Here is another wonderful testimony from an Emmanuel TV viewer in Ghana. She testifies to how, while watching Emmanuel TV, she fell asleep and had an encounter with the healing power of Jesus Christ in a dream. To God be the glory!

“I am Solange Carine Tenejou from Cameroon but living in Ghana with my husband and our three children.

“We watch Emmanuel TV in our house almost every Sunday. In fact, even our children know and love to do that together with my husband and myself. The following is our testimony and we are most grateful to Jesus our King for using Prophet T.B. Joshua as He did for His prophets of old.

“One Sunday afternoon after coming back from church, as usual we gathered quickly to watch Emmanuel TV. We always used to watch and pray along with the man of God. However, this time around something strange happened. Almost everybody fell asleep! With Emmanuel TV on in the background, I had a dream.

“In that dream, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua had come to my town and I was the first person in line that he was going to minister to. I was so happy and was waiting impatiently for a touch from God. When he came to me, he laid his hand upon me and I fell under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I got up and he laid his hand on me for the second time and I fell again. Then I felt something finding its way out from my head where I had been having severe and sharp pains of late followed by nose bleeding.

“What had been happening to me is that sometimes when I just stood up or bent down to do the washing, blood would begin pouring uncontrollably out of my nose. I became so worried but could not tell my husband how serious it was becoming because I didn’t want him to worry, especially because he was facing some difficulties in business. After the touch of the man of God TB Joshua in the dream, I felt something was coming out from my head towards my mouth.

“My mouth opened and after a while of struggling, I fell on my knees and vomited. I felt something leave my body! All of my body began to vibrate and I got up, praising and thanking God while going home. Then I woke up from my sleep with my hands still vibrating in a strange manner. Since that moment, the bleeding has completely stopped. Also, the sharp and severe pains in my head have vanished.

“I give all the honour and glory to my Master and Saviour Jesus Christ who is the pillar of my life and that of my family. I thank the man of God for all the wonderful deeds the Lord is using him to do – even in dreams. I am so grateful.

“The testimony does not end there. My husband was having severe pain in the nerves inside his middle finger of the right hand. That same evening around 11 pm, both of us went to the website of Emmanuel TV and watched a prayer for the viewers to receive healing. My husband placed his hands on the screen of the computer and instantaneously received healing from the pain he had being battling with.

“Before, he could not fully fold or close his fingers because one of them had become so stiff and painful – right from the bone. It was very painful to the extent he would scream when you pressed that spot on his finger. After the prayer, he felt so relieved and could fold and stretch his fingers together with that particular finger. The pain and stiffness went spontaneously!

“Thank you and may God continue to bless and use The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV more and more the way He does, with more miracles in his Vineyard. We all so desperately need our God to do more for the people he created in His image to know and love Him as their only God. Amen!”

Mrs Solange Carine Tenejou, Ghana 


    • thank u father in heaven, oh God heal me I want this multiple fibriod to live my body, you that heal he can still do my own, oh God bless me cos I want to be partnering with emmanuel tv

  1. prise God, I ve also experience this kind of healing in my dream went prophet tb Joshua pray for me and that was the end of that pain

  2. Hallelujah! I thank the Lord for using Prophet T.B Joshua for healing me this morning in a dream. It happened that the man of God came to Ghana and I was wondering how to meet him for deliverance from a stomach problem i have been suffering from since 2006 when i was in high school. then i heard that he was in my town’s basic sch park. i hurriedly went there watching the prophet preach. Later he called for those with sickness and i went out with a lot of people. Then he started praying mentioning all the body parts. The moment he mentioned stomach i was on the ground and i felt something living my stomach. After i woke up i visited the washroom and my bowels was very black. In was shocked because i feel relieved now. I came out of the room jubilating and telling all the people i have been watching emmanuel tv with. I thank God for healing me in a dream through prophet TB Joshua. Now all my doughts are gone. Amen.


  4. When prophet T B Joshua said “Its a new dawn for your finances,career,marital life”,I was watching with my family and the words came directly to me and my family.I felt unusual movements in my body and immediatelly, my life took a new turn.Iam an emmanuel tv follower and am a zambian aged 40.My salary has now been increased and iam promoted from resevations agent to sales man..I have the privillage to use the company car whenever i want to.Such prophesies can only be God speaking to us.May God bless Prophet T B Joshua and the entire SCOAN.


