This  week’s Sunday Service at The SCOAN was one that will be long etched in the memories of all those who participated – the congregants in the auditorium and the viewers alike.  As the people watched God’s power, they trusted Him that their situations would change and that their needs would be met. And God Almighty met them at the point of their needs in Jesus’ name.

T.B. Joshua






The choir opened the service with an inspiring time of worship. The people raised their hands to God singing: “Majesty, majesty – Your grace has found me just as I am, empty handed but alive in Your hands. Forever I am changed by Your love, in the beauty of Your majesty”. The atmosphere was fully charged by the time Wise Man Daniel came out to deliver a powerful message, titled: “Under His Eyes”.

Wise man Daniel


He started by saying that, as Christians, it is essential to realize that everything in the absolute of science and technology is falling apart. Therefore, we simply must return to God and the Holy Bible.

He encouraged all those listening that if you are where God wants you to be, you will lack nothing and want nothing. Even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you will fear no evil. Although our enemies may come in the most unified form, they shall be utterly routed in the face of the superior power of the Holy Spirit. He said that if God be for us, we know what follows- every mountain for our sake shall be levelled, every hill for our sake shall be made plain, every crooked way for our sake shall be made smooth, and if we go through fire we will not be burnt. Because, God Almighty is for us, He is on our side, He is living in us and we are under His eyes.

He used the example of Paul and Silas in Acts 16, saying that while Paul and Silas were severely tortured, with bruises all over their bodies, they were still friends of God; while they were eventually imprisoned by their adversaries, they were still candidates of heaven. They strongly believed that they were under His eyes. That was why they chose to sing praises to God Almighty, instead of grumbling, rebelling or complaining in that tense situation. Indeed, God Almighty came to their midst and took up the battle as His own challenge. That is, while they were still singing praises to God, a violent earth quake shook the foundation of the prison and the doors flew open and their chains were loosed. This clearly shows that, Paul and Silas were under His eyes. That is, they were under the check and conduct of the Holy Spirit, and that was why nothing out of God’s control could happen to them. He concluded by stating that: “It is true that satan is the destroyer of life- his sicknesses are the thieves of good health, money, happiness, joy, time and effort. But one thing is clear, satan has nothing on you as long as you are under His eyes.”


T.B. Joshua came out to address the congregation and the viewers worldwide talking briefly about prophets and prophecy. He said we are used to pastors, we are used to evangelists but we are not used to prophets regarding the nature of their calling.

He said that people believe prophets are out only to predict or foretell but they are also to tell the opinion of God at the moment about who you are, were and will be. No King in the Old Testament succeeded without a prophet. Kings that were destroyed, perished were kings without prophets.

He highlighted a significant problem in Christendom today saying that when you need a prophet, you call an evangelist when you need a pastor you call a prophet, when you need a prophet you call a pastor. This is a big problem today. There are some situations you need pastors, you call prophets. And there are some situations you need a prophet and you call a pastor. It is like you need a lawyer and you call an architect, when you need a doctor you call a farmer.

After that, he led the congregation in a soul-stirring time of prayer, encouraging all those present to meditate on these prayer points:

Whatever your situation is, there is a hidden agenda, plan, entity, principality satan is using to undo you, I mean harm you. Ask God to break every demonic authority over you.

If you have eaten through dreams or from the table of your enemy, the devil, we ask God to flush them away, to wash it out.

As the time of prayer drew to an end, T.B. Joshua encouraged everyone that: “The job is done. You have received God’s opinion about you. I believe your case is settled today. Give thanks to God for this revelation. This is a prophetic word that will work for you and your family today.”



Christopher Daniel glorifying God for his deliverance.



Mr Christopher Daniel from Kaduna State testified to the viewers worldwide of how he had been delivered from a marine spirit that had possessed him at the young age of 13 when he defied instructions not to go to a particular river in the afternoon. He told of how he saw strange women seated at the water’s edge, with their feet in the water. Among them was an old woman with half her body in the water. Struggling to fetch the water, he recalls that something entered his body and from that moment on, his life was not the same. That very night, the same old woman that he had seen at the riverside appeared to him and slept with him. From there, he started smoking and living a life that eventually led the villagers to drive him away and warn their children to keep their distance. Mr Daniel told how his search for solution took him to a witch doctor that worsened his problem. He was given cowries to throw at a junction and then warned that they needed blood for the sacrifice. From that time on, Mr Daniel explained that whenever he was driving, he would see blood before his eyes. It was when his fiancée saw the same old woman sat in his parlour that Mr Daniel knew that his spiritual problem demanded a spiritual solution. And he headed to The SCOAN for his final deliverance. That Sunday, when Wise Man Harry prayed for him, the evil spirit that had been tormenting his life manifested and eh was set free. Since his deliverance, Mr Daniel shouted that he was a changed man. He slept soundly without any nightmares and stopped smoking. He no longer sees blood before his eyes, safe in the knowledge that his deliverance has been purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ. The demonic authority over his life was broken. Glory be to God!


