An Emmanuel TV viewer from Zambia shares a wonderful testimony about God’s goodness and protection through the medium of the Anointing Water. To God’s transformative power, nothing is impossible!

“My name is Esther Mpishi from Zambia. I am writing to testify to the goodness and protection of God! On 22nd June, I had an early night. Around 11pm, I woke up to go to the restroom. On my way back to the bedroom I just felt the urge to switch on Emmanuel TV – so I switched it on and went back to sleep. I also have one Anointing Sticker on my front door and one on my bedroom door.

“When I woke up the following morning, I noticed that two old pairs of shoes were missing from the shoe rack. I brushed that aside as everything else looked normal and in place. When I was about to leave the house for work, I also noticed that my purse was missing from my handbag. While I was looking for it, I received a phone call from a former workmate to say his sister had picked up my national registration card, ATM card and other documents which were in the purse when she was inspecting her yard because she had been terribly robbed the previous night.

“At that point I realized that the same thieves had actually started with my house. I discovered that they had opened a window and pulled out the front door keys using a hook. They had the luxury of opening the door without any struggle. When they entered the house, both me and my young sister did not hear a thing. The amazing part of this is that they left many expensive items in the house untouched. They had all the time to steal whatever pleased them from my house but thanks to God’s anointing through the Anointing Stickers and Emmanuel TV, they could only get away with two old pairs of shoes and my purse which had an equivalent of $15 inside. Even the four brand new pairs of shoes which were in the living room next to an empty bottle of Anointing Water were still there!

“I really thank God and the man of God Senior Prophet T.B Joshua for Emmanuel TV, the Anointing Sticker and all the prayers he offers for us viewers all over the world. If not for that, I would have been reduced to zero by those thieves. May God increase everything good in the ministry! EMMANUEL!!!”

Esther Mpishi, Zambia


  1. Hello viewers, i want to use this little of my testimony to tell everybody about how Dr. Moses help me make my home…
    My name is Anna from Australia, to caught it all shot i was having a family problems my husband left me because i was not able to give him a child, i have know other solution than to start sicking for help praying and fasting for God to help me bring back my husband and to have a child of my own, so one day i saw Dr. Moses name on the internet with his email address (thegodsofsolution@gmail.com) when i saw this email address i never loose any hope again, i contacted him for help, to end the story he help me bring back my husband to me under four days and to my greatest surprise he prophesied and said i we have my own child and celebrate with others as a mother, am three months pregnant now and my husband is now with me without any problem, please viewers help me to thank Dr. Moses Iyere for making my home a happy one. Please contact Dr. Moses Iyere at (thegodsofsolution@gmail.com) he is a good man and a prophet, he can help
    you in any kind of problems please don’t pass this email address if you really want your problems to be solved thanks..

  2. Emmanuel! Many glorious things have been happening to my family since we started watching Emmanuel TV.Before, my spouse and I used to quarrel on flimsy grounds despite having clocked 18years in our marriage.We used to experience acute pain in the chest for long periods of time, taking all sorts of medication but to no avail. Through God’s mercy we acquired the decoder that makes it possible to be under the power of the telecast.Emma tV is on throughout the night in our bedroom. Results: no more quarreling, no more chest pain, plenty of food , happiness is back in the house, am even able to honor my mother who is still alive, prayers have become an integral part of our marriage,the peace of mind knowing fully well that the Living God is taking care of my household…What more can I ask if not God to increase the anointing of the man of God TB Joshua to continue snatching us through Emm Tv, from the gluttonous mouth of the Devil.Distance is Never a barrier indeed.Be blessed.
    Ackim from Lusaka,Zambia

  3. The devil is a liar if he think that he can just come to steal and rob from us. Theres nothing that the annointing and the Blood of Jesus cant do. Thankyou Jesus for protecting them

  4. I thank God for your prayers that my request has fulfilled through the power of God many people get healed and delivered from demons glory be to God

  5. I and My family we thank God for the abudant blessing. A bout three months back I made a request through freeonline prayers to the man of God Prophet T.B Joshua to rescue my family. In that request I analised all the problems the family is facing, which included our last born Bernard Buberwa Mbakileki who was adimmited tothe maximum prison because of drugs. we thant God the young man has completely changed for the better. He does not drink. he does not take bag, he is clean polite and he has mental soberness thank God For the miracle.

