Here is yet another powerful testimony concerning the Anointing Water from the nation of Malawi…

“My name is Mrs Wema Mizwa; I live in Lilongwe, Malawi. I write to glorify the name of our Lord Jesus for the great things He has done to my family through the medium of the Anointing Water. Indeed, God does everything according to His words. He said, “You shall drink deadly poison and shall not die; you shall step on snakes and scorpions and nothing shall harm you”. In the book of Acts, it happened to Paul on that Island of Malta when a viper did no harm to him.

“Last Saturday, I had made up some fire from wood to heat up water for the family to take their bath. As I was trying to collect some firewood which was heaped under a tree within our courtyard, a snake just came out of the woods and I moved backwards screaming to alert my husband and my brother who were just nearby. At this time my 11 year old daughter was playing some distance from where I was and got interested to see what was happening. As she rushed towards us, she too stepped on another snake which was lying underneath some dry grass along a path.

“Since she could not see it she stepped on it with all her force. The snake immediately lept up and bit her on her left foot. It then started to run away at high speed. A neighbour who was just nearby also saw the snake. He ran over, shocked, saying that it was a very poisonous type and my daughter needed immediate medical attention. She started crying and blood was oozing from the bitten area. Knowing how serious it is to be bitten by a snake, I knew that only faith in Jesus and His Grace was the way my daughter would survive. We had heard several cases in my area of people losing their lives through such poisonous bites.

“Before any first aid was given to her, I quickly took out my Anointing Water, sprayed it on the affected area and made her drink some in the name of Jesus. I was doing that while praying and meditating on the words and promises of God, remembering what happened to Paul on that island. I knew with faith in my heart that through the Anointing Water, all the snake poison had been neutralized and no harm would come upon my daughter. We decided to take her to the hospital so that she can receive an anti-venom injection.

“While we were driving to the hospital, I kept on praying and reading the Word. Surprisingly, I felt very relaxed as if nothing serious has happened; even my daughter kept asking me why we were taking her to the hospital after ministering the Anointing Water because all her pain had gone! I told her that there was no need for her to worry as I didn’t want me and her father to argue about the issue. I encouraged her just to wait and see how things would end up.

“We arrived at the first hospital but did not get any treatment as they said they did not have any treatment for snake bites; they only referred us to other clinics and pharmacies. We spent two and a half hours going around clinics, pharmacies and other veterinary clinics looking for the anti-venom drug to no avail. We were advised to go to the government central hospital where they put her on a fast running drip as they had no anti-venom drugs in stock.

“The clinician told us that normally all patients with snake bites are admitted into the wards for observations to check for any effects associated with snake poisons like swelling, shocks, headaches, heart running very fast and the like. However, my daughter had none of these symptoms. After running the drip for less than an hour, the clinician said he saw no reason of keeping her admitted in the hospital so he discharged her and gave her some antibiotics to take for some days.

“To the glory of God, she is completely fine – no swelling, no headaches, not even a single side effect! My daughter even refused to take the antibiotics; she only ministered the Anointing Water. Indeed, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is the one who rescued Paul and He has rescued my daughter today. There is nothing too hard for my God: Praise be to His Holy Name. May God continue to strengthen and bless you Prophet TB Joshua and your ministry in Jesus’ name. Without the grace of God in the Anointing Water from your ministry, we would have been saying something else about my daughter.”

Mrs Wema Mizwa, Malawi


  1. Emmanuel – GOD with us
    GOD you are good your love endures fore ever. I glorify your name.You alone you are our rock and salvation. You are our fortress.

  2. Emmanuel – GOD with us

    Hallelujah I praise his Holy name

    Almighty GOD expresses himself through the medium of the Anointing Water. Many people who have ministered the medium of the Anointing Water have received their breakthrough, deliverance, healing and many other GOD’S blessings for the salvation of their soul. GOD expresses himself through any medium.

    There is only one Heavenly Father who is the creator of all things and the one whom we live for. Who is merciful, who loves us and he is good to us. And there is only his son Lord Jesus Christ, through whom all things were created and through whom we live.

