With One Push, The Baby Came Out!

Esther Kapulanga, a nurse from Kenya, has a wonderful testimony to share. She received her miracle after ministering the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name! We pray you would be encouraged in your faith as you read: 

“Emmanuel! At the age of 39 and with large multiple fibroids, medically, it was only possible for me to conceive through an operation or through induction – both of which are very expensive and do not guarantee success. I had almost given up hope of conceiving. I was also experiencing regular and severe stomach pain and discomfort. However, after a friend introduced to Emmanuel TV and I watched the testimonies of so many others, my hopes were rekindled!

“I decided to visit The SCOAN and during my time there, I was opportune to receive the Anointing Water. By faith, I sprayed in my mouth and all over my body. I felt this cooling sensation in my stomach and knew that God was touching my case. The severe stomach pains lessened and then left completely. When I returned home, our gynaecologist was waiting for a decision from and my husband to know what was the next step in going for an operation. I told him I was praying about it! Three months later, I went for a check up and they discovered I was pregnant!!

“To the glory of God, I had no difficulties during the pregnancy. Even when it was time for me to deliver, I only had labour pains for about two hours. Because of the size of the baby, as I was pushing, the baby was coming out together with the placenta. I told one of the nurses to get me my handbag, from which I took the Anointing Water and sprayed. With one push, the baby came out! Then, the placenta was not coming out so I sprayed the Anointing Water again. Immediately, it came out! I thank God Almighty and His anointed servant Prophet T.B. Joshua for this wonderful miracle! I named my beautiful new baby boy Joshua Marvel!”

Esther Kapulanga, Kenya

236 thoughts on “With One Push, The Baby Came Out!

  1. Im kenyan and bless God with u Esther. Im 40 yrs and have undergone an operation due to fibroids , i dont have kids and still experiencing pain. Please help me with a sprinkle of anointing water. My no is 0723021400.

  2. emmanuel.i need a job urgently, husband, healing from multiple fibroids. i have been operated twice in 2 years. change my life completely, grace and mercy.

  3. Thank you God.your story is so uplifting.can anyone tell me how to get emmanuel t.v in kenya,i have a philibao satelite receiver?

  4. Emmanuel-God with us all the time. May the good Lord Jesus Christ continue to increase the days of the Senior Prophet T B Joshua, the Wise Men, the SCOAN and Emmanuel tv family smile God loves all of you.
    Psalms 61:6-7
    Increase the days of the kings life his years for many generations. May he be enthroned in Gods”s presence fore ever appoint your love and faithfulness to protect him

    Have a wonderful live Sunday service and may the Ancient of Days and the Holy Spirit continue to visit the SCOAN. Love you all and God bless you all.

  5. How can i have own annoiting water and sticker I have a huge hunger and thirsty of breakthrough in my when i hear what god has done to other through that thing i dnt know what to do so i can qualify for that please man for god help me

  6. i am blessed by this testmony, amen my sister god is watching us with a lovely blessed eye, and we will all recieve his miracles through our prayers in Jesus name we i believe amen……

  7. what shall l say unto the God of TB JOSHUA? all what l can say is thank u God. blessed be your holy name for the great work he has done thro the annoiting water

  8. I am blessed by the testimony of that Kenyan woman that gave birth to a baby boy and named him Joshua Marvel.My own testimony of breakthrough in all spheres of life is next in line.

  9. May God have mercy on us, with God everything is posible, I pray for deliverance in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen

  10. May the Almighty God of TB Joshua be Glorified for His Wonderful deeds/Wonders and miracles in the lives of many people.I am believing God of TB Joshua for a a miracle and i know he wont fail me in Jesus Name.

  11. Glory be to Jesus. amen. i am isaac from kenya. i have been watching emmanuel tv. It has really blessed my family. Can i get esther kapulanga’s email or phone number i am also from kenya. Thank you jesus for healing our situations. God bless.

  12. Emmanuel!
    God is great, Have mercy on me Lord in Jesus name. Esther wat i cn say to u sis is to praise God day nd night, prayer is the key to succes. Prophet Tb Joshua may God bless u nd wish u many more years u changed many lives.

