Mary lay uncomfortably on the couch in her sitting room, her body aching in pain. For the past two weeks, she had been struck by an ailment that had sapped her strength and rendered her unable to discharge her daily duties. Switching on her television to Emmanuel TV, she beheld a welcome sight. It was the Monday Live Prophetic Service. Moments after watching, Mary saw Prophet T.B. Joshua enter into The SCOAN. Songs of praise to God Almighty filled the auditorium and the joy seemed to radiate right through the television into her room. Then she saw Prophet T.B. Joshua begin to dance…

“Emmanuel! Praise God, people of God! I have a wonderful testimony to share to the glory of God. On Monday 13th August 2012, I was sleeping on my couch. I had not been feeling well for almost two weeks and I was in serious pain. My whole body was aching, especially my legs. I decided to watch the Monday Live Service on Emmanuel TV lying on the couch because I had no strength to stand.

“Then, when Prophet T.B. Joshua came out, I saw him dancing to the music with the congregation rejoicing. As soon as I saw Prophet T.B. Joshua dancing, I said to myself, ‘Ah! The Prophet is dancing!’ I don’t know what got into me but I jumped up from the couch and started dancing with him, imitating his dance moves! I don’t know where I got such strength to dance! Later on, the praise and worship team began singing, ‘Look at me O lord and answer my prayer; restore my strength, don’t let me down.’ I reached out and touched the screen of Emmanuel TV, praying and singing in faith. Suddenly, supernatural strength just seemed to leap from the television and into me and I began to move my body freely and praise God.

“People of God, as I write this email, I am so full of joy! I am healed and there is no more pain whatsoever. I don’t even know how to express myself! I give glory to God. Thank You, Jesus! My advice to the whole world is to believe that truly distance is not a barrier for the power of God. We thank You, Lord, for anointing Prophet T.B. Joshua in our generation today.  Just imagine – by dancing along with him, I was completely healed!”

Mary – Zimbabwe


  1. Halleluyahhhhh 2 Samuel 6: 14 David danced for the LORD with all His might, for HE forgot about who is watching him but all his focus was on the LORD.

  2. Emmanuel! God is Good all the time. We need to ask him to strengthen our faith everyday.That’s where Emmanuel TV comes in.Touching the screen every morning before starting off for work and every evening before retiring to bed has brought happiness in my life. The spirit of anger which invaded me and made me look so inconsiderate to my family members is now over. Patience and calmness is reigning in me even under extreme provocation! I have surprised myself thanks to praying along with the man of God. A breakthrough in my career is showing up: all the symptoms of blessings are already being felt like a cool breeze. Thank you man of God, prophet TB Joshua. May the Almighty God richly and mightily bless you and the SCOAN team for touching people’s lives.Amen

  3. The creator of the universe our Heavenly Father promised the Honorable People in Authority and other people that he will take care of you until you are old and your hair is gray. He made you and will care for you. He will give you help and rescue you.
    Mercy, peace and love of Almighty GOD be yours in abundance

  4. I was great masturbator(like 2-3times a day) and homosexualist before. i sleep with a lot of guys than girls from when i can remember from age of six till last month and now am 30yrs.
    I know that i have a problem with i tried to stop but to no avail.I have prayed to God n confessed to the catholic priest and i was given a penance and after a while, i see myself doing the worst.
    but in July, i came to my sisters office (bank manager) and she told me of how the anointing water exposed the bulk tellers of money stealer(1.9million Nair) in her branch after she used it and prayed on a non banking day(Saturday) and springing the anointing water in their section and behold,on Monday, they were caught and sacked from the bank.
    i didn’t tell her of my problem but she gave me the anointing water and asked me to use it and pray because i need a job and she asked me to believe by faith because it works.i collected it and went home. although i used it to pray for job and spread it on my CV but my major prayer was for me to stop masturbating and practicing homosexuality. i prayed and removed my underwear and was naked and i administered the anointing water in my mouth and sprayed it on my penis and as God that i want to stop.that’s it brethren.
    then i said to God that am coming to scoan to give him testimony whether prophet TB Joshua call my case or not, that am delivered immediately i stepped into the church.i can to scoan on 6th august to 9th august but it was only wise man Christopher that touched me.
    brothers and sisters, from that day i administered the anointing water in my mouth n on my penis,i have not have the urge to masturbate on like me before and i stopped homosexuality and drove my lover away n start converting some to Christ. is so wonderful was the anointing water did immediately in my life what prayers and penance cannot do.
    please help me praise God because am delivered and free.

