A pastor based in Zimbabwe shared this practical testimony about how following Prophet T.B. Joshua’s instruction concerning ‘Water Therapy’ has revolutionised his spiritual life!

“I am a pastor and I want to thank God for the recent revelation Prophet T.B. Joshua shared with us concerning ‘Water Therapy’. After I had started, the Lord ministered to my heart to fast and pray for a period. By the special grace of God, I fasted 9 days and 9 nights with this water therapy! Incredibly, I never felt hungry! In fact, I even gained weight in the fast and my strength seems to have increased!

“Those I told about my fasting never believed it because they expected me to be skinny, to have lost weight and be feeling very weak! This is a big miracle for me. I have tried fasting many times but even after one day and night without taking fluids, I would be exhausted and have to stop. During the first day of the fast, I was expecting to feel tired towards evening time but there was nothing like that. I carried on from day 2 to day 3 and then on to day 9! I even doubted at first if I was actually fasting but I quickly remembered the Words of God through His prophet T.B. Joshua that fasting should not stop us from taking water. Please share my testimony to as many people as you possibly can, in Jesus’ name!”

To learn more about ‘Water Therapy’, please watch this short clip:


  1. before i started using water therapy i used to wake up with painfull joints at first i thought i was stretching myself during morning jogs. I tried using all forms of pain killing medicines to no use until i tried the water therapy.

    within a week all that pain was gone

    Glory be to God

  2. Before I use to feel pain all over my body when I get up from bed in the morning even feel weak but since I started the water therapy ,no more pain am strong now and my body fresh am getting lighter all Thanks to Almighty God for revailing this to to our papa in the Lord .Obey the word of a prophet and you will prosper .Emmanuel God with us Thank you Jesus Amen

  3. Papa should help me,i’am a father of 7children,I have 3daughthers in d Niger institution.I need Daddy’s assistance on my daughthers education because as a salary earn of 20,000 I could not feed my family again because I took a loan of 110,000,from FCMB when one of my daughther got admission in Nov 13,This loan turn to 240000,with d payment of 18,000 every month,leaving bejing 2000 for home.My wife also took govt-bank loan of 500,000 because of our first daughther OLUBUNMI ADEBIYI now in her final year in UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS UNILAG, DEPT OF ESTATE MANAGEMENT. This loan is been service by my wife uptoday.All this has rendered me incapatcitated.Atimes I feel like committing suicide I HAVE NO FOOD, NO CLOTHES, NO FRIEND,NO FUTURE.UNABLE TO FEED MY FAMILY AGAIN. KINDLY HELP ME PASTOR T.B.JOSHUA. PLS DONT LET ME DIE.JESUS CHRIST WILL CONT TO HELP U SIR.MY NAME IS ADEBIYI ADESINA PETER. NO.11,ADEGBOLA STREET,AKURE.ONDO STATE.MY PHONE:- 08034460703. THANK U SIR.

  4. Glory be to God Almighty! I watched since day one when the Prophet addressed Water Therapy to all viewers globally, I had just started taking medications for my kidneys something was wrong with the kidneys. Since that day, I never stopped taking the water and I am doing great. May God bless you all people of God, Hallelujah! I am blessed and redeemed! Amen!

  5. Whatever from the mouth of GOD is a blessing to me. When God speaketh, the wise listen. Help me LORD to keep on hearing Your Word and be the doer not a mere listener. Water therapy is just a blessing added to what God had already given us. May the GOD of Prophet TB Joshua continue directing us through His Chosen one. Emmanuel

  6. I started last week and its doing wonders in my life. All the pains l used to experience in my body has vanished. l feel light and constipation is no longer a problem to me! Thanks man of God Prophet TB Joshua, indeed God is with us!

  7. When I
    do weter therapy do i need to fast or i can eat in between ?? THANK VERY MUCH , PETER MZACANA NDLOVU IN JO-BURG

  8. This water therapy is a wonderful blessing God has given us through the Anointed servant of God; senior prophet TB Joshua! I bless God for his life, may God add more anointing and favor on his life and ministry!! Amen!!

  9. I had plans on going to the mountain tomorrow to fast but I’m not financially ready to travel to the mountain thank God for this testimony I’m going to do this for 3days…I’m just 18

  10. When Jesus instructed Peter to put the net again he told Him about what usually n what had happened before but Jesus was not intrested on that but He wanted them just to follow the instruction n as soon as they decided to follow the instruction oooooooh they saw a testimony. Let’s just follow the istruction from the man of God n testify n be testimonies. Am now getting addicted to the water thherapy n what makes me happy is that my 5 year old daughter is able to take the 750ml with no stress n she is becoming healthier like never b4. Thank u man of God for allowing God to use u to change our lives sooo mightily.

  11. In the past, we were living without a shepherd,but now, God has sent us a shepherd who is caring for his flocks and that is Prophet T B Joshua. We should rely on him and continue to follow his directions in the name of Jesus.

    • I thank GOD ALMIGHTY because of my spiritual father senior Prophet T B Joshua that helps me much to understand will in my life.

    • I thank GOD ALMIGHTY because of my spiritual father senior Prophet T B Joshua that helps me much to understand the will of GOD in my life

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