EMMANUEL TV TESTIMONY: Something Forced Itself Out Of Me!

Here is yet another testimony from an Emmanuel TV Viewer who received a powerful healing in Zimbabwe as she prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua.

“Emmanuel! My testimony goes like this: When l was growing up, l used to have abdominal pain. This worsened when l started my menstruation 16 years ago. Every month during my period, l was always taking pain killers to the extent that l could not walk upright because of the excruciating pain. Sometimes I would just to have lie in bed all day and night because the pain was simply too much. Doctors said they couldn’t do anything except provide me the pain-killers.

“In May 2013 l was watching Emmanuel TV when the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for viewers. I touched the screen by faith and prayed along with him. My prayer was very simple: God’s intervention in my case! As I was praying with him, I began to have a strange sensation – my entire became itchy as if something was trying to force itself out of me. I became drowsy and went to sleep. That night, l slept like a baby! I woke up to realise that the pain was gone! From May 2013 to date, I am completely free. I don’t take any pills during my period and I am so relieved. I would like to thank God for this miracle and also the man of God Prophet T.B Joshua for allowing himself to be used by the Holy Spirit to deliver people who are in bondage through Emmanuel TV. Thank you Jesus, for healing me!”

Ms. Gladys Mutambu, Zimbabwe

203 thoughts on “EMMANUEL TV TESTIMONY: Something Forced Itself Out Of Me!


  2. Glory to god i wish god can help me… I need a job so that i can take care to my family… nd i have a period pain problem that start ten years ago i feel so much pain dat can make me nausea nd vommiting nd that can make me not to get a kids pls man of god help mee

  3. I wound like to give glory to the lord God almighty for using prophet TB joshua mightly in my life.I used to suffer and I used to face hardships in my life until my wife asked for anointing water from her friend from her work place she ministered it to me after few days I had a financial breakthrougth nd it ws difficult for my wife to concieve I thnk God

  4. Please pray for my baby girl she is 19 days old she has shoulder dystocia and she can’t lift her right hand dey say its because of right hand nerve got pressed during delivery please pray my baby lifts her hand justike the other hand I cant see her like dis she is my life plz pray she moves her hand automatically


      • God is the great my sister. Let us just put all our problems before him, he’s great and he never get tired. As far as we know that, even jesus tell the people to be like one of the little one, i command in the name of jesus, i say let the baby rise the hand today and praise the lord, amen.

  5. Glory to GOD in the Highest. Distance is not a barrier many souls are being saved through Emmanuel.tv and you are one of them. My sister make sure you mantain your blessings so that it will be well with you.

  6. porfa escribir me las cosa en espanhol

    El Viernes 18 de octubre de 2013 20:42, Distance is not a barrier escribió: WordPress.com promisecarrier posted: “Here is yet another testimony from an Emmanuel TV Viewer who received a powerful healing in Zimbabwe as she prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. “Emmanuel! My testimony goes like this: When l was growing up, l used to have abdominal pain. This worsen”

  7. Mathew21:22
    If you believe you will receive what ever you ask for in prayer.

    I thank the Lord for his goodness which endures forever. He is the greatest physician which no one can compare with. When he heals you he heals effectually. When he delivers you he delivers you effectually when he blesses you he blesses you effectually. Just believe and see what the lord can do in your life.

    Psalms 54:7
    For he has delivered me from all the troubles and my eyes have looked in triumph on my foes.

    Many children of GOD has been delivered from all the afflictions through watching Emmanuel. tv through praying along with Man of GOD when praying for the viewers.

    Keep watching Emmanuel .tv and pray along with Man of God and receive your healing deliverance and your blessings from the creator of the heaven and earth.

