Morning Water Prepares The Way For MIRACLE BABY BOY!

Jonathan Bunda Bukankala from Zambia shares how the Morning Water was ministered and brought an end to frustration and disappointment in his household.

babytestimonephoto“Emmanuel!! In 2014, my cousin was traveling from Lusaka, Zambia  to The SCOAN for prayer and deliverance. They came to my home before going to the airport and I told them to bring me Morning Water. We had been trying to have a baby for years. When they came back, for sure, they brought me Morning Water. Later that night, my wife and I prayed and sprayed the Morning Water. Two months later, my wife conceived whom I have married to for 4 years now. As I speak now she is the mother and I am the father of a baby boy who was born on 16/01/2015. Praise be to God. I just want to tell all those who are watching just to have faith in God and trust in Him to provide.”


testimony1Mr  Olatunji Dehinbo testifies to God’s mighty protection power through the Morning Water….

“Emmanuel!!! I employ the people of God to thank God for saving my life from being hit by an armed robber’s stray bullet in Portharcourt, Rivers State of Nigeria when they were exchanging gun battle with police on Thursday. I was driving along Elekaia Housing Estate when an oncoming vehicle gave a signal that I should turn back which I immediately did because I could sense danger.I decided to pass through another route in order to avoid any danger. But to my greatest dismay, I didn’t know that I was going to the battle ground between Police and armed robbers.I was already trapped before I knew what was happening. I immediately jumped out of my car and ran inside the building where I managed to park my car. Immediately I entered, the real battle started.

There was serious shooting at the front of the building and bullets hit the front of the building in the exact location where I parked my car and pieces of cement block scattered all over my car. As at that point, I thought my car was badly hit by the bullets. But I remembered that I have a permanent MORNING WATER inside the car. So at that point, I remembered the MORNING WATER inside my pocket and I immediately sprayed it on myself and my surroundings while lying down on the floor to avoid being hit by stray bullets. The shooting lasted for almost one hour. When the shooting finally subsided, one of the women in the building exclaimed that she was sorry for the owner of the car that was seriously hit by the bullets.

Emmanuel!!!!!!! To my greatest surprise on getting to my car, no single bullet touched my car. I simply removed the pieces of blocks being hit by the bullet on top of my car and drove off. Emmanuel!!!!!!! (God is indeed really with us, Amen)”


Solomon Odunlami gave a powerful testimony about the radical changes in his health after beginning the ‘Water Therapy’ as introduced by T.B. Joshua:

“In September 2014, I came to Lagos for the burial ceremony of my father in-law. By the time I came back to my base in United Kingdom, I was urinating a lot – sometimes every hour. I then went for a test and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. In November, my HbA1c reading was 9.4% and was prescribed some tablets. These medicines actually caused very severe tooth ache on a daily basis. In January 2015, Prophet T.B. Joshua advised people about Water Therapy which I keyed into. As soon as I started the therapy, I noticed great changes in my health. My health has stabilised and I have stopped using the tablets which I have used for 12 years for high blood pressure. When I went for the diabetes test in February 2015, the HbA1c reading had dropped to 5.1% which is very good. I do not have any symptoms anymore! Emmanuel!”

What is Water Therapy all about? Click here to find out more or watch this short clip:


Glory Meramba from Tanzania shared an encouraging testimony concerning the power of God touching her through the Anointing Water!

“Emmanuel! I was suffering from stomach ache which was CHRONIC ever since I was at university in 2008. Up until 2015, this problem affected me a lot because sometimes I couldn’t eat anything and whatever I put in my mouth must be vomited out. However, I was privileged last week to receive the Anointing Water from a friend who had visited The SCOAN.

“While going to bed, my stomach started turning again. I took the Anointing Water, ministered it into the mouth and said, ‘My stomach is secured by the blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Spirit’. Then I fell asleep. I had this crazy dream that a very big worm – like a snake – came out of me when going to the toilet. I woke up the next morning feeling so light and free!

“Since then, my stomach has been healed – no more pain whatsoever! Even if I don’t eat for the whole day, I still feel fine. Thank You, Jesus, for healing me. I am free! Disease and sickness are things of the past.”

What is your own challenge? You MUST get out of that CAGE!!! Pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and believe in God for your total freedom, in the name of Jesus Christ:

“I Began Drinking Alcohol Aged 3… !”

Joseph NaleoJoseph Naleo from Tanzania experienced a remarkable transformation in his life after encountering God’s power when ministering the Anointing Water.