    • I am happy for the wonderful work that the Lord is doing in using the wise men and the Prophete of the Lord I just pray that one day one of them will praye for me.Emmanuel!

  6. God is great, so lets stand n b faithful bfor him, nothin is impossible at all before him. Ha ha ha, i love him so much. When i see all those comments u know i get blsed.

  7. Emmanuel-God with us.
    Phillipians 4:20 To our God and father beglory forever and ever.
    Thank you our heavenly father Almighty God for giving us your son Lord Jesus Christ to die for our sins. What a wonderful love that our Lord Jesus Christ he has for us .Amen

  8. thank you for our Almighty God for giving us prophet T B Josua, we pray to God to give him long live sothat he can reach all over the wolrd with his anointing power. Man of God please help me & my husband, we have been trying to apply since May 2012 but till today we did not get any answer, brotheren pray for us, to one day enter the SCOAN in Jesus’s Name Amen!

  9. Emmanuel I had boils in both legs and in 2007 i watched emmanuel tv I no longer have any of them to God be the glory pliz pray for my family

  10. my God who never sleeps nor slumbers! Thank you for the protection You have prnvided for me over the years All glory and honor to the King of kings AMEN!

  11. The Lord is so good. I thank Him for the life of Tb.Joshua and the wise men. I pray that He will give me the grace to be at scoan one day.

  12. Almighty God our father be glory for ever and ever.the miracles you are doing in the lives of people are changing lives changing nations and changing the world. You are highly praised my heavenly father. Amen

  13. Truly distance is not a barier .Thank You LORD JESUS manifesting your Power of Delivrance even through Your chosen one senior Prophet TB Joshua. Let your light continue to shine on us for the glory of Thy NAME. LET IT BE PERMANANT IN JESUS NAME AMEN!

  14. Indeed God is great ,God is God n nt otherwise ,God cannot change n God cannot tell lies. He is 2ruly d same yestde ,2de n 4eva. Glory 2Him-AMEN!!!

  15. Emmanuel,

    Indeed “Jesus” is alive and is still doing wonders through his trusted and loyal servants.Remember it is not my first time to testify through this website although now it is for my house mate who has been unemployed for some few months.As a regular and active emmanuel tv viewer and prayer warrior, I received a dream about 2 weeks back after my midnight payer from the near by pub in which Prophet T.B Joshua visited us and spent some few minutes with us in the sitting room in which my house mate received his heavenly touch from the Prophet and fell on the carpet as he received his deliverance.The following morning I sent him a message informing him about this dream and asking him to receive his blessings.I told him to say Amen in Jesus and he did as I requested.The devil is very jeolous but no one can say NO if Jesus says YES.The first and second mesages i sent to him failed only for the last one to be sent.Believe me within some few days, not weeks he received his blessings in full.He is at work as i forward this testimony.He started yesterday the 02/08/2012 and he is the happiest man.I am also the happiest man to tell you the truth.Glory be to God.

  16. prophet T.B. Joswa and Emmanuel team continue the wonderful job i believe one day i will attend a live ceremony in the synagogue.

  17. I love the prophet of the most high God for he speaks the word that Lord has says only and not what people feels. God bless him more and more.

  18. We remain greatful to prophet TB Joshua who disposed himself for God to use. May d almighty provide him with more Power, knowledge & wisdom to steer dis divine ministry. EMMANUEL!