  8. Thank you Emmanuel.tv. For many people are being healed, delivered, blessed and many their faith is being raised by watching Emmanuel.tv. I rejoice with you for being delivered through watchimg Emmanuel.tv. Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of GOD and of Jesus our Lord. Keep watching Emmanuel.tv so that you see more testimonies and see what the Lord has done in peoples lives. Emmanuel – GOD with us

  9. Man of God help me i dont have any school opportunity but iam through with my secondary education i passed but i was not taken to study at any college.Glory be to God amen

  10. Good day man of God, my name is Kabelo Mokolobe in Botswana please man of God pray for me i want my business to be success and i also want to get married to my lovely wife soon.my address is PO BOX 435,Tsabong and my cell phone no is: +267 75869716

  11. I need brake through in my life and light from God upon my husband me, Joy, Jolly and my brothers,siaters, parents and relatives. May God bless U more in Jesus Name

  12. we hope God almight is able to the man of God long life so that, we can see the power of God through him,Amen

    • I thank God that in every generation ever, He placed his servants and now we have prophet TB Joshua to speak out the mind of God to men. my family and I are always revived by Emmanuel TV. My prayer is that He should grant you long days of your life.I also like you to pray that I find financial support to let me go for my masters degree at one of our national University.
      Hector Nkawihe

  13. Emmanuel.tv is doing great things in the lives of people. Distance is not a barrier Lord Jesus Christ is everywhere. Where can you go from his presence? No where. My sister rejoice because he loves you and he is good all the time to you and to everyone, he created. Smile he loves and have faith in him, because he is also faithful. Emmanuel – GOD with us

  14. please man of God pray for me i am in a crises now,people that can be able tohelp me they turn their back on me and i want to further ma study no one to pay for me now all i need is a job i need a job please i would love to pray along with you,i hav been applying for job but nothing and if got through i will not come out of interview please i would love to join you in prayers.i pray that one day it will be my testimony amen

  15. EMMANUEL,GOD is with us,I thanks GOD for my lfe and my family life,GOD is still taking control to heal me from alcohol and snaff,GOD bless me with a car and this month he bless me with the land to build.EMMANUEl,thank you MEN of GOD please pray for all my family

  16. emannueeeeeeeeeeeeeel glory to be God my testimony goes like this i was trapped in darkness, my life were full of sorrow and tears everyday and i thought that my life was over. Especially when i look to my kids i was just crying. I saw a miracle God today when i went to hospital to do blood test and i was afraid because i was told that iam hiv and i tested neg i cried like a baby today i glorified my god inside the hospital. I was sending prayer request everyday to scoan today i saw my living god and i also thank anoiting sticker that i was using all the time. Thank you god of tb joshua.

  17. Emmanuel!!! I know my abdominal pains is not different from what I have read and I hope I would be completely healed too, Amen.

  18. Praise the Lord for His goodness is beyound man’s understanding His promisse is our salvation through Christ and Christ through the holy one the prophet of this generation; His excelency Generaral TB Joshua the power of God to solve all our problems is here: Please world people wartch Him, believe Him and trust in whatever comes out of his saying, God is talking. Thank you Jesus; Thank you Lord for your mecy and kindness.

  19. Emmanuel! Emmanuel!! Emmanuel!!! and Amen! Amen!! Amen!!! Indeed distance is not a barrier to the Holy Ghost to travel to locate any believer. I am very happy and rejoice with my sister. I have also been praying along with Prophet T. B. Joshua especially on Sundays and I must say that, I have received healing in the area of constant headaches, contract opportunities, Travel opportunities and favors, Financial breakthroughs and many more. I would use this platform to thank the Man of God who I personally believe is God-sent to come and deliver, heal and bless us. I have been using the old anointing water and by faith keep topping it up when it’s about to finish. This still works for me. Thank you Prophet T.B. Joshua, Thank you Jesus Christ and Thank you all workers of the SCOAN. Please join the Emmanuel T.V partnership and God will richly bless you many times your monthly donations .

  20. wish you man more years to come man of God. TB Joshua may you help me to be strong infront of God. i am weak i need deliverance in Jesus name. Emannuel…. i wish to reach Lagos one of the days for the man of God to help me. I am from Zimbabwe

  21. To God be the glory indeed the age of Glory Healing Demonstration in power and mighty is not yet over glory be to Jesus Christ..Amen

  22. I really thank God for what He did in the life of our sister! Honestly the availability of Prophet TB Joshua to our generation has helped us a lot. And it is always my prayer that God should increase his powers more and more. I used to have similar problems they also went by touching the screen. This is the reason why I rate him to be 100% genuine Prophet, Prophet TB Joshua. Because I cannot imagine the fire you catch when you pray along with him. God bless you. Amen!!