    chukwuma wilson

  5. EMMANUEL, EMMANUEL believing, obeying and trusting GOD is the greatest responsibility of a believer. brethren lets thank God for blessing us with such a ministry as SCOAN in this present age. To our Daddy in the Lord Senior Prophet TB Joshua the Grace of God shall continue to increase in His Life in Jesus Name.

  6. Emmanuel-God with us
    Give thanks to the Lord Jesus all the time for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for men for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.

  7. Indeed “Distance is not a barrier”!!! acting now by Faith, sharper than two edged sword, piercing through our issues, in Jesus name. Congrats Mary for finding your strenght by Faith through the Word Acting NOW. Jesus is LORD


  9. praise GOD……my name is joshua emmanuel from enugu state… I hav d believe that those testmony’s are truth… & i believe GOD of TB JOSHUA will ear me when i call………….. Man of god pls help me, right from my chirdhood

  10. Emmanuel!! I thank God for giving us TB Joshua. He has many people from demonic Bondage. Thank you Man Of God for your love for humankind. I am one of the people who can testify to the Goodness of the Lord. A few weeks ago my Father passed away. From that day life was never the same i felt fear i never had even among people i was very afraid as if i can die any time, i also felt very heavy. Before that i had witnessed on Emmanuel TV a women being delivered from a spirit of fear which Pastor T B Joshua described as a spirit of death. So i knew exactly what that fear was.

    When i came back from the funeral on the 13th of August 2012 i prayed with the Man of God and then i started vomiting like i have ever done. Just after that i felt like myself again the spirit of fear/death was gone. I slept well no eating in the dream no dreaming of coffins, people dead or dying, i slept peacefully. Thus i call upon the world to help me thank God and Prophet T B Joshua.
    I have faith that God will deliver me from the stomach pains and barrenness which had been tormenting me for 4years now and i will testify to the Goodness of the Lord again.

    Since i decided to visit SCOAN my life is not the same burglaries, robberies, sicknesses, deaths, passport problems and other inflictions are tormenting me. But with faith i know God will set me free one day and definately i will be able to visit SCOAN.

    May God continue helping us especially at this time Satan is tormenting us so much and even initiating people without them knowing.
    God`s intervention in the whole world we seek. Amen

  11. I am so happy for u sister. I even got my own healing from bedwetting after listening to the man of God delivering a woman from the same problem. Distance is no barrier indeed. Tnk u Jesus!

  12. Tout est possible á celui qui croit, nous disent les Saintes Écritures. Mary a eu la foi, elle a dancé avec le prophète et a recu sa délivrance. . Que Dieu bénisse le prophète T.B.Joshua

  13. I also rejoice with my sister in lord wat a man can’t do God of prophet tb joshua He done for you and He wil do for me also in jesus name amen. He has done for meee o he has done 4 me wat man can’t do he has done 4 mee. Halelluyah!!

  14. Praise the LORD for what He has done in your life. We serve a faithful GOD that is more than enough for us. Thankyou Emmanuel tv.


  16. my wife discharged from hospital after transfused and found with anemia in pregnancy i thank God for her blood restoration.

  17. God has blessed me and my family so tremendously through watching emmanuel tv, glory be to God and may his name be glorify forever for locating and uplifting me up

  18. man of God plz pray for my doughter she having rahes on her skin,i thank God almighty for using you to save my family in Jesus name,Amen!!