  19. It is really good to believe in God.thank God for using tbj to touch many livies.since i have been watching emmanuel tv most especailly praying along wit tbj many thing hav change in my life and my marriage my husband has change he use to smoke he has stop and so many other things i take God for using tbj to change many live.all i am wishing for now is how to get the anointing water i no d best is yet to happen.

  20. Except the Lord builds the house the labourers labour but in vain, except the Lord watches over the city the watchmen watcheth but in vain. This is the lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our sight.

  21. thank u jesus..the God of my father TBJ is fully Loaded at all time.. am expecting my miracle for the healing of bed weating..Dad pls pray for me.

  22. Halellujah our God of prophet T B Joshua is able distance is not a barrier you can simply look for details to partner with Emman uel tv and it shall lead to the information of obtaining the sticker and anoiting water.

  23. My husband n i are convinced that Prophet TB Joshua is a high Ambassador of Christ Jesus. His humility ,love n more 2 all show d attributes of christ. Am always in tears whn i watch how he touch n transform lives. I am very grateful to prophet T B Joshua, d wisemen n all Emmanuel T v team n partners for all they are doing to d needy/less priveldge within n outside Nigeria, i always like to help people arnd me in my little way..for you guys doing these great things to humanity, May our Almighty God continue to Bless, Shield n Keep you all in Jesus name,amen. May God help us to partner someday.we love Emmanuel TV.

  24. May someone let me know how I can get anointing water and sticker from Prophet T.B josha.I am really in need of them.
    To God be the grory.

  25. It is real wonderful, one day I had the newborn of my daughter who stayed for 9 days without dropping of the umbilicus! I took the baby to hospital where by we were told to use methylated spirit and some antibiotics, after applying the spirit the umbilicus started to smell! as I am a nurse I started to fear as I knew it was becoming septic and the issue could be more complicated. I remember God of TB Joshua, it was Tuesday evening I touched the screen and started to con fence healing. It was 18.00 Pm, it took only 4hours the umbilicus dropped,smelling disappeared and it was the end of the problem. Glory be to God.
    Lady from Tanzania,Tabora.

  26. I know that some day sooner or later my turn would come and the whole world ll rejoice with me amen.

  27. Our God is great and awesome… He is still the miracle working God who have used various means to answer prayer’s in the old… I that he is able and I also He works with the prophet, T.B Joshua… Glory to God… Amen!

    Nzambwe kapuka. in zambia


  30. To God be the Glory,our Lord and saviour is so great and will never forsake us nor leave us.this is a wonderful testimony. Amen!!!

    • Emmanuel!I started watching emmanuel TV about a year ago,touching TV screen several times,applied annointing water just ones which I got from a friend even so, it was diluted with pure water according to her and since than my life started improving slowly and gradually..FRIENDS ME I know for sure satan is about to loose control of me and my family at ones,as soon as I get hold of my first ever annoining package which hunting desperatly!in the name of Jesus!

  31. God. Is good he doses things in ways we can’t understand my testimony is coming up very very soon I can feel it

  32. tank God for the prophet he as given to us may the lord give you the grace to do is will always. even dow my i dont have testimony naw i belive with God all tings are possible an i know dat my testimony is on the way in jesus name AMEN

  33. Honestly it happened to me after sending someone to get me the anointing water, thieves intruded in my home of all the things, decoder that is worth 14,000 they left all and made away with Dvd that we bought 3,500 only leaving expensive things

  34. wow datz the power of GOD ALMIGHTY.so i adjure the testifier 2 really trust and serve GOD,Not wit pretends and hypocrisy deceiving oneself.but wit singleness of heart and sobriety.PRAISE YE THE LORD.

  35. Yes your case is settled in Jesus’ name that why it is very important to have the anointed water and anointed sticker in our houses at all times. Thanks for Prophet TB Joshua for using these medium like Paul used to do.

