Fredrick Chukwuidike was among those privileged to receive the Faith Bracelet on his visit to The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria. Literally two days later, the fall value of what he had just received dawned on him as God protected him from a potentially fatal accident…

“I visited The SCOAN in November 2014 from Warri, Delta State, Nigeria and I was privileged to have my Faith Bracelet! By Monday, I retuned back to Warri and upon my arrival, one of the pastors in my local church called me and asked me to see him the following day.


“On that day, I was on my way to his house when all of a sudden, I was knocked out by an oncoming ‘keke’ (a local three-wheeled vehicle). Before I knew it, I was already laying down in middle of the road with crowd gathered all around me.

“By the time I stood up from the ground, I saw that the ‘keke’ had turned upside down with blood flowing from the drivers and three passengers in it. I looked at myself and discovered that nothing happened to my body except that my shoe was damaged beyond repair and my clothes were messed up.

Local Nigerian Vehilc

‘Keke’ – Local Nigerian Vehicle

“Would you believe it was my body that this keke knocked out, causing it to somersault and resulting in major damage to the vehicle? At the end, nothing harmful happened to me because on that day I carried my Faith Bracelet along with me and was counting my faith at the time the incident happened.

“I believe God saved my life through the power of meditation in Jesus’ name with the Faith Bracelet. Glory be to Jesus!”


Here is the touching testimony of Gladys from Lesotho who was rescued from excruciating menstrual pains after beginning the ‘Water Therapy’ as guided by Prophet T.B. Joshua!

“Emmanuel! My name is Gladys Mohale. I am 20 years old and I live in Lesotho, South Africa. I would like to share my testimony with my fellow brethren to encourage those who are experiencing the same problem that I had.


“I used to suffer from severe period pains each and every month when I went for my periods and sometimes the pain drove me to the point where I wished could die instead of suffering that way. I often missed school because the pain was just too much. I had been to so many doctors and herbalists all to no avail.

“However, after Prophet T.B. Joshua introduced the water therapy, I followed his instructions and drank the water as he ordered. I was encouraged by a testimony of a 34 year old lady who had suffered from period pains for seventeen years but got healed after doing the water therapy.

“From then, I have been drinking five litres of water in a day! Behold, this month when I went for my periods, there was no pain at all! The clots that have been making me sick were flushed out and now I am free in Jesus Christ’s name!

“I really thank God for the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV. I would like to encourage those who are experiencing the same problem to listen to the instructions of God through His prophet and all shall be well. If He did it for me, He will surely do it for others. Amen. Emmanuel!!!”

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Werner Nashiku from Namibia had worn glasses practically his entire life. However, obedience to an instruction in righteousness concerning ‘Water Therapy’ miraculously restored his ailing sight!

“Emmanuel! Good morning to you all in the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth. My name is Werner Nashiku and I am 32 years old from Namibia. I am a surveyor by profession.

“My testimony goes as follows – we all heard from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua that if you want to enjoy good health, you need to take water therapy at 5am in the morning, 2pm in the afternoon and 6pm in the evening. I started as per the instruction of the Man of God while I was watching Emmanuel TV.

“My brothers and sisters, I started using eye glasses at the age of 10 and ever since I could not leave my glasses behind. Whenever I am reading, watching TV or on the computer, I must put on my glasses as my eyes always itched and I wasn’t able to see far.

“Since I am a surveyor, I am required at work to use a ‘dumpy level’, a microscopic type of machine that has a lens to zoom in and out, to make an object come closer. However, I couldn’t see clearly in this machine unless I put on my glasses and even if I had them on, my readings were often incorrect, causing me to be fired at a previous company I worked for.

“To cut a long story short, since I started with Water Therapy, glasses are a thing of the past! I can use the machine without glasses now, focus on an object that is 100 metres away from me with ease. I used to feel so tired after work but now I don’t feel tired anymore. My body is light and my working speed has increased tremendously.

