On Sunday 15th January 2012, at around 12pm, TB Joshua addressed the nation of Nigeria in his sermon, saying that the crisis and the restrictions are over. He said, “People of Nigeria – the issue of crisis, put it behind you. Some of you are worrying that you will not go out on Monday and that you will be restricted. No. God is on top of it. He is in control”. He said that there would be free movement on Monday and that the protests would be over as from Monday. He added that there would be a consensus between the government, labour leaders and civil society groups; they would agree to shift the ground.

He emphasised that the lesson we can learn from this is that in this world, anything can happen. He said: “What we have experienced last week, we have never experienced in this country. Therefore, in everything remember God. When you are eating, when you are sitting, remember God”.


  1. Our faithful God is present he loves beloved South Africans and Nigerians. I encourage you to fight the good fight of faith. Hold on to eternal life. Keep your lives free and go nearer to God. Because God promised you that he will never leave you or abandon you. I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with his Holy spirit in your inner being. So that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith in his name.

  2. GOD please protect and bless Nigeria. This is a nation with great potentials and the “jealous one” knows it, reason why him and his sons and daugthers are working so hard to destroy all that matters in it. Nigerians are hardworking and inspiring pple. Trust in the LORD dear Nigerians

  3. Thank you man of God, you have been an inspiration for our generation. Please remember my nation Uganda. We desperately need God’s intervention. We continue to pray for you for longer life and more anointing and outpouring of the Holy Spirit on your ministry. God is faithful, he will never leave us without a comforter, counselor or healer!

  4. Emmanuel! I thank the God of Prophet TB Joshua for passing at the cuniversity. The God of Prophet TB Joshua is a great God. Believe Him, Trust Him, your needs will be met today.

  5. The wisdom of God surpasses every human understanding even his ways are not our ways,our thoughts are not his thought,he is the mighty God and every creature bow before him as he is an awesome God and other gods are dead gods in Jesus name.amen

  6. May what i see happening to others happen to me i am crying to Man of God to pray to His miracle working God to see me through and have mercy on me

  7. Hie Man of God
    Mine is not a comment. I have a sick child whom l believed is possessed by demons. Each time that he gets to the school he passes out. I have pulled him from 2 boarding schools so far because this spirit is denying him normal education like any other children. I need your help man of god so that my son Hugh attends school. He is i Form one. My name is U.M. Makumbe in Zimbabwe. Help me man of god.

  8. Jehovah is always God of true prophency tb joshua is his present day mouth piece scoan there is every need to have branch in every towns and village of the world so that every one rich and the poor will educated and illitrate see that acts of apostle is real the reason for this anionting is to draw people to jesus christ for salvation of humanity

  9. Oh! What a wonderful prophet,realy it is a yr of comeback,even to my husband.REMEMBER ME IN YR PRAYERS.Emmanuel tv is more than DSTV in my family.

  10. Oh! What a wonderful prophet, God bless u.You said this yr is a yr of comeback,realy it is even so to my husband.Remember me in yr prayers man of God.EMMANUEL TV is more than Dstv in my family.

  11. Emmanuel!!!
    I just want to say,’I love you very much Great Man of God!! You are a great light i have never seen, my mentor, my Father, The love of God in My world, the Word of God in your mouth is sweet and full of powerful. I believed God love me more than everyone to sent you to my dark world…Nigeria. May God continually pour more anointing on you, may God also open more doors around you for the world to enter and worship Jesus Christ our LORD!!

  12. Emmanuel!! We are grateful to the Almighty God for making the prophet to always remind the viewers all over the world that he is not responsible for what is happening in the SCOAN but only being used by his Master to achieve all that takes place in the arena of liberty. I am aware of men of God who gladly watch their flock scoop sand from the ground on which they march to spray over their bodies without warning them of the consequencies of the act. Everything that is attributed to Christ should not be hi-jacked by any human because God will not share His glory with anyone. Thank you man of God for the constant reminder of the Healer, deliverer, savior, provider, comforter,etc., Jesus Christ. Emmanuel!!!!!!!

  13. Lord thanks so much for your Prophet TB Joshua and his family. Man of God, remember me and my family in your prayers. Joyce Mukala, ESCOM, Tedzani, Malawi. Central Africa.

  14. Where can we go from his presence. No where. People of God we should trust what our Snr Prophet T B Joshua says. What ever he saying it is coming to pass. You are now moving freely in the streets of Nigeria and the visitors around the world will feel at home when there are in Nigeria. God Almighty is good all the time.

