As millions around the world came to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, His healing, delivering and saving power was at work through His Spirit and manifest in the Live Services at The SCOAN. It was a Christmas weekend at The SCOAN to be remembered.

Jesus Christ, who came to reconcile man to Himself, reconciled many from the bondages of sicknesses, diseases and demonic oppression through the prayer of the Wise Men in The SCOAN Prayer Line. Jesus Christ, who was revealed this season as the light of the world, shone His light into the lives of many who were in darkness, through prophetic messages given by Prophet T.B. Joshua and the ministry of laying on of hands by the five Wise Men. Truly, Jesus Christ came that we might come to a place of resurrection in our being. Celebrations of His resurrection power continued as the man of God delivered a powerful message titled, Works Of Faith, Part 4.

Prophet T.B. Joshua took the proof text of the message from Galatians 5:1-4, 18-19. Paul gave us a very graphic picture of the senses and the spirit. Senses are all physical doors leading to the brain. This human body of ours is the laboratory where we learnt all we know of secular knowledge (gifts, talents, etc). The battle that we fight in our daily walk is with our senses. To conquer, our spirit must govern our senses. He explained that many are confessing faith in the Word yet denying it in action, trying to believe yet never acting on the Word. Our mind cannot be renewed by studying the Word alone. As our blood and our muscles are a part of us, so also the Word must become an integral part of us. The Psalmist said in Psalm 27:13 that he would have lost heart if he did not believe he would live to see the glory of the Lord. If you cannot believe that you will see the goodness of God, you will despair. The thing that keeps us from despairing is not what we see but what we believe. To conclude the message, the prophet stated, “We trust implicitly in the Word because we know God on His throne is backing up every Word. This gives us a quiet and restful confidence”.

Countless testimonies had been restored and the owners of the testimonies came back to share the good things God Almighty had done for them to strengthen the faith of all who had open hearts. The following summarizes just a few of them.



An environmentalist, he had come to The SCOAN in 2010 and was privileged to receive the Anointing Water. Prior to that time, a contract he had been awarded from one of the major oil companies in Nigeria had been revoked. He read Matthew 16:19, prayed for God to open the door of breakthrough in his life and ministered the Anointing Water. A week later, the contract was renewed and the contract sum he received was 35% higher than previously offered. He was also appointed a representative for ETP-STP and completed a four-flat duplex. On top of those blessings, he was also able to complete a PhD programme he had been struggling for 12 years to finish. He advised people to have strong faith in God in order to receive a strong answer from God.



Mrs Ifeagbu had delivered her child through a caesarean section operation but the real trouble began when doctors realized that the child could not breathe properly and therefore, had to be placed on oxygen. The fears regarding the survival of the child were immense until the husband’s younger brother decided to introduce the Anointing Water into the matter. The family had ministered it after praying and the child’s breathing was instantaneously restored! Even the doctors, who had earlier asked the family to pray on the issue for fear of what may happen to the child, marvelled at the news of the child’s recovery. Standing proudly before the congregation with his handsome son and wife by his side, Mr Tony Ifeagbu advised that no matter what people were going through, they should hold onto God and never neglect the Anointing Water in their affairs.


He is a popular politician from Anambra, Nigeria who equally acknowledges himself as a “controversial politician”. Before June 2012, he was not one who believed in The SCOAN, the miracles which occurred in the church or the prophecies of Prophet T.B. Joshua. But on June 3, 2012, as he was driving in his car, he fell into the hands of hired kidnappers who had the aim of abducting and killing him. They took him to their den and waited for confirmation from their boss as to when to eliminate him. Mr Emeakayi was kept on the bare floor and had no water or food. He had even appealed to the kidnappers, stating that he was ready to pay twice the amount of the ransom but the boys had refused. Despite his state of unease and confusion, he later fell asleep. In his dream, he saw the bottle of Anointing Water his friend had previously given, placed carelessly in his bedroom. He heard a voice telling him to spray it on himself and pray that the blood of Jesus should work in his life. The dream repeated itself three times within a 25 minute period. When he woke up, the leader of the kidnappers arrived and instructed his men to give the politician new clothes, sandals, transport fare and drop him in a location where he can find transport to take him home. A few moments later, he found that he was free – released from the hand of hired killers through prayer with the Anointing Water! Though a doubting Thomas previously, he was grateful to God for his miraculous escape. He advised that people should always trust in God because of what He did in his life, though he was undeserving of God’s mercy. He said God used this ministry and the Anointing Water to save him and that he is a testimony to Nigeria and the world that what is happening at The SCOAN is real and not fabricated. The state chairman of the ruling political party in Anambra also resolved to share many bottles of the Anointing Water with fellow politicians in his state.


He was a contractor who could not get a single job for six years. He was full of poverty and disappointment. He had been sponsored by his wife to come to The SCOAN where he was privileged to receive a bottle of the Anointing Water, with which he had been praying. Heavy contracts had since started coming into his hands. He said, “Contracts have started looking for me”. Every morning, he would spray the Anointing Water into his mouth and pray. He brought an LPO of a multi-million naira contract to show the congregation along with photographs of a new Peugeot 406 car, a new set of trucks and a house he is now building. He said people should believe and trust in God because He is always ready to help those who believe in Him even in adversity.


Originating from Delta, Nigeria, she travelled to the United Kingdom, where she got married and sent her daughter to school. However, she had struggled hard for citizenship in that country without success for a long time. She came to The SCOAN, received the Anointing Water and immediately sent it to her daughter. Interestingly, three days after her daughter had received the Anointing Water in the UK, she called with the wonderful news that Mrs Victoria had been granted the citizenship that very day, saying that the courier had delivered it to her doorstep that morning. According to Mrs Victoria, people should have faith in God because He answers prayers.


She was a Chinese businesswoman and had come to The SCOAN on discovering that the fortunes of her business were dwindling due to unpaid debts by her numerous customers. She had succeeded in receiving the Anointing Water which she took to China. After prayed over her matter with the Anointing Water, she discovered that her customers suddenly developed a change of heart. Some of them paid her off completely and others began paying their debt to her in instalments. She, full of happiness visibly expressed in the church on Sunday, said that all people must rely on God to have their problems solved.


A video was replayed showing Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesying to Mr Nnebor that a child was crying, asking for his father. He had gone back to his hotel that day after the church service to ruminate over the prophecy. That night, he had had a dream in which he saw Prophet T.B. Joshua give him bread and pull him out of a pool of water. When he woke up, he remembered that he had once had a girlfriend in his village years back whom he had slept with “just once”. The girl become pregnant. Even after he was informed of the development by his brother, he refused to identify with the truth.


The child was born and the lady married another man but the child stayed with the grandmother. Mr Nnebor returned to the village to meet with the family and bring them to The SCOAN for reconciliation. After some resistance, the grandmother agreed to come with the child to honour the Word of God spoken through Prophet T.B. Joshua. During the course of the service, God’s ministry of reconciliation brought forgiveness and unity to the family and Mr Nnebor gave thanks to God for restoring meaning to his life.


A video was replayed showing a man receiving a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua during a previous service to the effect that a woman was being wrongly accused in the family of being a witch because of the death of another man. During the Sunday service, the man came with some of his family members and representatives of the community.

Kenneth, a son to the woman accused, spoke on behalf of the family. His four children had each died mysteriously yet neither his mother nor uncle (Fibresima) visited him to console him. This was not the only reason he had accused his mother of being a witch. She had initially protested his marriage, arguing that his wife was too old for him and must be abandoned. His wife then insulted his mother, a crime the mother refused to forgive.

Prophet Joshua resolved the matter by stating that while the mother was involved in fetish practices, she was not a witch. He said that perhaps the Gospel had not been preached to her with power but believed that God would reveal Himself to her as the God that rescues and delivers. He then prayed with the family for reconciliation and peace, in Jesus’ name.


A video was replayed showing Prophet Joshua prophesying to a lady, asking where her husband was. He had told the husband that what he originally saw in the woman had faded because there was a man between them destroying their marriage. Mrs Portia Eneanya said she decided to come to The SCOAN because of her troubled marriage. She had experienced a spiritual husband from her youth after her grandfather had initiated her through native doctors. She said she had dreamt often of entering the water and turning into a crocodile and stated that she had no affection for her husband. She said she could not kiss him and that her spirit always controlled him on what to do. After her deliverance, the spiritual husband and spirit of crocodile left her and for the first time ever, she hugged her kids and kissed her husband. She said she had previously seen them as “things”. Prophet T.B. Joshua asked her what happened to her when the Wise Man touched her and she said she felt something like an electric shock and that she didn’t know where she was at that time. She said all she saw was darkness and then a ray of light. Now, she is grateful to be free.


A video was replayed showing a woman through whom a spirit spoke, saying it was the queen of the coast. It said it had committed many atrocities through the woman, that she flew at night and had tormented her husband until he sent her out of the house.

Mrs Chidiebere Okafor, from Enugu, Nigeria, was in church with members of her family. She said she used to see herself as a queen in her dreams and occasionally in a river. She had visited many places in search of solution without success and had decided to come to The SCOAN.  She said that she did not experience peace in her marital home, that with her evil powers she had cursed her sister-in-law and the latter’s marriage to her husband in the USA had crashed. Mrs Okafor became increasingly aggressive towards everyone and had once beaten her mother-in-law almost to the point of death before seizing her feet and dragging her along the floor. Pastors asked to deliver her in the past had to run away after finding themselves unable to do so. While trying to escape from her house when pursuers came for retribution, she suffered a dislocated ankle and a jagged wound on her foot as she jumped over the barbed wire fence.


Prophet T.B. Joshua declared that he would meet with the family members now that Mrs Chidiebere was delivered, to discuss their future peace.

The SCOAN Live Sunday Service ended with a million thanks to Jesus Christ, our Mediator, our Saviour, our Restorer, our Repairer, our Hope – the anchor of our souls. As we continue to celebrate His birth this season, let us emulate Christ in our actions, thoughts and utterances. Let us act love, do love and let love lead – for Love was born at Christmas!

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    1Corinthians 15:58
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  65. Thanks man god for wundrs u a dng, im askng u to bless me and my sisters thrught this diffcult time of our lifes, be with us and gauid us we lost our fathr en mothr. The funeral arrnmg for my mothr is jst up side down. Al i put in u. Now, how can one get the anitong water end the strickers? Plez man of god

  66. Thanks man god for wundrs u a dng, im askng u to bless me and my sisters thrught this diffcult time of our lifes, be with us and gauid us we lost our fathr en mothr. The funeral arrnmg for my mothr is jst up side down. Al i put in u. Now

  67. Greetings in the Name of Jesus I wish Prophet T.B Joshua and the Five Wise Men a Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2013. 2013 I hope to be there at Scoan to worship God with you. See you and God Bless

  68. I thank Jesus christ who came to the world to free those in captive . I always wish Jesus would work miracles upon me so that oneday i would find myself in Nigeria testfying how wonderful Jesus is .

  69. immanuel,i would like to thank man of god and 5 wise men may the lord award them 1000000000 years on earth.i wish to step my foot in scoan . i know my family curse wil be broken in jesus name.AMEN. thank you jesus . AMEN.

  70. Amen, i let LOVE lead coz love was born at Christmas and therefore Love was born in me coz i have Christ Jesus inside of me. Glory to God in the highest for such wonderful testimonies and great word from the throne of Grace. Thank you my Prophet T.B Joshua for allowing yourself to be used of God to reach out to many with your love, restoring, delivering and reconciling many families. I love you sir with your family.

  71. I thank God that i was watching this live Sunday service and participated in the mass prayer with my baby girl who was not that fine but i believed God for the miracle and as aim writing now she is fine and playing before she was just crying . as the week the prophet has been talking about faith which is that we should believe before seeing and that we should have the word of God be the integral part of us. i pray that whatever things i prayed for on this Sunday was answered and i believe God for a divine miracle in my life. i give glory to God in Jesus Name amen

  72. Emmanuel, am proud to associate with SCOAN and EMMANUEL TV!There is joy in me when i listen to Prophet TB Joshua and the wisemen minister the word of God.Thank u for teaching us what Love is all about.Let love lead.

  73. Indeed God is love and he cares so much about us ,absolutely nothing is imposible with Him only if we believe. God bless SCOAN ministry for being a channel of blessings unto many.

  74. To God be the glory. In d book of genesis God used Noah n Abraham. In exodus he used Moses. In d book of joshua God used Joshua. In judges He used Othniel,Ehud,Shamga,Gideon n others. In d book samuel God used Samuel n Nathan. In kings God used Elijah,Elisha n others. God also used Ezra,Isaiah,Jeremiah n so on before He sent his only begothen Son Emmanuel. The bible says all things were made through n without him nothing came to be. Whatever has come to be found life in him,life which for humans was also light. Light that shines in dark. Light which darkness could not overcome. God went on using peter,paul n others to liberate people from darkness through this light. But in our time God is using d snr prophet TB Joshua n d wise men to restore hope,life,breakthough n salvation to d people of d whole world through the light. Thank you JESUS.

  75. Man of God i need deliverance & my family too.we need to come to scoan realy but at present we don’t have money may you deliver my husbund from the spirit of poverty i belive distance is not a barrier please help us in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  76. Man of God senior prophet TB Joshua,my name is Amon Chanda from Zambia.plz man of God pray for me i have staborn habits which leads me to do things i only realize is bad after wards.
    Let God give me the grace to travel to SCOAN to me you and have a heavenly touch of deliverance in Jesus name.

  77. To God be the Glory. Trully Love was born on Chrismas. I am convinced that Jesus is God, the Creator and Controller of the universe Who has given to man the pover to have dominion over all things. He alone must we worship. Praise the Lord. Haleluya. Emmanuel.
    All we need is to have faith in God and everything shall fall in place in our lives and Salvation shall be ours in Jesus’ Name.
    Happy New Year Children of God. Emmanuel. Amen.

  78. Dear TB Joshua Tv. I ‘m writing from South Sudan City of Juba, as ‘ it goes” Distance is not a barrier”!!! I’m (with my family Decon Mama Rebecca) are a full TB Joshua TV attendents in our house And indeed we are very very Thankfull that Distance is NOT a BARRIER I was deabedic, but with the encourging words from TV Joshus the Deabetic is becomes as past events in me like the wound which left scare on the skin. Praise the Lord and he is alive indeed. The 2nd thing I need to share with TB Joshua team and the world wide, is that with the encourgement of his words we can fill the the Progress in our Family. (This year 2012 had proved our faith renewal as we are able to have Two of our childred Graduated from Universities, One Lawyer and one Vetenary Dr.) with all the difficulties the new Country South Sudan is facing we are able to have our financial break through that today we receive a Second Hand Nissan X – Trail five doors , which is a great respond to our prayers etc…. Thank God and the TB Joshua Wise men and all those who have believes that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IN GOD… Continues to pray for us and all who have the same believes and the rest to believes in Christ Jesus who died for us on the cross! Finally may you scanned to me the Sticker. Thanks Sapana

    Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 00:19:41 +0000 To:

  79. Beautiful Lord Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace. Thank you so much for your abundant grace mercy and favor. Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We should do the works of faith now, because without faith we cannot please GOD.

  80. Beautiful Lord Jesus Christ Prince of Peace, thank you so much for your abundantly grace, mercy and favor. Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is heaven. We should do the works of faith now, because without faith we cannot please GOD

  81. Father of all nation,please dont` forget me i need your touch please my saviour save me,release me, deliver me and restore my soul today in Jesus Name amen.

  82. God i thank you for your mercy upon my life. thank you Lord for knowing me and for all the wonderful things. Lord remember me in the coming year 2013 and open the door of marriage in my life. Pleas Lord do not look upon my sins but upon the love you have for me. i commit my life and my family into your holy hands in Jesus mighty name Amen

    • Special thank 2 almigthy God 4 sending his only begoting son. I also thank dear Jesus Christ 4 acepting d pains and disgusting disgrace recieved here on eargth. Thank senior prof TB Joshua 4 given himself 2 christ 2 use and save sons and daugters of Jesus Christ here on eargth.

  83. thank you so much man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua and all the wisemen for work that you are doing. Indeed T.B. Joshua has been called by God we so luck to have you and thank for the anointing water and anointing sticker. Indeed I am protected and having breakthroughs through using them. May the Good Lord continue blessing you and increasing more years. Merry christmas to you all scoan members you are blessed to have man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua near you. I am coming there next year 2013.

  84. The God we save is great.Thank you Prophet T.B.joshua,wisemen,Emmanuel tv partners/crew & all the church members your preaching alwalys lift up my faith in the lord.

  85. I thank God for the world gift who’s name is our saviour , redemer deliverer , healer lovely God, our messia, almighty God , king of kings, lord of lords our provider,He is every thing for us this name is powerful : JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH

  86. God is great, i love the synagogue church of all nations, God is still saying something, glory glory glory to Jesus. thank you dear Papa TB Joshua, may you live long in Jesus name.

  87. Thank you LORD JESUS CHRIST !!! You are gloriffing your name througth the life of PROPHE TB JOSHUA &WISE MEN in the SCOAN! MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEWYEARS’

  88. I Love SCOAN.This ministry has changed lives of millions including myself(Eluby Kamwela) Jesus is the same yesterday,today and forever. Jesus is the reason for the season.

    • thank you prophet T B Joshua for the faith lifting messages.
      i must say that i have been released from evil bondage and i am now in the light of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
      God has indeed seen me , and heard my cry, and He has raised me up to a greater level ,its so amazing and too good to be true.
      But then again thats how God works ,in misterious ways that man can not understand, its beyond measure. After toilling all night without a catch, now my net is at break point. praise the Lord,now and forever. Amen
      wishing you all a blessed new year.

  89. I have never seen anywhere there are such reconciliations laws of nations no longer keep people and family together but Our Lord is still doing it at SCOAN may His Holy Name be Honored Glorified and Praised, Prophet Joshua you are bigger than what people say, when i watch you read you i know this wisdom is not from you i thank God for choosing you, because you are just the right person with the right heart may you live long so that the Lord will continually
    use you for His Glory.

  90. Thank you Jesus for your healing and deliverance through the SCOAN. I await my own healing and deliverance and givemy testimony one day. May our good Lord keep blessing the Snr Prophet T B Joshua and his team.

  91. Thank you Jesus for the revelational teaching. Amen, as I am growing spiritually. Halleluia to the wise words and testmonies.

  92. Man of god pls prey for me I’m at the college doing diploma for two years but when I’m in class I become confused when tutors lactur its like my first day at school. Pls prey for me to can under stand what I’m reading about. Lord jesus have mercy on me when u multiply for others multiply for me interligency and heal me of this diabetic disease.
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  93. Everlasting and faithful Father, kindly use your son Prophet TB Joshua to set me free from my divorce case come 17th of January 2013 in Jesus’ name amen

    • I give thanks to God in the name of Jesus Christ for the life of Prophet TB Joshua. Since I started watching Emmanuel TV, my heart tells me that the church I am attending now could be worshing god from Illuminati, we wear a star symbol on side of our chest or a cap with a star symbol. If my church worship God, my problem is I have never seen any deliverance for the past seven years as a member. Our pastors commit all sorts of fornication, yet is one of the biggest churches in South Africa.

      I have since 28/01/2013 decided to pack the church’s uniform in a bag and concentrate on watching and praying with Prophet TB Joshua.

    • praise the Lord. thank you man of God prophet T B Joshua for the WORD ,i am encouraged. Help me to grow in faith. i am facing a lot of opposition and set back in my life,i need your help man of God. please man of God prophecy to me ,give me hope to live in Jesus name. amen.

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