  5. Emmanuel!! I thank God 4 ma life..man of God T B Joshua pray for ma career, breakthrough in ma life & i need of delivrc

  6. Man of GOD may the Lord keep increasing you day and night you are a blessing to me and my family.lishia,kago,and onkabetse people of God pray for us for prosperity.


  8. I am blessed by the testimony and my spirit lifted as i also had dreamt the man of god praying for me twice i bealive god s touching me thank you to our daddy for his good work

  9. †ђξ most stalwart supreme ruling of our universe that’s God Ȋ̝̊̅§ so grateful †̥ø̲̣ human kind of his image, God of prophet TB Joshua Ʊ Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ wonderful.

  10. To God be the Glory.
    I too has a dream where the man of God was praying for me together with other people on the line, then immediately u started passing out blood from my private, then he sent someone to bring me a pad in the cloakroom, along wth the pad he also sent the lady to give me a brand new key on a white platter, on asking what that key was for I dnt get an answer then I woke up. Have been sending questionnaires and trusting God that one day I will receive an invitation to the scoan for God to give me His revelation through the man of God Prophet T.B Joshua about the dream. Also pray that you will join me in prayer about the same.
    Kindly get back to me.
    God bless you.

  11. We bless,honour,glorify and exalt the name of our bloved,loving,merciful,thoughtful awesome God for sending us his lovely Prophet TB Joshua to restore and demonstrate the true power of the Cross.Be blessd in all yo days only to bless others

  12. Thank you God in Jesus Name for touching this family, i am waiting for my miracle as you touched this family. Touch my life, my job, my business and my education. Glory be to God.

  13. distance is not barrier i am student doing Electrical Engineering from south africa .in my house me and husband we watch Emmanuel tv from morning to night. One day as i slept i prayed then then i dreamt Snr prophet TB Joshua praying for my books since then i wrote a test i got 83percent bt before i used to get 12 percent. I thank you Jesus.

  14. About 3 months back now, my broda have a problem of mental and we came to scoan church of Nations for pray and man of God pray for him, immedicately i saw changes in him, in d next day morning, a woman dat follow us go here ask my broda to come and watch emmanuel tv where we loge, as we rich here, when man of God started praying for viewers and d woman ask my broda to touch d TV sceen and my broda touch tv sceen, he started vomite, since dat time, verything is over. Glory be to God.

  15. About 3 months back now, my broda have a problem of mental and we came to scoan church of Nations for pray and man of God pray for him, immedicately i saw changes in him, in d next day morning, a woman dat follow us go here ask my broda to come and watch emmanuel tv where we loge, as we rich here, when man of God started praying for viewers and d woman ask my broda to touch d TV sceen and my broda touch tv sceen, he started vomint, since dat time, verything is over. Glory be to God.

  16. Please pray for me and my kids my man left me his namr is thabang letanta. I have problems at work in peples tell me to be sangoma. Please help me i dont have money to come to nigeria. M

  17. Glory be to God for healing Mrs Solange and family. Anything to do with SCOAN is blessed. T.B Joshua is not of this world, listen to the voice of God through him and believe it, your past will be a testimony/history. ‘I’M BLESSED’. Emmanuel.

  18. Dat’s notin God cannot do in our lives if only we belief in him.she shuld hold on 2 God.may God continue 2 use my mentor daddy T.B Joshua.

  19. Indeed God is wonderful its only when we fail to believe that we fail to receive but as for Him, He never fails. Glory be to His most high name and God bless His servant our Prophet, TB JOSHUA.

  20. Glory be to god for his sigh & wonderz,may the good lord continue using this man & give her long life

  21. God is faithful he is the way the truth and the life, may God restore my broken relationship reunites me and my partner so that we can rise our children together my dear God deliver us in Jesus name, glory be to God

  22. John 9 1-23
    What is happening in SCOAN is what happened in the Bible Ref above.Lord we thank you for everything.

  23. Those are remarkable moments for a person who has faith in God and who strongly believes that distance is not a barrier. I have had three similar situations where the Man of God would pray for me in dreams and even prophecy for my life. Each time he prayed for me, l would feel completely renewed and all seems to go well. Just three days ago, He prophesied over my future and l have been just happy because it has given me hope that Jesus will never Fail me through all the difficult moments. Let’s keep Watching Emmanuel TV and connect spiritually. Jesus will be with you.

