‘They Didn’t Even Knock At Our Door…’

This is a testimony of a couple who experienced God’s Divine protection in their lives after placing the Anointing Sticker on the door of their house. Thank You, Jesus Christ!

“Emmanuel! Our names are Mr & Mrs Emmanuel Onuorah. We are Nigerians but reside in Benin Republic. We want to testify about the goodness of God in our lives. On Friday 7th December 2012, armed robbers came to our house around 3:30am. They entered into the compound, robbed every flat in that house and took their valuable things away. However, to everybody’s surprise, they didn’t even knock at our door or steal anything – and we had the Anointing Sticker on our door!

“Everybody who knew about the incident was astonished when they saw how everyone else had been robbed except us. Even the police men that came after the robbery were asking us what happened and why such ruthless and notorious robbers didn’t enter our house. We showed them the Anointing Sticker we received last time we came to The SCOAN and testified how God protected us from the attack.

“We want to thank God for what He has done to us through the medium of this Anointing Sticker. Right now, as I am talking to you, all the neighbours in that building – both Muslims and Christians – are asking us to give them the Anointing Sticker one by one. They are even begging me to place it on the gate. In fact, it’s really a reminder for us to remember the message from Prophet T.B. Joshua on that Sticker – ‘Let love lead.’ I pray God would give us the grace to let love lead in our lives. Emmanuel! Indeed, God is with us.”

Mr & Mrs Emmanuel Onouorah – Benin Republic

200 thoughts on “‘They Didn’t Even Knock At Our Door…’


    Acts !: 8
    But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be my witness in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.

    Lord Jesus Christ before he was taken to heaven he had told the Apostles that when the Holy Spirit comes upon them they will be filled with power and they will be his witnesses for him in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. (Lord Jesus Christ is also talking to us)
    The Holy Spirit, the wonderful counselor will teach you things and remind you of everything.
    The prophetic messages do not come from the will of man but Prophets prophesy when they are under the control of the Holy Spirit as they speak the message that comes from God.
    When you anointed with the Holy Spirit and power you would love to do good, because everything that belongs to God is good and it is good for you
    I encourage the people of the Most High God to look after your body since it is the temple of the Holy Spirit whom you have received from God. Be born again and be converted so that the Holy Spirit may dwell in you. The Holy Spirit strengthens you and it is available to everyone who wants to know more about God and it is available to anyone who wants to live a Godly life.


  2.  my name is paul obebeduo am from nigeria ,delta state  i want to share my testimonies what God have use the anoitning water do in my life. i went to the embassy ministry the anoithing water and i got my visa which will enable me get my stay in ukraine ,and also since then i minister the anoitning on me every day. i stated get off my set back am very happy. God bless  senior prophet t,b joshua.and his ministry. Amen

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  4. En effet, le Dieu du Prophet TB Joshua a “…etablit Sa tronne au ciel et IL execute Sa justice en faveur de tous ceux qui sont oprimes” Psaumes 103! Une kyste au poignet de ma femme disparue apres avoir pose sa main sur l’ecran de la television lors de priere par le Prophet! Nous sommes burkinabe vivant a Ouagadougou. Ma femme avais 2 kystes sur chacune de ses pognets depuis plus de 20 ans! Aux Etats Unis elle s’est fait operer la main droite en 2006 pour $8,000.00. Nous avions donc decide de laisser l’autre – main gauche – compte tenu du cout. Nous sommes au Burkina cela fait deux ans et demi. Nous avions commence a recevoir l’emission Emmanuel TV et chaque fois que le Prophet priait nous repettons apres lui. Cela nous a procurer beaucoup de bienfaits que nous ne pouvons pas tout lister ici. Mais il y a une semaine, nous nous sommes rendus compte que la kyste sur la main de ma femme a disparu! A vrais dire, elle ne savait pas exactement QUAND la kyste a disparu! Nous retournons toute la gloire a notre Seigneur et Dieu JESUS CHRIST et remercions son Prophet et les partenaires d’Emmaneul TV pour cette chaine avec laquelle la “distance n’est pas une barirere!” EMMMMAANNNUEL! Les Psaumes 103 precise que “Dieu a revele ses voies a Moise (Prophet) mais Il a manifeste ses actes a son peuples (notre famille)”. Que le nom du Signeur soit loue a jamais! Famille KERE Ousmane et Tsehaye, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

