The Sunday Service kicked off with a sermon by the Wise Man who spoke on “Why Jesus Christ Came”.

He said that man was created in the image of God; he is a stakeholder in His master plan. God created man to resemble Him in everything He stands for and be like Him in all respects. This is because He wanted His energy to be poured out through man and He wanted His wisdom to be demonstrated in man; to feel and see what He feels and sees.

Referring to Luke 19:10, the Wise Man said Jesus Christ came to restore the relationship between God and man because there is no reality outside of Him (John 14:6) and no one can reach God except through Him. While paying the price of the situation, Christ was sent to re-establish the wholeness and completeness of the relationship. Quoting Isaiah 9:6, he said Jesus is God’s Son whose birth had been prophesied by Isaiah and that He symbolizes three major developments: 1. He is a glorious light to dispel darkness in our life. 2. A glorious increase and complete joy and 3. A glorious liberty and enlargement with good reason. Through Him, all flesh shall see the salvation of God.

The Wise Man said that Christmas is a time to give, show love, and it is a period for sober reflection. The Gospel is meant to dispel the yoke of sin, and the right knowledge of God settles peace. He added that we need to forgive because we also need to be forgiven. Forgiveness means that God looks at us as if we have never sinned. Referring to Matthew 5:44, he said we should love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. Christianity, he added, is not a religion but relationship. God loves strangers, widows, orphans and the needy. Love was born at Christmas. Love is patient, good and humble and we should be known by our love; we should act love, follow in the light of love and let love lead, he concluded.

At the prayer line, people received their healing and deliverance. Following was a period of testimonies:



The Delta State born Nigerian had faced diverse challenges. He had experienced terrible nightmares such as seeing dead people while driving in his dreams. In the midst of his trouble, he was encouraged by watching Emmanuel TV. He was privileged to receive a bottle of the Anointing Water from a friend. Then, he prayed and ministered it every day before going out. During a trip to Sapele, Delta State, as he was driving along the road, he heard gunshots from the bush. He felt the impact of the bullets that kept hitting his vehicle which made his vehicle run off the road. He showed the photographs of the bullet holes in his vehicle to the congregation. He discovered that the bullets only hit the outside of the vehicle and he was not wounded.

His second testimony was that he wanted to buy a truck which cost in the range of 8 million naira, but did not have that much money. His friend, whom he had not seen for the past 18 years, called him and in their discussion had informed him that he had a truck that he wanted to sell for 2.4 million naira. He bought the truck from his friend in the amount of 2.4 million naira. He advised people to have faith in God, and that people should remember to give out the Anointing Water to assist others.




A couple from Ghana had come to The SCOAN in 2011 while struggling to have a child of their own. They had visited diverse hospitals and taken drugs which did not work. The wife was even asked to undergo an operation. They were mocked by people for being barren but they had hope as they kept watching Emmanuel TV. Privileged to have the Anointing Water, they had prayed and sprayed it and she later became pregnant. Her photograph was shown in church when she was 5 months pregnant. Her child was named Emmanuela. The couple advised that people should keep being focused on God because whatever He says about one’s life shall come to pass.




The 59 year old South African was jobless for almost 10 years and was terribly depressed and hopeless. The certified nurse with vast experience had asked severally, “Why me?” She had decided to come to The SCOAN where she received a bottle of the Anointing Water. She used it prayerfully, and to the glory of God, secured a permanent job with a good salary. She was full of gratitude to God for His assistance. She advised that people should believe in Jesus Christ who is the Giver of every good thing.




A farmer from Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria had suffered business losses and hopelessness due to rotten yams and poor crop yield on his farm for 6 years. He rushed to The SCOAN in seek of a solution and got hold of the Anointing Water which he prayerfully sprayed in Jesus’ name on his yam seedlings. After harvesting his most recent crop, the yams were significantly larger than before and not one of the yams spoiled; all came out well. Having a bountiful 256 lines of yam, he is now a man of means, for which he remains grateful to God. He advised that people should depend on God alone in all issues of life.



This young Ghanaian, a teacher by profession had Hepatitis and his doctors had confirmed that the type of Hepatitis B he had was the most dangerous, as it was highly contagious. He was told not to allow people to eat part of his food or wear his clothes; he suffered alienation because of this problem. He was therefore instructed not to move close to people because if he touched them, they would be at risk of getting the sickness. He had to be careful not to let his body fluids come in contact with other people. The problem made him to feel isolated because he could not move freely with his family or in his working place. He also could not eat spicy food. His parents were concerned because his liver had expanded to larger than normal and it always made him tired. His father who was always watching Emmanuel TV, had advised him to come to The SCOAN. He agreed and upon arriving at the church, he was privileged to receive the Anointing Water which changed the history of his life forever. Today, the Hepatitis B is completely gone and he can eat spicy food. He held in his hands the medical reports stating his condition before and after his healing. These medical reports are clear proof that he no longer has Hepatitis B. He called the Anointing Water the “atomic bomb to evil spirits”. He advised that since no condition is permanent and there is nothing God cannot do, people should acquire the Anointing Water because there is the power of God in it.




The 34 year old Zimbabwean, living in South Africa had suffered from severe addiction to alcohol. He had also come from a family of demons and idols. In his family home and community, people used to brew native beer which was widely consumed. He became addicted and often drank into a stupor. His mother once told him that she breastfed him for only a few months and that the grandmother later weaned him on the local beer. As he grew up, he became an alcoholic and drank an average of 96 bottles of beer a day. He was popular for this notoriety as he suffered the addiction for 33 years of his life. He lost two marriages and would drive recklessly after drinking at the speed of 200km per hour. He could even go for three days without food. A woman had introduced him to Emmanuel TV and he saw a lot of people being delivered from serious addictions like his. A woman friend gave him a bottle of the Anointing Water which he used prayerfully. It had been over one year that he stopped drinking. He said he used to think beer was sweet but now, he hates it. After seeing what God has done in his life, 10 of his friends also stopped drinking. Today, he is happily married and has a good business. He advised that whatever one may have done, Jesus will accept one back, and people must learn to trust in God on every issue of life. He also apologized to all those he had demonstrated violence to in the past when he was drunk.




The Kogi State born Nigerian said she was once sleeping when she was attacked in her dream, she was shot! Since then, she had high blood pressure and chest pain. She also had a swollen face and legs and was always feeling dizzy. All the drugs prescribed for her by doctors failed to be effective. She also had a large heart. She watched Emmanuel TV and saw the experiences of many who were delivered. When she came to The SCOAN, she was arranged on the prayer line. She also ministered the Anointing Water, and today, she is free from high blood pressure and her heart is now normal. She showed her medical report from India confirming that she no longer has the high blood pressure or the chest pain. She said that though the bottle of Anointing Water may be small, it contains mighty power and people should have it in their homes.



She explained that she had been bedwetting since she was 10 years old which caused a lot of stress for her parents. Even in secondary school, the problem continued, and the embarrassment prevented her from visiting people. When she married, the problem persisted and her husband found it repulsive and distressing. She even used her children to hide her bedwetting blaming them for the wet bed. Due to the problem, she became scared of sleeping at night. When she told her friends that she bedwet, one of them advised her to visit The SCOAN. When she came to The SCOAN, she was privileged to receive the Anointing Water. She then prayed and ministered it, believing that Christ would put an end to her trouble. Since September 2011, she has not been bedwetting. She advised people that should they have any kind of problem, they should run to Jesus and they will find solutions to their dilemmas.


    mr &mrs BOATENG

    Mr &Mrs Boateng

The couple from Ghana had suffered barrenness for four years; the wife had particularly experienced painful bleeding and irregular menstruation for 12 years. She would use 5-6 packs of pads a day. At the prayer line, she was being prayed for by Wise Man Daniel and was delivered. In a dream, she went to the office of Prophet T.B. Joshua who told her that her problem was over. She also used to see Wise Man Daniel in her dreams who re-assured her whenever she had any problems. She would watch Emmanuel TV in which troubled souls were delivered and she felt her case should not be an exception. She was told by medical doctors that she could never have a child. It was after coming to The SCOAN that something came out of her after prayer. The week she experienced labour, she went to the hospital but because of her belief in the God of T.B. Joshua, she refused to be operated on. She is today, very free, in Jesus’ name. In her advice, she said people should trust in God and He who did it for them will do it for every person. Their child is named Samuelle.

