History in the making

The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Lagos, Nigeria

The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Lagos, Nigeria

Today, being Friday 28th August 2009 will be marked down by thousands as the day they had been waiting for, the day that God answered their prayers.

Thousands are right now in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, located in Ikotun Egbe, a small suberb in Lagos Nigeria. They have come from all over Nigeria and neighbouring countries because today is the monthly healing service with T.B. Joshua that will be broadcast live on Emmanuel TV. What is happening in this church needs to be heard and seen world over. It needs to be shouted on the rooftops and broadcasted through every possible type of media to every possible type of people, because this is the raw work of GOD ALMIGHTY. Join the movement! Get involved. By the time the church and the world discover this place and this man, T.B. Joshua, EVERYONE will be talking about it. Jesus lives. He never said goodbye. He is not a man that disappoints. He is not a God that promises and does not fulfil. He never said there would be no more healing, deliverance. He is not a God that is bound by constraints such as time, method, plan or machinery. He is limitless. Watch the service today, http://www.emmanuel.tv and watch this space…

3 thoughts on “History in the making

  1. Awesome God on this sunday 1 – 10 – 2010 when i say instantly miracle in the second service. Whooo God is wonderful in the life of prophet TB JOSHUA the woman rised on her feet, with strange man God perform miracle in the name of JESUS CHRIST. Prophet TB what God did that day is great in SCOAN i never saw that in any church. I love CHRIST in You PROPHET TB JOSHUA. May God bless you the more.

  2. hi, am realy happy that god at work i have not been to that church pray come to the church so when i see the man of my problms will finish that is my blielive for god and one day god will make away fom to come,thanks
    eke alfa

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