    • just continue watching emmannuel tv you wont believe , how wonderful it is and you will only find yourself testifying ,good luck to yo hope u find it on the satelight, the internet, youtube, and many more.

  15. You are a man of God and am happy to be among the generation which can say yes we say you and heard from you directly. Thanks for your continues humility for God to use and talk to us.

  16. God is with us and no one can be against us… Prophet TB Joshua may the anointing on you keep increasing in Jesus name… Amen

  17. Emmanuel! Indeed God is with us. Man of God may the Almighty God increase His anointing in you so that His Name will be known, heard and glorified to the ends of the earth

    • Emmanuel!!! father God we thank you for the light(T.b joshua)you giving us (world) millions thanks is not enough lord please ascept our thanks in jesus name. Amen. we always remember God in everything that we do.

  18. For i know that God is in control over what is happening in this country thank God for Senior prophet TB Joshua for your prayers for Nigeria and the world at large i pray for God to give you more strength thank you sir.

  19. I am a Zimbabwean thank you God for having in our midst Prophet T.B Joshua who prophesies future events concerning the whole world. These events have come to pass. God bless this Man of God.

  20. Thank you man of God for Gods revealations given to us through you.Whatever is happening at scoan has strengthened mankind’s desire for GOD.I cry with tears of joy whenever i witness,healing,deliverance,prophecy taking place at scoan and what a GOD to worship!we thank God for this wonderful and rare gift.When the servant of GOD speaks forth the wise listen.Lastly to loving Zambians who may have visted scoan,am asking for an anointing sticker and those who may have received an invitation to scoan please may you ask for one from the man of GOD.Am zambian on cell +260977586443/+260966882776.EMMANUEL.

  21. I always believe Seniour prophet T.B Joshua for his prophesis because what ever he says will happen it happens exactly the same way. No matter what people say bad things about him I will always stand. With him. I am where I am because of his prayers . Thank you man of God you are a gift from God. Emmanuel

  22. if Nigerians dont have a heart to believe him , he can come to uganda , we are prepared to have him as our father, mentor , brother, he can even become our president instead of yk museveni , man of God prophrt TB Joshua i dont mean to mock you but you are more than a president in every country around the world may God continue to give you wisdom, longlife and everthing thing that your hear desires in Jeses name

  23. personally i dont have enough words to express how much i believe and trust that the man of God Prophet TB JOSHUA was sent for me , it is less than six months but i bnelieve in evry thing he says may God almighty continue to give him wisdom and long life in Jesus Name

  24. God is good thank you man of God T.B Joshua may we thank God for his love that he is showing thru you you are blessed you are a wonderful prophet may God have mercy to the whole world.

  25. I wouldf like to thank God Almight, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Man of God prophet T. B. Joshua for the annointed water that I received. I can actually feel the change. My past is over. I know that I will deliver my baby safely because of the Lord ‘s grace through the annointed water. I also believe that I will be able to visit the Synagogue Church of All Nations before I deliver. Thank you Jesus. Thank you God. Thank you Prophet T. B. Joshua.

  26. Did he say derz gonna b free muvment 2dai(monday)?i waz in d service N in hz addres to our nation, ol he said waz Nigerians hav prayd,hope but r yet 2apply luv n snc luv iz d greatest,we need to make d greatest sacrifice.He also said hz msg to Nigerians iz compromise,to gv chance 4peace in d interest ov d nation(quoting frm Mathew 22 v 21)by compromise he means we must shift groundz. He said to achieve dis easily, our president must rely more on politicians than on technocrats.

  27. The Prophecy has been fulfilled! Who else will doubt that TB Joshua is the true Prophet of this generation? Emmanuel -God Is With Us.

  28. Which report do the people of Nigeria believe. Is it the report of the Lord through his prophet TB Joshua or what other people of other sector of life say. Thanks man of God for reveling the mind of God to your people. I pray for peace love and joy for that country.

  29. Emmanuel!!!
    Thank God for everything, and i pray that people will learn from this past week experience, and learn to listen whenever God is saying something. I thank God for using my father Prophet T.B Joshua because I know that the word that comes out of his mouth is not his, but God is the one speaking through him. Thank you Jesus for you grace upon his life.