Following the testimonies was the laying of hands on the overflowing crowd by the wise men and also mass prayer.


The service was marked with excitement and festivity. The massive crowd that attended was unprecedented in the history of the church including visitors from the four corners of the globe; it was really a scene to behold.

Everyone was in high spirits to “catch the fire”, and they danced to the rhythm of the songs by the church choir. No seat in the church or overflow congregation was empty and even the street that stretches from the main entrance of the church premises to the extreme end was filled to capacity. Nobody wore somber looks and it was a joyous occasion which enlivened the souls of all that took part.

The service featured a popular Nigerian musician, Tee Mac, whose solo performance was applauded. The SCOAN drama presented a prophetic message from Prophet T.B. Joshua for the year, 2013 called An Appeal To The Leaders.

Four Anointing Water testimonies were given. They include that of Honorable Ken who was delivered from the hands of kidnappers, Chika Okpala (a popular Nigerian actor/comedian) whose brother’s wife was saved from the hands of kidnappers, Dr Joseph Ayodele who was healed of mental disorder and Mr Thomas Batt from the USA but living in Germany who was healed inability to walk due to partial paralysis and a herniated disc.CHIKA OKPALA



Prophet T.B. Joshua received wide applause when he entered the auditorium. He thanked the wise men who ministered prayer and deliverance. He also thanked the congregation for their prayers, particularly when he was on the mountain to commune with the Holy Spirit. He had gone there with the new Anointing Stickers and prayed over them. He assured that what is written on the stickers shall be fulfilled, in Jesus’ name. The new Anointing Stickers were distributed to the congregation by Prophet T.B. Joshua and the wise men.

Prior to ringing in the new year, candles were distributed to the congregation and Prophet T.B. Joshua using his own candle, lit the candles that were stationed in and outside the church. The congregation proceeded to light their candles from the ones lit by the prophet himself. During the mass prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua declared the year 2013 to be the year of a new dream, a new prosperity, a new fulfillment and a new breakthrough. At the closing of the service, the grace was given for all the congregation to climb the altar and pray for the coming year.

Happy New Year 2013!

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    I am next on-line for Mother of Testimonies in Jesus Name. Amen. Thank You Lord Jesus for your precious Blood that saved, healed and blessed in Jesus Name. Amen.

    • Dear Lord Jesus Christ. I praise you, I adore you and worship you. Man of God, I do not what to say. Let me say God bless you abundantly. In Jesus name Amen.

    • Dear Lord Jesus Christ. I praise you, I adore you and worship you. Man of God, I do not have what to say. Let me say Thank you and God bless you abundantly. In Jesus name Amen.

  65. What a love that the lord has for us even on thecross of the calvary ;he open his hands to embrace us.Let every one of us live in this love so that we may have eternal life as our man of God prophet T B JOSHUA said LET LOVE LEAD.

  66. may the name of our lord be praised.jesus as you walk round performing miracl, let there be also miracle in my life in jesus name,amen!

  67. Pleasee man of God pray for me I need a job. I am a graduate but am not working. My mother also is not working. My dad is an alcoholic and he have too much credits, he is a teacher by profession but he is not enjoying his money. Please Prophet TB Joshua deliever us. Prosperity , breakthrough, deliverance in my life in Jesus name

  68. Please man of God help me and my family. I am addicted to smoking cigarretes and have recently lost my job. My wife has problems in walking due loss of fluid in her left leg hip joint and this threatens her teaching job as she is unable to stand for long.She is having problems in hearing as well. My first born son currently in South Africa is also alcoholic and has developed hearing problem as well.

  69. We are all a solution, indeed all that God created is a part. Life and meaningful songs all go a long way to inspire thing relationship that the prophet is teaching and instilling in us.
    Man of God, im 40yrs old and the last of a family of 7. My health in the past few years has been on and off, my blood pressure keeps rising to abnormal levels. Please pray for me man of God.

  70. God bless the wisemen in the SCOAN and their entire family for the great work God is using them to do.Because eventhough l do not have money to pay my way to Lagos now. My deliverance is on way,for breakthrough .In marriage,life,business and in health .In Jesus Name.

  71. i am happy all these testimonies of other that have added to my faith and belidve in christ. But then i too need to be delivered from the spiritual and its terribld physical and spiritual effects.GOD BLESS YOU MAN OF GOD FOR PRAYING FOR ME

  72. My daddy in Lord ad need ur deliverance seriously, i do have bad dreams every nite,eatin in d dream havein sex, swemming, dancin, writein Exams, ad am a lady of 34 yrs witout husband no man do come to for marriage, oh , my daddy tb joshua i need ur prayer for to be deliver, i knw God wil use u to deliver me. Even in my dreams to nite i need ur deliverance. Daddy come to my rescue.

  73. i love GOD so march in my life i have a problem i need anointing water i dnt no how can i find it and am a member of partner ship i dont no where can i pay my pledge here in BOTSWANA please direct in the right Bank or westen union please please i want to be full member by showing by paying my plerdge i belive my life will change for ever i will be happy if you can tell me where to pay i need a stiker onointing water pinnie pifelo mthlo adress p/bag 003 selibe phikwe magistrate court i was working as cleaner for 14 years no promotion i need those stikers for breking the powers of devil in my life

  74. We thank GOD for giving us a Prophet and the whole set up of SCOAN of its kind because my worry before i came across the the Emmanuel channel was GOD have you abandon us to the devil? but thank him he gave me an answer to my worry because he says he answers all those who call and trust in him. Once again thank GOD for giving humanity another chance.

  75. We thank GOD for giving of a Prophet and the whole set up of SCOAN of it kind because my worry before i came across this Channel was GOD have you abandon us to the devil? but thank him he gave me an answer to my worry because he says he answers all those who call and trust in hope. Once again thank GOD for giving humanity another chance.

  76. I wish to use this opportunity to thank the Almighty God for my Jamb exam.I believe in God’s power.Nd i also believe that with Him,i can score above average. I really need a Miracle from God in my jamb result.I believe that the God of Prophet T.B Joshua will do it for me in Jesus name,Amen..Man of God please i need your prayers..

  77. Lord Jesus, please help me : I am a sinner who is asking for forgiveness from You Father. Help me to get back on my feet and help me not to make the same mistakes again. Please bless my marriage and let love lead in my family. Jesus Christ my merciful Saviour I know today is my day; I will receive my healing, deliverance, redemption and salvation from You Lord. There is nothing impossible with You Father, the Creator of the Earth and the Universe. I pray for peaceful sleep without demonic and evil spirits visits. Please teach me how to pray my Lord. Prohet TB Joshua taught me to pray : ” O Lord Jesus, thank You for who I am. I want to say thank You Lord for everything, and for who You are. I could have died a long time ago but You saved me; amzing grace. I confess O Lord that I am a sinner. I call upon Your Holy name Jesus Christ; forgive me all my sins. I believe You died inplace and resurrected from the dead according to the Scripture. I receive You Lord with my heart. Thank You for my salvation, Amen.” I repeat this prayer every time seeking God’ s intervention in my life’s challenges and I am cofident God , the Almighty will hear my prayers, Amen.

  78. Our Lord Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. The miracles which done in the days of Jesus are happening in Africa. I always thank God for the life of our dear papa in the Lord, Prophet T. B. Joshua for bringing life to dead lives. God richly bless you.

  79. I will be very happy if u send me the Anointing water coz i know that even if i dont visit the scoan with anointing water everything is possible,it has the touch of the lord

  80. who says God does not love Africa.He provides us not material things but spiritual nourishment through his servants like Prophet TB JOSHUA.Thank you God send us more like him

  81. Blessed are those who want to know more about our heavenly father and for those who want to go to heaven for their request will be granted There are man people today who are hungry to know more about our heavenly father and who want to go to heaven. If you want to know more about him love him and and love others do what he wants you to do. Read your Bible with devotion and pray everyday in spirit and in truth so that you grow. It is so exciting to walk in his ways, to be like him everyday of your life. Also believe and trust him everyday of your life. Mathew 5:6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled.

  82. Pls man of God, I’m suffering high blood pressure at age 31. I know it spiritual attack. Pls pray for me. Afua frimpong

  83. That was realy the touch from above, God bles the man of God and the wise men may they continue to be used by God in us.

  84. i REALLY THANK EMMANUAL tv. pROPHET tb jOSHUA AND wISE MAN, pEOPLE OF gOD YOU BROUGHT HOPE, STRENGTH AND FEAR AND DOBT WAS REMOVED. My spirit has grown and I have put all my faith to God the almight.
    Man of God I wish I can have the annointing water to minister it in my family. I have relatives who are possessed and one is does not want to put on cloths a very grwon up man. Please help me what can I do. The youn man who is possessed is around 20 years he does not eat in plate he puts food on the floor and it it there. He is seriously possessed from birth.

  85. man of God pray for me so that i can be free from the bondages of satan free me from mishaps and misfortune.i pray that i be blessed in every aspect of my life.praise be to the Lord

  86. Lord Jesus,please create in me a pure heart .i put my husband,children and i into your care.May we be in your mercy and protection.And let your blessings reach unto us always .amen.

  87. Emmanuel,thank God for using prophet TB Joshua for blessing the world and I can’t wait to receive my own breakthrough in Jesus Name.

  88. I need help my friend and I lost money about kr47000 zambian currency when we were trying to buy a car some one stole it.please man of God help us recover it.please notify me on my email with the solution.

  89. Thank you Jesus for your miracles in the life of my brethrens. I know mine is on the way. Prophet TB Joshua thanks for your prayers to us and the whole world. May the lord bless you and your family AMEN

  90. If He has healed others from Hepatitis B and all other diseases, mention them by their name each, He is going to make me remain HIV negative and no more beer or any alcohol in Jesus Mighty name.
    May God bless you man of God Prophet T.B Joshua, all the wise men and the entire family of the Emmanuel TV.
    My trust and believe to you as a true prophet of God has grown deeper to an extent that I have bought an iPAD so that I can have Emmanuel TV live on line whenever and whatever I need to watch.
    Long live dad and may God take you a step ahead day to day second to second.

  91. Psalms 85:11 Man’s loyality will reach up from the earth and GOD’S righteousness will look down from heaven. (All the people are required to be born again, converted and loyal to Master Jesus so that we have peace, joy, and many other blessings. If we have peace and love of GOD and love of one onother this world will develop in terms of economy. Many hidden knowledge will be discovered and the land will produce rich harvest. Also GOD’S righteousness will look down from heaven. You will feel the love and presence of GOD everywhere).

  92. May God almighty Continue to bless prophet TB joshua and his ministry and i also want to say a big thank to the wise men for being there for us. may God also continue to Uplift them. Emmanuel! Man of God pls pray for me and my wife, we hav been looking on to God for d fruit of d womb since 12years. pls pray for us becos i know and i believe dat since I’ve connected with prophet TB joshua through Emmanuel TV! Dis year is our year in jesus name!! AMEN.

  93. God is really at work in SCOAN, I know my stagnation, lack and want, joblessness, delay in marriage, poverty will not be left out. I know God of Prophet T.B Joshua will deliever me one day just the way he delievered those people that shared testimonies. In Jesus Name Amen

  94. pls man of God pray for me i want to get married and i wrote my final qualifying exams to pass my pappers.and also deliverance of my broder from angony character

  95. Lord Jesus Christ your love is so amazing. You died for us so that our sins are forgiven. Thank you Lord for loving us you are always there for us and you are our mediator.

  96. When God heals or does something to His son is because He sees the reason to and surely He is gonna heal me from whatever the evils’ spirit which is either following or planning to from now on,in Jesus name.

  97. thank u Lord for a bright 2013. i knwo through His mighty power im going to make it this year. i claim that this is my year, amen. last year in december i prayed along with Prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel tv asking all which is of unGodly that i ate to be out and while praying i started vomiting all the poisonous things that i ate, so, praise the Lord and in His Name i will always pray.

    • You know I was out of net so I was out of connection but now I am now lets praise the Lord together through man of God T.B. Joshua.


  98. I greet you my dear father Prophet TB Joshua in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. I am happy to have this time of sending some few words to you. I want to thank our Lord to have chosen you and your wisemen to serve god and be gifted to bless us through the countries. I am always watching emmanuel tv and it has made me grow spiritually. I would like to share my dream where I saw you praying for me with two of your wisemen. In this dream you were delivering me by trying to remove something from my hands and after removing the chains from this dream I said I am delivered in the name of jesus. But from the reveleation this dream showed me that there were chains in my hands which showed that I cannot progress in my life. I thank you Prophet for your deliverance with your wisemen. But I am still asking you to pray for me. I have the spirit of delay in my finances, business, rentals and payments from people who buy perfurmes from me. I am troubled because even my pension payments from south africa since January I have not received them. Also the man who is renting my house has arrears and he is always running away with the rentals. Since October last year he owes 2 rents and this year also he has not been paying for 2 months. Please pray for this man’s deliverance and also the Tresury Department people who allows devil to hold my payments. But I have been praying and spreading my anointing through my body to deliver me. By the grace of the lord I sent a testimony of a plot which has long been undeveloped for over 14 years. As I am sending this message a certain company has started fencing it. The lease effect 1st March 2013. But the spirit of delay is still there. My father I know that distance is not a barrier. As I am sending this I feel your anointing around my body and chair and by the blood of Jesus the gates are opening now for No delay anymore. I receive your anointing and blessings. I am sure in the next months I will be coming for a testimony. Man of god pray with me so that I come again to SCOAN. I was there on christmas and new year and received all the messages of new change in my life. Blessed is the hand that give and I am sending my best wishes to the partners of emmanuel tv to continue with their work. I am going to join them very soon. May u all be blessed. I am Topele Florence Ntwana from Botswana Africa. I am a widow of 59 years of age. My retirement is on the corner. I am still capable of working on partime.

  99. Man of God please pray for me in Jesus name, my marriage is not setled, and my business, everything is down. Thank you man of God, in Jesus name

  100. I thank you Lord Jesus for this new year in my life I pray for God healing in my life no matter the condition i found myself i Know God has a purpose for it because I believe my God lives the God of T.B Joshua I know am set free from demonic spirit of gayism and sickness Amen

    The tv programme is helping me a lot in building my Faith.Please keep up the good work It helps people like us.Praise God.

  102. As the Prophet TB Joshua said…. GOD’S TIME IS BEST i am waiting patiently for the Lord to bless me Spiritually and physically (health) and material blessing, my brethens may the Almighty God bless u all in Jesus Christ name AMEN

  103. Man of God, deliver my family (from my mother’s side, father’s side and even my in-laws’ side from limitations in progress, jobless, drunkenness, disappointments as well as rejection

  104. i thank God for the life of my grand ma ipray God give her long life tosee my child coz she has been sick for over 30year befor i was born & my family need abreakthrough in jesus christ name amen..

  105. l thank the Lord the God of Prophet TB Joshua for the life of my family, l ask for his favour for safe delivery when my time is due.

  106. Pray for me to find job and my husband to get business idea and contract.is possible for us to get anointing water and stickers pls.

  107. Man of God,please pray for me.im aking for a better job to support my family..Please man of God.thank you in jesus name

  108. With God all things are possible,distance is not a barrier.GREET YOU IN THE NAME OF MY LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST,i leave in Swaziland,southern Africa,i’m a viewer of Emmanuet tv,we have been married for 10 years,my wife use to have miscariage on the 7 month,thi s has happen 4 times now,what we ask from you Prophet is Anoiting water for deliverance and fruit of the woumb.better is not good enough,the best is yet to come

  109. please advise how can i visit  prophet T B JOSHUA AE THE SYNAGOGUE OF ALL NATION


  110. God is faithful, i really love what God is doing in synagogue. I love TB Joshua and the wise men and all the members of scoan and Emmanuel TV partners. May God continue to replenish and enrich u all spiritually and physically in Jesus name. Amen

  111. worth a wonderfully opportunity God has given to us, first, to make us alive among the living,secondly given us a prophet with grace to uncover the deep things of this world.
    may the grace of our heavenly Father, continue to rest upon you our father in the Lord(prophet TB Joshua),and Your Children the wise men, even as I believe He(God) will use you to touch my Life Amen.

  112. Romans 8:28
    And we know that in all things GOD works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (All the things which Almighty GOD did for us, are for the good of us because they protect us from satan and his angels. You must love Almighty GOD all the time, because he loves you and he created you for his purpose.)

  113. I am greatful for all God is doing in my life through Emmanuel TV. After four miscaourages I thank God that my son is three years. The enemy has turned his attention on my marriage, I really need direction and leadership as things are falling apart. I really need God’s intervention!

  114. I know JESUS did this in his own time this is simply a confirmation of thou term ‘I will send you a comforter’ and am indeed grateful to the LORD ALMIGHTY for giving me this priviledge to see the confirmation of thy prophecy

  115. Man of God I want u 2 pray 4 me I need breakthro in my health,marita connection and job pls man of God I know that God who is using u to do 4 mani wil stil use u to do my own in Jesus Amen.thank u sir.

  116. Indeed this is a wonderful message!!!! May God bless you Servant of God.
    Please provide with me the annointing water. I am a girl from and lives in Tanzania. If there is a way you can send that water to me please do it and I will be gratefull. I can be easly reached through my email address which is marykanute@gmail.com.

    Thank you so much and be blessed for your wonderful and miracleous work of God you are always doing.

  117. Man of God it my greatest desire this year that I reflect Jesus in my life. My thinking, my talking, my seeing, my movements, my prayers, my reading,my works and every condition and situation anywhere anytime my Lord Jesus to be seen in me.

  118. It is such a wonderful experience to be in contact with EmmanuelTV. I have learnt a lot of things which are things from the darkness that I didn`t know of before. I thank God for Prophet TB Joshua who teaches us how to maintain our relationship with God and also to express love in whatever we do. In every service there is a lesson to be learnt. Hence I can not afford to miss the live service on Saturday and Sunday. God Bless you.

  119. God is Good all the time. We are blessed to have Prophet T B Joshua with us these current turbulence times. Who would have uncovered ALL these demonic and spiritual attacks on our Lives, in our Nations and in the World?

    No wonder the vision of the Prophet, to Change Lives, Change Nations and Change the World will surely succeed in the mighty Name of Jesus. Emmanuel.

  120. Jesus is a helaer the problem were facing how to reach Nigeria and other thing most of human being we dont have faith what i believe God loves us all

  121. Lord Jesus, thank you for the salvation of our souls we are receiving through Prophet TB Joshua, Lord Jesus Bless your Servant even more for our sake.

  122. Man of God pray for me, I am a prostate cancer patient and I am being asked by my Doctor to see him at the Theater on 7th February 2013.

  123. Man of God pray for me, prostate cancer patient and I am asked by my doctor to meet him at the Operations Theater on 7th February 2013

    • Thank you Lord Jesus for saving me and my family from setbacks, disappointments, failures. I also thank you Father for using Man of God TB. Joshua for delivering the whole nations from demonic powers in Jesus Name! Amen.

  124. i have seen how God work through these medium of anointed sticker how can i get it i live in Botswana,Emmanuel TV followers help me,i know my life will never be the same again,if you can help please email me:punie_mobano@yahoo.com


  126. Emmanuel,God is realy with you people I emulate you so much,how I wish God would use me too.I love you so much you people and please don’t forget to be praying for us who are behind you.

  127. thank u for the site,man of god i received annointing water through someone,and i used for the school competition among 13 district in mozambique and my district won in number one,and i know that our prophet tb joshua is one choosen to preech the gospel.so the one who offered me annointing water didnt give me together wth that book,may u help me,

  128. i wish to see my self in scoan, i am in south africa.i cannot afford money to come to scoan ,i pray dat man of god and emmanuel tv team will do something to make my dream come true.i wll keep on watching emmanuel tv is changing many people s lives amen

  129. i wish to see my self in scoan, i am in south africa.i cannot afford money to come to scoan ,i pray dat man of god and emmanuel tv team will do something to make my dream come true.please i begu

  130. I thank my father for this day. He is the same yesterday today and forever, there is nothing He Has not giving me. i am blessed and not curse. i know my time of deliverance has come thank you Jesus, You are my healer and will also deliver me from the hand of the wicked one. in Jesus Name.

  131. My name is Andy and I also had a breakthrough in my academic career after woshiping at the SCOAN in Nigeria after eight years of stagnation. Its so awsome to experience the supernatural power of God at the SCOAN. Thank and Grace be to our LORD and Saviour Jesus CHRIST for his annointing on Senior Prophet T.B Joshua.

  132. Man of God I am in need of your prayers for my son who has been ex-matriculated from university. I believe the devil is at work. Please Pray for him and us. I know we will be delivered in Jesus Christ’s Holy and Mighty name. I do pray to get annointing water and sticker. Please God, hear my humble cry, Amen.

  133. Allelujah !!! God is Good all the time. Man of God may the lord almighty keep on blessing you sothat our new generations may live on your word. I hope this year all my dreams may come true though at prensent i do’nt have annoting water i know god will provide me with all what i need.In jesus ‘ name Amen.

  134. Emmanuel!!! People of God,am here conforming that have not being receiving any good news from distance is not a barrier. Please I need good news on how God is using our father prophet TB Joshua. God bless you. Mrs kachenjela marjorie koti
    Sent from my Blackberry® SmartPhone on MTN Zambia

  135. pls sir prophet T.B Jousha i nid your prayers, to delivered my mother inlaw to be. Shs has been sick for over eight months now. And she have gone to many hospitals for cure, but d doctors can not even trance,see or tel wat is wronge or tel wat d problem is. She has been on drugs since then til date. She cant even walk. pls man of god i kno n i belived in my heart dat wen u prayed for her she wil recived her healling n delivrance. Pls also pray for me healling n delivered me from terribles nightmaels. If god do all dis for me i wil come to scoan live to shear my testimonies for wat d good lord has done for me Thank u jesus.

  136. God Almighty Father you know my situation and I believe since you revealed yourself to her through the anointing water to change her situation. I don’t have any anointing water to pray with so that you can change my situation, but have faith and believe that you will change my situation through a touch from Heaven above as you have many ways of changing lives of those who are in need. I know I am blessed and was waiting the time and now this year 2013 is my year to receive all that satan has stolen from me. In Jesus Amen

  137. Thank you very much man of God Prophet TB Joshua for your work.i really appreciate that.i myself and my family love you and your wise men for ensuring that the Gospel of God is spread all over the world through Emmanuel TV. I’m able to pray for myself after i have listened to your teaching on how to pray.my life has changed a lot.God continue to bless you,your family,wisemen and all members of Scoan

  138. God Almighty Father you know my situation and I believe since you revealed yourself to her through the anointing water to change her situation. I don’t have any anointing water to pray with so that you can change my situation, but have faith and believe that you will change my situation through a touch from Heaven above as you have many ways of changing lives of those who are in need. I know I am blessed and was waiting the time and now this year 2013 is my year to receive all that satan has stolen from me. In Jesus

  139. emmanuel i really believe too that like that woman who was jobless several years,and after using anointing water the doors open,the same thing will apply to me. i believe that am blessed with good job.thank you jesus.

  140. Man of God I am a 37 years old lady who needs your help in prayers. I need a baby and tried so many times without luck. Am still single without permanent man in my life, I am working but I don’t feel any happiness because of being a barren. Can you please pray for me ask God to bless me with a child and the man that loves. Am begging my prophet from the bottom of my haert in the name of Jesus Christ who strengthens me. I am staying in South Africa. I went to different Doctors drinking different medication but nothing happened.

  141. Man of God I am a 37 years old lady who needs your help in prayers. I need a baby and tried so many times without luck. Am still single with permanent man in my life, I am working but I don’t feel any happiness because of being a barren. Can you please pray for ask God to bless me with a child and the man that loves. Am begging my prophet from the bottom of my haert in the name of Jesus Christ who strengthens me.

  142. I believe what the man of God is doing is through the power of God. It is amazing that other people do not believe him, anyway thats what happens others are like that because of the being in them we need to pray for such people.I for one usualy i wish i had visted this place and be assisted on my problems though iam not worried but i believe God will favour me and visit SCOAN in Jesus name.

  143. Emmanue, God is good all the time.be blessed the man of God and scoan team. i believe with the glory of God i am born again and all mi prayers are unswared. Amen

  144. Lord thank uas it happel in live of other pleace God of tb josuha give me breathrough that we kill poorverty in my life, it is happel thank u lord

  145. Emmanuel, let me than you in advance Man of God. i sent someone who was going to SCOAN in December 2012 to bring me a CD and was provided with the Sticker and the Anointing water. i am still using it and have faith that i will get a job. i also sent her with a prayer request that i am in need of a job and i know that 100% that one of the jobs i am applying for is mine. i prayed with you during the candle service and i know that i received the blessing for the new year and i am going to find my dream job.

    i put a picture of my dream car on the anointing sticker after watching and i am very happy that the following morning my husband told me he had a dream of us driving the same car and were in Lagos Nigeria. i was very happy that we already have the car. In Jesus Christ evrything is possible and i believe that it was not just a dream in God we have that vehicle. Amen. always keep me in your prayers Man of God

  146. Emmanuel Man of God thank you for the prayers you offer for us viewers. I so wish to get hold of annointing water and also the stckers.Everytime I watch testimonies of annointing water my faith become lifted and wish to get one for myself,I have been trying to find someone who can get annopointing water for my family.I am in South Africa

  147. Emmanuel! I want to testify the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ through the anointing water. My brother started smoking at the age of 17, he tried to stop on his own but to no avail. I sent someone who was going to the scoan to get me a CD and the man of God gave me the anointing water. I called my brother who had been smoking for 23years and we prayed and used it then he stopped smoking.

  148. Thank you Man of God for the word of prophesy,bless me with anionting water and stickers through someone of South Africa my whole family and friends need it for breakthrough

  149. How do I get hold on the annoiting sticker and annoiting water I have seen people being delivered through the medium of annointing water and the annoiting sticker

  150. Its a year of new dream indeed I watched the live service on the 1st of January man of God continue to pray for us my fream is for this year not to come to an end without being delivered

  151. I believe that this year will be a year of turn arround in every area of my life, be it health, job,finance, marriage. Man of God pray for me so that my heart desire should be met in Jesus name.

  152. am one of the many blessed people who had an opportunity to receive a miracle after administering anointing water i have had break through in many areas of my life i cant count,i can only thank God and his servants from scon.

  153. A wounderful message,i thank God for the life of wise man chi,he is really an annointed servant of God.God used him to deliver me from evil spirit that has been tormenting me last year september.praise God.

    • Thank you Wise Man John Chi for the wonderful massege you are Anointed from above daily. May the good Lord Jesus Christ make all your plans succssesful.

  154. Thank u man of God for the prophetic message for new year 2013, thanks again to the Wisemen for the job they are doing. You are really man of God,i am a malawian, since i started watching Emmanuel tv iam a changed woman.I have many problems in my family even at work i wish i could be at SCOAN to be delivered but i cant manage to raise money for my trip but its my prayer that one day i will find annointing water and sticker.Please man of God pray for me and deliver me and my family I do believe in Jesus christ.God bless you more man of God we are really touched with your words,Amen

  155. Your body is the temple of the HOLY GHOST you must look after it according to GOD’S standards, according to his commands and according to his way in order his SPIRIT t live in you. If you love yourself you must look after your body. Read 1 Corinthians 6:19 Do you know that your body is a temple of the HOLY SPIRIT who is in you, whom you have received from GOD, your are not your own.

  156. Our body is the temple of the HOLY GHOST we must look after it according to GOD’S standards and according to his commands and according to his way, in order his spirit to live in you. If we love ourselves we must look after our bodies.
    READ 1 Corinthians 3:16 Don’t you know that your body is a temple of the HOLY SPIRIT who is in you, whom you have received from GOD, you are not your own.

  157. Oh Lord, Heavenly Father, God of righteousness and forgiveness. The God of TB Joshua. Have Mercy on me and my children. Let your Grace and Favor locate us where we are. I know distance is not a barrier. Although I don’t touch screen, free me and my children from evil spirits that are tormenting our lives, spirit of generation curses, failure, limitations, infirmity family problems, financial bondage, career problems since 2005 no better job, spirit of rejections and hatred. What so ever Satan has planned in the realm of darkness against me and my children, Man of God release them all and restore all that Satan has stolen from us. I know your prayers always is fruitful. God bless you all the wise men at SCOAN

  158. Man of God pray for me and my husband things are not well,i know distance is not a barrier,by touching the screen my life will be restored again.

  159. Life of stagnancy. Failure in education, marital plans, mocked and spiritually attacked always,working for nothingand health challenges.

  160. am 24yr old boy a nigerian living in gabon, I have been mastobating for over 6yr these problem started by watching ponographic film’s and also on internet, i have tryed everything humanly to stop it all to know avail not untill a friend told me he is coming to scoan so i requested that he should help me get the anointing water, and he gladly did,as he returned with the anointedwater i prayed with it and spray it on my body and went to sleep since then i never had the urge to mastobate again halelujay amen THANK YOU JESUS.

  161. The God of TB Joshua, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob deliver me and my family from all evil spirits that are operating in my/our lives. Spirits of Limitation in progress, infirmity, marital problems. Distance is not a barrier, as you deliver others through the Man of God and the Wise men, Let me/us also receive my/our deliverance and Breakthrough in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

  162. Man of God you often say in one little way we should reach the less privilege in the society. This year I brake the barrier by Purchasing a generator a cable television a dish and install it for my mother little did I know just to see frequent people visiting my mother to received their own salvation through Emmanuel tv. My way of life has been full of happiness despite the little I have. The word of God will never run sour in the mind of believer. Thank you for word of encouragement you ever remain my mentor in the Lord Jesus Christ

  163. I thank the Holy Spirit for visiting the arena of liberty on New Years Evening. I am sure everyone enjoyed the candle light. Praise the Lord

  164. prophet i greet you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. it is said distance is never a barrier im a cameroonian i have been watching you over the TV how great it will be for me seeing you physically so that you can lay your hand and all my problems will be over because you are God send God bless you.

  165. Truely, distance is not a barrier.I have been working in one company for the past 12years and my situation si stagnant; i.e no promotion nor change of status and my cntract is only being renewed every 3months.Please man of God help me out in this situation.God bless U all.

  166. God of TB Joshua is a working miracle God. He’s surely the same yesterday today and forever. I pray that I give birth soon to Glorify the God of TB joshua.

    • Emmanuel thank to scoan and man of God for his tireless work in blessing people thro the word of God . TB Joshua is agift given to people by God but really how can we reach him or the anointing water ,kindly readers of this email let one be touched by god and communicate to me my email i charitygatuiri@yahoo.com .pls pls lpray to get a friend who is ready and willing to help me , God will bless you as he blesses man of God .Amen

  167. i belive that befor the end of this month my testimony will come through in JESUS NAME as any beliver who is privilage to get the anointin water ministers it on themself as they resive their blessings so shall i resive mine together with them in JESUS NAME AMEN.

  168. The name of our lord Jesus must be praised. Every word that is coming out from the mouth of the servent of god Phrophet T.B. Joshua is got power, motivating, encouraging and lifting my faith, thank you Jesus.

  169. Men of God pray for us. My husband and I we have a child together who will be eight years on 25th January,2013, now we are looking for another child but we can have one. I also have a child whom I coming with in my marriage which means I have two children him one. Now it will be five years since I stopped taking family planning tablets and my husband really want this a child. We have been hospital medicine have being taking by both of but nothing. Please men of God of pray for us because even our relationship now is not as good as it used to be..

  170. Lord as your servant TB Joshua has decreed that it is a year of a new dream let it come true in my life, my career,my health,my marital life,my finances,my destiny,my family in Jesus name!

  171. Please man of god, brother TB Joshua, to pray for me, i want make my new dream for this year to come true but my work won’t allowed it they want to take me to other town far from my school and this is my final year, pray for me so that i could make it in the name of Jesus, thank u.

  172. Wantd to leave christlike life at al cost no matter wht.Needed prayers.Trusting God for a visa to go & do my second degree outside Ghana.Hv first degree in English.Am a male, 35yrs male am currently a teaching in one of de Secondary School in Ghana.

  173. am in Tanzania at rukwa- sumbawanga. here am facing a lot of challenges with the spirit of witchcrafts. and i thank god 4 saving me. i have been watching emmanuel tv 4 5yrs now. how can i get anointed water? b’se am not able 2 travel out ze country.

  174. Thank you Lord God almighty for the light in my life,in my marriage,in my career,in my bussiness,in my projects,in my education,in my finances,in my job and in my family in the name of JESUS CHRIST! -Zambia.

  175. ‘GOD’S POWER IS REAL AUTHENTIC AND FORCEFUL’ quote and unquote by TB .Joshua.is in the anointing water. I believe this quotation so much so that I have it pasted on my doors. Thank you GOD .Thank you JESUS these wonderful healing and deliverances.

  176. The Lord i serve is very wonderful. he doesnot change,does not dissapoint and only waiting for us to ask in Faith and we shall be given. i am expecting wonderful works of my living God this year,a good job,good salary,big enough house for my family and promotion for my husband because that is what He promised us. i thank Jesus for everything. visit scoan online or live and u will see living examples of God’s promises.

  177. The prophet T B Joshuah,         Am the Emmanuel viewer i would like to come to Nigeria but i don’t have money to travel.I am a pastor i have passed in many problems as i write i don’t have any church evil spirits attack and marital issues in my family. Thank you Pastor JamesZyambo.

  178. Emmanuel my names are Sebenzile Precious van Niekerk from South Africa I live in Nelspruit. I would like to thank our Lord and Savior, Emmanuel TV and Profet TB Joshua. for the past 5 years I have never been on an job interview. THEN 2010 my mother introduced me to Emmanuel TV I fell in love with it. last year September 15 I send my mother to visit scoan Lagos we got delivered I must say GOD OF PROFET TB JOSHUA see us through I have already went to 3 jobs interviews since mid December up until now the 10th of January. I don’t have the job yet, but I believe that JESUS the GOD of GOD OF Profet TB Joshua will see me and my family throught this year, the year of new dream and I am very very BLESSED to serve HIM.

  179. je bénie DIEU car il m’a créer a son image et selon son esprit je suis une belle créature je rend grâce car ce message m’a rassurer d’avantage que je suis de DIEU


  180. Thank you Lord for the miracle of witnessing 2013, the year of light and break through. I pray that this be the year of my break through against the evil of this world in Jesus name. Awesome God! How great thou art!

  181. Lord Jesus, may you grant me the desire to want to seek you even more this year. Bless my family and grant us the Holy spirit to be better Christians. Help us Lord to realise our resolutions this years in Jesus name we Pray. Amen.

  182. Lord Jesus I love with all my heart. May you help me in this year to achieve all my dreams. I thank you so much for your grace and fvaour upon my life. You will never give me a burden I cannot handle. Thank you for this challenge for it is taking me to another level of my life. In Jesus Christ Name. Amen.

  183. What God is appointed no one can disappoint!!!
    prophet TB Joshua is an appointed man of God nothing can come against him. I love my prophet may the good Lord Bless him more…

  184. Emmanuel, last saturday, i woke up feeling weak and tired, i knew my pb which rose after giving birth might be responsible, i pray and administered the Anointing Water which my husband got from SCOAN here in Ghana, after which i started watching the message Power of change from TB Joshua, shortly i dosed only to wake up to realise it wake a dream, i dreamt Senior Prophet came to Ghana and laid his hands on me and i felt a change in my body, since i felt very strong and i checked my PB today and behold its normal, distance is really not a barrier, praise Jesus for Prophet TB Joshua, Amen

  185. Please I pray in the name of Jesus,my father is sick/ill he doesnt have energy of doing anything.He has a heart failure all of a sudden he has an ulcer he cant eat well,he is always sleeping,tired.Yesterday (08.01.2012) he vomits so please I’m pleading to you to pray for my father to get well in the name of Jesus AMEN

  186. Those who know your name will trust in you, for you Lord Jesus Christ you have never forsaken those who seek you. Your Word is wonderful, Your Word is beautiful because, it is the word of life.

  187. Thank you Lord for showing mercy to your people.God is good ALL the time.Stay blessed our Prophet TB Joshua. We love you AMEN.

  188. Please Man of God pray 4 me, I was diagnoz wit Hepatitis B and is begining to affect my liver.. I believe Jesus Christ who died and wash away my sins will surely heal me from this disease..
    And I also thank Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Wise MEN 4 their wonderful works….

  189. Thanks be to Almighty God for his mercy upon mankind, we pray for fruitful year and i know this year is my year… my situation will surely meet the anointing of God this year in Jesus name….. indeed 2013 a year of new dream for me and my family…. Amen.

  190. Emmanuel. i thank God that i was watching the candle light and i appreciated everything that happened during this night. 2013 is a year of complete fulfillment of all my dreams like the man of God Prophet. T. B. Joshua put it. i believe that the grace of God and his mercy shall come upon me and my family in this year. we have suffered enough and its time we received our breakthrough in Jesus Name. how i love to watch Emmanuel TV. may God continue to give us the grace to watch this life charging station in Jesus Name. AMEN 2013 a year of a new D R E A M .

  191. thank God for this new 2013 a year of new dream. Indeed I really wanted to watch emmanuel t.v. live service on 31st december 2012 which I did and I also encouraged my husband to watch and all of our children, we have catched the fire and we know that the God of man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua will be with us with the whole family this year because we trust and believe in the God of man of God prophet T.B. Joshua when he speaks it always come to pass we should just believe. Thank you man of God for the individual prophecy.
    we trust God that this isour year and I will ask the man God Prophet T.B. Joshua to continue praying for us viewers we fill like we are right there in synagogue church of all nations.

    by J.C.M

  192. Emmanuel, je beni le grand Dieu de la parola , notres Seigneur Jesus-Christ…! Nous benisons le Dieu tout puissant ,qui operait a son Serviteur le Prophet  T.B Joshua- qui nous acordez sa grace de voir l’ annee 2013. Nous, nous croyons qui ferat de plus grande chose au nom de Jesus-Christ …!!!

    Emmanuel, Emmanuel, Emmanuel !!!

  193. thank God for what His is doing for the world and man of God you are doing wonderful things for people restoring life and given them hope, Pls man of God do some thing for me this year 2013 for nothing is going well with me , pls pls help me for l am in cameroon l want the anointing sticker pls thank for l know u will help me

  194. thank you LORD JESUS for restoring my life as i & my family we have decided to come to JESUS for a greener pasture in you father there’s everything that i need to have as a child of GOD.pls man of GOD pray fo me & family more especially my marriage is apart amen i really want to come to scoan delieverance,restoration & healing pls man of GOD help me come to Nigeria or send me anoitng water & the stickers pls

  195. I appreciate all †ђε good testimonies that God has placed in his children. I pray that in this 2013, that God will restore all my missing treasures, redeem me Academically and unveil this darkness/hatred placed upon me by those who killed my father and now are working seriously on my downfall and to stop my progress.. Pls TB Joshua pray for me

  196. God u are so gud 2 me, i thank God 4 what he has be doing 2 my life, am asking man of God 2 pray 4 me n my family and also what am asking God 2 healed me in Jesus Name amen. Pls man of God pray 4 me.

  197. I would like to thank Prophet T.B JOSHUA & the wise men for allowing God to use them.tis my prayer that God would preserve them & give them long life,so that they can affect more lives positively in Jesus name.stay blessed.

  198. Am Frazer Mkawa. I want anointing water and sticker.Please!please! Man of GOD help me.Iam a Malawian. My cell number is 265 0888 587 690.

  199. Thanks God for what you have done for me from the time when I was in the woomb of my rate mom up to now,I know some time I did not do well both in spirit and body for give me,I also thanks for what you have done for me which I was not know that to receive it but you do for me, thanks.Lord Jesus come to my family and deliver us on control of my salary and other thing which is not working proper If can possible I need one of your wise man to bless me in the name of jesus and Annointing water and sticker,God bless you

  200. Blessed are those who bring good news of our Lord Jesus Christ, who proclaim peace, who proclaim salvation and who bring good tidings. For our reigns forever.

  201. Thank you Father for everything,iam happy women now just because of man of God prophetic T, B Josua and the wise man thanks alot,please dont let us tempted by the evil spirit ,please save us from the evil demonic things Lord in Jesus name Amen

  202. Wanted to talk to Prophet T.b Joshua.Wanted to leave Christlike life at al cost.Needed prayers,books,dvds and vcds.Wanted to come to Nigeria to see Prophet T B joshua.Wht shld i do?

    • wanted to come to Nigeria to see de man of God.Needed prayers.Anger is abt to destroy me.am easily angered.Also wanted a sponsership to go n do my second degree outside Ghana.Hv first degree in English.Needed prayers n Gods direction.Pls my contact is +2330203555578.

  203. Brethren, to god be the glory. We serve a living god who does not dissapoint.I am in need of the annointing sticker and the annointing water. I reside in Botswana. If anyone has these please call me at +267 71441704. Maisho.

  204. Emmanuel!This is indeed a year of a new dream,a new prosperity ,a new fulfilment and a new breakthrough.All doubts and negative thoughts have been cast out IN JESUS NAME! I also entered the new year smilling when my spouse came from the neighbouring country ,after his last visit in AUG 2011 ..I hve been praying for GODS MERCY AND FAVOUR AND ALSO his intervention,.I sent a prayer request . to the SCOAN.I know the best is yet to come IN JESUS NAME! HAPPY 2013!.

  205. Awesome and Amazing Testimonies as demonstration of the Power of God! We love you Prophet TB Joshua, the wise men and All emmanuel tv viewers worldwide. Let LOVE LEAD as we run with the New Dream!
    Emmanuel!!!, to you all.
    Catch the fire…

  206. During the night of fire (31/12/12 i was under the influence of alcohol, praying God to deliver me from alcohol, the following day i tried to finish my wine but miraculously it all spill on the floor i just said Amen thats the end of alcohol and i never thought of it. Since that time i am stuck to Emmanuel TV, please everyone pray for me. Amen

  207. Thank you Lord for manifesting your awesome presence and hiding your Servant Wise-man John Chi under the Mentor-ship of Prophet TBJ to deliver this wonderful Message- “Why you Came” behind your Cross. Lord Thank You!!!

  208. We give Glory to God of Senior Prophet TB Joshua for the mercies and favours for the new year. Thank You TB Joshua for all your good work.

  209. Emmanuel! I remember vividly what the man of God said last year about us entering this new year smiling despite the prevailing sad world conditions around us. December 16th I was given a notice to vacate the two-bed roomed house I was renting come 5th January 2013. After a day, my sister in law died in another town which meant some money being sent to the bereaved family to cover funeral costs. What was depressing is that I had no money except enough to pay for the following month’s rent which was due on 1st January. I referred the case to our Living God Jehovah, the God of TB Joshua to turn this disappointment into an appointment by using my anointing sticker and anointing water. Two days later, against all odds, I found a four bedroom house with the same rent as my previous two bed roomed one. The owner wanted to be paid three months in advance but I negotiated for two months. Guess what I just had a month’ worth of rent. After some frantic calls here and there I managed to pay and moved in the new house on the 20th of December2012. My rentals will be effective on the 1st January! For sure my family entered 2013 smiling and rejoicing!Our God is a Working One. So let us believe and trust our prophet TB Joshua about this year of a new dream! Catch the fire and be blessed!
    Ackim from Lusaka, Zambia.

  210. Hi how may i register for booking to your ministry to come and joined your prayers

    ———- Sent from my Nokia phone

    • THANK YOU MY LORD, SAVIOUR, HEALER, REDEEMER, DELIVARER & PROVIDER JESUS CHRIST. Thank you for your uncomparable love, mercy and great favour for us sinners. Glory be to GOD ALMIGHTY.

  211. Thank u Father you are amazing.Please i want to know how i can get the anoiting water and the anointing stick if possible send the with DHL my name are KABO GAOTHOBOGWE ,My address are PO BOX 1511 FRANCISTOWN BOTSWANA.Please pray for me i am leaving poverty ,please pray for my marriage things seems like taking wrong way MAN OF GOD HELP

  212. Thank you Father you are amazing.Please help me to get the anointing water and anointing sticker if possible send them through DHL i wll pay for the expenses.My name and address are KABO GAOTHOBOGWE PO BOX 1511 FRANCISTOWN BOTSWANA and Man of GOD please pray for me i am living poverty every thing of my life is horrible please save my marriage

  213. I pray that the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY continues doing the great work He has started in you man of GOD and in your wise men…so that the name of JESUS may be glorified. May GOD bless you.

  214. I know now I am healed in Jesus name as I read the testimonies of others, not only that they encourage me but Jesus is working on all what I am facing, jobless, hardship in life etc, in Jesus name .AMEN

  215. Thank you Lord for the making it possible to see new year

    Brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ is possible for me to have annointing water and sticker without stepping my foot in Lagos. Please assist . I can afford the cost of postage if its possible. Those willing to assist can contact me on ecchirwa@yahoo.com. God bless

  216. Emmanuel! daddy please my name is Michael please i love you so much and i admire how God uses His Mighty Power to destroy demons through you sir i think of being prophet am writing this message to u sir because i so much believe the Mighty Power of God in u sir and the Power is from God.Daddy please help me deliver me please i want God to speak through u concerning me,am a talented football player who injuries and attack is his other of the day both in home and abroad.I know and i believe is only you that can say final concerning me.I love you daddy may God Almighty add more fresh oil in you to do more of your doings.God bless you sir God bless synagogue.Hope to read from you sir

  217. i jest want for heling and befor Emmanule team pray to me he say you are drivecr yes i am drivers .i blive God now my dokter agen you take kimo trpey i say i dont hav i am drivers .God halppe me i am tird 4 years i need come Emmanuel plsss send to me visi

    i jest want for healing and be for Emmanuel team pray to me i am good

  218. Glory be to God for his mercy and favour. He sees us through by his mercy, favour, love and his grace. My hearth and soul praise and Glorify the God of T.B.Joshua for all what HE did, HE had done, HE is doing and all what HE will do. PRAISE THE LORD. HALLELUJAH.

  219. Indeed for in Him, Christ Jesus, we live and we move and we have our being. Its so great that He came, for the Son is the radiance of God’s glory, the exact representation of His being, sustaining all things by His powerful word.

  220. Tank u God 4 ur son Jesus n i cant trust u Jehovah 4 my healing, prosperity,fulfillment,restoration, salvation n breakthrough in all areas of my life n farmilly in Jesus name amen!! Pls man of God pray 4 me…….God bless u we love u.

  221. God is great,thank you Father TBJoshoua for the prophetic message of 2013,glory to God in Jesus’name,I was blessed when I was watching Emmanuel tv,thank you Jesus for the Great job from the SCOAN, God bless our Father in the Lord TB Joshua and the wisemen in Jesus’name

  222. Glooooory To Our Lord & Saviour….I would like ask a favour from the wise man,please please please pray for that I get accepted at the University Of Wits, Please man of God thank you, & God bless you

  223. Amen! Emmanuel! Never a situation Jesus can not solve… Pliz man of God am believng my God 4a pemanent job. Am from Zambia, i completd my senior school in 2010 since then have not gone 2college am i hav been moving from one company 2another trying 2 raise money 4my career, bt wth a templo job its dificult as the salaries are nt suitable Man of God… Pliz its request for me Man of God help me.

  224. Man of God i thank u as my mentor?your prophecy is pure but we nigerians never believe until is late,i believe in ur words and many family u reconciles,God bless u more and more,pray for my family omezi christopher because we are christians,Daddy we love u most?

  225. I thank my God for making it possible for me to enter 2013. I pray that my dream will come true, let the Lord touch my life in Jesus’ name! Amen

  226. What an awesome God we serve. I thank God for those who testified to the goodness of God in their lives. I have been trying to get the anointing water and the anointing sticker. Is there any one out there who is willing to help get and send it to me? If yes, I’ll pay for the postage (DHL). My address is: 125502 Moscow, Lavochkina Street, House 44, Building 2, Apt. 405, Russian Federation. Thank you and God bless you.

    • I wish to know what else can one do after filling in the form repeatedly in vain to visit Scoan. My biggest dream is to end the year and enter the new year at Scoan. If there’s anyone out there with an idea, please help me.
      Sent from my BlackBerry®

  227. Its all there in Luke 19:10.

    Man of God pliz this time respond to our requests. Surely we need the SCOAN mediums esp the water nd sticker, but we have never had a response to our request. Im in Botswana nd want to know how I can receive the mediums. God bless u

  228. what an awesome night it was on new year’s eve. I watched Emmanuel Tv for the live broadcast what a spectacle it was!
    My destiny was shaped by the Man ofGod as he proclaimed the message ‘catch the fire’ A year of a new dream. Certainly this is my year of fulfilment as declared by the Prophet of God.
    I have been struggling all these years but this message gave me unshakable faith that God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob, the God of T B Joshua my God will this year promote me from poverty to abundance in all aspects of my life.
    I wish you could inform me how I may get the new Annointing Sticker and the Annointing Water if possible you can mail it to me through DHL I will pay the delivery costs I am so eager to receive this gift from God.
    My names are Wilfred Busy Hlongwane, Address 9254 Nkulumane 1 P O Nkulumane Bulawayo Zimbabwe I thank you for I consider it done in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

  229. I like this. Yes , this is a new year,new begining, a year of starting afrehs. We shud forgive and forget because we want to receive our new blessing and new prosperity, favour and new break through in Jeses’s name.

  230. Man of God thank you for your wonderful works. I am asking for favour regarding annointing water and stickers. I an a Zimbabwean staying in Zambia.
    May you send them by anyone coming to Zambia so that I may get them from here. Please help me Man of God.

  231. Thanks God for Prophet Joshua and the wise men. Please continue to pray for my dady he has kidney tumour we are from Tanzania. God bless you more and more.

    • i thank god for the life, husband, son, parents he gave me. am asking and praying for God’s protection and financial breakthrough this year.

  232. Thank you Jesus for all the testimonies and for praying for us viewers. I touched the alter and caught the fire by faith. the prophesy of prosperity, fulfillment and a new breakthrough is my potion.. Halleluia.

  233. Thank you for their heaing. I am waiting mine as I am woken by terrible lower abdomenial
    pain, I have fibriods and when its time for period I get drowned. But my Healer is looking upon me for my healing even right now I can’t go to hospital because when I get there they want to operate. Your prayers at scoan strenghthen my believe in God!

  234. Amen glory be to God. I believe that this year is the year of my miracle. God bless the man of God and his wisemen and the entire family!!!

  235. I have been trying to sow into this ministry. Especially the prophecy for 2013. TB Joshua is an awesome Man of GOD ! I would like to know how much is the postage for mail sent from New York USA to Nigeria (SCOAN) and what is the address. I know it was reported a few months ago that there were some fakers out there pretending to be members of SCOAN on face book. I also tried to send money using my bank card and a different medium popped up after I tried to submit. I knew that was not right so I did not proceed. I want to make sure that the right people get my gifts and not fraudsters. Will someone please reply to this message I am sending. Thank you and May GOD bless you.

  236. It is marvellous, I also followed the prayer of year end by our Prophet please God touch me and have mercy on me, distance is not a barrier. Amen.

  237. Happy new year! It is for me God give His own son because i’m a sinner that why i decided to surrender my life to Him . He came to restore my life and renew my relationship between me and Jehova Eloim. i’m very glad that i’m a child of God . May the lord help me to be a good christian in Jesus name

    • I thank you my Lord Jesus Christ for healing all my fellows.
      I intensively pray that my time may also come to be delivered in Jesus name.

    • It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our sight, and i know the Lord will give me a parmanent job in Jesus name .(Amen).Simon Isawode 08038348824

    • Emmanuel.

      Glory be to God.My Dst decover has been restored after praying for it using the annointing sticker.It has not been working for the past two months.I took it to multichoice only to be told that its sensor has been damaged.However, I told myself that I wil not spend anything to fix it when Jesus is alive.

      • Glory to Jesus ! Man of God please help my daughter to prosper in in whatever she is doing, she is looking for a job and she is also tenderingbut no job. Please Man of God pray for her i Know that nothing is imposible with God. GOD BLESS YOU..

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