Mrs Chinyere Nweke from Anambra was another to share her joy that day.

Miss Nweke and family testifying about God's goodness in their lives.

Coming from an idol worshipping family, she recounted how her father used to sacrifice yams and fowls to the idol and then gather his children to eat the food. She was the last-born and her father’s favourite and thus was always given the lion’s share. Little did she know that she was being initiated into a slavery of idol worship. The idol soon began to wreak havoc in the family as her father died and soon after her three sisters in quick succession. The remaining sister’s husband who refused to serve the idol also died mysteriously while Chinyere herself was battered by sickness after sickness that threatened her life. It was when she came to The SCOAN and encountered Wise Man Racine that the spirit of death was cast out by the fire of the Holy Ghost. The hidden agenda of the enemy in her situation was exposed and eliminated. Now a free woman, Mrs Chinyere Nweke told of how since her deliverance, she has been sleeping well and is free from the evil attack in her life.


Dr Ohiro testifies about the power of Jesus Christ in the Anointing water.

Diagnosed with enlarged prostate, the prospect looked dismal for Dr OJ Ohiro. He was in serious pain and could not urinate without a catheter. Medically, there seemed no solution except a costly operation where the outcome was uncertain. Rejected by family and friends because of his debilitating condition, Mr Ohiro decided to run to The SCOAN to seek the face of God. He received the Anointing Water and when he ministered it and prayed in Jesus’ name, the impossible happened. That night, he awoke to find the bed covered in urine and blood and the catheter had come out by itself! Now completely restored, Dr Ohiro testified that he can urinate normally and is pain free. Glory be to God Almighty. Our problem does not embarrass Jesus because He has solution to it.


Wise man Harry praying for Mrs Angela.


Mrs Angela Nwalu’s first visit to The SCOAN was a miraculous one. She had been told by doctors that her baby was breech position and was already booked for a caesarean operation. She left the hospital believing that God would make a way where there seemed to be no way and that night, she dreamt that the man of God laid hands on her and she safely delivered a baby girl. Obeying the voice of providence, Mrs Angela Nwalu made her way to The SCOAN Monday Live Service and during the time of prayer experienced the very life of God flowing through Wise Man Harry. Clearly not at ease with herself, she was rushed to the labour room. When an evangelist brought word to Wise Man Harry of her condition, he rushed to the labour room to pray for her. At the powerful name of Jesus Christ, Mrs Angela immediately delivered a baby girl safely without any operation. Strong and happy just hours giving birth, she told of how her faith was so strong because she had seen cases similar to hers on Emmanuel TV and knew that her own would be no exception.

Mrs Angela's new born baby.

Mrs Angela with her baby.

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  1. Lord please liberate me from the tortures of my life.My education tends to fall..My financial affair also the same..Please Lord fight against the demonic power that follows and watch me..Lord please uprise my family crises ..in Jesus name i pray and believe..Amen…


    Leviticus 26:6
    I will give you peace in your land and you can sleep without being afraid of anyone. I will get rid of dangerous animals in the land and there will be no more war there. 7. You will be victorious over your enemies.