    • The heart must be rooted and grounded in the word so that what God says is final with you. I thank Prophet TB Joshua because he makes me to meditate with God at all times. I know that Prophet TB Joshua is a God’s General in our generation and let God use Him more than yesterday. I know that my case is settled. As for me , I believe whatever Prophet TB Joshua say I believe Him, because I know God is using him Mightly. No matter how people can talk bad about him, I can not be moved because I know the God he serves. More thanks to Him, Wisemen,his family, and workers at Scoan. You people at scoan are so wonderfull may the Almighty God bless you for making us watch Emmanuel Tv 24/7.

  36. I realy believe in T.B Joshua’s professy , its real n God is usen his 2 bless our lifes. I wil luv 2 meet him 1 on 1 pls i need ur help.

  37. My name is Amos micheal Dawam,i am from nigeria kaduna state,i pray that the lord will continue to grant the man of God prophet T b Joshua the wisdom and understanding to share the word of God to the world.

  38. Thank you Lord Jesus for your mercy and favor. You saved the life of Ester Mpishi. It is always good to look to the Lord Jesus Christ where your help comes from. Amen

  39. Emmanuel! Lets praise God for us a wonderful testimony. True God is at work with our lives. I pray that we realise that Jesus is coming back soon. Thank you father for your protection in our lives. Thank you for you watch over us alwys. Emmanuel.

  40. Where there is the light of God, no darkness can reside. We serve the mighty God who even closes the eyes of our enemies and allowing them only see the old shoes as their best thing to them. Praise the lord!

  41. Emmanuel!I long to serve this God of TB Joshua in the rest of my life.I have already be booked for visiting scoan and with reference no.Kindly man of God pray for me i need finances for flight booking and accommodation.
    May God enlarge the territories of Emmanuel tv and scoan fratenity

    Remain blessed

  42. I want God to locate my aunty and brother that am living with, the day that they are coming to SCOAN and also locate me spiritually in jesus name AMEN

    • thank God in my life. Thank God for the totak deliverance he has given my aunty and my brother this year esp after visiting scoan . I nid total deliverance in my own family, in head of our first son Obiora chikeleze and other members of our family amen

  43. my name is theresa n daka from zambia and my testmony goes like this on my car there is a sticker we are sons and daugthers of love the thief come that night the car was parcked together with my hubs car thieves store in my hubs car my car was not tempered it remained intecked the God of T b joshua is great God

  44. Glory be to God.All things are possible through God. Please man of God have time and send the wise men to come to Botswana.

  45. Really i praise the name of the Lord for protecting you and may he keep it on all the days of our life’s for we don’t know what are doing but still everyday of our life’s you cover us with his mercies. may his name be glorify in Jesus mighty name. Amen….


  47. the God of TB have mercy on me and bless me.open doors for me that had been close.cover me with blood of jesus.relise my passport from the cameroon immegration.help me not to lose this my open door.in jesus name.

  48. Praise the lord i blessed the name of the lord Jesus because God of the vengance send TB JOSHUA to save the whole world through his calling . I apprecieted my papa PROPHET T B JOSHUA for his humility and submission to the voice of our father lord in heaven who name is JEHOVA.The lord is still doing a greate job in our life through him .Thank you JESUS. Amen

  49. Am also longing 4 my miracle,i know its comin,help me on how you colected yo anointing water from legos to zambia,pliz help am realy in need of the anointing water deliverance and break through in my lyf and my family aswel,am lookin forward to hear from you,God bless

  50. Glory be to God.Thank you Jesus,thank you Lord, you gave us such a good leader Prophet TB Joshua.May your Love and Mercy be with us.Better is not good enouph,Best is yet to come.TB Joshua; you are a Real Man of God.

