Don’t Close Your Eyes… Lizards!!

A triumphant testimony from SCOAN’s in-house magazine, Faith Cometh

For Mr. Mike Otabunor, sleep was a distant dream and freedom a far-off hope as with each panic-stricken moment, his life went on a downward spiral. He speaks of his ordeal:

“Months ago, I returned late from work. There was no light in my house; so I brought out and started my generator. As I turned back, I saw a lizard on the door to my bedroom. I was scared because from my experience, I have never seen a lizard living inside a house; I always saw lizards outside. Normally, I thought if a lizard mistakenly enters a house, it will immediately come out again. I was the one who locked my door before I went out that day – and there was nothing like that. So, coming back in the evening and seeing that lizard really scared me…

“I ran to get an iron rod with which I hit the lizard and it fell. When I first saw the lizard, it was very bold and abnormally big. But when I hit the lizard and it fell down, it looked very small. That night I threw it outside in a corner and said: “In the morning I will burn it”. I woke up very early the next morning around 6 o’clock. But when I went there, I did not see the lizard again.

Mr Mike Otanubor - Delivered in Jesus' Name!

Mr Mike Otanubor - Delivered in Jesus' Name!

“Since then, life became a nightmare. Whenever I slept, I always saw big lizards pursuing me in my dreams. Each time I closed my eyes, I saw lizards chasing me. I couldn’t even count them. I always saw lizards attack me everywhere I went. My sleep was always disturbed. In my dreams, they would chase after me and I would be running, running – and they were bigger than normal lizards.

“It was so serious, to the extent that, whenever I saw a lizard, I would be terrified. Instead of me to continue my journey, I would go in the opposite direction.

Pastor TB Joshua

Pastor TB Joshua

“If I slept around 11pm, I would wake up at 12am and couldn’t sleep any more. I would just go outside and sit until maybe at around 4 or 5am, sleep would just come. If anything made a sudden noise, I would be scared. Many times, I couldn’t sleep because I would be hearing noises. I would wake up and turn on my light to find what was making noise but could not see anything. I had such fear for my life – fear that something worse might happen.

“Everything in my life just collapsed. Since that time until now, I don’t have any job. Things have been so difficult… I don’t even know how to explain myself.”

Mr. Otanubor knew that his last hope lay in the Almighty God. He said: “I had been praying that God should use the man of God to give me a prophecy”. As he entered The SCOAN on December 31st for the candlelight service, he was resolute, as he vowed, “I cannot enter the New Year in this state”. As he fervently prayed his way into the New Year, 2008, with thousands of other worshippers at The SCOAN, his prayer was, “Holy Spirit, through whom all things were created – create in me a new life and a new beginning”.
The following week, Sunday January 6th 2008, his prayer was answered in a glorious way.

“During the mass prayer, the man of God prophesied, ‘There’s a man here who always sees a lizard in his dreams’.

“When the prophecy came, I knew within me that I was the one being referred to. So I ran out and the man of God prayed for me. He then asked me to close my eyes and check if I could still see lizards. I did and I couldn’t see any. He then instructed me, saying, ‘Ok – go outside’. I went outside, closed my eyes and didn’t see lizards any more!”

As Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him from within the church auditorium, hundreds of metres away from him, Mr. Otabunor simultaneously fell under the power of the Holy Spirit. He described it: “I was trying to stand but couldn’t hold myself; I felt so light. Something just moved me. The next thing I knew when I opened my eyes – I found myself on the ground. When I stood up, the man of God said that I should shout the name of Jesus and when I did, something awesome came inside me and I found myself on the ground once again. That is the power of the Holy Spirit!

Delivered from Lizards!

Delivered from Lizards!

With an inexpressible joy, Mr Otanubor laughed when he considered his previous condition: “How can I be scared of lizards! I can close my eyes from now until tomorrow and I will see nothing. This is a new life! Many people who know me can see the change.

“After my deliverance, I slept and did not see any lizard or suffer any evil attack. I had a very beautiful night’s rest. Someone even called me on my cell phone but I slept so deeply that I did not hear the phone ring. In the whole of 2007, I did not enjoy my sleep as much I did the night after my deliverance. This has shown me that Prophet T.B. Joshua is God-sent. I am a beneficiary of the power of God in his life. I feel it and I know it. I have joy everyday now! I give God the glory for everything He has done for me!

SOURCE: Faith Cometh – Issue 02

12 thoughts on “Don’t Close Your Eyes… Lizards!!