  24. Oh God Almighty what Can I say but to say use all media to reach your people so the devil will not snatch your people from your hands keep us strong and Faithful that we may wait patiently for Our invidual timing.

  25. I would to thank SCOAN and the man of GOD prophet TB Joshua for the works GOD is using him.I and my family are always blessed by the might miracles that we always watch on Emmanuel TV.I am christian,I want the man of GOD to pray for me I would like to Know the spiritual gift(s) God has given me to do in the church because I usually have strong encouragement within me that God can use me in the big gifts and so l have started fasting to see what God will do for me.May God continues to bless you richly,I am Highly spiritually strengthened and inspired.

  26. Thank u jesus christ is a response frm a happy heart. i thank the God of TBJ for ur healing and i await my testimony in jesus name amen

  27. God is in deed powerful….The God that did not will do my own for me today….I believe …Jesus is my healer

  28. Glory to God. God is good all the time and he is doing miracle to our lives if we believe in him. Praise the lord

  29. Glory and honour be to our Lord Jesus Christ, I had an almost similar experience. With me it was like I was in the Synagagoue and I was prayed for by the man of God. Truly it was a life changing experince.

  30. To God be the glory! Fellow christian believers, it’s time to stand strong with word of Jesus and the door of blessings shall open to all of us!Just Have faith and pray unceasingly!

  31. Truely Jesus’ era is within us through Emmanuel tv,mit now needs to be called WWW TV. My testimony is on the way, I can smell it.

  32. Praise the Lord, if God is healing others like that, surely He will also heal my family! i dont know how but its going to happen soon!

  33. This definitely God endorsement of his annointed servant senior Prophet Tb Joshua to this our unbelieving generation,hear ye him

  34. to God be the glory. We serve the God of a second chance. I am also believing my God to solve all my problems and to deliver my husdand and bless my family amen.

  35. Glory be to our Lord in the Highest as we need his mercy for our healing and deliverance and thanks goes to the man of God who is helping this world and turning more people to know the Lord thanks also for this faithful healing.Thank you Jesus Christ Amen.

  36. thank you lord for that testimony. i pray that it shall be permanent , what the lord has done for my sister’s family.
    i have trouble remembering my dreams, please man of God pray for me that i may be able to remember and interpret my dreams all for the glory of the lord God almighty,in Jesus name. amen,evelyn.

  37. Holy Holy is his name.What a wonderful testimony.I have run out of words honestly.May his name be glorified at all the time.Prophet T.B. Joshua and your crew may God bless u,bless u ,bless u.May he annoint you more man of God.My sister please stay blessed.Love you Lord.Amen

  38. Last 3 months mine was opposite 2 d healing in a dream. Afta praying with prophet. Tb joshua i dream that tb joshua came 2 my country and pray 4 street children whom i was walking with 4 yrs ago. When i approached him with all my afflictions he didnt pay attention 2 me.
    i feel disappointed but still watch evryday emmanuel.tv asking God 2 hv mercy and favor over my life. 4 without God’s help life is useless.

    i strongly believe God’s is time is de best and is coming soon 2 God b de glory… Emmanuel amen

  39. Prophet,in 3 diffrent dreams u have delivered me.and eversince than.im nt da same anymore.how do i get to meet you personaly.im from SA.59 maxphire street koebergville,6280.0743060478.i wana go to scoan bt dnt have money.

    • Our lord Jesus Christ is a problem solver, in his words there is healing, salvation, breakthrough, deliverance and blessings. Thank you Lord for your mercy upon this family. I believe that the touch from heaven will touch me and my family as well, in the name of JESUS CHRIST

  40. Snr Prophet T B Joshua and the five Wise Men your love for people has brought great joy to the Almighty God, who is the healer, the deliverer and who blesses his people.
    Your love dear brother has brought me great joy and much encouragement. You have cheered the hearts of all of God’s people.

  41. God is great,His presence can be felt by anybody wherever. He can use anything to let His presence felt. indeed, distance is not a barrier

  42. Thanks be to God I also experienced the same in my dream last week but could not explain it.Our creator is doing it through this media,give glory to him.

