When Mr Okpalaeze Chidi from Enugu State, Nigeria, married his sweetheart Stella over 15 years ago, it was all heavens and bliss. Neither anticipated the shock arrival of the devil who would spurn their newly found love into a war affair reminiscent of Tom and Jerry, the television cartoons that thrive on misery although in their case, the battle was one sided.

Whereas the escapades of Tom and Jerry are characterized by hair-raising pranks of greatest antagonism, those of the Chidi couple were etched in utter abuse and agony that smashed their marriage on a sharp rock.

They told a horrible story of how they had spent a huge part of their married life like enemies, courtesy of evil spirits that tormented the husband unbeknown to him let alone the wife.

The result was a ruined marriage whose survival dangled on a threadbare noose, if it were not for the grace of God. Not only that, the demon also orchestrated financial and career failures in the lives of the two until they came to The SCOAN recently Jesus Christ set them free to be free indeed.

Mr Chidi, a 38 year-old entrepreneur dealing in pharmaceuticals, was running a thriving business, supplying multimillion naira worth of goods to companies 15 years ago when, suddenly, things started crumbling all around him. He lost containers full of goods through seizures. Every contract he invested in simply fell through and was losing huge sums of money that he would soon be out of business and on the street. “It became a virus, attacking even people I joined with in any business venture. This cost me many friends who began to view me as a partnership risk,” he said.

It was against such a catastrophic background that he decided to escape to Switzerland with his wife – in search of a new life. Little did he know that the powers pursuing him were far beyond human understanding and not limited to local geographical boundaries.

He had a spiritual wife and, like any evil spirit, it was bent on running Mr Chidi’s life down the cliff of destruction! The evil spirit made him hate his beautiful wife and spend his time out of the marital home with other women or simply drinking.

Every time a potential breakthrough appeared, the evil woman would come and sleep with him in the dream and everything would crash. Whatever he put his hands on would plunge. After staying abroad for 13 years, he discovered he was no better off and in 2012, decided to come back home where the episode continued.

“I thought I could fight it alone but I failed. I started to drink heavily, sleep around with all kinds of women,” he said, adding, “I lost all affection I had for my wife.” Sometimes, his wife would wake him up in the night and tell him that he was behaving as if he was making love to someone. He would slap her. The more he involuntarily slept with the spiritual wife, the more reckless he became with his business and marital life.

He would drink all day long, come home only to change and drive back to spend the night away from home. Still, he found no peace and his wife bore all the brunt. He found her irritating and nagging and would beat her for no apparent reason. The spirit of lust inside of him made him a sex addict sleeping with any woman he considered beautiful. He only had to look into a woman’s eyes and she would start following him, wanting to sleep with him even for free. He did not see his wife as a wife anymore. He stopped eating her food and would rather eat outside.

Anytime his wife asked him a question, he would answer with a slap. The demon’s influence on his life was so overwhelming that he chased her out of their matrimonial home when he felt like it.

At times, pastors would come trying to settle the problems in the house but to no avail. They slept in separate rooms and he locked himself in to keep his wife away. He was so tormented that he had to take many tablets to induce sleep at night. At a point in time, his mother asked him if he was smoking Indian hemp because his eyes were always shot-red due to lack of sleep.

Mr Chidi began to contemplate committing suicide. A spirit would tell him that he was suffering, his business was not working and there was nothing to live for. He often told his wife he would kill himself. One day, as the couple was driving across a bridge during one of the rarest occasions the two traveled together, he told his wife to keep quiet or he would run the car into the river!

Not that he was a poor man. He had significant money in his bank account, drove a good car and dressed nicely. He bought a car for his pastor, paid tithe and contributed to many charitable projects but the devil blinded him to the truth.

“I spent my money outside the home and my friends thought I was a happy man; I was the saddest in their midst,” said Chidi.