  1. pastor T.B Joshua pray for me I need spiritual break-thru i need deliverance because i have sinned a lot ,i slept with married men and has have fornicated countless ,in fact none of the ten commandment i have obeyed and this is killing me inside . i therefore want to be delivered from the spirit of lust ,pride and that that makes me suffer in the night and disturb my sleep .i want to be blessed with a scholarship or loan to pay for my studies next year 2013 , a job at the ministry of mines and energy or anywhere the opportunity arises for end of this year and whole of next year ,protection of my family especially my daughter and peace of mind and peace in my family …also need a mentor who can help me preserve my deliverance once i receive . i want the holy spirit to open my doors in life . Amen in Jesus name

  2. Please man of God, for the past one year i have been breast feeding babies in the dream, nursing them sometime and also having sexual intercourse and seeing men organs too.
    Please i need your help.

  3. Pastor, please pray for me as I am about to get Married. I believe God has a purpose with My life. Please pray with me so that God can reveal His plan about my Life!

  4. Pastor, Please pray for me. I’m about to get married and I believe God has a purpose about my Life. Please ask God to reveal His Purpose about my life when the time is right.


  6. pastor greetings in jesus name. I need prayers for my miserable life i caused. I am 37 diagnosed with the deadly virus hiv which i gave to my husband because i did not want to lose him so he also forced himself on me thats why he got it. But it is me now who is bad i dont have any intimacy for him except with other men i always dream sleeping with other men, i enjoy masturbation, i am studying but my performance is so bad that i am scared if i fail i will repeat and pay for myself but i dont have that money. the government sponsors for me. Since i started working in 2001 i have never had money in my bank account i only accumulated debts that now i am unable to finish paying im on the verge of poverty. i met my husband at a noght club and we get together but he had another girl in his life whom they had a child together. I bought a car which he was using because i dont know how to drive. he never told me about the lady at first and our love became so strong that it threatened that relationship. i started to suspect that he is cheating me and he is using my vehicle to drive his girlfriends. When i aclled him he woul tell me lies or switch his foene when he is with the other woman who i did not know about. One time he called me with the womans number. Again one of the weeks he went to his place saying he was going to see his mother lying to me. I called him because i wanted him to transport me his fone was off. I called the one he used previously a woman answered. I was traumatised i asked him who the girl was he told me it was his cousin. It continued to be like that until now we started to exchange words with the lady on the fone because the man always switches his fone. When things were so sour thats when he told me he had a child with this lady but he does not believe its his child he was forced. So pastor this gave me an assurance that i can still be with hte man and i loved him more and dangerously. One day he went away with my car again to see his mother. I would buy him clothes on credit and give him money so i believd he was using me to go around with his girlfriend on my car. I was angry, frustrated and depressed and sick. I went to a certain herbalist crying telling him about the whole issue. My intension was to break them apart to make uim suffer like he did to me. The herbalist made some cuts on my body saying that i have been bewithed he removed some animal from my body and made me to wash with some herbs. i believed him because i was angry. I went to my place and waited for the guy to come. When he arrived he wanted to hit me but something stopped and he hugged me he never went anywhere from then without me. he did not go back to that lady. So he started to be abbusive to me physically i had hope that he will be fine which i lied. i didnot want to tell him that i have the virus because i never thot i will be with him because i just wanted him to feel the pain for treating me like that. The worst came he started beating me, raping me saying that he will force me to have a child. he contacted the virus. So i was sorry for him and sad inside because i was not intending to be with this man. I sacrificed my life to be in this relationship because i was blamin me for all the mess. I never new of his status. We continued to hav problems he killed a woman with the car and the car got worse until we sold it for nuts and i am still paying for the loan. In 2007 we decided to get married because we could not separate. The same year we decided to come back to Jesus. But bad thoughts stated to come in my mind i stated to rgrets for having done that to him separating him from his mothers child but he would not want to talk about it until now. Now i have lost the intimacy and have gone back to the live i lived in darkness. I need deliverance i need to be faithful to God and to my marriege i want to love my husband because he is good to me he is also a man of God. Please help me. We also want to come to Nigeria but we never have money for deliverance because he is paining inside he needs a vhild

  7. The lizard though small in size but it’s spirit somehow happens to be the most stubborn to come out of a person when being delivered. I’ve seen it thrice in eMannuel TV beside Mr. Mike Otanubor’s case.

  8. Imagine the world without man of God, pipo like this brother in the story wud just be tormented to death. Lord we pray that you give this world more men of God like Prophet TB Joshua, who has continued doing yr work through faith and charity works.AMEN

  9. Paster TB Joshua, I great you in the Mighty Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Paster I am a 25 year old lady here in Botswana. I am asking for your prayers Paster.My mother have sand a Job aplication and I also have sand a job application. Please pray for I and my mother that our applications become successful, that we get better jobs. May God Richily Bless you Paster.

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