Here is a wonderful testimony from an Emmanuel TV viewer in Zambia concerning the power of God working through the Anointing Water. After ministering the Anointing Water, God uprooted everything that was not planted by HIM.  As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “It is not the water that heals but God Himself since the anointing is done in Jesus’ name.”Hallelujah!

“Emmanuel! I want to testify the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ. Last week Sunday on 15th July, 2012, my younger sister received a bottle of Anointing Water. We ministered it and prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. Immediately, I had a strange experience – I felt my ears open and my jaws unlocked. I knew God was at work within me and continued praying the whole week.

“Then, on Saturday 21st July, in my dream I heard a loud voice coming from above me. I was given a bottle of Anointing Water and the deep voice said that I should drink all of it so that every ungodly thing that had been deposited in my system would come out. Immediately, in that dream, I went to take a bath and I noticed a long string of hair coming out from my private parts. I began pulling it and it turned into a long piece of black cloth. The voice came back again and said, ‘This is what they have deposited into your body so that whatever you seek cannot come to pass. Pull it out!’ It was quite long – more than 100 meters and it finally came out at the end with a piece of paper. On it was a drawing of a truck with a map of Africa and Zambia with little golden lights flickering like on a Christmas tree.

“I didn’t know what it meant but when I woke up I felt so light and free. I felt a heavy thing leave my stomach. I got to the office on Monday 23rd July, 2012 and my papers to travel to Swaziland which were held up for many weeks for no reason were suddenly released! I am delivered! Praise the Lord!”

Exilda M Jika – Lusaka, Zambia


  1. when i am listening to my father in the Lord Prophet TB Joshua’s teachings i always see a moving and talking HOLY BIBLE in him.May God almighty in the highest continue anointing you man of God Propehet TB Joshua in Jesus name

  2. Emmanuel.my name is dikeledi matuludi from south africa,TB JOSHUA help me with the headach problem since 2009 my family tryed to take me to the doctors but the doctors failed to see the problem of head,in the name of our lord i have faith and hope that i will healed and delieve if all things is the collect of satan.AMEN

  3. Please help me am HIV +1 en I have not been able to get married I need deliverance. Nothing seems to work out for me. Please help me.

  4. Long live the entire SCOAN family. Lives of millions of people are being saved through the Anointed friends of GOD Snr Prophet T B Joshua, the five Wise Men, Emmanuel tv, now we have Emmanuel tv on the phone, Emmanuel tv Partners and friends, the choir which sings heart warming songs just to mention a few mediums which are being used to spread the word of Living God to all the corners of the earth. May the good Lord Jesus Christ keep anointing the SCOAN family and bless every family member of SCOAN. Amen

  5. please i leave in Namibia i am ineed of the anointing water because of my chronic disease please find me on face book to give the clear detail in jesus name any good samritan please help me..

  6. As m reading dis testmony i knw that all ma thing whre uprooted now is tyme for deliverance in everthing. I knw that i ll be a mother n ma work ll make me happy n ma money ll stay n not go fast in jesus name

    • Praise the Lord.my name is Dikeledi,i live south africa .firstly i thank God for the life he gaven me.people of God i been having a problem of haedach since 2009 my family tryed to take me to the docters bat they didnt even see any problen in my head.please pastor TB JOSHUA help me I PRAY every day to God to help me.i the name of juses in this testemony i believe i will delieved.AMEN

  7. Amen my sister. I never knew what Ephesians 6:12 really meant until I started watching Emmanuel TV. Now I am able to put it all into perspective and appreciate better, the grace of God upon my life.

  8. Emmanuel!

    Man of God please pray for my young sister Gladys, who is failing to sit, stand and walk.She suddenly fall sick and later stoped doing all the things she used to. Please pray for her for total total deliverance and healing in Jesus name because I believe distane is not a barrier.

    Precious from Zambia

  9. What happened to you my sister really shows that God is busy delivering those who call upon him, brethren lets run to the strong tower (God)

  10. Thank you lord Jesus for the lyf of your servant seniour prophet tb Joshua.please man of God pray for my home there some things am not understanding in my marrage may the goodness of the lord interven in my marriage,the devil is using my weekness to scarter my home.please man of God pray for me.

