In his message, Prophet T.B. Joshua continued the series he had started two weeks previously, titled, ‘Works Of Faith’. He began by reading Hebrews 11:1-3, explaining that, “Regardless of which translation we prefer, the vital point is that faith deals with things we cannot see. I mean, faith relates to the invisible. Our senses point us to the visible world but faith in the actual sense takes us behind the visible to the invisible.”

T.B. Joshua 

Sharing his own personal experiences as someone who has passed through huge amounts of persecution and condemnation during his time in ministry, Prophet T.B. Joshua said that faith helped him to look beyond all of these and persevere. “The thing that keeps us from despairing is not what we see but what we believe. Faith enables us to see the unseen, thus, enables us to endure when the visible world offers us no hope, no encouragement.”

He then talked about the practical application of this message, exhorting congregants to read God’s Word with devotion and receive it in the midst of their hearts. He explained that many people only commit the Word to memory because they rely on ‘brain power’. However, “By faith, we not only commit the Word to memory but let the Word become an integral part of our being because it lives in us,” he said.



Mr Joshua Kaye

Mr Joshua Kaye came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. He prayed and ministered the Anointing Water on himself and others before embarking on their journey. That night, they were involved in a car accident. The vehicle they were driving in ran under a trailer. To their greatest surprise, no-one was injured and all the occupants of the vehicle miraculously found themselves outside the vehicle. He said that if not for the power of God in the Anointing Water, they would have been crushed to death. He was full of happiness and advised that all should see the Anointing Water as a special heavenly gift which should not be taken for granted.


Mr Dlamini

Mr Dlamini came from Swaziland to attend the service at The SCOAN and was blessed to receive the Anointing Water. A scorpion had stung his wife back home and she was rushed to the hospital, no antidote for the poisonous venom was available and her condition deteriorated. He prayed and ministered the Anointing Water to his wife in Jesus’ name believing that there is never a problem Jesus Christ cannot solve. Immediately, after the ministration of the Anointing Water, the pain disappeared and her saliva, which had started to turn a brownish colour returned to normal. The doctors were shocked at the woman’s transformation considering the fact that no antidote was given and the scorpion that stung her was one of the most deadly. Mr Dlamini told the congregation that his wife is completely restored through the power of God in the Anointing Water and showed a medical report proving her miraculous healing to the glory of God.


Mr Markus Bitrus

Mr Markus Bitrus was diagnosed with Hepatitis B and had gone to many places in search of a solution. The sickness had affected him so much that he was not strong enough to support his family. He visited The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. He prayed and ministered it and God saw him through. Immediately, his strength returned and his family rejoiced with him. He went back to his doctor to have new tests done and was told that the results were now negative to hepatitis B. He advised people to trust God in every situation.


Mrs Agwu Nwankwo

The medical doctors told Mrs Agwu Nwankwo when she was pregnant that she could not deliver without an operation. She asked her husband to come to the hospital with the Anointing Water. She was in labour for three days but was told to go back home by the doctors and prepare for an operation as that was the only solution they could offer. Her husband ministered the Anointing Water on her and about 20 minutes later, she delivered her baby without an operation. She advised others to follow suit and get hold of the Anointing Water to tackle their problems.


Mr. Samuel George

Samuel George was travelling between States for business when he was confronted by armed robbers along the way. They had already killed three people in another vehicle and he was the next target. The four armed robbers after forcing his vehicle to stop, commanded him to prostrate on the ground. They wanted to shoot him but as they were searching him for valuables, they saw a bottle of the Anointing Water, which fell out of his pocket. Suddenly, there was confusion among the armed robbers and they began arguing amongst themselves. Out of utter confusion, they ran off arguing leaving him and his vehicle untouched. He advised the congregation that they should pray before travelling and minister the Anointing Water whenever possible. He was full of gratitude to God for saving his life.


Esther Bailey & Baby

Esther Bailey came to The SCOAN with complications in delivering her baby.  After being in labour for ten days, the doctors booked her for an operation. However, being a viewer of Emmanuel TV, she decided to cry out to God for mercy and visit The SCOAN. The moment she arrived in The SCOAN, she immediately experienced strong contractions and labour pain. Wise Man Harry prayed for her in the name of Jesus Christ and within minutes the baby was delivered without an operation in the church. She expressed her gratitude to God for the safe delivery of her baby and advised that people should have faith in God as nothing is impossible for God and there is no mountain He cannot move.


