“A Bouncing Baby Girl” – Fruit Of The Womb Testimony

Here is a wonderful testimony from the Fruit Of The Womb meeting at The SCOAN, held last in 2009:

“I want to come to testify of the goodness of God in my life! In 2009, I attended the Fruit Of The Womb Meeting with my husband where the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for us. During the service, he presented a mantle to the congregation, saying that everyone in attendance should touch the mantle, which we did in faith. We were sitting up on the gallery. We went back to our home in Anambra State, believing God had done it. In 2010 around the month of July, God fulfilled His purpose in my marital life by making me pregnant! After many years of barrenness, God replaced my tears with His joy. On April 3, 2011, I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. To God be the glory!”

Patience Umeh, Anambra

35 thoughts on ““A Bouncing Baby Girl” – Fruit Of The Womb Testimony

  1. Glory be to God for his faithfulness! i believe distance is not a barrier. i trust God for my testimony too in Jesus’ name!

  2. i got encourage when i read about testimonies and believe that my situation is simple before God. Thank you Jesus by faith im healed out of ovarian cyst and pragnant for twins boy and a girl

  3. The Lord is good all the time. The very first time I watch emmanuel.tv I became born again and God has been visitinng me in dreams. I rejoice with you Patience & family.

  4. Emmanuel! my brothers and sisters all over the nations.
    Always have faith in God, because in our Bible John 14 vers 14, Jesus told us that as far as we believed, that what ever we asked in his name, he will do it. So have faith in God.

  5. We serve a miracle working God and He is a faithful God who never lets His own down. Congrats Patience, we give God the glory for your miracle. Blessed be his Holy Name!

  6. Your joy is our joy, we are grateful for what God has done in your life. Prophet is a great anointed Man of God and through Him we are blessed. May God blessed Him and be with Him always for Him to wipe away the tears of many and replaced with eternal joy.

  7. I’ll praise you my Lord for the good and wonderfull things you do to our life, surely those who wait for the lord will not be ashamed.

  8. glory be to god,as he died on the on the cross it was for me and u,that we take all our problems and sickness and put unto him.

  9. Emmanuel – God with us
    Congratulations Patience for giving birth to a baby girl our God is a God of love he wipes away all the tears.

    Hebrews 12:2a
    Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the auther and perfecter of our faith.


  11. Thank you Jesus for what you have done to this family. You are a living God and I honor you.

    I also thank Prophet T.B.Joshua for the holly and inspiring job, he is doing whereby people are set free, delivered, healed, reconciled and received breakthrough.

    Continue thanking God on what he has done and what he has not yet done.Stay in prayer and be the messenger of God through what has done in your life.

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