  11. Hallelujah praise the living God! I m hv managed to find the transport fees to send to DHL Cameroon for da anointing water en ather things sent for me by seniour prophet Tb Joshua.Thank u lord Jesus coz i knw when i receive my family’s mountain wil be removd by da grace of God.HALLELUJAH!

  12. You are highly lifted up mighty God!!!can someone help me with emmanuel tv frequecy for my dstv dsd decoder am in zimbabwe

  13. I thank God for his mercy,my life have changed positively since I started watching Emmanuel TV.Am still praying for his divine intervention in my head and back.Am having movement in my head as if warm is crawling on my head and it makes me lack concentration in my studies.I live in France and I believe that I will get my healing through watching and praying in Emmanuel TV.

  14. God is at work only the blind at heart would not see it. I know he will remember me for good one day, Emmanuel.

  15. Its incredible, that healing and deliverance could take various forms. Thank God for the medium of annoiting water which have solved alot of spiritual problems to many people through out the globe. That is a true manifestation of God at work against evil spirit

  16. Glory be to god,man of god pray for mi as last sunday I have sent a request to visit scoan am suffering from stomach operation and hearing problem

  17. OH DIEU de misericorde, merci pour ce que tu as accompli dans la vie de ce frere; TU es reellement vivant a travers ton envoyè TB JOSHUA.

  18. With God everything is terribly possible. We serve a Living God.
    Don’t forget that “The Best is yet to come your way. Just believe in Him. Halleluya!!

  19. Ever since i was born till date, i could not remenber when last i was happy, cause pooverty and backwardness has taking over my joy, but i still believe that God will visit me richly, he will wipe away my tears, he will open the doors and windows of the high heavens and pour his blessings on me.

  20. Heavenly Father you are so wonderful,you are doing miracles into our lifes,let your name be glorified,what a wonderful testimony , please man of God i realy need the anointing water and sticker.

  21. emmauel! im a single parent of 39yrs my daughter is 13 yrs we always quarell,never have a peace moment,her father is not maintaining her i struggle im experiencing fuilures,dissapointments,bad dreams eating in my dreamand generational curse, i went for various deliverences we are in bondage.im in SouthAfrica how do i get nointing water & sticker since i cant affordto come over.Emmanuel with God nothing is impossible

  22. Tb Joshua ,you are true man of God . My family and I love you very much . The wise mens and millions of people are your firuts. My name is Tesfahun from Ethiopia and my wife is Chanu , she is a good Christian than I am. We have three children, namely, Rosa, Abenezer, and Saron. My life is not changing .I need deliverance and prophecy and if possible the anointing water. Noting remains a mistey in the eyes of God. I will be delivered as many are delivered .God bless you Tb Joshua and the wise mens in the name of Jesus.

  23. God is really using the man of God.l pray that God will continue biessing him all the days of his life.l wish oneday u will reply me to vist the synagogue because it is my wish to step my foot in the synagogue.

  24. God is great, i have several breakthroughs the year i started listening to Scoan TV and going to church praise the living God> Jesus is King

  25. Glory to be lord,thank god for yr delivrance.i leve in cameroun,how can do to have anointing water? No possibl to travel to nigeria.god bless!

  26. Praise the lord , lord meet me and engulf me with ur flame of love and blessing , i thank God for ur testimony ,at scoan its a place of endless testimony congrats for ur own i believe my own will be shared here , the power of that anointed water is unqualifiable the first day i handled it was Jan 15th if i may be correct with the mentioning of the name Jesus i was lifted above the ground and fell down that is a sign of deliverance but i pray to have the privilege of visiting that holy/liberty ground in lagos

  27. Thank God for TB Joshua, Emmanuel…..God with us. I pray for God’s intervention over me n my family as for tomorrow l don’t know what will give my son to eat. No money for rent not even a cent with me. Man of God help me with prayers for the best in life to come to me as you have said. I’ve suffered enough since l grew up as an orphan, lived with our grandparents n my grandmother got blind. Life was never easy for us please we need your prayers. There is no success no matter how much we try. The more we try its like three steps back. We need prosperity in our lives in Jesus Name.

  28. Thank u Lord for using the man of TB Joshua. Let all that are in us me, my wife and my daughters and my sons, which are not from God be released in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN

  29. Emmamuel,God with us…man of God is it right a man to have a child in a sister what will that child be a blessing or cursed things are not right in my life but i blieve with God all things are posible,i need God’s intervetion pray for me man of God.