“I want to thank the Almighty God for the life of His servant, Prophet TB Joshua, the Emmanuel TV partners and all The SCOAN members worldwide.

You can learn more about the ‘Water Therapy’ by watching this short clip:

HOW I OVERCAME ANOREXIA – “Even Bread Stressed Me Out…”

A Namibian student based in Russia shared her powerful testimony concerning how she overcame a stressful eating disorder in Jesus’ name!Frasina Testimony

“Emmanuel! Good morning brethren! I greet you all in the name of Jesus Christ! My name is Fransina Nuuyoma. I am a 5th year medical student at Saratov state medical university in the Russian Federation but I am Namibian by nationality.

“I started the water therapy the same hour the man of God announced it because it was 5pm here in Russia. It was not easy taking the big bottle in the morning but I kept telling myself that ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’. Soon, I was used to it and I am taking it with ease now.

“I had a series of challenges which all started in 2005 when I had a dream about losing weight. After some time, I really lost weight to the point where people thought I had anorexia. My appetite disappeared and I suffered stress for no reason. I became lazy that I wouldn’t cook for myself and even if food was there, I wouldn’t eat. One time I told my elder sister that bread gave me stress and they just laughed but it was real.

“I struggled academically even though I was smart from childhood till secondary school. I developed low self esteem. It was really bad! Another funny thing is that when I came to Russia, I couldn’t drink water from the tap. I was allergic to it and developed rashes instantly I drank it.

“However, since I began the Water Therapy, everything has changed! I am drinking water from the tap, not boiled or filtered as is the culture in Russia, but I am not developing any allergies. I now eat a lot and am picking up weight steadily. My skin has changed and most of all, I clean everything around me always! Now, when I sit down to study, I can read and understand. I don’t spend my day lying down anymore doing nothing!

“Thank You Jesus! Thank you the prophet of our ages, my father in the Lord, Prophet TB Joshua. My advice to the world is just to obey God’s voice. No matter how hard it is, you are not alone – Jesus is right there with you to overcome!”

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Ntshebele Lydia Mojapelo from South Africa shared this inspiring testimony with us after receiving a mighty miracle through praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV.

“GOOD MORNING! It is indeed ‘good morning’ to my health! My name is Ntshebele Lydia Mojapelo from Seshego in the Province of Limpopo, South Africa. I would like to share with you the miracle that happened to me early on Saturday 21st February 2015 at 3:45am. I was asleep with my television tuned to Emmanuel TV when I suddenly woke up and found that the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for the viewers for calmness. I joined in.

“I had a very sore neck and lower back-pain which made it difficult for me to bend or walk. It was so severe to the point where I could not go to work as I was unable to walk and the doctor put me on bed rest.

“On that blessed morning, people of God, something wonderful happened! The Mighty Hand of God touched me and gave me INSTANT HEALING! It was as if I was a new born baby after praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua! He said, “Be healed! Be restored, in Jesus’ name! I then began declaring, ‘I am healed and restored in Jesus’ Name!’ Prophet T.B. Joshua then said, ‘Check yourself! Check yourself and confirm it – it shall be permanent’.

“Moved, I then jumped out of bed and began declaring, ‘I am healed! I am restored! Defeat and failure are things of the past, in Jesus’ name! WOW! GOD DID IT FOR ME and I am still amazed!!

“When I took a bath at around 5:10am to prepare myself, I discovered the full extent of what God had done for me. I could bend easily without strategizing a position to avoid hurting my neck and back. My reflexes were fully restored back to normal. In fact, I felt like a newly born baby! No pain, no aches – nothing! I felt such a fulfillment in my body as if nothing was ever wrong with me. Praise God!

“Indeed, distance is not a barrier only if we believe and commit our hearts to God. I encourage everyone to join in the prayer whenever Prophet T.B. Joshua tells us in prayer to free ourselves from every bondage and break the chains that the devil has used to connect us to himself. It is indeed GOOD MORNING to my health, my career and my destiny, in Jesus’ name!”

