AMAZING: “Fish-Hooks Came Out Of Her Eye!”

Miss Agnes Akota from South African shared an extremely unusual testimony concerning ‘Water Therapy’!

“Good morning! My mum lives in Liberia and she has always been complaining to me about pain she is experiencing all over her body, most especially in her head and her eyes. After Prophet T.B. Joshua told us the revelation about ‘Water Therapy, I informed her about it and advised her to start immediately. She starting following the instructions and drinking the water! After three days of drinking the water, something incredible happened! Two fish-hooks came out from her eye! You can see them on the picture. My mum was amazed that these objects had been within her for so many years until God used the Water Therapy to dislodge them! From that day on, all the pains in her body have disappeared and she is living healthily and happily! Thank You, Jesus! Emmanuel – Good morning!



69 thoughts on “AMAZING: “Fish-Hooks Came Out Of Her Eye!”

  1. A Mind Blowing Miracle…Praise be to God who works these miracles through humble and meek servants such as my Father in the Lord Prophet Tb Joshua.

  2. good morning my name is evelyn from SA i grorify God for what he has done in this womans life it is a huge miracles indeed i have almost similer case as her but my problem is tumer bihind my eye when i 1st hear abt the therapy i said to myself i cant do this loking at the 1,5 litre but as time goes on i prayed And asked God for strength and focus to do it and now i am rite on it and i belive that it wil turn my life around in Jesus name.EMMANUEL!

  3. Amazing To The Lord be the Glory, i dont understanding why they dont see the light shining in Prophet TB Joshua, apply your faith use the Water teraphy you will fill and see the healing.

  4. People of God, be aware of this fraudster displaying email address asking to send details for delivery of annointed water etc. He replies to email posing as SCOAN team,with prayers and ask to send 150 USD for can we have people with such evil thoughts around us.

  5. i have read so many testimonies about this water thyrapy and i will start mine so that i will be the next person to testify to the glory of GOD. amen

  6. Water therapy is so wonderful, i wish the was somewhere i could post a pic of my head, i woke up one day with no hair in the middle of my head, literally nothing, the scalp was so smooth like it was burnt to a point that no hair could ever grow, i think it was in october/september last year when this happened, my hair never grew since then and my scalp very shiny and bald, in january my prophet spoke about the water therapy and how it will help us, i didnt understand at first but my mom called and explained it better, by then i had cut my whole head bald and no hair grew in the middle i started the therapy so persistantly with a zeal, people of God my hair is showing slowly but surely,i mean hair is growing on top of burnt skin, emmanuel

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  8. Oh my goodness, this is indeed God hand working through the life of Prophet T.B Joshua. Since my life i have not had that fish hook come out from some one eye, God bless Prophet T. B Joshua and the wise men and all the Emmanuel partners. I am over bless with the ministry of SCOAN i wish i believe on Prophet T.B Joshua early on when i was in Nigeria, may be i will not traveled to Ghana to stay, because shame, disappointment send me out from my formal business after the custom destroyed my goods at Seme border. I am very happy today that i witness prophet of our days. Emmanuel

  9. Glorious Lord Beautiful Lord you are worthy of all our praise. Thank you Lord for confirming the words of your servant Prophet T.B. Joshua.

    • Praise be to God. God is awesome some people that I have shared with think its a small issue. But I thank God for revealing this mystery Daddy.

  10. Good morning All,
    God is amazing his powers and grace no one can understand them except him only.Glory to his name.


  11. Glory be to the most high God! This is an incredible testimony, let our faith be fueled as we continue to hear God’s wonders in Jesus name. Good morning.

  12. Morning,

    I would like to know the email address to send my prayer request and would also like to know how would I get : WATER THERAPY?


    Port Elizabeth |
    T: | F: | E: | W:

    • Good morning there , please want u to know to get water therapy u must buy a pure water of 1.5L and 7.5Cl normal temperature not cold or worm , then u start every morning at 5 , 6 or 7h u must take ur bottle of 1.5L and at afternoon u take ur small of 7.5CL at 14 or 15h and later at 6 or 7PM u take other dose of the small one 7.5cl , NB that u must not buy it continually to shop but once then u start using ur fresh Water from ur tap every acording the hour . Thank u

  13. Good morning!!!…Our God is exellent in our lives!!!!! We thank You Jesus for using Prophet TB Joshua to heal, deliver, save the sick world!!!! Good morning to you all in Jesus name. Amen


  15. I love to watch the man of god on my computer but I really wish I could see scoan on American TV.
    It is great, Glory to god in the highest. Thank you lord Jesus Christ.