  30. The enemy may try to stop you but he cannot suscide if you look unto Jesus the author and finisher of your life. His light will lighten your darkness no matter how dark it may be. Believe is only our source of connection to him.

  31. As I read this testimony, am on my way to synagoes the almighty God through his son Jesus christ is going to heal me from hiv 1postive and to is my day.

  32. Our God is a God of miracles, signs and wonders and he does not let those who love him fall into the hands of the wicked. Glory be to God

  33. Your testimony is surely my deliverance. I believe the God who did it for you wil also do it for me. Thank God for your deliverance, keep the Word of God the standard for your life to make your deliverance permanent. Stay blessed

  34. Also with me mine is i av neva even spread d annoiting water and i even borrowed it and the person that gave it 2me told me its finish dat dey just add water i collect it i was coughing out blood that block my throte 4rm singing so since dat sunday no more blood my mouth and nose are now normal i sing by GOD grace 2day an hour+.all groly 2GOD almight for ever more.AMEM.emmanuel


  36. Papa am so hapi 2 c ur ministries here,wow,wat a glorious day,i belivd sein ur pix as chang my liv 4 gud,wow,i luv u papa,plz pray 4 my daily livin,i wnt 2 do d tinz of God my potter.

  37. 1 am having stone in my stone in one side of my stomach i want to drink the water so that dis stone will be removed

  38. emmanuel GOD IS WITH US may the owesome GOD b praised all the time i need my deliverance b fulfilled by the man of GOD TB JOUSHUA I DREAM U ALOT I BELIVE MY TESTIMONY IS COMING SOON…AMEN.

  39. And God said let us make men in our image and likeness. Almighty God loves his children you should always look unto him for anything good you want. I thank Lord Jesus Christ for this wonderful testimony. Our God is always with us.

  40. That was a wonderful testimony to the glory of God!!! Thank you Jesus Christ…I want God to answer my prayers too and set me free.

  41. Emmanuel! indeed distance is not a barrier for us viewers. As Prophet T.B Joshua was conducting a mass prayer on sunday 22 July 2012 i was in my sitting room praying along with the prophet. i told myself enough is enough i need a breakthrough. I started feeling uncomfortable and started vomiting what i believe have been cause hinderances, failure, limitation in progress, disappointments, generational curses, sicknesses. i believe when you pray in that name, Jesus takes over then it is in his care. i claim my deliverance in Jesus’ name. deliverance for ever. i believe thr is break through in my health, finances, career, my children’s destiny and God’s blessings. am not going to limit my God. thank you Jesus for your mercy upon my life. Just yesturday, my transfer was approved..Oh Jesus you are too much. I bless his holy name, Jehovah. thank you Jesus it is well with my soul…Amen. GLORY, POWER

  42. I celabreteed the name of our lord Jesus who is a miracle God who is working through anything our papa SENIOR PROPHET TB Joshua used to bless the whole nation may the lord bless my papa evry moment in her life in Jesus name : Emmanuel God is with us

  43. No weapon formed against God’s children shall prosper, when Jesus says yes no one can say No… continue in the light of God.. Emmanuel ! thank u Jesus.

  44. i praise the LORD for you my sister our God is great.thank you prophet of God may more days be added to you.

  45. Glory and honour be to the Almighty God. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ. Truly let all that has not been planted God in our bodies be out!!!!!!!! by the power in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Amen & Amen to the Lion of Judah. Thank you Lord am free in Jesus Mighty Name. Thank you Lord!!.

  46. Praise be to our heavengly father for delivering the woman through the anoiting water.thank u lord for the man of God TB Joshua,through him many souls are saved.Amen.

  47. I surrender all to Jesus my blessed savior, l surrender my family, debts, poverty, marriage, sickness and there is no prosperity in my family. May the Lord change our situation in Jesus Name.

  48. Glory and honour be to the Almighty God. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ. Truly let all that has not been planted God in our bodies be out!!!!!!!! by the power in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Amen & Amen to the Lion of Judah. Thank you Lord am free in Jesus Mighty Name. Thank you Lord!!.