    The Prince of Peace, Lord Jesus Christ the greatest peace maker has promised all his people he created that he will give us peace and the people will sleep without being afraid of anyone. He will get rid of dangerous animals. Almighty God has called everyone of us to live in peace and to love one other. The Prince of Peace is our peace he has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility. Because he is good and everything about him is good. Gods peace which is far beyond human understanding, will keep your hearts and minds safe in union with Christ. God Almighty made peace through his Son’s sacrificial death, that is he shed his blood on the cross so that we will have peace. I encourage the people of God to let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts. Pursue righteousness, faith love and peace. Peace also one of the fruit of the spirit. The Holy Bible also advises us that Lord Jesus Christ will judge between many people and will settle disputes for strong nations far and wide. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears pruning hooks. People will not fight against each other, nations will not fight against nation nor they will train people for war. He makes wars cease to the ends of the earth he breaks the bow and shatters the spear, he burns the shields with fire. Nation will not take up sword against nation no will they train for war anymore. Every man will sit under his own tree and no-one will make them afraid. People will worship and obey the Lord our God forever and ever and he will be exalted among nations and he will be exalted in the earth.
    May the amazing grace of the Lord and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the abundant love of Christ be with you people of Nigeria now and forever more. May the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. I also pray for other nations who wants peace to prevail in their countries to settle their disputes in a peaceful way for the good of the people, environment and for many other things God Almighty created. Peace is good because the country will develop, the infrastructure will not be destroyed, investors will want to invest in country where there is peace, and many things will happen to the benefit of the nation and its people and the presence of the Most High God and his Son Lord Jesus Christ will prevail. People will visit each countries without fear. I pray that all nations from every corner of the world to assemble and to bring down the warriors. Blessed are peace the makers for they will be called children of God
    I encourage all the people who wants to visit the beloved country of Nigeria to visit without fear, the Nigerians are friendly and peaceful.

  3. Dear Wise men

    I have been the Partner of Emannuel TV. Kindly I would like the Man of God TB Joshua to Send me The Stiker or The annoiting Water I am in need of a Miracle in my life. I cant wait to see mine.

    My home Address is

    Bishop Barthromew Bwalya
    C4 11 Wusakile, Kitwe Zambia
    Central Africa.

    I will be the happiest Servant of God if the Man of God can remember those he has never mate before in person. God Bless

  4. Glory be with you man of God. Distance is not a barrier, we were touched in yesterdays service a friend of mine flush out some stuff during the deliverance service. Really GOD is good. Thank you Pastor and your wise men to be used by GOD. May your days be multiplied. TRUE DISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER. GOD BLESS YOU.

    • Distance is indeed not a barrier.Reflecting back to 31 December service I have joined the new year with a testimony.I have been begging my employer to allow me study Bachellors Degree ih Human Resources for a long time.This time God Has allowed me to study not Human Resources but Business Admnistration from year 3 with Blantyre International University.Glory to God.God bless prophet TB Joshua and the wise men.God Bless Emmanuel TV.

  5. Thank you Prophet and emmanuel tv partners for your tv 24 hr broadcast which has been my source of comfort in the word of Jesus being preach with power.Am involve in 32000ghana cedis scandal which has been a burden to me as to how to pay.Watching the teachings tells me God has forgiving me and will make provision for me,i believe it.My tv is always on emmanuel tv 24hrs even when am asleep.I urge all to get to watch it

  6. Eric,
    Prayer is power.Put all into the hands of God.Ask God to put your problem together.In all this you have a role to play.Honest and love and trust are very important.Take your family for prayers.If you are in Nigeria visit SCOAN.They will help your prayers.I pray that God sends His words to whatever is the cause of your problem and correct it in the name of Jesus Christ-Amen.

    • I’m located in USA. So i cant visit SCOAN. That why i reach out by computer. I believe if the prophet speak the word into my life and into my marriage then all will be well. i really love my wife. i have lost 30 pounds since nov. 1 2011. i really need help and prayers for my marriage. i have been married for 8 years and living with this women for 11 years before we married. she is all i know but she acts if she want nothing to do with me. that’s really hurts. i thank only if i can have prophet tb Joshia or the wisemen to speak the word into my marriage it will be saved not just my marriage but my life also. i have exhausted myself with my ways to fix my marriage. please help i believe if two or more agree and touch in Jesus mighty name then it will be saved. please help me please help.

      • teach me how to transform my mind to live and trust all in God and not myself. i really want to be saved but its something thats holding me back i dont know what it is. i really want to live for the Lord Jesus. help me. to be born again help me to believe as i should. Lord save my soul make me a child of God in Jesus name amen

        • Eric,
          You do not white pain to show that you believe.Number one tghing read the Bible especially the New Testament at least 1 chapter every day but in a concentrated manner.Understand what God tells you that time.Ask God to make you understand His Words.The Bible is True God,s Wrd.He lives in It.Secondly obey God by following his commandments.Thirdly do to your friend as you would want them do to you.Last but not least do not look back to your past.If you fall move forward God is Great will lift you up.