  23. Wow distance is not a barrier at all. Emmanuel. tv has done it again. Many people like sister Gladys Mutambu are being set free from the hands of satan by just watching Emmanuel.tv and praying along with the man of GOD Snr Prophet T B Joshua for the salvation of their soul. I rejoice with my sister for what the Lord Jesus Christ has done into your life. May the good Lord Jesus Christ bless you without measure and read your bible and pray everyday. Where can we go from his presence? No where.

    Keep watching Emmanuel.tv and see what the Lord Jesus Christ can do for you and your faith to grow.

  24. Thank You Jesus Christ. You are so wonderful, my problems will be solved in the same manner this sister of mine was delivered, amen.

  25. Our GOD is an awesome GOD he reigns fore ever. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for what you have done in the life of our sister. You are worth

  26. I thank Gog for his mighty works through prophet TB Joshua.The Lord shall never do a thing without telling his servant. God bless all believers and He should continue addressing our heart desires. Distance is not a barrier.

  27. I thank the God for the Channel of Emmanuel TV for us who are still far away to Nigeria. i like all that God is using the prophet for us who had no idea what it takes to follow Jesus or to be a christian. But through this Channel aim getting better and better. Surely God did not say by bye he still lives even today and he is the same


  29. Emmanuel!man of God pray for my life,pray for my relationship and for me to get a wel paying job….in jesus name i receive

  30. i have a child when she was six years,she will develop a kind of a itchy rash very fast it will appear all over her body. i will take her to the doctor, when we got there no more rash. and the doctor told me to take a photo when it appears again. i did take photo n the doctor said he will run tests to see whats bothering her.

    test came out that she s alleged to egg white and dairy products.

    but i said my God in the mighty name of Jesus you are God and you can do it for my daughter. i tell you she is now nine years old, born 04. she is completely healed. no more running to doctor.

    Jehovah is your name.amen

    • Amen and Amen my dear!!! We praise the God of Prophet T.B Joshua for such amazing intervention in the life of your daughter. You know, the devil has been troubling humanity about sicknesses that are said not to be curable,but we thank God He gave us His Son and His servants like Prophet T.B. Joshua to destroy all the works of the devil in Jesus Christ Name Amen!!!

  31. Man of God deliver me from all what hinders me and grant the holy spirit to throw over me,may God grant me wisdom,knoledge and understandin in jesus name

  32. indeed jesus is still with us. I have sent an email to you requesting for anointing water and I believe I will get my own copy in jesus’ name.

    • well i think God is with us can you imagine all these miracles coming , please my sister am also having some problems with my wife tell us how we can meet the power of God through the man of God

  33. Awesome God, locate me and touch me through emmanuel tv. I know its not possible to visit SCOAN due to poverty. Distance is not a barrier, Father, break all the chains satan has been using to connect himself to me. I pray in faith through Christ Jesus’ name. Amen

  34. I have to thank all Scoan team in London for the way they handling people….I thank everyone for my delivrance. My dream is to pray in SCOAN LAGOS along others church members, Prophet TB Joshua and Wisemen…The GOD of Prophet TB JOshua is real…

  35. Oh lord JESUS have mercy on me. viewers GOD does not want us to lack because he is a great provider and he can give us abundant life. there for trust him.
    when you have a need, don’t limit God, allow him to provide for your needs because he is a great provided. Devil does not die, a christian need to cast the devil out, because Jesus Christ cast evil spirit and demons out of people’s body. my dear praise GOD. MAY HIS NAME BE GLORIFY. if you believe this, chare it God will deliver you.

  36. Indeed Distance is not A barrier. “The better is not enough the best is Yet to came”. Hallelujah,My situation cannot condemn me because Jesus is Alive. Emmanuel.