Remember the prophetic word for the year 2015 – ‘Good Morning!’


An incredible testimony from Joy Ohimai about how God miraculously restored her stolen items!

“Emmanuel! I am a Nigerian currently schooling in Ghana. I have been to The SCOAN four times and in 2013, I was privileged to meet with Prophet T.B. Joshua who gave me Anointing water. In December, I was travelling from Ghana to Nigeria for Christmas and in one of the borders, we were told to bring out our luggage for inspection.

“In my handbag were my phones and my bottle of Anointing Water. In the process of trying to bring out my luggage for inspection, someone opened my handbag and stole my Blackberry Q10 phone. By the time I noticed it had gone, the person had already run away. We searched everywhere but didn’t see the thief. Confused, I still embarked on my trip to Nigeria.

“Then I said to myself that my Anointing Water was by the phone in the bag and the person still took the phone, meaning that the phone would still come back to me. I had absolute faith!

“During the Christmas holidays, I used my other blackberry phone to add the pin of the stolen phone and to my greatest surprise the person with the phone accepted the request and I started chatting with him. I disguised as another person and said I wanted to befriend him. He accepted and I said I would invite him to Accra.

“After the holidays, I travelled back to Accra. I kept communicating with this stranger with my phone until he finally agreed to come visit me in Accra. I informed the police and was given two officers to help me capture the thief.

“Finally he entered Accra and came to the spot where we agreed to meet. The police were on standby and quickly apprehended him, to the glory of God! I retrieved my phone back!

“One month later in February, I was sleeping in my room with my windows opened. On the window sill, I had the Anointing Sticker and my Anointing Water is always besides me on my bed.

“A thief put his hand through my window and picked up the SAME phone! By 2am, I woke up and couldn’t find my phone, so I rushed out to the balcony. To my shock, I met someone paralysed sitting by my window with my phone in his pocket! He couldn’t run away after stealing the phone! I retrieved my phone and handed him over to the police.

“Truly, God’s power works through the Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker! I wanted to sell the phone but I made a promise that until I come to The SCOAN and give my testimony, I will not sell or give it out to anyone. EMMANUEL!”

28 YEAR ALCOHOL ADDICTION BROKEN: Anointing Water Testimony!

Franklin Idahosa shared a powerful testimony of how Jesus Christ delivered him from a 28 year addiction to alcohol after he discovered Emmanuel TV one day in a hotel room. Be blessed by his testimony!

“I wish to testify to the deliverance I received from the addiction to alcohol for 28 years. It all started when I got a government job in Edo state in 1985. The colleagues I met in my new station were all addicted to alcohol and they pressurised me to join them. However, I later became even worse than them!

“Because of the alcohol, I was always sick and hospitalised. It really affected my health, my finances and my career but I simply couldn’t stop. In 2013, I came from Benin to Lagos State for a church foundation laying ceremony in my former church. After the ceremony I booked for a hotel. In the hotel, as I was turning on the TV, I suddenly saw Emmanuel TV. I developed interest and started watching with my wife.

“When I got to Benin the following day, I immediately installed the channel in my house and started watching with my family. Literally a week later, I came to The SCOAN where I was privileged to get the Anointing Water from the man of God. I went back home and started administering it and praying along with the Emmanuel TV.

“From that day onwards, the urge of drinking completely left me! Even if I went out with my friends who would drink, I would be taking ordinary water. My friends were so surprised and most of them decided to no longer associate with me because of my lifestyle change. For one year and eight months now, I have never tasted alcohol! I am now a strong member of The SCOAN. I have testified of this to all my friends and they are all a witness to the glorious changes in my life. Emmanuel! God is with us. Good morning!”

Thank You, Jesus Christ! If you are struggling with a similar addiction, there is hope for you – His name is Jesus Christ! Pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and receive a touch from Heaven in Jesus’ name!