      • thank you Stanley Kukacha. will you become my friend. i have no friends. my wife was my all and all. i dont have people to talk to as i should. i seems as if im alone and most have turn there backs on me. i am very lonely. watch Emmanuel TV every day. i just let it play daily in the house while im at work. i often see the miracles happen there. i believe that distance is not a barrel. i need a miricle from God for my marriage. i ask that Jesus will come to transform my mind and my way of thinking. Emmanuel Emmanuel praise be to God and his Men and Women.

      • Eric,
        Glory to God in the Highest.Knowing your problem is 50% solved and the rest remains with God.However God,s time is very important and we have to wait for Him all the times.Remember 100 years is equiallent to 1 minutes according to God’s time.Your prayer is already answered just say Amen.
        God bless you.

  7. I watch scoan daily and everyone is true man and women of god
    Can the saints please pray the my marriage will be save. And the separation be ended. I have been married eight years. I think my wife is has a boyfriend we have been married eight years and together nineteen. I don’t want to lose her please pray for me saints my name is Eric

  8. EMMANUEL! I thank God for what He using prophet T.B Joshua and the wise men to do in His name. Whenever i watch them on the internet i glorify the name of the Lord. I pray that GOD who guide, protect, preserve, fight their battles etc… Will always do the same in my life and in my family. AMEN!

  9. Praise the living God, in good or in sickness Jesus is Lord. Children of God please help me pray for my sister in law who has been sick for over 6 years. she has HIV and lost her sight. she is always sick if its not madness, its syphilis geting worse, diahrea and vomitin or malaria. please whoever reads this please please say a prayer for Angela Sashi right now she is battling for her life has chronic diahrea and vomitting. Lord Jesus have mercy on us and on my mother who is taking care of my sister in law. her family has abdoned her. Merciful Lord hear our prayers for we know there is no sickness you can not heal Lord, you are a God who can not be challenged and you never fail. May God’s will be upon Angela.

    • Our God is the God who answers by fire.W e beliv that God will touch your sister in law’s health.Trust in him because everything is possible with him.Never a sickness Jesus cannot heal.Praise him with all your heart so that he can move mountain which is before you.Be blessed my sister cauz God loves u .

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    • Praise the Lord for him mercy.iam happy because i managed to receive dvd and anointing water by my friends.I was having the problem with my womb , but after ministering anointing water , my life was set free in Jesus name.Emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ibelieve that that as i have also applied the water to my daughter, the deafness will go in Jesus name.

  11. Once again God’s mighty hand has reached me. Yesterday when man of God prayed for viewers and asked us to comand breaking of satan ‘s hold over our lives, I joined in and prayed for my release of my health and carreer. this morning early hours, when i went to the bathroom, i found that i was bleeding even though it was not yet time for my menses. I believe God has released my HEALTH. My healing has commenced in the powerful name of my Lord Jesus Christ.
    Last week I had an amazing experience when I vomited violently the morning after joining the prayer of breaking demonic authourity of eating in dreams. God ‘s mercy is surely upon me.

  12. We thank God the way he is using the man of God ( PROPHET TB JOSHUA).May the Lord increase his days & give him more power & strength.

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  14. Emmanuel….If God is with us,who can be against us,and where can we go from His prescence?I love Prophet T.B.Joshua,he is indeed a true man of God,even his wise men are the best,they all bring joy to my heart.I just wish he could send one of them (the wise men) to Biotswana.We also need annointing water.

  15. It is so amazing to see how God is using man of God T. B. Joshua to heal and deliver people. I have been watching Emmanuel TV everyday, and I thank God for the changes in my spiritual life. Am not afraid of thing now as I know God is on my side. Praise God, may God bless him so much.
    Hellen, Tanzania

  16. Man of God I and we appreciate the work you are and have been doing through Emmanuel t.v.Please, send me the anointing water through the underwritten address;
    172 Luela Street,
    Nkana East,

  17. The Lord bless you for the great work that you have been doing especially that of giving to the poor, widows and the vulnerable.

