One on One with TBJ!

Short article from The SCOAN Publication: Faith Cometh!

In the Bible, Paul was given a thorn in the flesh that he asked God to remove three times. What is the thorn in your flesh?

What I want to do is not what I am doing. Where I want to go is not where I am going. What I want to eat is not what I am eating. What I want to wear is not what I am wearing. I think this is the greatest thorn; I don’t know how to go about this. It’s like there are chains on my legs you cannot see. When I make an attempt to go somewhere I would like to go, there is a force. There is a padlock in my mouth that you cannot see. You see me open my mouth but when I want to eat what I would love to eat, there is a padlock; I would not be able to open it. There is a chain on my hands you cannot see. I too cannot see it but when I am about to stretch my hand to do certain things, I will feel that chain. Personally – that is it.

Prophet TB Joshua - There is a chain on my hands you cannot see...

Prophet TB Joshua - There is a chain on my hands you cannot see...

I would like to wear a very big agbada and very big cap so that you will know that I am the General Overseer of The Synagogue. When I go to my wardrobe and see a beautiful dress, I want to wear it, but there is a chain – a restriction. So, when people say I am humble – I am not the one humble. I would have loved to be very proud, to show off. I would have loved it, but something I cannot see keeps restricting me not to. I would have loved when I am coming for people to see me – but I don’t know… Some people keep saying that I am humble; I am not. Humility is not my work. It is not my work at all. I have some big suits; I say to my boys: “Help me iron this suit for tomorrow’s service”. But when the Sunday service comes, in the morning when I stretch my hand to take the suit, there will be a restriction. I will now be told, “Go and wear this one”.

Look at what I ate now – gari and ground-nuts, and there is a lot of international food here. There is no vehicle I want to use that I cannot use but I find myself entering a coaster bus, a public bus. So, this is a thorn. I see it as a thorn but it is not a thorn. To me, I see it as punishment, but it is not punishment, because it helps me not to live a life of sin, a life of my own; it’s all about Jesus.

So this is why when I see somebody doing wrong, I will not open my mouth to judge the person, because the good I am doing. I am not the one doing it. I am being restricted. I am being compelled to do right. If I now see somebody doing the wrong thing and begin to say, “You are a sinner! You are a sinner!” it means I am saying I am the one doing good.

SOURCE: Faith Cometh, Issue 2

10 thoughts on “One on One with TBJ!

  1. I always viewed MAN OF GOD(Pro. TBJ) in my dreams but anytime I maked an effort reaching him, failure failure. Sometime I personally fined my self carrying big stone on my head that always defined my effort to get to that higher steps. I pray that almighty God will continue to use him as his right hand till I meet him personally that would mark the glorious day in my life. Amen.

  2. Im moved nd speechless so to speak.i love the man of god TBJoshua so much that when i hvw the chance i watch emm tv all day.thank u LOrd fr bringin him to my life and others and protet him.wil continually pray fr him!big ups for u prophet!

  3. This is a replicante of our Lord Jesus christ prophet TB Joshua you leave longer as the father of al nation father Abraham remain bless man of God

  4. Where can we go from his presents? Nowhere. If you love the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart, strength and power that is the beginning of wisdom. The wisdom that comes from heaven is pure. Better is not good enough but the best is yet to come. To those who who want wisdom from God Almighty.

  5. You are indeed God sent, it is obvious that the works/miracles that happen in the “SCOAN” is not of the ordinary but of the HOLY SPIRIT.
    What i see in you is the fulfilment of God’s promise that said “the works that i do you shall do, even GREATER works……….”
    I pray that God will continue strengthen and manifest his power in you, so that his good work will continue………
    Remember “better is not good enough, the best is yet to come”

  6. its nice to know what happens, to know what really happens to you. it has touched my soul and l pray that God gives me a humble heart and drives me in every way he wants me to go so that l wont go astray and that l wont rebel against him till the end of my time. l really want to enjoy the fruits of obedience, faithfulness and hope. may God continue to strengthen you in his works and the way you enlight the world with His goodness. oh you have made me really understand the true meaning of christianity though by my own strength l cannot execute christianity.PLEASE PRAY FOR ME TOO. God bless!

  7. Indeed our God is a great God,He love us so much He doesnt want us to suffer. A ll that we got to do is to be grateful and acknowledge Him as God He will lead our ways. TB Joshua is indeed a great man of God.

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