‘The Right Hand Of God Is Power!’

Here is a wonderful testimony of a man who was healed from severe chest pains after praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. 

“Emmanuel! I want to thank Jesus for the wonderful thing He has done in my life since I started watching Emmanuel TV! A few weeks ago, I received my healing by touching the screen of Emmanuel TV as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for viewers around the world. I was having severe chest pains which had really hindered my life and ability to work. I couldn’t do anything like manual labour because the pain was so excruciating at times. There were many household jobs which my wife had to do because of the situation. I was really unhappy about it. Even when I went to the doctors, they could only prescribe some tablets which only eased the pain slightly but never brought any permanent result.

“So, as the prophet was praying for viewers, I just placed my hand on the screen and then placed my other hand on my chest. I suddenly began to feel this warm sensation within me; it was amazing. That was it! I was healed! Ever since then, I have been walking and working freely without any pain. It is a wonderful testimony!

“Also, earlier this year, I had a funny dream where I saw myself eating something. The next day, which was a Sunday, I was watching the live service and also following the Facebook updates which TB Joshua Ministries were posting regularly. One of the Facebook updates was a prayer which said, ‘Whatever poison you may have eaten in the dream, flush it out in the name of Jesus Christ.’ I think it was one of the prayer points during the Mass Prayer. I commented, ‘Amen’ on the status. A few moments later, I started feeling nauseous as though I needed to vomit. I immediately rushed to the toilet and began spitting and vomiting some strange things out of my system. I thank God for this mighty deliverance! Thank You, Jesus! I love SCOAN and Emmanuel TV.”

Peter Tole Magenyi, Kenya

Whatever situation you are in, we encourage you to join Prophet T.B. Joshua in prayer and believe God for your miracle, In Jesus’ name.

205 thoughts on “‘The Right Hand Of God Is Power!’

  1. In the presence of the Prince of Peace there there is joy, love, peace and all the GOD”S blessings. Almighty GOD must be served with all our love, strength and soul because he loves us. I pray this generation will see the importance of loving GOD and his Son. I pray that our generation shall praise his Holy name with all their heart and love for him and love for fellow man.

  2. The riches of Almighty GOD are immersurable and great. His wisdom and knowledge cannot be explained it is so vast and his decisions cannot t be understood. Almighty GOD is a great big GOD. Almighty GOD is powerful, what he says in his Living Word must be obeyed because he is love and he is good. All what he created is good. He said everything will pass away but my word will not pass away. So it is time to have a good relationship with our Heavenly Father the creator of the universe, who is unchangeable and unshakable. Allow GOD’S Spirit to take a permanent residence in your life so that you see more of his goodness.and power, He is worth of our faith.
    How great are GOD’S riches. How deep are his wisdom and knowledge. Who can explain his decisions? Who can understood his ways.

  3. Merci Seigneur pour toutes les merveilles que tu fais dans ma vie…je crois et je confesse que tu es l’Alpha et l’Omega…Merci,Merci et Merci

  4. Thank you Jesus for who you are, for what you are and for your belove son Prophet TB Joshua that you have send to save our soul from the hands of the wicked once. Me and my household we live to serve you lord. Thank you for your grace and mercy.

  5. Jesus say to me this is the year of breakthrouhg thank you Jesus for everything in my life I trust Jesus for my life thank you MAN OF GOD IN JESUS NAME

  6. Glory be to God I’m widow within ten years know, but I thank God since I started watching Emmanuel.TV my faith has been lifted up no more fear

  7. I am a ragular fan of Emmanuel TV. I thank God for the miracles he is doing. I’m praying for my own miracles through Man of God Prophet TB Joshua.