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  20. indeed distance is not a barrier .i was watching youtube with particular interest with the tb joshua prophecies.there was a prayer from the prophet which is on youtube which goes on for 13 mins.immediately i watched touched the screen and prayed with the prophet.when i touched the screen i felt some power flowing through my hands,then after a feww minutes i felt as if something left my body, i felt weak and powerlees like what one does during deliverance..the prophet said your tongue is anointed then i started praying in tongues instantly.my god it was so powerful.i have never felt this kind of power in my life.i feel lighter in my body,i feel joy.i can feel it in my heart right now,my past is over.thank you jesus.thank you lord.EMMANUEL

  21. My sister was involved in a very serious accident last year broken the bone in her arm and fructure in her waist and could not walk for months, after watching Emmanuel TV from Ghana, she decided to go to TB Joshua’s church in Nigeria also accompanied by my Mum with with her own problem High Blood Pressure and having a very swellen legs. Trust me, both came back from after 5 days from TB Joshua very fit. My sister can walk and my Mum’s BP with swellen legs are gone. Both are from my house and after seeing this miracle, I turn to be a born again christian. I can’t wait to get to TB Joshua myself for deliverance. I watch Emmanuel TV every Sunday now. Thanks be to God

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  24. Emmanuel! God is indeed with us. I really thank God for being part of the Age-living; to see What God can actually do. The unchangeable changer is who He is. Lord, thank You for the lives of your servant, Senior Prophet TB Joshua and wise men.
    i was a christain before and believed that Jesus died for us. However, the practical demonstration of Love in SCOAN ranging from instant healing, deliverance(with prove), reconcilation and many more have really opened my eyes that all is of his Grace. i have been blessed alot and i know that his mercy and favour his not depart from me.
    thank you man of God, thank God for your life and emmanuel tv.

  25. Emmanuel.God is good .l love emmanuel tv and always watch it.since l started using anointing water sprayed in my own water l sleep lyk a baby l no longer turn and toss in my bed thinking and stressing about my situation.more testimonies are coming.GLORY TO GOD!

  26. thank you man of GOD you have opened my eyes i have seen the testimonies here in canada but it dosent show me the address i want to know the the place here in toronto. thank you.

  27. its so sweet to know that i am under God’s eyes. we thank God for giving us a prophet like T.B.Joshua.Dady thank you for the viewers prayer.
    God bless you and the wisemen sir.

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  29. Distance is not a barier. Lord bless the man of God and his wisemans. Thank you for feeding us spiritualy. May our Heavely Father bless you more and more each day. People of God the MIRACLE are still happing. Just believe and touch the crean if you are far.You can feel the presence of God. EMMANUEL!!!!!!!

  30. i give thanks to my lord can you open my eyes to see the work of GOD in the scoan and open my ears to here the word of GOD and listen very carefull that satan is a lier satan is a distroyer in our lifes. GOD of TBJOSHUA make me to be strong in prayers ,in my fasting, anlarge my love and let me believe that jesus christ is for yesterday, today and for ever and i say thank you for the viewers prayers man of GOD keep on praying for us thank you thank you.

  31. i hv learnt alot about the Greatness of Our Lord Jesus since I started watching the Greatest teacher just like Jesus Christ, when my Senior Prophet teaches it sticks and signs of his teaching revels to me as a listener and a student!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. The works of God are real in the scoan. AS a viewer i believe my miracle has come. This is the time i was waiting for. Very soon you will hear my testimony.Just by the prayer of man of God TB JOSHUA who prayed with the viewers, I felt Gods touch and am free. May God continue working in the lives of Prophet TB Joshua and the five wisemen.Man of God please send one wiseman to South Africa Scoan. God bless you all.

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  34. Thank you T.B Joshua and all the Wisemen. Yo are a blessing to this generation. And may God’s mercy always be upon you and your families. We are under his eyes and our God shall see us through his son our Lord Jesus Christ…Amen

  35. what a blessing Prophet TBJ as I call him. You are truely a man of God+ chosen one. Your humility and kindness amazes me. My sister will be visiting in 2weeks time and i pray that the Lord and His mercy will made you to locate her and speak words of who she is and who she was and the who she will be. I pray that the curse of limitation and ancestoral spirit will be broken in our family through her in Jesus Name.

  36. I watch that particular moment when wise man Harry, was notified of something, and the instant speed,he took off with amazed me…at that moment I was wondering what has gone wrong, only to see Harry rush into ward with the said lady on the bed, he prayed …and in moments the lady give birth…. What else can I say, but to say thank you Jehovah God, and pray that the creator increase the anointing of the wise men, Prophet T. B. Joshua, and all those who work with him, give them the deepest spiritual insight into his ( God) thought, to the benefit of society. Amen!