      • Indeed Prof TB Joshua is true man of God He represent Him with all.May our Heavenly Father fill Him More and More for his people and for the Glory of Him Who send Him AMEM AND AMEN

  30. If God has spoken who shall add to it or who shall reverse it? None! It is a done deal in Jesus Christ name.amen


  31. Thanks to God in His infinite mercies. Glory and honour to Him for His abundant Grace to our country Nigeria. I wish our people would understand and appreciate God’s unflinching LOVE for the country and serve him duely. WE HAVE TO COME BACK TO HIM NOW. From government to the governed. His hands are readily wide open to welcome us. He blessed us with a Prophet. What a rare privilage. It is not easy living without a prophet who speaks to your life regularly. PROPHET TB JOSHUA, REMAIN BLESSED. MC Achilonu, South Africa.

  32. i agrree with man of God.

    Sunday’s service was “I dont nou how to discribe” it,the wise men were attacking and finghting the different attacks in our body that was not for God.

    Distance is not a barrier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Emmanuel! Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ.Whatever Prophet T.B. Joshua said is not his Word,but God is the one speaking.I thank God for using him.God at all times is assembling for himself ageneration of Spiritual worshippers.DREAM AGAIN!

  34. This world, especially Nigerians and its neihbours should thank God for giving us Prophet T.B.Joshua. God the Almighty says: “I will raise up a prophet like you for them from among their fellow Israelites. I will put my words in his mouth and he will speak to them whatever I command.” Deuteronomy 18:18 (NIV). Indeed, a true phrophet has been raised amongst us Africans! Let us continue to praise the Lord. Amen

  35. One brother was giving his testimony on Emmanuel TV and he said Live without Christ is miserable and indeed Live without God is miserable. So lets glorify His Holy Name that yet through His servant Prophet TB Joshua, God has something to say. He is in control indeed, Hallelujah! Praise be to God Almighty.

  36. Emmanuel!!!
    The Lord is Good All the Time!
    Thank God Almighty for the Life of our Father in the LORD, Senior Prophet TB Joshua, for the Works the Lord is doing through him. May the name of the Lord be magnified and Praised all over the World.
    The Prophecy, Salvation, Healing, Deliverance and Blessings of the LORD are seen in the lives of the multitudes of Worshippers that throng the SCOAN always. I and my Family have been watching the Grace, Favor and Mercy of the LORD in the Actions in the the SCOAN. Jesus is LORD!!! Balami

  37. God is the God of all flesh is there anything difficult for him? No. Prophet T.B. Joshua may the good Lord continue to use you as his mouthpiece. If anybody doubts you, as for me and my house we believe that you are the true prophet God has raised during this end-time.

  38. I used to respect the prophet just like any other pastor, BUt now i am more than convinced that the Lord talks to him more frequently just as he did to Moses in the bible, every time he preaches i have to be more attentive. NIgerians should be more proud to have a great prophet amidst them, they should not be like the people during the days of Noah in the bible,
    May God continue to bless prophet T B JOshua
    And also bless my country UGANDA

  39. I want to use this opportunity to thank man of God Pr. Tb Joshua for what he has dond for many people and that every drop of your sweet will be reward with blessing. (Amen) emmanuel

  40. Lord thanks so much for your Prophet TB Joshua and his family. Man of God, remember me and my family in your prayers. Cynthia

  41. Thank you God for your intetvention and may you continually increase yor servant’s sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, am eagerly waiting for my invitation to visit the scoan

  42. Thank you Jesus for being the only reason why we live and Thank you so much for for you wiped our tears. Thank you JESUS for the gift of a prophet in our genration. The MAN in the Synagore, thank you so much for your steadfastness to GOD ‘s will and your mission on earth. Thank you man of God because you have never thought of giving up dispite the hard times you went through. THANK YOU JESUS AMEN

  43. thank GOD for intervention, GOD love Nigeria that is the reason some body like TB Joshua is from Nigeria. Nigeria is a bless country.

  44. What a wonderful Father we have,what a submissive and sensitive to the Holy Spirit servant we have in our midst today! Thank you Father for the respect you have given to our prophet that every second/minute you talk to him and through him.Prophet T.B Joshua thank you for what you are to us in doing what God wanted you to do.I pray to God to meet all your needs according to His richness so that you fulfill your vision and mission here on earth and in the world to come in JESUS NAME.

  45. tahnk you man of god for teaching and showing us what a real love is . you have taught us also that True Love resemble itself in Giving. Praise the Lord Oh my soul and all that within me …..Praise His Holy Name

  46. Thanks man of GOD for revealing the prophecy, Now Nigerian has to believe, that GOD as something to say in every situation, You prophecised from 2008, 2011, they didn’t believe, I think this time they will believe. BUt man of GOD pray for the all world, we are watching you and praying for Nigerians.
    By Mark Nkongoki, TZ

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