  43. We thank God for the healing of our sister and her husband continue to pray God and worship Him all your lives because is good

  44. thanks be to God, i am so happy for this family, i pray that one day God will use the man of God prophet TB Joshua to bless my family in Jesus name. AMEN

  45. After reading this testimony yesterday l posted my comment.l dreamt testifying to people about the goodness of God,how l had been having my monthly periods for 6mnths without knowing l was pregnant and l had twins a boy and a girl and we were happy with my husband.Man of God l want my portion from God let it not be spiritual babies but an answer to my prayers.

    • This proves that our God is a Mighty God he restores the lives of his people.I also pray that the Lord God we cancel all my Bad and ugly dreams have been having lately .Praise thehis Holy name,Jesus

  46. Our God is a problem solver, in his words there is healing, salvation, breakthrough, deliverance and blessings. Thank you Lord for your mercy upon this family. I believe that the touch from heaven wil touch me and familly as well.

  47. AMEN. Thank you Jesus Christ. Awesome God. With God all things are possible for sure. God bless you man of God Prophet TB Joshua in Jesus Mighty Name. AMEN AMEN.

  48. Jesus is our Saviour,He is manifesting His powers through his servant Senior Prophet T.B Joshua. Praise be to God,I believe that one day or the other I am going to receive His Salvation….In Jesus Name,AMEN!

  49. To God be the glory for even in the dream things happen for people to understand that He can use any media to express himself for our goodness.
    Man of God please go ahead we agree with you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ we support you in prayers constantly..
    Please your prayers are also needed for deliverance and break through in all i do in Jesus name Amen.

  50. May the lord almighty giv tb joshua the power to deliver me from all the constraits im facing.amen to the power of god.

  51. U people what u a doing in the name o jesus is marverous.may the almighty bless abundantry.wil u kindly in the name of jesus the the son of the living God interceed for my father who has stroke and my mother who is ashmatic here in chililabombwe,zambia

  52. T.B Joshua and the Wise Men please pray for me l want a child from God my marriage is crashing down l have tried everything(fasting.deliverance,calling your prayer lines) and haven’t seen any results.because of this testimony lm tired of believing l want something to happen this month through Jesus Christ.amen

  53. I am a hepatitis B, and because of that the man who plan to marry me left me i know by the grace of God i will be heal through TB Joshua but i cant afford money to come to Nigeria, my faith tells me i will be heal if TB Joshua comes on facebook.

  54. plz sir i nid deliverance i hv thd spirit of stealing and always hving sex in mind.i want 2 cum 2 synagogue but i dnt hv money.i also hv the spirit of hot temper.plz man of God i nid ur help


    • Pray for me t.b joshua,i need to pass my exams wich is coming on 28 june,i have wrote this exams for twice and i did not pass and this is the third time,plz pray for me so that i shud pass,this i want to pass.plz help me.

  56. Emmanuel Bless me you are an alsome God I one day wish to be among the midst of synagogue church of all nation

  57. Thank you Jesus . Your mercies are new everyday. That wa the same way I was delivered fro 26 years chronic nicotine dependent habit of smoking and addiction to cigarettes in a single encounter with the man of God in my dream . This happened after touching the screen of my television and praying along with Prophet TB Joshua.

  58. emmanuel tv?GOD have been using prophet t.b.joshua wonderfuly that many are caught in awe,soliloquising and railing acuses without ground.infact,its so oblivious that hatred and envy is also taking course through them.my prayer is,may GOD open their eyes to know that its only GOD that can judge.judge not,that you may not be judged(matt.7:1)

  59. God as been using prophet T B joshua to deliever me in dream in 3 ocasion now and telling me things but i dont really understand.

  60. am still praying with hope that my day will come my healing, the world is full of pains but will never give up still calling on the name of jesus

    • pray for me pastor tb joshua. i have long applied for a plot and am still waiting. pray fro my dauter to pass at school.

  61. Glory and honour be to you Lord for manifesting to us through Prophet T.B JOSHUA.YOU are the Lord God whom we should all live for

  62. What a mighty God we save, nothing is impossible with him & to those who believe, I shall surely live to praise his name forever in Jesus mighty name Amen.

  63. Dreams r sometimes deceitful.Every good dream I had in th past nd present wll bcome true.God is a Lord of second chance.Thnk u father fr giving me another chance 2 love nd being loved.It is neva too late fr me.

  64. Thank You Jesus for this great miracle. Your blessings are always marvelous. Thank You for healing this sister and her family. You are a faithful God and we glorify You,We honour You. There’s none like You. Thank You Lord.

