Solomon Odunlami gave a powerful testimony about the radical changes in his health after beginning the ‘Water Therapy’ as introduced by T.B. Joshua:

“In September 2014, I came to Lagos for the burial ceremony of my father in-law. By the time I came back to my base in United Kingdom, I was urinating a lot – sometimes every hour. I then went for a test and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. In November, my HbA1c reading was 9.4% and was prescribed some tablets. These medicines actually caused very severe tooth ache on a daily basis. In January 2015, Prophet T.B. Joshua advised people about Water Therapy which I keyed into. As soon as I started the therapy, I noticed great changes in my health. My health has stabilised and I have stopped using the tablets which I have used for 12 years for high blood pressure. When I went for the diabetes test in February 2015, the HbA1c reading had dropped to 5.1% which is very good. I do not have any symptoms anymore! Emmanuel!”

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Wolo ThankGod from Nigeria shared a powerful testimony concerning Water Therapy. Be blessed as you read, in Jesus’ name:

“Emmanuel! My testimony is about the water therapy the man of God introduced. For over ten years, I was having a terrible pain in my foot, precisely the right leg. Because of years of wear and tear, the skin was extremely rough. On many occasions, I applied several medications but they all proved to be abortive.

“However, when the man of God introduced the Water Therapy, I immediately swang into action by following the instructions. To my greatest amazement, my right foot that was so rough became smooth and soft! Within a week, all the pain had gone! I’m really grateful for what God has done by restoring my right rough foot! I equally thank the man of God for allowing himself to be used by God in helping people around the world. Emmanuel!”

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Rose Ebbefeld shared how the ‘Water Therapy’ has not only touched her own life but the lives of those around her whom she has shared this revelation with:

“Emmanuel! I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am one of your partners aged almost 57 and still employed. As I am writing, I am boiling with happiness – I can’t even express it – because of the testimonies I have experienced personally and from those around me in the community I live.

“I have been taking the ‘Water Therapy’ as prescribed in the Good Morning Message from Prophet TB Joshua for almost two months now.

“My first testimony is the regularising of my bowels. My bowels move now after struggling for many years, taking all sorts of stuff to try and improve it. Secondly, I used struggle with tiredness everyday in the office to the extent that I had to sleep at lunch time for at least 20 minutes to enable me to keep going in the afternoon. Now I can push for the whole day without any problems. Thirdly, I have lost 2kgs since I went on water therapy!

“I shared this message with lady from my church who suffered from high blood pressure and has been told by doctors that she will be on drugs for life. She would go for BP checks twice a week – on Tuesday and Fridays. However, her BP remained high despite the drugs. I visited her on a Saturday morning and she started her water therapy on Sunday morning. On Tuesday, she went for her usual checks and her BP had lowered – something she hadn’t experienced for a long time. She went again on Friday for her checks and people of God – her BP was in the normal range!

“Another lady from church I shared this revelation with had multiple fibroids of different sizes, diagnosed a month ago. After taking the therapy for two weeks, people of God, the fibroids came out one by one starting with the biggest!

“EMMANUEL! The lady got confused with the so called clots of that huge size because she had finished her monthly cycle 3 days earlier and she had never experienced such before!

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Mrs Onyedikachi Dunu, a Nigerian based in South Africa, testified to a radical health and weight transformation after starting the ‘Water Therapy’ recently introduced by Prophet T.B. Joshua:

“Emmanuel! I want to testify the goodness of the Lord in my life through water therapy. Fr many years, I have been suffering with very dry skin, alongside dark spots all over my face. I have used several facial products for the acne and dark spots but all to no avail. For the dry skin, I used many body lotions that contained glycerine but there was no improvement. In fact, it went to the extent that I only used glycerine as my cream but there were still no changes.

“However, I was watching Emmanuel TV in January this year when our father in the Lord Prophet T.B Joshua shared the secret behind his good health – WATER THERAPY! At first I wasn’t keen but when some testimonies were read out during the Sunday Service, I decided to start mine.

“I started the water therapy for two reasons:-
1. For the dry skin and dark spots I had on my face
2. For weight loss

“After just month of the Water Therapy, I began to notice incredible changes. As I am sending this testimony, my skin is like that of a newborn baby! The dark spots and acne on my face is history and I have shed so much weight because the water therapy helped me to control my eating habits. In fact, there are so many benefits!

“Thank you Prophet T.B Joshua for sharing this secret behind your good health with us. Thank you Lord for the strength you gave me to be able to achieve my goal. Emmanuel!”

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AriadnaAriadna Hernández from Mexico shared a wonderful testimony about how constipation has become a thing of the past due to Water Therapy:

“Hi, my name is Ariadna Hernández and I´m from Mexico. I have been following the Water Therapy for 3-4 weeks and this has been wonderful for my digestive system! I have suffered of constipation for many years. My grandmother suffered from constipation and my mother, my sister and I all thought it was normal to be constipated all the time.

“However, when I began to take the water therapy, I began to go to the bathroom regularly – sometimes even twice a day! This is so unexpected for me but in a very good way. I praise Jesus because He gave us Prophet T.B. Joshua. I bless you Nigeria because he is from there. I thank my Jesus for being so good and merciful to us!”

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Simlet received a remarkable healing from a incurable ailment after beginning the Water Therapy introduced by Prophet T.B. Joshua. Be blessed by her testimony!