  51. Thanks God for your protection through the anointing mediums. The problem is How can we get that anointing mediums.

  52. Emmanuel, thank u Jesus 4 helpin me stop smoke ad drinking even womanising i thank u Lord 4 make it possible 2 complete my skul .father Lord i comit my soul into ur hands. My gal friend is pregnant ad seekin 4 admission lord please make dem wrk out wel in Jesus nameg lord Jesus i comit my brother Odigwe Okolo into ur hands father may ur will be done in the liv of me ad My family. Thank you for the prayers answered for in Jesus name i pray Amen

  53. the thief came in order to steal, to kill and to destroy. I have come that they may have lile in abundance. Thank u Jesus! Thank u God of TB Joshua!

  54. I have learnt that Snr Prophet TB Joshua is a true man of God. The challenge l now have is to live by what he preaches. I must walk the word and never to live outside the word.

  55. The God of TB JOSHUA is a wonderful God. I pray that the same God will protect me and my family and also make a way for me where there is no way.

  56. I have decided to follow you Jesus, i will never ever turn back. Satan will never ever see chance to destroy me.

  57. Thank God for His continuos guidance in our lifes. When ever emmanuel TV is on and it is prayer time and i am sleeping, i will see myself being prayed for by the wise men in d dream. This is to show that God is always with us in any kind of situation. Thank u prophet TB Joshua for emmanuel TV. May d almighty God continue to strenghtened u amen.

  58. Hallelujah Amen. What a mighty we serve.! Wow..! Our God is worthy to be praised, we give you honour, we worship, we praise you my Lord. Emmanuel.

  59. I cover my life,my wife’s life, children lives and all my households in the blood of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Thank you for sharing Mpishi. God bless Prophet TB Joshua and all SCOAN.

  60. This is God.s power on the anointing stick which was used for God to be glorified. Man of God how can I get that sticker

  61. Thankyou Jesus l really need an annoiting sticker and annoiting water and a prayer that one day l will travel to synagouge church

  62. indeed our god is great,he works in ways we cannot see,it is always my prayer that one day i shall have this privilage of getting the annointing water by gods grace,so that people shall hear my testimony apart from that am alive today!to god be the glory!

  63. The bible says in isaiah 54:17 dat no weapon formed against mi shall prosper,no evil shall befall mi in de mighty name of jesus christ of nazareth.amen!praise b 2 God amighty 4 de gud things

  64. That is the power of ALMIGHTY GOD,thank u Jesus for the gift of prophet t.b Joshua to our generation,EMMANUEL!!!

  65. Yes!its very true some of things whc are done by the lord ar so funny that if u dn’t hev spritual blief u cn’t undstand them.But any1 who knows the laungauge of th lord/hw god is lkly 2 spk wth his chldrn can understand fast.AMEN

  66. God of Senior prophet Tb Joshua, wise men, Synagogue Church of All Nations and Emmanuel Tv is a living and prayer answering God. He listens each time we call Him for help. Medium of anoing water and sticker is Holy Ghost filled.

  67. Thts the wrk of God praise the lord…is their anyway that i can get the annointing water and stickers without havivg to travel to nigeria?

  68. I really that GOD for all the wonderful things that my sister had. Really , I wish to ask how can I assess the anointing water and sticker . I an a poor Malawian who has been wanting assess the love of God through the two blessed items from the Senior Prophet TB Joshua. Please , Please People of God Help me assess the anointing water and sticker. God bless u

  69. Hallelujah,GOD is great,there is no one like him,he is the lord mighty in battle.pls i need ur help.i am being disturbed by the spirit of homosexuality right from child hood.i masturbate and i have been having sex with diffrent men,i dont like the kind of life am living pls pray for me

  70. Though I’ve not visited SCOAN,but I know I communicate the prophet in spirit through the mediums God has provided for me(decoder and phone that enables twitter and facebook) through the faith which the word of God I heard from emmanuelTv from my friends house. Gradually I’ve been moving from glory to glory. I have too many things to say which God has used these medium to do for me but there’s still time for my testimonies because my miracle is still in progress and I’ll continue to give God the glory,honor and adorations for his mercy which endure th forever. I’ve decided to follow Jesus and am not going back till the end of the world, Amen! Thank you Jesus…