Mr and Mrs Eze Obibeze & Baby

Mr and Mrs Eze Obibeze suffered from barrenness for 11 years and visited many hospitals and prayer houses in search of a solution. She said that three women in her family were also barren and realised that it was a generational curse. Each time she was pregnant, masquerades would appear in her dreams and touch her stomach and she would have a miscarriage physically.

She decided The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water, which she ministered on herself, believing that God would turn her barrenness into fruitfulness. In a dream, she saw Prophet T.B. Joshua counselling people and prophesied to her that her problem was over. Soon after that dream, the couple met as husband and wife and later went to the hospital where the doctors confirmed that she was pregnant.

She came to The SCOAN with her husband to give thanks to God for His mercy on their lives. She advised people to stay true to God through faith because He would wipe away their tears. He husband also advised the congregation that God is not partial and will visit His people in His appointed time.


Elizabeth Unamba

Elizabeth Unamba was looking for the fruit of the womb for many years after she experienced a still birth in 2002. She had visited many churches and hospitals in search of a solution to her predicament to no avail. She then came to The SCOAN and met with Prophet T.B. Joshua, who prayed for her and gave her the Anointing Water. She met with her husband as husband and wife and soon became pregnant. Mrs Unamba brought her medical reports to prove that she is now expecting.

Elizabeth Unamba

She also thanked God for another spectacular miracle in her life. As a pharmacist, she applied for a visa to Holland, to attend an international conference. She ministered the Anointing Water on her visa application documents and submitted them at the embassy. Out of fifteen fellow pharmacists who also applied for a visa for the same conference, she was the only one granted a visa. She advised people to trust in God because with Him all things are possible.


Dr Orok K.B

Dr Orok K.B., a well educated Nigerian was unemployed for eight years despite his qualifications. He applied to many polytechnics and universities as a qualified lecturer but was rejected countless times after the job interview. Even in places where he had done well in interviews, his name would mysteriously disappear from their list and he would be unsuccessful and remain jobless. As a result, he suffered from poverty and hopelessness until he decided to come to The SCOAN where he was privileged to receive the Anointing Water. He prayed and ministered it and within days was invited for a job interview at the Federal University, Wukari, Taraba, Nigeria. For the first time in years, the job interview was a success and a month later, his appointment letter was ready. He is now a Senior Lecturer in the university as well as Head of The Department of Business Administration and earns a good salary. He advised that people should be prayerful and use the Anointing Water and God would transform their lives.


Mr Ogwo Sunday

Mr Ogwo Sunday experienced abject poverty and hardship for 15 years before he came to The SCOAN where he was privileged to receive an Anointing Sticker. After he prayed with his family for a breakthrough using the Anointing Sticker he later saw Prophet T.B. Joshua in his dream who signed a document for him and handed over a car key to him. Within days, one of his brothers whom he had not heard from for five years, called him and asked him to send his bank account details so that he could transfer money for him to purchase a car. Surprised at sudden call, he remembered the dream he had of the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua. Cheerful and grateful to God, he advised people to believe in the power of God working through the Anointing Sticker and Anointing Water. He said that he never believed that he could ever be a proud owner of a car and encouraged everyone to get the Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker and God would locate them.


Chief Daniel & Family

A video was replayed showing Wise Man Daniel praying for Chief Ifeanyi in The SCOAN Prayer Line in the power of the Holy Spirit. The evil spirit within him began manifesting, saying it was a python and the god of his community. During the course of his deliverance, his wife expressively narrated how the evil spirit had totally destroyed his life and caused disarray in their marital home. She showed the scars on her body where he had used a knife to attack her, further narrating how, in a fit of rage, he had poured kerosene over her clothes, burning all of them to ashes.

There was no item left in their house which he had not physically destroyed when the anger overpowered him, including multiple televisions, fridges, furniture and assorted household items. She also explained how he was once a multi-millionaire but was now reduced to practically nothing. When probed, the evil spirit said it was the cause of his downfall, stating that it was his time to die and claimed that it had orchestrated the deaths of three others in his family every two years. Following his deliverance, Chief Ifeanyi had no recollection of what had transpired; even requesting that Wise Man Daniel should pray for him for deliverance, although he had already been set free.