But joy comes in the morning and everything that has a beginning, must surely have an ending. His mother, depressed with her son’s condition and marital problems, introduced him to Emmanuel TV and he started watching the channel, although he was a doubting Thomas. “I believed nothing about what happens here. I thought everything was being staged. I only watched Emmanuel TV because my mother insisted, not because I believed,” he said.

With the insistence of his wife, he decided to come to The SCOAN to see what was happening. The first day he came, before the wise men came out to touch people, he simply picked up his Bible and stormed out of the church to his car and drove home.

But the devil is a liar. God gave him another chance and he came for the second time. This time his wife had a plan. She asked his friend to come with them to keep an eye on Mr Chidi. She also pleaded with some of the church ushers to make sure her husband did not run away before he was touched. “I knew this was my last chance. Some pastors were saying I was the cause of his problems and I wanted God to help us whether I was responsible or not,” she explained.

It was a day of suspense for the couple and friend. They sat like statues. The wife and friend did not want to say anything that might be deemed offensive to Mr Chidi who was looking for a slight excuse to walk out. In fact, he occasionally spoke rudely to his wife to trick her into an argument so he would snap and grab his Bible. His wife and friend kept their discipline and ignored his utterances. Every time he stood to go out, the ushers would order him to sit down and keep his peace.

When Wise Man Daniel approached, recalled Mr Chidi, he saw a flame of fire hit his face. He thought of collecting his Bible and bolting but he remained transfixed. The battle between light and darkness had started. He was cornered and the evil spirit in him could not stand the overwhelming power of the Holy Spirit.

Exposed and incapacitated by the flames of Holy Fire, the evil spirit started to confess, identifying itself as the spirit of lust and spiritual wife. It was ordered out of him and Mr Chidi was declared free, in Jesus’ name.

“I felt like a heavy block of cement had moved out of my body,” he later said.

How cunning and deceiving the devil is. When he looked by his side immediately after his deliverance, he saw a beautiful and attractive woman console him. He was struck by her beauty. When he looked closely, he discovered it was his 36 year-old wife – the same one he had hated to see; the ‘ugly’ and ‘irritating’ woman he had thrown out of their matrimonial home a number of times.

They embraced and hugged. Since then, he and his wife have become greatest of friends. They eat, talk and share the same bed again. Mr Chidi now sleeps like a baby at night. His business is flourishing and he has stopped drinking alcohol. Women are no longer following or staring at him. The power of seduction in his eyes that had lured women to him is long dead.

“By clubbing and sleeping with women, I thought I was enjoying life. I was not. Although I was driving a big car and wearing expensive clothes, I was dying inside me. You have to believe in God. If God could do it for me, He can do it for anyone. Once you are delivered, you will see a lot of difference in your life,” he said.

Mrs Stella Okpalaeze who accompanied her husband to The SCOAN to share his wonderful testimony, said that before her husband’s deliverance, he hated her with passion.

“My husband is a cheerful giver; he bought cars for me, my mother and his mother but this spirit ruined my home,” she said.

She testified that her husband has now changed completely and that they have a wonderful marriage, they go to church together and read their Bible as a couple. Not only that, Mr Chidi eats at home and offers to cook. His business is up and rolling. What the devil had stolen, God is giving her back!



  1. I thank God for what he has done in the life of this couple. God is faithful. My marriage is a living hell and i can’t tske it any more but this testimony has brought up hope. Thank you jesus.

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  3. I fell in the same trap with mrs stella my fiancè is refusing to reach to me he can come back at a near by place and go back

  4. I pray that one day my husband accept to visit Nigeria because my marriage is not working out. the devil who made sure that I was sad on my wedding day until now he is still holding on . he has made my husband have a deadly disease so that I can not enjoy my marriage . from January 2013 to date 2014 may I have never slept with my husband for fear of death and infecting our 11 months old baby. I love my husband and I know once I visit TBJ my husband can be healed and I can also give a testimony . am looking for help to travel and I know God can do it for me

  5. I thank GOD for the testimony that I send to you that if miracle cannot happen to you or one of your family it motivate you that yours will come. I did assist one woman anoiting water after she told me her son is doing house breaking and broking thing in the house, she spread the anoiting to the three son, as I speak two of her sons are back to the music and her car was burn off, she use anoiting water to the paper that she applied for another car at work and received the car immediately without any questions.her family life is far better then before and progress in work.

  6. I thank God for what he has done in the family of this couple. I am also experiencing the same. I do not have enough money to travel to SCOAN but one thing I know is that distance is not a barrier. What God did for this family he can also do it for me. Please pray for me.

  7. Indeed the devil is a liar,only God is the solution to our problems.When God say yes,nobody can say no.AMEN!!!

  8. My marriage is as good as divorced as well I’m dealing with a sellfish husband who is not giving at all I’m even looking for my own place to stay but after reading what God did for Chidi family he can also do it for me I even pray for both spirit’s in our marriage to depart in Jesus name and expose those who are destroying my marriage

  9. Just as God has restored the marriage of this couple ,by faith i believe that He will restore mine and my family will be delivered in Jesus name.Amen

  10. I really need help, the same is true with my marriage, I have once come to scoan but my husband doesn’t believe in this church, he does not watch the channel talkless of coming to scoan. He has currently filed for a divorce case at a high court in Enugu and we are in court now. pls help me man of God I believe that it is this spirtual wife issue. pls assist me sir

  11. God i’m always glad when i see couples testify how they lived as one famiily & i believe that as God deliverd & unite this family mine will not be exempted no matter who among us is d course my marriage is free in Jesus mighty name ameeen

  12. Please my dear prophet of God. please help and pray 4 my senior broda he is serrously sick right now he could not talk oh my prophet please i beg of u in the name of God pray 4 him so that he will not die. He was poison by his firend police officer. His name is SUNDAY ISEK A POLICE OFFICER. From Cross River State. Please prophet i dont one to loses him in Jesus namen amen. I believe that he will not die. Thank you lord. Amen

  13. With God all things are possible,and i believe with this testimony,i am receiving my own deliverance amen,mr Chidi your will be permanent in Jesus Christ name amen

  14. God is indeed Good. Who can battle with the Lord and find his way? i have not seen such a one. Father Deliver and restore all the marriages of your children for Your Glory in Jesus name.


  16. The devil is a liar. He came to steal, kill and destroy. He hates marriages. Thank you Jesus for letting us see your power and for the deliverance through prophet TB Joshua. God is good all the time

  17. My marriage life is the same as the Chidi’s. My husband does not want to have sex with me. He comes home around 11 or 12 midi night everyday and sometimes never as he lies that he was at a funeral. He does not want to move around with me. Even if we are going to the same function at his village he would rather go with other friends and relatives not me. He is a medical doctor and we are always broke. He doesn’t contribute anything. No buying of groceries no payment of bills. Sometimes he even asks me for money. His name is Tapfumanei. Please pray for the total restoration of my marriage. Early in the morning he is always on the phone writing msgs to girlfriends as I have read those msgs.

    • may the God of Prophet TBJ restore your marriage in Jesus name. The ministry of Prophet TBJ emphasize on faith in the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Believe and it shall be your turn. The lord is doing a new thing every moment.

  18. Thank you so much for this testimony. By the grace of the living God,my turn will also come. God is already at work and his light will shine over my life.

  19. i pray that God will give me a breakthrough in my marriage. My situation is exactly the same, im tired of crying myself to sleep. My husband is killing me and our marriage. Its good to know im not alone. Wish Mr and Mrs Chidi would mentor me

    • I just want to thank God for the peace he has brought into my life. I was ignorant now I see his power and glory and the goodness he has brought into my life. Thank you Jesus for restoring my marriage.

  20. To God Be the Glory! Surely good things come tothosr who persevere. I am very thankful for Mr. Chidi and family for their deliverance and hope that one day my turn will come. God Is Good All the time and All The Time God Is Good. My case is no exeption, at the right time God will answer me and deliver me.

  21. Thank you lord Jesus, you are the king of kings,Iam so happy for my sister’s breakthrough,Our God never fails and I know he will come through my situation as well.Am engaged to a man who is 3 years older than me, he is a loving man,he has been to my family and paid for my bride price, we were now planing on our marriage ceremony ,the problem is he has a spirit of lust , a chain of women who invite him for sex anytime, some even insult me on the phone, am tired of talking, he is also not very well he is diabetic,he has high blood pressure and acute gastritis,he is always in and out of hosp.My prayer is the God of T.B Joshua to have mercy on me and my husband to be and deliver us.Praise be to God

  22. Emmnuel !!!! Distance is not a bearer, let’s joint faith together and praise the name of the Lord He will surly see us tro.

    satan is useing his devilish way to distroy pples happyness, in the name of the Lord we will be free, jst believe and faith more as our Dady in the Lord said faith more u wil b free in deed, since the happyness of mr. Chidi’s family has been restored our will all so be restore because He died in Cross for us to be save and we are saved indeed and our stolen things will be restore in million folds.


    Thank you Jesus

  23. All things are possible to them that believe.I know God works in different ways and he will surely answer our prayer wen the ryt time comes.Amen

  24. I really wnt God of Prophet TB JOSHUA…2 help me m in darkness me n family ders no wayforward n i wnt TEBOGO JACK 2 marry me cos we r so in luv…..i really nid de Prophet’s prayesr n miracles in Jesus Name….Amen

  25. I am very much thankful to Emmanuel tv every Sunday l watched l am encouraged l pray to God that one day God will open away me so that my family can have a chance to get deliverance l really want be deliverance lam good throw so many storms and temptations l really need help l and my family passing greetings God bless Emmanuel team and Prophet TB JOSHUA.

  26. I also join other Christians in thanking God Almighty for restoring this marriage of the Chidi family. Indeed where there is no God, satan cease the moment.

    I am also going through marital difficulty and request for prayers to save my marriage which has just collapsed. I would like to have it back. The devil has blind folded us ( my wife and I), we both do not know why we cant have peace in the home. This has caused my wife to flee from home. I do not have finances to come to SCOAN for deliverance, so I really need prayers to recover my family.

    Thank you children of God.

  27. Our God is able, lets give him praises all the time! Thru ths testimony I believe God of Prophet TB joshua wl touch my marriage as he did to Mr & Mrs Chidi’s. No burden Jesus Christ can not bear!!

  28. I thank God for restoration of that marriage. Praise, worship, honour and glory be to God of TB Joshua. I believe what He did to that couple He will do it to me.
    by Kgabutlane John Bonoko

  29. Emmanuael, God is with us, no situation is impossible to him. I like this profecy i’m in almost the same scenario, i’ve no affection for my wife and we querrel very often, i’m into dating and sleeping many ladies load help me. people of God help me pray for my deliverence

  30. Indeed God is in Control. And He has even said in His word that we should cast our cares upon Him for He cares for us.


  32. nothing is impossible in the might name of Jesus,every person has his own time and when its your time no one can stop it,all it takes is to belive in jesus our Lord and saviour,am in the same boat but i belive god will bring everything to an end one day, am waiting for my deliverance distance is not a barrier,in jesus name AMEN.

  33. Thank you Lord you are alive, Men would have perished without being delivered. All the tears, sorrows, pains, disappointment, disgrace, and fear will never be in vain, since Jesus Christ is alive. Praise the Lord Jesus, you are delivered, I am very happy for you. Tomorrow definitely, will be my turn through His mercies and grace in Jesus’s name Amen!!!. O Lord Jesus redeem my soul please!

  34. He is worthy to be praised , and we thank u Lord for your mercy. and I wish to meet TB Joshua face to face one day so that I can be delivered from what I am going through too and that’s my prayer in Jesus Name, Amen

  35. the couples marriage life is similar to mine. I’ve tried to commit myself to God but the more I feel like committing the more i find myself in situations that cause me feel am worse than anybody else. my situation is that I use to dream that I’m making love to a lady, that was before I slept with any other lady in real life. I’ve never enjoyed sex with my wife unless with someone else. I need assistance from the man of God. I’ve been to SCOAN before but I brought my parents who are by now dead as they were both shot by unknown gun men.

  36. Hello my name is Mary ragogbia from South Sudan.i have problem, that the man i gave birth with dose mistreat me a lot ,biting me not taking care of the child,no respect for my parents,he don’t want to marry me just dating for years now,my parents sends for him he cant come this has been thrice now.he don’t want to talk to me neither dose he call me even if i tell him the child is sick he will not come to visit me at the hospital.
    i have been in big stress for all the years we have been together,but i love him and he is also not fine cause he has been touched by witchcraft by the first wife.
    i want God to return him back and he respects me and my people and the witchcraft shouldn’t find its way in his life.
    my child there fore has been sick all the time due to above problems ,i real need Gods grace on my life .
    God bless
    thank u jesus

  37. I have just watched a rebroadcast of this testimony for the first time. One major lesson I have learnt from this ordeal is PERSEVERANCE! Am going through this crisis with my fiance… Most of my friends and relatives always advise me to leave him and move on. Much as I feel like leaving him, my love for him pulls me back. One day, I will give a testimony. God of Prophet T.B Joshua will surely locate me. Strengthen my faith and hope. EMMANUEL!

  38. Emmanuel, God is always with us, just keep that in mind. Thanks be to God. Your name be glorified. We thank you for your infinite mercies and blessings. I pray that God delivers me and my entire family and household. From every bondage, afflictions, manipulations, setbacks, limitations, spirit of lust, spiritual wives and husbands. Amen

  39. Amen to that, indeed the devil is a liar. What a testimony to share, my faith is lifted up. Thank you Lord, thank you Prophet T.B.Joshua and the wise men.

  40. Thank God for delivering this couple….!
    All things are possible with God
    Lord i pray that you may deliver my love life
    Whatever that satan have stolen let it be returned in the name of Jesus Christ!
    Let the dry bones recieve breath in the name of Jesus Christ i pray

  41. All thanx to the almighty God for what ever he has joined no man can separated,i tap ths testimony for my friends who jus at the verge of divorce the matter is at court.i believe God wil restore their marriage for their nothing impossible b4 jehova in jesus s name.amen

  42. I strongly believe as God has done it for their marriage he is going to do it for mine as well. My lovely husband is going to be delivered in Jesus name.

  43. Praise the Lord!!! I watched this and was touched! Thank You Jesus. May your miracles touch everyone… and I believe one day I will receive my breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus because God’s time is the best.

  44. God l knw every evil thing in life will surely end one day and l knw that everything will come to pass, my life will be transformed this ,,,,, this is my year of joy ,,, my tears will surely be wiped away in Jesus’ name ,amen

  45. Thank you for sending me these articles. I am always blessed by the information sent to me. I am still trying to visit SCOAN and having received the invitation but satanic spirit is blocking me please I need pray because going there I am sure I will receive the deliverance.

    Best Regards

    Robert Nhlabatsi Stay Blessed   

  46. Lord have mercy on our marriages, I thank the Lord on the deliverance of Mr Chidi I hope and pray that he can save his deliverance. Thank you Jesus and Amen.

    • I really thank the true God of prophet TB Joshua for transforming our lives.may he also help me get married to the man I have loved for 11years.devil is a of God pray for me.i feel least now God almighty has blessed him with a job but there’s one obstacle that I know God will remove for me in the mighty name of so impossible for me to get married because all my friends have gotten married but for me I always wait for my God’s time which is the best.

  47. Glory to God for restoring that marriage.. Pls I hv been to SCOAN wt my husband but could not even enter inside. Pls can u send me invitation to come again. Pls we need deliverance . God bless u Sir.

  48. He is a faithful God,all things are possible with God.For the women I congratulate you dear for seeking the rightful way of delivering your husband.What God has given you He will not take it,its’s yours.Please continue be faithful to Him you’ll see more than this.I also pray that God can raise people like the Man of God T,B Joshua all over the world.

    • Please pray with the man of God on TV everyday,you can be delivered wherever you”re.God is faithful,He came so that we may have life abundantly,enjoy it in the fullest.

  49. God is good,and all the time God is good!
    Glory be to his name am touched by this testimony and is my prayer that the lord also deliver me from any financial problem thru the great bishop,the one and only international prophet of the moment,amen!

  50. I’m a 23 year old young man from Botswana and I would like to thank JESUS CHRIST for this wonderful, glorious and awesome work HE has done for the couple. The lesson for this testimony should be understood by married couple who experience this kind of experiences. They should always be spiritually aware of the things around their lifes. For the Word of The LiViNG GOD says that to be spiritually minded leads to life but to be fleshly minded leads to death and destruction. The observation I made as a young man in my life so far is that most people who become rich or successful in life so quickly have a tendency to forget that God is the ONE who brought them that success, and they trust in themselves thinking that it is because of their hardwork. I believe that most people across the globe would learn from this wonderful testimony so that they come closer to God, as the Holy Bible also says “draw near to God, and He would draw near to you.” May the God of Senior Prophet T B Joshua continue to deliver us mightily and also guide the Wisemen in the wonderful work they are doing for His children across the four corners of the earth. May God continue to bless you for this awesome work you are doing by communicating the testimonies and confessions which would change our lives as the believers in JESUS CHRIST. Finally, may the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST be highly exalted and magnified across the four corners of the earth. Amen

  51. Thank you Jesus for this deliverance. Indeed Jesus is alive and he is using the man of God, TB Joshua and wise men to heal and deliver people. I thank you Lord.

  52. There is alot of evil Spirit moving all around and tormenting people, with the eyes of faith and trust in God he will save and deliver us from them, Lord i thank you for this deliverance and Mighty testimonies and I pray let this evil torment be over my life in Jesus name… Amen. Thank you Man Of God Prophet T.B. Joshua

  53. What a touching story of Mr Chindi May he also do the same to me and my Family i receive my deliverance in Jesus Name and may i call upon God of TB Joshua to have mercy on me.

  54. Alleluah, He sees and we run in the palm of His hand. Thank you Lord for this wonderful testimony, I fully understand what this woman went through, I believe God will also intervene in my situation as it is similar to this couple’s. May God help you maitanin your deliverance, Emmanuel!

  55. There are still many of us out there going through the same ordeal, I believe that one day this will also come to pass in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

  56. Thank you Lord for Mr Chidi deliverance! Indeed we serve the Living God, who answers our prayers. When God opens the door, no one can close it! I trust and believe that My God will never leave nor forsake me!! My limitations will never stop me from praising God! Thank you Lord, for you are awesome.

  57. May God of TB joshua connect me to this testimony. My fiancee’ need the same deliverance as Mr Chidi. I have persevered and been patient but the devil keep putting his claws into my relationship. I knw the Lord who salvaged this marriage will also save mine in Jesus’ name. Amen


  59. Jesus is indeed Lord,Mr Chidi’s testmony is so touching and has taught me many lesson’s.Man of God,I know and I totally believe that the same Jesus who freed Mr Chidi through wise man Daneil can do the same with my life.Indeed distance is not a burrier,’PRAY FOR ME’ I need a breakthrough in my life.

  60. God is always good all the times,He never change His love&attitude towards us…..He is constant with unwavering love.He is patient,His time is always the best,He waits for the actual time to reveal Himself to His people.
    Thankyou God for such great love that is invested in your Son Jesus Christ&to your servant T.B Joshua,who is changing lives all over the world.
    One moment in time it will be be my time too.

  61. Ooh im happy for your deliverance Mr chidi and for Mrs chidi thats patience, enduarance now you are enjoying the fruits of your marriage. Emmanuel

  62. Thank u God of gracious meet my weaknesses, desires & my strength too Lord i blv things will start normalising in Jesus Mighty name

  63. Emmanuel, With God everything is possible, i thank the Almigty for the restoration of Mr Chidi’s life, May God of Prophet TB Joshua see me through in every challenge that i am facing, in Jesus’s Name Amen.


  65. God of TB Joshua restore my marriage like you did to the Chidis my marriage is failling apart the devil has destroyed it. Oh God you are so faithfully dont forget my family when you are blessing others my husband is not working none of my children are working i look unto u for deliverance IN JESUS’ NAME Amen

  66. Thank You Jesus Christ: The same God That Delivered Mr Chidi From The Spirit Wife, Will Also Deliver Me From The Wicked Spiritual Husband In The Mighty Name Of Jesus Christ Amen. I Cover My Soul, Spirit & Body/My Husband Wit The Blood Of Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Amen. Lord You Are Thesame Yesterday, Today & Forever Amen. Emmanuel.

  67. Thank you Jesus for the wonderful deliverance. Lord grant me the spirit of desendment to know the problems in my marrital life. We have been seperated for about three years we have not met as husband and wife, there is always problems with his business and monetory affairs.

  68. Glory be to God, God have mercy on me. My case is not different to your people that you Bless, Healed & Diliver in Jesus Name, Bless me Jesus, my life is in cage, as am writting here tears are folling of my face. I don’t have any other God besides you, touch my life Jesus. Let be the light in my career, let me get that job, let my dreams come through because you are the Father of dreams.Son of David have mercy on me….IN JESUS NAME….AMEN

  69. dHallelujah may glory be to god in heaven who deserne the spirit,soul and heart of men in marriage .mayy also help me before i marry to be of sustainable delivered marrital desttiny in jesus name
    .may my papa prophet tb joshua be blessed in jesus name.

  70. The Lord is surely faithful,i thank him for restoring this marriage.The same is happening to mine,but i knw the devil is a liar.I will also bear my testimony one day.God’s time is the best.Thank u Jesus

  71. The God who restored this marriage will restore mine. I know He will never fail me becoz I’ve never been disappointed by my God. My time is coming, Im just waiting for His time coz God time is the best. Son of David have mercy on me.

  72. Greetings brethren!! My name is Mrs Pearl Mabuza in South Africa married to Mr Theo Jabu Mabuza who filed for divorce last year Dec because he did not want to maintain his 2 daughters,we have been married for 12 years now,I plead with the Almighty to stop this divorce thing,since I have 2 run up & down to look for legal representative this as a child of God born again it is tearing me apart,it builds so much berear between God & I instead of me worshipping God I’m wondering about the out come of the case,my husband left me & my daughters @ my parents house to stay with another woman,please man of God pray for my marriage,I know that there is nothing impossible with God,many people say chances ‘r very slim for us to reconcile since we were separated for 3 years now

  73. Emmanuel i will like to thank u for all that you have been doing for widows, less previlag, physically challenge and even those without physical problems. I want to say God bless you.

  74. God is still saying something. People of God help me in prayers that my relationship with my girl friend Kaluba Kambafwile be restored in the name of Jesus. The devil if the liar.

  75. Synagogue church of all nations is my church, prophet TB Joshua is my prophet and God of TB Joshua is my God. what else will i say? i am where God wants me to be. our God can do all things praise the Lord.

  76. God thank you for the wonderful delivarance of mr chidi.Glory be to Jesus and it is my prayer that Jesus should deliver the world

  77. Wow, this a very touchy story, what the couple went thru, the devil is the greatest lair, God surly answers prayers! Keep the faith.

  78. Wow thank GOD almighty that has done it in Mr Chidi’s life….I trust he is doing it in my life as well in Jesus name Amen. I have a similar problem as this gentle man here, my wife has left me with two of my sons. Age 7 & 5. It’s very difficult for a man to raise two boy of that age alone, but I keep trusting in the Lord to power me not to give up.

  79. Almost the same story in my life.please I need Ur prayers.I know no peace in marriage.the devil has stolen our peace,love and most especially our husband sees it as a privilege to take me to the alter.please help me

  80. Thank God for a gift like u prophet. I am a worst scenario, spirit of lust, phonography, family curse, poverty and desease. Pls prophet pray for me. I believe i am free.

  81. To God be the all the Glory,may the Lord continue 2 bless this family,please my fellow christians help me in prayers so that my mother may find a God fearing husband,she is been searchng for too long now,and I pray that if there is any evil spirits connectd 2 this,I disconect in Jesus name!

  82. Emmanuel!!!
    Infact there is no one like our God, Jehova over do. If not for the help of God through his servant how can this man can be restore to his destiny position? Praise be to God our lord & savior Jesus christ for his mercy endure forever.
    I want to use this opportunity to thanks MAN OF GOD for availed himself to God like a clay in the hands of the poter. May God increase you the more in JESUS name.
    Finally i will like you to pray for me and my family for God to raise men and women that will take away reproaches from Agwu’s family i know GOD that did for Mr. Chidi will sure do for me and entire Agwu’s family in Jesus name, Amen….

  83. I bless the name of God for this wonderful testimony. i am very depressed due to my spiritual problems! even though there are no snakes in belgium i dreamt most night about a big white snake in my room, making love in the dream and thought of comitting suicide too. i dreamt sometimes my room turning into river with plenty snakes, its alot going on like the saying in SCOAN no distance is a barrier, pls keep me your prayers.

  84. thank you lord jesus for the deliverance of this couple. By belive that one day will be my turn and my family to be delivered in jesus’s name. Glorly be to God in the highst.

  85. Thanks be to God. Your name be glorified. We thank you for your infinite mercies and blessings. I pray that God delivers me and my entire family and househould, the Lartey precious, Bofrakumah Anita, Tey Delight, Klu Mawusinu and Mawusime, Magdalene Yeboah, Matilda Afia- Akyere from every bondage, afflictions, manipulations, setbacks, limitations, spirit of lust, spiritual wives and husbands. Amen

  86. Emmanuel. I am also facing the same problem with my husband. we fight every single day and when there is peace between us it lasts for only a few minutes. My husband is currently unemployed since January 2013 and this is affecting our marriage in all ways. I know that my situation is not permanent . GLORY be to GOD, He is the beginning and the end. I am happy for you my sister, GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. EMMANUEL!

  87. I thank God for this Testimony, God of Prophet TB Joshua is a God dat repairs and restores, There’s noting too difficult for God to do. Am believing God for my own deliverance which i know it wil happen soon amen. Thank U Jesus!

  88. Thank you Jesus for shaming and exposing the devil!!!!…God of TB Joshua is a marvellous God, always ready to deliver, bless, heal, rescue etc even those who blasphemy Him!!!!!…May God continue to bless Prophet TB Joshua, his family and ministry.

  89. I am living with my partner at home with similar emotions. between us everyone is living his/her own seperate lives but mine seems to be the end of the road as the woman seems to be carrying something evil with her like an encourage demon for her own life. I really want to quit out of her life with less problems and as soon as possible.

  90. There is nothing greater than Jehovah Lord divine.
    one day will be my turn and my family’s turn.
    Glory be to his holy name in Jesus name Amen.

  91. The devil is a liar, In Jesus’s name I am so happy for you my sister surely patience pays, what the devel store from you Jesus Christ will replace it in no time at all. Amen Jesus lives my sisterwo!!

  92. Thank you Lord Jesus, you’er the King of kings there is no one like you, we thank you for the deliverance of this couple. One day will be my day. Thank you Jesus. Amen

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