  65. Thank You Jesus for this great miracle. Your blessings are always marvelous. Thank You for healing this sister and her family. You are a faithful God and we glorify You. Thank You.

  66. i say amen to this miraculous healing! darkness has no power over the purity of the Righteous Light.lucipher was overthrown from heaven long back hence shall remain a villain in the eyes of those who hear and trust the words of the living God. with faith, joshua overpowered the mightiness of jericho. faith saves daniel and abdnego.what more signs do this generation wants?thank jesus for using prophet tb joshua to deliver us and to continue with ministry of prophecy,healing and deliverance u have started.amen!

  67. Thank u Jesus for this wonderful miracle, through our daddy, snr prophet TB joshua. Do d same to my life in Jesus name Amen and Amen.

  68. Thank u god for using man of god prophet TB Joshua. I am happy for that women I hope she will keep on praying in jesus name. Also need prayers man of god I need a job thank u.

  69. To God be the glory.God i know u are the same yesterday,today en foever,u have never changed n i recieve my healing as well in jesus’s name amen. Man of God i thank god for ur life en i pray dat god will continue to bless u, increase ur anointing en grant u ur heart desire in jesus name.

  70. I saw d man of God prophet T.B JOSHUA in my dream last night i belive he was trying 2 come 2 me but i wake up 2 early… i really want 2 go back 2 dat dream….Emmanuel!!!! (distance is not a barier)

  71. Indeed God can visit us in different ways. Be blessed with the annointing you received in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

  72. I thank GOD that great miracle and man of GOD who GOD have been using and i pray that GOD will also grant me my heart desire and heal 4rm all my body and leg pains.AMEN

  73. to God be the glory,if one can recieve a miracle/healing through tv or computer i can also recieve mine. in Jesus name.

  74. Thank you Jesus for
    The healing that you granted to the husband and wife. May the healing remain
    Permanent in Jesus name

  75. Thank you Jesus for healing that you granted to the husband and wife. May the healing remain
    Permanent in Jesus name

  76. I just wanna thank emmanuel tv partners for giving in Zimbabwe 4 the needy.God will provide more and more.

  77. We thank emmanuel partners for their giving in Zimbabwe.God will provide more and more.Godknows in Zimbabwe.

  78. We thank Jesus for wht he is doing in our lives….I also dreamt wiseman Racine holding and prayed for a holy mantle and ordered us in the congregation to touch d mantle,I was among those who touched d holy mantle nd after manifesting he assured us dat our problems are over!immediately i woke up nd i beliv dat was not a dream but a vision dat indeed my problems are over….very soon i will hav a testimony!I thank Jesus Christ…..

  79. the power of GOD is unquestionable and anything is possible if u trust him. i cant afford to go nigeria and the MAN OF GOD has delievered me in my dream. i pray he will invite me one day nothing is im possible. if i could walk frm south africa if would. THANK U JESUS

  80. i’m a christian,baptised in Roman Catholic,i believe in Jesus,i have seen many people being healed at SYNAGOGUE CHURCH OF ALL NATIONS,i believe distance is not a barrier.Pliz man of God pray for my young brother,he’s mentally distabed i believe with God nothing is imposible EMMANUEL !!! May the mighty Jesus guide me and our family.

  81. Glory and honor be unto the King of kings!!Lord u are faithfull!!Thank u Jesus!!Thank u Holy Spirit!!Distance is not a barrier!!

  82. SCOAN you are upliftng my soul,i am also expriencing health problems in which i need God’s hand and interventin,thank you once again.GOD BLESS U.

  83. God knows how to take a mess nd turn it into a miracle.God is saying some definite things abt women being set free nd delivered to fulfill their purpose in th kingdom.Women pray earnestly as intercessors,by prayer we cn support nd encourage our husbands 2 stay close 2 God nd 2 live according 2 his will.its a real blessing 2 hve a God fearing man.Congratulations!Am happy fr ur healing.Continue in th word of th Lord 2 maintain ur real freedom.

  84. To God be the glory! Your name z greater than all names, your work is miraculous n ur love for your people is unconditional! Thank you Lord for loving me, for having your only begotten son to die for my sins in order for me to live and be free, to worship and praise you. Bless the name of the Lord,Amen!

  85. Amen! Glory be to our Mighty GOD. In deed our God is without a limit, He is not limited by space or time. Thank you Jesus for using your servant, Prophet JB Joshua. We are so lucky to have you in our mist.Emmanuel!

