“I Ate 1kg Of Frozen Vegetables Everyday” – Delivered Through Emmanuel TV

After listening to so many testimonies of those delivered from strange addictions on Emmanuel TV, Mina from South Africa testifies of how she too was set free from an odd addiction just through watching Emmanuel TV and praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua.

“I want to thank God for His saving grace. I had been watching Emmanuel TV and was awe struck by the number of addictions that people were being delivered from. I never knew that it was an evil spirit behind that problem. It was because of what I was seeing that made me to realize that I too was suffering from the same problem – addiction to eating frozen vegetables and ice. It started out small but last year the problem got worse and I was consuming 1 kg of frozen veggies every two days or a whole frozen cabbage.

“One day while watching the Monday service live on Emmanuel TV like I always do, I prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and claimed my deliverance by faith. Immediately after touching the screen, I started feeling a bit queasy and I never even made it to the toilet before I began vomiting and vomiting and vomiting.

“Ever since that day, I have been delivered from my addiction to eating frozen vegetables and ice. To prove to myself that I was free, I even tried to eat them again just like they always do on Emmanuel TV but it was too cold for my teeth and I felt like vomiting. Since then, I have not even been tempted to eat those foods again. I prefer cooked vegetables and only an occasional ice cube or two in my drink. Thank You, Lord!”

Mina, South Africa

186 thoughts on ““I Ate 1kg Of Frozen Vegetables Everyday” – Delivered Through Emmanuel TV

  1. Evertime a man comes in my life,before he can even propose,there just stop calling without any reasons,the other nity i dreamt dat a man is coming my way,and these hell angels tel him dat if u go to her,we ll kill u like we have killed the other men,may God deliver me from o these

  2. I am just bless by following the program Distance is not the barrier, many of us have been save and blessed by the anointed Man of God Prophet TB Joshua through the Emmanuel Tv but we just don’t know how to give our testimony, for example in my case I was able to get a job through the week days services with the Wise men in September last year that sent me out to Ghana to do some short courses to enable me to work on a production ship as an assistant store keeper and by Gods grace I will soon become the storekeeper. Emmanuel,God with us amen

  3. Thank you Jesus. I pray that many through this man of God would believe that Jesus is LORD. I believe many great and wonderful testimonies would be shared as more and more people accept the fact that Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua is a true man of God.

    Alexander Taah, Ghana

  4. Our God is so wonderful, His works are more than our imaginations. Let’s praise Him for ever and ever

  5. Our God never fails, His mercies are new every morning and He keeps on showering blessings on us. To God be the glory for your deliverance dear sister.

  6. Glory to God!, please man of God pray for my sickness, i have been HIV + for the past 9 yrs, may the blood of Jesus destroy the virus in my body and i know that distance is not a barrier. in the name of Jesus Christ amen!!!

    • Tshepi May we have the same problem & l believe that when you believe in Jesus you shall receive your healing in Jesus’ name Amen.Continue being prayerful & promise God that you will go & sin no more.God will heal you from HIV at his own schedule.Agree with the God of TB Joshua & your problem will be over permanently.

      • Thank you Lewis, with God’s mercy and favour i believe that God will save , heal and deliver me in Jesus name Amen!

  7. mina, our lord is so great, i rejoice with you because of the joy the lord has giving to you and us, with testimony like this, we now understand distance is not a barried, once more we your family in the lord are happy for you are happy; just continous to stay under GOD love

  8. I truly believe that NOTHING is too dificult for our Lord and saviour to heal or to deliver from. Please remember me in your prayers for deliverance of eating black soil and coffee filter waste. I pray and believe for my deliverance myself. I could not believe my eyes and ears when I saw cases similar to mine on emmanuel tv. I believed this to be just a bad habbit. I have also had surgery done in march this year, due to 29 fibroids, could there be a connection there? I have sent a letter but no response so far. I will not stop searching and praying until I am delivered.

  9. Our God is a mighty God indeed , i always watch Emmanuel Tv and Always pray with prophet TB JOSHUA , so I had a problem with my blower back , but after touching my screen and praying with prophet ,agreeing with him ,my back is healed , GLORY BE TO GOD , HE LIVES !!!! FOREVER AND EVER.

    Busi Edwana -Vosloorus ,SOUTH AFRICA.