  3. The Most High King who is eternal, immortal. invisible be honored and praised for giving us your Son, so that the humankind is set free from all the attacks of the devil, he came only to destroy, to make people suffer in so many ways. But your Son came to give good life in abundance. He is the only way the truth and the life. everyone who comes to him will have good life in abundance. May the name of your Son, Lord Jesus Christ be glorified for the life and love he gives to the humankind and may he be honored fore ever and ever.

  4. Thank u Jesus for healing the girl please lord have mercy on me to finnish arrangement to visit SCOAN. How can we confirm that the supply of anointed materials are from SCOAN an nt from Fosters because in watching Emmanuel TV i heared announcement about forster please give me directives.
    Stella TZ

  5. thank you Jesus for saving the little girl’s life. To God be the glory. anointing water is everything gud we can think of. I believe all those who hope in the Lord are never shamed. We are under his eyes. Jesus is working miracles for us. am praying for a miracle that my nephew Sunta be delivered in Jesus’ name. he is everything bad u can think of. he drinks and smokes at the age of 13. he steals from home to sell to fund his drugs and alcohol addict. people of God pray for this boy i still have hope Jesus will surely change him to a better person. thank your Jesus

  6. Prophet T.B.Joshua you are very important in our generation, I pray that our Almighty God continue to protect you, Bless you, Guide you, Direct you and use you up to your oldest age. I bless the Holy name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Jesus Christ.

  7. Who else is able to set the captive free? Who else can open the eyes of the blind to see? Who else can set the captive free? It is only Lord Jesus Christ of Nazaret. Emmanuel – GOD with us

  8. Annointing water administration is one sure weapon of protection of one’s deliverance, healing miracle and all. Talk of breakthrough and miracles, it is a blessing, heavenly hyssop.Amen

  9. God is good all the times and always doing wonders to our life thanks God to give us Man of God Prophet T.B Joshua in jesus name AMEN…….

    • God is great and is good at all times thank you Man of God the prophet in our generation for being available for God to use you so mightily.


  11. We also need help man of GOD in Zambia we are in need of anointing water we heaving a lot of problems.Last time I was told that men of GOD the wise men are praying for me.Am asking for support to to have permit to visit Nigeria church of all nation .I can buy a ticket when you call me. That’s my prayer to make a visit.GOD bless you all.Amen hear from you.

  12.         Emmanuel!people of God it is a wonderful one through the anointing water anointed by God through our father in the lordship prophet TB Joshua.Even though i am not opporturn to get the anointing,i believe i am going to receive my healing,deliverance,breakthrough hrough the anointing power of God;for prophet TB Joshua has made it clear and declear distance is not a barrier.     may Coninue to bless his people.Amen    

  13. glory be to God for he has used your daughter to activate our faith. I so believe in the power of Almighty and will want to have my own Annointing water. Please help me to get one for me and my family.

  14. I am so happy that this testimony is from my own nation, Malawi. Thank u Jesus Christ for saving the life of the girl. You`ve saved the Malawian leader of tomorrow. This is what we call true love, love that sees no boundaries. I mean anointing water to come to Malawi to change lives. I also thank the coordinator Prophetess Patricia Lungu, Emmanuel TV Partners. Thank you for taking this initiative to help to change Malawi. Your presence to this generation Prophet TB Joshua, is of great help. God has really intervened, I mean you `ve come at the right time. Thank you Holy Spirit for anointing water! Thank you Prophet TB Joshua & God bless you.


  15. Your email address is not the valid email address of Emmanuel tv. Please stop damaging the image of the church for your own selfish deeds . Repent from your ways and stop deceiving innocent people.