  86. Praise to God that the woman realised that it’s only Jehovah God who own the thanks giving. I have knew right from the time that i discovered emmanuel tv that distance is not a barrial i am only waiting for own deliverance and blessings.

  87. We walk in the light of God and His mercy shall ever last. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and shall be the same tomorrow. Jesus I thank you for the miracle you are doing through your servant to save mankind. Your name shall always be GLORIFY and I am also faithfully waiting for my miracle. Thank you Jesus Christ.

  88. im going through the same problem as solange ,problem of nose bleeding and sharp pains i feel in my head ,i believe that god will deliver me also and im going to free ,to god be the glory

  89. What a God we ve to worship, thank u so much for your infinite mercy U have showed to your daughter and her family. May Your name be magnified!!!

  90. seigneur Dieu tout puissant,pardonne moi mes péché. fais luire sur ma face ta lumière tout au long de ma vie.écoute ma prière et comble moi de tes grâces;tu connais mon coeur et tu sauras me donner la force du fardeau que je porte.je te montre ma carrière professionnelle, ma vie toute entière, ma famille et mes relations.soignes mon corps et mon esprit, mets moi sur le bon chemin et rassure moi devant les épreuves.
    à toi la gloire.

  91. Halleluya to my God. Cos I was also ministerd to in my dream by Prophet T.B Joshua about an exam i’m about to take. Cant wait to testify wen it’ll come to pass cos Christ has set me free

  92. Awesome!!I also dremnt TB Joshua spraying the annointing water on me & got delivered.I keep dreaming that Iam his guest at his house.We are friends in the dream!!Iam looking foward to meeting him one-on-one soon at the SCOAN.

  93. The God of TB Joshua is an awesome God.Thank u Jesus for usin d man of God to set free those that are in bondage

  94. I thank the lord for the wonderful testmonies gods power is working to those who are believing praise the lord!!

  95. Glory b 2 Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! He’s the same yesterday, today and Forever – Amen!

  96. There is no one lik he.he is d able God,he made a blind 2 see,daddy u r 2 much.tank u God 4 d life of our sister.i belv dat 2 nite my God wl visit me in my dream 2 nite.

  97. I thanks God for they family and mostly the man of God ph tb jushua. The wise men. J need there phone number to pray for my family for conselling and delievalance.

  98. Pleas pleas pray for me, i decreas by spritual life, my hope is come to hoples. i dont know what shall for me.

  99. thank u Lord for healing this family. you are worthy all the praises. thank u for giving us prophet TB Joshua. touch me and my family. i believe and trust in u JESUS.

  100. I dont kno how to describe this our GOD am failing even to get a suitable vocabularly but to HIM be all the HONOUR and the GLORY for HIS MIGHTY WORKS HE is doing thru HIS annointed servant Prophet T B Joshua. GLORY!!!!

  101. Wow!!! God pls forgive, i have a similar testimony which am going to send to Scoan. God of prophet T.B JOSHUA is my GOD. Wowwwww!!!! Tanks for d undilluted word of God from d alter sir.

  102. My uncle healed from heart problem when he was supposed to go to India for operation and my son was found no disc problem at his back when I displayed a paper written the diseases & their names on tv screen while TB JHOSHUA was praying for viewers. Programme praying for viewers should continue. It reduces the distance- from Malawi

  103. May d almighty god recieve all d praise, glory an adoration for d great tin he has used d man of god senior prophet tb joshua to do in our lifes.

  104. I requested TB Joshua to pray for me a financial breakthrough to get capital for my mushroom business and also agreed that TB JOSHUA is my prayer partner. Since then manythings have happened: discovered a world funding body to raise the required capital $350000 they have invited me to go Philadelphia to meet the investors. What remains is air ticket which I have requested them to buy. I believe JESUS Will make them to buy the air ticket & registration ticket. TB JOSHUA is my prayer parter . When he prays GOD listens and proviede the need immedeatly. Will report back when they send me the ticket. Amen

  105. i am greatful for hearing this story, to GOD be the golory. On my side i need miracle in my home, my life, my marital life,my children as well, i thank God bless me and i am happy for it! I just need healing power to come in my family amen!!!

  106. God is really wonderful and He is still a miracle working God. We thank God for the man of God senior Prophet TB Joshua.