  38. Praise the Lord;They that wait upon the Lord will never be ashamed.In Jesus Christ My Sister your life deserve the Best.Jesus;Jesus;Jesus that’s the Name I have been gave by the Heavenly Father.


    • Hebrew 11 vers 1. Faith is assurance of things hope for and evidence of things not seeing. My brothers and sisters when we believe and have strong faith our case is over. There is nothing God cannot do no matter how situation you are today believe that God can deliever u

  40. someone he is happy that he infect me with hiv/aids and my unborn child and this mean iam going to die and leave my kids with no one to take care of them. But i hope i will receive my negative results only God knows he will never say goodbye.

  41. give me you lord give me… you give me you i hope iam not too late..lord give me you everything else can wait lord give me you…..singing…. have mercy on me my lord i ask your mercy and favour . I know i sinned.i always see those sins.don’t push me away! And don’t take your Holy spirit away from me! @ Amen

  42. Thank you Jesus for breaking this curse upon her life. Let your name be praised forever more. May the most High God continue to bless man of God prophet TB Joshua in Jesus name Amen

  43. Those who trust in The Lord are like Mount Zion which can not be shake but endures for ever, so praised be our Lord Jesus Christ for that testimony, Amen.

  44. AMEN!!!! He is a miracle working God. I would also like to share what the Lord did for me. In 2010 I became pregnant but the pregnancy could not be seen in the uterus & doctor said it was most likely in the tubes and he wanted to operate and remove the only tube I had left as he said it would burst and cause me to bled to death as the baby grew. I asked if I could come back in two weeks as I was about 4 weeks pregnant, he agreed, upon reaching home I call the prayer line and after two weeks went for a scan and was told my baby was now in the womb. And a few weeks later I started bleeding I went again to the doctor and he told me the chances of me lossing the pregnancy were high because of the last operation I had early that year. I called the prayer line again and the bleeding continued on and off until I was about 6 months pregnant & all the times my doctor said there was nothing he could do to stop the bleeding but behold my miracle baby is now 2 years 6 months. Thank you for praying for me, my doctor also calls my baby a miracle one. All glory to God.

  45. I have been reading testimonies of viewers through Emmanuel TV and believe my own testimony is on the way.If I had not went through hell fire , I may not have been seeking the face of God . Other passed through what I experienced and had pass away, thank you Lord Jesus for giving me another chance

  46. Thank you Almighty God for sending a prophet in our generation. i also want to share my testimony. i was once a chain smoker and a drunkard but as i prayed with Emmanuel.tv something forced itself out of me after the prayer and the urge for smoking then vanished up until today i am free from that bondage. Praise the Lord!

  47. I thank the Almighty and All knowing God for this great testimony, and also pray that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ also give me financial breakthrough and Divine connections in my job, carear and business for people see me as a rich man but can’t boast of a N100,000 (Hundred thousand naira) in my account. Lord Jesus have mercy on a poor sinner AMEN

    • On Saturday, October 19, 2013, Distance is not a barrier wrote: > Samuel Usoro commented: “I thank the Almighty and All knowing God for this great testimony, and also pray that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ also give me financial breakthrough and Divine connections in my job, carear and business for people see me as a rich man but can’t boa” >

  48. Praise Lord, people of God, name is Wankyo Raphael from Tanzania,I have problem which I need God intervation in it , since I grow 13 years now, every month I experience heavy pain during manustration   period in my waist and stomach sometime I go twice a month.

    I have been prayed much but no change, using pain killers but some time they do not work and now I’m real thirsty for healing  but I do not know is when, please pray for me I want to be healed. please help me. Thank you and be blessed.

  49. Thank u Jesus Christ. U remain d same ‘U changeth not. Jesus Christ has change my life thru emmanuel.tv. May God strengthen Prophet T.B JOSHUA. And give him more grace to do HIS work in JESUS NAME” AMEN.

  50. I join u in appreciating God and His Prophet TB Joshua. I pray for my family deliverance and breakthrough as well in Jesus Name. Any shackle of stagnation in (Feslen Nig Ltd) my business be shattered IJN.