  16. To God be all the glory well what can l say with God nothing is impossible he does things in his own way what a mighty God we save To our Prophet T.B. Joshua may you live long though l v no opportunity to have this annoited water but one day l will in Jesus name

  17. Just by praying & touching the screen something like a snake forced itself out of my mouth and my left ear which has been blocked for the past 28years unblocked,I thank the great GOD almighty and the man of GOD prophet tb Joshua

  18. EMMANUEL,GOD WITH US i just want to thank GOD for what he is using our father PROPHET TB JOSHUA to do in the life of people,and i pray that the GOD OF HEAVEN SHOULD KEEP HIM UNDER HIS EYES IN JESUS NAME AMEN


  20. Oh God of T.B Joshua, if this is your power let it resign in my life. I need you Lord, Remove every shame, sorrow, setback, disappointment in my life, Let your mercy speak for me and your favor locate me. Satan will over my life be broken in Jesus name Amen. Thank you Jesus for answer prayers

  21. God is good all the time tyhis lady has faith on god wheh she was spraying Inionting water and god has answer her prayer glory to god

  22. greetings from Botswana.

    Mightyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Jesus.

    MAY GOD BLESS YOU, KEEP U Healthy,Strong and strengthen you PHT. TB JOSHUA.
    SCOAN stay Blessed.

    Father Lord without you we are nothing.

  23. Glory be to God! May Gods grace,annointing and blessing be upon pastor T B Joshua.
    How can I get annointing water in Kenya?

  24. Glory to God! I thank God for the miracle. May Gods grace,annointing and blessings be upon the man of God Pastor T B Joshua.How can I get the annointing water in Kenya? Joanne

  25. Any situation if you involve Jesus will be settled and I am very happy to hear this testimony to be healed true anointing water in my own country Malawi apart from my own way of watching and playing along Man of God T.B Joshua .Thank you Jesus and thank you Mrs Wema Mizwa for your testimony .God Bless you all.
    Dickson K. Banda –Dwangwa – Malawi

  26. Emmanuel,

    I write to inform you that I did send my monthly contribution for the month of September on 26th September, 2013. It is my sincere hope that it was received. Please confirm.

    The contribution was sent through Ecobank Zambia. Sending No. RT0843294357; My Customer ID being 0842293589.

    My wife and I are very grateful to God for the opportunity to participate in this unique ministry of the Holy Spirit through His servant Prophet TB Joshua.

    Indeed, Better is not enough, the Best is yet to Come!

    Mr & Mrs Mundyongo & Family.

  27. Is any too hard to the Lord?faith is an attractive force that makes christ to manifest in and on somebody .may the good Lord be glorified. Long live Prophet of the most high God ,TB JOSHUA.WE LOVE YOU.

  28. God is yesterday ,today & forever indeed.Lord u are so wonderful.i praise your name.amen.God bless prophet TB JOSHUA and his family.

  29. TB Joshua is a God sent angel without you where would we be even if those in Nigeria are the ones that are more blessed than but i know that 1 day he will be able to reach us and my suffering will be over in the mighty name of Jesus Amen

  30. TB Joshua is a God sent angel without you where would we be even if those in Nigeria are the ones that are more blessed than but i know that 1 day he will be able to reach us and my suffering will be over in the mighty name of Jesus Amen.

  31. Praise the our Lord!

    Jesus is good for me and my family. Based on the prophecy given by prophet T.ffB Joshua in the bigining of this year about cars and houses. We prayed abou.t it and God gave us the car.
    I my self was working as registered nurse in foreign country praise the Lord for the opportunity which I didn’t dreamt of.

    Praise the Lord
    Miriam Vorperian

  32. That’s wonderfull with God nothing is impossible.I thank Jesus for the well being of your daughter .Praise be unto our Lord and Savior Jesus.your faith Ma really has set her free.

  33. Indeed,our God is surely the Jeahovah OVER-DO!!!!!! He changeth not! What a mighty God you are O Lord! I proclaim that you are God and I key into this testimony,again I’m next to be celebrated! Emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Thanx man of GOD for the gift of anointed water,we thank GOD for his mighty works through the medium of anointed water.l really cant wait for my testimony the all world will hear and see.amen

  35. God be the glory, praise the Lord. He is yesterday today and tomorrow. Thank you Lord. I am also waiting for mine.Praise the Lord.