  13. Ijust love it Lord may you look intomy heart and grant me my miracle Prophet TBJoshua pray for me tha my relationship wth God shud be strong

  14. I am very uneduca ted,i don’t have qu alification for any job,i didn’t work f or many years,ver y poor,blind my lef t eye,i don’t have money to buy foo d i,my wife and my 6 month baby.i do n’t want to steal,i want to work with my own hands.ma n of god help me w ith financial to sta rt my own project, so that i live a bet ter life.have mercy on me,have mercy on me.i watch you on emmanuel tv helping poor,thats why i ask help to you man of god

  15. i was moved by the testimony from Esther kapulanga from Kenya surely where are u Esther? i wish u can give me at least a drop of the anointing water and my past will be over forever in Jesus name. am a lecturer in KMTC kitui campus department of medical lab. please share with me just a drop and God will bless u much.my contacts;304 -kitui, eastern province, Nairobi-Kenya. 072142778. “Emmanuel”

  16. Emmanuel! God of TB Joshua is a living God. Syngogue Church of All Nation is an arena of liberty. The anointing water is God’S instrument of deliverance, healing, restoration, blessing and salvation. May we all be blessed as we believe. Emmanuel! GOD IS INDEED WITH US

  17. I thank God for all the miracles that God is doing through T.B JOSHUA. I m writing from malawi in the Village called Cape Maclear i would like to enquire how i can the anonting water do you sell them or u give them for free

  18. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for the deliverance happened to Ester of Kenya.
    May the Lord of Kindness deliver me and my family from chains of eve spirit, All in the name of Jesus Christ.

  19. indeed this a miracle, if Jesus says yes no one can say no. Sarah was old. that why i believe one day miracles will happen to us who believe in Jesus

  20. O lord may ur name alone b exalted.I key in2 dis testimony n receive my healin 4rm fibroid n i also receive my miracle twins IJN.Amen.

  21. The God of TB Joshua is at work. He will do exactly the same in my life in Jesus name. It is marvelous in my sight

  22. Emmanuel??? this post is very good and very touching i wish my wife could be healed in the same way she has fibrods also for i have stayed with her for many years without an issue as i thank the Lord through our only able Prophet TB Joshua thank you Jesus Amen.

  23. Praise the Lord for the miracles happening at SCOAN they are all signs to the fact that SCOAN serves a living God may the Lord bless the church the more. i know of someone who is sick and has undergone several operations whereby her stormarch is being cut the irony part of the whole thing is that i have tried to get contact numbers from the her sister in law we both watch Emmanuel TV and we both blief that the lady can recieve healing but all in vain, she is not in a position to give me the number i had wanted to atleast send her encourageing verses to build her faith, like i said all the sister can say is the lady was given Anoiting water by a friend, the water is almost finished but there is no difference. in few weeks these lady will be admitted again for further cutting and the provision of a waistbag. p

    The davel is at work in the family because the lady has money enough to pay for private medical clinics but does not have money to come to SCOAN how ironic, surely there is something wrong here, so brethrens please lets pray for her so that God Almighty could visit her and change her mindset so she can now administer the water with prayer and faith

    Thank you for your mighty prayers


  24. Emmanuel!
    i am really touched by such a powerful testimony.May God of TB Joshua be glorified.
    I am akenyan and i have always longed to visit SCOAN.Esther Kindly have my contacts and lets chat more for the Glory of our Lord Jesus christ.0721 583338/email;kedys2004@yahoo.com
    May God bless baby joshua

  25. I am real touched with this testimony, everything in our lives is under the protection of God. GOD IS ABLE and God is good always. God bless all the wise man and TB Joshua for how you use them to deliver people and do wonderful miracle.

  26. I awaits my testimony that will build other pipoz faith like how this one has built mine. GLORY BE to JESUS

  27. Thank you Lord for Joshua Marvel we welcome you. Man of God i pray for me because of backwardness in my life i am only 34 but already taking high blood pressure medication i would love to see myself testify the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ

  28. touch me nw my saviour i come to thee.i am seeking 4 safe delivery nxt week.i need my baby alive and me alive and healthy.thank u jesus.

  29. jesus loves us.he is a caring father.by faith nothiNg wil not stop us from receiving our miracles.i love him so much.pls prophet joshua pray for mi sister,she is pregnat,she is 9month now.i no with yr prayers,she wil deliver with no problem,in jesus name.AMEN

  30. Emmanuel! God is still doing miracles, on sunday 20th may, 2012 i had something swollen on my neck side just next to whr the food passes when swallwing, it was so painful that it was giving me a fever.I purposed in my heart that i will pray with the man of God during the mass prayer since watching emmanuel tv is now part of our menu in our house. i pray and believed on tuesday, i tried to touch and feel the lamp, it was all gone and no pain. indeed, no sickness Jesus cannot heal. I have therefore declared that each time the voice of the Man of God from my tv hits the four coners of our house, everything in our lives contrary to God should receive fire and thunder of God in Jesus name. and so shall it be. Faith is all we need the job was already done at the cross. Emmanuel!

