Mr and Mrs Alexander Andwati, Kenyans living in Switzerland, share their incredible testimony concerning the fruit of the womb after discovering Emmanuel TV and receiving the Anointing Water!

By faith, Mr & Mrs Andwati placed their pictures on the Anointing Water Booklet

By faith, Mr & Mrs Andwati placed their pictures on the Anointing Water Booklet

“PRAISE GOD! We have a wonderful testimony to share to the glory of God! We had our first child called Imani (meaning Faith) in 2009. Since then, we have been trying to conceive another child but in vain. Back in 2013, a friend here in Switzerland introduced us to Emmanuel TV but we were not so keen then. She even gave us the Anointing Water booklet and a few drops of Anointing Water but we didn’t believe.

“However, some time last year in 2014, we started watching Emmanuel TV and the more we watched, the more we felt blessed. Since then, we have continued watching Emmanuel TV, and we leave it on in our bedroom throughout the night.

“As a wife, I used to watch every night The SCOAN video of the fruit of the womb meeting. Whenever we met as husband and wife, I would tell GOD to remember me in the issue of the fruit of the womb. I placed my husband’s photo and my photo on the Anointing Water booklet on the page of the couple who had infertility reversed and told GOD, ‘If You did it for them, You can do it for us.’

“In December 2014, I had a dream that a friend was going to invite us over to his house and we would receive a breakthrough. Truly, this friend invited us for Christmas on December 25, 2014. Interesting, when we arrived at his place, we found the Anointing Sticker on his door! This was a totally different friend to the one who had given us the Anointing Water booklet.

“That very day, this friend gave us Anointing Water! We reached home, anointed ourselves and prayed. As we did this, I felt a cold sensation in my body. We then met as husband and wife.

“A few days later, I had a dream that the man of GOD Prophet TB Joshua was anointing me at SCOAN. In the dream, I remember screaming out loud and I fell down. A few days later I saw the man of GOD in a dream again and he was saying that anytime from now, I will become pregnant.

“GOD IS VERY FAITHFUL! On January 26, 2015, I went to the hospital and a scan has indeed revealed I am pregnant. I give ALL the Glory to GOD! May GOD continue to bless Prophet T.B. Joshua and his team. Indeed, distance is not a barrier!”

Hallelujah! A million thanks are not enough for what Jesus Christ is doing in the lives of His people!  

67 thoughts on “FRUIT OF THE WOMB TESTIMONY: Anointing Water

    • l am always happy and be encouraged when l read this channel God bless you all and Emmanuel TV.

      On Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 12:22 PM, Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

  1. People of God beware of frauders in this page,scoan never send out the anointing water to people via post to reach them,also Scoan would never asking you to fill or place order via email,tel for the anointing water,ask someone who are going scoan to collect it for and it’s for free 😄😃
    People outside Nigeria don’t be deceived,don’t make any order via Internet ,tel.

  2. Original Message From SCOAN Posted!

    Contact : anything about SCOAN is below… This is the original Scoan Admin E-mail Address…

    EMMANUEL. Distance is not a Barrier. we awaiting your details…

  3. People of God beware of fraudsters in this page !!!

    Scoan never send out the anointing water to people via DHL courier services,to get it ask someone who are going scoan to collect it for you and it’s free,free,do not ordering any items from scoan via email,tel,Internet,beware of fraudsters.
    Be vigilant,together we can stop fraudsters,warn others.

  4. Fraudsters,scoan never send the anointing water to people via DHL courier,to get it ask someone who are going to scoan to collect it for you,and it’s free,do not ordering any spiritual items from scoan via email,tel,Internet beware of fraudsters.
    I was victim,don’t be the next victim.
    Scoan official email:
    Be vigilant,together we can stop fraudsters,warn others.

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  6. It was just like Abraham and Sarah who had a son named Isaac,this shows that our God is very very much alive as of old.Jesus is alive,Jesus lives,Jesus never said good bye.


  8. It is the will of God thanks to jesus I expecting to be delivered trough water therapy and believe that will happen to me .how can I gate anointed water ? Please write to my email. Emanuel.

  9. i can remember my God telling us in His word that there is no bareness in the land and His word has never lied or failed to be accomplish. Faith is the key to everything. without faith, this woman won’t have received her breakthrough. alleluha

    • I applicate what God is using the prophet to do by his grace ,am appealing from the prophet if i can be allowed to come to scoan i have many challenges and yet am a pastor.
      Thanks God bless the prophet T B JOSHUAH for the work is doing.
      Pastor Zyambo.

  10. By faith my time has come to share my testimony with you in this medium in Jesus name. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, our times are in his hands. He will bless each one us at the appointed time, He is GOD for us all lets keep pressing on and wait on Him prayerfully.

  11. Our god is faithful we only have to belive and trust him his mrcies almighty god as you answer this woman answer my prayer too.I have been waiting for god time looking for fruit of the womb for the passed 15years.