  5. Emmanuel! MAN OF GOD,i thank u for giveing ur self to be used by God Almighty.
    Thank To Our God for choosein u.amen.Daddy,i knw sayin dis is nt Gud in the eye of Faith but i hv to say it cus, what is going on here! Look at them in the eye of faith is nt gud.(1) the head sleeping with people wives and dather.(2)nt working on the way the man of God ask.(3)the ask the worker nt to say a word about what is going on in the church.
    Pls SOS

  6. Emmanuel, MAN OF GOD,i thank u for giveing ur self to be used by God Almighty.
    Thank To Our God for choosein u.amen.Daddy,i knw sayin dis is nt Gud in the eye of Faith but i hv to say it cus, what is going on here! Look at them in the eye of faith is nt gud.(1) the head sleeping with people wives and dather.(2)nt working on the way the man of God ask.(3)the ask the worker nt to say a word about what is going on in the church.pls SOS

  7. anything that is thinkable God is able to do, just administered the anointing water, the world should wait for my mind blowing testimony.

  8. just got the anointing water and sticker, pasted the sticker on our door,about 45mins ago, people of God expect my testimony

  9. h i need yo prayers,man of God,i,ve bn married for 12yrs bt i’ve no child.pls help me,remove the evil spirit following me,it is destroying me and my family.

  10. Praise the Lord!! Of course the medium is important but faith is even more important and both should be emphasised in our testimonies. Don’t they say not all who say Lord Lord will enter the Kingdom? So, your faith and the sticker worked together in this instance of deliverance.

  11. How great is the love and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, which he gave to the people and Honorable people in Authority in such a large measure. Because he died for our sins.

  12. Please help us ,those who can’t afford to travel to SCOAN with stickers and annoitting water. How I wish I had these precoius gifts. It has shown that poverty is big barrier . Please help me, Find a way to assist.

    Vincent Bwanasani Malawi

  13. I thank Lord Jesus Christ who is faithfull towards his people. He is always protecting his people through the medium of the Anointing Sticker. . He is the Prince of Peace. His brightness of his presence will be with you forever and his dominion will be forever more .


  15. God is with us all the time.It is wonderful testimony
    Thank you TB Joshua to help the world, now we can see the Light of God know more darknerss again we have light of God

  16. Praise Lord. the Annointing sticker is so powerfull as it is also doing miracles in my own house, there was a bug of flu in every household but I thank God for the sticker not even any of my children , husband and myself got that flu and the enemy is very angry because of the sticker as their plans are not working because of the sticker inon my wall the the lounge. So the enemy always acusses me of witchcraft and acusing me of destroying them but when I prayed I was reminded that the sticker is making you have enemies because whatever evil they plan against me its not coming to pass but them are going down and nothing is moving in thier lives. So please its a MUST HAVE STICKER IN YOUR HOUSE ON YOUR CARS TOO with the stikcer no weapon formed aganist you will prosper

    My prayer request is for Man of God to pray for me so that the truth comes out and pple to see that my enemies who accuse me of witchcraft and destroying them where being used by the devil and God to have mercy on them. The person’s name is Peter he has caused my parents and my family divide into pieces from the day his business collapsed and started blaming me of everything. And because my hands are clean I am not afraid because God is on my side and Let God’s will be done so that my family can be one again

  17. My name is Yeshi-Emebet Tadesse.  I am following these testimony.  Is there any way that the Emmanuel TV may provide me and my family with one (1) single sticker? Only one sticker will do a miracle.  Please I beg you in the name of Jesus. Please!


  18. Thanks lord Jesus for everything done in our dairy life,miracles happened everyday here and there,let us unit by the blood of Jesus Christ,touched me Lord in Jesus Name Amen.

  19. When the angel of darknesses passes by to destroy he will see the mark of God’s children on their doors and he will pass by as the territory is marked for God’s attention by the Anointing Sticker which speaks the Blood of Jesus Christ and the Consuming Fire of the Holy Spirit! Praise the Lord! Wow what alife lifting testimony!

  20. We serve a living God, and if God is with us no one can be against us. I Praise God for manifesting timely in their life through His Anointed Man, Prophet TB Joshua.


  21. Halelujah! Suis sans voix. S’il vous plaît aidez-moi comment puis-je obtenir les autocollants onction et l’eau d’onction sans visiter le scoan? Peuvent-ils être envoyés parfois?

  22. I have never been to SCOAN physically but spiritually I am always there. I have never used the anointed mediums physically but spiritually am using them everyday. I must confess that my spiritual life is never the same as it was before I started watching Emmanuel Tv.There is mighty anointing in these mediums(stickers and anointing water)

  23. Halelujah! Am speechless. Please help me how can i get the annointing stickers without visiting the scoan? Can they be sent sometimes?

