Geoffrey was first introduced to alcohol during his teenage years in secondary school. Adopting the carefree attitude of his colleagues, he had quickly become entangled with something he could not free himself from. The addiction controlled his whole life and even though he had tried to stop, he would find himself drinking heavily again. It was a cycle of life that seemed to go on and on without any change.

Set Free From An Addiction To Alcohol

 “I have been a heavy drunkard since my secondary school days. It was an addiction I couldn’t really control because I had tried to stop in the past but always ended up drinking heavily again. In July 2011, a friend of mine came to The SCOAN and brought me back the Anointing Water. My wife and I prayed and then I ministered the Anointing Water to myself. Immediately afterwards when I tried to take alcohol, the desire for it disappeared. I cannot really explain it but I just could not drink it! Ever since then I have had no cravings for alcohol again. My friends who knew me as an alcoholic cannot believe it!

 “I give glory to God for saving my life from clear disaster. May God continue using Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV to save more lives. I am now a regular viewer of Emmanuel TV and am growing every day in my relationship with God. Since distance is not a barrier, I believe that my breakthrough in my career and finances is already here. I pray that the Lord should continue blessing my family so that I can also bring lost souls closer to Him, in Jesus Mighty Name, I pray. Amen.”

Geoffrey Chilenga, Malawi


  1. People of God abroad beware of scammers scoan team never send out any items to people via post as claimed fraudsters,to get it ask someone who are going scoan to collect it for you and it’s for free,free.
    Scoan tran would never asking you to place an order via email,tel as claimed fraudsters,be vigilant don’t fall in scammers ‘s hands they will rob you .

  2. We thank God for his mercy God is love,God is good,God is everything he is wonderfull to everyone nomatter you are poor or rich he loves us all thank you God with T B Joshua a prophet of God you are a gift to us may God grant favor on you and your family amen.

  3. As a Malawian ,I feel blessed that God has done it in my brother”s life and may God continue protecting the whole family in Jesus name.,you are a wonderfull God without you we are nothing,there is none like ,you are too good to us Lord what a mighty God we serve.


  4. God is great i have also had that experience but on smoking ,once i touch the screen my started moving and i am able to quite smoking today.

  5. thank god for emmanuel tv which is a blessing to people all over the lets continue to partner with emmanuel tv for as we do so , not only we are beneficiaries but people like this young man benefit thru watching and bealieving and the end result is awesome.

  6. To God’s power nothing is impossible and i believe my case will not escape his anointing in Jesus name. I love scoan and i love their God Almighty he is a living king and all other gods are die gods but Jesus is alive as we have seen in scoan, healing, deliverance, prophecy and the word of God.

  7. glory be to god.i testfy god has done so many miracles in my life through watching emmanuel tv.blessed are those who believe for they shall see the kingdom of so happy for our brother

  8. i have so many testmonies since i got to watch emmanuel life has never been this good and full filling.i now i live in christ and i know christ lives in me too.what happened to our brother can happen to anyone who believes
    in the son of god.thank u holy ghost for dwelling in snr pastor tb joshua.glory be to god

  9. I love this man of God and the wise men what a good job they are doing. May the good Lord continue to bless them and empower them all.

  10. As GOD did it for our brother, the same GOD will do it for my husband, delivering him form alcoholism ,in the name of jesus.Amen

  11. May the Lord God give me that opportunity to do same to my life in Jesus Name. Amen.

    Remain Blessed brother, and do not accept Satan to take control in your life and Family again in Jesus Name. Amen

  12. I thanks Emmanuel T.V. since i watch the channel ,my life have change, i quit drinking, smoking and the spirit of anger is out. i thank God for restoring mylife.

  13. I thank our Almighty God for what he has done in the life of our bretheren,it is so wonderful. He is a mighty God ,He can do whatever He did to Paul and Silas once they were in jail as well as what He did to Daniel in the lion den. He does not change He is the same yesterday ,today and forever. By my faith I also believe that my husband is already delivered from that same problem because he has used an anointing water in Jesus name.

  14. God is really Great. It took me just to watch Emmanuel TV to stop craving for alcohol. I believe God realised that I’m in South Africa & financially unable to go to SCOAN, then used Emmanuel TV for my Deliverance. GLORY BE TO THE ALL MIGHTY GOD.

  15. may God be prised forever in Jesus name amen what men cannot God does it verv easy
    again when all hope is lost,God would alway have a solution to all problem be it what
    thank God for brother geo


  17. bsr pasteur

    thanks for all the effort you people are doing for us, i know that our father will give you more pawer.
    Pastor please i need prayers for my family and children and all those want to christ.
    Passtor prays for me also i am going to the embassy on the 07 november for my visa to germany..
    God bless you and all christians

  18. I am so blessed to read these testmonies encouraging words.It is not a mistake to recieve this blog.Glory let us continue

  19. The love of God is sufficient it works in ways man can not understand Geoffrey this is the beginning of new life and when you are in the Lord you are free indeed . Thank God for your life and let not you go back to the old vomit. Thanks to prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV.

    By Chisomo Zelipa Zambia

  20. Halleluja, Glory be to God. Thank you Father for this great deliverance of our brother Geoffrey.

    Emmanuel ! God is forever with us…. no-one and nothing, even alcoholism can stand before us.

  21. GOD is good and we will keep on worshiping him with all our heart, strenth and everything that we have. for he is our saviour the creator of everything in the world. thank you senior prophet TB JOSHUA, you have changed millions and millions of peoples lives through the power of GOD. may the lord bless you forever and ever.

  22. To God be the glory,God is good all the time,If God did it for our brother He will also do it for others in Jesus name.Emmanuel!

  23. God is good, He is a God of mercy and He never gives up on us nomatter what situation we in. He still gives us a brand new life….glory be to God almighty.may He continue using Prophet T.B Joshua

  24. Glory and honour be to God In Jesus Name. May God continue to use you man of God Prophet TB Joshua. Since distance is not a barrier i believe we will receive our miracles from a distance. God bless you man of God.

  25. Thank you for being with us in times of troubles and in times of sorrow. Prophet T.B Joshua thank you for praying for the whole world for God intervention . Emmanuel

  26. We thank God for the deliverance of our brother. We also thank God for the life of Prophet T.B Joshua and we pray that God will continue to use him to save more from destruction, I Jesus Name I Pray, Amen!

    • I believe distance is NOT a barrier. To visit Nigeria may be very expensive and we can not afford it.But I believe through faith we in Jesus Christ our problems can be solved.
      My first problem is the sickness of my wife Mary, she has had a back ache of quite a long time. It makes her uncomfortable please pray for her.
      Secondlyy my son Christopher he drinks too much.
      please pray for him to get out of this bondage.
      E. K. Mushi

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