“Good Morning! I am 36 years old. I started drinking alcohol when I was very young. My late father told me that when I was just 3 years old, I took his liquor from the cupboard, drunk it and caused a commotion at the school that he was teaching in at the time. I had my first beer in 1987 aged 9 during Christmas at home when I was living with my grandparents. That same year, I took whiskey.

“I started smoking cigarettes in 1989 when I was in primary school standard three. I first heard about masturbation when I was in standard six from my fellow students in 1992 and started masturbating around 1994/1995. I was introduced to pornography in secondary school form one and two in 1996/1997 and had been watching pornography both in magazines, videos and internet. After watching I would masturbate.

“It was a habit that I prayed over it to stop but to no avail. I expected that it would have stopped when I got married in January 2011 but it actually became worse! I chased after women and had affairs with them yet still masturbated. It was really bad.

“I came across Emmanuel TV in 2007 after installing a satellite dish when I got my first job after graduating from university. However, I was not watching it seriously. I began to take more interest early in 2012 after I lost my job. The more I watched, the more I realised I needed deliverance to get out of this mess.

“By God’s grace, I received the Anointing Water from a friend on 22nd August 2014. I sprayed and prayed with it the following day. People of God, I have not smoked cigarettes, drunk alcohol, watched pornography or masturbated ever since then! Even to sit with someone smoking, I feel irritated and the smell of alcohol makes me sick. By God’s grace, I have affection towards my wife and no longer chase after other girls. Indeed, God is mighty and faithful. Emmanuel!”

MIRACLE CHILD: Baby Girl After 21 Years Searching!

Mr & Mrs Mashume Shabangu from South Africa shared an incredible testimony about how God blessed them with the fruit of the womb after ministering the Anointing Water…

“We have been trying to have a baby after our first born who is now 21 years old. Since 1994 we tried everything but my wife always had miscarriages. The last miscarriage was in 2012 when she was six months pregnant. In all, she had six miscarriages and we had basically lost hope of having another child. However, someone blessed us with Anointing Water from The SCOAN and we started ministering it whenever we met as husband and wife!

After 21 years!

“Then one day my wife was feeling sick and went to consult a doctor. He told her the good news – she was pregnant! We didn’t stop using the Anointing Water during the pregnancy until the baby was born on the 2nd May 2014. Imagine what God can do for you if He did it for us after trying to have a baby for 21 years! Our God given daughter is now 10 months old and her elder sister is 21! You can clearly see it is God’s grace. We want to deeply thank the Lord Almighty for this gift. We will serve Him all the days of our lives. May He add more years to His servant Prophet T.B. Joshua, in Jesus’ name. Good Morning!”


Faith Komba from Tanzania shared a powerful testimony about her encounter with the healing power of Jesus Christ at work in the Anointing Water:

“Good morning! Emmanuel! I had skin warts on my left leg and they were spreading all over my right leg as well as my face. Apart from being extremely irritating, they were also very painful. I started attending a skin clinic in one of the largest hospitals here in Tanzania known as KCMC. The doctor there told me that there is no cure for such disease but they could do a treatment known as crayo. It is like burning them, so that they can disappear.

“I started that medication but to my surprise, those warts increased instead of disappearing! I attended the clinic for almost four months to no avail. One day, a friend of mine brought me the Anointing Water which she had after her husband visited The SCOAN. I prayed and ministered it in the office and then I gave it back to her. Incredibly, after just a few days, those warts disappeared! My leg is now is soft with only a few small scars remaining. I thank God and I believe the God of T.B. Joshua is the true God, no matter what people say.”

“I SAW DEATH FACE TO FACE” – From Prostitution To Liberation!

Chioma ChukwuChioma from Nigeria wrote this moving testimony of her healing from a deadly disease and freedom from the bondage of her sinful life…

“I have to confess that I lived a life of immorality in different forms. I had the problem of a fatty liver which I developed due to my alcohol abuse. I could easily finish a bottle of whiskey in a day. I clubbed, was a prostitute and lived a bad life. Even when I knew the condition of my health – that I was dying – I just could not stop! A friend introduced me to smoking of marijuana, deceiving me that it would help me to quit alcohol.

“I started smoking but I didn’t really know how to go about it and started swallowing the smoke each time. I started noticing a sharp pain on my chest and serious headaches but I still continued until the day I saw death face to face. That fateful day I was smoking and started feeling uncomfortable. I suddenly felt this breakage in my liver and my breathing became slow.