  19. Hallelujah! what a marvellous God we save he has done many marvellous things for me.I thank you man of God senior prophet TB Joshua and the wise men for your submission and availability to the work of our Lord and seviour Christ Jesus.May God almight who sees in secret (matthew 6-6)continue using you to save,bless many lives in Jesus name.Yes Devil is in trouble!!

  20. I bless the name of our Lord Jesus Christ for answering you, doing it for you despite the distance in between, may his name be glorify and I thank senior prophet TB. Joshua for making himself available for God to use him and May God’s bless him and his house hold in abundant in Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen

  21. My sister, this is a powerful testimony. Your faith has healed you. Glory be to God in the highest. We are blessed to have Prophet TBJ in our generation.

  22. Praise be to GOD the father through the son JESUS CHRIST who anoited his faithful servant prop.TB JOSHUA for us to be saved. JEHOVAH GOD THANK YOU!!!

  23. gloire a Dieu! en rialité, la distance n’est pas une barrière il faut juste avoir la foi et tu seras sauvé. gloire à Dieu!

  24. Thank you God for wonderfl miracle in da life of ur People!praise b 2u 4 givin da world ur Servants through wch many Souls are Saved,Life Restored,No more Hopeless!As ada Peopl rcv Miracles,Deliveranc n Healing so to me and Family in Jesus name!may Propht TB Joshua,His Wisemen and many Ada Servants of God all Over the World Live Longer!AMEN,AMEN!

  25. EMMANUEL!Hz a covenant living God indeed.Glory be to Him for this testimony.yesterday i had a pimple developing in my eye and closing that eye was quite painful,i prayed and told the pimple that by the stripes of Jesus Christ be removed.Glory to God,today when i woke up,my eye was free of pain and the pimple developing in it was no longer there.indeed our Lord is the same yesterday,today and forever!!i believe soon im going to write again with more testimonies of how great our God,God of Prophet TB Joshua is..EMMANUEL

  26. Emmanuel, God is great, the Bible in John 11:40 says that if we believe, we would see the glory of God. Thank you sister Mary for your faith.

  27. Amen.Indeed distance is not a barrier with God’s Power,confess Jesus is Lord and God raised him from death for salvation of our souls and forgiveness of our sins.

  28. Emmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanueeeeeeeeeeeeeeel. Indeed God really is with His Childiren.I am speechless and do not know what to say. What kind of God are you, God? Prophet, may the Almighty God who brought you into this world to save His children bless you in zillion times. May you never lack anything.
    I pray that God, as you’ve done this for this sister, may you answer all my prayers and grant me all my heart desires.AMEN.THANK YOU JESUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS.

  29. Emmanuel!!!!!! Really God is with us. My name is Amon Chanda from Zambia,am also one of the Emmanuel tv beneficiary every Sunday, Monday and Thursday. Last month on 4h July,2012 my daughter suddenly had unstoppable diarrhoea and vomiting at the same time. We suspected it could be malaria so we took her to one of the medical centre were the doctor checked and gave her malaria test as we thought it could be maleria.The doctor said there is nothing wrong and no malaria, he then prescribed some drugs, seven (7) injections and gave her three (3) injections at one time and the remained 4 was to be injected 1 each day upto 08th July,2012. We went home and we followed what the doctor suggested. But on the third day on 6th July,2012 I saw the situation was the same she even stopped eating yet she continued throwing out and become very weak, I called my wife and said this is not ordinary but spiritual so please let us invite our lord Jesus Christ to intervene for him is the great physician. We both prayed and commanded all which is not of God in our daughter’s life to be loosed in Jesus name, I also called one of the SCOAN prayer warriors on prayer line to pray for my daughter and to the glory of the lord I managed to get through and prayed along. I also posted on distance is not a burrier. On the 09th July,2012 when I was at work my wife called and said my daughter has recovered no more vomiting ,no more running stomach and she is eating normally.
    I thank you Jesus for your love and healing coz it’s permanent, i thank you lord for using the scoan and the Emmanuel.TV prayer warriors to save people’s lives and bring deliverances.