  49. Thank u Lord for using the man of TB Joshua. Let all that is in me, which is not from God be realised in the name of Jesus

  50. Thank u Lord for using the man of TB Joshua. Let all that is in which is not from God be realised in the name of Jesus

  51. I thank God Almighty for what he has do for every one who believe in him. this God that bless you will bless me in Jesus Name we pray Amen.

  52. Glory be to God alone!
    My prayer is that,this testmony should also dublicate upone my life,
    praise God!the God of prophet TB Joshua!

  53. God is good all the time. Mighty father touch my mothers life in Jesus name. Thrs no 1 stronger thn u in ths world. Amen.

  54. Sister, God’s love for us is so Great. He uses anything to glorify His Name. In truth, distance is not a barrier, Faith is the only connection to His GLORY.

  55. God is indeed God.I thank u God for sendin th Man of God to us.my sister am happy for u.I also receive deliverance by the anointin water.distance is not a barrier but believe in th almight God.

  56. praise God, with God all things are possible . God has used anionting water to deliver me & my family too.

    Merci SEIGNEUR JESUS pour la delivrance que tu as operée dans la vie de la soeur.soit abondamment remrecié PERE ETERNEL pour avoir envoyé parmi nous ,un de tes ELUS a la personne deTB JOSHUA: Soit fortifiée ma soeur JIKA le SEIGNEUR JESUS t’aime.

  58. God is realy great fore perfecting his word concerning blivers. bad dream that i normaly had when i was not a bliver, the moment i become born gain i find happiness & the more i know God the more i want to know him, the more i bcom happy & bad dreams stop. i that God fore giving joy, praise the lord God almight the father of Glory. amen

  59. May His name Jehovah be praise Amen. You deliverance shall also bring deliverance to my home in Jesus Name Amen.

  60. Glory be to God for your deliverance, our God is so Great, I am very happy also because a friend also brought me the anointing water, anointing sticker and 2dvds. l will soon give a testimony too

  61. Amen to that delivarence we glory his holy name for sure distance is not a barrier. I receive my miracle in jesus name.

  62. Praise the Lord,thank you Jesus for the deliverance and restoration you are doing.you are so powerful our master

  63. Am leonard from repuplic of kenya pray for me man of God, i have finacial problem in my bussines i dont know what went wrong but i belive Jesus will make the way. I have been watching emmul t.v and truely ur aman of God ,pray for me..

  64. I thank God for delivering us from every demonic activities. Prophet TB Josua is teaching us to trust the Lord and have faith in Him. May the Lord protect the Prophet as he carries His deliverance, healing and Salvation to the people.

  65. God is so mighty he touches every part of lives please may you touch my life n feel me with your gracious love.To God be The Glory.

  66. God is good all the time. My sister you are blessed and we thank our good Lord for the deliverance. I join you in your celebration. Halleluia!

  67. The God of T B Joshua is @ work, d man given 2 dis generation by God. I pray Almighty God wil continue 2 anoint you fresh every day in Jesus name.

  68. The God of T B Joshua is @ work, d man given 2 dis generation by God. I pray Almighty God wil continue 2 anoint fresh every day in Jesus name.

  69. thats the minstry of the holy ghost @ work. Prophet t b joshua iz one of the 12 apostles in the sense that the book of acts in the bible iz made manifest @ scoan. Infact scoan’s minstry iz just but the continuation of the bible. amen!!!

  70. Emmanuel God be with us ,I would like to ask Allmighty God to heal me my sickness epilepsy and other sickness ,because I have faith that God has deliver me and I’m healed .

  71. Waal God is great and we thank God for using Prophet Tb Joshua to save his people, please can you sent me the Annointing water please I believe I will be delivered even my family.I wish I could make it to Nigeria but things are hard for me.please please may you tell Man of God for me that I’m a widow who have no one to help me and my son.I know if I get the water something will happen in Jesus name.

  72. God of prophet Tb joshua is awesome.With God nothing is impossible ,he uses every weapon to destroy the enemy.Remember David conqured Goliath using a string with a stone Glory&salvation are for our saviour Jesus Christ.Emanuel the Lord with us.Amen

  73. Glory be to God for this testimony may The Almighty God do it for me as He did it for this woman in Jesus Name Amen pls man of God i need prayers just say it their and i believe it will happen to me as you declare it in Jesus Name

  74. Emmanuel, Glory be to God for this wonderful deliverance from evil attack. God of Prophet T.B. Joshua is very much alive. He performs wonders. miracles and He never say goodbye to miracles. Daddy, I usually eat in the dreams and see dead people. Please pray for me to be delivered. I believe that my miracle and deliverance is on the way. Praise the Lord!

