Amb Raphael Horsfall

Ambassador Raphael Horsfall, an Ambassador for Peace and Conflict Management for the United Nations at the Aso Rock in Abuja, has come to The SCOAN today with his wife, Mrs Horsfall to share their testimony of how God turned their situation around. In 2009, they came to The SCOAN for the first time. At that time, there was civil unrest and militancy was on high increase in the region they hail from – Niger Delta. Because of that, he, as a part of a delegation from the Niger Delta region came to The SCOAN for a solution and spiritual guidance to the situation in the area. They received guidance from Prophet T.B. Joshua and used that guidance to settle peace in the region. Since then, peace has reigned in the region.

The reason they are here today is to celebrate what God has done in their marriage. After getting married, he discovered that his wife began having miscarriages. She continuously had miscarriages at 6 weeks pregnancy – up to five times. They went to all the best hospitals and specialists for a solution to their problems, all to no avail. At the hospital, they were examined and cross-examined and at the end of the day, it yielded no results. He was confused and received different advice from friends and family. The cycle of disappointment continued until His wife started feeling that the marriage was being threatened.
One night, he remembered how God had used Prophet T.B. Joshua to settle peace in his region and he decided to come back to The SCOAN to seek solution for his personal problem. Finally, he came with his wife to The SCOAN and received the Morning Water before going back to Abuja. When they came back to Abuja, they prayed and ministered the Morning Water. After that, they met as husband and wife. Within a short period of time, his wife met him and told him that she was pregnant. They continued to minister the Morning Water throughout the pregnancy and today, they are here to give thanks to God Almighty for keeping the pregnancy. She is now eight months pregnant and due to give birth very soon.

He is here to appreciate God for what He has used Prophet T.B. Joshua and the ministry of The SCOAN to do not only in his own personal life but also in Nigeria. He concluded by saying that he has heard the rumors that Prophet T.B. Joshua was planning to relocate and cried out to the Man of God that he shouldn’t relocate because the people that love him in Nigeria are more than those who don’t. He referred to the Bible, where people didn’t believe in Jesus, saying that nothing good could come out of Nazareth. People have been wondering if anything good could ever come out of Nigeria and he is here to testify that something good has come out – Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Mrs Horsfall also shared her own side of the story as she thanked God for taking her thus far on the journey. Anytime she took in and conceived, she would first have a nightmareAMB RAPHAEL and when she woke up, she would see herself bleeding and then, the miscarriage would occur. It happened three times consecutively and she had already lost hope of ever carrying a baby. After coming to The SCOAN as the last bus stop, they ministered the Morning Water and then, met as husband and wife. Today, she is thanking God for breaking the cycle upon her; she is now eight months pregnant. She is advising viewers to seek first the Kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added unto you.

To end his testimony, Ambassador Horsfall explained his recent post as Senior Special Assistant to the Political Advisor of the former President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. During a time of tension in the in the run-up to the election, there was confusion and worry as to which direction to follow in the government. They had sought advice from different places and different religious leaders. Ambassador Horsfall came to The SCOAN and pleaded with Prophet T.B. Joshua for God’s opinion and the man of God clearly stated that the election had been lost and they should concede defeat graciously.

He took the instruction in righteousness back to the Aso Villa and told the president. A few months later, people wondered why the president didn’t fight back or annul the election as he had the powers to do so. This was the reason why.

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