  10. Praise be to JESUS!I also believe that every demon and evil spirit that has been blocking me ,my family and children is being flushed out by the BLOOD OF JESUS and FIRE OF THE HOLY GHOST!IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

  11. Prophet will u pls pray 4 me,i,ve terrible pain in my back and my right breast,i’m frm S.A and pray that God will bless me financial sothat i can visit the scoan

  12. GOD AT WORK FULL TIME,ALLELUYA.we thank emmanuel t.v fo spreding th word of God and it bild our faith stronger and drow us closer 2 God,thank u man of God and al th wise man and everybody who made it possiable fo us 2 watch it on t.v be blessed.amen

  13. With God nothing is imposible,Prophet TBJ always says that prayer changes us & faith changes things…God bless prophet TBJ & the emmanuel tv in Jesus’ name….Amen!!!

  14. May God deliver me from the spirit of lust,Diabetics right now. I believe in the name of Jesus Christ .

  15. the reward of humility and fear of the lord is riches and honour and life.Prvb22:4.brethren let us choose to be humble for God uplift the lowly and humble the pride and since we ave a promise after that and God is not man that he should lie.GLORY AND HONOUR TO YOU LORD

  16. Halleluah! God of T.B. Joshua is too much. Thank you Jesus he has done for you and he will do it for us too Amen.

  17. The age of miracles is not over! Thanks to the miracle worker JESUS CHRIST. EMMANUEL TV CHANGING LIVES, CHANGING NATIONS AND CHANGING THE WORLD.

  18. Glory be to GOD in the Highest halliluja, the Almighty GOD will continue to strengthen Apostle, Prophet TB JOSHUA and his wise men who GOD is using mightily (amen)

    • The GOD who save these people will deliver me too out of all my distress, affliction, backwardness, failiour, spiritual attack, and poverty (amen)

  19. Wow TB Joshua is a true man of God.I am very interested in finding the Anointing water,I am from South Africa n i would like to know how do i get the Anointing Water?

  20. O lord have mercy on me and i realy want to marry birikisu hassan let all her parents accept me to marry her as i and her had agreed together to marry in Jesus name amen

  21. Emmanuel! I am praying hard for the God of TB Joshua to use me to deliver my family and my village in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  22. plz prayer for me i’m in the relationship i want to follow god and i do knw how;i want him to marry me””and i also misscarrage plz pray fr me.and i’m afriead to get pregant again

  23. To God be the Groly. Pls Man of God pray 4 me and my husband 4 breakthrough 2 come there at the SCOAN coz we are trying but no success. We filled our first Questionnaire year 2010, sec yr 2011 and these yr 2012 we have already filled 2 of them bt no reply. Pls we are very much interested to come to the house of Liberty.

  24. I am happyi have emmanuel tv in my home with that i dont have problem thank u lord for making me to be among the people u open their eye to see truth

  25. Emmanuel! Man of God. Please pray for me that my partner should return home so that we can live in perfect harmony and raise our child.

  26. I thank God for being such a Father to us inspite of us being wayward children. I believe all things are possible with Him. Please pray that my ASTHMA completely disappears. With medical treatment it is slowly disappearing but keeps coming. I pray with Prophet T.B.Joshua, and I am hoping that one day I will set free completely once and for all. God is merciful.

  27. I tank man of God 4 delivering me 4rm d sprit of masturbation trough watching emmanuel tv. Thank you jesus! emmanuel

  28. Oh My God this Emmanueltv has really opened my eyes to a lot of things. My mum eats ice cubes and even a white soil we call “mpemba” from the rivers sold around in Zambian markets. Lord make this woman watch and pray along with the Prophet of God. So many fake pastors just prophelie to her telling her things they don’t know. When something is revealed God brings solution. In her case its just tales they keep feeding her. May God forgive them all. And deliver my mum.

  29. I thank you almighty god for what his doing to their children. God continue to be faithful on us everyday. Bless almighty god, cover me with your precious blood, let your mercy, grace of god be upon me. Remember me and show me the true way to overcome the divel.

  30. prophet I need God ‘s favour. Financial brek through, i cann’t even buy a house 4 my children. My husband is not working and he has a Degree bt he is not getting job. We are struggling and I’m not coping woeking alone. The most important thing is the house. Pls Man of God have Mercy on me , help me Man of God

  31. pray for me because since i completed my studies in 2008 till today i never get a job .and there is no one in my family who have a good job

  32. Hey !!! we thank God for your Deliverance and stay to Praise Him always through our Lord Jesus Christ and his Son Prophet TB Joshua. Emmanuel !!!!!!.

  33. I thank de God almighty for his annointed servant who he has given us in our time that we must open our spiritual eyes to see his work through him thank u Jesus .

  34. Pray for me poverty and badluck always when I buy a car it does not last it just get something which is expensive maybe it require me to buy a another engine or another please pray with me all these things and also my finances to be reliesed by the name of Lord jesus.Amen. Let me one send my testimony throw the powers of God.