  71. Every brand new day God of TB Joshua gives me His sufficient grace to praise and bless His Holy Name., on Saturday, July 21, 2012 I was busy with my laundry only to realise after washing, rinsing and spining and decided to go remove my clothes out of the washing machine that my memory stick with all my information was in the bottom of the washing machine being have washed with my clothes. I freaked out seeing it and scream oh God of TB Joshua, I then grab it at the exact time that the Prophet was praying on Emmanuel TV everything from Glory to Glory, Power in the Name of Jesus and paste it on the screen I prayed with the Prophet with faith that it will work afterwards. To God be the Glory it was and still working when I tested it whether the files were washed out or not. Oh nothing is too big or too small to be prayed for and I praise the Name of the Lord because with Him nothing is impossible. After washing, rinsing and spinning my memory stick is as good as new as it was all by the grace of God of TB Joshua. Hallelujah, Emmanuel!!

  72. Emmauel!! If God is with us who can be against us no one, they will not see us even when they will be looking at us they will not see us that is God my brother and sister.

  73. I thank God for your testimony its a remarkable one,may God continue to honour His name in the life of His people

  74. Dear God continue to protect us from all evil. The devil is desperately wicked, but ur loving kindness abides forever.

    • Praise the lord Jesus!
      Im Johnson from TAnzania .
      I wouldlike you pray for me and my family for
      Breakthrough” and growing in faith and truth
      Thank you.
      Thank. Amen

  75. God is really workin miracles among the believers. Once I started following this page, alot is happening in my life. Shortly, with God’s grace I shall share my testmony. Emmanuel!!!!God shall neither leave us alone Nor forsake us.

  76. Thank god for prophet T.B. Joshua.i m only waiting for my testimony ,since i sent my prayer request obout my wife who is suffering from Fibrose. pls send this letter to prophet coz i cant go nthrough the proper chanel.her name is Melitah ncube

  77. We thank God for you,and celebrate your victory over satan through the anointed sticker,emmanuel TV,AND anointing water.

    May God’s infinite protection continue to be upon us.

  78. hi i am a male of 23 years old surffering from pains in my chest at night and neck walk all over my spinalcord and if i sit down for a long time i feel pains,sometimes i dont sleep at night..please pray for me.Amen

  79. Thanks be to God .
    God we love you.
    But some time I ask myself this,
    question why should good people die?
    President Attah Mills death is what made me sad in this world .
    May His Soul Rest In Peace .

  80. Wat a great testimony,Snr.Prophet T.B.Joshua and de Emmanuel team are wonderful,touching lives and de World as a whole.i humbly wish to be next in line 4 a testimony.May God strenghten snr.Prophet T.B.Joshua de more.in Jesus name.Amen..LET LOVE LEAD

  81. Amen!!!!!!!!!!
    May our Lord Blesse Man of God and wise men,Lord give them more and work more throu them in you name Jesus Christ.AMEN!!distance is not a barrier trust Him believe Him!!!!!!!!!

  82. Thank You Lord for not stopping at nothing to let us see Your Power here on earth. Our generation will live to praise Your Mighty Name. seeing what Your are using Your Anointed Servant TB Joshua to do in this world. Praise the Lord, Hallellujah. Amen. Emmanuel, God is with Us.Amen.

  83. Glory and Honour be to Almighty God. Thank you Jesus Christ for your protection. Amen to Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord.

  84. the God we serve protects us from anything because our GOd do not slumber,so he watches over us always,to God be the glory for the wonderful testimony,Emmanuel!!!!

  85. This is really The work of GOD. The Almighty is working miracles and I hope that soon one day I will be also giving my testimony.

  86. Amen, if God is with us, who one can be against us. God is good and able to do what we cannot do and fight battles for us, amen and amen.
    praise be to God.

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