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  1. To start with,I couldn’t take any good decision into my life,please PROPHET OF GOD I do need your help in the name of JESUS CH

  2. I want to gn to uk am refugie politique with asylum sekeer and my family i do have family there in uk u can help me for reunion family am not insecure in sovh africa i pray io my house to wacth EMMANUEL.TV JOSHUA plse pastor help me to live military for my contrhe want kil me like the kil my husband amen thanks jesus

  3. indeed distance is not a barrier, i started praying with prophet TB Joshua through the screen of television in 2009, people of GOD things has been changed i was sick everyday going to work 3 days a week 2 days offsick, having problem with my right leg, it was always swollen and paining, again i was having a servee headach, period pain, the spiritual husband was even attacking me during the day always wet in my private part, dreaming of dead people my sisters and brothers who past away long time ago and a friend of mine past away 15 years ago we were sharing a name she use to come and talk to me in my dream and share food with me in my dream it was toomuch for me, i went to so many pastors trying to deliver me but it didn’t work, but now i am healed, delivered and blessed. thank you man of GOD for Emmanuel T.V and praying for the viewers allover the world. more are still coming for me by watching emmanuel tv amen

    thank you JESU
    thank you Prophet TB Joshua

    stay blessed all the time, we love you so much

  4. God is great, hello daddy pastor tb Joshua i went you to pray for my family especially my mother Oabile Odirile,My Father Pelonomi Ditirwa and for me Lebobang ,My brother Thabo and everyone in the family for the prosperity of the family, divine health, i want to be married. my parents are sick and i wish speedy recovery in the name of Jesus.where can i get anointed water am in Gaborone.Botswana

  5. Hello, I am from Kuching,Sarawak,East Malaysia,to be exact..on the island of Borneo.Please let me know how shall I order the “anointing water” as I have faith in it that can cure many diseases.
    Please kindly let me know as I have been doing things but DO NOT work at all as satan is holding it and do not allow me to move forward. I have not been able to get a job since 1989 until now.

  6. Hi please help me with the anoiting water fruit of the womb never fall pregnant and how can i get the water am in Polokwane

  7. I need deriverance and breakthrough to hardship am experiencing in my heart.am a sinner, i committed adultery or sex out side my marriage please help am, this has now caused heart problem

  8. I thank God Almighty for your life you are great man of God. Bible says we shall know them by their fruits. This is the yardstick to masure. May God do more greater works through you. But I am believing God for breakthroughs please pray with me. Thanks

  9. help us prophet ,we hav stated a minstry here in c/bombwe zambia,after complications to where we used to felowship,pliz pray wth us,we need yo advice.

  10. Am zmbian male aged 32years working 4 electricity company in zambia on casual 4 almost 3years,i hv not been cofirmed,and the work i do in this company is almost of the permanent worker and am paid k500,000 zambian kwacha,same money lenting house,wth a family son,daughter,pliz help me with prayers,only jesus can help us,and rumours are securating that they want to confirm some pipo in this company,pliz man of GOD HELP MA FAMILY,MOBILE NUMBER +260979323163

  11. T B Joshua has demonstrate to us all that the days of God’s prophets is still here with us. It is up to a perishing world like ours to believe this great man of God to the glory of God. I am convinced beyond doubt that Prophet T B Joshua has come from God.

  12. Man of God T.B. JOSUA,

    Following your diffusion régulère of your programmes of masses in your television channel of which I am a faithful televiewer, I come near your high prophet from God.

    For eight month I have not touched with my wages, because some of my colleagues of service have me creates problems by asking for the suspension of my wages,

    These people assembled a bad report against me by pretexting that I am voluntarily absent, however I am sick since February 2009, then if I call you in this day it is because these three people put all works about it so that I would be to lay off of this Commune where I have worked for four years as a superviser.

    At the time when I address this request for help to you I have been threat of dismissal without unspecified reason, however I am for four years with waiting of my regularization as contractual of administration, really my Pastor made quickly so that I would be restored in my rights and that I can keep my work station; thus Jesus Lord.

    I count on your spiritual support in prayers.

    Receive my best greetings

    Jean MAYEGLE
    BP 11443 Douala – Cameroun
    E-mail:jean .mayegle@yahoo.fr

    L’Homme de Dieu T.B. JOSUA,

    Suite à votre diffusion régulère de vos programmes de messes dans votre chaîne de télévision dont je suis un fidèle télespectateur, je viens auprès de votre haute prophet de Dieu.

    Depuis huit mois je ne touche pas à mon salaire, car certains de mes collègues de service m’ont crée des problèmes en demandant la suspension de mon salaire,

    Ces personnes ont montées un mauvais rapport contre moi en prétextant que je suis absent volontairement, pourtant je suis malade depuis fèvrier 2009, alors si je vous appelle en ce jour c’est parce que ces trois personnes ont mis tout en oeuvre afin que je sois licencier de cette Commune où je travaille depuis quatre ans en tant qu’agent de maîtrise.

    Au moment où je vous adresse cette demande de sécours je suis ménacé de licenciement sans motif quelconque, pourtant je suis depuis quatre ans à l’attente de ma régularisation en tant que contractuel d’administration, vraiment mon pasteur faite vite afin que je sois rétabli dans mes droits et que je puisse garder mon poste de travail; ainsi Seigneur Jésus.

    Je compte sur votre soutien spirituel en prières.

    Recevez mes meilleures salutations

    Jean MAYEGLE
    BP 11443 Douala – Cameroun
    E-mail:jean .mayegle@yahoo.fr

  13. Hi, i know the great love of our Lord JESUS, i sometimes when i’m facing trials,i’m afraid, i doubt, please i need prayer from Pastor TB Joshua to overcome this problem.

  14. Phrophet, I would like to recieve the annoited water from you, also i need prayers for deliverance, breakthrough and healing. I know T.B. Joshua has been sent by God to bless people and to pray for those who are in need of prayers. God bless T.B. Joshua, we really look forward to see you here in Zambia.T.B. Joshua please come to Zambia we need prophets like you to deliver the people of Zambia

    Alice – Zambia

  15. Hi
    Thank God for all He is going in my life
    I would like to receive the annointed breakthrough, grace and merce in Jesus Name.please pray for me.

  16. Hello.i wud like to thank God for his servant whom he has sent to bless pple and destroy the devil.

    I wud love to recieve the Annointed water and i dont know what the procedure is.


  17. I thank for letting me be part of this generation partaking in the amazing Grace of God, Mercies, and favour, through knowing the Anointed Servant of God – Prophet T B Joshua. May God continue to increase him and live in him. BETTER IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, THE BEST IS YET TO COME !!! YOU HAVE SEEN NOTHING YET !!!! EMMANUEL !!!!!

  18. Prophet I would like to receive the annointed water,deliverance,breakthrough and healing in Jesus Name.please pray for me.
    I also wish that Prophet T.B can visit us in SA Limpopo Polokwane

  19. To God be the glory, watching emmanuel tv is a blessing. let me share my testimony with other readers and belivers. twice I have been watching Prophet TB Joshua praying and healing the sick people and prophesying during sunday services.I had this terrible flu and was lying on the couch, when the Prophet asked the congregation to stretch hands in order to pray for viewers at home, I stood up, and told my younger brother with whom I was, that I am heal in jesus name and after a few seconds everything was gone. My brother became so amazed. from that day, my brother has not only became a strong believer but a follower to prophet TB Josua. we watch emmanuel TV on sundays from 9 am to 8pm. I
    Thank God for prophet TB josua’s life!! We didn’t know we could find someone in the world again like him. praise the Lord!!Hallelluja .Marcelline(South Africa)

  20. Yes indeed I believe Distance is not a barrier, but my prayer is to come to Nigeria and meet the man of God face to face, because I believe TB Joshua is one sent by God for the unbeliever to believe in God Almighty, through his Son Jesus Christ.

  21. To God be the glory,on sunday6th of September 2009 I was watching emmanuel tv and I was very blessed!!I also like to share my testimony,I have been praying with Prophet TB Joshua believing healing because I had a very severe Thrash and it was very irritating to that extend that I will find myself rushing to the toilet time and time again,the Prophet asked the congregation to stretch hands to viewers at home,Thank God I am healed today!!prays the name of Jesus!!Hallellujahhhhhh.Anna(South Africa)

  22. Distance is not a barrier in deed.I thank God for the life of Prophet TB JOSHUA and Emmanuel TV.I believe that anointing is transferable and through Emmanuel TV i received anointing and my ministry have changed and i pray for more anointing and Power in Jesus name.

  23. Thanks be unto God for the great Prophet. I would like to receive words and verses of encouragement everyday, do you have a link where i can be able to access that.

    Many thanks,
    Edith (Zimbabwe)

  24. Hi, please I would like to know how to get into the prayers list so that I can read my prayer request and the prayers that have been said for me.

  25. Emmanuel!! God is with us indeed!! I would like to thank the Almighty for Prophet TB Joshua. You know he is walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Since I was introduced to Emmanuel TV, I watch it all the time to the extent that I don’t want to give my family chance to watch some other stuff! I also wish TB Joshua would come to visit us here in South Africa. Soweto in one of the stadiums similar to the one he preached in during the Indonesia Crusade. Prophet, please visit us, we will really support and be glad.

    God Bless you. Anna

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