  35. What a wonderful and merciful GOD we serve. May He help our unbelieve so we may trust and devote our lives to Him. I have been and continue to pray for a devine appointment with the God of T.B Joshua. If only I could set my feet on the Holy Ground. I know it will happen for God’s time is the Best time. Amen!

  36. No single daubt that GOD is mightly present in scoan. Glory be to GOD that i can see the act of the apostles done in my time. Thank you JESUS

  37. Praise the living God, He is a loving God, regardless of our wrong doing, He is always there for us. Thank you Lord!!!!!

  38. Man of god lam asking for your prayers my daughter is writting her o`level examination on june pray for my daughter man of god she wants to pass she believes you emmanuel!!

  39. Awesome God. I love u. I praise u. I worship u. U re my life. Receive all the Glory.
    I receive my deliverance tru dis testimony in Jesus’ name Amen!

  40. With God nothing is impossible.Please man of God pray for my brother he is addicted to alcohol.

  41. Thank u Jesus 4 dis Testimony. Heavenly Father, pls deliver me 4rm Spirit of Anger, & Protection in the life of my Wife who is Pregnant now. I believe dat distance is not a Barrier. Thank u Jesus 4 Answering my Prayer. Amen.

  42. Distance cant be a barrier to the blessins im asking for in jesus name his only son…help me i lyk to see the man of god performin miracles but unfortunately im stayin in a settlement where there is no power to watch God using his man to perform good practices.but im watchin with the holy spirit thanx to my 4ne i can go into the facebook and search for god’s powers.amen

  43. I might be as far as Botswana..but with the grace and fellowship of the lord jesus christ..man of god i’m asking for blessings for the higher post i just applied for ..i pray in jesus name i wil get the position. AMEN

  44. God is d same yersterday 2day nd 4ever more,he never change,he is still going around doing gud nd delievary pple,I tank God 4 d life of d 6ter. nd more grace 2 sen prophet T.B.joshua whom using is using almightly 2 deliever pple.

  45. Surely distance is not a barrier to the move of the holy spirit. Thank u Lord for the life of Prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV

  46. Please man of God deliver me from the spirit of unbelieve for i know that there is nothing impossible unto God…

  47. God is a wonderful God. Last week i was delivered. I watch Emmanuel TV everyday on Monday 14 whilst praying along wth prophet TB i started vomiting some poison that burnt my tongue even now i still feel d hot pain in my tongue God knows no distance stay connected your miracle is on the way. Thank you man of God be blessed always

  48. faith healed the haemorrhagic women.blessd are those who believe that Jesus is alive and working thru mistry of prophet tb JOSHUA.Amen!

  49. faith comes by hearing the word of God,God is invisible but becoz of miracles he is now visible,where God is there are miracles emmanuel

  50. Glory be to God in the highest. The Right hand of God is Power, I claim my deliverance in Jesus name. Amen. Thank u Jesus.

  51. Amen!!! Distance is not a barrier. god does wonders in our lives we are plsd 2 have a man of God like TB. Joshua. Jesus Christ is still the same yesterday,today and forever.

  52. Amen!!! Distance is not a barrier. god does wonders in our lives we are plsd 2 have a man of God like TB. Joshua

  53. Surely He is not tired of doing good unto those who believe in his Holy Name. This is wonderful and touching testimony. Thank you Jesus.

  54. Amen…With God everyting its possible I mean possible…Trust Him alone then you will experience miracles in you life…Thank You Jesus for the life of this woman…

  55. Glory be to God. Even me im also delivered of eating ice cubes ever since, and my family are so relieved because they were worried that i would become sick as i was before. Just by watching EmmanuEl TV and praying with the man of God is all what it takes and having faith in God. ALLELLUJAH!

  56. Halellejah 2 the King of Kings!His works r just incomprehensible,Jesus is thesame yesterday,today&for ever!

  57. Believing is our connection, if you trust in God’s power, He will do it for you, wherever you are, distance is not a barrier and there is no need for the Man of God to touch you. This is wonderful, thank you Jesus for using Prft TB Joshua to heal, deliver and bless us through emmanuel tv and other medium.

  58. Thank you for that testimony, it has raised my faith and indeed distance is not a barrier, God is so Great. I also claim my deliverance right now in Jesus name Amen.

    • If what you say is indeed true, you really need to pray hard and devote your faith, praying with the man of God, trusting that distance is not a barrier, on Emmanuel TV. Your addiction will disappear. It is really aweful eating sand and rocks. I wish if you could share how you eat the rock!!!!

  59. May God of TB Joshua who delivered Mina from frozen vegetable addiction deliver me from spirit of masturbation.

  60. WOW!!! God always amazes me. He’s a just God,a good God, an awesome God. Words can’t even describe how he is. Glory to Jesus.

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