“The Thief Threw My Handbag Back!!!”

Be encouraged and inspired in your faith as you read this testimony of an Emmanuel TV viewer who was privileged to receive an Anointing Sticker from a friend who had visited The SCOAN. 

“Emmanuel!!! My names are Lydia Cheembe from Zambia and I am writing in to testify about the goodness of God. God is so good and faithful to His children! I received Anointing Water and an Anointing Sticker from a friend of mine who had visited The SCOAN. I was so happy as I used to watch Emmanuel TV all the time and knew how God was using these simple items. I put the Anointing Sticker on my car.

“So, one day last week as I was driving into town from my building site, I left the window of my vehicle open. While the vehicle had stopped due to traffic, a thief suddenly stretched through the open window, snatched away my handbag and ran away with it! I had 25,000,000 Zambian Kwacha, which is equivalent to about $5000 in my handbag.

“Immediately, I took hold of the Anointing Sticker and prayed with it, “God of Prophet TB Joshua, help me!” God is so good!! To my greatest surprise, immediately the thief ran back to my vehicle, threw the handbag back into the vehicle and sprinted away! I got the bag and counted the money. He did not take anything! Praise God! I am very happy and I thank God for this testimony. May God continue to bless Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua. Emmanuel!! What God has done for me through the Anointing Sticker is too much. God is so faithful. May God bless you!”

Lydia Cheembe,  Zambia

354 thoughts on ““The Thief Threw My Handbag Back!!!”

  1. Reading the testimony of the people has made me realised the goodness of God in our lives,indeed God is a good God,He ie doing wonders through the man of God prophet T.B Joshua,thanks prophet.

  2. Groly groly…Emmanuel God indeed with me and us all…for with ur mercy and grace am now looking forwad to my testimony in Jesus Name..GOD ur faithfuk..AMEN!!

  3. Truely distance is not a barrier.Since i put your blog link to my blog.And ministered anointing water for break through,my boss is now accepting me in many things which i tou
    ch in the office. EMMANUEL

  4. Emmanuel, My name is Christian Eze from Enugu state Nigeria ,people of God I want to use this medium to share with you what God of Snr Prophet TB Joshua did in my family through the medium of anointing water.
    It happened that since 2010 I got married with my wife the enemy swore never to allow us have a good health not to talk of children. Any time my wife took ,in the dream she would dream where they told her that they have crushed it and in the physical she will start seeing her menses again this continued till I visited SCOAN with my wife. While going to SCOAN I told myself that immediately I lay my hand on the anointing water that our problems will be over. On getting to SCOAN,I was opportuned to get anointing water which we spread on ourselves and prayed with it the following month my wife became pregnant in nine month time she gave birth to my daughter Emmanuella Eze. When my daughter was about three weeks old she developed breast canser which doctor recommended operation but I refused casting all my hope on what God of Prophet TB Joshua is capable of doing.Immediately l started calling on our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ the God of Snr Prophet TB Joshua to manfest his powers through the anointing water I was using on her. Not quite long my Lord answered, the big lump in my daughter’s breast opened mouth this time, it is no longer from her nipple as the enemy wanted before but diverted from the nipple and exploded after ministering the anointing water and the canser disappeared now we cannot differentiate which breast that had problem before as the two breasts are very normal now praise the Lord.

  5. Our God the God of prophet TB Joshua and the emmanuel.tv is mighty.Lord Jesus Christ,I thank you for your presence in my life i believe that one day i shall receive my deliverance at your will.May your holy name be praised in all situations in Jesus name! Amen!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I send someone an anointing water from the man of GodTB Joshua , my one daughter was only coughing i pray and apply anointing water to her, immediatelly she feld down and stop coughing. My eldest daughter has diaree for at list three month i applied it to her and immediately it stop. Heaven and earth praise Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

  7. Father you are the same yesterday, today and forever more.
    I thank you for what you are in life of ur prophet ‘Tb Joshua’.

    Prophet Tb Joshua, my mentor, remember me in your prayer as I don’t have any means to reach your SCOAN.
    May your God also visit me as I always watch emmanuel tv in Jesus name I pray,
    May the Good Lord also do the same upon all the travellers especially this ember month in Jesus name I pray, amen

    • In what ever situation we are when we, approach Almighty GOD we must ask anything according to his will.
      1 John 5:14-15
      14: This is the confidence we have in approaching GOD: that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us. 15: And if we know that he hears us whatever we ask we know that we have what we asked of him
      Lord Jesus Christ our generation shall praise your name. Because you are gracious and merciful to all the leaders all over the world.


  9. thats the power of the lord thanks to our papa for the anointing water but pse we that don’t have access to this medium pse help us;

  10. May the name of our God be glorified & highly exulted. i am a living testifier of the deliverance i received as the man of God, Senior Prophet TB Joshua prayed for those watching the Emmanuel TV LIVE-SERVICE online, in the distance is not a barrier prayer. I touched on my Lappy screen, placing my hand on his own hand in opposite direction. I felt the powerful effect of his prayers and i am delivered, healed and made whole from the hardship, that am going through here in overseas. may the good God continue to strengthen him and be with him as he gathers souls unto the Lord……frm:

  11. Thank you lord Jesus the lord of senior prophet TB Joshua for your presence in my life.I thank you father jehovah God for using your anoitng servant senior prophet Tb Joshua to deliver and heal so many lives around the world through emmanuel.tv,anoiting water,stickers and rist bands in Jesus Christ name.Man of God wise man Christopher please pray for my wife Mrs Mercy Chanda mubanga she is complaining of headache and also pray for work mate Mr Clement Chungu whos having heart problem.

  12. Emmanuel in the Name of Jesus Christ I greet u all.Man of God iam asking. for annoiting water and stickers what to do and how do I get them .Ntombizanele Voko South Africa

  13. 1 thessalonians 5:17-22. Says! Pray constantly, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in christ Jesus for you. 19 do not quench the spirit, 20 do not despise prophesying, 21 but test everything; hold fast what is good, 22 abstain from every form of evil.

  14. God is good all the time. shame on you evil spirit behind every person that is into stealing and robbing from children of God. you spirit of theft you ought to be ashamed of yourself and its high time you gave up and stopped your evil ways and turn to Jesus Christ the Light of the world.
    Thank you man of God, prophet T. B. Joshua for your word of encouragement and your effective, fervent prayers. We are truely blessed to have you in our generation,we pray to the Almighty God to give you lenght of days on earth, so that through your ministry we may increase in faith for the glory of God Almighty.
    Better is not good enough ,the best is yet to come. Emmanuel.


  16. bonjour, je m’appele Gisele Bambi, je veux avoir l’invitation pour venir aauNigeria pour la priere.moi et mon mari Roger Kabongo. Que pouvons nous faire?

  17. This kind God oh i never see your kind oh,this kind God oh blessed be your holy name. Yes, his name shall be blessed and forever because there is none like him. Amen

  18. I thank God for his wonderful work through his son Propht TB Joshua, I pray God to heal my heart problem n deliver my family from the hands of d wicked one. Thank u Jesus.

  19. Emmanuel!!! my names are Maurice Omolo from Kenya.I do watch,believe and pray with Man of God in the Emmanuel tv most of my time.I have watched and listened to the testimonies of children of God receiving healing and breakthrough in the use of the Anointing water and sticker.Please Man of God in faith send me Anointing water or Sticker and in faith i am going to receive it in Jesus name. (address: tech wing,P.o.box 342, 10400 NANYUKI KENYA.)

  20. Please help me with my court case, People please pray for me,The mother of my daughter reported me to police saying i wanted to kill her after i caught her another man. I was then admitted in Kasane State Prison, Rep of Botswana and i was given a bailout of BWP1000 while waiting for the case on the 9th Nov 2012. This is too painful.

  21. I greet you in the name of our lord jesus christ, my name is tresford.c. I love the man of god prophet TB joshua and the emmanuel TV.I want the man of God to deliver me and my family,I lost my baby and my wife was opalated please man of God help me. God bless you.TRESFORDC FROM ZAMBIA

  22. To God be the glory. Lord help me one day that get this annointing water, sticker or anything that the man of God Senior Prophet T.B Joshua has prayed for. My breakthrough is there.

  23. The lord will see me thru and i will experience my own miracle like lydia.The items stolen from me by satan will be returned thru the Man of God,Prophet T.B Joshua and the wiremen.Amen

  24. My sister Lydia Jesus Loves you ,believe and ,follow his commandments.Blessing for Obedience, Deuteronomy 28 verse 1 If youfully obey the Lord your God and carefully follow all his commands I give you today,the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations on earth. All these blessing will come upon you and accompany you if you obey yhe Lord your God.Read this verses up to 14 . God bless you TB Joshua Amen!!!!!!!!!!!



  26. My name is ubani idika a Nigerian réside in Gabon god of t.b Joshua is real god singe i Have received This anoiting water from a friend that came back from scoan Everything in my life change blessing every where thank you Jésus and senior prophet t.b Joshua and dise mens n Emmanuel tv

  27. Our GOD is everywhere at anytime always listening always ready to save, redeem, heal and deliver us from our predicaments. KING of the universe and CREATOR and OWNER of the world YOU are merciful, kind and loving.My family and I have faith ,trust and believe in YOU and your SON . Thank you for what you did for our sister in CHRIST. Amen

  28. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for what you have done in the life of our sister Lydia Cheembe and also what you have done in the life of so many people whom you saved through using the Anointed men Pastor T B Joshua and The 5 Wise Men. May your name be glorified and praised. What a wonder you are Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed be your glorious name, and may it be exalted above all blessing and praise. You alone are the Lord. You made the heavens, even the highest heavens and all their starry host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. You give life to everything and the multitudes of heaven worship you. Lord Jesus Christ where can we go from your presence? No where. The evidence of your creation shows that you are a living GOD.

  29. Sunday and monday was my first days to visit scoan church of all nation so it is, i withness somany testimonies ,in all that man of God did all glory, honour, and all were giving to our lord Jesus christ amen i bougth the cd and the anointing water and other things were giving to me to boost out my faith, i no that God will answer my request fast in Jesus name amen

  30. Hallelujah Amen, we give you honour, we worship you, we praise you my Lord, you are worthy to be praised. It is God of miracles, he turns what we people think is impossible into possibility. Thank you my God. Glory be to God. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah my God. AMEN.

  31. Sister i hope you have understood what God does to his children,someone stealing your property and immediately surrend it back;
    thus God of T.B.Joshua. He is awesome and faithful one.Iwish i could
    have these two spiritual weapons i.e annointing water and sticker,buti

    do not know how and what to do.Faith is growing day by day,Amen.
    Ludoviko from Malawi.

  32. I can see that thief was in hot soup, holy ghost fire was all over him and had constipation just because of the prayer with the annointing sticker, how i wish to have an oppotunity to have the annointing sticker,may God help me.


    • @kerry. I join SCOAN Prayer Warriors and stand in Faith that the LORD God who heard the simple prayers of our “Sister Lydia Cheembe of Zambia”, that the God of TB Joshua never sleeps nor slumber and He is a Merciful God – who acts now always, and ever abundant in Favor will surely meet you, only Call on Him in Spirit and in Truth. say “Matt 1:23” God Bless you and dont forget to share your Testimonies when your Miracle comes in Jesus name. Balami Karu Nasarawa State

      • Hey Nalami!!!
        Thanks for your total support!!!!!!! I just read this a few days ago when I had some BIG BIG BIG BIG trouble. I didn’t know what to do, as it was that I prayed about it in the past but things only seemed to GET WORSE!!!!!!! Finally IT EXPLODED and the same day I saw your reply to me!!!!!!! I sent a prayer to Jesus and God using Prophet T.B. Joshua!!!!!!! And the very next day God completely delivered me from that problem and I’ll never see it again!!!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!! THANK YOU S.C.O.A.N.!!!!!!! AND PROPHET T.B. JOSHUA AND BALAMI AND FRIENDS!!!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!! I ALSO PRAY FOR JULIOUS!!!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!! IN JESUS HOLY NAME AMEN!!!!!!!

        • God of mountain melter senior prophet TB Joshua may you touch my wife and my doughter’s helthy.my child is not feeling well,man of God please pray for my child (NATASHA MAPALO) and the mother (MRS MERCY CHANDA) you are the God of miracles and i believe in your work through your anoited servant senior prophet TB Joshau.Father i know that your presence is owez with me and my family and i know that my situation doesn’t suprise Jesus.

  34. In deed we serve the leaving God and we are truly under his eyes. May His name be glorified and be lifted up. I LOVE YOU DADDY!!!

  35. Our God is mighty to save, glory to God in Jesus Christ name amen.
    My testimony I will give too to the world. I’m waiting for my turn in Jesus Christ name amen.

  36. We worship a Great God! God’s promises to His children are immutable. Just cling on the faith and hope for God is our refuge. Emmanuel!!!

  37. I beleave that the living God of my dad TB. Joshua is the best, i allway’s praye that God give him long long long live and use him to save a maximum humans, thank you Dad


  39. My thanks should go to Prophet TB Joshua for putting up this website for people like us to have a chance of commenting to what God is saying today to His People. Man of God pray for me so that I can get deliverance even before coming to SCOAN Amen! This is Charles Hamilton Makhiringa – Malawi –

  40. Indeed Jesus never said good bye. His spirit is still at work. To God be the glory for the anointing in the stickers and the water!1

  41. May God continue to blessed he son, Prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV partners for bring hope to the hopeless in Jesus name.

  42. Glory to God, Jehova Rohi our shephered & Protector. ”
    Thank you Lord God for the wisdom bestowed on Your servant My Prophet T.B Joshua to reach your people thro’ the medium of Annointing water & sticker..Of a truth, distance is not a barrier & faith is our connection. I beleive God dat very soon the God Of Prophet T.B Joshua will reach me thru’ the annointing water as i watch His power Amen

    By: Joyce Wamalwa

  43. Holy Lord Jesus the God of heaven the great and awesome GOD who keeps his covenant of love you are what you are you will never change. Thank you for what you did in the life of our sister Lydia Cheembe let your name be glorified and be exalted. Amen

  44. I love him and wish that he will ask to wait for to see me personally, (prophesy) when i go to church (SCOAN) next Sunday (second service)

  45. To God be the glory. Jesus is always there for us both in good times and in bad times. We thank our prophet for changing our lives positively. May the Lord almighty continue to bless him and the wisemen and may many more years be added to their lives in Jesus’name. Amen

  46. I worship Our Lord JESUS for this testimony. Lydia,that is why i connect myself to your testimony because i am a victim of stolen money,both at home and at work.Man of GOD TB JOSHUA always says that God uses one person to bless many. God of PTBJ PLEASE HELP ME OUT THIS DEBT.my company is asking me to pay 1 117 000frs. I believe without doubting that, the GOD that recused your money from that thief, that same GOD will recused mine, in the name of Jesus,Amen

  47. Is there anything too hard for God to do……. absolutely nothing is too difficult for him to do.. Our God is a wonderful God …….Thank you Prophet for dedicating your self to God work ….May God grant you long life, strength and more powers. Thank you Jesus.

  48. I want 2 help sis lynda 2 tank God n prophet tb joshua dat indeed his usually phrase distant is a not a barrier wit faith it works thank u lord. Emmanuel

  49. God is good all the time .Emmanuel!man of God you nare doing a great job always when i think about you i am filled with joy no matter how the situations are.

  50. What a GREAT AND MIGHTY GOD we serve!Believing is indeed our connection! May the LORD continue blessing senior prophet T.B.Joshua,The wisemen and all at the SCOAN.Am blessed everyday in JESUS NAME!

  51. For sure indeed,the eye of the Lord is upon his beloved ones.HE WATCHES OVER THEM DAY AND NIGHT!

  52. Hello, I sent in a prayer request as I was a few weeks pregnant but I have been bleeding. I have refused to accept that I miscarried. I continue to aspect a miracle. The doctors also said I had an infection near my uterus. I did not receive any feedback from you. I need a financial breakthrough. Bills and credit are overwhelming.

    On Saturday, September 8, 2012, Distance is not a barrier wrote: > promisecarrier posted: “Be encouraged and inspired in your faith as you read this testimony of an Emmanuel TV viewer who was privileged to receive an Anointing Sticker from a friend who had visited The SCOAN. “Emmanuel!!! My names are Lydia Cheembe from Zambia and I am writ” >

  53. Lesa wamaka, praise be to Him alone. With faith, we are winners in Jesus name. May the Lord continue blessing the man of God and I pray that one day I too make it to the SCOAN and come back with a testimony to make.

  54. Greetings in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. I and my entire house hold are regular watching EMMANUEL TV. We love God and we thank HIM for touching lives through SENIOR prophet TB JOSHUA, We were filled with tears of joy when a member wrote a cheque of 5,000,000 and given to a young man who was disorganised by evil spirit. Infact all dat contributed in giving the couples hope again, my good God wll not cease in blessing u abundantly. And to Senior Prophet TB Joshua you are more than the old prophets in the bible. How i wishd u were born into my family and my surname wll be Joshua. Sir pls, if i pay into ur account for annoiting water and sticker and pay for the waybill can it be delivered to me? As i dont have anybody there to bring it to me. I am in need of it. It can take care of my problems: iam having BP, My 11yrs daughter bedwets, no single week dat passed witout me taking drugs. I and my husband often quarells but i must testify, dat has reduced since he has started watching ur programes. Its wonderful. May u live long to save more souls-Amen 08034954591 ABA ABIA STATE NIGERIA.

  55. I pray to the lord to heald me of sugger desease man of God laste mont I cam to synagoge and I collet the anoithing water please man of God help me ,I am congolese staying in south africa

  56. Praiseeeeeeeee Thje Lord!! Allelujah! Thank you Jesus. I believe on the God of prophet TB Joshua, He is the same yesterday, today and forever more. John 10 v 10 ” the thief come to steal to kill and to destroy but Jesus have come to give us live and life in fullll”” Thank you Lord Jesus.

  57. I have this Great Testimony! My Husband deserted the home two weeks after coming back from the Synagogue. I do not know whether it is God who has prayed him out or not.


  58. praise be to God almighty.God of Senior prophet TB Joshua may you heal my bro Mr benjamin Mufwaya from that strange sickness and the patial strock to you God there is nothing impossible in Jesus name i pray Amen!

    • Jesus is indeed still alive! I visited SCOAN and fell the presence of the holy spirit. Armed with the anointed water and sticker I’m going to go back next year to testify of his mercy in our lives. God is ready to bless us through the work of his prophet TB Joshua. All you need on your part is faith.

      In the name of Jesus Christ.
      Emmanuel – God is indeed with us!

  59. Prophet TB Joshua please help me I need the anointed stickers for my breakthrough. Struggling financial. And also I just want to experience God more and more. Emmanuel. (God with us)

  60. how can i also receive annointing water nd the sticker.i live in pta,south africa.get me on facebk.james G mbengeni for help.i wanted to go to Nigeria to meet pastor Tb Joshua to upli ft my spirit bt am broke,dear Lord.

  61. What a God. Thank you God for answering immediately. It keeps our faith alive. Thank u also sister for sharing your testimony, I was encouraged a lot.

  62. Glory be unto god all mighty who watches his children day and night. He never sleep nor slumbers. God let all thiefs return wat they ve stollen, in the name of jesus i release holly fire to burn them. I say fiiiiire

  63. God is so faithfull ..how gracious it will be if we were all faithfull to him just as he is faithfull to us..lets worship him in spirit and truth

  64. God is always good and is using prophet T.B Joshua to bless those who believe in him. Thank you prophet T.B Joshua and Emmanuel T.v. Distance is not a barrier and i still believe that my blessing is still on the way in the name of Jesus christ Amen.

  65. Surely, the God we serve is living. T.B. Joshua undoubtedly is a man chosen, anointed, and sent as a phrophet by God. Am blessed to witness jaw-dropping miracles done by God through his anointed hands. And I revere such a great anointing upon his life. Plse pray for my grandmum who suffering from stroke and diabetics. God bless you!

  66. Emmanuel! Our God i so good and i thank God for the life of this person, the mediums God used, the prophet and also i am praying that God would make my miracle to take place soon. Emmanuel!

  67. Praise God Almighty. I pray that my colleague be able to visit Synagogue church of all Nations she was supposed to go last week Thursday unfortunately she couldn’t make it because of visa. I asked her to bring me the annointing sticker, water, CD and the framed photo of prophet, I told her that when she came back with these items, by December I’ll be blessed. And go to Synagogue to testify about my career, finances, business and my mother’s healing Emmanul………….my name.Gomolemo Mogoelelewa from south Afirica

  68. Mentor.I love you.thank you for everything.GOD shall strengthen you,you shall grow from power to power,from glory to glory.thank you for allowing GOD to use you to change my life for good.I love you my mentor prophet TB Joshua,but GOD love you most.It is well with you .When am back from Ukraine after my studies,I will come to SCOAN to say thank you to JESUS CHRIST.

  69. the God of senior prophet tb jeshua never fail, he is indeed our God, please man of God i need your prayers,my name is christopher patrick, i am from imo state but i reside in bangkok thailand, i always watch your program emanuel tv on my internet hoping that one day God will open ways for me to visit synagouge church live, i am living in bangkok thailand but things is not easy for me due to the kind of ilegal business i am into, please man of God pray for me so that God will establish me financially, i want to have time to serve God , i am restless here in thailand, no good legal job to do, thank you.

  70. Tnx be to GOD for this miracle,i pray that GOD Almighty will also visit me and bring up my Destiny Changer to locate me to raise me from Grass to Grace,in Jesus name,i hv the Annioted water and i pray with it also,may i be next in line for testimony in Jesus name Amen.

  71. God is wonderful, man of God by faith send me annointing water or sticker and I’ll receive by faith and I know that will do great things in my life

  72. Jesus we appreciate you.you are so wonderful,marvelous,great,mighty,beautiful.Joel 2:32 says And everyone who calla on the name of the Lord will be saved;for on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be delioverance,

  73. God is so wonderful please man of God by faith send unto me annointing water or sticker and I’ll receive it by faith and wonderful things will happen in Jesus’ name.

    • Thank you JESUS God is always there for us.TB JOSHUA we love u very much you teach us how to know God to understand God.in the name of JUSES Amen.

  74. To God be the glory in this miracle. It takes only faith to believe that the annointing water is the powerful medium that looses bondages to all difficulties. Emmanuel.

  75. Distance is nt a barrer i belive dat God who did wonders 4 lydia he wil do it 4 me aswel.as im waitin 4 names 2 cum out nd go 2 school nxt year.2 God b da glory.Amen 2 lydias miracle.

  76. Yes indeed we know where we belong ! God of miracles is in control of our life ! Just agree with Prophet T B Joshua and see what will happen to you ! Emmanuel ! Halelujah !

  77. Glory to God coz he is an owesome!As he said in his word he wil be with us always so thats some of his works.That thief expriences e power of the Lord he was totaly burned.Those who submit to him he responce and take care of them (the true child of God) Lets give him praise always!

  78. Wow! God is so faithful, do u see it ?, but we Nigerians or most Africans don’t value what the Lord has given us through Senior Prophet T.B Joshua. May God be praise! Halelujah!! Emmanuel!

  79. Thank God for saving her and for bring back her money.thank u God for prophet T.b joshua and emmaneul tv.hope to get annointing water and sticker someday,in jesus name so that i wl be delivered through there.

  80. Thank you Jesus for blessing us with Senior Prophet T.B Jushua and the Wise Men. Each day is a blessing as we watch Emmanuel TV. May God continue to bless this ministry and help reach out to all of us in need of him. Emmanuel. To God be the Glory.

  81. I thnk God 4 this testimony and I believe what God has done in the life of this
    sister, He cn do it 4 us in Jesus name! We just hv 2 believe.

  82. I started my HND in Kaduna Polytechnic With pass and Graduated with Upper credit. D anointing water was what I used to pray with before my exams.

  83. Wow!These are the vivid works of the Almighty God,the more the sound of noise made by critics,the more God reveals Himself through His anointed ones;hallelujah to the Mighty King of glory!!

  84. God watches over His sheep, nd He fights their battles. Devil is a liar. Keep praising Him. That is the beginning of His good tidings towards you sister. Stay blessed

  85. i’m so encouraged with this testimony God is so faithful and the way he is gloryfing through senior prophet is really outstanding..emmanuel tv is really a blessing for us…it is so rare to true men of God today may God continue to promote the entire team of emmanuel tv in jesus name

  86. I am confused,there is a lady on facebook called Evelyn TBJoshua using the name of Man of God asking money for orphanages for Scoan.pls is she from the church.

    • Thank u prophet TB Joshua for changing peoples lives through watching emmanuel tv.Man of God you are a real prophet of our time.May you remain faithful to him and bless us immesurably more.

  87. God watches over his people every second, day n night,accordin (psalm 121:8) he says, the Lord wil watch over ur coming n going both now n 4 evermore. His there 4 us always

  88. I know man of God you still pray for me & I know that God is @ work ,my husband we will be together again as husband & wife also get a house & also employment

  89. My sıster keep praısıng for what God has done ın your lıfe. Im also prayıng to God to receıve anoıtıng water and anoıtıng stıcker one day, God of T.B Joshua ıs ındeed a lıvıng God. What ever people say about hım ı just laugh because they dont know how people are beıng delıvered,saved,blessed. Gettıng theır breakthrough ,healıng through watchıng Emmanuel tv. I know God wıll sent an angel to bless me wıth an anoıtıng water and an anoıtıng stıcker one day. We are really blessed to bless others. Thank you prophet T.B Joshua,wıseman, and all Emmanuel members for changıng people lıves. I love you all.Emmanuel

  90. God has been great in my life i thank prophet T.b Joshua who is an inspiration in my life.i love you and may God bless you all in Jesus name!

  91. God is very faithful am praying that one day I will have the GRACE to receive annointing water my faith is telling me I will.

  92. I wanna say may the Lord keep blessing T.B Joshua and help him through all challenges. I live in Bloem and i go to the church of one of T.B joshuas wise men. He has helped me grow spiritually and i have had a lot of testimonies to say but said neither of them but i wanna thank God for blessing us with these profets even though the world still doesnt use them

  93. Glory be to god may god give prophet Tb Joshua more yrs to live he is the choosen one and also the wise man ,l thank god for what is doing to us Emmanuek!!!!

  94. Please good pray with us. My fiancee is in a cell there in Nigeria, what happened is he had had deal with these other people so he borrowed money from the bank and when everything was almost done they cheated him. He now being arrested for not being able to pay back the bank. Please help us. Lesego, Botswana

  95. Prays the Lord God always do wonders to his children every time some one just has to bealive to witness his miracles Halleluya!!

  96. God is aweson bcos I hold him by his words,I hv to testify bcos some time in june wen I was watching Emmuneal Tv and the man of God said distance is not a barry dat he is seeing 2 ppl receiving visa and immediately I clam it and I say to myself this is my time dat I hv to apply for my UK visa and I travel from kano to lagos for the visa and I got it,I thank god for that,and I pray that almight God will multiple the Man of God and give him more wisdom to serve him more.

  97. He is a wonderful god and a power in the annointing water/ sticker and I pray when I ve my own personally. I will see the effect in my life god let ur wonder and sign reflect in my life. AMEN

  98. Wow! Glory be to God. He watches over His children day & night. He never sleeps nor slumber. I love You Lord! Thank You Papa for the good work, may God continue to use you. Be blessed!

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