PIERRE KALALA MUKENDI: How An African Football Legend Walked Out Of His Wheelchair!

We received the following testimony from an Emmanuel TV Partner in South Africa concerning the miraculous recovery of an African soccer legend who was struck down with a paralyzing stroke:

“I met Pierre Kalala Mukendi less than 5 months ago in Johannesburg. He arrived more than a year ago for medical care. He had a severe cerebral vascular accident (stroke) and his right side was totally paralyzed.

Pierre Kalala Mukendi“Who is Pierre Kalala Mukendi? He is a great African star in soccer and well known all over Africa. From 1964 to 1980, he was the brilliant Captain of TP Mazembe (former TP Engelbert of Lumbumbashi) who were African champions twice. He was one of their key players and later the captain of DR Congo’s National Team.

“Pierre has been sick since 1989 – that’s 24 years. He is a regular patient of South African hospitals, including a very well known medical clinic in Sandton. He was urgently brought for the first time to South Africa in 1989 after falling unconscious and staying in a coma for almost 2 months. He was discharged after some time and asked to return to Congo to recuperate.

“He was brought back again in 1991 with more complications. Later he was diagnosed with kidney problem and went on dialysis. He developed another sickness in both his knees, resulting in him becoming unbalanced and oftentimes falling down. In 1999, he had his first stroke. He was in and out of hospitals for appropriate care – which has been the case for the past 13 years.

“It was in 2012 that he had a far more serious stroke, was paralyzed on his entire right side and restricted to the use of a wheelchair. I accidentally knew he was in South Africa when one of our Basketball coaches Mr Ngoie wa Ngoie passed away. When people informed me of his condition, I told them that he wouldn’t die but I didn’t know how critical the situation was until I actually saw him. It was pathetic; I couldn’t actually believe that it was him. He was lifeless on the bed, unable to speak, barely moving and completely dependent on helpers around him.

“He had already heard of Emmanuel TV and was watching it almost every day. God used me to share with him the Anointing Water, Anointing Sticker and The Mirror. We started to encourage each other and watch Emmanuel TV together every Saturday. I brought Brother William, a fellow member of SCOAN, to pray with him with the Anointing Water. We had the conviction that Pierre will walk again!

“Two weeks later, I decided to call his son and it was an unexpected voice full of happiness on the other line! He was telling me that Pierre was now walking with a stick and was making astonishing progress, much to the amazement of the doctors treating him. A few days later when I arrived, Pierre was slowly moving without any stick and he softly shook my hand with his right hand! THANK YOU, JESUS! I went back again the next week and I felt male vigour coming back to him as he shook my hand; his voice had drastically improved. He walked with me up to the door to see me off.

“The last report he received from the doctors is simply astonishing! The operated knee is 100% healed; the operation for the second knee has become irrelevant because there is unexplained amelioration. There is no need to help Pierre to move now; even though he is still slow, he is independent. No one can explain the improvement of the kidneys. He has started to write with the hand which was previously paralyzed and is confidently shaking hands with people. His voice is back; there is no need to make an effort to listen to him. His memory is much, much better than five months ago. In fact, when somebody saw him as he was exercising by walking could not believe that it was him!

“What is happening is just crazy and unbelievable! Yes, Jesus is alive! I can just sing, ‘Because He lives, I can face tomorrow! Because He lives, all fear is gone. Because I know He Holds the future and life is worth living because He lives.’ It’s too real to be true! Thank You, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Thank the God of T.B. Joshua!”

Simon Badibanga Otshinga, South Africa


182 thoughts on “PIERRE KALALA MUKENDI: How An African Football Legend Walked Out Of His Wheelchair!

  1. Glory to God of TB Joshua is true God because is answer for every thing, i can see also in my life God of TB Joshua is the one who blessed me and my family

  2. Dear man of GOD! Lives are been transformed, changed and reberated for the good because of what GOD is able to do through you sir, i say thank you. No man can do what you are doing unless GOD is with him, thats you. I write to say, thank you, thank you for for all you do for the people. we need you on earth than ever before. GOD continue using you. GREETINGS!

  3. A friend of mine is experiencing serious setback, demonic bondage and harrassment- sickness everywhere … . But I know Jesus is going from dat situation.

  4. Your unchanging mercy and favor is appreciated and you will continue to heal, to bless, to deliver and to redeem your people. I praise Master Jesus Christ for your resurrection power which is setting people free from all the satanic attacks.

    Become an Emmanuel tv Partner and transform lives.

  5. God is a miracle working God, I trust my God and i know he loves me though am undeserving. he is a faithful God always watching over us. with his mercy we are healed, blessed, and delivered. thank you Jesus.

