“Restored To Perfect Health” – Severe Cough Healed Through Emmanuel TV

Mrs Princess Favour writes to testify concerning the power of God at work through Emmanuel TV. Her mother received a mighty miracle as she prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and touched the screen of her television by faith:

“Emmanuel! My name is Princess Favour. I am writing to testify of the healing of God in my mother’s life through the watching of Emmanuel TV.

“For so many years my mother, Mrs Patience Peter, had been suffering from worms and a severe cough. When she starts coughing, the pains will be so excruciating that she can barely do anything by herself. She will even end up wetting herself. But through the power of God, she was healed as she touched the TV set when the man of God Prophet T.B Joshua was praying on Emmanuel TV. She received her healing and is now restored to perfect health! Thank You, Jesus!”

Mrs Princess Favour

28 thoughts on ““Restored To Perfect Health” – Severe Cough Healed Through Emmanuel TV

  1. Thank you Jesus and the holy Spirit continue to manifest via his anointed. I look forward to my encounter with the holy Spirit as I continue to watch Emmanuel TV myself, and pray that Jehovah God will meet me at my point of needs to the glory of his name.
    I must add that it is refreshing to note that Prophet T. B. Joshua continue to focus on his calling and do what the holy spirit is using him to do to the glory of God, may God continue to bless him with spiritual insight to the benefit of humanity across the globe, Amen!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Emmanuel – God with us
    If God is with us who can be against Princess Favour. I thank God Almighty for giving Princess Favour his favour and mercy by healing her severe cough through Emmanuel tv.
    I thank God for Emmanuel tv, which is an anointed channel. Many people are prayed for by Snr Prophet T B Joshua and many are being healed and delivered and many prophecies are changing the lives of many in and outside the SCOAN, through Emmanuel tv

  3. praise the lord for the great miracles happening and changing peoples lives. i hope the same miracle will happen to my sickness and my two swollen veins will be healed. i always touch the screen when the wiseman and the prophet prays. i am also on the waiting list to visit the scoan. i applied in january and i am waiting , praying for my turn to come. may the living god bless the prophet t.b joshua and his wiseman with a gift of life for the ministering of his word to grow.

  4. Praise God for his mercy that never ends. I am so happy for your healing indeed distance is not a barrier. Let us hold on to faith no matter how long it takes Jesus will meet you at the point of your need at his best time. Hallelujah to the GREAT physcian

  5. to God be the glory,thank God for emmanuel tv and happy for your mother to be healed as she touched the screen by faith….GLORY


  7. the man of GOD always saying you and i together we can stop satan from stealing ,eating ,killing and destroyig in your life.thank you.

  8. My sister we praise the Lord every day there is nothing that He can do , we must have faith in Him and He will do to and He will continuo to do it again and again and again.
    May His Holy name be glorify .

  9. What a Mercy God! We are reminded the time when Jesus was healing and casting demons out of people. I am glad that now we are also experiencing the same work of God continuing, through His child, Prophet.T.B.Joshua.

    We need to say thank God for what he has done to give us the Man of God who has changed our thinking, prayer, health, faith and our all spheres of life through breakthrough. Think of Anointing Water, Lise band, stickers and prayers, our God is real Mercy. I thank you Man of God for being committed and listening the voice of God otherwise we might not have the wonderful miracles we are experiencing in our lives.

    Thank you God!

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