  8. Halo man of the lord…tb joshua…you are a living man full of wisdom indeed…my life will never be the same…emmanuel tv so awesome and fantastic….my daily bread…my lifestyle…i need breakthrus in my marriage,careers,destine,family,prayer life,health,ministry…love you crew

  9. Praise the Lord.My name is Tandiwe Mabote,from Zimbabwe.Ilove emmanuel tv,my testimony goes like this,my fiancee visited me in September,he is from West Africa he’s permantly in Europe.We used to watch emmanuel tv every day especially those who were prayed for the fruit of the womb.I always prayed if only the God of TB Joshua could have mercy on us and bless us with a child at our old age.Am 49 and l believe that God can do it for me.When my fiancee left,he told me that am pregnant.I believe that and l always tell myself that am pregnant,l named my child Shammah,when l read the bible l tell myself am reading it for my child,l say it by faith.When my fiances sms or phone l tell him our baby is growing,to my surprise my tummy is growing my workmates say am pregnant.I even feel the movement of a baby,l have the signs and symptoms of pregnant,Man of God remember me in prayers,l have one child,she’s 30 years old and married.People of God remember me when ever you pray to the God of TB Joshua.May God be praised,amen

  10. God is good all the time. i wish to come over so that the God of TB Joshoa should touch my life because my life is disappointment.



  13. Dear Prophet T.B Joshua

    I need a job and i cant find one bcos i have spiritual husband.I have completed my diploma this year and i ddnt get my certificate because im owing R600!Please man of God deliver me.Pray for me

  14. bonjour ,
    je vous ecris depuis Cotonou,au Benin.Je viens ici pour aussi temoigner de la puissance du Seigneur sur moi!J’etais malade , je suis venu prier à la synaguogue et je me sens bien maintenant!ma vie de couple est devenue merveilleuse.le Seigneur fais des miracles sur moi que je ne peux meme pas decrire ici.Gloire à Dieu et longue vie à son serviteur le prophete TB JOSUA.merci pour avoir changé ma vie.Depuis je suis heureux et je me sens en securité aupres de JESUS-Christ!j’aimerais que le Prophète TB JOSUA pense aussi à nous au BENIN et qu’il vienne ici pour accomplir les miracles dans le nom de JESUS-CHRIST.

  15. I thank Lord of man of God Prophet T.B Joshua.l m allway blessed by his words.May God bless you.What a gift.Thank you Lord for the life our Prophet.

  16. Brothern Just say: ”GLORY BE TO GOD” because he has choosen you to show to viewers that distance is not a barrier in Jesus name.

  17. Yes Jesus is a healer of all sickness and troubles.Let us thank him for all his goodness.Man of God Prophet T.B. Joshoua may the almight bless you always.May God hear all our prayers in jesus’might name.

  18. i believe all in my situation will come to pass in jesus’s mighty name..Amen! i watched everything about Emmanuel TV everyday and pray with T.B Joshua
    a friend gave me anoiting water and i have testimonies to give..no one has ever propose marriage to me, but my classmate from primary school class 6, is asking me to be his wife..i pay my rents and feeding without working..though i still have strong temptations from other men because of my situations, i keep praying with T.B Joshua..Man of God, prophet, please help me..i need total deliverence so i may follow Jesus as my Lord and saviour. i am tasting to serve the Lord with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my might…thank u T.B Joshua for helping drawing me close to God everyday..Man of God help me in Jesus name, not to sin again, to receive my deliverence, my blessings, my healing and my breakthrough..in Jesus mighty name….Amen!

  19. Praise the Lord,I’m Angelina from Tanzania I know distance is not barrier my left foot is suffering I dont know which is inside my footpath but in the name of Jesus I will be healed and I’m blessed Grory be to God

  20. Man of God u said distance is not a barriers.and a brother received his healing I key to all prophecy declared by God servant.before the end of this year I will give my testimony of my breakthrough….in Jesus name I pray amen…..

  21. It’s amazing, GOD is good all the time and every where. This shows that he has no limit. he is almigthy and using the rigth person on earth.Thank you lord for prophet T.B.Josua. i am bless to read this type of testimony.Prophet’s GOD is a miracle GOD.