  6. In Jesus Name My husband is healed. I keep telling myself this because I know That God Is a healer. One day we will testify. in Jesus Mighty name. Keromeng Nyongwane

  7. I am speechless now. God really exists and his power dwells in the annointed man of God, snr prophet T B Joshua. I dedicate my all to you lord, use me in accordance with your word.Amen

  8. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. The man of God Prophet T. B Joshua is just fulfilling what the word of God says in John 14: 12-14. Please read and see what is there. That’s why the man of God is doing greater things. The anointing water has brought me so tremendous breakthroughs in the area of Healing, Finances, Career and relationships . Emmanuel! Emmanuel!! Emmanuel!!! Long Live Prophet T.B. Joshua, his Wise men, Choristers, pastors and the entire technical crew.

  9. For the past 28years my left ear has been blocked but after praying and touching the screen something like a snake came out of my mouth and my ear unblocked same time.praise be to the almighty God and the man of God prophet Tb Joshua

  10. Thank you Jesus and i believe that you will heal my brother from cancer which has affected both of his legs in Jesus name. Soon i will share the testimony.Amen

  11. God of Snr TB Joshua help me to pray for my blood. the doctors says i have TB and by faith i have asked them to do another blood taste because i know Jesus didnt say goodbye i will hear from the doctors by next week please, Man of God deliver me from this deadly disease and deliver my 2 children from asthma and severe hydrophonesis ive been in and out from hospital please, deliver my husband and my family msn of God. i promise when God do it i will come and testify God’s misterious works. thank you God of snr TB Joshua for setting me and house free in Jesus name. Amen

    • God is able to deliver you and your family.I pray for your healing and deliverance in Jesus’name.You will soon testify.God bless you and your family.
      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  12. Oh, glory!!!!!!! thanks for sharing your great testimony! it has really rebuild my faith. And I believe that me and my house will are next to be surprised with this God of TB Joshua. God bless you always Sir TB Joshua

  13. Glory be to God of Prophet TB Joshua, Lord as u turn around the situation of barreness of Hanna ,turn around my situation in my health, financies, spiritual life

  14. I thank God to give us the man of God Like you who can make the impossible possible. How will I Get the Anointing water from you.Please let me know I want it urgently for my husband who is having brain tumor, epilepsy, unbalance and dizziness. it started from April 2013. Please help me.

  15. Praise the Lord that the sick brother had already heard about Emmanuel TV and started watching it. This means faith had already grown in his heart. I need to applaud the brother who took the initiative to share the mediums of anointing water, anointing sticker, the mirror. This is what our dear Prophet TB Joshua always tells us that “Let Love lead” . We are indeed blessed to bless others. Thank you Jesus that the brother is alright now. God is really in control he sent Prophet TB Joshua in our midst, to let us know that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!!

  16. God is alive, he is good yesterday, today and forever. I thank Man of God T.B Joshua for his wonderful work among our lives.

  17. Am blessed,my family is blessed and I know that a steadfast look on the crusified one Jesus Christ our saviour is not in vain,blessed be the name of the Lord.

  18. What a Testimony!!!
    The Tools our Lord and Savior uses may be that too tiny compared to the Equipments modern day technology has invented BUT-BUT-BUT, God is MERCIFUL and by Faith, administration of the Anointing Water confirms that God is indeed at Work in His peoples life even when the issue baffles human comprehension. Jesus is LORD! Thank You Lord for healing Kalala effectually. Man of God, God Bless you.

  19. I AM FROM DELTA STATE NIGERIA:: I dont know if this is the right form or page to drope my testimony but i must testify anyway. I wont to testify of the lord goodness upon my life, i was experiencing weak erriction for almost a month after i dreamt that my manhood was been drown by someone, but after i have prayed and i dreamt, in my dream i saw wise man hanry came to pray for me, and from that day uptill date man manhood as came back to normal even more effective than before. Thank God for his mercy.

  20. I dont know if this is the right form or page to drope my testimony but i must testify anyway. I wont to testify of the lord goodness upon my life, i was experiencing weak erriction for almost a month after i dreamt that my manhood was been drown by someone, but after i have prayed and i dreamt, in my dream i saw wise man hanry came to pray for me, and from that day uptill date man manhood as came back to normal even more effective than before. Thank God for his mercy.

  21. What a wonderful testimony. Because he lives, his resurrection power will always heals, blesses and delivers people for the salvation of their soul. I rejoice with my brother of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done in his life. Lord Jesus Christ is good all the time all the time he is good. Emmanuel-GOD with us

  22. Can you please give me the date for the next prayer with water in Washington Seattle for the month of November ? Thank you.

    Francis Walelo Pastor

  23. God is so faithful even if we are not, and He never said, there will be not heal. Take all the glory LORD as You glorified Yourself in ourlife everyday. AMEN.

  24. Luke 1 v 37 For there is nothing impossible with God. Only our faith is the connection! Thank You Lord for rewarding the faith of our legend. You are a faithful God and nothing shall shake my faith and trust in You! AMEN.

