Gods servant, TB Joshua

God's servant, TB Joshua

Right now, I’m watching the Live healing and deliverance service. God is speaking right now. Ever seen anything like this before?

One woman just cried out angrily to TB Joshua that her husband has labelled her a witch and the cause of his demotion from this working place. He asked her to call her husband out and then he said: “You have an agressive spirit and no respect for your husband. You are very rude. Go on your knees and say sorry to your husband. He doesn’t mean what you are saying.” The husband said that three different pastors had given him this message, one from Lagos and two from Warri, Delta state. TBJ said: “She is not a witch…. We are all differently connected to God. We have pastors that are deep, those that are deeper and those that are deepest….”

The service has been on for more than 2 hours so far and is going strong.


  1. To say the fact,Iam always blessed by TB Joshua.I always watch Emmanuel TV at home,indeed GOD uses the prophet.We are testifying that annointed water is doing wonders ,just imagin a son who drunk acid was healed,how mighty is JESUS!alady delivered twins yet the hospital was saying that she had one child in her womb.But how can Iget this annointed water.ofcourse water itself doesnt heal but faith and the presence of GOD.
    Wishing TB Joshua a wonderful life and GOD should continue using him abundantly.Nigeria you are very lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Iam from Malawi and Iam a malawian.

  2. One day I had dreamt the Man of God saying something to me, but I dont remember the extraly words. Thats why I cherish SUPER FRIDAYS and are a blessing to me and my family! With all those miracles taking place on SUPER FRIDAY, How I wish and pray that one of these days SUPER FRIDAY will come to pass with in the SCOAN, though I believe the distance between Nigeria and my country is not a barrier.

  3. Greetings in the name of Jesus.
    We are from Holland and we visited the SCOAN 2 weeks ago. We were their at the SCOAN live on the 28 of August 2009 and it was great ans priceless to see the Holy Spirit move so powerfully and see the man of God in action. The staff at the SCOAN are excellent and treated us very nice and houspitable. After we visited the SCOAN we went to Egypt to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. And I used the Anointed water to many blind and weak sighted people and God healed them all. Over 300 people were healed by the Anointed water and we anointed all the people with oil made with the Anointed water. I would love to receive more Anointed water from the man of God. I want to minister with the Anointed water for the glory of God. We are friends of SCOAN here at The Gateway To Heaven Ministries Tilburg. God bless you all.

    Pastor Julio Roosberg
    Perosistraat 427
    5049 LJ Tilburg
    The Netherlands

  4. I just want to thank God for having provided a servant like TBJ who is there to assist the world spritually and finacially. And may the Almighty God continue to strengthen him and his family and that he should continue to accept and face any persecution that is levy on him because without it he will never be strong in his work.

  5. Gudday my follow Nigerians:
    There is a proverb that says a person gifted is not valued in his home or community. We should look at the story of Noah. When God sent Noah to tell the people about what is going to happen, he told them, but they refused to listen to him. Then Moses himself, after all the miracles God performed through Moses, immendiatly he left there, they worshipped idols. Then Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, who God sent to redeem mankind – but many did not believe him until He rose from death to prove to the world that he actually came to redeem us from our sins.

    What I am trying to say is that we should try to stop fighting God. The man TB joshua is God sent, he is a true man of God. We shuld not use our own hands to lose what God has placed in our land. People are right now saying “How I wish this man was in our own country” – what a blessing God has given to nigeria! He is a true man of God.

    My dearest people of God, time is too short now. We should try to turn from our evil ways and enbrace God.

    From Peter Akpokems

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