The couple came forward with their three young children, joy emanating from their faces and almost unrecognisable to their appearance on the Prayer Line. Mrs Ifeanyi spoke first, testifying that she felt like today was her birthday and the happiest day in her life to finally see her husband delivered after nearly fifteen years of torment in marriage. She reiterated some of her past experiences with her husband, explaining how the spirit controlled him to the point where he would regularly force her out of the house to sleep on the streets with her young children thus being exposed to countless dangers. She had regularly planned to leave the marriage but for the sake of her children, decided to stay with him through thick and thin. She explained how when she first started attending The SCOAN, he was initially sceptical and opposed to her coming. Even when she returned with an Anointing Sticker, he would tear it up and remove it from their house.

However, since his mighty deliverance last week, she testified that he is now a new man! She said for the first time, he began to express love and appreciation for his family. All the violent spates of anger are now a thing of the past, she joyfully testified.

Chief Ifeanyi, while giving his testimony, narrated a brief history of his background, enabling viewers to understand how the evil spirit had actually entered him. He explained how he was born into an idol-worshipping home and was actually dedicated to a shrine where a python was worshipped and served. He vividly remembers an experience when, at the age of ten, he was playing near the shrine and saw a gigantic python slither beneath him. Sprinting away in fear, he ran to his father and explained to him what had happened. He rebuked him, stating that he was dedicated to that very python and it would never harm him, as that python, in fact, dwelt within him.

From that point forward, Chief Ifeanyi began seeing this large python appear in his dreams on an almost daily basis. Naturally gifted in business, he became a millionaire at the age of nineteen and was known as someone very magnanimous. However, when returning to his village, the chief priest of the shrine expressed displeasure that he had not returned the wealth he had gained to the betterment of the shrine, and pronounced that his family would slowly die every two years until his own turn arrived. Truly, Chief Ifeanyi buried three different family members in six years and mysteriously lost the millions he had earned in business. It was in this dire state that he came to The SCOAN, buoyed by his boisterous wife, and finally received deliverance.

Chief Ifeanyi testified that since his deliverance, he has slept soundly for the first time in his life, without any demonic interruptions! Immediately following his deliverance, he testified that previous business contacts began calling him and promising renewed business, further stating that he saw his wife in a totally new light, seeing her beauty in a clear light for the first time. Prophet T.B. Joshua rejoiced with the family, encouraging the congregants and viewers worldwide to see the life-changing results of deliverance in the lives of the people.




A video was replayed, showing Wise Man Racine as he prayed for DR Robert Musoro. The evil spirit that spoke through him said it was from the air, and had made the man lose his job, marriage and company in order to completely destroy him.

Dr Musoro

Following his deliverance, Dr Robert Musoro, a Zimbabwean residing in Germany, came forward to share his experiences. Dr Musoro gave a brief resume of his professional training and expertise, explaining how he held a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and worked as one of the pioneers in Aircraft Engineering in Germany. Among many projects, his impressive work included engineering design for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A380, two of the world’s largest and most technologically advanced planes. He also worked with Siemens to develop ground-breaking technology in switch gears for middle voltage, specialising in Kinematics. He also worked with Germany company Thyssenkrupp Bilstien to improve the gears on the latest Mercedes Car, the S-Class. Dr Musoro explained that was already supposed to have started lecturing as a professor in his field, but had ignored many invitations because of the spiritual attacks he was encountering.  He was accompanied by his wife, Pastor Edna who was a Cameroonian, a deliverance minister and also a nurse. Dr Musoro explained that he had four children from his previous marriage to a German woman, which had crashed due to the complexity of the spiritual attacks he was encountering. He further explained that he was plagued by nightmares and often found himself getting extremely angry and violent for no apparent cause, an attitude that had severely affected his work and relationships.

Dr Musoro & Pastor Edna

Before going further in their testimony, Prophet T.B. Joshua said that Pastor Edna met and married Dr Musoro amidst his spiritual attacks, stating that she should have ensured he received his deliverance before going into marriage. He further stated that he needed to ask God’s opinion of the marriage, considering the fact that four children were already there from his first marriage to the German lady. Dr Musoro stated that his desire was for the will of God to be done in the matter, a truth Pastor Edna also concurred with.  Prophet T.B. Joshua further stated that Dr Musoro needed to return to his continent to help development there and contribute to their scientific and engineering growth, considering his gifts and expertise. He said he was ready to go to any length to ensure Dr Musoro can reach the height of his potential to contribute to the positive development of his country and continent.


