covered him with a net. Immediately, this group of people disappeared and since then, he has not experienced the terrible nightmares again. DESTINY CAREER/JOB DISCOVERED THROUGH PRAYER/MORNING WATER MINISTRATION For Miss Faith Nkhwa, working in a bank was the best thing that could ever happen to her. She loved the banking job with passion and held onto the one she had at all personal costs. The young Batswana was a degree holder but received the same remuneration with the very junior workers. Within her, there was something fundamentally wrong. Aside her job issues, she was always in and out of hospital, having been diagnosed with low blood. For her, coming down to The SCOAN for prayers was the only dependable way out of her challenges.MISS FAITH B. NKNWA (1) She was placed at the Prayer Line where the man of God prayed for her even. Back home in Botswana, she dreamt that she was queuing for a job alongside her friends. She noticed that it was the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua that was giving out the application forms for a bank job. While others were receiving theirs, the man of God refused to give her the form, when it got to her turn. As she grappled with the ensuing unhappiness, the man of God directed her to a lady in military attire who eventually handed her a package containing military uniform and she woke up. When she got to work the next day, she narrated the dream to her friend. Few weeks later, the same friend informed her of job advertisement by the Botswana Defence in search of female officers. Though her friend informed her of the job advertisement jokingly, she managed to beat the application deadline. To her surprise, she was invited for interview after which she was accepted and sent on one-year training and afterwards commissioned as an Officer.MISS FAITH B. NKNWA (2) After her commissioning as an Officer, she soon discovered that the bank where she was working before got shut down while all her former colleagues lost their jobs. In her reckoning, God took her to the place of her destiny even though she never understood the whole thing from the beginning. Today, she thanks Him for preserving her destiny and making her smile. Enumerating some of her achievement since joining the military, she is now a second lieutenant, commanding many troops at 20 years. She has been able to buy a house of her own and is presently building one for her mother. Glorifying God for what He  had done in her life, she urged the people to rely on God for the fulfilment of their destinies.   U.S CITEZENSHIP GRANTED/PREMATURE BABY SURVIVES THROUGH MORNING WATER MINISTRATION Mr. Jonathan Onyenekwe, a Nigerian residing in the United States had been trying to process his citizenship for seven years without success. It became more frustrating for him when he was told that his file with which he was to process his documents was missing from the Immigrations Office there in the United States. He employed the services of one of the best lawyers in the USA and even took his matter to the Congress Office, all in a bid to resolve this problem but all proved abortive. Not knowing what to do, he decided to run to God for a way out. He visited The SCOAN and got the Morning Water which he ministered in Jesus’ name. Getting back to the USA, he went back to the Immigrations office to once again present his case and to his surprise, that same day, his file was brought out and he was granted an interview which he passed. This was the same office that could not locate his file for many years. Today, he is a citizen of The United States of America. MR & MRS JONATHAN ONYENEKWE (1) His wife, Mrs Chinwe Onyenekwe also testified of how God saved the life of her baby who was delivered prematurely as a result of a terrible respiratory problem it suffered while in the womb. The doctors had even advised her to carry the baby through as there was no point delivering it prematurely because there was no chance of survival. But she stood her ground and asked that the baby be taken out prematurely. After delivery, the baby who was very tiny, was put in an incubator and placed on life support. MR & MRS JONATHAN ONYENEKWE (2)It was during this period the husband came down to The SCOAN to get the Morning Water which he ministered in Jesus’ name for the procurement of his USA citizenship. He also gave the wife to minister on their baby. Miraculously, the baby that was so tiny and whom doctors had said would not be able to walk or talk, survived and has grown to a healthy three year-old child walking and talking freely to the glory of God! She advised all to always trust in God no matter the situation they are facing for the Lord is able to see them through.


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Rose Ebbefeld shared how the ‘Water Therapy’ has not only touched her own life but the lives of those around her whom she has shared this revelation with:

“Emmanuel! I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am one of your partners aged almost 57 and still employed. As I am writing, I am boiling with happiness – I can’t even express it – because of the testimonies I have experienced personally and from those around me in the community I live.