  31. This is works of our Lord. He is a miracle God. With Him all things are possible. He always opens doors for us. God has done great things in my life. Halleluya. Amen.



    Jessie Soko

  33. May Almighty Lord be glorified forever for healing and redeeming me. He is the same today, yesterday and foreever, Amen.

  34. i am touched by the testimony.me and my wife are failing to conceive for some years please pray for us man of God i beleive she will be pregnant since distance is not a barrier also i am asking for your annointing water man of God i am writing from Botswana.

  35. This is very intresting as a child of God when a testimony is said it’s no longer suprising but it builds faith and confidance to other Christians.God is Good glory to God. AMEN.

  36. Glory be to God ,what a wonderful testimony my sister.Please i would love to know the ticket price from Botswana to SCOAN.Anyone with info plis help me.Man of God we need stickers.love you all.

  37. conglats my sister.when they say everything is possible they mean everything.if only we could believe.healing and delieverance is like breathing.

  38. emmanuel! I’m really touched by this women’s testimony .i also had the same problem and i delievered through an operation ,i survived only by the grace of God.i want to thank God for providing us with the strong man who can stand for us ,teach and ecourage us.man of God may he that is in you (GOD ALMIGTHY) grant you many years. Im arrested on emmanuel TV and i believe one day im going to be set free in JESUS NAME AMEN. emmanuel

  39. What a powerful testimony.. You deserve the glory, and the honour, Lord I lift my hands in worship, as I praise Your Holy Name.
    You are great, You do miracles so great, there is no one else like You…singing

  40. Glory be to God of prophet T.B Joshua, I really hope my turn is coming for experience this wonderfull God of the prophet in my life as well

  41. halleluya, it is a new dawn. what a mighty God we serve,he makes a way were there seems to be no way. my faith is lifted up. i shall surely smile again in Jesus name.
    thank you man of God ,prophet T B Joshua for all your prayers,my Evelyn-joshua too is yet to be born. Amen, evelyn.

  42. What a wonderful testimony. God you are so great. Thank you God for delivering your servant through your servant TB JOSHUA. Man of God may God give you long life in Jesus Christ name.

  43. Praise the lord.
    Our God is so good when we belive in him . I’ m pray every days and i hope tha by the grace of God one day i will worship my God in the SCOAN.

  44. In the name of Jesus may i be healed. I hav the same problem. May i feel the cooling and may the pain disappear forever. I have faith that God wl touch me one day. With God nothing is impossible

  45. What a God we serve. How wonderful, my faith has been lifted, I join you in celebrating the greatest gift you have received. That is my prayer also. ( At 49 years no children and not married). God richly bless you.

  46. I glorified the LORD for you madam for the miracle baby boy. I too received my own miracle boys and girls babies in JESUS name ooo!

  47. Glory be to God he is always a faithful God , I know also that one day will have accsess to anointing water or a sticker. May God add more years to prophet TB JOSHUA.

  48. God is a faithful God , glory be to him the most high , i know that one day i will also have access to anointing water or a sticker, distance is not a barrier. May the Lord continue adding more years to TB JOSHUA

  49. Wow,wat a testmony,i pray that 2012 is my yr 4 my breakthrough,plz Man of God pray 4 the restoration in my family in Jesus’ name,4 sure distance doesn’t matter,impossible r possible with God,ISIAH,ZIMBABWE

  50. Man of God.Iam zambian and i praise God for using you mightly.May his will continue in your life.Your existence gives hope to people like me.I pray for my own miracle in jesus name.amen.

  51. i always have faith in God.s wonderful work. i know he is God of impossibilty. i know he surely make me to nurse my children nomatter the plan of satan in my marriage. this is the fourteenth year of marriage and am still believing God of prophet TB JOSHUA for children

  52. i great you in the name of Jesus Christ, Man of God Iam kindly asking for anointing water or a sticker. thank you. petronella

  53. Emmanuel ! God is with us in deed. Our God is able to deliver every body who have faith in him . I pray one day the hand of God must deliver me from my sikness bondage in Jesus name Amen

  54. Godiya ga Allah Sarki mai Iko dukka. Allah Ya raya “Joshua Marvel” Ya kuma sawa Baban mu Prophet TB Joshua Albarku masu yawa cikin sunan kristi Amin. Balami

  55. Man of God iam kindly asking for anointing water please send on this address; Copperbelt University, B6 cbu campus kitwe, zambia.