  75. Emmanuel! Glory and honour be to our great God. I’m a christian and watch Emmanuel tv. I will be the happiest person in the world if somebody from a country near my home country Zimbabwe can help me with ANOINTING WATER. My situation need deliverence. Yet I do not have the financial resources to take me to SCOAN Lagos at the moment. My Number is 00263 772444376. E.mail wkawisi@yahoo.com

  76. Emmanuel jesus lives he never said good bye.Gods time is the best!we are all waiting to testify it will be one day and Gods time is the best.

  77. People of God it was a long dream I even cut short the story. I am still testifying, stay in faith and whatever you seek shall surely come to pass he is Jehovah who never changes

  78. It is well.When God speaks through the Prophet,ordains,it is indeed organised by God Himself.We celebrate with Exilda for His wonders.The best is yet to come.My miracle is here.Amen

  79. Glory be to God am very happy for them God is wanderful how i wish it is me but i believe that distance is no a barrier i too can get my healing soon God bless our daddy prophet Tb Joshua and the wise men an Emmanuel Tv team Amen

  80. This is purely The Lord’s doing and it is mavelous in our sight.
    God have sent us an other saviour into this our generation, which is our Daddy in The Lord Prophet TB Joshua. This is a Big Opportunity for me and you to believe God The more and also to believe in His Prophet. Always stay turned with Emmanuel TV for God is still saying something

  81. Praise GOD Almighty, in the name of Jesus Christ. Emmanuel!!

    Man of GOD, please pray for my Husband Alfred Soko who is addicted in beer drinking that has led us in to financial problems, leading our family full of debts.

    Please man of God interceed for my family to be delivered. i was arrested on false accusations in 2006 that i with 2 other men defrauded the bank the amount of MK515,000.00 when we were working with it, issue was dragged to court and justice prevailed last year 2011 on January 18 when two of us were aquitted as one charged 5 years imprisonment.

    I was arrested because they thought i consipired with the one defrauded the bank, praise i was not involved in any of the plan and by then iwas 24 yrs old. We strugled financially because they dismissedme from work without proper reasons.

    uptodate the Bank is not thinking to compesate me because of false arrest and tarnishing my image. i really need GOD to intervene in Jesus name. By power and by force in Jesus name they have compesate.

    we are really in bondage, please deliver us in prayer i know distance isnot a barrier my breakthrough.

    Jessie Soko – Malawi. My number is +265(0)212 95 21 63

  82. GGod on my right, on my left ,above me ,beneath me ,in my front of me, behind me.GOD WHERE EVER today ,tomorrow .and forever. AMEN

  83. I rejoice with that sister, because i know somebody will soon join me to rejoice. I’m next on the line of testimmy. Emmanuel………..

  84. Halellujah!!!! indeed our God is good all the time and all the time our God is good.Please man of God send me anointing water be ministered in my family so we can be saved.Below is my adress:Amon Chanda

    Direct Line: +26-0212-251212, Zambia Mobile : +26-0969-528-070, Email: amon@sinotra.net/chandaamon1983@yahoo.com
    ADD: No.3 Gate, Chambishi Copper Smelter, Chambishi, Copperbelt Province

  85. Thank God for routing out miracle through His servant, our very own Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua. May the same God that has set you you free visit me today in Jesus mighty Name. Congratulations!

  86. Amen, to God be the glory. Indeed God is good all the time, in good and bad times God is good. I feel like i am the one who has been blessed, like evrything that was holding my progress has been broken, in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

  87. Emmanuel, God is with us. He is really with us. The best is yet to come. We will keep on seeing God`s wonders as long as we live, Amen. Thank You for always wanting to make us have reasons to know and believe in You the more, Amen.

  88. God is wonderful!
    gloire à Dieu, le Dieu que nous servons est un Dieu de miracle et la distance n’est pas une barrière comme le dit le prophète TB Joshua

  89. God is wonderful!
    gloire à Dieu, le Dieu que nous servons c’est un Dieu de miracle et la distance n’est pas une barrière comme le dit le prophète TB Joshua

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