  51. Inded, our lord is so great full. When we pray together with our father in the lord prophet tb joshua with faith, every thing is possible in jesus’name

  52. I too have received countless healing from watching Emmanuel TV ipray one day I will be able to testify of Gods goodness in my life.

  53. Thank you lord Jesus for your never ending love. I pray that one day this distance will not be a barrier for me as well. Becouse for. While now I feel something coming to me in the night like a person this thing drains out my enegy I feel week I can’t move to a point where have to shout in my sleep if someone ears comes to my room and turn on the light that’s when it will leave. Through watching Emmanuel tv and listening to others testify about spiritual husbands I can’t help but feel like I’m a victim of this as well. Lord Jesus my prayer is that you do not pass me by remember your mercy upon oh lord I beg you my lord.

  54. my sister distance is not a barrier if you have faith.i am happy for you.tb joshua god bless you more.touch my life and my baby ,set us free in jesus name amen.

  55. my sister distance is not a barrier if you have faith.i am happy to you.tb joshua god bless you more.touch my life and my baby ,set us free in jesus name amen.

  56. Glory be to God for you are awesome -thank you Jesus for you are always available to each and every problem, and thank you the Holy Spirit for you always speak on our behalf to our mighty Father who created Heaven and Earth-thank you for hearing me from Diabetes you are everything my LORD-thank S.Prophet. TB JOSHUA. And the Entire Members of Emmanuel TV and SCOAN

  57. Amen as the Man of GOD always says distance is not a barrier if you only believe I am happy for your deliverence. Emmanuel.

  58. Our God is awesome! There is Nothing impossible with our God. Thank you TBJoshua for every now and then prayer on Emmanuel TV…I appreciate the prayer. May God continue to use you and the Wise men in Jesus Name.

    • On Saturday, October 19, 2013, Distance is not a barrier wrote: > Eunice commented: “Our God is good,i thank him for ur healing sister” >

    • On Saturday, October 19, 2013, Distance is not a barrier wrote: > chilonga kasaro commented: “To God be the glory for the healing of our sister” >

  59. Man of God I need a financial breakthrough in my and a Good job in my life and i also dreams bad dreams,i love to stop smoking and drinking,God will bless u and. Ur ministry and give u wisdom to Cary all ur children’s alone

  60. I need financial breakThrough in my and good work in my, I love to stop drinking and smoking and bad dreams in my lifetimes, may God bless u and ur ministries and God will lift u high above ur enemies

  61. Emmanuel, people of God seeing the scoan would be a dream come true,i am nswana muzenze based in zambia in a town of chingola,i enjoy seeing God at work in the scoan ,and i have wished that one day even a few seconds i should step my feet in scoan.I have always wanted an emmanuel tv sticker and anointing water but i have no source at all hence i decided to download a sticker from the internet and i immediately saved it in my phone ,a few weeks later we had a protest over the salary increament at my place of work.The campany reacted by firing all its workers for the unlawfull strike which i was ane of them.People of God the next day i was approached by the manager of another campany personaly and asked me to work for him immediately to join his campany.the next morning i was at work and no longer part of the protest and i am enjoying the new job so far.Many people have applied to this campany but there is no responce until now.Glory be to the almighty heaven father Jesus christ.

  62. Man of Gog, please pray for me. I was helping the needy, hospitals, street children and orphanage homes in Ghana which I sent a 40 ftr container this year but everything turned to problem. I have to borrow money from people to claim the container from the harbor. My life has been stagnant which I don’t know how and where to get the money back to the people. I also have a Filling station and a Restaurant but there is a hole lot of problems. I sometimes don’t feel like being in this world, but thank God for the Emmanuel TV which has given me so much courage. Bless you, Emmanuel!

  63. God is still faithful, thank you Jesus for using Prophet TB Joshua at this Level, I believe that my case also will not escape your Anointing in Jesus Christ Name!!

