“A Dream Come True” – Healed Of Asthma And High Blood Pressure

The pounding in her head only seemed to be getting worse. The pains were intense. Coupled with regular asthmatic coughs, shortness of breath and severe chest pains because of high blood pressure, Thapelo Constance’s health was not in a good state.  Painkillers only brought temporal relief as the problems persisted. The headaches would come with such severity that they would render Constance unable to concentrate or attain any level of productivity. But all that changed one night when she watched Emmanuel TV one night in her home in Botswana…

“Greetings in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ! Firstly, I want to praise God for using the man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua, to change lives. I thank Him for the wonderful miracles I have received through watching Emmanuel TV and following the instructions given to the viewers during the mass prayer.

“I was suffering from high blood pressure, asthma, and severe headaches for many years. Because of this, I had to take painkillers everyday because the pains were severe. Then one day as I was watching Emmanuel TV, Prophet T.B. Joshua began to pray for the viewers around the world. I touched the screen and immediately started vomiting uncontrollable. I was vomiting from 11pm until 2am and then suddenly I felt cool. I felt fine for the first time in many years. The wheezing in my breathing is gone, the headache is gone and my blood pressure reading is now normal! To me, it is like a dream come true! Glory be to God!”

Thapelo Constance, Botswana

30 thoughts on ““A Dream Come True” – Healed Of Asthma And High Blood Pressure

  1. There are countless people like you who are diligently waiting for their healing. Be rest assured that Jesus will heal you.
    Also, I and my sister started to hold any sheet or booklet which has Prophet T. B. Joshua’s picture in it and we pray to God and whatever we ask, we start to get it. Try it.

  2. i am a regulary viewer to emmanuel tv online every sunday and monday service i can see people sharing their testmonie about how they got heal from their sickness through emmanuel tv. i have been touching the screen but my high blood and stomach ulcer still remin the same so please pray for me so that i also may be one of them thaks.i believe one day i will be free emmanuel.

  3. He is good God to us,he heals us, he delivers,he is able more than able to do what we have ever ask or think. glory to his name.

  4. Emmanuel!!!we people of our motherland(Botswana)we a very proud for what God is doing for us here,doing healing and deliverance just watching Emmanuel TV,Wise men,Church Team above all Prophet TB Joshua,thank you emmanuel tv is a gift from God

    we thank God for what he did for connie thapelo

  5. I give glory to god almighty for his mercies endureth forever.there is no sickness,and no burden he cannot bear.be in faith in order to maitain yr healing.praise the lord

  6. Emmanuel – God with us
    Amazing love how can it be that Christ Jesus died for us so that all these problems we are facing in life may be cleansed and solved by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thapelo Constance keep praying and having faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, because our Lord Jesus Christ has no problem he cannot solve, has no disese he cannot cure. I thank God almighty for your life. God of Snr Prophet T B Joshua loves us for ever.

  7. Trully those who depend totaly on God always have a reason to smile.Our God cares and I thank Jesus christ for your healing.

  8. Praise the Lord Jesus,! our God never fails, there is no sickness tht h can not heal. Jesus heaed 2000 years ago and he still heal today and forever he is the greatest healer.

  9. God is good all the time ,now i know with god all things are possible.I will get healed like all others children of God in his name

  10. I thank god for the life that you receive your healing and i also thank god for the life of pastor Tb joshua for his healing ministry establish by god. Am a young man of 34 and am fealing pepperish sensation through my body and a tick yellow urine and am getting reduced for the past three month av being to hospital four times to do series of test hiv,hepatitis and malaria parasite and they all negative,the doctor treat me for malaria and the symptoms persist. Please i need a divine healing. I will be looking forward for hearing from you. Thanks

  11. just to believe that LORD JESUS is our savior ,our companion, our freind in life ,our haeler, our delivery we have to change our situation and be conected with lord jesus christ.amen

  12. indeed Jesus is as great as before, it takes only believe and all will be fine. If it can be done to fellow being you too shld brace yourselve for gods grace! Amen and glory be to the omnimpotent, the ultimate authority , our lord for in him we shall triumph big time and as prophet TB Joshua sums it ; the best is yet to come. All we need is faith in him..

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