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  38. Good morning man of GOD,
    I’m so glad when i wactching all of those things, like when the power of GOD in you delivery any kind of situation. I need a power like this, because i love JESUS and I decided to show him intil the end of my life. Please, man of God, pry for me because Ineed power to cure in the Name of JESUS any deases.
    Excuse me for my english because I a francophon person.
    God bless you more and more.

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  42. Our Lord is really a miracle working GOD in Jesus name. On 15th October(Saturday) i experienced Breast pains. When Prophet TB on Emmanuel TV started praying for people i said its true that Distance is not a barrier for my healing. I asked my self can he today pray for us also on TV Screens that we too be visited by Gods Presence, then after few minutes I heard Prophet TB Joshua saying Wherever you are on your bed be healed. i touched my TV Screen started praying as well and it was like something was pulled out of my chest and felt like being freezed for some seconds.

    Thereafter Ifelt my chest became very light and there was no pain before the Prophet advised people to testify what has happened, I told my husband that I am free from that breast pain now. We all praised GOD for the healing.

    My friends lets praise God indeed for distance is no barrier to our miracle.

    Jessie Soko – Malawi

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  44. I really thank GOD for His RIGHTEOUS RIGHT HAND which is upon the lives of the Prophet T.B. Joshua and the five wise men.This shows that God’s mercy is at work. From the sermon of the wise man Daniel and the prayer of Man of God for us viewers I believe and trust that My needs are met and including all viewers out there who accepted the word and the prayer in faith are more blessed than ever. What more do we need apart from trusting and believing the son of David’s MERCY.
    THANK YOU JESUS for your MERCY AND FOR MEETING MY NEEDS as a single mother “my testimony is on the way im confidenty i ave received mine by just watching Emmanuel T.V.Distance is not a barrier”.

  45. Which report do we believe yes the report of Lord. I thank God Almighty for his works and mercy , kindness love he is showing to those who trust in him. Thanks be to God for using wise men and prophet TB Joshua and the SCOAN Congregation. I am from Zambia and about two weeks ago when the man of God was praying for all the people and those in different places he said touch where there is pain and i told my mother who has been down with stroke because of blood pressure her leg was healed she is walking on her own, no one to hold her or complaining of any pain in her body she is an old lady about 75 yrs. thank you so very much keep on reaching to the world and God bless you.

  46. l thank God for his mercy for giving us a prophet like T.B Joshua he is a hamble man of God who dose not show off he is real a man of God.l thank God for giving me the blessing of nowing him with obedient.

  47. Children of God, Emmanuel!

    If we have to believe in Jesus, this is the right time because of what SCOAN and associated Ministries are doing in our lives. Thank you Jesus, Prophet.T.B.Joshua , wise men and Emmanuel TV.

    Stay blessed in Jesus name.

  48. Thank you Jesus, the wise man Daniel have said it all,
    that if really you are under God eyes, he must locate you at your point of need. Thank you man of God senior prophet T.B Joshua, many people are testifying for the anointing water of God. Emmanuel!

  49. I thank God for what he is doing to us through T.b Joshua, i am so much blessed by the word of God and how it has been explained by the holy spirit to make us understand,Real i am blessed with scoan and though aim in Tanzania but i believe and confess in Jesus name that my life will never be the same,i will keep on believing in Gods word more and i a m under Gods eyes,so i am an overcomer for greater is Jesus whom i believe in.God bless the Prophet TB Joshua and the scoan.


  50. Father you are so good and wonderful. you reigned for ever, you are still the same yesterday today and for ever. Thank you Jesus. i am bless by reading all your wanders today again in Jesus name.

  51. Praise!
    I really praise God for His wonderful deed in the lives of His People ans in particular SCOAN.
    Let the Glory and Praise be to Almighty God.


    Charles Mutisya

  52. To God be the Glory.God is always moving forward, for His purpose,in His own time and through His obedient servants.Shalom.

