Joel Ndovi shared an inspiring testimony concerning the ‘Water Therapy’ recently introduced by Prophet T.B. Joshua:

“Emmanuel! I just want to thank God Almighty through His grace in Christ Jesus working in the wisdom, knowledge, miracles, healing through His humble servant Prophet TB Joshua. I used to smoke at least two or three packets of cigarettes every week and also drank alcohol, meaning that I would stock alcohol every week to drink two or three times a day and more during the weekend. I had asked God to take away my addictions so that I could live a life consistent with Christianity but to no avail. However, everything changed the first day I started the water therapy in faith as Prophet T.B Joshua had said even addictions could be dealt with through the water therapy. I believed!

“When I slept that night, I heard a voice saying “Right Joel” as if they were about to perform something like an operation. Within seconds, I just felt something coming out of me through my neck. I knew something miraculous had happened! Since then, I don’t even have cravings for cigarettes or alcohol anymore. I am 100% healed and delivered! I feel good when I sleep, my body is great and even my breathing has come back to normal. I give glory to God! Words aren’t enough but the Lord knows! My cravings for the Word are just too much and I feel at peace within myself….Glory to God!!!!! May God increase and enlarge the territory of Prophet TB Joshua, in Jesus’ name!

Please watch this clip to learn more about the ‘Water Therapy’:


  1. my money provident fund is short i need your prayer prophet

    On Fri, Feb 6, 2015 at 8:27 PM, Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

  2. Good one, i will like to visit but remain small. i am in nigerial, i know GOD will do it for me to visit in Jesus name AMEN! Thank u Jesus, i also thank man of GOD TB J for saven pipu life true our LORD JESUS!

  3. i personally thank God for the introduction of water therapy by the annointed man of GOD prophet tb joshua,really it has changed me trimendusly ,praise GOD.I also want to thank GOD for emmanuel tv coz just by watching and praying along with the prophet m delivered,i was addicted to eating charcoal but the edge of wanting to eat it now is completly gone and m free,thank you jesus,looking forward to go to scoan if GOD allows one day is what m looking forward to now to thank him nicely,emmanuel.

  4. Its my prayer that my son Peter Tembo gets delivered in smoking and beer drinking for the glory of the Lord in Jesus. If God had done it for others, he can still do it for him because he is the same God today, tomorrow and forever I pray.

    • Me too, I share the same problem with you Echibale for me the case is even worse because it is my daughter Mapuleng and my son Mohau who are addicted in drinking and smoking, lets join our prays together, God is about to rescue us. I started it immediately after it was introduced and I am still on my knees. let us pray God is with.

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  6. Glory Be To Jesus!!!!! May The Almighty God Increase And Enlarge The Territory Of Our Mentor Prophet TB Joshua, in Jesus’ name!We Pray…

  7. I thank Lord Jesus Christ for his mercies upon us and all who trust in him. Through his sons like Prophet T. B Joshua the world is been delivered, redeemed and saved as Joel and many others. May our wonderful Lord continue to bless Prophet and the church . PSE man of God help our family to pray for our nephew who has not been able to stop to drinking and smoking despite of prayers we have prayed , his name is Imanuel .

  8. The Lord will continue usings you mightily because He knows that His people needs deliverance.Thank you very much Prophet TB Joshua for always being at your people’s service. i pray for long life for you our Daddy

  9. “God is good all the time, all the time God is good!” On Feb 6, 2015 9:27 PM, “Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

  10. I personally thank you men of God who work day and night in order to spread God’s words . i really thank you all and that may our Almighty God continue blessing the word through you as His servants

  11. May you please help me with the video and the story of water therapy. I don’t know what it is, please help.

    Thank you and God bless you.


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