“All I could think of was the empty bottle of Anointing Water someone had given me from The SCOAN that was in my bag. Before this time, I had been watching Emmanuel TV testimonies on YouTube and kept crying out to God to arrest me. I managed to rush to my bag and get the bottle. There was no water inside but I managed to squeeze a tiny drop of water from the pipe and started praying, ‘God of T.B. Joshua, help me!’ I knew I was dying.

“I ran outside and people were watching me as I knelt down, held up the empty bottle of Anointing Water and shouted out, ‘God of Prophet T.B. Joshua, save the life of a prostitute like me so that people will see Your mighty work in my life!’ Immediately, death was quenched!

“I felt this huge shadow suddenly leave me and I was instantly uncomfortable in the house of prostitution. I told my fellow prostitute that God does not want us to live the life we were living and I packed my bags. I know something bigger was controlling me. I left the brothel back to my parents house where I am now serving the Lord in truth and in Spirit.

“I prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV and decided to go for a scan on my liver shortly afterwards. To the glory of God, my liver is now normal! They could not find any liver disease whatsoever in my liver – the fatty liver is gone. Apart from my healing, I have now stopped drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana and living an immoral life. Praise the God of T.B. Joshua!”


Badei Julius from Nigeria testified how his younger brother received a miraculous deliverance at the point of death after the Anointing Water was ministered to him…

“I want to thank God Almighty for the miracle of deliverance and salvation my younger brother received. In November 2014, my brother, according to him, he was poisoned by his friend while they were drinking. He had tried all he could to help himself by treatment and local medication but it was all to no avail. After two days, he decided to come to me that I may minister the Anointing Water because he told me he believes his case was spiritual.

“On his way coming to meet me, the vehicle which he and a friend boarded had a fatal collision with a truck carrying iron rods. When he woke up from his unconscious state, he saw his friend and every other passenger had died. He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. At that time, he was still crying for the Anointing Water been to be brought to him.

“My parents who were close to the hospital came immediately they heard what happened. My mother began by spraying the Anointing Water and my brother started shaking violently! Suddenly, an evil spirit within him began crying out – just like we usually watch on Emmanuel TV. It said that it wanted to destroy him by 12 noon that day and that it was the cause of the accident. I arrived two minutes later and saw him manifesting on the hospital bed.

“I took the bottle of Anointing Water from my mother and I commanded that spirit that was talking through him to come out! As I spoke, I ministered it in Jesus’ name and he began screaming! Suddenly, the voice said, “I am leaving” and he fell back on the hospital bed. Everybody, including the hospital staff, watched what happened and were amazed! When he regained his senses, he immediately recognised us and the whole family started praising God together. Now, he is fully recovered! I know the only reason he is still alive today is because of the Anointing Water we ministered. Thank You, Jesus Christ!”

Are you also facing demonic attack? Distance is NOT a barrier! Join Prophet T.B. Joshua in this powerful prayer and believe God for your own deliverance, in Jesus’ name:


Priscilla Brauns from South Africa testified of the remarkable miracle she experienced at her workplace, despite the scepticism of her colleagues!

“I work in an open office where we share a lot and work well as a team in the Human Resource Development section of the district office. I often share miracles and some amazing testimonies, mostly met with scepticism. They find it really hard to believe that God is able to do all that He does.

Priscilla Brauns

“Last week, my colleague who is a trained nurse, suddenly developed a severe pain in her right leg. The next day, she could not even sit in her office chair and walked with visible discomfort; it was terrible to watch her struggle. The painkillers were not helping and she was distracting us from work.

“I suggested that she go home and rest her leg but since we had important work to finish she was reluctant to leave. I took out the Anointing Water and showed her the bottle, letting her read the message on the label. She said is this holy water? I said it is not the water but the prayer that is answered. Now everyone was interested and watching as I ministered the Anointing Water! I was praying in my heart, not wanting to sound like a pastor.

“After a while she asked how long it takes before the pain goes. I told her that God works in His own time and manner, encouraging her to trust Him! She went home still struggling to walk despite taking more tablets. Next day, she walked into work normally and without any pain or discomfort! I was not actually there but I and asked the others how her leg was doing and they were all surprised that she had totally forgotten about her pain and had taken no further pain medication! The pain was completely gone and they all agreed that it must be as a result of the Anointing Water! Praise the Lord!”

What is your own situation? Believe God for your own miracle, in Jesus’ name. We encourage you to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua: