Prophet T.B. Joshua opened the Sunday sermon with a word of encouragement for the nation of Nigeria and the world at large. Citing the example of current events around the world, he opened the book of Daniel 3:19 and stated that we, people of God we do not defend ourselves because we have a Defender. This is what three Hebrew men, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego said in response to King Nebuchadnezzar. Prophet T.B. Joshua

The prophet stated that the lives of believers in both the Old Testament and New Testament testify that being faithful to God does not eliminate adversity but may actually be a sign of being faithful to God. He then urged the congregation not to use the weapon of the enemy to defend themselves but realise that when our faith is tested, our endurance has a chance to grow.
It has become a common occurrence at The SCOAN to hear testimonies from those that have been delivered from one addiction or another. This Sunday, Marinela Simente, from Cameroon gave an astonishing testimony of deliverance from addiction to eating ice cubes and mint sweets. Marinela Simente
She told the congregation and the world watching on Emmanuel TV that before her deliverance, she only had an appetite for these items and as a result, suffered from anaemia. After watching Emmanuel TV and seeing the deliverance of others with the same type of problem, she decided to come down to The SCOAN herself for deliverance. Whilst giving her testimony, the video of her deliverance on the night of the candlelight service was played. During the candlelight service on the 31st December 2011, Prophet T.B. Joshua used the candle as the medium for deliverance. Holding the burning candle in reverence to God during the service, one of the visitors from South Africa came forward at the prophet’s request to pray for Marinela and deliver her from her addiction. At that name, Jesus Christ, she was freed from her bondage and no longer craved mint sweets or ice cubes.

Ruth, a young girl from Nigeria and her mother came forward expressing a desire to be free from an addiction of eating her own hair. Ruth
The mother explained that her daughter used to be very brilliant and the best in her class but when this problem began, she starting having a dull brain and her classmates were now far ahead of her in school. Prophet T.B. Joshua instructed the mother to pray for her in Jesus’ name. Prophet T.B. Joshua instructed the mother to pray for her in Jesus’ name.

There was no movement, no shaking, nothing to indicate that deliverance was going on but after the prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua declared her free. He then asked her to eat her hair and she almost vomited it onto the floor saying it was no longer ‘sweet tasting’ in her mouth.

Mrs Obiageli testifed that after receiving the Anointing Water and praying with it, she was promoted to Director of the NYSC (National Youth Service Council).Mrs Obiageli
Hon. Tebite from Ughelli, Delta, Nigeria alongside his colleagues gave a testimony of how he contested and won the election as the House of Assembly Leader in Delta after praying with the Anointing Water.Hon. Tebite
Mr & Mrs Obuari Goodhead, with child in hand, described how they had suffered from barrenness for 5 years but after administering the Anointing Water, their problem was over and they became pregnant with the child in their arms.Mr And Mrs Obuari

The second service began with the inspiring message by Wise Man Daniel titled, APPRECIATE GOD FOR HIS CORRECTION. The wise man reminded the congregation and viewers that God Almighty gives everyone plenty of evidence to believe Him and that we should therefore never doubt God’s desire or ability to help us. Using 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, he revealed that even though Paul’s challenges were so great, the apostle knew that the thorns in his flesh were to keep him from becoming proud or conceited. He saw his challenges as a reason for believing God just as he saw his good times as a reason for believing God. WiseMan Daniel

He was encouraged that God loved him enough to correct him. Wise Man Daniel then encouraged us to see our own challenges as a way of God correcting us, remembering that our situation is not like others’. Others’ challenges are meant to destroy them but ours, as Christians are meant for the glory of God. He concluded by reminding all that in our spiritual walk with the Lord, there are good and hard times alike. In both good and hard times alike, Jesus Christ must be honoured.

When it comes to giving, Prophet T.B. Joshua says that it is more blessed to give than to receive. During this holiday season and throughout the year, he encourages the viewers and partners of Emmanuel TV to look around and see those that are in need. He leads by example not only by instructing others to give but by showing them how to give in sincerity, simplicity and cheerfulness.

In response to his example, many Emmanuel TV Partners were challenged to go and do the same in their own countries. One of them, Mrs Christaline from Namibia gave account of how she was able to set up a charity feeding 450 orphan children and how she planned to build a centre to care for 1,500 orphans around the nation, taking care of their accommodation, feeding, health and schooling. Mrs Christaline

While she was speaking, the video footage of her acts of giving was shown. Also challenged by Matthew 5:43, “Love your neighbour as yourself”, Mr John Chibwe from Zimbabwe explained how he held a meeting for the physically challenged where hundreds attended from all over Zimbabwe. Mr John Chibwe

The video showed a trailer of maize meal being unloaded and distributed among the crowd and brand new wheelchairs being unpacked and presented to many physically challenged. The joy and smiles on their faces that followed were enough of a blessing for the gift that was given.
The final person to tell her story was Mrs Josephine from Namibia, founder of the Mount Sinai Centre, an centre for children afflicted by HIV, reporting to the viewers that she had indeed handed over the centre to the prophet and was now receiving a salary from the man of God to care for the HIV positive mothers and children. In the short span of a few weeks, Prophet T.B. Joshua had donated to her organisation $50,000 which was providing life-saving supplies for hundreds in Namibia.Mrs Josphine

At the close of the service, the prophet gave $10,000 to each of the three charity founders to assist them in their work and promised to send the same amount each week to support the children and needy individuals they were caring for.
Another video was played for the congregation and the viewers of Emmanuel TV showing a news report on giving in the United States. Emmanuel TV Partners and representatives in the USA, with donations sent by T.B. Joshua, visited and presented much needed supplies and a cash gift to a family resource centre caring for children with special needs in Kennewick, Washington, USA. A national news station, NBC, was present at the centre to do a live report, commenting that the roles had been reversed and that this time, a church in Africa were supporting the USA.

The service drew to a close as Prophet T.B. Joshua led the congregation and viewers worldwide in powerful prayer, inspiring them to dream again. These were his words: “I don’t care where you are or how big a mess your life has been – begin to dream again! I prophesy to your life. God has positioned you in this New Year.Prayer Time

God has positioned you for breakthrough in this New Year. God has positioned you in this New Year for victory, for healing, in the name of Jesus! God has positioned you to achieve your destiny, in the name of Jesus! Your limitations are your opportunities! Your mess is your opportunity, in this New Year, in the name of Jesus. Dream again!”

129 thoughts on “DREAM AGAIN!

  1. emmanuel!! praise be to God almighty for the fruits of his mercy.man of God pray for me and my family we need deliverance

  2. Grace be with you all. Man of God i know if you ask God to answer my prayer everything would be possible. My wife is pregnant and i asking God to touch her with his right hand so that she will deliver a baby peacefully. I know in God’s name nothing is impossible. Thank you. Pride Majasi from Masekesa, Chiredzi, Zimbabwe.

  3. Halleluiaaaaah! Glory be to GOD. JESUS has blessed me and my kids. A few months ago I complaint about my daughter who suddenly became dull in school, started t elling lies and once stole a small bottle of juice in a shop. Well well well, she has been completely delivered. Her class average has passed from 07/20 to 10.86/20 she is improving in absolutely everything… Thank u Master JESUS for this miracle. Thank u GOD. Thank u Prophet TB Joshua. Thanx to all the brethren who prayed for my problem. May GOD answer u too in JESUS’ name. Amen

  4. Mr TB Joshua u are a true prophet and man of GOD and i believe that if u ask our Lord JESUS CHRIST to save me and my 5 kids HE surely will. My first daughter aged 11 used to be a brilliant and lovely child. When she got into primary 4, she started becoming visibly dull. She never did her homeworks and she started telling lies. This year, by GOD’s grace, she’s in form2 in a very good private school. am still struggling to complete her fees. During the first term, she came up last in her class with an average of 07/20. I even struggle to pay for special academic assistance at home after school worth 30.000 fcfa monthly but still no improvement. She tells more and more lies, she’s stupid, plays alot and she neither does her homeworks nor studies for her exams. last week-end, she stole a bottle of juice in a shop. She destroys everything she touches. Am a single mum and lost. I know the evil one is behind this. Please help my baby… JESUS SON OF DAVID, HAVE MERCI ON MY DAUGHTER. DELIVER HER PLEASE. oooh!

  5. If you want your heart to be like Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord and Savior is ready to teach you his ways and to lead you in the straight path. He is the way the truth and the life. His Living Word is good for us. His Living Word is pure and sure. Emmanuel – GOD with us


  7. I am more than happy to be hear.I Love God so much that I want to be in his midst at all time.Please pray for me that God you pour down on me the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Pray for my family some members need deliverance.

  8. 1,pray for me the grace of God upon my life and family
    2,success in my cips exams may ,July-and November 2012
    3.Healing upon my body
    4,better job oversea or abroad

  9. Prohet T.B Joshua u ar doin a gr8 jod we learnd abt God through your wnderful teachings and wise men thnk u n continue to be blesed and ur ministry.

  10. 2012 is the year of COME BACK AND DREAM AGAIN. All the believers of Lord Jesus that he rose again and he is the king should be the dower of the word and enjoy doing it and meditate his word. and worship the Lord in Spirit
    I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways. I delight in your decrees I will not neglect your word.

    To know Lord Jesus Christ is to know his power.
    And his incomparable great power for us who believe. That power is like the working of his mighty strength.

  11. Emmanuel!Pliz connect me to Mr John Chibwe.My name is Martha Marimo a nurse frm Maphisa in Mat South Zim.I want 2 partner with u.I was touched and challenged by yo works of charity.I admire u ma Brother.U r indeed a good neighbour!

  12. Pray for my salvation,healing from all ailments, deliverance from every physical or spiritual force,break through in all life dimensions,let Gods mercy and favor speaks for me in all endeavors.Want to live my life for God,also needs His direction and guidance in my political and marital plans this year.

  13. Man of God pray for me ,I found myself living in a repeating circle of struggle,setback,failure,disappointment,delay,hardship and poverty.I have nothing to count for.I found myself also having sex in the dream when breakthrough is about to happen in my life and it will result to disappointment….Please pray fro me.

  14. Prophet TB Joshua, You are cover by the Blood of Jesus, Nothing can be against you;
    ’cause through you many can be blessed, many can be delivered, many can be healthed, many can be rise on the traditional bondage. In Jesus Name.
    Prophet, Just turn your face and look for my Mother Mezidjeau Blandine and save her for the proble of High blood pressure which cause to her a big heart; she has too lumber spondilosis, she is a lonely person, rejected by her children. I know if you receive ma message, her probleme will become null in Jesus Name; Amen

  15. Prophet TB Joshua please pray for my aunt Tshitso Tukula, who suffered so many years with sickness. I believe just to call his name will be delivered in Jesus name amen.

  16. i love TB Joshua he is a man of God all he is doing he is going in the line of the Lord . keep it up Pastor God is with you. this is the begining you have long way to go.

  17. I love prophet TB Joshua please pray for me to be a. successful person in life please prophet. I want to be a star boy in life in Jesus name a millonaire and also a boy that will dream again in Jesus name amen.

    • God is wounderful, Man of God please put me in your prayers i believe God for a wounderful and successfull marriage this year of come back 2012.

  18. thank u jesus for my life today,
    my lord i have being seing u in my dream for two time now and any time i see u,u save my life from the hands of the evil ones,lord please direct me how to see u,i am somebody that love’s God,please my lord i want to have u as a father,i have my father and my mother but they never love me as a son,for what i did in the pas,when i was small i use to still from my mothers soup put,and from my fathers save poce,and that is why they het me,and also i smoock and drink,and that land me to prison,but when am in the prison i use to see emmanuel tv there some time,and any time am with emmanuel tv i tell my father in the lord that after here is u that i will come to visit,cause am emmanuel tv patner,so my lord pamet me to see u face to face,even if am now evil please sir deliver me from the hand of the devil,cause i have see u deliver many of them,lord i need u as my pesnal guide and saviour please my lord,i love u thank u jesus for making to be emmanuel tv patner,i love u jesus,and i thank u for my life,cause u are why am out today,i love u my LORD,hope to hear from u my LORD

  19. I am saying this with faith, i know in a short time i will stand to testify the goodness of God in my life very soon. Distance can never be my barrier .

  20. Glory be to God,this was my sunday at scoan.it was really great.Thank you Jesus for giving me such an opportunity.

  21. Thank you very much Prophet T.B Joshua for allowing God to use you, my past is over i have been healed from a fibroid which was tormenting my life for the past 8 years. God bless you.

  22. man of GOD you are my mentor all ways i pray for that JESUS him self guide you to do his work . you are my mentor pray for me too thank you

  23. God Almighty loves us so we must APPRECIATE GOD FOR HIS CORRECTION. When God corrects us we must always love him and listen to his voice.
    Deuteronomy 30:20
    Love the Lord your God listen to his voice and hold fast to him. For the Lord is your life and he will give you many years in the land he promised to give to your fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

  24. Man of God, Prophet T. B. Joshua I dreamt that you had given a colleague of mine papers to hand over to us. It so happened that when bunch was passed down to you, you were supossed to get one and pass the rest. In the process there was pressure and some of the papers got folded then I remembered you saying the way you receive matters, you do not have to struggle or push each other. So when my turn came I handled the bunch properly and told myself that before I take my paper I should first hold the whole bunch close to me so that I get delivered by the annointing on the papers. So I held the papers and felt myself falling steadyly and inside me I was saying now I am going to hurt the baby inside me since I am pregnant, and I was falling face down, but before I got in contact with the floor I felt myself being turned so I could land on my side and avoid hurting the baby. I woke up before touching the floor. I would like to thank God Almight, the Lord Jesus and you Prophet T. B. Joshua for delivering me.

  25. Please Prophet T.B Joshua, I need to pray with you, my problems are too much, that I really need God’s intervention in my life, both in health, education, finance and career. I am totally in need of help. Please Prophet pray for me, nd a good samaritan should help my career. God bless Prophet T.B Joshua in Jesus name. Amen.

  26. man of God a blessing nd a teacha u r to me…nt 4getin a father to me..wen it comes to faith u r the one i luk to,givin,teaching,rebuke(prov 27:5)…r jst a few.iv always wanted to be a prophet please teach me..nd i wud also like to ask on how i cud see in the spirit..i desire that so much,..

    • TB Joshua says dream again,and the Word he speaks is God himself speaking through a human being called TB Joshua,I also know that God is Spirit and those who worship him do so in spirit and in truth.My problem is that I cant tell if I worship God in spirit or in my mind,because I do not know the voice of my spirit,sometimes I keeping quite and I close my eyes trying to locate my spirit I fail.How can I pray in spirit?

  27. How can i be useful to my society?how can i show the works of God through giving ,help me.am overwhelmed by the works of God through Prophet T.B.Joshua.

  28. What a great way to start the year with.I have entered,into the dream mode man of God.The best is yet to come. I am happy when people follow the direction of their calling. Our mothers in Namibia,Mr Chibwe do not tire in this great commission of Jesus Christ. I am encouraged by Mr Chibwe,because just last September when I visited SCOAN,as we shared,he spoke with passion about his ministry to the disadvantaged. Continue in the calling faithfully dear brother,also our mothers From Namibia. Emmanuel Tv,I am encouraged by your great ministry for Christ.

  29. this is really helping unto us as Christians because it is really encouraging our faith in the lord Jesus Christ, please man of God continue with this and also just keep on praying for us

  30. I just want to thank God Almight, the Lord Jesus, and the Man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua for the annointed water I received. I know that my past is over. I know I am going to deliver my baby safely. And I am looking forward to visiting the Synagogue Church of All Nations before I deliver.

  31. God bless T.B. Joshua, and God bless all who in any way has affected the life the poor & less previlage people positively, I realy need help, can somebody help me, I promise to help the poor once nd people who need help in returne.

  32. Please, man of God, don’t be disheartened by critics but continue with your good works. May God reward you in hundred folds.

  33. i agree with u TB Joshua,sickness is not my potion in Jesus name.i am healed,Jesus christ is my healer.God has positioned me to accomplish my destiny & i cannot accomplish it with a sick boby.i claim my heaithy body right now in the name of Jesus.i am wat God says i am & i can do wat God says i can do.with christ in me i know that i will surely accomplish my DESTINY!!!!AMEN

  34. Thanks for everything that you do in our life today,i really appriciate thanks.But i also have this problem of masterbuting which is very bad plz help me Sir

  35. thank man of God for all you’ve been to human kind.i wish i had to means to join you in Nigeria.But as you say distance is nt a barrier and i belief that my difficulties will com to pass thgis year in Jesus’s mighty name.

  36. Emmanuel, I thank my savior Jesus Christ that am alive and this means I have the opportunity to give and see smile on people. Thank you Prophet Tb Joshua for teaching us the spirit of giving. I have peace in mind and I encourage everyone to give.

  37. Most senior prophet TB Joshua, you are truely born to deliver men from satanic doom. In you I see the true power of God on earth. Watching Emmanual TV is the best thing I ever discovered. I pray & look forward for a life opportunity to physically be in your sunday service. Thank you and God bless you sir. Long life.

  38. I thank Man of God. For telling me to dream again that God as position me this year. I wish to see u one on one. Thank u for the assurance.

  39. I thank Man of God. For telling me to dream again that God as position me this year. I wish to see u one on one. Thank u for the surance.

  40. Amen,thank u Lord for the man of God seniour Prophet TB Joshua and the whole of emmanuel tv team nt fogerting all the partners and viewers all over the world.Glory b t God,where God has opened no man can close and where he has closed no man can open,I receive the prophetic word today n choose to believe it because I am what God says I am and I have what he says I have.Amen

  41. man of God am Moses Nsubuga I got anew dream or avision I saw you prophet T B Joshua and I you was driving abland new car with me inside and we were going to give to the needy oorphans widows widowers physical challenged as we were about to reach you gave me$20,000 that I give them I started by buying food for them and everyone was suppliesed for the love of God they saw through giving and I told them that God of Prphet TB Joshua is the one that is doing and they were touched to see me as young as am am 24 I have aministry and aready I have started helping the needy orphans widows and there so many am unable to reach them all I ask God abreakthrogh to reach them all financially

  42. A wonderfull Prophet of our time. GOD is using you. I saw what you deed for the poor , During chrismas and new year festieves, it was great deed GOD bless you and your helpers in the church. THANKS.

  43. God is wonderful to give us a servant like prophet TB Joshua, His encouraging words brings comfort to the hearts of many , may he be blessed more and also may God continue to live in our hearts so that we may be able to practice the encouraging words in reality consistently in spirit and in truth.

  44. this is my year! i have chosen to believe whatever the man of God says and agree with him as he said on Sunday. Thank you Jesus for the wonderful things that you are going to do in my life this year. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua for allowing God to use you.

  45. Praise God let love lead (amen) man of God you a blessing to our generation may God almighty continue to strenghting you and your ministries for reaching out to the less privilege

  46. Oh! God may I be positioned indeed this new year in Jesus Name!! Thank You Jesus Christ and thank You man of God…..glory be to God! I thank for the life of Prophet T B joshua indeed the best is yet to come

  47. Where can you go from his presents? No where. Snr Prophet T B Joshua and the 5 Wise Men may the God Almighty enlarge your territory and let his hand be with you and keep you from harm so that you will be free from pain. God Almighty sent you to bring the people to him so that his Kingdom will be done in their lives.

  48. One of the best messages Ive heard to begin my new year in Jesus Christ. Im so grateful for encouragement. Day by day i live knowing that the purpose of my life is in the palm of my Jesus Christ. Im so overwhelmed and grateful to be part and to hear of how wonderful my God is to his people. I feel so compelled and unashamed to shout his name out loud. Every single day I see Gods character and Im amazed and confounded who can love us so much.

  49. Amen!!!! I’ll be positioned indeed this new year in Jesus Name!! Thank You Jesus Christ and thank You man of God…..glory be to God!

  50. I would like to thank Profet TB Josua for such encouragement. You know I used to worry about lots of things in my life and try to defend myself from poeple who always compare me with others but since the sunday service I know I dont have to defend my self anymore Iam going to leave everything in to my Fathers’s hands because He is my defender and no problem is to big for Him.Thank you emmanuel tv thank you T B JOSHUA . AND EVERYNIGHT WHEN I GO TO SLEEP I LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEXT DAY BECAUSE OF THE TEACHINGS AND THE WORD OF GOD WE RECEIVE FROM T B JOSUA BY WACHING EMANUEL TV. you GAVE ME HOPE, YOU GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK AND MY LIFE NOW HAS A MEANG. GOD BLESS YOU

  51. Lord Jesus I thank you for the gift to the world, a prophet of our genration. Prophet i salute you. for you have allowed yourself to be used by the ALMIGHTY GOD as a channel for our blessing, breakthrough, deliverance,joy & salvation.I am DREAMING AGAIN BIG TIME THIS 2012 because my messe and limitations are my opportunities this year,my transformation is a great one & my destiny is sure and accomplished this year 2012, in the name of JESUS. amen

  52. Blessed rather are those who hear the Word of God and obey it.Thank you Lord for correcting me and continue doing so. Amen!

  53. I love what God Amighty is doing through his servant senior prophet TB Joshua and the wise men. I pray that the Almighty God will use them to visite my marriage that have being sufering from childlesness for 2 years

    Most of us dream put never make an effort to realise the dream! Thank you Prophet T.B.Joshua for encouraging the spirit of GIVING. I now wish to DREAM GIVING, NOT RECEIVING. Praise the Lord, Emmanuel

  55. thanks lord jesus for your word preaching through man of God prophet T.B Josua and the wise man.let us praise the lord forever and i give my life to jesus.healer me my saviour deliver me lord jesus,i need you each and everyday in my life.keep me save from the evil spirit and all the demonic evil and spritual husband, please lord jesus i`m tired i dont want to be like these anymore have mercy on me my savior.and i want you to put me on pray line my lord In jesus christ name Amen.

  56. I watched the sermon on Emmanuel tv as Prophet TB Joshua told viewrs that instead of asking God to transform ones life to be so so he marvelled the spirit of giving by emmanuel partners …let us give instead receiving..praise God

  57. Thank God for the life of Prohet TB Joshua&SCOAN Ministry.We get challenged by what the Man of God teaches us about giving&we all have what to give.Humility,kindness,are sum of the things we can give apart frm material things.The man of GOD says that there is no place in the world where you would not find people in need.What would this world be if only we can love our neighbour&be able to give what our life depends on!.To sum it up,if only we can try what the Prophet teaches us the sky can never be the limit.SCOAN is a tool of blessings to the whole world.EMMANUEL!


  59. Emmanuel!! Let us pray for our countries and leaders so that they can sit and talk in peace.God Bless the man of God and evrybody at scoan in Jesus name. Thank you for teaching us the word that feeds us spiritualy in Jesus mighty name we pray.

  60. I Pray that this year should be a year of come back for me,for real. This year people will see God Through me this year.Thank you Man of God for the Word of God.

  61. Emmanuel prais the lord,God is great by using the man og god senior prophet tb joshua to do all this wonders. i wish god helps me so that one time i see my self in church of all nations.

  62. God never fails, he cant make a mistake, he knows what is good for us at any given time, he dose not have any pressure on our situations, he is a real defender for us all.Thank you God for your mercy l cant explain with my words the love God has for us Thank you Lord.

  63. The revelation for the year from Senior Prophet was a perfect foundation to my soul and was reviving and the message from Wise man was a stepforward for my life. Glory to the Majesty in Heaven and Eartlh.

  64. Profet may the Lord bless u.You are doing a wonderfully job for giving the need.May the Lord guide u in all areas of your life.

  65. I thank TB Joshua, wisemen and inddeed Emmanuel tv for the wonderful message you always teach us. you have changed my life style

  66. Acts 15:6 (ESVBible). The Apostles and the elders were gathered together to consider this matter. The question now is: “which matter”? My matter! I want to thank prophet TB JOSHUA for this words of prophecy that he has prophesy to my life. God has positioned me for breakthrough in this new year in the name of Jesus! God has positioned me to achieve my destiny. Distance is not a barrier to it. Thank you Jesus.

  67. The lord is love, the man of god senior prophet t..b joshua we must do good things to others and help those in need. We are sons and dougthers of love let love lied. God is living in our prophet he is doing good things for the whole world god be with u man of god. I’m speechless. Emmanuel!!!!! God with us.

  68. Man of God (Prophet TB Joshua), your Mininistry really acts Love.You teach more of giving by examples. May God Almighty bless you continuously. Thank You Lord for You have positioned me to achieve my destiny this year.

  69. awesome revelation servants of god!!!!may the good lord keep you ablaze always,am so touched by the 2012 messages by prophet T.B JOSHUA N THE WISEMAN.HALLELUYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MY FAITH IS ALIVE AGAIN AND MAY GLORY BE UNTO HIM IN JESUS NAME.I RECEIVE IT IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  71. What an awesome God. If you believe all things are possible. Thank you Prophert T.B Joshua for giving the needy. I have learnt a great lesson from the man of God. Blessed is the hand that give than the hand that receive.

  72. man of God and wise mans i love you services,I have see different things what God have done for me.I am so happy and feel light in my my live.If it was not your support and feed with real true words of God we will i been now.This year i will dream again.

    Wise mans keep it up,Emmanual!!!!!!!When will you come to Namibia I give my anointing water away what i got from my neighbour who went there last in August.man of God please send us the anointing water and stikcars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. i thank man of Go senior Prophet TB Joshua for being their when the less privilege people need him, and he is very much supportive and by His works i grow everyday spiritually and physically. i now know how important is someone next to me or even at a distance cos he taught us that distance is not a barrier, we can help anyone anywere in differnt ways suitable to us and if you dont have something to give , you can pray for someone. thank you Man of God for being our inspirater

  74. Emmanuel!!!! Am who I am today because of Emmanuel Tv, am blessed, am highly favoured not matter what the devil will try to do to bring me, i shall seek the face of adonai, its too late for the devil… Thank God of Emmanuel Tv, my mentor senior Prophet TB Joshua… an experience i will NEVER forget all the days of my life that i enjoyed when i went SCOAN… To God be the Glory…

  75. I agree with you man of God, we have been positioned, we are stand on the word throughout this year and it shall come to pass. What a word, what a messege, what a revelation. To God be the glory.

  76. I thank man of God prophet T.B Joshua and wise man for their teachings about Love( we must love our neighbours as ourselves) Indeed this is the year of comeback. Whatever satan has stole from us we take everything back in the name of Jesus Christ . This is the year of our opportunities,our limitations becomes our opportunities. Thank you Lord for your mercy and your favour.Let there be light in whatever we touch with our hands. Emmanuel

  77. I thank God for Prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV,on sunday he said we must write down “as from today my limitation are my opportunities”,it is done and the same day i recieved a call from someone and just like that he took us to his farm and said he wants to discuss with me and my husband about the farm ,we met on tuesday and he told my husband to use his farm for free to do what ever he wants there .indeed our limitation turned to be an oppotunity because my husband has been looking for a Job for a long time now.Praise the Lord!

    Thank you man of God

  78. I watched the service I was shocked because im addicted to ice produced by the freezer I thought that was normal,I prayed with TB Joshua to my suprise my habit of playing with my nose and mouth stopped without me praying for. Glory to God I hope that TB Joshua had agreed with me in my prayer

  79. I receive the prophesy frm man of God T.B Joshua,yes and amen.my dreams and others who blieve in God,will com true.yes lets dream again and hear what lord says.may lord bless T.B.J for contributing 2 orphan.blesd is one who hear wat spirit says in church amen.

  80. Emmanuel!We are so blessed to have Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Wise Men in this world.Thank you Lord for positioning me to accomplish my destiny.I will live,talk as reason as God has created me.

  81. I thank you God for the life of Prophet TB Joshua! Your life man of God is a challenge to most of us!
    Im so encoraged with the the Year of comeback and dream again, God has positioned you to achieve yo

    ur destiny’
    Thank you man of God,I believe in God and In His Prophets.All my Limitations are my oppotunities this new year.Emmanuel!

  82. Haleluia ! Senior Prophet TB Joshua is always right ! Just like my Mom of Blessed Memory used to advice me and i quote “Esther if you defend yourself, how can God defend you” ? Meaning that we have a defender and he is God just like the Man of God have pointed out. The Almighty is our defender in all battles, comit your plight to him and your victory is assured. Remember Jesus has never lost any battle before, he will not lost yours either. Praise the Lord ! The words of the Man in the Synagogue are words of wisdom. Thank you Lord for being our defender and always ready to fight the battle with Goliathe and lead the David generation to victory. Senior prophet TB Joshua just like our Father who sent him is the same forever, my Faith, Trust, Believe and confidence in him just like my God can never be waivered. AMEN !

  83. Thank you so much Prophet T.B joshua for your wonderful messages day by day.The wise is the one who listen and act.True christians are those who look around for the word of God in Phillipians 2:4 Let each one of you look out not for his own interests,but also for interest of others.God bless everyone who hears and act.Amen.

  84. Thank you blessed Prophet and your God inspired team for the wise and encouraging words. When all else seems to have reached a dead end I begin to dream again as I also grow spiritual.Thank you mighty God. Archie

  85. Praise the Lord. Let Love Lead. I would like to thank Josephine and Christaline from Namibia as well as Mr Chibwe from Zimbabwe for job well done. God the Almighty will bless you abudantly. Point of correction, Ms Christaline is the founder of Mount Sinai Centre and Ms Josephine set up a charity feeding for orphan children. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua for everything you are doing in changing the nations.

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