A video was replayed showing Wise Man Racine praying for a young man, who was eventually delivered from the evil spirit that had been operating in his life. The spirit in him had spoken in an eerie high pitched tone that it was from the deepest ocean and had destroyed him from youth. The spirit said it was a great bird in the air, a great fish in the sea and a supreme commander which had entered him through masturbation, embedded several demonic powers within him and used him to destroy countless people, especially beautiful girls.

Shalom and Mother

Shalom came to The SCOAN with his mother to give his confession to the world. Firstly, Shalom explained that he had never met his father, whom he learned was from Israel, as his mother met him while she was a prostitute and living a promiscuous life. At the age of eight, while in his grandfather’s house, he heard a voice instructing him to masturbate, even though he had no knowledge of what that entailed. The instant he did it, he felt an overwhelming cold sensation throughout his body, signifying the entrance of evil. Shalom explained from that day onwards, until his deliverance, he masturbated every day at least eight times, even to the point of fainting on the ground in exhaustion. It was only as his level of spiritual understanding grew that he discovered through masturbation he was sacrificing his sperm to the spiritual kingdom in exchange for demonic powers to seduce and destroy.

As a young teenager, Shalom grew steadily in the ways of the world and began using his diabolic powers. He realised he had power in his eyes to seduce any girl of his choice. In less than five minutes, he could seduce and sleep with any girl he had met, stating that as he slept with them, it was the demons within him performing this act, hence his uncanny ability to continue for many hours without stopping. Any girl he slept with was automatically initiated into the evil kingdom, their lives were destroyed and they would see him appear to them in their dreams spiritually to continue their carnal escapades.

He explained that with the powers in his mouth, he could command anyone to do his bidding and they would be forced to obey, irrespective of their stature or status in society. Shalom then exposed how satan had used him to initiate countless girls on the internet through Facebook. He had thousands of friends on Facebook, mainly female, and would entice them to remove their clothes whilst he watched them on a webcam and masturbated, thus spiritually initiating them into the evil kingdom.

He also used his diabolic powers to dupe people on the internet to the tune of thousands of dollars. Anytime he communicated with his online victims, he would masturbate and spread the sperm on his keyboard, stating that anything he typed to them would instantly be believed without questioning. Through this, he was able to accumulate huge amounts of money through fraudulent means, all of which he used to furnish his lavish lifestyle of partying and excess.

However, it was after sleeping with one particular girl, that Shalom had an experience that changed his life. The girl told him that it was time for him to join them, and he physically felt his soul leave his body and plummet downwards towards the pit of hell. At this point, he suddenly cried out, ‘Jesus!’ but the girl said that no one could save him from his certain doom. Shalom said that as his soul was leaving him and death stared him in his face, he suddenly saw a man dressed in white who commanded him to return to his body. Upon waking up in a cold sweat, Shalom began earnestly looking for solution, realising that his time to leave this world was nigh.

It was in the house of a witchdoctor, who had gone out to prepare a charm for him to take, that Shalom discovered Emmanuel TV while flicking through the channels there. It was his first encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua and The SCOAN. As he watched for just a few minutes, Shalom heard a clear voice instructing him to travel to Nigeria and go there for solution. Shalom was shocked, having never left his native Cameroon. However, the urge to go there was so strong that Shalom began planning towards it. He sold his aunt’s laptop to procure funds and left for Nigeria without even informing his family members. Upon arriving at The SCOAN, Shalom was given an Anointing Sticker and immediately started manifesting as he clutched it. With the evil spirit exposed and arrested, Shalom was finally delivered on Thursday during the prayer line.

He testified that since his deliverance, he had slept well, stopped masturbating and no longer had the uncontrollable lust and anger that had characterised his life for the last 10 years. He said he was growing daily in the ways of the Lord and thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua, the Wise Men and Emmanuel TV to set him free and save him from satan’s plan to end his life prematurely.

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  1. What else can we say for this wonderful and amaizing testmonies from the man of God and the use of anoiting water. Emmanuel may the God of peace be withb you for eternity.

    Remain blessed.

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    Man of God, thank u for this powerful massage. May the Almighty God continue to be your guide in the mighty name of Jesus Christ…Amen.

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    I honestly gain a lot and it broadens my understanding. Now I can deduce between definitions of True Faith.

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