An incredible testimony from Joy Ohimai about how God miraculously restored her stolen items!

“Emmanuel! I am a Nigerian currently schooling in Ghana. I have been to The SCOAN four times and in 2013, I was privileged to meet with Prophet T.B. Joshua who gave me Anointing water. In December, I was travelling from Ghana to Nigeria for Christmas and in one of the borders, we were told to bring out our luggage for inspection.

“In my handbag were my phones and my bottle of Anointing Water. In the process of trying to bring out my luggage for inspection, someone opened my handbag and stole my Blackberry Q10 phone. By the time I noticed it had gone, the person had already run away. We searched everywhere but didn’t see the thief. Confused, I still embarked on my trip to Nigeria.

“Then I said to myself that my Anointing Water was by the phone in the bag and the person still took the phone, meaning that the phone would still come back to me. I had absolute faith!

“During the Christmas holidays, I used my other blackberry phone to add the pin of the stolen phone and to my greatest surprise the person with the phone accepted the request and I started chatting with him. I disguised as another person and said I wanted to befriend him. He accepted and I said I would invite him to Accra.

“After the holidays, I travelled back to Accra. I kept communicating with this stranger with my phone until he finally agreed to come visit me in Accra. I informed the police and was given two officers to help me capture the thief.

“Finally he entered Accra and came to the spot where we agreed to meet. The police were on standby and quickly apprehended him, to the glory of God! I retrieved my phone back!

“One month later in February, I was sleeping in my room with my windows opened. On the window sill, I had the Anointing Sticker and my Anointing Water is always besides me on my bed.

“A thief put his hand through my window and picked up the SAME phone! By 2am, I woke up and couldn’t find my phone, so I rushed out to the balcony. To my shock, I met someone paralysed sitting by my window with my phone in his pocket! He couldn’t run away after stealing the phone! I retrieved my phone and handed him over to the police.

“Truly, God’s power works through the Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker! I wanted to sell the phone but I made a promise that until I come to The SCOAN and give my testimony, I will not sell or give it out to anyone. EMMANUEL!”


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  2. People of God beware of fraudsters in this page !!!

    Scoan never send out the anointing water,sticker,to people via DHL courier services,to get it you have to ask someone who are going scoan to help you,beware of thief,do not be the next victim.

  3. Good morning. I glorify and bless the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for what he has done to the life of our friend through the medium of Anointing Water for the salvation of her soul. The deliverance, the healing, the redeeming and all Gods blessings are permanent. I encourage you to love his Living Word and be a doer of his word. Read your Holy Bible and pray everyday so that you will grow. In Jesus Christ name


  5. Emmanuel! This testimony has rekindled my faith.In Dec,crooks defrauded my business of goods worth over $6000.At that time i had the anointing sticker with me.I`ve kept watching emmanuel tv and praying with the prophet up to now,next will be my testimony!

  6. by faith, i pray that every evil spirit working against my senior sister’s health and marriage is paralysed by the power of God of T B Joshua in Jesus name..

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  8. i accept with full of my heart prophet tb joshua as a messenger of God he’s real man of God.when i see him i always baptisted by holy spirit

  9. Shalom and Good Morning Prophet TB Joshua, my name is Francis Motha requesting prayers over the matter with SARS that is not getting resolved over a period of more than five years. I believe is a curse more than a debt because I have submitted the necessary documents more than five times with my Tax Consultant. I have also paid some of the money that they have claimed and those monies are not reflected or deducted. Now they have issued a warrant on 2015/02/04 but is dated 2014/09/26 which I have received on 2015/02/23 (See attached documents). Prophet I need your help!!! God bless, MOTHA FRANCIS SOUTH AFRICA

    >> “Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV Testimonies” 2015/02/24 12:00 AM >>>

    promisecarrier posted: “An incredible testimony from Joy Ohimai about how God miraculously restored her stolen items! “Emmanuel! I am a Nigerian currently schooling in Ghana. I have been to The SCOAN four times and in 2013, I was privileged to meet with Prophet T.B. Joshua w”

  10. good morning, it is written; touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm.
    all you fraudsters , thieves, witches and satanists out there , God loves you, He desires that you repent
    and turn away from your evil ways, and accept Jesus as your Lord and savior.
    choose life or you become paralyzed , the choice is yours. my sister your testimony is life changing and soul winning. to God be the glory. man of God be blessed.


    Dear Man of God,
    Please I really need somebody to help me out as I can reach the man of God physically because of distance but I hopefully beleived that distance does not matter.
    I am totally confused in life and business because of so many challenging coming to my way which I can’t really tell about.
    I need somebody to help with the anointing water here in Port Harcourt, also I need a spoken words from the mouth of the Servant of God to bless me and my business.
    I have struggle tooth and nail everyday but still nothing works out for me. Still lay my trust in God with beleive that with God All things are possible.
    I don’t really understand whom might have coursed my destiny, man of God please speak to everyone, spirit tormenting my destiny, my life and business to eliminate in my life and also God to give me more Grace to serve him more in my life.
    I am residing in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria here is my number to reach me 234 806 560 7993, 0803 696 3110

    God Bless you as you help to pray with me and for the anointing water.

    George, Okon Sunday

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