“Good Morning Emmanuel TV! My name is Simret Teclemariam and I am an Eritrean but living in Khartoum, Northern Soudan. My own testimony goes like this – in January 2015, our father in the Lord, Prophet T.B. Joshua declared to us the importance of ‘Water Therapy’. I have been since 2013 where the doctors diagnosed that I had Hepatitis B.”

“They bluntly told me the disease was incurable and advised me not to eat certain foods which contained protein like meat, milk and egg. Naturally there was no solution but I trusted God and I realised Jesus was the only solution. Since the man of God told us to drink water, I started! I have faithfully and daily taken my water therapy for the last two months. After that, I went for another medical check-up and the doctor told me I was free from Hepatitis! I give all the glory to my Saviour, Jesus Christ! I am healed completely! Thank You, Jesus, for my healing! I appreciate Prophet T.B. Joshua for his obedience to God Almighty! God bless you all. Good morning!”

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“Ever Since I Discovered Emmanuel TV, My Life Has Never Been The Same…”

SolangeSolange Muntar from Cameroon

“I discovered Emmanuel TV at the age of 19 and we were always discouraged by people in our local church not to watch it, that it all consisted of magic. However, we kept watching it in our home in order to really find out what is was all about. As time went on and the testimonies of people watching Emmanuel TV kept on increasing, the mindset of the local church changed and everyone is now a viewer of Emmanuel TV!

“Ever since I discovered Emmanuel TV, my life has never been the same! The channel has rebuked me, moulded me, rebuilt me and put me back on the right track of life. The water therapy introduced by the man of God has made me look very beautiful again. Everything on Emmanuel TV is life changing! I will advise everyone to make Emmanuel TV a part of his or her life. Glory be to God! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMANUEL TV!!!


Mrs Judith Wortor from America shared this encouraging testimony about the amazing benefits of ‘Water Therapy’ in practically all departments of her health!

“Good morning! Good morning to my healthy living! I want to sincerely thank Prophet T.B Joshua for sharing the secret of his good health. I am 43 years old and I have had skin problems for a very long time, especially on my face.

“However, the more I use the Water therapy, the more I see my beautiful skin! Before, I tried a lot of creams to clear up my face but each time I would wake up with my face swollen, so I gave up.

“After beginning the water therapy, this is the first time I really enjoyed my menstruation – no pain, no pills! I feel happy to be a woman!

“Before, each time I washed my hair, after two days my scalp would be so dry and itchy – but now, there is nothing like that!

“This Water therapy will not depart from my mouth! We own a business and each day I make it a point of duty to ask my customers, ‘Are you drinking your water?’

“Thank you so much and may God continue to bless this ministry!”

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AMAZING ASTHMA HEALING: Water Therapy Testimony!

Emily Ouko from Kenya was under the bondage of asthma for nineteen long years, depending daily on medication to breathe normally…

“I have been suffering from Asthma for the past 19 years (since 1995) when I was 15 years old. Because of this disease, I have been falling sick often, especially if I carried anything heavy, walked a long distance or had exposure to dust or cold weather. Similarly, whenever I suffered any other ailment, the attack would be triggered. I have been on 2 sets of medication – preventive and curative. The one for prevention was a Foracort inhaler which I had to use twice daily.

Asthma Inhalers

“The second was a ventolin inhaler that provides relief whenever I had a chest congestion which I would also take twice when necessary. At no point in time have I ever left behind the Foracort inhaler, not even missing a single dose for a day because without taking it, I couldn’t stay for even two hours breathing normally before the symptoms set in.

“I heard people giving testimonies of the Lord’s doing through the ‘Water Therapy’ that God gave to His Prophet, TB Joshua. I started talking following his advice on Monday 19th January 2015. By Wednesday, I decided not to take the inhaler. I just told myself that I would not know if the Lord had healed me if I continued taking drugs. Little did I know I was already healed! I have stopped taking all medication and inhalers and I breathe freely! Praise be to the Most High God! I am healed!”

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A Nigerian living in Japan was inspired by the testimonies he heard on Emmanuel TV concerning the ‘Water Therapy’ and decided to try it himself!

“My Name is Emmanuel Agbonze. I am a Nigerian from Benin city living in Japan. I am sharing this testimony to testify of the goodness of God and our Lord Jesus Christ for what He has done in my life.

“Over 18 months ago, I was diagnosed with gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD). This is a chronic digestive disease which occurs when stomach acid or content occasionally flows back into your food pipe (Oesophagus). Because of this, I always experienced heartburn, fast breathing, inability to eat normally, weakness of the body, chronic headache and poor vision.

“After listening to the testimonies of people on Emmanuel TV and how their lives were restored through the ‘Water Therapy’ introduced by the man of God Prophet TB Joshua, I decided to be a part of it.

“People of God, after drinking water as instructed by the man of God, all the symptoms in my body totally disappeared! No more heartburn, shortness of breath or crippling headaches! Now, I can see clearly and do everything that I couldn’t do before!

“Thank You, Jesus and I thank you man of God! My advice to people reading my testimony is simple – if you are experiencing a similar problem to mine, please start your water therapy without wasting time. It is VERY important! Better is not good enough; the best is yet to come! Emmanuel!”

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