  24. I thank God for the propection he offered the family, since we are under his eyes all the time and He protects us all the all and it is His promise to take care of us always.

  25. I am not suprise when ever I come across testimony of such. On the month of june this yr I visited scoan And was privileged to recieve the anoiting water. Brethren what i have in stuck as testimony is much more than i can share here.


  27. Truly God work through the anointed sticker.have never had the chance to come to scoan but with my believe I know God has placed one on my door amen.

  28. God is ever protecting his children. He said in His Word, He will never leave thee or forsake thee, He is with us even till the end of the age.

  29. he is a great god who z able 2 deliver his sons &daughter 4 he didnt fail to create us with all our needs or wants. i say he z able he z de same yesterday 2day and forever. Thank u Jesus de king of all de kings de shelter of de shelters & i dont know how 2 say thank u. should i say thank u wholest standing,sitted,asleep bt the best is to kneel down 4 he said 4 as u mention de name JESUS!every knee wil bore down before de king Jesus robber had de fear dat if they way touch de door,house or de sticker they were going to delivered from robbing as wel as kneeling down before de king Jesus.thank u glory be to our beloved father who is in heaven & who z able amen

  30. Thank you Jesus! SENIOR PROPHET TB JOSHUA i don’t know how to bless and thank the lord for your life to be a blessing for the whole world . My blessing cannot do anything for you but one thing i know is God is your provider in JESUS name

  31. Emmanunel man of God i thank God for the life and works for T B Joshua and Wise Men please am need of Anoiting water and the sticker please help me Man of God

  32. Thank u Jesus. We love u Lord. We pray for more anoitin and power upon the Man of God. My God use him more to carry your light to the lost souls the world over. Amen. Man of God we cherish and love you..

  33. Wow! wat a faith lifting testmony. God is still saying something thru Prophet TB Joshua. He is our spokes person that God has anointed. I thank God 4 the protection. Am protected 2. Thank u Jesus. Emmanuel! (God is indeed with us) He will alwz b there to protect us. He is awesome. God bless u Prophet TB Joshua.

  34. what a wonderful testimony .The mission of jesus confirms the separation bwtn christians and pangas .since we belong to christ let love lead

  35. All things are possible,I would love to thank the man of God for his obedience saying yes to God in order to save sooo many lives in Jesus Name

  36. Praise The Lord for His protection.
    I was given the anointing sticker by a workmate. I sometimes have bad dreams but whenever I place it under my pillow I don’t have them at all. Thank you Lord for using this medium.

  37. Emmamuel! To God be the glory. May His servant-Prophet TB Joshua receive more power to protect God’s folk from satan. Continiue showing the world that just as much as The Angel of death spared every Isrealie house where the blood was smeared on the doorpost on the night God freed them from Egypt, Christ’s power protects us from all evil only if we believe and have faith in Him. The annointing stiker’s power lies in our blief and faih in Jesus’ ability to protect us from satan.

  38. To God be the Glory, our God is wonderful and works in mysterious way, My Lord u deserve all the praise nd worship, Thank you God because we are always protected in Jesus name. Amen

  39. i jest want for heling and befor Emmanule team pray to me he say you are drivecr yes i am drivers .i blive God now my dokter agen you take kimo trpey i say i dont hav i am drivers .God halppe me i am tird 4 years i need come Emmanuel plsss send to me visi

    thanks God for all amen

  40. I just want to thank the lord for what he has done to my life the faith that I have & also the prayer for prophet tb joshua where I was working I was a temp but now I’m parmanet praise the lord. From Yvonne

  41. God is good all the time. May God Bless you, man of God. I’m here in Lagos with you. I hope and expect tomorrow to see you. I know, you’re working with God. May God provide me His faveur and use you to you to locate me.

  42. The Lord says i am with you always. Thank you Jesus for the life of Prophet TB Joshua. He is Elijah of our generation. Emmanuel

  43. I had the same experiences where the thieves also entered my yard. they were four In total. To my surprise they passed through three doors of the main house of which two were opened, and choose to break into the flat at the back of my house. They stole a handbag and cellphone of the tenant. They could not come into the main house as we have anointing stickers in the house.
    Thank you Jesus .

  44. God is good al the time and all the time God is good and nothing is impossible wirh Him to those who believe.WE thank God and five hin all the glory!!!Live long PRophet TBJoshua!

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