  22. God is awesome, i was facing some challenges in life but as soon as prayed together with Prophet TB Joshua on my computer screen all is well now,thats a miracle to me and am praising his almighty for his wonderful job

  23. Thank you very much for giving me continues hopes through these testimonies. I strongly believe I will one day also circulate my own testimony to the world. I will keep watching Emmanuel TV and praying along with the man of God; Senior Prophate T.B Joshua.

    Sir, I write to request for invitation to come to SCOAN for deliverance. I am diabetic since 2008 and have also loss affection with my wife. I also have unpleasant mouth odor coupled with prolonged pains from some body disease and as a result of this I have loosed weight and size.

    I look forward to your response, Gamnje Tansah John

    Gamnje Tansah John Infrastructure Development Officer, Programme for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

    in the South West Region (PSMNR-SWR) Republic of  Cameroon. Email: johntansah@yahoo.com Tel: (237) 77 40 83 37


  24. Glory be to the Almighty God. Devil is a liar. Thank you Emmanuel TV & partners, many souls will be saved through this medium.

  25. I thank God so much for this medium of the annointing water and i also cannot thank the Almighty God enough for using my daddy in the Lord Prophet T.B.Joshua as his vessel of houner. May the Lord JEsus Christ continue to bless him, use him more mightily and most of all give him long live.

  26. I belive in the man of God Prophet T B Joshua , I thank God who annoit him with super natural power for the sake of us . Thank you prophet for the sermon and the prayer that you offer us as viewers daily .

  27. God has being awesome to us through the medium of emmanuel television .. I personaly ve dis feelngs that wen there is a problm of possess or bein manupulated by devil’s incarnet

  28. Emmanuel, Par la grace de Dieu , nous nous vivons la grandeur  puissante  du nom de Jesus-Christ..  .! C’est avac beaucoup de joie que je vien de dire , le Dieu de la parole il est avac Man of – God Prophet T.B Joshua . celui qui est le Tout Puissant ( Jesus-Christ)…..!!!  Emmanuel ,Emmanuel , Emmanuel !!!

  29. Thank you Jesus for all the miracles in your children’s lives. I am believing for a miracle, i wrote my examinations in financial accounting yesturday 17th December, 2012 and i know with God all is possible though the questions were so twisted i am believing for a breakthrough and passing in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen thank you Jesus for your mercy and favour. Lord Jesus bless Prophet T.B Joshua and all the wisemen including the entire Scoan mgt. amen

  30. GOD can turn obstacles into opportunities,you need to be patient in order to do the will of GOD and receive what he promises,Emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Jesus please review something abt my bro nicholas mukuma who has been missing for 2 two yrs now please jesus my family and i realy need your help

  32. Prophet T.B JOSHUA i am currently applying in the ghana armed forces to serve as a civilian. Please for me so that my application letter should be accepted.
    i have faith in jesus christ that he will answer to my prayer

  33. indeed the right hand of GOD is power. Distance is not a barrier as long as u believe n’ve faith.. I pray that the GOD of T B JOSHUA will keep protectin my family’AMEN.. EMMANUEL GOD’ IS WITH US!!!

  34. Emmanuel! Glory be to the one above,the one we serve in the mighty name of Jesus christ.Whatever situation in my life:my bones,tendons,blood,brain,ribs,chest,heart,legs and everything.Out! In the name of Jesus Christ! demon,evil spirit.Out in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.Out Out! This is my year of salvation.God of T B Joshua,deliver me!

  35. AWSOME!!!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!! I BELIEVE!!!!!!!

  36. Lord Jesus, thank you for the above healing. Indeed distance is not a barrier, for as long as one has faith, everything is possible with God. Jesus is the same yesterday, today & foerver. I mean it is the same Jesus of Nazareth who used to heal in those days, who is alive now. Thank you Jesus that I am also healed, protected again. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua . God bless you & the entire Emmanuel Tv team. Emmanuel! “God with us”.