“I have been taking the ‘Water Therapy’ as prescribed in the Good Morning Message from Prophet TB Joshua for almost two months now.

“My first testimony is the regularising of my bowels. My bowels move now after struggling for many years, taking all sorts of stuff to try and improve it. Secondly, I used struggle with tiredness everyday in the office to the extent that I had to sleep at lunch time for at least 20 minutes to enable me to keep going in the afternoon. Now I can push for the whole day without any problems. Thirdly, I have lost 2kgs since I went on water therapy!

“I shared this message with lady from my church who suffered from high blood pressure and has been told by doctors that she will be on drugs for life. She would go for BP checks twice a week – on Tuesday and Fridays. However, her BP remained high despite the drugs. I visited her on a Saturday morning and she started her water therapy on Sunday morning. On Tuesday, she went for her usual checks and her BP had lowered – something she hadn’t experienced for a long time. She went again on Friday for her checks and people of God – her BP was in the normal range!

“Another lady from church I shared this revelation with had multiple fibroids of different sizes, diagnosed a month ago. After taking the therapy for two weeks, people of God, the fibroids came out one by one starting with the biggest!

“EMMANUEL! The lady got confused with the so called clots of that huge size because she had finished her monthly cycle 3 days earlier and she had never experienced such before!

Please watch this short clip to know more about ‘Water Therapy':


Mrs Onyedikachi Dunu, a Nigerian based in South Africa, testified to a radical health and weight transformation after starting the ‘Water Therapy’ recently introduced by Prophet T.B. Joshua:

“Emmanuel! I want to testify the goodness of the Lord in my life through water therapy. Fr many years, I have been suffering with very dry skin, alongside dark spots all over my face. I have used several facial products for the acne and dark spots but all to no avail. For the dry skin, I used many body lotions that contained glycerine but there was no improvement. In fact, it went to the extent that I only used glycerine as my cream but there were still no changes.

“However, I was watching Emmanuel TV in January this year when our father in the Lord Prophet T.B Joshua shared the secret behind his good health – WATER THERAPY! At first I wasn’t keen but when some testimonies were read out during the Sunday Service, I decided to start mine.

“I started the water therapy for two reasons:-
1. For the dry skin and dark spots I had on my face
2. For weight loss

“After just month of the Water Therapy, I began to notice incredible changes. As I am sending this testimony, my skin is like that of a newborn baby! The dark spots and acne on my face is history and I have shed so much weight because the water therapy helped me to control my eating habits. In fact, there are so many benefits!

“Thank you Prophet T.B Joshua for sharing this secret behind your good health with us. Thank you Lord for the strength you gave me to be able to achieve my goal. Emmanuel!”

Please watch this short clip for more information about the Water Therapy:


Rebeca Testimony Rebeca Garcia-Escobar from USA shares a touching testimony of how she broke free from the fatiguing grip of depression after encountering Emmanuel TV:

“For many years, since I was a teenager, I struggled with loneliness and depression. This affected me because no matter where or who I was with or the blessings that surrounded me, any little problem that I’d have would remind me of how alone, unappreciated and unloved I was and would put me in a state of anger or depression.

“For as long as I could remember, I would spend many hours a day crying and feeling sorry for myself. I was so miserable all the time that I became aggressive with my husband and my small children. Afterwards I would come to my senses and say, ‘Why did I say or do those things?’ I especially felt worse when I would be angry at my little children and then realise that they’re just babies and I should be gentle with them.

“During both my pregnancies in 2009 and 2011, I had so many conflicts at home that I spent most of my time crying alone and swallowing my tears. Since I got married, my depression became so bad such that there were many times that I spent days lying on the couch without any desire to care for myself or even my children’s basic needs.

“It was so hard for me to care for my children or my husband that my family suffered a lot because of the state I was in. Instead of finding comfort in my local church, they would criticise me when they didn’t see me for many days. This discouraged me even more but God’s mercy sustained me.