  30. I give all the glory to JEHOVAH.knowing that Jesus died for us and having faith, faith, and faith.he is using his faithful one to perform miracles.He is glorious, owesome, owesome, owesooooooommmmme. indeed distance is not a barrier. praise the Lord.

  31. wow amazing, we serve a living God. i too got delivered thru just watching emmanuel tv, at first wen watching and praying with this channel, i used to feel things move in my body and my body become very heavy especially in my toes. very uncomfortable feeling till i dreamt someone came out of me in my sleeping position till now i feel free even wen watching this site. thank u lord for giving us tb joshua. another day i saw myself drinking annointing water and i believe i will access it one day. continue leading us in prayer- i do not switch off my tv set wen going to sleep. but wen do we have u here in zambia? or at least just have a branch we too need those stickers and the annointed water.

  32. Glory be to God what an awesome testimony thank you Jesus and Prophet T.B Joshua lord Jesus look at me as well and answer my prayers i need your mercy and favour in my relationship with my partner

  33. hello there you should know He is everywhere all the time with His chosen one; But you should have faith and beleive the prophet. TB Joshua we thank you for the sacrifice towards mankind; God keep blessing and blessing you the more in Jesus name Amen praise the Lord…

  34. HE is the owner of this world. There is nothing HE cannot do. HE is the ALPHA and OMEGA. HE is the KING of the universe.To HIM be the glory for this wonderful healing and deliverance through HIS servant T B Joshua

  35. Woow Lord Jesus Christ what a wonder you are. Your power and love is so amazing it cannot be compared. Thank you so much for healing my sister through dancing. Let your name be glorified and praised fore ever more. Amen EMMANUEL

  36. Glory be to God almighty. God is not limited by space or time. Indeed we are a lucky generation to have a humble and true Man of God, Prophet T. B. Joshua. Amen

  37. It is already done on me that distance is not a barrier, that is why every day before I leave my house to my jobside, I must pray with the Prophet on the Emmanuel TV, or I at least see his face on the screen; I know I will have a wonderful and blessed day. When there is no current or network is disturbing, I will be very unhappy that day. But immediatey I reached my office, I have to put on my computer on Scoan, through the internet. I am just to happy to God for remembering the world once more with a wonderful servant by name, Prophet TB Joshua. Thank You Lord, Remember me also, Amen.


  39. thank you Lord for your never ending mercies.
    congratulations sister ,your faith has healed is true , all things are possible to them that believe. distance is not a barrier ,i am expectantly believing God for my testimony as i faithfully follow the man of God prophet T. B. Joshua and the wise men on t.v
    God you are wonderful,i love you.

  40. Indeed distance is not a barrier. I’m happy for you sister I saw the man of God dancing and I was blessed the atmosphere was really charged. Thank God for allowing me to live in the TB Joshua generation where I’m witnessing Christ the same yesterday, today and forever. Emmanuel!

  41. I thank God for her life and i pray that God will also do a new thing in my life as well. please help me with prayers so that i can get a good job and also for people to stop disappointing me when they are to help me. Man of God please help me. God bless u.

  42. Oh ! my Lord it is wonderful meracles,Imagine! dancing for TB Joshua Mary she healed.Acts 5 Verse 15 .As a result, People brought the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and mats so that at least peter’s shadow might fall on some of them as he passed by.

  43. Glory Glory be to God, we serve a Mighty God, with Him nothing is impossible. Thank you Lord, one of the days i will be the next to give Testimonies, because He said “Consider it very pure joy my brothers and sisters when you pass many trials, because testing of your faith produces persevarance, let it finish its work so that you become mature and complete not lacking anything” thank you Lord in Jesus Name.

  44. I thank the name of the lord for the live of my sister because David know how to praise the lord and our God came down to deliver his people when they praise him glory be to our lord Jesus

  45. Mavelous our God is alive. Thank you for your faith.
    Our Lord Jesus reminds that with faith we can move mountans

  46. Praise the Lord. I am happy that my sister from my country shared this testimony. Thank you Lord for Prophet TB Joshua. My family has been delivered and we are sharing many testimonies with friends and relatives who dare to listen. We serve a living God. Halleluya Amen.