  56. I hope through watching emmanuel tv, my miracle is awaiting, the cycle of miscarriages are broken in the name of jesus christ, distance is not a barrier

  57. Thank you Lord. My case is not a special case. I pray for deliverance in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen

  58. We serve a God of wonders, i know its only a matter of time before i recieve my blessings as well. am not giving up on my God, no matter what the devil might tell me, am holding on to the cross. Lets us continue praising him and shame the devil. Amen

  59. God is great,he is just,we must remember God’s time is the best.even for us God will do it and i thank the God of prophet tb joshua for many are testimonies that will follow.Emmanuel!

  60. EMMANUEL ! EMMANUEL ! EMMANUEL ! Glory be to God for the wonderful Miracles,Jesus of Nazareth Never said Goodbye. Receive the Permanent healing and Blessings in Jesus Christ Name We PRAY. MAY I JOIN YOU IN SENDING SO MANY THANKS TO MAN OF GOD PROF.T.B.JOSHUA , SCOAN – MINISTRIES , EMMANUEL TV , PARTNERS AND VIEWERS ALL OVER THE WORLD. AMEN.

  61. Praise be to the Lord of TB Joshua.He is a true God.He loves us.Let us stay and worship Him.
    He is God of miracles who has been touching our lives.He liveth forever.We thank Him for little Joshua and the mother.
    Emmanuel-God is with us.

  62. i was operated last year for removal of cysts in my womb.m praying for a miracle as doctors told me also dat it would be difficult to conceive naturally,the cysts are c aused by blood disorders and the drs do not know the cause of my blood disorders,please pray for me man of GOd.Ntsakisi Mabasa in South Africa.


    • thank you . you are so kind.may God bless you.am patiently waiting for my miracle in Jesus name.
      with God all things are possible,Lord i believe help my unbelief.

  63. God is great.im happy for u sister to see the power of god.I wish i can also get annoing water because i have a lot of problems in my life.Im in South Africa,i dont know how can i meet man of God because i dont have a money to come to Nigeria.

  64. With God all things are indeed possible. I also have one child and am failing to concive due to miscarriage two years ago. But with this testimony, I know dat my problem is over now, the same God who has done for this woman will also do it for me, in Jesus name. Glory be to God.

  65. To God be the Glory.thank you myLord 4 u never fail us. Distanc is nt a barrier so i am also healed in Jesus name.

  66. Thank u father.in Jesus name.I belive my mericle is on the way.Am coming to Scon in Aug this yr by faith.Am a salve of my marriage my husband wants a divoce.Hes left our house.But i belive anthing is imposible with God.The best is yet to come.Amen

  67. Praise the Lord,I belive I’m also healed thru watching Emmanual TV and praying together with the prophet coz the doctor said I had 2small faibroids but to God be the glory I’m 8 month pergnant.

  68. guide me and my family in jesus name, i realy nid breakthru in my lyf, i suffered a lot.with God al thngs r possible.Amen

  69. God is great! with faith mountains obey to our commands.what type of sign do this generation want?.Jehova i worship u with al my heart!

  70. Lord is great,my 4yrs old son Fahmi 3weeks ago had severe pain in his knee i tied it but still he could not walk well.He asked me to pray for him i couldn’t as i was not sure if i will heal,i have been a muslim for a long time.I was watching Emmanuel tv then instead of telling him i cant,i asked hm to touch his knee on left hand and screen on the other hand.After the man of God T.B Joshua finished,Fahmi jumped around shouting ‘nimepona’meaning iam healed.He untied his knee until today he is at school and very much ok.To God be the Glory.I pray that oneday i come to SCOAN iam saving my money for planeticket.

  71. 4 sure He is a Possibilitarian God all things are possible with Him.He deserves all the glory and honour.

  72. Hallelujah! Our God will neva fail,everytng z posbo with Him. God am going 2 sit 4 end of semister exam dis coming June,i nid ur help,restore my understanding LORD,do it according 2 ur will.AMEN!

  73. I thank God for that testimony,I believed that it is just the fufillment of his promises through the General evangelist to prophet T.B Joshua and his ministries.The time will tell.

  74. the suffering of human wasn’t God’s idea at genesis,satan is the founder.so by the restoration of the likeness of God by Jesus satan was defeated. No more suffering in Jesus name .

  75. Amazing! Glory be to God! Nothing God does is by chance. It was no coincidence that He chose olive oil/anointing water as a symbol of his spirit and anointing. I believe in jesus christ name. Amen!