  53. Emmanuel,if God is with us,who can be against us.Our daddy in the Lord senior Prophet T.B Joshua is indeed a man of God.He has made me to see life in a different way.Every sunday & monday my eyes are always glued to my television,and every time the man of God says viewers all over the world, my heart jumps with joy.I just wish I colud be in SCOAN every sunday,but with God all thing are possible,very soon I will be on my way to Lagos.I just wish Prophet T.B Joshua can send one of the wise man and the annointing water to Botswana.May the good Lord continue blessing T.B Joshua,wise men,emmanuel tv team and partners.

  54. Surely no one ever will separate us from the love of God.The miracles that are happening in Senaqoque is the true revelation that Jesus is the King of kings.We give thanks to our God to provide prophets like Senior Prophet T.B Joshua and wiseman,may the Almighty continue to bless them in Jesus’name.

  55. The post is so faith lifting. To God be the glory. Long live T.B.Joshua. May God sail you through the hardships and criticisms. You are a real man of God. Never tire. Emmanuel!!!

  56. Emmanuel, I thank God for giving us Prophet TB Joshua who is not selfish and had to ask God to further anoint the 5 Wise Men. I and my family were blessed with this sunday service and we look forward to this coming sunday service. Man of God, if possible consider Malawi when sending annointing water to other countries, please do not pass us by, we long for the annointing as well.

  57. Prophet T.B Joshua, do not worry whether your own here in africa do not honor you as a prophet, the bible says a prophet is not honored in his own hometown, those that have ears to listen let them here what the Spirit of God is saying. we are here and we are following and believing a every prophesy that has come forth. May God almight continue using you greatly and to greater hights, i for one pray for you, your family and the entire SCOAN ministry. Be of courage Prophet and feed us more of what God is saying. Thanks

  58. Sunday service was so powerful and i believe the LORD’s hand touched us in my family.We thank the wisemen for the wonderful work they do,may GOD BLESS THEM ALL.Everything is mercy.

  59. i thank GOd for allowing me to connect to scoan church the service was awesome…particularly when the man of God was praying for us…and he said`whether you like it or not as you are moving here you are moving with freedom,as you go to the rest room those with fibroids flush it out…ooooh…that was awesome,powerful…and he also said we need to keep our testimony and count our blessings, this was really extra ordinary as children of God we need to know that when we talk to God he hears us and we need to begin to thank him,as all our needs will be met,,,without your guidance man of God i will be still confused and just being religious..but now your teachings,prophecy,deliverances,set me free…when the prophets of God speak forth the wise listen…you walk with the prophet you gain the benefits of it…the annointing rubs off on us…thank you

  60. OH glory be to God we saw greatnes of God everyday what man of God is Doing TB Joshua and the wise man realy every day i thank the Lord i said Jesus your Holy Holy you deserve to be praised oh Halleluja. the bible said on Revelation 3v1 22 it says he who has ear let him hear what the spirit says to the churches thank you jesus for giving us the great man from God Amen

  61. Pastor, we can testify that distance is no barrier. We follow all that is happening in the Lagos. Would it please you to send one of your Wise Men to visit us, here in London?

  62. Emmanuel,thank u for worthy tutoring TB Joshua, wise men and church team you are the best spiritual coach i ever had and a great great friend as well

    We got Mercy


  63. To God Let there be glory. He is the writer of our lives He knows us by names, He made us kings. When we are with God who can stand before us. We thank God for his wonderful works He does to his people. Let us all rejoice in Him and give him a praise. He is the mighty warrior in battle. May his Almighty Name be praised Amen

  64. Praise the living God.Emmanuel! GOD is with us amen. Indeed we christians are most privilege that we have the Authority of the name JESUS CHRIST to break and loose any demonic authority over our lifes, health, business and marital life. As the power of God interceed and work for us,let live a life that will please God Amen. God should increase His annointing on prophet T. B JOSHUA and the wise men to help us overcome the devil’s predecaments in our lifes amen.

  65. Emmanuel!Thank you Lord for blessing our generation with my father in the Lord Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Wise Men.Thank you for teachings ,everything happen at SCOAN is unique,uncommon,wisdom is too much.

  66. I have really learn a lot about Prophets i didnot know that Prophets were in categories and this have open my spiritual eyes so know i can not wait for next sunday service i say thank you Lord for this revelation .

  67. oh my God this is a real testimony of an instant delivery,realy our God is the begining and the end,almighty God.i wish i can come to scoan and see the miracles of God. This makes me love God more and trust him more..papa T B Joshua thanx for leting God use you

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