  25. Our Lord is a great doer. If he could bring back life to this legend, I feel convinced that my own problems will soon be over. Thank you, the miracle doing God of T.B. Joshua. Emannuel.

  26. people of God my testimony goes like this my labour pain started on 20 october during the night after mass prayer with the wiseman and i was expecting to give birth next month then i go to hospital and now iam holding my healthy baby gal at home. and i still have faith that i will receive my negative results because iam covered with the blood of jesus.emmanuel

  27. God is great! I am inspired. My tomorrow is better than my today because Jesus is alive! Thank you Jesus…I give glory to Jehovah.. Alleluah!”

    • God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that worketh in us.
      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  28. everything is possible with God,we praise him day by day,may the Lord encount more living days to you we are always with you distance is not a barrier,Amen

  29. To God be the Glory !!!Thank you Lord, this testimony is increasing my faith level in God no matter what I won’t lose focus I ll keep on trusting God because I know He is aware of my situation and my Jesus is alive

  30. Thank you God of Senior prophet Tb Joshua for healing the footballer ,I will continue to serve you as long as I Live,thank you heavenly father , to you be the glory

  31. I always  follow  the emmanuel program  I get many things from there  God bless allof them


  32. I am never amazed at what God had done, He’s doing and still going to do in the lives of people through anything that comes in contact with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, because He, God is God. I thank God in the life of that brother.

  33. Glory to God. There is power in the name of Jesus to break every cain, where the name of Jesus is called, there is power, blessing and healing. Amen

  34. May the almighty God cont. to guide and protect his annointed one prophet tb joshua to restore lives the enemy destroyed. amen.

  35. Thank you Jesus for this amazing miracle, truly you never said goodbye I know that you are here and your second coming is just around the corner, I thank you for the man you have raised in the African Galilee (Nigeria) Prophet T B Joshua, I really thank you, all I can do it to praise you, worship you, spread the good news to win more souls and more Thomases, thank you Jesus, thank you.

  36. Our Lord Jesus is amazing. The purpose of God in our life is to be complete in everything of our lives. Thank you TB JoShua for your obedience to God’s word. If all men of God were connected and only speak the mind of God, this world have less trouble. Glory be to Jesus our savour

  37. There is nothing that God can not do.He is just everything!Jesus is alive!everyone needs to have the anointing ater & sticker,the power of God is there just believe!u will be amazed at what God can do.Thank u Jesus & glory be to The Almighty God! For rescuing me & my family from hardships & poverty.Thank u Lord!

  38. What a miraculous god what a transiparant god oh wonderfull god knees down for a job well done it is well with mr pierre thahk you jesus

  39. Oh! Merciful God, You have lovingly healed this man, please touch and heal me today in the precious and mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I pray Amen

  40. God is good and merciful. He still lives, cures, provides our daily needs and protects us from our enemies. He is a loving God. He is the same God yesterday, today and forever!

  41. I thank God for the life of Pierre and a wonderful testimony like this and also the life of T.b joshua. I pray that my mother’s and my family testimony shall be like this young man by this time tomorrow in jesus mighty name I pray and in the name God of T.B Joshua amen.

  42. Emmanuel,thank u JESUS for healing our peaple,I can see to my side that my life start changing,and my mother get a JOB,and I bought a land,GOD BLESS ME,EMMANUEL

  43. We save the living God, Prophet TB Joshua is a servant of God in Jesus Christ’s name I confess.
    There are numerous testimonies from all over the world from SCOAN that do reach the Prophet. I was healed myself of nail ingrowing in June this year by just putting my feet on the screen during the prayer by TB Joshua. I lived with this condition prior to this for close to two years. It was very painful, could not put on shoes and worse still, was out of employment.

    I thank God in Jesus Christ’s name that this illness was my turning point. I believe God loves me and used this illness to direct me turn to him. God knew He will heal it through His servant.

    May God continue to reveal Himself to His servants in Jesus Christ’s name.

    Christopher Masina, Malawi

  44. god is good all the time.man of god i was comment in your post of forgiveness photo.someone send me an sms to be beware of fraud of people who claim to be tb joshua.how can i see who is the right tb joshua or not man of god.

  45. god is good all the time.man of god i was comment in your post of forgiveness photo.someone send me an sms to be beware of fraud of people who claim to be tb joshua.how can i see who is the right tb joshua or not man god is good all the time.man of god i was comment in your post of forgiveness photo.someone send me an sms to be beware of fraud of people who claim to be tb joshua.how can i see who is the right tb joshua or not man god is good all the time.man of god i was comment in your post of forgiveness photo.someone send me an sms to be beware of fraud of people who claim to be tb joshua.how can i see who is the right tb joshua or not man god is good all the time.man of god i was comment in your post of forgiveness photo.someone send me an sms to be beware of fraud of people who claim to be tb joshua.how can i see who is the right tb joshua or not man of god.