  16. pls with due respect, how can i get the water therapy? i am having so much pain all over my body in cluding lumberspondoloses, real family problem. pls i sincerely seek to hearing from you soon.may God bless the prophet .

    • Hi, water therapy is on the Emmanuel tv website on the bottom right corner where the videos are located. Go to and look through the videos. There is one on about how to drink regular water to flush your system. It is the water therapy. Be blessed in Jesus name!

    • Drink 1.5 L bottle of water around 4am, 5am or 6am before or right after your morning prayer! Make sure you finish the water within 2 to 3 minutes. Daytime drink 750mL water between 2 pm and 3 pm and another 750 mL between 5 pm and 6 pm. You must finish the water within two to three minutes and the water should be room temperature(70 F). Don’t drink icy or cold water because it may mess up your system and this water should replace all sugary drinks spirite, coke, mount dew, tea OR look on youtube for water therapy.

  17. Am on day 2 and I coupled it with one mth prayer and fasting and beleaving God for deliverance fromspiritual husband, other evil attacks gastritis and sore over my body. And lose lots of weight, My testimony is coming watch this space

  18. Thank You Jesus for Your revelation of water therapy to Your able servant, prophet tb joshua to us Your children. I used to have swollen legs, but after the therappy, my legs are no longer swollen. Glory be to God Almighty

    • Hi dear the water is there with you buy don’t refrigerate follow instructions on how to use is nicely explained from one
      comment at the top.
      GOD bless

  19. Wow water therapy is a balm. I started on the 5th of January on the following day .my tummy was so running as if I took laxatives. the energy I have is so amazing. and what I like about it before I drink I pray from morning session 2 o’clock and 6 o’clock I even reading my bible. I am so connected with God more thsn before Glory to skin is so glowing I lost weight because I don’t eat that much any more.thank you to prophrt tb joshua. I am healed in Jesus Christ name. Goodmornin

  20. Amen! Glory be to God . It has build my faith since i wrote my exams for four years all those years i failed and the last year i sent my exams remark to maneb(malawi examination board) for remark, i hope i’ll pass that! The God of isaiah,shadreck, misheck abitnigo and The God of Prophet T.B Joshua it will pass nothing is imposible with God(Mark 10:27). In Jesus christ name. Amen

  21. Water theraphy working in my life I didnt ve apetite nw its back.i used to pains all over my body but nw its gone.i used to sweat at nyt n my legs very hot bt nw since I started using water theraphy all its gone in Jesus name.

    • My brother water therapy is not like the anointing water. You can use any water, bottled or tap. Here is how water therapy is done: Drink 1.5 L bottle of water around 4am, 5am or 6am before or right after your morning prayer! Make sure you finish the water within 2 to 3 minutes. Daytime drink 750mL water between 2 pm and 3 pm and another 750 mL between 5 pm and 6 pm. You must finish the water within two to three minutes and the water should be room temperature(70 F). Don’t drink icy or cold water because it may mess up your system and this water should replace all sugary drinks spirite, coke, mount dew, tea….you name it! The water flashes your system out and it can cure any kind of diseases: cancer, gastritis, diabetes, heart diseases….! If you don’t follow the instructions thoroughly, it won’t work in your life or deliver you from any diseases! Make this a habit and a lifetime commitment! I just started mine two days ago and I believe that I will be delivered from all kinds of diseases in my body!

    • Good Morning ricbarwick ,everybody can have access to water therapy!!! Take water from the tap!!!!
      Here is a youtube link from Emmanuel tv please,watch how you can go about it ,see how Jesus is alive!


  22. “Sing praise to the LORD, you saints of His, And give thanks at the remembrance of His holy name. His favor is for life. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”. Thank you Jesus Christ!

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