Released From Prison!

Here is the testimony of a young man whose brother was miraculously released from an Indian prison after he attended The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water.

“Emmanuel!!! My names are Mr Lucky Ikeifun and I hale from Edo State, Nigeria although I presently reside in Delta State. I was among those that attended the Monday Live Service on 1st October 2012, which is equally Nigeria’s Independence Day! When the man of God Prophet T.B Joshua was in the midst of the congregation giving prophecy to the people, the moment he came towards my direction, with faith I knelt down and raised up the photograph of my brother who had been imprisoned in India for three months. He prayed for me and touched the picture, and I also received prayer from the Wise Men.

“I was also privileged to have the Anointing Water which I went home with and continued to minister on my brother’s photograph. Behold, shortly afterwards, I received a phone call from the brother in question testifying that he had been suddenly released from prison in India. It was a real miracle because he was told when he was arrested that he could expect up to 10 years in prison if found guilty for the crime he was accused of. I want to thank the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua for setting my brother free after months of imprisonment. Thank You, Jesus!”

 Mr Lucky Ikeifun – Edo, Nigeria

164 thoughts on “Released From Prison!

  1. Pls prai for mi tht i may also recieve my deliverance from the spritual husband tht is tomenting me day and night.i believe that in JESUS name i will have my breakthrughs thru yo prayers.thank u

    • Our God and the God of our Prophet knows us and constantly we should remain in His word.Always invite the holy Spirit in everything u do no matter how small it may seem

      • God is God of miracles,children of the most high God please pray for me for break through in my life.Am always doing the same things in my llife.There is a spirit of limitation going on in life.All my friends are doing very well in life but me no elevation.
        Starting from my child wood,school life even now that am a father of four children.Help me brrak this spirt of limitation in Jesus name.

  2. The God of our prophet TB Joshua is HE the God of mercy who by His kindness looked and said withhin Himself that His servant, our prophet is the only worthy way for the solution of what ever we are asking thefore, for our problems, TB Joshua is the telephone line and the receptionist. Just obey and beleive the prophet then it is done. Praise the Lord praise Mr Jesus the Christ alelujah!!!! thank you Jesus. john charpter 3 vers 16 to 17 amen.

  3. Am a beleiver and i beleive and trust that God can use any mediam to heal it being water or mud or anything.But i for one i have a problem and you man of God can be of great help,i dont know how and what to trust because the net is used by so many bad peaple .Am ib need of the anoiting water

  4. Thanks for the released brother and T.B Joshua himself for the miraculous prayer over the imprisoned brother!Joy to all praising Jesus Christ!Amen

  5. Lord Jesus Christ is our mediator. When we are in Christ we are a new creation. When ever we make a mistake we must run to him, not to run away from him. If we have a problem or if we have sinned it does not embarras Lord Jesus Christ because he has a solution. Because he is compassionate his hands are open, calling us to come to him and have rest, peace and he also promised us many good things . All what the Lord Jesus Christ said in his Living Word is true. He is always with us he never said goodbye, he is the Alpha and Omega, the bigining and the last. when you in Christ everything you do he will be guiding you, he will show the best way to please him. and all past evil things will pass away.

  6. To prophet, Am glad to asking from for prayers and the problems is marital and evil spirits. Am here to ask if i can come for prayers. Thank you Pastor JamesZyambo.

  7. Oh Lord Jesus! you have visited us again in a different form which many can testify. Thank you Jesus, thank you Holy spirit, thank you T.B. Joshua.

  8. Praise the Lord!!

    A lot of miracles have also happenned in my life since I started following the SCOAN posts and prayer requests.

  9. Emmanuel – GOD with us. What an awesome GOD we serve he always protect his people. Thank you Almighty GOD to free our friend from prison. Let your name be glorified

  10. EMMANUEL, GOD IS WITH US. Dady, Man of God tank u 4 ur healings nd may God Bless u. Dady pls this is my 2nd times i wrote waec but they seaced my maths, this last one they seaced it again, pls Man of God pls help me, i belive through ur prayer it shall be well with me

  11. Emanuel!!!! God is with us, as distance was not a barrier to that miracle nothing will barrier my own fruit of the womb in Jesus name amen

  12. We thank God for that miracle Hes our God of everyone. He did it for Misheck, Shadrach and Abdenego. Hes the same today forever he shall be we praise God for his goodness all the time….!!!!!

  13. I thank God for everything He has done for me,I thank Him for my life, it’s a only debts that are standing on my way,please pray for me man of God,I believe God for a miracle. Thank you and stay blessed

  14. man of god indeed we are blessed to have you in our generation.deliver my son who has been bedwaiting ever since.he is now 11 years,but he bedwait everyday.iam in zambia.I believe God of TB Joshua never fails.

  15. I know this GOD Our Creator and Redeemer will intervene in my Court case and reward me because His words says God rewards His people according to their faithfulness in Jesus Christ Name.

  16. I would like to thank jesus for that, and i would like that mirracle happen to me. I want to have triplets 2boys and a girl, i have been barren for 20years,poverty,spiritual husband I declare it out in Jesus name.Amen.