  64. My father had been having very very weak eyesight for over 5 years- I can almost say he was almost blind . We took him to an optician seekiong for his assistance. The optician examined my father’s and informed us that one ot my Dad’s eyes had become so bad that nothing could be done to corect it. I send a prayer requst for my Dady’situation toThe Man of God Prophet TB Joshua and he prayed for my Dad from Nigeria while I am here in Zimbabwe. We took back my Dad to the optician and the eye that had been ruled out to be useless is the one he is now seeing with. With faith, distance is not a bareer. Please lets giv God the Glory.

  65. Man of god don,t forget me in ur prayers, i trust that the god thatdid for others will surely do it for me man of i need delivarance and breakthrought to me and my entire family in jesus name

  66. Thanks be to God almighty for redeeming us from bondage to freedom, also thank prophet T. B. Josua for availing himself to be used by God to transform many our lives. GOD BLESS the man of God, the wise men, the prayer warriors and the Emmanuel team, Emmanuel!!!!

  67. man of god prayer for me my life is unstuck noright .my life iz case and my childrens also their lives iz n,t goods.prayer 4 my father to change his live so tht he cn loves ur our mthr died in 1985 and our father dn,t like us.and iam havng also my son suffr 2 epilespy and brain tuma andmy daughter she is laizy to stdy she iz in grade 9,mybrthrs and sistr ar they sick.and iam also bt iam stuck in 4 sbjects.iam stuck to gt the right man 2 marry me bt ther is one man wnt 2 be marry bt we ar n,t sty 1 country am namibia he iz 4rm italy bt he feel and hve faith 1day he wl cme 2 meet me at my countRY MAN OF GOD PRAYER 4 ME SO THT THS MAN CN CME MRRY ME AS HE DO HS PROMISES.MYLIFE IS IN MESS WHAT EVER IAM TRY AM N,T SUCCEDNG THTSWHY NW ENOUGH IZ ENOUGH.

  68. Howdy
    I am one of Emmanuel TV Viewer and what now I need is true deliverance that’s why in most of my comment I ask man of God prophet T.B Joshua to assist with anointing water .
    God bless you all ,.
    Dickson K. Banda

  69. pray for me man of God i need your intervention i know that distance is a barrier. Dont forget to call my name when you pray

  70. I realy need your prayers man of God up on my family my monther,my sister and my nathew their all sick and i need a job that i can manage to help my family help me lord be be blesed.

  71. Thank u lord for bringing back the dead situation from my sister to normal &also put my dead situation in ur hands so tht my life bcome normal in jesus name amen & i would like to thnk man of for allowing the power of god to work in his body

  72. I was also an ulcer patient but was delivered via the intake of the anointing water at my dad’s first visit to the SCOAN… I have downloaded prayer clips on internet and used to pray along with Him in spirit and in fidelity on daily basis but at times, intermittent… I thank God a lot for giving man the grace to do all these via His helps…
    Emmanuel, God with us… Shalom…

  73. Thank you Jesus Christ The GREATEST EVER LORD TO BE WORSHIPED, I want to say thank you Prophet T.B Joshua for allowing his True worshipers to control and maintain reputation of this beautiful prophetic ministry able to cater for everyone through HIS GREAT LOVE FOR ALL OF US. LET INFINITE BLESSINGS CONTINUE TO REIGN TO ALL WHO FOLLOW HIS MESAGES, preachings, prophercies, advices and more testimonies about what is happening in Zimbabwe is yet to be known, in his time.

  74. To God be the Glory! My life has also changed for the better since I started watching Emmanuel TV. I have gained spiritual knowledge that has answered so many of my problems! I thank God for Prophet TB Joshua. Emmanuel!! Congratulations Sister Gladys!

  75. Emmanuel!!!! Our God is a faithful God. what seems impossible with men-doctors and specialists is possible before him. He has done it, and He will do it again and again.
    Prophet TB Joshua a vessel of blessing to the world.

  76. Amen.The lord is really alive and proving his mighty works at Scoan.Please Prophet T B Joshua pray for my family to receive total deliverance as we watch Emmanuel tv this sunday-20/10/13.

  77. Amen. I too have felt something moving in my stomach when T B Joshua was praying for the views and I agreed with the prayer that I am free and I am delivered in Jesus name.



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