HOW I OVERCAME ANOREXIA – “Even Bread Stressed Me Out…”

A Namibian student based in Russia shared her powerful testimony concerning how she overcame a stressful eating disorder in Jesus’ name!Frasina Testimony

“Emmanuel! Good morning brethren! I greet you all in the name of Jesus Christ! My name is Fransina Nuuyoma. I am a 5th year medical student at Saratov state medical university in the Russian Federation but I am Namibian by nationality.

“I started the water therapy the same hour the man of God announced it because it was 5pm here in Russia. It was not easy taking the big bottle in the morning but I kept telling myself that ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’. Soon, I was used to it and I am taking it with ease now.

“I had a series of challenges which all started in 2005 when I had a dream about losing weight. After some time, I really lost weight to the point where people thought I had anorexia. My appetite disappeared and I suffered stress for no reason. I became lazy that I wouldn’t cook for myself and even if food was there, I wouldn’t eat. One time I told my elder sister that bread gave me stress and they just laughed but it was real.

“I struggled academically even though I was smart from childhood till secondary school. I developed low self esteem. It was really bad! Another funny thing is that when I came to Russia, I couldn’t drink water from the tap. I was allergic to it and developed rashes instantly I drank it.

“However, since I began the Water Therapy, everything has changed! I am drinking water from the tap, not boiled or filtered as is the culture in Russia, but I am not developing any allergies. I now eat a lot and am picking up weight steadily. My skin has changed and most of all, I clean everything around me always! Now, when I sit down to study, I can read and understand. I don’t spend my day lying down anymore doing nothing!

“Thank You Jesus! Thank you the prophet of our ages, my father in the Lord, Prophet TB Joshua. My advice to the world is just to obey God’s voice. No matter how hard it is, you are not alone – Jesus is right there with you to overcome!”

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39 thoughts on “HOW I OVERCAME ANOREXIA – “Even Bread Stressed Me Out…”

  1. Emmanuel!!! Please I want to know if
    I could apply to visit SCOAN Lagos
    from the same contact that sent us
    the Anointing Materials. The number
    is +234(0)7052029001. We saw their
    contacts here and apply and they deliver it to us and now I am planning
    on coming. Don’t know. Please
    SCOAN reply me… Emmanuel!!!

    • Fraudsters,don’t called this number,impostors are playing with your minds,this number belong to fraudsters,they wated to attracted your attention so they can duped you,scoan never send out the anointing water to people via post to reach them.
      Scoan would never asking you to place order via tel,or email,for the anointing water,people living outside Nigeria ask someone who are going to collect it for you and it’s free from scoan Nigeria.
      This number is fake : +234(0)7055029001 if you called it will lead you to fraudsters,scammers who would con you.🐹🐭🐹🐭👻👻🐭🐹🐹🐭👻🐭🐹😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
      Be vigilant,open your eyes,fraudsters are determined to con you.

  2. Glory be to God.i really want to thank God becuse after i came to SCOAN and back m life have never been the same again with somany testimonies of restoration in Jesus has really been Good Morning.tank u Jesus

  3. Thank You Jesus for water therapy. It makes me stronger, and makes me eat. I feel hungry after the therapy. I now have great appetite, unlike before.

  4. I started last week but had to stop because I’m becoming hungry too quick….Howeever I’m inspired..Maybe because I never ate a lot already and always wanted to gain a bit that’s why so let me start for good..will testify too!

  5. How do I also participate in this water therapy? Feeling inspired. I thank God for your healing Fransina, indeed God never fails us.

  6. ive also started bt brethens pray for me cos where lam staying its to cold thus not easy to take the water therapy in the morning but ibelive iwill make it through Christ who strengthens me

    • Try putting the water out in a bottle for the whole night it will in room temperature in the morning, rather than taking it from the tap every morning. Good bless hope it works

  7. Once again,emela,emela eze m oh for everything.May the good Lord keep the prophet (TB Joshua)of our generation for us,follow each word he says,then you’re following God’s words for your life and reshaping your destiny.All glory and honour belong to Jesus.

  8. Water symbolises the Holy Spirit, however when I started to take the water therapy, my system is now flushing daily, my menstrual cycle also changed to a normal cycle. I also manifested soon after taking the water therapy. Brethren continue to use it there is light in it and the holy spirit overflows in that water. Thank you Man of God for the light. May the almighty continue to use our dear prophet forever and ever and ever Amen.

  9. Good morning ALL,
    All is well thank you man of GOD prophet TB Joshua what a grace that we have received you are putting smiles on our faces,Thank you again,Emmanuel and remain blessed all.

  10. Jehova god help me in everything am doing for me to be successful in my life prophet TB Joshua pray for me and my family,i have been having bad dreams and by our olmighty i belief…and am going to receive it.Amen

  11. Praise God . Emmanuel God is so good I want to testify the goodness of the lord when I started water therapy many things in my life changed I used not to sleep but now I sleep till morning , my skin has totally improved. A lot of changes in my life. God is so good thank you Jesus . Thank you man of God .

  12. I am from usa original from ethiopia after I start water therapy I feel strong and also monthly bleeding is not too much pain, before I started water therapy I feel too much pain and high bleeding so now everything on my body going well I can drinking a lot of water and my pee is pure and I feel happy when I go to bathroom, God bless you man of God prophet tbjoshua

  13. If u believe in Jesus Christ everything will change, Thank you Jesus by sending his prophet “Prophet TB Joshua. Amen

    • Good morning to you all!!!….Thank You Father for changing our lives, our nations and our world as such using Man of God, Prophet TB Joshua in Jesus name. Amen

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