  107. God will not lead u where his anoiting grace cannot protect you! Praise the lord almighty. Every problem we face in life is temporary because god will never forsake us, as dey say no weapon formed against us shall prosper through christ the lord! Glory b 2 GOD. Amen

  108. The healing testimony is uplighting my spirit and faith in God. I am believing God for healing of diebetic together with my wife. My desire is to come to SCOAN with her in June 2012 during the celebration of the prophets birtday.

  109. God is wonderful and he promised to provide everything’s for us including healing ,blessing ,salvation and deliverance,God is good all the time.

  110. To God be the glory in Jesus name. I believe dat God will heal me too thru dreams in Jesus name. Distance is indeed not a barrier. God bless T.B Joshua and entire clue in Jesus name.

  111. I will dream (I rarely do) tonight because I believe God has something to say about my life in Jesus’ name. “Dream again” as Prophet TB Joshua would say.

  112. May God be the glory may God do the same to me i thnk hs myt wrk n the hand of senior prophet Tb Joshua

  113. EMMANUEL. This is my own testimony. I slept on the 9th May 2012 in the night and i dreamt. I saw a huge dog pursuing me. I Only called out “GOD OF PROPHET TB JOSHUA DELIVER AND SAVE ME” repeatedly in that dream. The dog turn into a man several times,then die,then turn into water as if acid was poured on it and then it vanish in my own eyes in the dream. I sent this testimony immediately but i still have to share it here. My PROPHET may GOD continue to use you for the deliverance of HIS people all over the world in JESUS christ name amen. Thank you JESUS.

  114. Glory to God, emmanuel! If God is for us who can be against us, non of course. Because God is always there for us, in dreams, sleeping, working, life, children, wives and husbands, name any place, God is there. Let us just call upon HIS NAME.. I thank you for sharing and my faith is lifted up. And God Himself has too touched my life.

  115. God works miraculous.Thank you God for healing this family may your glory be known unto all generations and deliver all those in bondages…my healing awaits me.


  117. That is wonderful, oh Lord have mercy on me, bless me, provide for my need, deliver me from poverty in Jeses name i pray… AMEN!!!

  118. Thats very powerful,we thank God for His wisdom upon the man of God,may His power continue to reveal secrets about our lives,im so grateful about the man of God in our midst.

  119. Praise God! I rejoice with this family for their healing. Thank you to Prophet T.B.Joshua and the emmanueltve team. You guys are doing a wonderful job. May God continue to strengthen you and uphold you with His victorious right hand.

  120. Thank u lord Jesus, for every thing you have done and will still do for us. Thank you for bringing senior prophet TB Joshua in this generation. Thank you lord for using him to perform your works. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  121. our God is a marvellous God Thank you father in heaven for for Grace and Love upon our lives.. We giv you all the Glory.. in Jesus Name. Amen

  122. i have experience thesame to my was also dream when the man of God came and hold s
    eed in my chast and press until it all disappear, our God is mighty , thank u jesus

  123. Amen.Glory be to God distance is not a barrier..Let us continue to praise ,worship,thank him .exholt him,magnify him and bless his holy name.

  124. Thank you Jesus for these great healing. May your name be praised forever. My miracle awaits me. I shall testify of ur goodness in my life in the life of my people as well. Emmanuel!

  125. Our God never fails or forsake us,day and night he watches over us,he love us unconditionaly. I give thank to him everyday of my life for keeping me and my family Under his arms. Thank you Lord for delivering Mrs Solanges family. Emmanuel.

    • Hi, my name is Genevieve Goagoses, i am from Windhoek, Namibia..I had a dream last week that Prophet TB Joshua came to meet someone that was sitting next to me and while he was praying for this lady and casting demons out, i was sitting opposite of them with a cigarette in my hand smoking, and while I was sitting there and smoking i got up to throw the cigarrette away and then the man of God asked me what are you doing, and i said that i do’nt feel like smoking anymore and went to the dustbin and threw the cigarette away and he just looked at me and laughed….While i was walking back the demons from the lady he was delivering came back and candles which was around the table (4 of them at the corners of the table) one candle lost it light but then the man of God starting casting the demon out of the lady and she was completly set free. I have thinking about this dream eversince and can’t to get this dream out of my mind.

      • God is great my dear. He can do all miracle. Just trust in him he will deliver you. He is kind and love us. Praise the lord

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