  17. Dear Man of God, I m Morris Daniel From India, suffering from business loss and family life disturbance, my life is away living with her father since 3 and half months now, I m facing so much problem in life, now i m living like begger, please pray for my family life and for my business and if possible send one annoiting wrist band so that i can use it and save my family life and my business. In 2013 January I want to open new business in educational and product base business, and Financial sectors also, hence I seek blessing from God Through your prayer Can you pray for me Please. My Address is Saakshi Consultants, 151, Honey Archana Complex, Behind Raymond Showroom, Untkhana, Nagpur -440009 India. Thanking you. Please send Wrist band Please.And Herewith attached my snap along with my wife, please minister annoiting water after print out please.Because I m not able to come there in Nigeria. Your brother Morris Daniel


  18. Oh Lord you are so wonderful,Distance is not a barrier.Even my Family their can release from drinking beers.In the Name of mighty God

  19. If God o my prophet can deliver this man out of the worldly systems o injustice,opression,then i declare God o prophet TB Joshua to set me nd my household free from spirit o debts,all sorts of arrears and utility bills from 2010,i command year 2013 to be debtfree in Jesus Mighty name i receive and declare my testimony amen

  20. Bless you prophet! I thank GOD for doing wonderful things in your life & also through you for his people. I’m waiting patiently for the invitation to come & visit scoan in the year 2013

  21. Emmanuel !!! Man of God please pray for me to have peace of in my heart & understand the things of the Lord & realise that all things work together for good for them that loves the Lord & called for His purpose ,peace in my maraige,between my mother inlaw & my 2sisters in law my mother in law her name is Bertha Maria Matsietsa sisters ‘r Bervley & Ronnetta my husbands’s name is Theo Mabuza & my name is Pearl Mabuza I’m 38 years of age I’m a mother of 3 born again Christian

  22. man of God, i had seen what the almight God is using you to do, pls pray for me i have a spirit of lust, it has lead me to many urgly things. Pls man of God i need deliverance help me.

  23. Indeed to his power nothing,nothing is impossible. Thank you Jesus christ for this wonderfully Gift.
    What a grace to live in a generation with a Prophet of God. Thank you Jesus.

  24. Emmanuel! Man of God, God bless you, your family, your wise men & entire Scoan encluding me. Papa I love you very much becouse you always visited me in my dream almost three times giving me a prophecys, wise man Christopher once & wise man Daniel twice delivering me & my entire family. So this can not just go in vein I surely believe 1000% that one day I will comfirm this dreams not matter what satan might do to me, God of you Daddy Will see me through in Jesus Name. Amen, this’s my heart decision to follow your God Papa. Stay blessed. Thank u, Andrea Rashid, from Blantyre Malawi.

  25. God is great and wonderful. who can stand against the anointed prophet. i queue in line with this wonderful testimony may God Almighty release all my blessings the satan, demons and witchs have hijacked in Jesus name Amen.

  26. Dieu n’a pas changé il est toujours le même, il est capable de tout; quelle merveilleux témoignage. Que DIEU continue de bénir son serviteur et la synagogue. Cher prophète prie pour moi afin que j’ai une foie comme la votre

  27. With Faith everything is possible. You can move hills and place them some where you want. Brother thank you for your testimony. It takes Faith to have that.


  29. Praise God indeed for His listerning ear to our prayer request. Yes the brother is free indeed but this is phisical freedom. My advice and prayer for the same brother is praying for fredom of his soul-if indeeed he had done something bad the in India then he should confess and repend so that his soul can be at liberty too. Emmanuerl!!

  30. god is good all the time praise jesus i have faith that i will be the next one to receive my delivarance and breakthrough.glory to jesus

  31. Oh Lord I thank you for the life of our Prophet TB Joshua….. Dear Lord please I want u to deliver me from the spirit of fornication, gossip, enviness and all my weakness because I can’t suceed alone without you Dear LORD….. AMEN

  32. Our Heavenly Father is our LORD he did not creat us to suffer but to live a wonderfull life, Lord will always put braks to satans tricks because Our LORD He is Almighty HIS SUPREMACY is HIGHEST.
    Thanks TB Joshua for helping us be free from world of darkness,
    I pray always LORD to give you more wisdom and strengh with your entire wise mens.
    Joao Pedro

  33. Emmanuel!. Our Jesus is still living only we need is faith. If your hand out of rope surely keep to your faith.My prophet keep it up up!!!

  34. Thank ΨǑǚ ҈*ĴƐSƱS☀ for ΓĦĩS wonderful testimony, may Ɠ♡D åℓmighт¥ also give me MƔ own testimony tђαt I ДM expecting in tђє Arena of Liberty in ҈*ĴƐSƱS☀ ƇĤŔĪSŦ name amen

  35. Glory be to God! Thank u Lord for ur mercy! May u touch my life and my fiance’s life and heal him I knw Lord distance is not a barrier!

  36. Emmanuel,If God be with us who can be against us!
    Distance is not a barrier!
    Please God kindly grant Prophet TB Joshua and the Wise Men more and more Divine strength.
    Bless and protect them in Jesus’ name Amen!

  37. If God can bring dis man out of prison. I believe before dis Christmas my 4 Months and my 2010 arrears will be paid in Jesus’s name.

  38. I have love listing n watching ur program. But am not baptis. Pls i completed accra polytechnic n a holder of HND in mechanical engineering in 2008 n till now am jobless pls remember me in your prayers i know with prophet all is possible. N i believe a year by this God will make me proud.

  39. Thank God for releasing a brother from prison,anoiting water is really working,as God did to my brother,he will surely help me travel out the country Amen

  40. Indeed distance is not a burrier and may the God of TB JOSHUA continue reaching and touching us and our hearts and our souls so that we be saved. Pray for us,save us through the blood of Jesus and the Holly Ghost,heart body and,spritual and/education.GOD BLESS YOU ALL AT THE SCOAN!

  41. Glory be to jesus for this wonderfully testimony truely God is no respector of persons. Man of God deliver me from anger, gossiping and envy i have no power of my own pls Jesus deliver me

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