  47. Praise the Lord distance is not a barrier indeed. I nou my case will not escape the anoiting of our father. I thank God for senior prophet TB Joshua Emmanuel!!!!!!!

  48. Praise be to the Almighty God, continue praising and worshipping Him and He will continue blessing you. Thank you Jesus for sending us Prophet TB Joshua who is everyday teaching us how to follow and immitate Christ for us to find our way to our father the Lord God..

  49. we thank God for His mercy,Favour upon those who depend on Him,trust him ,believe him all things are possible to anyone who believe in him.

    we thank for the medium of Emmanueltv,God use this medium to expres himself to the world,what we are seeing on this chanel its wonder it has open my eyes to know about how demon operate really i thank God, if we ready well our bible we will understand that what we are viewing is because of our Lord Jesus Christ in action,his word are working in the spirit.
    praise the Lord
    paulus namibia


  50. Emmanuel! We are really blessed to enjoy and to witness the goodness of our Lord Jesus through our Man of God Prophet T.B Josua, may HE live long he is a blessing to world. Thank you JESUS forever and ever!

  51. ooh i love it. i have been changed by watching emmanuel tv. before then i used to struggle reading the Bible and praying, since i started watching emmanuel tv am changed, am experiecing revival in my life. i can pray everyday and read the Bible every day. infact prayer the bible are have come sweet to. even fasting which was difficult to do now i can fast easily. right now am fasting and i have been fasting for the past ten days, i have found it easy and am enjoying it, its by the grace of God. thats why i love watching emmaneul tv because through this tv my life is radically changing

  52. Thank God for this testimony, it confirm again that distance is never a barrier when you believe with faith in the power of God. May God give the grace to enable sustain the deliverance amen.

  53. AMEN JESUS! Distance is not a Barrier indeed. Alot has happened to me as I have continued to stand in prayer with the Prophet and all Servants of God in the Synagogue! I am healed from alot illnesses and delivered from different bondages. Now I want to go and testify right up there in the Synagogue! I rejoice with you Sister Mary. Amen

  54. Praise the Lord,indeed there is much power in praise and worshipping God. We thank the Lord for our most anointed Prophet in our days TB Joshua.

  55. Ooh! what a testimony,( delivered thru dancing).Glory be to God.I really love the dance moves i always see at the scoan.

  56. Praise the Lord. What a testimony I am happy that my sister from my home country Zimbabwe has been healed in Jesus Name. Thank you Jesus for giving us the Man of God in our beautiful continent Africa. You are an awesome God. Thank you Prophet T B Joshua for the wonderful miracles, healings and deliverances you are doing to us. My faith has been lifted. Hallellujah!!!!!

  57. David’s top secret was praising and worshiping God through music and dancing, for that reason the Lord came down, and he never lost a battle. The God of TB Joshua is the same God of king David. He will come down for us as we praise Him. Emmanuel!

  58. Thank God for your faith Mary bcoz it allowed Him to make u whole again. Indeed dry bones hv risen. Glory 2 God, haleluya, Amen

  59. This is God in action and HE will never stop to amuse me daily. Thank u Jesus even if my mouth is not enough to praise ur name, Hossana is the Highest. Amen

  60. Thank you. Lord for healing Mary and show her that distance is not a barrier. Prophet T.B Joshua we love you. Emmanuel

  61. Im happy that this happened to a sister here in Zimbabwe i believe that one day i will give a testimony as im always glued on Emmanuel tv even without food on the table i know one day my finances will be released in Jesus name Amen

    • Prophet T.B.Joshua the other sunday talked about our departed grand mother, his mother. He said something very profound that grandmother said. ‘ If you dont seem to get answers to your prayers check your love walk’ . Brethren , we have a God sent mentor in our generation. Im believing God to embrace me with love for everyone, unconditional. And I know I will be back with a testimony very very soon.

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