  36. Glory be to God, to His power nothing is impossible. God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit will continue to guide man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua in Jesus’ name amen.

  37. Thnx God for giving us your wonderful son Jesus Christ…..everyone who believes in him will not perish and we thank u for the man of God TB Joshua he delivers us from all calamities in Jesus name

  38. Thank you Jesus for your ressuration power and praise you our Lord for sending the prophet in our generation, what a gift God has given us. My prayer is for God almighty to continue using the Man of God our prophet T.B Joshua full time.

  39. Thank you Jesus. I pray that by the same grace In the annointing water and Prophet. TB the lawsuit I am going for today wil be dismissed in my favor becaused it is based on falsehood.In the Mighty name of Jesus I pray. Amen

  40. indeed God is wonderfully we thank Emmanuel tv and Prophet TB Joshua for their wonderfully works through jesus christ and anointing water.

    • just to say thank Jesus before you see, The God of Prophet T B Joshua will see you thru in Jesus’name.Emmanuel. Jesus is a mighty God.

  41. There is no problem Jesus Christ can not solve, “Only Believe” Mark 5:36 All things are possible to him who believe. I believe, therefore, I can see. The world says seeing is believing but the word of God reverses the order in John 11:39. When you believe you will see the glory of God. And you do not see and see the glory of God. Jesus Christ, You are wonderful. Thank You, Jesus! Emmanuel!

  42. Nothing is impossible to His power i rejoice with you and praise the Lord what a God we worship awesome God indeed Emmanuel my faith is lifted up

  43. the wonderful works of God are amazing indeed,and his name needs to be glorified everyday.God is a God of impossibilities,these miracles remind us that God is still here for us even when we fail to acknowlddge his love for us because of ignorance.Let his name be glorified forever more.

  44. Distance is not a barrier <> wrote:

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    promisecarrier posted: “Here is yet another powerful testimony concerning the Anointing Water from the nation of Malawi…

    “My name is Mrs Wema Mizwa; I live in Lilongwe, Malawi. I write to glorify the name of our Lord Jesus for the great things He has done to my family through”

  45. Indeed let’s praise God for all the things He does for His people. Snakes are very dangerous and many people have lost their lives because of their dangerous poison. Mrs Mizwa where are you in Lilongwe because i am also a Malawian based in Lilongwe, Kawale, and in need of the annointing water. I have a critical problem which requires God’s intervention. My email is Please respond to me.

  46. Wow what a wonderful God we save!my sister iam very happy for your family because when you have anointing water that means you have everything in life coz u are having the real power of God,and the God of tb joshua is good all the time.please my sister help me to have my annointing water,help me how to find the annointing water.i will save the God of tb joshua for the rest of my life.

  47. Our God never fails. All we need to do is have faith,believe and trust in Him. Glory be to The Most High God. Praise The Living Jesus! Emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!

  48. We thank the Lord for this miracle. It is an ideal thing to keep some Anointing Water. The question is how does one get hold of Anointing Water?

  49. Hallelujah, Glory to the God of Prophet TB Joshua!!!. Where would we be if Jesus did not give us a man of God of this caliber?. I am amazed even by the faith of the little girl! People of God invest the Word of God in young children and it will produce faith that is even going to boost the faith of their parents. I am a nurse, I know how deadly is a snake poison, this is clear that this was Gods intervention through the medium of anointing water.
    Emmanuel, Praise Thee God who is always with His people!!!!!!!

    • Hi sis Thandeka I’m in need of medical report which country are u I’m in South Africa Cape Town seeing that u r a nurse maybe u can help me please. 0613495356 thts my no thanx.

  50. What I Know et The Bible has told me is Nothing is impossible with God Plus Anything which has come into contact with a real Man of God Prevails over darkness,I am happy the daughter of my compatriot was rescued!To God Be The Glory,Indeed By it Fruits You Shall Know SCOAN et Prophet TB Joshua

  51. Thanx man of God for the anointed water and praise to lord my sister and please send me your email address i need to talk to amen

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