  37. Emanuel!I believe tht distance is not a barrier! Man of God I am 20 yrs old and I need deliverance by Jesus christ!am suffering from the spirit of death ever since my mother past away I cnt go 2 the cemetery when I do go I get sick and I pass out! Few months back I was @the doctor n he diagnosed me wth hving water in my ovaries!@ tyms I jst get sick lik a heart attack I bcm weak n whe I go 2 hospital thy c nothing wrong wth me !man of God I believe if u cal my name on your live broadcast. AnnnaH Melinah Lebese from south AFrica the power of Jesus christ will reach me n I wll b healed n delivered 4ver in the Name of jesus christ Amen! Thank u man of God!

  38. May the right hand of Jesus through you T.B.Joshua take me out of financial problem,toshonal bar problem and any hindrance in my family in Jesus mighty name i say Amen!.

  39. Praise be to God right now I only have internet connection over my phone and I sent prayer request and this sunday Man of God prayed about the things that are afflicting my life and I saw that through tweeter and I believe that by faith I conquer • It does not matter the distance and I feel my life begining to change thank you Jesus•

  40. God of TB Joshua please bless me as you are blessing others remember me as you remember others lord bless me in marriage locate my husband for me wherever in the four corner of this world east north west and south father do that thing which man cannot do i wait to see you lord amen

  41. I thanks Jesus Christ for saving me from the hands of my enemies and for setting me friend from the desire of smoking cigarette….Because from when i started watching Emmanuel TV, I have never desire to watch any channel but would like to watch live and rebroadcast programs, these has help in building up my faith in God…Right now i am believing God for a turn around in my live for breakthrough for my career for a job,freedom in Christ in Permanent Healing,wisdom of knowing him better and Breakthrough of all my family ceases, Amen.

  42. to GOD be the glory. I thank GOD for his wonderful work through prophet TB JOSHUA for bringing back GOD’S lost sheep and delivering them from evil situation. I believe that GOD will also deliver my family too through watching emmanual tv and the rest of the family becomes christian and go to church as one big family. I love YOU GOD.

  43. I giv God ol th glory 4 ol tht He has eva dan in my lyf and evry1 else’s thru emanuel tv and Prophet T.b Joshua and i pray to God tht h gv evrythn in abundance 2 hm and th wise man,tht is,wisdom,power, grace, and evrythn they need in Jesus name

  44. I want to thank God for the man f God T. B. Joshua, he rely doing the good job. He uplifited my soul. Everytyme when i watch Emmanuel T.V my spirit lifted up. Pls man of pray for me so that people who owe me must pay me back. Thank you, God bless u more!!

  45. I’m always watching emmanuel tv in my house and while I was watching wise men praying and delivering people I prayed along with them it was during the day and I immediately fell asleep,I had a dream,in my dream I saw wise men christopher praying for me and he called wise man Daniel and john chi who also prayed for me,I fell on the ground and my body was like a stone very hard.I woke up from my dream feeling light.

  46. I tnk God almighty 4 the healing u receive through ur faith, may his name be lifted up, i pray 2 God 2 see through my problems

  47. We thank God for Tbjoshua ministries. I pray for God’s favour upon his servent tbjoshua. indeed God is using him mightly. As for me and my family we hav a lot to tell about what God has done for us thru emanuel tv. With God nothing is possible.Glory be to God.

  48. I thank God for you endeed, Jesus is the answer to any situation. He loved us and washed our sins with his own blood. If we trust on his promises then nothing is impossible to him who believes. Thank you Jesus.

  49. God bless u prophet tb joshua and your ministry for the good work of God u are doing.May God give u long life and strenght to do his work. Amen

  50. Sir(s) i have the honour mostt respectful to write and apply for prayer healing in your church.Sir, i wish that you people shoud try to pray for me in the undermentioned illnesses,gastic,waist pain,night sxe and my blessings.Sir(s) I have no time to come there now,because i am serving a master of mine and at this moment i have no time.thanks paul orji ama.