  12. GOOD MORNING I glorify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for putting a quality smiles on this wonderful family through the medium of Anointing Water for the salvation of their soul.. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the Greatest Physician and comforter. There is no sickness which he cannot heal, there is no affliction which he cannot deliver, he is our redeemer and he is able to set the captive free. When Our Messiah heals you he heals you effectualy and completely. I encourage you to read your Holy Bible, pray everyday and you will grow. Love his Living Word, with all your heart, with all your strength, with all your soul and with all your mind. And make the Word of God standard for life so that your healing, deliverence, redemption and all Gods blessings will remain permanent in Jesus Christ name

  13. Prophet TB Josua, please pray for us so that God remembers us and blesses us with fruits of the womb this year. Denis and Mimi

  14. Glory be to God almighty.
    I thank our father for showing his mercy and favour in this couples lives.
    Indeed God is aware of our troubles, He has promised to never leave us neither forsake us.

    We love you Jesus,
    and I pray that by the power that restored this couple’s testimony, I proclaim my own testimony in all areas of my life,family and friends in Jesus mighty name

    Thank you God for bringing your prophet TB Joshua into our generation.
    May God continue to strengthen you and give you the Grace to fulfil what he has send you forth to do in this world prophet TB Joshua.
    In Jesus name
    we love you prophet TB Joshua

    Thank you Jesus

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  16. Hi

    How are you distance is no barrier. …Please help me…pray with me that I get a job at bank or bank of Zambia. …

    I’m currently not working please help me….pray with me.

    I need that prayer….I don’t have the money 4 that anoiting water but I need a miracle……

    Regards Tambatamba martha 

    Sent from Samsung Mobile”Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV Testimonies” wrote:

  17. how do l get the anointing water without coming to Nigeria,l am in zambia last year one of the pastor said he was invited there and l gave him the sum of $200 to buy me anointing water and a CD but he only gave me a hafl bottle of l want full bottle of anointing water.all the same l used that one and my home exprience same changes l was upgraded to my salary and give me arreares for 6 months indeed our GOD IS ABLE IN ALL FAITHFULL.This year l want God to use me mighty and my l ask to adopt me as your spiritual family need beliverance in the water l am requesting please help me papa Tb Joshua.

    • Scoan never send out the anointing water to people via DHL courier service to get it you have to ask someone who are going to scoan to collect it for you and it’s for free,free,any items from scoan is not for ordering from Internet,tel,email,Becareful of fraudsters.
      Scoan official email:
      Keep on watching emmanuel tv you will learn more about scams.

  18. Haleuuja, our God is great. we thank you Lord for our Prophet of our time.
    God bless him for us in Jesus Name.

  19. Oh Holy Spirit, I thank You Father for what You are doing for us as Your children!!…Indeed distance is not a barrier, even for my daughter now to receive her mirable of the Fruit of the Womb as You had blessed them. I decree by Your authority that she is blessed by the Fruit of the Womb in Jesus name. Amen!!! Father continue to heal, deliver, save, rescue and release us using Prophet TB Joshua, the annointed Man of God. Continue also to bless and protect him and his family in Jesus name. Amen

  20. Emmanuel!!! Encouraging testimony there, may God bless you in Jesus name. Indeed it’s not all up to God and it’s not all up to us, we have a role to play for God to act.

  21. Oooh praise be to our God in heaven. What an awesome God we serve ! God remember and locate me this 2015 and don’t pass me by.

  22. We give God the glory. I pray that the same God who did it for you will deliver me and open doors to, a good job, good health, and a good marriage. I am believing and trusting God for a miracle.

  23. Indeed God is awesome,I have been praying for breakthrough and Gods deliverance upon my family,we need financial breakthrough and the wisdom to carry it and looking seriously for a job

  24. Hallelujah! Powerful testimony it is. Indeed our God is able n all faithful. My husband and I ve bn believing God for the fruit of the womb and our prayer is tht He comes through for us as He’s doing for His other children, I pray that He may cover us under the same annointing in Jesus name. Please man of God, pray for us so that God can remember us this year. We desperately need children. I know Distance is not a barrier.

    • Indeed God is good all the time. Surely glory be to God almighty. My prayer is that, may He continue blessing the prophet TB Joshua so that he can continue ministering to the world. Amen and amen.

    • God is with us all.This 2015 God will also remember me and my wife Priscillah on fruit of the womb for a baby boy as he did to others so we too now is our way,time and best time.God help me to have the good salary paid,house,motor and blessings.
      Tb Joshua is the only true prophet l can tell who is doing the work of God.

    • praise the God of prophet T.B. Joshua. Lord i believe, help my unbelief.
      God u re not partial, what you did for this couple concerning the fruit of the womb, you shall surely do
      for me and many more who are in a similar need of the fruit of the womb.
      in Jesus name . AMEN.

  25. God is awesome! Am believing God for my own testimony,this is my month in jesusu. That same God that bless them with the fruit of the womb will do mine IJN name.

  26. God is the same yesterday today and forever more i now and i am sure that i got my hearing i jst waiting to go back for check up then i will go give my testimony in scoan in Jesus name

  27. i was writting my BGCSE EXAM last year at Kagiso senior secondary school so i want to pass them when they get released in February 2015 in Jesus name.

        THANK U .

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