  46. What an amazing testimony to hear this morning which is so encouraging when faced with problems. Indeed God lives we can face tomorrow because he lives all fear is gone. equally my Husband he is facing a problem at his work and i believe that the God of T.B. Joshua will surely intervene because with him all thing are possible to those who believe that the hand of God is power. Sin power over us will be broken in Jesus Name. AMEN

  47. Praise our lord and savior Jesus Christ. This is a miracle indeed. God is faithful. He still heals and restores up to this day. I love Jesus

  48. Its just awesome and wonderful. He is the King of all kings indeed. Amen and thanks to Jehovah the great. I believe that God will use this supernatural healing power to healed us of our numerous predicaments.

  49. i m afraid u have gotten the wrong ”anointed water”,Scoan doesn’t use that kind of email.I hope u were not communicating with someone on the internet who told u they r from Scoan or,TB Joshua.Alot of people are being duped on facebook and the internet by people who claim to be from Scoan.Please I advise u not to use the water u received until u confirm with Scoan if it’s real via http://www.scoan.org

  50. To God be the glory. Indeed Jesus is alive.. What have happened to Pierre Kalala Mukendi really shows that Jesus lives and He is in control of each and every situation now Pierre Kalala Mukendi can walk with no pain. Thank you Lord. I also pray and believe that God can also change my situation whatever I’m going through now will be broken in the name of Jesus. Praise the Lord. Amen

    • Thank you Jesus for touching Pierre’s life . I know that his heaing is my healing, Because Pierre’s life was changed so is my situation. Sin power over my life be broken in Jesus Name. Amen

  51. Emmanuel!!!!…..because He is alive, our circumstances are all alive!!!..the One who has healed Pierre Kalala will heal my career, finances, business, my family, and etc. in Jesus Name!!. Amen

  52. Friends are an instrument through which God reaches out to His beloved ones, you carried on the mission of Jesus (Isaiah 61vs 1-3) the ones Jesus died for; I thank you (Kalala’s friend), may God bless you in every area of need. Lets follow suit brothers and sisters in Christ. Jesus will never ever fail.

  53. lord i want to be a partaker of this wonderful revealations and testimonies of your power,i pray my lord will locate me ad heal me from my so many years of sickness that has been threatning my life,i believe God in his infinite mercy will locate me and use me as a point of contact to those with shaking faith that the is ever ready to attend to our needs,,i will be located and will be healed in jesus name distressed iwuji Augustine

  54. Thank You, Jesus. There is no healer like Jesus. The steady fast look at the crucified one will never look in vain at the great physician. Jesus Christ is that Great Physician. There is no sickness Jesus can not heal, there is no disease Jesus Christ can not cure. Our problems do not embarrass Jesus because He has a solution. Jesus Christ is the answer to all fundamental issues of lives. Thank you, Jesus Christ. Emmanuel! God with us, indeed!

  55. indeed distance plays no part when you commit your life to christ by faith.However i have a question to the effect that ,is it not possible for the anointing water to be made available to emmanuel tv partners in our countries or those nearby for easy access to those not so financially well up.i think the gap between the rich and poor would be reduced as the man of God so wishes.

  56. I request you to pray for me to defeat my enemies because i always see my enemies on my dream but i request you to pray for me so that God can destroy them.Hope everything known by my God hope he will help me.

    Thank you

  57. Jesus indeed never said goodbye,he cares for us as always and is in our midst prepared to manifest himself in our problems to those who are prepared to accept and follow him.Thank you Jesus for intervening in the life of this soccer great.Today i give my life to Jesus wholeheartedly.Amen.

  58. I tell you, the devil will put some of us in prison to test us; and we shall suffer persecution for ten days or even more!! Let us be faithful, even to the point of death, and he who is the first and the last as well, will give us the crown of life. May the name of Jesus Christ be praised everywhere on this planet, Amen.

  59. Indeed our God is a wonder working God. The bible says we should call unto God and He will hear and answer us. He said He will not leave us nor forsake us. He said He will be with us in trouble and in sickness. Our God never sleeps nor slumber. He wants us to have faith and believe that in Him and through Him, all things are possible. Emmanuel
    God bless you for encouraging our brother and leading Him to the light of God.

    Beatrice Maserumule
    South Africa
    Mpumalanga, Hazyview

  60. God is sooooooo goood to us. Thank you Jesus for ur love for us. Thank Prophet TB Joshua. God Bless and keep u for us all. Thank you Emmanuel TV Team. Thank you Simon Badibanga for God has used u to revive a dieing soul. God Bless you. Emmanuel (God is always with us)

  61. God is the King of King, there is noting that impossible for our God. God is our Savior, our shipper, for ever and ever, AMEN!!!!!

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