  51. this is an awesome expressng of God’s wondaful power at work by faith.. Anythng is posible if we can bu only believe in our heart even when nothng seems to be workng out.. Jst faith at work,. G G. Prophet TB Joshua take us there through d anoitn

  52. God is awesome, God is so wonderful, His is the great I’am, He is also a miracle working God. His name alone is worthy to be praise. Emmanuel!! (God is with us) keep watching Emmanuel tv.

  53. Amen! Papa you are really a Man of God sent from heaven to rescue NOT only African Nations but the entire world. Our Almighty will bless you Prophet T.B Josua to live many years than Abraham, Emmanuel!

  54. Halleluja, our God is able. If He was able to do it for him He can also do it for me. Please make sure u go and sin no more in order to maintain your healing and deliverance

  55. Amen and Amen i have also receive my breakthrough in the mighty Name of Jesus. Thank you Jesus for given me a testimony Amen. Emmanuel God is indeed with us forever

  56. TB joshua and your Team I salute you Guys. What you have done in my life is great. I will not forget continue your Good works only God knows who are his people. Pressure is coming from works of the fresh to condemn the work of the spirit cos they unable to do what you are doing. Don’t listen to this people. The more the talk the stronger you become. Viva TB joshua the ELIAJAH of today. God help me others to be humble before your word. Jesus christ you are my ROPE of survival. AMEN

  57. Deliver me from the spirit of disappointment n my family Man of God…… WAnt to be free in Jesus name!!…………. we

  58. Amen to God be the glory He is Emmanuel let His word shine on us i strongly believe in God and that he is a miracle working Father glory be to him forever and eva Amen

  59. Emmanuel. I returned all the glory to the Almighty God for delivering me from evil spirit. I used to have a dream and found myself eating in the dream, masquerade attacking me, making love in the dream and some time I will woke up to discovered that my undies has been soaked with sperm but as I visited SCOAN last two weeks ago, God delivered me and I can now sleep peacefully. In my house. Am also believing God to heal me of deadly disease that has defiled all medical knowledge before the end of this year. God is my last hope and I know He will do it for me because He has been doing it for others.

  60. Thank God for the wonderful healing to this man. May u heal me as well as am feeling pain in my legs. In Jesus name i trust u my God.

  61. many people have amazing testimonies of God’s power in their lives. I live in hope that some day God will remember me also and touch me for a new dimension in my life. I have prayed along with the Prophet, I have touched the screen so many times. I have faith in God’s power and I remain steadfast in prayer, praise and worship hopeful that God’s grace and favour will come my way.
    Thank you Lord for these testimonies for they inspire me more to trust and have faith in you.

  62. Nothing is impossible with God,faith is the heart that believes God in ordinary situation.God calleth things that are be noth as though they were (roman4v17),Emmanuel,Papa TB Joshua&the wisemen may God cause You to grow in wisdom&stature,and in favor with God&men according to luke 2v52

  63. Praise God Glory and honour go out to him. He is our healer restorer provider and more. Thank you Jesus I am delivered healed and restored in the name of Jesus


  65. M happy 4 ths man who received his healing thank u Jesus for ths prophet whc u gave us T.B Joshua and i jus pray olso to be delivered in ths murder case whch m appearing at the courts wth no evidence tht i killed sme1 i jus pray tht e man o God wl do smethg abt ths case for me to b delivered olso AMEN.Appearing again on 8 Jan 2013.

  66. I have much love on T.B Joshua & synagogue church of all nations ministry because of the mighty works God have entrust into there hands to save the lives of people around the world, more greese to there elbows in Jesusname, Amen

  67. Amen, hallelujah!! I shall continue to watch Emmanuel Tv day and night for I believe Iam and my family under God’s eyes in Jesus Christ name amen!! Thank you for sharing. God bless you Prophet TB Joshua and all SCOAN, Emmanuel!


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