Ntshebele Lydia Mojapelo from South Africa shared this inspiring testimony with us after receiving a mighty miracle through praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV.

“GOOD MORNING! It is indeed ‘good morning’ to my health! My name is Ntshebele Lydia Mojapelo from Seshego in the Province of Limpopo, South Africa. I would like to share with you the miracle that happened to me early on Saturday 21st February 2015 at 3:45am. I was asleep with my television tuned to Emmanuel TV when I suddenly woke up and found that the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for the viewers for calmness. I joined in.

“I had a very sore neck and lower back-pain which made it difficult for me to bend or walk. It was so severe to the point where I could not go to work as I was unable to walk and the doctor put me on bed rest.

“On that blessed morning, people of God, something wonderful happened! The Mighty Hand of God touched me and gave me INSTANT HEALING! It was as if I was a new born baby after praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua! He said, “Be healed! Be restored, in Jesus’ name! I then began declaring, ‘I am healed and restored in Jesus’ Name!’ Prophet T.B. Joshua then said, ‘Check yourself! Check yourself and confirm it – it shall be permanent’.

“Moved, I then jumped out of bed and began declaring, ‘I am healed! I am restored! Defeat and failure are things of the past, in Jesus’ name! WOW! GOD DID IT FOR ME and I am still amazed!!

“When I took a bath at around 5:10am to prepare myself, I discovered the full extent of what God had done for me. I could bend easily without strategizing a position to avoid hurting my neck and back. My reflexes were fully restored back to normal. In fact, I felt like a newly born baby! No pain, no aches – nothing! I felt such a fulfillment in my body as if nothing was ever wrong with me. Praise God!

“Indeed, distance is not a barrier only if we believe and commit our hearts to God. I encourage everyone to join in the prayer whenever Prophet T.B. Joshua tells us in prayer to free ourselves from every bondage and break the chains that the devil has used to connect us to himself. It is indeed GOOD MORNING to my health, my career and my destiny, in Jesus’ name!”

Remember the prophetic word for the year 2015 – ‘Good Morning!’

51 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING MY HEALTH!

  1. we thank u god for using tb joshua

    On Tue, Feb 24, 2015 at 6:57 PM, Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

  2. Emmanuel!!! Please I want to know if
    I could apply to visit SCOAN Lagos
    from the same contact that sent us
    the Anointing Materials. The number
    is +234(0)7052029001. We saw their
    contacts here and apply and they deliver it to us and now I am planning
    on coming. Don’t know. Please
    SCOAN reply me… Emmanuel!!!


  4. man of God, Propher TB Joshua! i need your prayers. i need a goodmorning to all aspects of my life. i’m facing multiple challenges.
    > i’ve healthy challenges; my left has numbness and arches which prevents me from walking normally, high blood pressure;
    >hindrance to financial breakthrough, job appointment & promotion;
    >if people can access blessings and have received breakthrough, then my challenges can be erased from the face of my life by the anointed blood of JESUS. may i receive deliverance in JESUS’ name.

  5. He keeps on doing great things, thank you Lord Jesus.

    Good morning my life and all that concerns me. And good morning family of God.

  6. ‘good morning’ to my life spiritual,promotion as warrant, my family ,dept free,peace in my family, love more, marriage amen

  7. Good Morning to my destiny , career , marriage , health , finances , my children’s destiny , my wife’s destiny , my children’s health and education ,
    take more of me my God and give me more of you

  8. Good morning to my 2015, to my job, my family, my health. Thanks God for sending man of God Prophet T. B Joshua. I glorify your name forever. in Jesus name Amen.

  9. Good morning to my health,Good morning to my career,Good morning to my Finances,Good morning to my marriage,Good morning to my family,Father God may you bless the man of God Prophet TB Joshua for his ministry and the help that he give us in order to walk right with you.Am now practicing on the meditation of You taking more of me and i need more of you in my life.

  10. Father God I thank you for this morning, indeed its GOOD MORNING to my healthy, to my family, my career, my job, my wealthy, my finances, my projects, etc. Thank God for using the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua.

      • Good Morning to the whole world ! God is Good all the time ! Amen ! ‘ good morning ‘ to my health , to my career , peace in my family , finances , my children’s health and education , amen. Glory be to God and may TB Joshua be blessed for sharing God’s word with us ! Thank you Jesus we Glorify your Holy Name ! Alleluljah ! !

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