“I never saw a doctor for help because nowadays doctors solve everything with drugs and i didn’t want that. However, one day I stumbled across a video of Prophet T.B. Joshua on YouTube. After watching Emmanuel TV, though inconsistently at first, I knew that my problem was spiritual and only God could deliver me. At the end of 2013, I began watching Emmanuel TV with great devotion. I began actually listening to the teachings and the messages began to strengthen my faith and encourage me.

“By December 2013 I was convinced that I could not give up until I visited SCOAN to receive deliverance. To the glory of God I was able to come and visit in February 20114. Prior to going to the SCOAN, I had a lot of opposition at home and the enemy would bombard me with negative thoughts that I was wasting my time and money, that I would not be delivered but come back the same. I fought against those thoughts even during my stay at SCOAN.

“To the glory of God on Sunday February 23rd 2014, Jesus Christ delivered me through one of the wise men from that evil spirit that made me and my family miserable. I then met with the man of God who gave me Anointing Water as well as Anointing Stickers in both Spanish and English.

“Ever since I returned home, I have never again felt depression or loneliness! My attitude towards my husband and children improved drastically. Whereas before I had no control over how I felt or acted, now – no matter what problem I may have – nothing and no one can take away the immense peace and joy in my heart. In fact I am pregnant with my third child and though I continue to have some challenges, I trust in God and the peace in my heart is unshakeable. Glory to God!!! I am so grateful to Him.”

“I Was Slowly Becoming Deaf…” – EMMANUEL TV TESTIMONY!

Arnold Mpala from Zimbabwe received a miraculous healing after being inspired to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV:

“Emmanuel! Good Morning! A year ago, I had a problem on my right ear. It was blocked and partially deaf. I thoroughly cleaned it with ear buds thinking that it was full of wax but nothing changed. I was advised to pour in cooking oil as a remedy but it was all to no avail. I was slowly becoming deaf and couldn’t do anything about it. It was a recurring thing which started in late 2010.

“At home we have Emmanuel TV and I’m a regular viewer. One day, it came to my mind as Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for the viewers that I should place my head on the screen with my right ear touching the screen. With faith, I prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and after that I went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I was healed! I noticed that my hearing was completely restored back to normal. I have been hearing properly ever since and I give all the glory to God. Thank You, Jesus!”

Whatever your situation, we encourage you to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and believe God for a miracle:


Themba from South Africa returned home one night in a drunken state. Even in his intoxicated state, he managed to switch on the television. It was Emmanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying…

“Praise the Lord! My name is Themba Ngonyama. I am a 37 years old husband and a father of 2 kids, residing in the Limpopo Province, South Africa. My testimony goes like this – I was a criminal involved in fraud, living with a gun 24/7 and celebrating ancestral rituals. I was a very, very violent person – stealing cars, committing fraud, involved in many armed robberies, beating up people. I was travelling to different countries, looking for powerful witchdoctors to get charms to aid my ‘business’ but I was just fooling myself.

“My wife liked watching Emmanuel TV but she knew that whenever I came home, she must change the channel because I hated it and was so angry anytime I saw her watching it. However, one night, I came back home drunk. I’ll never forget that night. I decided to watch Emmanuel TV and when man of God said, ‘Viewers, touch the screen’, even in my drunk state, I managed to stand up and touch the screen. Wow! God is great! I felt something very strange all over my body and I was shocked. Afterwards, I felt the Holy Spirit all around me.

“Since that encounter, I started watching Emmanuel TV all the time. I felt love from Jesus Christ; I felt love from the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua. Emmanuel TV changed my life from darkness to light. Please allow me to say that I now love Jesus Christ, I love the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua and I developed love for people. I’m a changed person now through Emmanuel TV. No more fraud. No more drunkenness. No more rituals. No more witchdoctors.

“I want to give this testimony personally at The SCOAN and I know one day I’ll make it there, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! I love you all! It’s true that Emmanuel TV really is changing lives, nations and the world.”