  76. Emmanuel! God of TB Joshua is a living God. Syngogue Church of All Nation is an arena of liberty. The anointing water is God’ instrument of deliverance, healing, restoration, blessing and salvation. May we all be blessed as we believe. Emmanuel!

  77. Glory be to God Almighty… When I read posts my faith becomes renewed.. And I believe that God through His Son Jesus Christ will locate me… And that my breakthrough is released in Jesus’ Name Amen…

  78. With God all things are possible for those that put their trust in Him.Thank God for the life of prophet TB JOSHUA and other men of God.

  79. I give God de Glory for the Miracle that happened to Esthers life Distance is not a barrier Hallelujah.

  80. Glory b to the Almighty. Nothing is hard for Him indeed. Thank u Jesus Christ for continuous showng mercy to us. U’re wonderful Lord

  81. Amen,GOD is able morethan able to do excidingly,abandatly nd abouve all wat we think nd ask. the next is my own case in Jesus Nam.Emmanuel!!!

  82. Jesus said with man it is imposible but with God everything is posible.thank u man of God i hope one day i will bring my tesimony.thank u jesus

  83. I thank God for given us nigeria an the world a good savernt like. PROPHET TB JOSHUA. God have use him to save meny live an shouls. God pleace give him more live an power to continus his prophetic mision on heath.an all the Emmanuel TV Pateners. God pls

  84. I thank God for given us nigeria an the world a good savernt like. PROPHET TB JOSHUA. God have use him to save meny live an shouls. God pleace give him more live an power to continus his prophetic mision on heath.an all the Emmanuel TV Pateners.

  85. Since I liked the T.B Joshua ministry on facebook my faith 2 God is growing up much higher everyday and I would like to thank God for using the prophet Joshua since I can see what really God is capable to do daily. “With one push,the baby come out” n Glory to God.

  86. Good GOD realy de distance is not a barrier,im in SOUTH AFRICA oi blieve my GOD where i am He will answer all my prayers.distance is not a barrier

  87. Am so happy for you, God works in ways we can not see and through faith everything is possible, Prophet T.B Joshua a true servant of God and its my prayer that God continue to use him, I am praying for my Miracle and i ask God to intervene in my situation as well. How do i get holy water i want my family also to know God, in Jesus name amen

  88. He said,(jesus) ure going 2do more miracles than i ve done.in his name miracles do hapen,of course wth faith in our harts.she is rich in faith knowin dat Gods pa is eva present.Amen

  89. Ths testmony increases my faih,everything is conquered by faith to whom you believe.to say yes one’s to him everything is possible to GOD,one push the baby come out thats wonderful Alelujah JESUS.

  90. I wnt 2 experience ths miracles myself. Lord almigthy i wana test u with the situation at my parents house. Man of God pray 4 my family. We hv prayed en prayed bt it only gets worse. Let ur holy fire burn all the corners of tht house en let ths becm my testimony. In God i trust. amen.

  91. Indeed god is great, what a miracle? In Jesus name everything is possible. I hope one day it will happen to me, even without anointing water. By the faith I have to Jesus I know I will also push once and the baby will come out. I’m 39 weeks pregnant which is in breech position. I know by the mercy of god the baby will turn and come out.

  92. i’m really amazed.All dis is happening in dis time of ours? indeed my God lives and d God of tbjoshua lives. pls i wish to meet wit pastor Tbjoshua,i will be so glad and grateful if my request can be granted. may the lord jesus nt stop is wonderful and mervelous work in ur life and in d life of all of us.

  93. I give GOD all thanks he is worthy to be praised and to u daddy T.B i know my own miracle is on the way i beleave in JESUS NAME

  94. tank God 4 dat wonderful story.i wish my sister wuld some day be luky 2 do same…..she has being pregnat 3x,n 4 does 3x she has had 3 misscarriage.she follow ur programms well,she has even being 2 ur church,but i dont no y she continue 2 experience dis problem…..man of God pls pray 4 her

  95. Well by the name of Lord I would to go out poverty and not owing may Lord do mirecles for all my money to be out on friday morning .Pension. Lumpsum and the one from. George masebe hospital.I belive in the almight Jesus christ distance is not a barier.Please Lord bless me.also I would like to visit scoan Nigeria. By the name of Lord JesusChrist Amen.

  96. I am touched by this post. I have been operated for the same problem, fibroids. I am asking in the name of Jesus for this fibroids not to regrow, praying GOD to further heal me from any other disease n thank HIM for the healings provided. Prophet Josua, I need and want your help in my LIFE in the name of JESUS and our Holy Father, Amen.

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