Mr. Olayinka Labode from Zimbabwe testified how the scourge of hypertension was broken in his life after he started the ‘Water Therapy’ Prophet T.B. Joshua recently introduced:

“I started the Water therapy immediately the man of God Prophet TB Joshua introduced it at the beginning of January. The following morning, I took the 1.5 litre water and vomited some strange substances out! I have continued with the therapy ever since. I want to testify that I have not taken my daily medication for hypertension from the day I started the water therapy. When I realised that for some weeks I had not taken any medication but had seen no adverse side effects, I decided to measure my blood pressure. It was, amazingly, very normal and even better than when I used my medication!

“By faith, I decided to completely stop taking the medication, which I had been taking for years because of the hypertension. I knew God was doing something! Today, I measured my blood pressure again. It was awesomely low, even better than the previous reading! I am healed. God has healed me of hypertension and I glorify his mighty name. Thank You, Lord. I feel very fit and my limbs no longer ache as before. The Lord is great all the time! He has done it for me!”

For more information on the ‘water therapy’, please watch this video:



  1. Take all the glory Lord for your enduring love for us. It was time we are cleansed of all impurities that have caused untold ailments. Lord Jesus, thank you for blessing us and giving us your servant to relay this valuable blessing to us. We are so grateful and appreciate you.
    All these testimonies are such a blessing and indeed the devil is overcome by your sharing saints. l am copying n pasting your testimonies and sharing them with most of my contacts and amazing impact they are doing for the glory of the Lord. Most are convinced and have embarked on the water therapy with testimonies coming through too.
    Your particular testimony Mr Labode has made such an amazing impact to a lot of my folks as most are also going through hypertension attacks. lt has come just at the right time. Bless you for sharing.

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  3. I glorify and bless the name of the faithful Most High God for what he has done to the life of our friend through the water therapy. All what the Most High God created, it is for our own good, it is for a purpose and it us for us to enjoy

  4. good morning people of God.
    words can not describe the wonder of God working through the prophetic water.
    its simply magic. just like the prophetic word GOOD MORNING at any time and to any situation, circumstance and condition. its amazing. to God be the Glory.
    thank you man of God prophet T B Joshua, may God bless you abundantly.

  5. Please how like to know how I can carry out the water therapy.have seen so many testimonies and my faith is lifted cos I know I’ll have a testimony to share too.please how do I go about it?

  6. Thank you my faith is lifted and wait for more.
    All Charming People have something to conceal, usually their total dependence on the appreciation of others.

  7. Emmanuel praise the Lord for He’s worthy to be praised. I also started the water therapy as directed by the Man of God and at first it was difficult and seemed impossible but I pursued in prayer and continued with the therapy the good news is after 1 week and some days I noticed that when the time for my menstruation arrived there was no pain like I used to experience pain every month, I was used to this pain that it became a part of me every month, but to my surprise this month after doing the water therapy for a week and some days still on the water therapy, the time for my menstruation arrives and I couldn’t even notice at first because every time usually it’s the pain that comes first but this time around no pain nothing, I could do my house work without any problems yet I used stay in bed when the pains began. Glory be to God and thank you Man of God .

  8. Emmanuel!!! I will continue to use the Water Therapy daily for it is an instruction from God given to the Prophet TB Joshua to us in Jesus Christ name. To obey is better than sacrifice.

  9. I am in the water therapy too since man of God prophet TBJ anounced it in january and l am losing weight tremendously l had been struggling for many yrs to lose just a bit of weight but now it’s happening. Thank you Jesus l am free! and l am very pleased.

  10. Glory to God. he is wothy to be praised. we worship and praise Him. again thank to Prophet T B Joshua fot allowing God to use Him. Gof blrss you.more msn of God .

    • Greetings SCOAN in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. God is good all the time! He is faithful and His words will never come back without doing its work. There is power in the name of Jesus which break every chain. I testify about the Lord almost everyday about is wonderful deeds. He brought us out of Egypt, we were slave but now we are free. The curses are broken! Oh! He paid the price for us, we should seek his face at all times. If God is for us who can be against us. When we seek his face with all our hearts we shall find him. A testimony has a power! Isaiah 62 says “For Zion sake I will not keep quite and for Jerusalem sake I will no keep silent”. God bless you man of God! Amen

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